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September 9, 2003

I have been in the circus for many years now and regret none of my experiences, not the pain, not the pleasures, none of it.

For a couple seasons I worked as the assistant to the Great McManus, a magician of no small reputation. He would keep me in pieces during the day and reassemble me at the beginning of his act. I would stay whole until the next day. Todd, the tattooed man, only few years older, and I were best friends and drinking buddies. He took me to get my first tattoo and I was there when he got the very last inch of his skin covered with a tattoo. We always wintered at our camp in the Everglades.

On Valentine's Day we started to get ready for the coming season. We added trapeze and motorcycle acts, a few clowns, some poodles, and a crocodile wrestler. It would be a good year. We had a new tent and recycled the old tent into new shelters for the sideshows. McManus was the brains behind the freaks in the sideshows. He found Todd and I as we lay sleeping under a bug net and shook us awake.

"It's time to talk to you two about the sideshows. We need a new attraction. I'm not going to do your division again. I've got a new magic trick and you need to decide what sideshow act you want to be," McManus said it so fast, I barely understood him. He shook us again and waited.

"Helluva time to have a serious discussion. Can't this wait till morning?" I muttered.

"Nope! What do you think you want to be?" McManus said gruffly. I pushed Todd into a sitting position, sat myself up, grabbed a towel and wiped Todd's drool from my chest. Todd shaved all his hair to show off his tattoos and he often slept against my body just to feel the hair he didn't have. Todd took the towel and rubbed my hairy chest.

"How about a hermaphrodite, or a bearded lady?" Todd asked.

"Naw, I want to keep my genitals. How about something animal; a horse or a donkey, maybe?" I suggested.

"About 20 years ago, we had a snake-boy? Haven't had one of those in a while. The body of a snake with the head and shoulders of a man. What'cha think of snakes?" McManus said. Todd and I looked at each other. I could see we both had the same idea. It sounded hot and sexy.

"OK, I'll be a snake-boy but only if Todd can keep my cock and balls in a box," I said. McManus could separate parts of the human body from itself without harm.

"Tricky, but possible. You trust Todd not to trade his set for yours or tattoo your cock and balls?" McManus laughed as he rubbed my head.

"His loss, his cock's bigger and thicker than mine," I said as I fondled Todd through his shorts. He brushed me away.

"Come to my tent and we'll get started." McManus told us,

We shambled over to McManus's tent and I sat in the Suit of Armor we used for Division and let him remove my cock and balls in one unit. Todd fondled my unit as he set it in a lined box. I reached down and felt my smooth, empty crotch. McManus brought out a large crate that had snake parts inside it. He had Todd get a round platform for me to lay on.

"Lay down on the platform and we'll paste your legs together," McManus ordered and as I lay down, the platform supported my body and let my legs free. McManus and Todd spread cold, sticky paste between my legs. It dried fast and solid. I couldn't open my legs. McManus pointed my feet and attached a long snake-skin tail to them that would double my height. Satisfied with this, McManus started to wrap my body with tight, snakeskin strips. They wrapped my up to the top of my hips and stopped. I lay on the platform unable to move my legs and feeling very uncomfortable as the snakeskin slowly tightened around me. McManus saw my discomfort.

"Your snake body will be thinner than your human body. That's why the snakeskin is so tight. Don't worry about it. It will only hurt for a little while," McManus said. He shifted a mirror and let me see my buttocks above a sleek, snake-like body.

"The trick of creating a snake-boy is showing off parts of the human torso. Hence buttocks, six pack, pectorals, shoulders have to show. However, your arms can make a difference. Without arms, you can roll and slither like a real snake. With arms, you'll look more human but you won't be as flexible."

"No arms please! I don't want to be confused with the Medusa. That's the logical comparison," I said. McManus nodded and they wrapped both my arms in snakeskin. When they were done, they started to wrap my torso from my hips up my stomach and stopping just underneath my pectorals and armpits. McManus glued my arms to my sides and they both wrapped my torso with snakeskin bindings. I felt the snakeskin tighten around me, crushing and shaping me. I felt completely helpless, only my shoulders, neck and head were free. I still couldn't twist or writhe like a snake. I tried wiggling my feet to move the tail that McManus added earlier, but I couldn't. McManus held the mirror up and I could see how human or inhuman my body would appear. Todd dropped my body and I thumped to the platform.

"Sexy, dude! All the muscles of your body show through the skin, your arms and torso look hot. You'll be mostly snake when we get your shoulders and head on," Todd said as he drank a beer. He held a bottle to my lips and let me drink. I gulped down half of it before I realized it wasn't beer. Todd poured two more bottles in me whether I needed it or not. I sputtered and gasped.

"Essence of snake to make you change," McManus said. McManus started wrapping my shoulders. The snakeskin was extra tight to make my shoulders narrow and my neck thicken. Todd fitted a snakeskin mask on my head and tied it around my neck. It pulled against the sides of my head, plugged my nose and fit tight around my eyes and mouth. Todd pulled my head backwards as McManus fastened the neck piece. It forced my head to look out rather than down.

They let me rest on the platform. I was completely covered in snakeskin and it kept shrinking tighter and tighter against my body. Through the eyeholes in the mask, I saw McManus fill a huge hypodermic with bright green fluid and inject it into my body. It didn't hurt, but I screamed anyway.

"More essence of snake to make you change," McManus said. I felt the liquid course through my body.

I felt the flesh of my legs bond together. My hips disappeared as the bones in mt legs and pelvis merged with my spine. Hundreds of vertebrae formed along my new spine freeing my legs, letting them move. My feet extended themselves into the tail and I slithered my combined legs in purely snake-like movements. I felt the changes move from my legs to my hips and stomach as my lower body became tubular and round. Above the waist I was still human. Todd came over to me with a pair of fangs and tongue. I lifted my head off the ground in a snake-like gesture and smiled at Todd.

"I didn't even think about moving like that. Do you like the changes?" I asked. I grunted when I felt McManus and inject more snake fluid into my half-transformed body.

"Yes, they're hot changes. I can't wait until you're done and I can make love to your new, snake-like body. Now, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I gotta insert your tongue and fangs," Todd ordered. He grabbed my tongue and yanked it out of my mouth as far as he could. Then he fastened a snake's long, green, forked tongue onto my real tongue. It hung out of my mouth and felt silly and dry. I leaned against Todd's body trying to get the tongue to work. Suddenly, without much thought, I pulled the tongue into my mouth with a snap and then let it slither out again. It felt cool and sexy as it slipped around my lips. Not only that, I could taste and smell with it. Todd grabbed my face again and pulled my mouth open and stretching my jaw into a point. He stuck two fangs onto my teeth. I felt my mouth stretch and distend. When he let go of my mouth, it didn't revert to its human shape. I tried to talk but my vocal cords were gone. Todd laughed and hugged me to his chest. His big hands pushed my nose back and made it disappear. Then he flattened my skull between both hand making it serpentine. Apparently I would eat like a snake.

"I know, I know. You'll live with me and I'll keep you warm and well fed. We'll figure out how to talk to each other," Todd kissed my snake-like jaws and gently ran his tongue over the sharp teeth forming in my mouth. My tongue whipped over his face.

I felt my torso change as the snakeskin squeezed my body thinner than humanly possible.

My internal organs moved and changed to accommodate my thin, tubular body. I felt my arms mold themselves into my body leaving only their shape for people to see. The same for my six pack, pecs and nipples. My shoulders shifted to allow chest to round out. My neck thickened and pulled my head back letting the bones in my skull reform and my head face forward. My face retained a partially human appearance, but I had no ears and the pupil of my eyes were slits. I rolled around in the heat of the transform, and found that my body was now linear, long and slender just like a snake. I flexed and coiled as I lay on the platform. Then, I slithered up to the mirror.

I was a green boa constrictor; a brilliant, leafy green with silvery iridescent markings. My scales glittered in the light. My eyes were gleaming sky-blue slits, menacing looking. My human features showed just enough to make it plain I was once human. I was thicker than an ordinary snake and just as long, I estimated twelve or fourteen foot. I raised myself up on my coils an faces Todd's chest. I let my long, thin tongue caress his chest. He tasted and smelled delicious. I opened my mouth and hissed loudly at Todd. He let me curl around his body. I flexed my muscles, gently squeezing Todd. He caressed my body returning the embrace. Then I leaned out to face McManus and hissed. He had instructions for Todd.

"You'll have to keep him warm; 75 to 80 degrees at night and 85 to 90 in the day. You don't wear many clothes as is, so the temperatures should be comfortable. He needs to be around water and moisture. When we get to the dessert, you can't let him dry out. You must collect his skin when he sheds. It would be hard to explain those skins. Olther than that, We'll use a heated display platform to show him off."

"Hey, snake-boy here is heavy, like about ninety pounds. And he's a really strong beast," Todd shifted my weight around his shoulders and walked to the couch in the corner of the room. He sat down carefully and motioned to McManus to give him the box with my human genitals inside. He held them out and let me run my forked tongue over them. I felt my own cock stiffen in anticipation. Todd started to deep throat my cock and let me coil and slither around his body until he brought my genitals to orgasm. Todd and I curled up together when we were done and slept.

The next day, we built my sideshow tent and set up the routine. Todd modified his travel trailer to keep me warm and comfortable while we traveled. Over the summer I was a big, scary hit. Oh, I missed being human but as a snake, I could coil and slither around all sorts of hot, humpy guy's bodies licking and sniffing armpits and other, more personal parts of their anatomy. I could even slither down a guys pants and coil around his unit. Most guys froze when this happened, but some actually enjoyed it and let me masturbate them. I found that I could pick up a beer bottle in my jaws and pour the contents down my throat. It made an interesting display and served to convince the rubes that I wasn't just an extra large snake.

Todd and I lived an interesting life. As the tattooed man, he showed most of his body in the first show. Late each evening, for the appropriate admission fee, he would show all of his tattoos. I always accompanied him at these times just to be safe. Any threat or perceived threat and I would rear and circle around Todd's feet. No one wanted to take on a 12 foot boa constrictor with human facial features. My coils were so strong that I could break and crush bones if I had to. Once or twice I did that.

Life in the trailer was pleasant and enjoyable. He kept his trailer hot and stayed nearly naked most of the time. Todd was warm and I was cold. After all, humans are hot-blooded heat and snakes are cold-blooded. A perfect combination when we slept. Mostly, we'd talk, or I should say, Todd talked. I listened. In July, Todd brought home a set of alphabet blocks and I would spell out a word or two just to initiate a conversation. We figured out how to use each other as pillows and spent the night tightly coiled together. We also discovered all those "personal" functions of each other's bodies.

Late in the circus season, after Labor Day to be precise, a kid started following the circus from town to town. I recognized him by smell and taste. He wandered between McManus, Todd, and our new trapeze act. The kid was stronger than he looked. The guys in the trapeze act who were bodybuilding freaks, told us that he could hold his own on the trapeze and the weight lifting bench. One night after a talk with McManus, Todd invited him back to his trailer for a one-on-one viewing of his tattoos and a close encounter with snake-boy. Once inside the trailer the kid shed his grubby shirt and jacket and stood only in a sleeveless T-shirt and bicycle pants. I went to the blocks and quickly spelled out the word "funky." Todd caught it too and insisted on dumping the kid's clothing, even his sneakers and socks into the small washer/dryer in the trailer. The kid put up a fuss until I wrapped myself around one of his legs and began to squeeze. I lifted my head to his face, hiss at him, and curled my head into his shorts pushing them off his hips. The kid got the hint and quickly removed all his clothing. The kid was all muscle and no fat. A surprisingly healthy and fit body.

Todd started his routine describing all his tattoos using my weight to help define his muscles. The kid just stared in amazement at Todd's tattoos. I slithered around Todd and got comfortable. When he was done, he opened three beers and offered the kid one. I took a beer and guzzled it down.

"You trained your pet boa to drink beer?" the kid asked as I set the bottle down in the sink.

"He's not my pet. He did that all by himself. He likes beer. We've been drinking buddies for a long time," Todd said. They talked. Small talk first, then slowly to more serious matters: grunge rock, tits, philosophy of life, aims, booty, goals, who's your daddy, and what-ya-wanna-doing-the-rest-of-your-life-type serious stuff. I entwined myself around the kid's body and got very personal with him.

"Gee, your Boa's horny. I never new a pet snake could be so affectionate," the kid said trying to push me away from his half-erect cock.

"He's not my pet," Todd laughed. "You're going to piss him off if you keep calling him a pet."

"Well, OK. If you insist. I don't know what else you would call him but a pet snake," the kid shrugged his shoulders and petted my head. I gave the kid a good hard squeeze and slithered away to my blocks. I positioned the "F" and the "U" into appropriate position. Todd laughed and the kid stared in disbelief. Defiantly, he made a fist and brought it up in that good old Italian hand sign, adding a loud: "Eh Fungouli." Todd laughed even harder as I used the blocks to spell "N-UR Dreams, A H."

"That fucking snake can talk. He actually understands us," the kid said completely astonished. Todd's face lit up with childish mischief.

"He better understand. English is his first language. He only speaks a little French and next year we're going to learn Greek. McManus and I are thinking about using Ancient Greece as next year's circus theme. You'd make a good-looking Greek sidewhow," Todd said matter-of-factly. The kid just stared at him in disbelief. I went over and curled around the kid's body, ending up face-to-face.

"I'd like that," He said flexing his muscles. Then he turned his attention back to my snake-like face in front of him.

"Is he horny? I mean, can he jack me off?" the kid asked studying my reptilian face as his cock grew thick with blood. I curled my body up and around his crotch and rubbed his swelling cock against my scales. By twisting and squeezing, I brought the kid's cock to orgasm and as he jerked and shuddered in delight. I wrapped him tight in my coils. I felt his heart pumping as the heat of his orgasm warmed my body. Todd joined us and licked the kid's cum off both of our bodies. I felt the kid jerk and tremble as Todd's tongue massaged his cock.

"Holy fucking orgasm! I never got off that way. Does the snake get off? I mean does the boa have orgasms that strong?" the kid asked. Todd opened the box with my genitals in it and explained them to the kid. He then started to suck my disembodied cock. I was still wrapped around the kid's body.

"Last time I blew him, he broke two ribs on the guy in his grip. Hold on for the ride of your life and hope he doesn't crush too hard," Todd laughed his evil little laugh and started to suck my disembodied cock. The kid tried to get out of my grip, but I was way too strong for him. Todd deep throated my cock and I just twisted and crushed the kid. As Todd's hot mouth and tongue drove me to orgasm.

Usually I just flopped and twisted on the floor and since Todd was especially good cocksucker, I would crush a piece of furniture. This time, I had a real live body in my coils. Hot, living flesh and bone that I could feel bend and deform to my powerful contortions. The kid screamed a couple times as I crushed him. McManus showed up after one particularly loud scream and shoved a sock into the kid's mouth. Todd brought my cock and balls to orgasm and in the throws of pleasure I cracked a couple of the kid's ribs. Todd didn't stop sucking and licking. Normally, you can stop this type of over-stimulation, but the incorporeal nature of my sexual organs prevented that from happening. Todd knew this and knew that each subsequent orgasm would be stronger and more ferocious. During the second orgasm, I cracked a couple more of the kid's ribs. McManus gave the high sign to Todd to go for a third orgasm and I just thrashed and writhed in pleasure I could not stop or control. As my contractions grew stronger with each stroke of Todd's tongue on my cock and balls, I could hear the kid whimper and moan in pleasure and pain. As the orgasm hit me, I crushed his forearm, dislocated his shoulder and left bruise marks on his thigh. Gasping and quivering, I left the kid as fast as I could and slithered over to Todd and forced him to stop and return my genitals to the box.

The kid groaned as McManus used a first aid kit to fix the kid's broken bones.

Needless to say, the kid joined the circus and traveled with us to Florida for the winter. Just before Thanksgiving, McManus and Todd returned me to human form. I came back lighter and younger than I was before they changed me into a snake. That was deliberate. I spent a month and a half in human form before the kid and I became the new Greek exhibit -- I was the faun to his satyr, but that's another story.

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