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November 2002

Meat sat in silence in the basement of the bar. He wore a black leather outfit like the rest of the patrons. They knew him only as the "silent one" because he rarely spoke to anyone. In the few weeks he had staked out this bar, several people tried to pick him up and take him home. No one had succeeded so far. He told them he was waiting. It was late October and Halloween was near. Pumpkins and leather paraphernalia decorated the basement of the bar.

Of the regular patrons, the ones that most interested Meat were a group called Satan's Select. Meat waited for this group, knowing that every week to ten days, their leader, known as Loki brought another slaves into the bar so they could publicly ruin him and sell him into slavery. Meat sat patiently every night and waited for Loki to show.

Round about 11pm, Loki showed up with four men dragging a fifth man. Loki was an impressive figure; six foot four, 375 pounds of muscle, well hung, and brutal. Loki's entire demeanor was arrogant and nasty. Several of the bar patrons left as he arrived not wanting to be subjected to his foul moods. The men with him were physically smaller but just as obnoxious. They were dragging their latest slave, a young man, in his mid 20's about six-foot tall and 200 pounds. He was dressed only in blue jeans and chains. Loki dragged the guy into the basement and threw him around the room. The young man was covered with bruises and cuts. His once attractive body was covered with ugly tattoos and metal piercings.

"I've grown tired of Jason, here, and I've come to sell his sorry ass to the highest bidder after we make a meal of his balls." Loki bellowed in a rough deep voice. Jason started to say something, but Loki punched his face so hard that Meat heard his jaw break across the room. Jason fell to the ground nearly unconscious.

"I told you, speak when you're spoken to!" Loki yelled as he yanked Jason up off the floor and brought him to an iron cage. There he slapped him awake and shoved his head between the bars. His companions tied Jason's head to a cross bar about 4 feet off the ground. Meat listened to Jason gag and choke as Loki pulled the chain tight around his neck. Blood dripped from his mouth. Then they tied Jason's hands wide apart. Two of them forced a spreader bar between Jason's legs, pulling them painfully far apart. They made sport of cutting the pants off Jason and let him stand there, naked and chained like a prize bull. Jason once had a nice body, thick and muscular in all the right places. Now, it showed the signs of abuse. Jagged scars, open wounds, and burn marks gleamed red in the dull light of the bar. A large cock and balls hung between his legs. His butt and asshole was striped with bruises from Loki's beatings.

"Where the EZE!" Loki bellowed as he searched around the back of the bar. One of the bartenders handed him a box containing a commercial castration device used mainly on livestock. Loki fit an aluminum clip and rubber ring into the device, then he spread the jaws wide stretching the ring out. He grabbed Jason's balls, milked them down to the bottom of his sack, and snapped the yellow rubber ring on them. Meat saw Jason's head jerk upwards at the shock and pain. Behind him, Loki cranked the band tighter and tighter. Jason moaned as the band crushed his sack and isolated his balls. With a flourish, Loki crimped the aluminum clip and cut the extra rubber. He flicked Jason's balls so that they bounced like they were on a string. Loki walked around the front of the cage and yanked Jason's head so he could see his face.

"Does that feel good, slave?" He yelled. "Thank me for taking your pathetic little balls and I'll cut them off now. Otherwise you can stand there until they die."

Jason groaned and gurgled unable to talk through the broken jaw. Loki just threw his head down and went to the bar. In a few minutes, Jason started to squirm as his testicles died. The pain spread through his abdomen and into his torso. The four men took turns torturing Jason with ice and lit cigarettes. After each beer, Loki yanked at Jason's balls and kicked his ribs. It took an hour for Jason's balls to turn a dark blue. Jason was crying softly as Loki decided to complete his ordeal. He got a knife from the kitchen and sliced open the bottom of Jason's scrotum and let Jason's testicles hang by the cords. He yanked them as far away from Jason's body as he could while squeezing and crushing them. Jason screamed through his broken jaw as it happened.

By this time, Meat and a bartender were the only ones left in the bar besides the so-called Satan's Select and Jason.

"Hey, mystery man, you here to buy a eunuch slave? You want this weeping little girl for your plaything?" Loki yelled at Meat. The bartender moved to the other end of the bar as Loki came over next to Meat. Meat said nothing.

"You deaf or something? I am Loki, Leader of Satan's Select and if you value your little pansy-ass you'll talk to me," Loki screamed at Meat.

"I'm not deaf," Meat paused to look over at the chained man and added: "I'll buy Jason's soul if he'll sell it."

Loki gestured to one of the other men who went over and lifted Jason's head so they could see it.

"This man wants to buy your soul, I guess that means he doesn't want your body. When we're done with his body you can have his soul," Loki's voice echoed in the bar.

Jason's chest heaved as he took a deep breath. He spit out blood and teeth, before he mumbled: "I'd sell my soul to the devil to get away from you." The man holding Jason slapped his face. Blood splattered out of Jason's mouth and onto the floor. Loki went over to Jason and opened his leather pants and hauled out an impressive eight-inch cock. He plunged it deep into Jason's ass and rabbit fucked him making sure that he beat Jason into the bars. Each one of the four men in Satan's Select took their turns fucking Jason leaving his ass a sloppy bloody mess when they were done.

"Get the boots and gloves," Loki demanded and the four men scrambled out and returned with metal devices. Each one of them took a hand or foot and opened the devices. Jason lifted his head and started begging.

"Please, not the gloves and boots. I'll do whatever you want, but not the gloves and boots," Jason's voice was weak with pain. Two of the men fit metal platforms under his feet the other spread his hands into metal holders. The gloves and boots were designed to crush the wearer's hands and feet so that they had to be amputated.

"What'll you do for me? Your nuts are history; you want to be my little girly slave? We can give you tits and a cunt, but you'll only be a torso good for nothing but being fucked," Loki kicked Jason twice in the ribs preventing him from answering. The four men placed the metal gloves and boots around Jason's hands and feet. The so-called gloves came nearly to Jason's elbows and the boots were up to his knees. Once fastened, the men started turning wing nuts that drove dozens of nails into Jason's hands and feet. Jason screamed in pain as the nails inside the boots and gloves crushed flesh and bone. It took ten minutes for the devices to close completely. Then they removed the chains holding Jason up and let him fall to the floor. The metal devices crushing his limbs were so heavy that he lay helpless on the floor. Loki went over and stomped Jason's oxygen-deprived nuts, squashing them against the wooden floor.

"You can have him, if you want him," Loki yelled to Meat.

Meat went and knelt next to Jason. He looked into the young man's eyes and asked: "Would you sell your soul to the devil for relief?" Jason looked back puzzled. He hurt so much all he wanted was relief.

"Yes! I'll give you everything I own, my body and soul just to get out of this fuck-up," Jason mumbled to Meat.

"Well then, we have a deal. You're mine for all eternity," Meat replied standing up and turning his attention to Loki. The four men were drinking beer. Meat said:

"You know, to borrow a tired cliché, I know the real Loki and he would never beat defenseless men and sell them into slavery," Loki choked on his beer, spilling it all over his naked body and onto the floor.

"You don't know shit fella!" Loki threw the rest of the beer at Meat.

"Let's give this guy a little party all by himself," Loki said as he and his four henchmen circled Meat for a fight. The first guy to punch at Meat only heard him say one word: "Stone!" and as he touched Meat's arm his hand and arm turned to stone. The petrifaction moved through the man's body. The man was able to scream before his mouth turned to gray stone. Only his eyes were left flesh and blood. The second man lunged at Meat and caught him in a body block. He also turned to stone and his stiff body crashed to the floor. The two remaining men dropped their weapons and started to back away, Meat gestured and tentacles grew out of the floor and held the men tight. They were not going to get away. Then Meat turned to Loki who was swinging a pipe at him. Meat ducked and came up under Loki, his fist crushing the man's testicles. Loki doubled over in pain and lay puking on the floor, twitching and jerking. Meat's big hands crushed Loki's nuts. Meat looked up and saw the bartender swinging a bottle at him. A gray fog formed around the bartender and held him helpless. The fog ate at the bartender's clothing and bare skin. He screamed in pain.

"Who or what are you?" growled Loki.

"Why, can't you guess?" Meat asked. The room began to get noticeably warmer. Meat's body began to turn a vivid shade of red. Scales began to appear all over Meat. Horns grew out of his head. Meat took on his demon form.

"You called your group 'Satan's Select' and presumed that beating the shit out of people and maiming them for slavery was the work of my father. Well, he sent his son to tell you otherwise," Meat's voice betrayed his anger and disgust of Loki. The walls of the basement changed and became black stone. Portions glowed red from the heat.

"There's no heaven or hell. It's all make-believe, mumbo-jumbo horseshit," Loki tried to bluff his way out of the situation. Meat sunk the claws on each of his hands into Loki's chest and lifted him up off the ground. Loki's blood dripped down his chest and over Meat's demonic hands.

"Silly fool! I am the Son of Lucifer, Lord of Light and Prince of Darkness and I damn you and your friends to hell and it's torments." Meat said as he threw Loki into the air where he was caught by flying demons. Their claws ripped into his flesh. A dozen other shapes appeared around the other four men and the bartender. Dark green and black demons clawed and grabbed at them. Meat watched as each of them was fastened to a red-hot rock. Meat spoke in a loud voice for all to hear:

"Here you will suffer the same fate you gave others. Your pain will be the select entertainment of lesser demons and devils. Your sufferings will delight each of them for many years, many years. When they are satiated, other demons will take their place and begin all over again. Think of that, gentlemen, pain for all eternity, never ending pain. This is what you reveled in while you were alive and what you will now suffer as dead men." Meat finished the signs and runes of a ritual damnation and listened as their screams filled the air.

Then he walked over to Jason who lay still on the ground. "You belong to me, body and soul, Jason. You gave yourself of your own free will," Meat said these words three times as he undid the wing nuts and removed the gloves and boots one by one. Jason's arms, hands, and feet were broken, bloody messes. His jaw was crushed into his face, his ribs were broken and cracked, and his hands and feet were useless.

"I guess I really screwed up?" Jason mumbled staring into the red, scaly face of the demon.

"I can't argue with that. You were such an arrogant, pretty boy in your prime. Look at you, covered in scars, beaten, bones pulverized and bleeding to death. They were planning to let you die and be damned anyway. Now you'll die in the arms of the son of Satan." Meat said as he licked the blood from Jason's body, spit drooling from his fanged mouth. Jason shivered at the touch of the long, rough, demon tongue slobbering all over his body.

"I love the taste of your body, the tangy iron taste of your blood, and smell of your fear," Meat said as he licked Jason's face. Jason lay still too afraid to move. However ugly and distasteful the Demon seemed, every place he licked and drooled stopped hurting and started to heal. "What's to become of me?"

"You're my slave now. You'll do as I say. You'll be what I want you to be. I will consume your flesh and remake you into my servant. And when I am done with you, I will turn you over to my minions as their plaything," Meat said as he continued to lick the blood off Jason's body. Jason lay back unmoving and accepted his fate. Meat's long tongue left no part of Jason untouched. Even his mutilated testicles and squishy ass got special attention from Meat's tongue. Jason stared at the roof of the rock chamber and listened to the screams and moans of Loki and his followers. As Meat finished his licking, he straddled Jason, plunged his claws deep into Jason's chest, and yanked it open, exposing Jason's beating heart. Jason gasped and cried out at the pain. Then Meat sank his teeth into the Jason's heart and ate it. Jason lay there helpless to stop the demon.

When he finished, Meat reached out and grabbed a small demon creature. It squealed and squawked until he held it before his him and stared at it like he was talking to it. Meat dropped it in Jason's chest and then closed the two sides. Jason felt the demonic creature beat in his chest replacing his human heart. Meat leaned over and kissed Jason's face smearing him with his own blood.

"Lick it off! Taste the richness of your blood," Meat muttered. Jason licked and kissed his own blood from the demon's face. He felt his chest heal as he made love to the Demon's face with his tongue. After a while, Meat stopped him, turned his neck towards Jason's face, and held a sharp talon against his throat.

"Drink of my blood and be reborn," Meat said as the claw opened a vein in his neck. Jason sucked the black demon blood into him. It was hot and bitter tasting, but it filled a vast emptiness in his body. Filled, Jason stopped sucking. Meat stood and lifted him off the ground. Jason's body was completely healed and reformed. His flesh was no longer pink, but ebony black, like the demon's blood. He ran his hands over his new body in admiration. This body was bigger and stronger in all respects. He fondled a thick uncut cock and balls the size of lemons.

"Before we leave, look once more at your tormentor's fate," Meat said. Jason looked around the cavern and saw Loki, his four followers and the bartender being tortured by a score of small demons.

"That will be your punishment for disobedience," Meat said. Silently Jason acknowledged Meat. He fell to his knees and started to suck Meat's large, horned cock. The scales scraped his mouth and tore at his throat but he kept sucking until Meat unloaded a load of demon cum deep into his throat.

"My lord and my master," Jason said as he licked the last of the demon seed from the head of Meat's cock.

2800 words more or less

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