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Soccer - A soccer match turns into a rather odd experience for the team.
(nudity, stone, aliens) October 6, 2007

Curse of Shadows Halloween with werewolves and strange kids with bags of candy
(dreams) May 5, 2005

College Nightmare 2007 - Three college boys go to the Halloween party. It's just a short walk through the park, isn't it?
(dreams) October 6, 2007

The Iron Maiden - Remember the Iron Maiden? It was a torture device. A box containing knives that would penetrate the body that was closed inside it. This is Meat's idea of an Iron Maiden for the twenty-first century.
(dismemberment) Halloween 2004

Seven is Not Your Lucky Number - Meat collects his "victims" from a swim team. The champion swim team has to pay the devil for their successful season...
(four mermen, two squid, one brazen bull, one sand pit, the son of satan, a giant penis) September 2004

Bryan's Unsong - A mad professor tries to sacrifice a handsome young college student for eternal life. The student, Bryan agrees to test out an Egyptian embalming techniques and unfortunately, becomes Meat's new protege'
(evisceration, demons, torture) Halloween 2003

Jason - Meat, the adopted offspring of satan, recruits Jason from a gay leather bar.
(torture, S&M, death) November 2002

Toby - Toby, a young effeminate runaway, crashes Meat's beach house and ends up getting his fondest wish
(Tits & Ass) November 2002

The Demon's Wall in the Haunted House - A young man takes a job in a haunted house as a ghost escaping from hell through a wall in the basement of a house. It turns out that the house is a gateway to hell and an introduction to the damned.
(demons, statues) Halloween 2002

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Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.