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My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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STORY: Salvage the Dead
ANTHOLOGY: Published on Website.
In the 2017 Folder
DATE: late 2017
I'm a salvor. I salvage what others don't want. Department stores, bankruptcy lawyers, and government services call me when they have excess or surplus. I take their unwanted junk, buff it up, and resell it. People benefit from my work and they aren't aware of what I do.
Thus begins the testimony of Trevor Somerly on his recent encounter with ghosts.

STORY: Skydiving Into Oblivion
ANTHOLOGY: in revisions
DATE: 2015
Bad Boys, bad boys, whatcha going to do when you land on an island that's a sovereign country?
STORY: The Cult of Osiris
ANTHOLOGY: Deep Web (Horrified Press)
DATE: In 2016
A young girl stole her grandmother's Book of Spells and tried to bring a devil to Earth as her servant to create her empire with all mankind kneeling at her feet. The spell fails and the Grandmother curses the Earth to never see the sun, to never progress, and for technology to die in perpetual rain. One hundred years later, a paranormal Detective comes upon five murders and discovers that once again, the portal to Hell will be opened and Earth will be destroyed. But he has a connection to the past, and he has a devil living within his body, and he must, once again, save the earth.
STORY: Blood of Patriots and Tyrants
ANTHOLOGY: Published on Website.
In the 2018 Folder
DATE: 2018
An insurgent memory-wipes the enemy soldier's mind controlling a cyborg warrior and replaces it with his own. What happens when this new mind becomes the weapon that can take over all defenses and conquer the world?
STORY: The Tao of Diplomats
DATE: 2015
At a First Contact dinner on an alien world, a soldier catches the eye of the alien ambassador and is goaded into a fist fight. First Contact was never like this and what the soldier doesn't know is that the fist fight is an alien marriage proposal.
Published on Lulu: click here
STORY: With Dragons Sprites and Other Delights
ANTHOLOGY: X Anthology
DATE: 2015
Aye Mateys. There be pirate treasure out there on a tiny island west of the Florida Keys. More doubloons than a dozen men can carry and all but one of them guard the secret of that treasure with their bones. Beware, the twelfth man is name Robin and he definitely isn't a good fellow. He wants revenge.
Published on Lulu: click here
STORY: Come Hell or High Water Corporate Wants a Monster Movie
ANTHOLOGY: The Fall of Cthulhu
DATE: 2015
From the hot, stinking desert to the boardrooms, a wannabe filmmaker wants to make the ultimate Sci-Fi movie but his Director is set on a script that is "Craptacular." When the Son of Cthulhu falls from the sky, the two turn into an unstoppable force for making new and unique horror movies using quality management principles. From the Sunken City it came, seeking popcorn and goobers.
Published on Lulu: click here
STORY: Stock Cars With Aliens
DATE: 2015
The Mayan New Year brings magic and with magic comes new crime and new punishment. An undercover cop discovers a magician at a racetrack turning men into rubber and selling them to the highest bidder, actions forbidden by law. They devise a scheme to expose the magus but he's smarter thank they think and they fall afoul of his magic. Horror frolics before Justice prevails.
Published on Lulu: click here
STORY: Demigods of the Pacific
ANTHOLOGY: Psychopomp #8
DATE: 2015
Think the Sci-Fi version of Fifty Shades of Gray. Captain Tyrece Leanard has been betrothed to his high school sweetheart Estralita Delgado. He thinks that they will be making love on her runabout. However, Estralita wants to become supreme commander of the Pacific Archipelago. While they are making love, large green men with gills climb over the gunwales and kidnap Tyrece. Does he sink into the depths never to appear again or does he rise from the deep like a new Poseidon to rule the Pacific?
free download: click here
STORY: Pumpkin Man
ANTHOLOGY: Psychopomp #8
DATE: 2015
Tommy Turner disappeared from Hidden Valley Estates but whispered rumors remained. Rumors of three girls who cast spells, killed a man, summoned a demon, called down the Angel of Death, and made three boys vanish.
Perhaps this was nothing but an errant vision, a bad dream, a night mist.
But it did happen, after all, and on Halloween.
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STORY: Beta Ares Prime
ANTHOLOGY: Killer Bees
DATE: 2015
In the years between the day the survey mission finished and reported that Beta Ares Prime was a near paradise for colonists, volcanos erupted, ice caps melted, rain began, and the planet turned into a stinking, insect-infested swamp. Complete failure faced the terraformers. There was one way for them to dry the swamps and make the world habitable for the colonists already in flight. It involved sacrificing every crewman by implementing a plan hidden in the quantum interstellar drives.
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STORY: The Bad, The Worse, and the Deflowered
ANTHOLOGY: Get Me Out Of Here
DATE: 2015
Two men meet at a costume party: One has horns and hooves, the other is dressed as a hoplite and wants to be a farmer. They are thwarted by a third man who seems to pull all the strings. But the best laid plans of mice and men, satyrs and demigods, jerks and lovers, always go wrong. When goats appear, strange things happen, and someone becomes a human sacrifice.
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STORY: Destroyed By Madness Starving Hysterical Naked
ANTHOLOGY: Futures Yet Unknown
DATE: 2015
The scientist responsible for Robots and mechanical men conquering the world is put on trial as a traitor to humanity. This day the court will learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. However, even in court, truth is stranger than fiction.
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STORY: Five Friends in a Sinkhole Under a Red Sun
ANTHOLOGY: Futures Yet Unknown
DATE: 2015
Six friends face an absurd and existential decision when a sinkhole opens in a railroad yard.
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STORY: The Curse of Rain Falls
ANTHOLOGY: Futures Yet Unknown
DATE: 2015
A young girl stole her grandmother's Book of Spells and tried to bring a devil to Earth as her servant to create her empire with all mankind kneeling at her feet. The spell fails and the Grandmother curses the Earth to never see the sun, to never progress, and for technology to die in perpetual rain. One hundred years later, a paranormal Detective comes upon five murders and discovers that once again, the portal to Hell will be opened and Earth will be destroyed. But he has a connection to the past, and he has a devil living within his body, and he must, once again, save the earth.
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STORY: Sinopias Limestone
My Website
DATE: 2014
Three men on a first contact mission to an Earth-like world crash on a barren limestone landscape. They find refuge in a cave that seems to be a monastery. It is filled with sinopia-colored statues made from limestone and illuminated by a perpetual fire.
Published on my Home Page.
STORY: The Book of Dreams
ANTHOLOGY: Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors
DATE: 2014
An editor believes he can capture the dreams of children for everyone in the world to see.
Paperback: click here
STORY: Gray Wolves Also Dream
ANTHOLOGY: Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors
DATE: 2014
Two friends dress as wolves to go to a Halloween party and have a fateful meeting with a delivery truck.
Paperback: click here
STORY: The Zombie Blackmailers of Panocadia Three
Date: 2014
A short remembrance of things past, a nostalgia of lost childhood, in a completely and utterly weird Zombified sort of way.
e-book: click here
Anthology: LAST NIGHT
DATE: 2014
How did magic gain entry to the scientific world? Will our children accept it or reject it?
Lulu: click here
STORY: MetalCrank
ANTHOLOGY: Voices From a Coma issue 1
Date: 2014
The latest drug - MetalCrank - fuses flesh to metal and provides a high like no other. The Newcomers gave it to the earth. Two addicts learn the ultimate purpose of the drug - one to honor and valor, the other to killing and oblivion.
Online at IMAGINALIS: click here
STORY: The Day the Meth Lab Exploded
ANTHOLOGY: PORTALS: an anthology edited by Todd Seaward
DATE: 2014
A detective finds a strange metal case in the ashes of a Meth lab fire and that metal case follows him through the apocalyptic end to civilization.
out of print
STORY: Minotaur in the House
KALKION (defunct website)
DATE: 2014
A big strong muscle dude wants to wear a Minotaur mask one night. It's spring and he's been drinking. His friend has the perfect mask but it isn't perfect. It changes everything.
out of print
STORY: A Rememberance of Spring With Flowers in Bloom
ANTHOLOGY: Spring Fever
DATE: 2014
Nothing is so memorable as a day in spring with cool breezes, the smell of cherry blossoms and flowers, puffy white clouds and an alien abduction.
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STORY: Vice Grips the Rowing Team
ANTHOLOGY: Tool Box, an anthology of tools
DATE: 2014
In a dystopian future world where the population has reached an overpopulation of ten billion and a plague forces women to have many more children to preserve the human race, what will crime and punishment look like? How will justice be dispensed?
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STORY: Have Some Madiera My Dear
ANTHOLOGY: In Vino Veritas
DATE: 2014
Two men responsible for screening artifacts from alien archeological digs discover that certain artifacts will not trigger their alarms and this day, their survival and the survival of the human race depend on Madeira and Cognac. t's an Old Gods and Cthulhu adventure of strange and bizarre proportions.
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STORY: Dogs at Midnight (reprint)
ANTHOLOGY: Behind Closed Doors
DATE: 2014
No one came to this dark, rundown house, not happy, eager Trick-or-Treaters or adventure-seeking teenage boys with eggs and soap in hand. No birds of the air built their nests on the eaves. No lights beckon through its wavy windows. The man who lives behind there doors is cursed.
NOTE: reprint
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STORY: Ghost at Four Bells
DATE: 30 September 2014
A sailor in 2013 is haunted by the ghostly survivor of a fishing boat lost during the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in the Sundra Straights between Java and Sumatra. When the ghost demands satisfaction for the loss of his family, another crew and their ship is in peril and the ghost must be put to rest.
Out of Print
STORY: Desire, Violent and Protracted
Date: 2014
A scientist experiments with a drug that can cure cancer but when the virus infects humans it has horrific and unexpected results.
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STORY: Kathmandu Raga
ANTHOLOGY: A - Z Cities of Death
DATE: 2014
He slept fitfully. The way soldiers always sleep on rock mattresses cradled against the surviving wall of a burnt out building.
And so begins Kathmandu Raga, my story of a dead city, blasted into rubble and the sniper who kills those stranded in the devastation.
Createspace: click here
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STORY: Aldebaran Ophiolatry
Published by Thirteen Press
DATE: 2014
An alien spaceship crashes into the rainforest killing all but the alien captain. It needs a new crew not of humans but of snake-men.
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STORY: Broken Dreams
DATE: 2014
What do you do when the dream dies and life just craps on your ambitions? The kid is a boxing phenomena but he's too short and too light to make it in the real ring. A former boxer gives him a new chance as a robot boxer.
Online at
THE WIFILES: click here
STORY: The Payoff
ANTHOLOGY: Psychopomp vol 6
DATE: 2014
A killer takes refuge in a costume shop and thinks he safe from the police. However, strange things are happening in this shop and the police are involved in a most delicate way...
Amazon Kindle: click here
ANTHOLOGY: Cemetery Moon #10
DATE: 2014
Titus gets wind of the end of the world conspiracy. He summons a fallen angel from Hell as his own personal demon/servant and sets about drinking himself into oblivion. Tequila for everyone in abundance. But we should remember that only angels (good or bad) can destroy an Elder One who intends to bring about the end of the world later that night.
Paperback: click here
STORY: Lower Than the Worms Beneath Our Feet
ANTHOLOGY: What Lies Beneath
DATE: 2014
First contact with an alien race takes a strange turn for one of the humans involved, his DNA gets exchanged and his flesh and blood become stone and rock.
available at:
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STORY: Mediations on a Dead World
ANTHOLOGY: Techno Goth Cthulhu
Date: 2014
A legend claims that the planet Earth has a twin in opposite orbit around the sun. What if R'lyeh rested at the bottom of the ocean on that world? What will happen when man explores the stars and discovers that dead world? Will mankind survive or will the Ancient Ones rule the universe in man's stead?
Amazon - paper: click here
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STORY: Iron City Sasquatch
ANTHOLOGY: An Urban Nightmare
DATE: 2014
One hundred years in the future when governments seek to renew old neighborhoods in a newfound gentrification, alien immigrants bring alien drugs. But these drugs are illegal on all civilized worlds and the interplanetary council has no choice but to send in bounty hunters to bring the alien drug dealer to justice.
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STORY: Skirmish at the Barbecue Pit
Published in THE UNDEAD WAR
DATE: 2014
What if a drug lab unleashes a deadly bacterial slime that turns people to zombies and you are holding your family picnic in the grove downstream from the drug lab? Would you take the blame for your food being so bad your relatives eat each other? Or would you become the savior and fight the slime with Santoku knives and spatulas.
AMAZON Kindle: click here
AMAZON: click here
STORY: Beneath the Twinkle of Fading Stars
Anthology: Halloween Shreiks
DATE: 2014
Brothers reunite on Halloween and one takes up residence in a graveyard at midnight.
Lulu: Click Here
STORY: We'll Never Do That Again
Anthology: Dragon's Blood
DATE: 2014
Three friends cause the end of the world by dragon.
These aren't talking, good-hearted dragons like Eragon or Dragonheart and definitely not DragonBallZ which always seemed to me to have too much testosterone and too little (pardon the crudity) balls. Lulu:
Click here
STORY: The Garden Party
ANTHOLOGY: What Lies Beneath
available at:
DATE: 2014
How deep and ugly can sibling rivalry become when it sinks into the depths of hatred and betrayal? Two brothers find out on a camping trip in a quiet forest glade.
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STORY: Table Butte
DATE: 2014
There is a man staked out on top of a desert butte with the buzzards flying around. He's been tortured by aliens and mutants but he will survive because he cannot die. Once again, he brings fire to save the Earth.
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STORY: Salvaging the Nishimi Maru
ANTHOLOGY: Legends and Lore
DATE: 2014
A year after the tsunami hit Japan, an abandoned freighter shows up off the coast of Canada. Salvage of the freighter is not as simple as it seems for the heir and CEO of the company that towns the ship. It seems that the captain laid a few curses on the sea gods to outrun the tsunami and the sea gods are angry...
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STORY: His Master's Voice
Published in NEON AND BLOOD
DATE: 2014
In an abandoned warehouse, detectives find the latest victim of a serial kill and a rookie goes underground to find the killer in a world of S&M, rubber, and dog-boys.
Quote: "The killer tags them just like they were pets. We think they might be runaways, street people, homeless or failed at life in some way. These are the itinerant workers, waiters in cheap dives, jitney drivers, hustlers. This gig must seem like heaven, playacting in costume, decent food," Arborghast said. A Tech held a veterinary scanner up against the deceased man's shoulder. It registered the number of a dog license. The name "Buddy" and a street address appeared.
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STORY: Village of the Fifth Lion
ANTHOLOGY: Published on my website
DATE: 2014
Two men, searching for The Fountain of Youth in the mid 1930's, find Ponce De Leon and discover that "youth" is not entirely what it seems.
WEBSITE: Published on my web page
STORY: My Private Island
ANTHOLOGY: A Journey You Say
DATE: 2013
In the year 2045, a rich college senior destroys the University Chancellor, his family business and his family by creating a viral video so vile that it gets him declare an enemy of the state. His punishment is most unique.
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STORY: The Campeche Aquarium
ANTHOLOGY: A Butterfly in China
DATE: 2013
If a butterfly flaps its wings in China... too abstract a thought. If a doctoral student deflowers the University President's Daughter in a viral video, what sort of job can he expect to get after graduation? Would even a drug lord hire him?
Maybe... There are fish in Campeche Bay. Man-made fish paying for their sins and the sins of the father. What strange quirk of fate brought them to this point?
AMazon click here
Createspace click here
STORY: The Adventures of Billy Shane on His Birthday
ANTHOLOGY: Fantastic Horror #6: Temptation
DATE: 2013
The Sheriff and Deputy of Chadron Nebraska discover a Magus trying to become a living god and it is up to the two men to stop the Magus. But they aren't alone. The sheriff is related to not one but two Greek gods. It's party time.
Amazon: Available in Kindle
STORY: The Night Dickie Ward's Tongue Stuck to the Flagpole
DATE: 2013
Three teenage brothers confront an alien threat in the Ice Hockey Rink.
CREATE SPACE click here
AMAZON click here
STORY: A Meteorite Struck Lance Last Week
ANTHOLOGY: A Butterfly In China
DATE: 2013
A tiny chunk of meteor hits the star player of a world-championship Rugby team. It starts to turn his body into living metal and that causes all sorts of grief at airport security. But does our star player simply roll over and play dead, tragically whimpering in self-doubt or does our star player take the bull by the horns and create a new life? That is the question.
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STORY: All The Days of Our Lives
ANTHOLOGY: Dieselpunk
DATE: 2013
An abandoned child rises through the crime syndicates to run the brothels and speakeasies in Capital City. when a robbery goes bad, he is sent to prison for murder. There are punishments that crush the spirit, destroy the body, and inspire revolution. A prison story in Steampunk with diesels, war machines, locomotives, cyborgs, and finally fireworks.
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STORY: By the Devil That's Bad Luck
ANTHOLOGY: Blood and Guts
DATE: 2013
Can two hungover demons damn four men to hell? ANd there's that one burning question: What is "good luck" in Hell?
Amazon USA
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Create Space
DATE: 2013
What would happen if micromachines, nannites, could turn human soldiers into metal and silicone weapons of war. Would humanity survive the war or would the nannites simply take over everything and declare peace with the other nannites? Only one man can save the world of flesh and blood humanity from destruction. What is the price he must pay?
Available at click here
WEBSITE: click here
STORY: Space Cadets of the Apocalypse
ANTHOLOGY: Perihelion (dead link)
DATE: March 2013
The world didn't end on Mayan year zero but it tried real hard. The Genetic Plagues nearly ended mankind. Women nearly disappeared. Civilization descended into savagery. I snagged a preferred spot, running one of the military's freeholds, a series of caves, teaching the survivors, abandoned orphaned teens, all boys. It was either teach or be sent into outer space as a robot.
Website out of print
STORY: Murder In a Sleezy Nightclub
DATE: 2013
How dreadful would it be if anthropomorphic wolves entered the world and nothing changed? What if the giant anthromorphic wolves fit right in with man and had their own corruption and organized crime and love jealousies... Is that all there is?
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STORY: A Box of Chocolates
ANTHOLOGY: Psychopomp Halloween Issue
DATE: 2013
Beware of wolves begging tricks and treats this Halloween. You might want to give generously but not so generously as to lose your life. Beware of wolves begging tricks and treats this Halloween. You might want to give generously but not so generously as to lose your life.
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STORY: Skirmish At The Devereux Hot Springs
ANTHOLOGY: What is New is Old Again - Steampunk
DATE: January 2012
In a Victorian world of city-states where steam carriages drive through cities lit by gas lamps and enchanted mechanicals guard the estates of the rich, how do diplomats and politicians settle disputes? They devise Rules of Engagement, hire small armies and stage skirmishes between brigades of clockworks, steam power war machines, helium airships. They invoke ghosts, raise the dead and listen to consultants. A Steampunk story of the dead rising and making war wih clockwork gargoyles.
Amazon out of print
STORY: Tachyon Level Rising
DATE: December 2012
It's a con game -- replace Michelangelo's David with a marble copy that can walk and talk. Astonish the world and historians everywhere. Think of the fame and fortune involved. Would you be tempted to look that good?
Scott was tempted and he isn't standing in the Louvre but in Hell.
Published on KALKION a defunct website
STORY: The Neighbors Are Mostly Dead
ANTHOLOGY: Urban Nightmares, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: 2012
Jared Gade, rookie detective and highborn, uber-rich socialite has a problem. His rich "uncles" are vampires. When three murdered crooks turn up at their townhouse, Jared must come clean to his detective boss, a banned magician and the ghosts who witnessed the murder. Worse yet, his "uncles" and the Magician are two thousand years old and hate each other. Can Jared resist the lure of being eternally undead or will he be a good patrician and open a vein for his "uncles" to suck?
Amazon out of print
STORY: The Haunted House
ANTHOLOGY: Fantastic Horror #3: Welcome to Hell
WEBSITE: Available in E-Book
WEBSITE: Available in Print
DATE: 2012
Alms for the poor, alms for the poor. Blood for the Inquisition.
This Halloween, there is a haunted house on a haunted hill with a dungeon haunted by a real demon -- Tomas de Torquemada. I wouldn't suggest you visit that Haunted House unless you like pain. Remember, you only have one life to give, over and over and over.
STORY: The First Vampire's Curse
ANTHOLOGY: Fantastic Horror #2 -- The Dead and the Undead
DATE: 2012
During a drug raid on a steamship, a young policeman discovers vampires and embraces the First Vampire's Curse by becoming one of the undead to take control of organized crime in a steampunk-like city.
Available at Amazon Kindle Edition
STORY: Snowbound, With Wolves
ANTHOLOGY: Synaptic Void, edited by Joe Jablonski
DATE: 2012
A camping Expedition on an alien world goes awry when wolves attack. However, all is not lost, our campers do not become lumps of digested food in the snow, not on this alien world.
Available at: Click Here
STORY: Durango Agonistes Died Yesterday
ANTHOLOGY: Fantastic Horror #5: The Mythos
DATE: 2012
A banned and interdicted neighbor predicts events leading to the return of the Old Gods -- the One who Sleeps in the Sunken City, the Shambler, and the Gargoyle of the Sea. Who is this neighborly Delphic Oracle, this unkempt Cassandra who troubles your orderly life? Do you dismiss a series of murders when a comet appears and meteors fall to earth? Do you run to him when the moon turns blood red? Do you seek him out when the streets run red with blood and Death walks the earth? The fate of the world is in your hands.
Available in print at: AMAZON
Available for KINDLE at: AMAZON
STORY: The Demon Invasion From Hell
ANTHOLOGY: Fantastic Horror #4 - GOOD V EVIL
DATE: 2012
By a strange quirk of fate when the city of Pittsburgh opened the a subway tunnel from "dahntahn" to the North Shore, they also opened a portal to hell. Now it falls to the military, specifically Lieutenant Colonel McFaddis to find a way to stop the demons from feasting on the humans at their own tailgate parties.
Yuns better like this story, the demon says!
WEBSITE: Kindle Ebook
STORY: Bo's Simian Winter
ANTHOLOGY: Winter Chills, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: 2012
How much would you change for a friend? How about becoming another species? Questions, we got questions.
Amazon out of print
STORY: The Shrovetide Affair
ANTHOLOGY: Deals With The Devil, an anthology; edited by Stephanie L. Morrell
DATE: 2012
A man returns to his friends a zombie, dead as a doornail, heart ripped from his chest zombie and asks them to help him get his heart back by finding the voodoo master in the swamp. It is a deal made with the devil and no good can come of it.
Amazon out of print
STORY: On Passing Through a Graveyard on a Warm Summer Night
ANTHOLOGY: Summer Thrills, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: 2012
A graveyard, a murder and a ghost -- In the dark of night, the dead speak a dead language of their own and keep company with the dead. The dead do not keep company with the living, unless...
Amazon out of print
STORY: In the Darkness, By an Icy Ocean
ANTHOLOGY: Shadows Within Shadows 2, edited by Gregory Miller
DATE: 2012
Two astronauts on a terraforming mission in the Oort Cloud find artifacts that are more than merely a rock or a piece of metal. There are memories of lives from a billion years before that insist on being remembered.
Amazon out of print
STORY: Circus Extravagansis
Anthology Fantastic Horror #1: Legends Unspoken
DATE: 2012
Mankind dashes out into the galaxy after aliens give them long distance spaceflight but all is not fortune, glory and adventure. The alien races resent Earthlings for their chaotic and anarchic customs and behavior. When four young men from broken homes start sneaking into Circus Extravagansis and stealing the publicity, the leaders of the Circus involve them in a conspiracy of three ring proportions. But remember, Earthlings are not loved and cherished. When the curtain falls on our little drama, four young men find new roles in the Circus; roles that they never expected.
Available at Amazon for Kindle
STORY: The Caterwauling Kitties of Castle O'Rourke
ANTHOLOGY: Short Sips, Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection Volume 2, edited by Jessica A. Weiss
DATE: 2012
There's the tooth fairy. There's your fairy godmother. And there's Rory, the Cat Fairy who haunts Castle O'Rourke. He made the mistake of disturbing the peace and hating cats. Hey you cat lovers, here's one for you.
NOTE: Out of print
STORY: Perdition Found in a Railcar
ANTHOLOGY: Midnight Train, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: 2012
A thief and scoundrel who once rode with Quantrill's raiders in the Civil War wants the secret of eternal life. He confronts a seeming rich man traveling in a private railcar and finds more than he bargained for.
Available at AMAZON
STORY: The New Frankenstein
ANTHOLOGY: Hospital, edited by Sean Monaghan
DATE: 2012
Jonah Carnahan, a detective inspector with the Atlantipolis City Police Force and a bicycling enthusiast, is involved in a car accident that leads to revelations of murder, ghosts, abominations of nature and cyborgs at All Souls Charity Hospital. There is no hope for the living to survive a fate worse than dying in this hospital.
In the words of Mary Shelley: "I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life, and stir with an uneasy, half vital motion." And this cyborg does not fear Death.
Available from 3rd party sellers Click here
STORY: The Break Up
ANTHOLOGY: Writings on the Wall, an anthology from Seven Archons
DATE: 2012
A knock on the door provides new insights into the relationship of a "not so nice" friendship between two men and the girl they think they love.
Available at: Amazon
Or CREATESPACE: click here
STORY: And With a Sigh Winter Says Goodbye
ANTHOLOGY: Cobwebs and Antiquities
Available at AMAZON
DATE: 2012
The cold night of winter overstayed. It was thus in Jules Anson's heart, if not Central City as a whole until a theft could be discovered, wrongs brought to justice and curses lifted. Anson knew that once magic was invoked in the name of Fire, Earth, Air or Water, that magic must run its course.
NOTE: Out of Print. Available from 3rd party sellers
STORY: City Of Blood
ANTHOLOGY: Weird City 3, edited by George Wilhite
DATE: 2012
There is always something interesting happening in Central City on weekends -- Jazz bands, funky flash mobs, symphony concerts, the midnight screening of Rocky Horror in drag, fancy dinners, dancing at the Waldorf Ballroom for the rich and sophisticated, and even ... the end of the world. Professional trainer and magician Domenic Gedigold and his buddy from the distant past must deal with a madman who wishes to establish an empire of werewolves. If he fails then Central City will become a City of Blood.
Amazon: out of print
STORY: The Man in the Moon Became My Grandfather
ANTHOLOGY: The Colonies, edited by Shane Collins
DATE: 2012
When a child is born, every parent dreams of a future for that child so glorious it is written in golden letters across a sky so vast, it is meaningless to describe. But no child ever lives up to those dreams and thus, every parent's dream dies a little each day. No child born of man could live up to the dreams of that birth. But what happens when a parent gets a second chance? Something truly Mysterious and Wonderful happened in Warehouse Three of Moonbase Alpha. One day our children will step between the stars and write history in bold actions and wondrous deeds.
Amazon: out of print
ANTHOLOGY: Dark Secrets
STORY: And Death Will Never Take Me
DATE: December 2011
A simple drunk and disorderly police call reveals the secret sins of the Angel of Death.
NOTE: Out of Print
STORY: Bodies At The Buoy
ANTHOLOGY: Tales of Salt and Sorrow, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: August 2011
Policemen Aidan Cainne and Silvio Ranaldo find a dead body in an old-style diving suit under an abandoned diving platform and before they can summon help, a pirate adds them to his scorecard of bad deeds. As the Bible says, the wages of sin is death; not Miltonian death in some fiery Hades or a Dante-like Inferno, but the Angel of Death incarnate come to deliver judgment. When the entire world holds it breath and Death looks deep into the murderer's heart, what does a man see reflected in Death's eyes?
NOTE: out of print
STORY: The Penis Tree
ANTHOLOGY: Daily Flashes of Erotica (quarterly)
DATE: March 2011)
A vacation in Glencoe, Scotland becomes one of the creepiest experiences in life for a sales representative when he finds a tree with a latex marital aid growing out of it.
Amazon Kindle: click here
STORY: Roll Another Joint For Me, Baby!
ANTHOLOGY: Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, a Bizarro Anthology, edited by Joe Jablonski
DATE: July 2011
It's about a murder in a dystopic society. Lady Sylvia's cheese cavalier is killed before everyone eyes by an invisible killer. Who can solve such a crime? The obsequious detective? The perceptive Patrolman? The banned Blog Editor with the unsavory past?
Amazon out of print
STORY: Like A Deer In The Headlights
ANTHOLOGY: Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, a Bizarro Anthology, edited by Joe Jablonski
DATE: July 2011
Ever wonder what the deer thinks about? Well Brant Black and Skeeter Crust find out what it takes to be on the other side when their hunting trip is hijacked to another planet. I just love a man with a big rack of antlers.
Amazon out of print
STORY: Astronomers On The Beach
ANTHOLOGY: COSMIC CATASTROPHES, an anthology by Chris Bartholomew
DATE: Feb 2011
What do you do with the crew of a spaceship when you colonize a world? Twelve Cities abandons them on the planet with the rest of the colonists. What kind of jobs do abandoned astronomers try to find? Would you believe internet videos of stone men in large caverns? That works for some. But something is up there, in the sky, falling toward the planet like the sword of Damocles is a meteor and it will thwart the best laid plans of astronomers and colonists alike.
Amazon out of print
STORY: Rannoch Abbey and the Night Visitor
ANTHOLOGY: MONK PUNK, an anthology by A.J. French
DATE: April 2011
On the Vigil of Easter in Rannoch, Scotland in 1155 AD, a flying saucer crashes into the bog near a church and and monks go militant.

Amazon link: Monk Punk
STORY: The Outer Limits of the Pizza Twilight Zone
ANTHOLOGY: Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction
DATE: December 2011
Ever get the wrong number and they order pizza from you? Flash Fiction Satire.
Note: out of print. Available used from 3rd party sellers only
STORY: Kakashi
ANTHOLOGY: LOCAL HEROES, an anthology edited by Brandon Rucker
DATE: December 2011
Not all heroes have powers and muscles and capes. Some heroes live lonely, solitary lives and care for the ordinary things, lest the ordinary things become unique. There's a big, black scarecrow in someone's future. If you leave the city life, the rat race and modernity to return to the greener, agricultural lifestyle, what becomes of those touches of modern isolation and loss of ancestral memories?
Amazon: out of print
STORY: Thunderstorms and Thaumaturgy
ANTHOLOGY: HALLOWEEN STORIES VOL 2, an anthology edited by Chris Bartholemew
DATE: Halloween 2011
A car wrecks and the driver is dead but the accident is not an accident, it's worse than murder. A portal has been opened and an ancient evil is invading the earth. Is this the end of civilization? Only one man can prevent it. Is it the bright young patrolman? The Luddite detective? Or the strange blog editor with the funny name and the hidden past?
Amazon: out of print
STORY: Who Let The Dogs Out
ANTHOLOGY: ROAD TRIP, edited by Chris Bartholemew
DATE: 30 August 2011
Charlie Crampon, a college student returning from his father's memorial service, meets up with two strange dogs that turn out to be anthromorphs and they involve him in a strange and deadly affair. Or so he thinks because nothing is as it appears to be.
Amazon: Road Trip
STORY: Sasquatch and Cyborg LLC
ANTHOLOGY: BOUNTY HUNTER, edited by Chris Bartholemew
DATE: 30 April 2011
One hundred seventy years in the future, a serial killer comes to the Yukon Territory and an alien bounty hunter (a Sasquatch with telepathic fleas) and a human detective (no fleas, no telepathy, just a college degree) must join forces to find the killer before he kills again.
Amazon: out of print
STORY: Et Exspecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum...
ANTHOLOGY: WEIRD CITY 1, edited by George Wilhite
Amazon: Weird City 1
DATE: 4 April 2011
An ex-marine turned Detective finds the man he is looking for in a gym, punching a speed bag. However, the gates to Hell will not open tonight and the battle with demons and warlocks is joined.
STORY: And the Life of the World to Come
ANTHOLOGY: Adventures in Other Worlds, edited by Chris Bartholomew
DATE: 15 April 2011
"Et vitam venturi saeculi," a Latin phrase at the end of the profession of faith. But do we believe in "a life in the world to come"? Do we have faith? They believed. They devised a resurrection and then they died in the apocalypse. This is the story of their life and the world to come.
Amazon: out of print
STORY: Witch Queen of the Dragons
ANTHOLOGY: Weird City 2, edited by George Wilhite
DATE: August 2011
Susie, Witch Queen of the Dragons and keeper of the Tablets of Destiny, needs a champion swordsman to help her gargoyle friends close a portal to hell. Once married to Domenic the Wizard, Susie must destroy an evil warlock threatening to overwhelm the world with nightmarish dreams and enslave humanity to his whims and desires.
Amazon: third party sellers only
STORY: Death Visits Oktoberfest
ANTHOLOGY: Fall Shudders, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: 2012
An actor playing the character of Death in a morality at an Octoberfest Renaissance Faire decides to party-hearty in costume and pays for his actions.
out of print
POEMS: "Memorial Glen" and "Festive Rapping"
ANTHOLOGY: Poems from the Dark Side, edited by George Wilhite
DATE: 16 June 2011
Amazon: click here
STORY: The Toads Croaked at Midnight
DATE: 26 June 2011
Read online here: The WiFiles or here: The WiFiles
A movie stuntman who is a touch too clueless and too greedy for his own good and makes a deal with a pair of demons.
WEBSITE: The WiFiles
STORY: Avenging Angel
Co-authored with Dorothy Davies
ANTHOLOGY: Comes the Night, edited by Dorothy Davies
DATE: November 2011
A single woman is found by her stalker after many years and tonight, there will be murder... in an urban, dark and demonic way.
Amazon: Comes the Night
STORY: The Hot Tub Murder
ANTHOLOGY: Will It Go Faster If I Push This, edited by C. D. Turner
DATE: 27 June 2011
On a world populated by Human-Animal hybrids, a vacationing human is found dead in a hot tub. It is up to seasoned detective, Elias Carson incarnated as a satyr, a green rookie incarnated as a wolf and a prosecutor incarnated as an anteater to solve the world's first murder. What they find is not Royal conspiracy to cheat death, taxes and society but a cold-blooded, heartless murderer, willing to do anything to keep up appearances.
Amazon: click here
Story: Two Boys At Play
ANTHOLOGY: Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction
DATE: December 2011
A flash fiction about boys in the present and the past playing through a rift in time.
WEBSITE: click here
NOTE: Out of Print, available used from 3rd party vendors
STORY: Who Wants To Date An Alien
ANTHOLOGY: First Contact Imminent,
edited by Joe Jablonski

DATE: 30 Nov 2011
Can a dating show be a weapon of mass destruction? In a bizarre twist of events, an anthropoid lizard and a Tentacle with a big mouth rudely interrupt a man's morning shower. Are they Impresarios from another planet or terrorists unleashing the most dread weapon in the galaxy? Before you can say "Inquiring Minds Want to Know" a mountain is teleported above a capital city and starts to fall...
WEBSITE: CreateSpace
Or at Amazon: First Contact Imminent
ANTHOLOGY: Christmas Fear 2: Unholy Night
Amazon: Amazon
DATE: December 2011
What is Christmas without gifts? What are In-laws without arguments and retaliations?
This is my version of "The Night Before Christmas."
ANTHOLOGY: Christmas Fear 2: Unholy Night
DATE: December 2011
Christmas is always bright and cheery, with silver tinsel and red and gold balls and lots of twinkling fairy lights with Cthulhu and a vampire. A time of joy, a time of giving till it hurts, blood that is and human sacrifice.
Amazon: click here
STORY: Young Sherlock Holmes' Big Crime Spree
ANTHOLOGY: Daily Flash 2012
DATE: December 2011
Is it possible that the great detective was once a common wrongdoer? Is it possible that there is someone more brilliant than Sherlock?
Note: out of print. Available used from 3rd party sellers only
AMAZON: Daily Flash

STORY: Dogs at Midnight
DATE: 2008
A man gets a visitor on Halloween and it turns out to be Death. But all is not as it seems. They both have hidden agendas and secret identities.
Website: The Tiny Globule (defunct)

STORY: Big Name Writer's Writing Seminar
DATE: December 8, 2008
A satirical seminar speech from a big name editor
WEBSITE: YANKEE POT ROAST (Malware warning, link removed)
POEM: Who Was This Robbie Burns
DATE: December 1, 2008
A meditation on New Years Resolutions
STORY: The Scarecrow
DATE: January 28, 2009
Between two friendes, Matt and Wyatt, what kind of sacrifice will one friend make for the other?
Available in Download, Paperback, Hardback from Lulu
no image available STORY: Scarecrow
DATE: April, 2009
A meditation on social isolation and scarecrows on the DeCarteret Ranch
NOTE: "Golden Visions" is Out of print and unavailable online
Reprinted and somewhat revised as KAKASHI in LOCAL HEROES, 2011
STORY: The Blacksmith's Gift
ANTHOLOGY: Christmas Fear - Spooky Stories for the Holidays
DATE: November 8, 2010
Sometimes a gift is more than it seems to be at first glance. In this case, all that glitters is not gold but steel.
Amazon link: Christmas Fear

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