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Monkey Men From Mars - It's a movie and they are stuntmen and they create a game preserve for endangered species ... but not without a lot of sex and diddling around like a bunch of monkeys.
(Bonobo/monkey) December 10, 2010

Nymphs And Satyrs - Sometimes being a directionless jerk and a guy who "goes along to get along" and just wanders through life isn't a great idea. Then sometimes, wanting to BE SOMETHING, anything in life is also misguided. But then, maybe it isn't. Who knows? How can we know? All I can really say is that one of these characters likes his stick shift more than anything in life.
(Saytr) March 22, 2009

Poseiden's Bounty - How good is your business sense? How good is your word? What does it take to launch a new line of seafood restaurants that float on the sea?
(fish, statue) January 8, 2009

Young Jackasses in Lust? - There's been a murder and the prime suspect is not a donkey, but the donkey was once cute, blond and well hung. So our INTREPID detective makes the best of a bizarre situation and takes the plunge into farm life.
(donkey) September 13, 2008

Scarlet Stallions - - Mascots for high schools... Thoughts from times current and places nearby. Racism, intolerance, false praise disquising degredation. What subtle methods do we use to destroy peoples?
(horse) June 18, 2007

Curse of the Gypsy - It's not nice to steal from a gypsy. Especially when she has curses and two humpy sons to mess with you.
(snake) December 24, 2006

First Contact: Phase Two - It's a strange story of three men who find a few bugs on a jungle planet (cue dramatic drums). There are red flying bugs, black crawling bugs and purple over-sexed, hot-and-horny slugs. The three men have to make friends and find the cute, lovable and humane side of the bugs, slugs and slime denizens that infest the stinking, rotting jungle without the benefit of underarm deodorants. As if that wasn't fun enough, the three men also get to be ambassadors which give them a lifetime supply of toilet paper, mouthwash, and a promotion with pay increase (really, honest, I wouldn't lie about that...).
(slugs, ants, dragonfly) September 24, 2006

The Clearing - Two young gay activists decide to take a rest from the world and end up 10,000 years in the past with the horses on the great plains.
(horse, equine) May 1, 2006

Stunts, Inc - A different kind of furry story. Three young redheads guys meet a Stunt man who convinces them into becoming Neanderthals in a PBS, Discovery, National Geographic, -like documentary. But, what they don't know is that the world as we know it, is about to end. They will be the saviors of mankind. This is a long story (27,000 words). Please wait for the download.
(Neanderthals) January 7, 2006

The Rodian-Danilovich Gambit - A followup to a character in "The Bonobo" (story #10) where he elists a high school class in his efforts to save the animals.
(Apes, Chimps) November 10, 2005

The Sirius Soccer League - The ultimate plot to take over the world - a revolution built on hunky soccer teams and their mascots. A story with lots of Anthropomorphic dogmen having sex with anything on two legs, complete with box scores, cheers, fight songs and big dicks.
(Dogs) April 30, 2005

The Lab Rat The Office Christmas Party turns into more than he could possibly imagine.
(rodents, cats) December 2004

The Monkey House at the Lowland Park Zoo In the future when sex crimes carry death penalties, one reporter must follow his instincts to the Monkey house at The Lowland Park Zoo to expose a corrupt judge... Yes, an old-fashioned monkey house decorated with bodily fluids. Shit flies in this episode...
(orangutans, gibbons, monkeys, and simians) November 2004

Mascots - Two rich frat boys get to participate in the Saturnalia as horse Taurs...
(Horses) November 2004

Goat Boy - A corrupt prison warden strands a teenager on a wilderness planet with only a flock of goats companions. The young man does more, much more, than just shepherd goats.
(goats, satyrs)September 2004

Discovery Platform - Just how furry would you go to be a hero? What if there was a world of humpy, young simians with overactive libidos you could rescue? ...
(chimpanzees, simians) January 2004

Greek Summer - Young Leo gets a permanent summer job from his Uncle Demetrius' patron - Pan, king of the satyrs and ...
(Satyrs) December 2003

The Costume of Anubis - A costume of Anubis transforms a man at a costume party ...
(canine) October 2003

My Life as a Sideshow - A teenager gets involved with the circus and becomes the snakeboy side attraction ...
(snakes) September 2003

< SCRIM, Part One, Boomer and Keith become snakes - Imagine the high of cocaine, the sex drive of viagra, and steroids in the new drug causing transformations into a half-animal, half-human hybrids.
(snakes) (June 2003)

SCRIM Part Two. Seth, the Delivery Boy - Imagine being accidently turned into something other than human.
(Snake and dragon) (June 2003)

The Bonobo - Three men visit the "Great Ape Project" to save primates in the Congo.
(Primate, Bonobo) (March 2003)

Sweet Thing - A Valentine's day recipe for Chocolate Gorilla. Think of serving your boss as dessert to unsuspecting patrons.
(gorilla, chocolate) (Feb 2003)

MONDO CANE' part two - the Centaur - two unscrupulous developers get transformed into one centaur. This story has two endings.
(centaur) (March 2003)

MONDO CANE' part one - Mondo Cane', the latin phrase for "A Dog's Life." Two young men become dogs for summer vacation and one of them has puppies.
(Furry, Dog) January 2003

The Costume Shop - This is a Pan Story. Two men dress like an ancient statue and get a big surprise
(Satyr) September 2002

Dogmen - An S&M love story with hints of changing into dogs.
(dogs) September 2002

Just Another Fish in the Sea - - A multiple part story about men being turned into dolphins and Mermen.
(dolphins) (Dec, 2002)

The Curious Slave - A young slave is surprised by his new fate.
(gorilla) July 2001

Green Planet - Spacemen are combined with lizards and turned into green, scaly humanoids.
(lizards) July 2000

Secret Report - A spy mission, horses and statues
(horses and statues) July 2001, revised 2002

The Clone Warriors - An Outer space spy mission, with a giant amoeba.
(amoebic thingy) July 2001

My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.