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Welcome to my website of strange and creepy stories.

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The Devils in the Deep Blue Sea - The creatures from the Black Lagoon are hiding out in the deep Atlantic ocean. How did they start and why are they there? Just a glimpse into a possibly future world.
(fish-men) April 2010

First Contact: Antarctica - Something alien is happening in the Antartic and they think it's a first contact situation. However, the aliens aren't that smart or that saavy or that bright. So when the humans dress up as seals (arf, arf) and the aliens decide to have a barbecue, strange things happen. Mankind assumes that aliens will be hyper-intelligent and benevolent, but what if they are just boobs on stilts with fancy machines?
(seals) July 2009

I Fought The Spaceship And The Spaceship Won - Two archeologists explore a fallen spaceship and take one chance too many.
(Alien Possession) February 2009

Cage Fighter - is the story of a mix-martial-arts fighter turned secret agent who gets deeply involved in the politics of an alien planet.
(Alien Skin) August 2008

Mike's Tribe - Our bodies materialized with knotted muscular faces, hunky buff bodies, and pale coffee-colored skins. The chocolate-colored natives watched. They wore Kotekas over their genitals; gourd-like coverings -- some long, some short, some curved, some thick. We were naked. Our dicks dangled in the wind.
(Penis Sheath) March 2008

2377 ON THE SPACESHIP - This is part of a longer story. Torch, the man who received the Nannites in last month's story (see #18 below) starts his undercover assignment. HOWEVER, we meet several other characters before Torch makes his appearance. We meet the LOVERS who get frozen as statues. The CAPTAIN who gets beaten into a coma. An over-ambitious PR man who gets a few metal parts. And a Dudley DoRight who gets done wrong. Also, minty-fresh toe and foot massages.
(Robots, nanomachines) February 2008

TORCH - This is part of a longer story. A man gets transformed by nanomachines given him by a robot. He'll never be the same again.
(Robots, nanomachines) January 2008

Emissary - A world of metalloid men, an ambitious ambassador, and byzantine intrigue... what more could anyone want?
(Robots) November 2006

2374 - New Year's Day - Will robots ever run the world? How will mankind handle overpopulation? What happens as millions of people are shipped into outer space to colonize planets? How will men control robots? This is the story of a robot recruiter who crosses path with a speedtrap.
This is only one part of a longer story. I will be posting more of the story through the first few months of 2006.
(Robots) December 2005

The Test Subject - An Exploration of the Mind - Who will be the first man to become part of the machine? What happens to the body when you digitize the brain? Will men seek out the machine and become one with it? OR will men become psychopathic maniacs with power over all of us? How will the man-machine interface happen?
(Robots) September 2005

When They Made Jason... - A Story told from two different points of view:
What happens when one business partner sells out his partner? Jason always wanted to swim with the fishes and when he got his chance, he tricked his partner into becoming a robot. Jason gets his fishy wish by becoming a slave on a watery world.
(FISH) August 2005

When They Made Dale... - A Story told from two different points of view:
Dale and Jason have a business creating anthropomorphic robots for their customers. When Jason goes AWOL, Dale is forced to step in and honor his contract by becoming a robot in his place.
(ROBOT) August 2005

Solar Station Cagliostro-1 - Imagine that you are one of three men left on a nearly abandoned space station and you receive rubbery toy soldiers and body suits that change your life completely. Do you give up your flesh and blood body and become rubber? Do you fly the station out of the solar system? Do you populate the space station with humpy, young rubbermen?
(rubber) June 2005

The Living Statue - This is the original version of my story about ski boots that transform a human body into a statue. How much does a human body have to change in order to become a living statue? Well this workman in Scotland finds out the hard way.
(stone) June 2005

The Ski Boots - Red Ski boots, a Red Thong, lots of jock straps, freezing temperatures, funny beer, hot bodies, and humpy soldiers, naked wrestling, twins into screwing everything, beer and ... even a little space flight.
(enhanced humans) April 2005

Control Systemz LLC - A prisoner gets a chance to become the living control circuit in an alien device.
Inspired by an Illustration from
(robot) March 2005

A Scurrilous Memoir by Uncle Peter - What would happen if you were frozen in stone and survived the apocalyptic end of civilization? What would you do if you were awakened by the survivors? What would you do with six, hot humpy, sex-crazed marines running around dressed in just jock straps?What would the survivors do to you?
(Statues) January 2004

The Living Fantasy - This is the story of two brothers, some lizard-men, a robot, hustlers, hermaphrodites, alien sex acts, bloody battles, space escapes , a male brothel, and all that jazz.
( robots, lizards, aliens) August 2003

The Blending - Two men become a statue to kidnap a third man. This story involves blending of minds and experiences.
(Statues, mind games) April 2002

Summer Breeze - Ever want to blow away on the summer breeze? Well, an alien helps this guy to do just that. Not only that, he get to become part alien.
(alien abduction) April 2001

My Camping Trip - Beaten, left for dead, a camper has a close encounter of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh kinds with a ball of alien silly putty
(alien infestation) Mar 1999

Secret Report - A spy mission, horses, statues, transmutation devices - (also appears in Furry stories)
(statues, horses) July 2001

My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.