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16 August 2003

The advent of faster-than-light, gravity-based, space transport brought the first Terran Diaspora. The overburdened Earth sent its population out to the stars to explore and colonize. Depopulated, it took Earth another hundred years to recover. When Earth scientists solved the mathematics of inter-dimensional space-time-gravity, they developed nearly instantaneous space travel, the second Terran Diaspora occurred more cautiously. Mankind spread itself far and wide across the galaxy. Large, self-sufficient trading stations avoided fuel-hungry gravity wells. The traffic of trade and commerce at these layover stations gathered humans and aliens in large enough numbers to create communities.

The Layover Station at Proxima Centauri boasted the best entertainment in the entire galaxy. While that was certainly an exaggeration considering the singing planet, Shoo-Shoo, in the Magellenic Clouds or the bawdy twenty-four hours of flesh extravaganza put on by the inhabitants of fifth moon of Rigel Minor, the Layover Station did its best to satisfy every desire its customers demanded. Most spacemen patronized the usual bars, pubs, restaurants, gambling casinos, bordellos, and plain, ordinary whorehouses. However, tucked deep in the lower level of the Layover Station, was its most spectacular entertainment, The Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill.

The Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill had a small but spectacular restaurant at moderate prices. It took reservations and was always booked. It wasn't the most extravagant or even the best restaurant on Layover Station, but it was a bargain for those who knew about it and liked good human food. Under the restaurant was the Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill's other attraction, the Living Fantasy Bordello.

The Living Fantasy catered to customers with unique desires. Currently it had two young men, fraternal twin brothers, who used the quantum mechanic-based Transmorph apparatus to change into the customer's sexual fantasy and service their needs. Nickel Bott-Noby and his brother Steel Bott-Noby grew up on an ore transport, hence their names. Their mother died in childbirth and they worked for their father until he abandoned them on Layover Station at the age of eighteen. Oolong Calphinides, an Acroid male from the Aldebaran system and the owner of the Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill had Nick and Steel genetically tested and found they were superior and eminently suitable for the Transmorphs process. That was three years ago, three good years for the Living Fantasy and its two hustlers. Nick and Steel had grown from hot, sexy teenagers into well-built, well-endowed adults. Their willingness to take on strange and often extreme transforms made them very popular with a small, but dedicated segment of the Living Fantasy's customers.

It was the month after the galactic holiday and business at the restaurant and Transmorph bordello was slow.

"Two customers just arrived, they each want the seven-day, six-night special," Oolong said as he dropped the data discs containing the specifications into the computer. Oolong's hands were thick and fleshy like the rest of his body. He looked like a fireplug, round, solid, thickly muscled, and well endowed with both male and female sex organs. Acroid Females and Acroid neuters looked completely different. He wore a robe of faux white linen that let his white skin and muscular development show through. Nick called it his faux-paw suit. Oolong watched the two boys as they tested the likelihood of making the transformations.

"Wow, who wants a week with this creature?" Steel said looking at the image of a giant, lizard-like humanoid alien with a huge, raptor-like head, razor-sharp teeth, muscles on muscles for a torso, webbed hands, and feet, and an oversized cock and balls that hung down to its knees. Steel typed a few commands and let the computer analyze the image. Oolong didn't answer, nor did Steel expect an answer. He liked creature transforms and enjoyed the bizarre sexual situations that usually occurred when he was a creature.

"You're lucky, I have another robot transform; all metal and angles, steel and silicon circuits" Nick slapped Steel on the back while he let the computer analyze the robot. A robot on the computer screen rotated around showing off its assets; tools on one hand, guns on the other, an oval body, square head, on a tractor-treadle drive. It stood seven feet tall with a dazzling display of lights and electronics all over its metal body. Nick enjoyed having his flesh and blood changes into metal and secrets. He seldom had wild adventures as a robot or an inanimate object.

After a few minutes, both computers signaled that the transformations were possible:

"The computer says OK, you can tell the customers we'll be ready tomorrow," Steel turned to Oolong, who nodded his agreement and left. Oolong did the business end of the deal. Nick and Steel would show up transformed. They never touched the money.

Steel and Nick traded computers to begin detailed analyses of their respective transformations. They analyzed for things like skeletal structures, brain and lung capacity, necessity of internal organs, food and energy supply, and sexual activity. Most people assumed that the Transmorph apparatus made a complete and whole body and as a result, their results ranged from less than desirable to fatal. Some alien bodies had smaller brain boxes than humans that usually resulted in seizures and diminished brain function after transform. Other alien bodies required larger skeletons, usually spines and hips. Failure to account for the skeleton typically caused permanent paralysis. Both Steel and Nick understood that a four-hour sexual encounter with an alien body didn't require internal organs. Most of an alien body could be devoted to the customer's sexual pleasure, unless they were the red-assed baboons of Sigma Thirty-Seven then you needed the ability to exude copious bodily fluids. Beyond four hours, the alien body had to be viable. Nick scanned several sets of body measurements for the lizard-like alien as they flashed over the screen

"This alien head has to be larger. If I just use a raptor's head there isn't enough brain capacity. You can see it when the creature looks up and extends its neck. As a result, I'm making the head tubular and extending it back a foot. I'm also framing the face with scale plates, giving it a long mouth full of carnivorous teeth," Nick typed the commands into the computer and waited for the analysis.

"Did you make the spine and hips strong enough?" Steel asked as his computer designed the robot character.

"I'm using classical proportions for human bodies and this creature is eight and a half feet tall. That's just what customer wants, an alien with a huge body. Here are the statistics." The computer displayed a table of body measurements:

















































body fat



"Four hundred pounds, gee, I'm only 170 pounds, that's a big change, and one-percent body fat? That's just skin and bones. The creature might look scrawny, not to mention be hard to sleep on." Steel mused as he read the figures and added: "That neck is thicker than most people's waists."

Nick added some more parameters and the measurements changed slightly: "I've reinforced the skeleton with metal components to hold that large head and I made your neck thick enough to support your new head." A mockup of the alien head appeared in the computer screen. Its jaw filled with ragged, spiky teeth and an elongated face protected by bony plates. The back of the skull extended backward eighteen inches. It had a fierce look. A thick neck supported its bulk and the creature's deltoids and chest expanded to match its size.

"This isn't one of those compound mouths deals with three or four sets of teeth in its head?" Steel asked. He shied away from compound mouths ever since he accidentally severed and swallowed the Grand Mazack's third testicle in the heat of passion, one night, long ago. The Grand Mazack was ecstatic, but Steel always maintained that it left a bad taste in his mouth.

"No, only one set of teeth. Look here, I gave you a two-foot long tongue behind those teeth and made the lips thick and erogenous. The creature has enhanced erogenous zones so you will enjoy anything you do. Look, extra large nipples, deep asshole, baseball-sized testicles, fifteen by three inch cock," Nick poked his brother on the shoulder. Steel and Nick both knew that no matter how large an alien cock was, it always fit the human customer's mouth and asshole. Their creations never damaged the customer.

"We know how all that works." Steel said and he punched-up a display of the creature's torso. He stared in admiration at his brother's sexy design. The body of the creature exuded sex and the genitals hung in proportion to the scale of the creature. The computer simulation moved and flexed on the viewer, Steel felt its sexual power as it swaggered through its simulated walk, even ordinary movement of the thighs and buttocks excited Steel.

"I wish I knew how you can turn simple flesh and bone into shapes that sexy, even the lines of the body are sexually hot. Show me the skin color and texture?" Steel asked. Nick punched a few commands into the computer and a light brown skin appeared on the computer image. The skin changed in texture from smooth to lightly textured, with soft and supple scales. A sexy shimmer appeared all over the body, like a permanent wetness, Steel knew it was a trick of light and refraction that made bodies appear to shimmer and glow.

"This skin is the same stuff they use on the outside of spaceships. It's tough, flexible, puncture-proof, vacuum-proof, and feels like real snakeskin. I ripped off the chemical formula from the last military ship that came through. Remember when one of their engineers wanted the penis-man creature? I told him I needed the skin to make it work," Nick laughed.

"I remember -- Dickie-boy the penis-man -- now that, that was a nasty transform for a real pervert," Steel sneered. Nick shrugged and punched more computer commands.

"Not that you haven't had creepy transforms! … You know if we made the skeleton of this creature out of neutronium alloy rather than stainless or titanium, it might be the most fearsome warrior ever created," Nick looked at his brother hoping for a positive response.

"OK, go ahead, do it, who would know? The customer is only interested in sex and I won't tell him. Add more spikes and horns to the body too, make it a horned lizard. It'll be hot." Steel suggested.

"Horny lizard? You think this is hot? Watch, I'm going to distribute 50 or 60 pounds of fat over the entire body and make it soft to lie against." The body didn't grow larger, but its edges got softer and rounder. The simulation moved gracefully across the screen. The hands and feet grew into webbed creations complete with claws and talons. He enhanced the alien nature of the body with fins, scales, horns, spikes, claws, and talons. A rugged, alien warrior formed on the screen.

"Nice work, this creature is a Master. I'm going to enjoy making the customer act the slave part. Imagine running into this creature in a dark alley or worse yet, how about an entire army of them rampaging across the countryside," Steel admired his brother's design on the computer screen. Nick pulled up a separate menu for the internal organs of the creature and started to add parameters.

"Now we get to the practical side of the design. Since it's seven-days and six-nights, do you want a power source or do you want to eat raw meat?" Nick smiled at the suggestion.

"The customer specifically said he didn't want a bloody, drooling companion and considering that jaw and those ragged teeth, I'd rather not eat in front of him, use a power supply," he paused and then added:

"I have another idea; since we are using that impervious skin and a power supply so I don't need to eat, this creature can float in vacuum. I'll float over to the customers spaceship and knock on the viewing port to gain entry into his airlock. That will be a nice touch," Steel suggested.

"Good idea, this creature gets one, heavy-duty, power supply. You won't have to eat, drink, or breathe to sustain yourself. You realize that you'll have to drink enough water to drool, cum, and produce whatever bodily fluid the customer wants."

"Sure, but that's not a lot of fluid. How about you make the creature a little more snake-like by narrowing the waist and spreading the chest and shoulders. Think of a cobra," Steel suggested and Nick added the effects.

"I made its thighs bigger too. It's looking pretty good, I think this will be a success," Nick said of his creation.

"Now, let's design your robot," Steel pulled Nick over to his computer.

"Robots assignments are always simpler than flesh and blood creatures, less nuance. I like being metallic," Nick patted his brother's shoulder and turned his attention to the computer screen. Steel brought up a series of statistics that described robots and metals. The customer sent a rendering of the robot he wanted. It ran on tractor treadles with one articulated upright supporting its torso, arms and head. The arms were thick with machine-like tools and weapons at their end. The head was a dome supported small antennae.

"With a central pillar on tractor treads, we'll have to fuse your legs together and make metal hinge joints at the ankles, knees, and hips. I can make them framework or solid, what's your have a preference? Personally, I like framework robots where all the machinery can be seen." Steel waited for his brother's answer.

"Anything robot is stiff and ridged. I like the movement of metal on metal. I'll be OK if you fuse my legs and spine. It's not painful. Make the central support hinged and able to rotate," Nick said and Steel entered a series of parameters. The treadles on the base stayed square, but the central pillar became rectangular and articulated. The model moved up and down like a man kneeling and the pillar turned on its base to show the range of motion. Nick nodded his agreement. Steel punched in a few commands and the surface of the lower half the robot turned sleek and rounded with streamlined curves. Steel added a torso shaped like a giant egg. Off the large end, he added arms and shoulder joints. These too he streamlined into smooth structures. He rotated the model on the computer screen.

"How's that for a basic shape?" Steel asked.

"So far so good, what's your thinking for a head?" Nick watched as his brother tried various configurations of head and settled for an oval bump and a single Cyclops-like eye in it. He widened the shoulders and smoothed them out. Both arms stretched out farther than human arms. To one arm, he added several energy weapons and a rotating gattling gun. On the other arm, he placed a series of tools. Nick watched the model as it spun on the screen.

"How's that for a warrior robot, huh? It matches specifications. I wonder if the customer realizes that all that stuff really works," Nick said. Steel shrugged and started to add details. Motors, hydraulics, gears, transistors, circuits and all the workings of a robot began to fill the interior of the robot and decorate its exterior. As he watched, Steel added extra armaments to the robot including energy blast and EMP shielding. It took a few minutes for Steel to complete his design. The robot looked lethal and menacing. Even more lethal and menacing than the great Meta-Zoid of Tau Ceti Prime.

"By the way, I added several portals for sucking and fucking. I also added a mechanical cock," Steel let the computer display the robot's metallic sexual apparatus. The cock would be made from soft, flexible metal and hid inside a compartment in the robot.

"I like the look of that cock. I think the customer will too. I like the entire design," Nick said.

"Are you sure? I think it's a drastic transform. We can make a robot that doesn't fuse your legs or stretch the robot's arms out farther than your human arms. I can add a second eye or a bigger head. This is a drastic body change for a week. You're going to be all metal and electronics," Steel remarked.

"Yes, but all that metal is what the customer is paying for. Let's give him the works," Nick said. Steel began to punch metal parameters into the computer. Individual bolts and screws began to appear all over the model as the computer designed it down to the last detail. The design called for steel, titanium, and neutronium for the body and fiber optics, gold, and silver for the circuitry, the best hydraulic motors, and the toughest composite materials.

"I've included a heavy-duty power supply so you won't have to recharge. Also, I've added a backup battery and triple redundant processors for your sick mind.," Steel stared at the computer screen as data scrolled by.

"You think we need that much redundant safety?" Nick asked.

"Yes, the Military on Betelgeuse Prime just lost its entire computer system to a gamma ray burst from an unstable magnetar. I don't want to lose you due to a short or some random ion storm," Steel replied. Nick silently agreed as he studied the design.

"Another thing, my alien warrior is nearly indestructible, so I am going to make your robot warrior nearly indestructible. I have a surprise," Steel put his arm around Nick's shoulder and hugged him. Nick's eyes opened wide in anticipation.

"While you were romancing skin secrets out of that pervert as penis-man, I was romancing weapons plans from a platoon of the military's top designers. Remember Squiggy the Squid? It was a cephalopod-like creature with no solid skeleton, just muscle and cartilage," Steel asked.

"I almost forgot about that, Squiggy the Squid. You had twelve penises and it was all done in the ocean, wasn't it?" Nick mused.

"No, it was a large tank of water on a moon of Sirius Beta and I had thirteen penises and thirteen vaginas. It took a day to suck the platoon dry and another day to fuck their brains out. One of them let slip the latest design for their robot warriors and I'm going to download it into this design. Be careful, you'll have more firepower than you imagine."

"Armed and dangerous, huh? Cyclops the Great, lives again?" Nick laughed as his brother loaded the robot with advanced weapons making it an authentic warrior for a week of sex.

Nick and Steel placed their hands on separate control screens and activated the Transmorph apparatus. The inter-dimensional quantum calculations would take ten hours.

The complete Quantum Mechanical Universe contains all possible realities. The Transmorph apparatus merely matches the desired physical change with all the infinite known realities, then copies the parameters, and recreates them in our reality. About six people in the known universe understand the scientific principles involved. Neither Nick nor Steel, or even Oolong Calphinides, who acted as their agent (pimp), understood these scientific principles, they just used the device that Oolong purchased from the Smuggler's World.

The computers readied the parameters for and shortly, Oolong unlocked the chamber for Nick and Steel. Both transforms were already stored in the computers.

The Transmorph apparatus was located out on a spar away from the main part of Layover Station so it wouldn't cause interfere with other equipment or electronics. It filled the entire room. The actual Transmorph chamber itself was round, about four feet in diameter and fifteen feet tall. It was a single, quantum field generator.

"I hope you guys don't break the bank with this transform. The energy usage is killing me," Oolong moaned his usual moan.

"We can't skimp, Oolong, it's just too dangerous to be cheap. You got lots of repeat customers who pay you more each time we transform for them," Nick said as he removed his clothing. He fondled his cock to tease Oolong.

"Let's both go at once," Steel pulled his clothes off too playing the game.

"You can't do that. I don't have enough power," Oolong groaned. He eyed the two naked men sadly. Oolong lusted after the two brothers. He wanted to mate with them and have their kids, but Nick and Steel kept him at a distance. When they first met Oolong they thought he was a fellow human, however, once he took his clothes off, they saw he was hermaphroditic and realized he was an Acroid. Acroid males were hermaphroditic and required a female Acroid and a neuter Acroid to mate. Their mating rituals were serious business affairs with very little enjoyment. Both Steel and Nick liked Oolong; he was good looking, thickly muscled and lots of fun. However, no one knew if it was possible to have a successful mating with an Acroid. Certainly, sex was possible, but it carried a danger of creating offspring. Not only that, crossbreeding was against the law on some planets, especially Earth.

"Gee Oolong you moan too much. Look, if we ever get into serious trouble and you save our lives and rescue us, both Nick and I will happily be your mates. You have our word on it," Steel gave Oolong a hug just to fluster him. Nick laughingly agreed and hugged Oolong.

"Oh, promises, promises, you guys are the worst teases in the universe," Oolong sighed as he blushed and tried to hide the erection beneath his robe.

"Now, who's first?" Steel said to Nick.

"Me, metal before flesh," Nick said as he unlocked the chamber of the Transmorph apparatus.

"See you' when I'm done," Nick said as he keyed in the start sequence. He took his place on the platform and the protective doors closed. He yelled something to Steel that they couldn't understand and gave him the thumbs up. A ring of energy formed and traversed Nick's body establishing his human identity and recording it for his reverse transform. The energy change in color and intensity as Nick began to change into a robot.

Nick's body tingled and sparkled with energy. Each atom in his body began to change into the appropriate metal. He felt his spine stiffen as his legs pulled together and began to fuse into a pillar. When the fusion reached his feet, they grew long and wide and began their change into tractor treadles nearly two foot wide and three foot long. Nick felt nuts and bolts form from his flesh and blood. The motors and gears formed and meshed. The transform slowly moved to his ankles and formed the rotating plate and the bendable joint to let him rise up and down. His calves blended into a steel pillar and with hydraulic motors. His knees formed another flexible joint, complete with a hinge.

As the transform move up his legs, His internal organs began to disappear and change. His stomach flattened as his heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, and kidneys changed into thin metal plates against his spinal column. His skin shrank exposing his emptiness. Outside the chamber, Oolong lusted after the flattened body. Nick's shoulders grew out to each side as his arms grew longer. Nick's thighs merged and formed the top of the pillar as his hips formed another rotation plate and began to turn slowly. His chest filled out and expanded as the power supply and all his computer circuits began to form in his chest cavity. His genitals formed into metal and his hips and waist rounded itself and sat comfortably on their platform. Nick's chest expanded sideways as his shoulders formed the squat shape of his robot body.

As his head formed itself into a dome with the single electronic eye, Nick felt his mind move into the electronic circuitry housed deep in his chest. Weapons and tools formed on his hands. The transform was nearly complete. The new robot stood still in the chamber as all the little details formed on the metal body. Circuits, lights, fiber optics, wires, motors and everything mechanical replaced his flesh. Down to the smallest detail, Nick became metal. A well armed, shiny, warrior robot stood in the glow of the transformation chamber. Nick flexed his motors and hydraulics and ran data through the vast array of sensors and control circuits. When his new, mechanical body checked out, he reached out and touched a sensor that stopped the quantum ray. The chamber doors opened and he rolled out.

"How do I look?" Nick asked. His normal tones replaced with synthesized, metallic sounds.

"You look really good, man. I'm impressed with the complexity of the product," Oolong stared into the glowing red eye of the robot.

"Any hitches during the change?" Steel asked.

"No hitches, a clean, easy transform." Flat, emotionless tones fit the robot. He pointed at Steel with a huge metal appendage and added:

"You! Next!"

Steel entered the chamber and let the doors close. The chamber scanned his identity and then adjusted itself for the transform. Steel felt his body expanding and growing to the required eight and a half feet tall stretching his much smaller human frame. His body burnt as it stretched. This was typical in flesh-to-flesh transforms. The Transmorph apparatus replaced Steel's skeleton with duranium and neutronium. Then it started on the flesh that would cover it.

His hands and feet grew as large, strong tendons and muscles formed up both his arms and legs. Bare muscle stood in bloody-red relief highlighting his new arms. His genitals grew in proportion to his body. His waist and torso thickened and strong muscles replaced his weaker human muscles. Washboard abs formed and his new chest expanded and rounded. He felt his deltoids and shoulders expand to hold his new, thick neck.

As the exterior musculature of his body formed, the apparatus began to replace his internal organs with the required power supply. He felt his human organs shrink only to feel a quantum power source grow and interface with his circulatory system supplying oxygen, food, and strength to his new body. More muscle grew on his body filing it to the desired dimensions. Steel felt a little incongruous with his small human head perched above this huge, new body. The transform moved up his neck and Steel felt his skill expand as his jaw lengthened and new teeth formed. He felt the back of his head grow and elongate pulling his eyes backwards. Bony plates formed on his face to shield his eyes. New skin began to form, it felt thick and tough as it attached itself to his musculature. Scales, spikes, fins and bumps accented his new, lizard-like body and its huge head. It took long for the light-brown skin to form and he stood in the quantum beam waiting patiently. The energy in the chamber changed as it finished its work and turned off. The scales on his new body shimmered and glistened under the lights. The doors of the chamber opened and a huge lizard-like creature stepped out of the chamber smiled at his brother, the robot, and Oolong, his boss.

"Took long," robot Nick intoned.

"You look magnificent. This is your best transform yet," Oolong said in false tones. All he really worried about was the money or mating with their human forms. He handed Steel a large leather jock strap and Steel pulled it onto his reptilian body. This was the minimum of clothing required on Layover Station.

"Feels-ssssssssss good," Steel hissed. His reptilian voice surprised him. He raised a huge, webbed, and clawed hand up to his metallic brother and gave a thumbs-up sign.

"Lets-ssss go meet our clients-ssssss," Steel said as he keyed a safety code into the Transmorph Apparatus so they could both return to human form in a week.

The Client

Oolong, Nick and Steel went to a private airlock. Steel's client was just docking his spaceship and Steel was going to float his new lizard body out to the spaceship. He picked up a small gas jet to propel his way through space.

"Are you sure of this? I don't want you to float away," Oolong said.

"Yes-sssssss, I'm as sssssssss-sure as the sssss-snark master of Stephanides Settlement on Sirius Septimus," Steel hissed in reassuring tones.

"See you in a week," Oolong replied.

"Just remember not to hold your breath, ha, ha," The speaker on Nick's body announced as Steel squeezed his new bulk into the airlock. Oolong closed the door and decompressed the airlock. Steel floated outside into the vacuum of space. His skin felt a little cold, but his built in power supply kept him warm and oxygenated. He waved at Nick and Oolong as they watched through a port and then fired the jet and floated towards the main viewing port on a large space yacht moored nearby.

He smacked the window with a resounding thud. In fact, he smacked into the portal of the spaceship so hard it left him a little dazed. Another graceful one-point landing, he thought. Spotlights on the outside of the ship glowed and the internal viewing screen opened wide. A tall, well-built man with distinguished gray hair dressed in bib overalls stared out at him. Steel lifted his middle finger of his right hand in the universal symbol for sex. Steel knocked at the portal and grabbed his crotch with a large, webbed hand and waved his cock at the ship. The man pointed to the side of the ship. Steel made his way to an airlock and went inside the ship.

"Who are you? Where did you come from?" the pilot of the ship asked as the giant creature extracted itself from the airlock.

"I am Sar-kott of the Ophiuchi cluster and your worst nightmare. Fall on your knees and worship my manhood, puny human," Steel ordered as he reached out and ripped the overalls off the pilot. The pilot was tall and well built -- a retired military man who liked to visit odd places and do odd things. Steel grabbed his shoulders; they felt thick and solid. He pushed the man to his knees and smacked his scaly cock against the man's face.

"Suck my filthy cock you pathetic piece of human trash," he demanded. The pilot peeled the foreskin back and licked the head of the cock. Waves of pleasure swept through Steel's reptilian body. The pilot gobbled the cock and sucked its length into his throat. Steel face-fucked him until he was blue and then pulled out and let him breathe. He kept this treatment up until he blew a load down the pilot's throat. The pilot tried to swallow all his cum, but most of it dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin. Steel licked it off his face with his tongue. When he finished, he yanked the pilot off his feet and carried him back to the control room.

"Tell me your name, human," Steel play-acted the pilot's fantasy of being kidnapped by the alien.

"I'm Russell Germanicus McGonagal, Rusty to my friends. I didn't expect you would be this good. I never expected you to float through space. There's a lounge down that corridor where we can carry-on in comfort." He obviously assumed that Steel was his fantasy. The creature grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground with ease.

"From now on, you have no name, I own you sssssss-slave. Prepare to be impaled on my cock," Steel grabbed the man and dragged him to a bed chamber. As he threw the pilot onto the bed, Steel tripped and fell next to him. Steel tried to hide his clumsiness and rolled so the head of his cock rested against the man's ass. He rocked the head against the tender opening and slowly spread the man's sphincter wider and pushed inside. Steel knew he could be as rough as he wanted and his cock would not harm the man. This was one of the benefits of the quantum transformation. He plowed Rusty' ass for nearly an hour before he let himself orgasm. His cum oozed out of Rusty' ass and drooled down his legs. Steel licked the excess using the 24-inch tongue that Nick programmed into the transform. The dirty drool from Rusty' ass reminded him of chocolate candy. Nick must have reprogrammed his new taste buds to enjoy rimming. Steel let his tongue venture deep into Rusty' bowels and forced a second and third orgasm out of him by manipulating his prostate. When he finished, Rusty lay wasted and exhausted at his feet. Steel stuck his big feet at the man's face.

"Ssssss-suck my toes-ssssss you worm," Steel ordered.

"Not until you get a pedicure," Rusty said staring at the talons on each toe. Steel looked at them and blushed. Rusty laughed and spoke:

"They told me Living Fantasy was the best, but I never thought that this was possible," Rusty said as he hugged Steel's webbed feet and began massaging and licking them.

"What is-sssss Living Fantasy, slave? Quit babbling, you fool," Steel kicked Rusty' head with his big, webbed foot. Rusty looked at Steel in disbelief.

"Aren't you my living fantasy?" Rusty said as he licked between the toes of Steel's foot. His tongue was hot and sexy. Steel knew the sensations would drive him to an orgasm.

"I, Sar-kott, own you, your ship, your body, and your soul. You are now my sex slave, weak human. You live to serve my desires, if you do well and give me pleasure; you'll live a long life. Keep licking my toes or I'll whip the skin off your naked body and feed you to the vermin of this space station," Steel enjoyed playing the master. It was part of Rusty's fantasy, but he didn't want Rusty to know it wasn't real until about day five of his seven days. Rusty hunkered down to licking alien feet uncertain of the truth and partially believing that "Sar-kott of the Ophiuchi cluster" might have actually enslaved him.

Prince Charming

Nick and Oolong watched as Steel floated to the spaceship and then climbed inside. Assured that he was safe, they traveled to the docking ring for Nick to begin his assignment. A luxury cabin cruiser sat at the first gate. It belonged to the last of Earth's royal family. His client was the 24-year-old crown prince, Dao Wu Wei.

"The way-of-the-way greets you," Dao Wu Wei said officiously to Oolong and Nick as they reached his airlock. Oolong bowed obsequiously.

"Layover Station is proud to serve you. May I present the LF-Mark One, our warrior robot, a birthday gift, for you."

Dao Wu Wei indicated that the robot should enter the airlock. He was tall and lanky, handsomely built. He had dyed blond hair, several dragon tattoos, and gold piercings. Nick used his built in sensors to see through Wu Wei's clothing and scan his body. He discovered nipple rings and a Prince Albert piercing. Wu Wei's cock was large, thick, and uncut. Nick scanned his ass and found a nice, bubble butt. This kid was built for pleasure. Inside the spaceship was pure luxury; well lit, bright colors, fine materials, padding on the walls, and a master bedroom fitted with silks and antique furniture. A table was set with a warmer holding veal saltimbanco, a very rare and extremely expensive meal. Even in his metal body, Nick drooled at the thought of the dish. Wu Wei stepped out of his clothing and turned to the robot; his cock hard and erect.

"Ravish me, robot, use me for your sexual pleasure," he said and Nick obliged. He used a suction tool to grip Wu Wei's nipple and started to suck and twist it as he dragged him up onto his treadle platform. He opened the compartment and extended his mechanical cock. Slowly he penetrated Wu Wei's willing ass and began to fuck him. He kept the suction on Wu Wei's nipple and it only took a few minutes to drive the boy to orgasm. Nick used a laser tool on his other robotic arm to burn the Chinese symbol for chaos into his chest at the moment of orgasm. Wu Wei whimpered softly at the pain and pleasure. His body, lithe and perfect, gleamed with sweat. Nick's robotic sensors simulated an electronic orgasm within his metal frame.

"Crouch down on your knees and let me feel your metal body. I want to make love to your metal surface. I want to feel your electronics. I want to worship your power," Wu Wei gasped as he ran his hands over the exterior of the robot. Nick obliged and bent his knee joint, lowering the bulk of his metal body into a large lump. The boy lay his body on the robot and began to hump it. They played like this well into the evening.


Late that night alarms started going off all over the Layover Station and on the ships docked there. A party of Waverunners, the new version of pirates and thieves, docked and started rampaging through Layover Station. They overpowered the station's security squad in less than an hour. The Waverunners looted the casino and banks first, and then started on the smaller businesses, then they would go to the inhabitants and the ships dock alongside. After they looted, they destroyed what they couldn't take.

The alarms woke Steel. His large jaw was resting on Rusty's head and drooling all over him. Exhausted from the sex, Rusty just slept against Steel's body just like a child sleeps on a parent. Steel enjoyed the feeling, but the alarms indicated emergency. He shook Rusty awake. Startled, Rusty immediately activated the comm systems and with Steel's help hacked into the station's security apparatus and video links. They quickly discovered what was happening.

"Waverunners, the scum of the galaxy, I've sent a distress signal to the Military but they're hours away. We need help, shit, the Station needs help. There's too many Waverunners. They'll rob everyone at the station and then loot it," Rusty said as he shook his head.

"Can you adjus-ssst frequencies-sss to get Mil-87B?" Steel asked trying to control his hissing. He retrieved his jock strap and pulled . It felt more comfortable than letting his cock and balls flop.

"Only the military can access that frequency? Who are you calling?" Rusty looked at Steel suspiciously.

"Living Fantas-sss-y had two clients-sss today. You got Sssss-sar-kott of the Ophiuchi cluster and sss-someone else got my brother as a robotic soldier. I think I can contact him on that frequency. We might be able to defend ourselves against the Waverunners," Steel paused to lick his lips with a forked tongue. The radio crackled to life:

"Sssss-steel to Nick, Sssssss-steel to Nick, activate all comm ssss-systems-sss and talk to me," Steel said into the microphone.

"Took me a few seconds to recognize who was calling me. Nice of you to program radio communications, brother," Nick paused and then continued: "You're hissing badly. What's the reason for breaking ID during an assignment," his metallic voice actually sounded worried.

"Waverunners-sss, Can't you hear the alarms-sss?" Steel asked. While they waited for an answer, Steel and Rusty hacked into the Stations video surveillance systems. The situation was getting worse. They counted at least four dozen Waverunners raping and looting. Steel scanned the Living Fantasy. It was still intact.

"Nick to Steel, Sorry for the delay, we're now aware of the happenings on the station. Sounds bad, very bad, what you want to do?" Nick crackled over the speaker.

"Listen carefully, access file Bravo Foxtrot, Delta, Seven, Two, Four, Priority Ajax…" Steel said with almost no hissing sound in his voice, then he waited. Rusty stared at him in disbelief. It took a minute for his brother to answer on the radio:

"WOW! What is all this stuff?" Nick asked. He sounded overwhelmed by the amount of information floating around his processors. A heavy vibration shook the entire Layover Station and every ship docked to it.

"They're blowing ships off the loading dock," Rusty yelled as he closed airlocks and prepared to release the umbilical docking ring.

"Warn your client, they're blowing the docking ports-sss," Steel said as a second vibration rattled through the ship.

"Closing airlocks now. What is all this weaponry I now control? What did you do?" Nick replied.

"That's your weapons-sss programming. I hid it from you so you could concentrate on sss-sex. Now, we need to get back to Oolong and the Trans-ssss-morph," Steel said into the radio. He waited a very long, very silent minute for his brother to answer.

"OK! I'll contact Oolong on another channel and get him to protect all the data discs. We're going to have to protect the Transmorph Chamber." Nick radioed. Steel acknowledged Nick.

"One more thing, brother, and Crown Prince Dao Wu Wei is bringing six heavily-armed security guards. They want to join the fun," Nick radioed.

"Sss-sounds like a plan to me," Steel answered. He turned towards Rusty and discovered the older man half dressed in a space suit.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Steel asked.

"Tell me, Sar-kott of the Ophiuchi cluster, do you and your brother have any military experience? I mean, you're pretty good at sex and all that, but do you know anything about tactics?" Rusty stepped into his boots and sealed them to the torso of his suit.

"Forget the Sar-kott shit. My name is Steel. And look Rusty, If you looked like this, would you need any weapons?" Steel said flexing his gigantic frame and roaring like a wild beast.

"No, the size of your cock is enough to send people screaming in terror," Rusty said patting Steel's pouch: "but I have a nice gun has a capacity of ten-thousand, lethal energy pulses." Rusty went over to a cabinet and opened it to reveal a small arsenal. He picked up two sizable energy pistols and handed one to Steel. Rusty strapped on a pair of holsters. They made their way towards the airlock as Steel shoved his gun to his jock strap.

"Ye-Haw! Buckaroo! Just what the well-dressed, eight-foot tall, cowboy lizard wears on Saturday night!" Steel said and broke up laughing.

"Your sheer size and claws are frightening enough. You'll have the advantage of surprise… How do you breathe in space? Your entrance from outside the ship was great, but I haven't figured out how you did it," Rusty lifted his oxygen supply onto his back.

"I don't need to breathe. I'm being ssss-sustained by a quantum power plant. I didn't want to eat raw meat in front of you…That's not sexy, not sexy at all," Steel said. It was odd to discuss business anyone other than Nick or Oolong.

"And you don't swell up in a vacuum?" Rusty asked as he started to fill the airlock so they could open it.

"My sss-skin is impervious-sss to vacuum. It's-sss a composite," Steel answered. Rusty put one hand around Steel's large biceps and almost too fast for Steel to see tried to plunge a dagger into his stomach. The blade bent and broke against his skin. Impressed by the toughness, Rusty wondered just how tough his skin was:

"Let's try an energy beam and see what happens," Rusty fired his pistol at point blank range. The blast dissipated against Steel's skin without damaging it. His eyes lit up in amazement as he fired a second time.

"The military will freak when they get here. No one, I repeat, no one at all is supposed to have access to that composite. That's how secret it is. The thought of two, gay Transmorph hustlers using it for sexual pleasures is going to create such heartburn for the military," Rusty had an evil smile on his face:

"I'm not even going to ask how you got it." The airlock door opened and they got inside. Rusty sealed his helmet and cycled the airlock. They floated outside the spaceship and propelled themselves towards the nearest airlock. Steel punched the security codes and waited for the airlock to cycle when a bright light filled the sky from the far end of Layover Station. Steel turned and stared as the remnants of the explosion slowly spread outward from the explosion. Rusty pulled him into the airlock and sealed it. Air started to fill the chamber.

"What blew up?" Rusty asked as the air filled the lock.

"The Transmorph facility, my brother was supposed to be there. I'll kill the fucking bastards," Steel's voice squeaked angrily in the thin air. He raged at the door, scratching the metal with his claws in a futile attempt to push it open before the airlock released it.

When it opened, a half dozen Waverunners pointed weapons through the small door. Steel pushed Rusty behind him and launched his bulk out on top of the Waverunners. Energy beams glanced off his body as he rolled once and reared up to his full height, roaring as loud as he could. More energy beams hit his body. He only felt a mild tingle. One Waverunner fainted as the giant lizard-man approached him and another ran in terror. Steel grabbed the nearest Waverunner and nearly ripped his arms from his torso. Rusty stepped out of the airlock and attacked another Waverunner with a knife. Steel dashed doen the corridor. Energy bursts flowed off his body like water. He grabbed the two nearest Waverunners and smashed their heads together. Their skulls crush from the force of the impact. Pinning them against the walls, he ripped his claws down their bodies through clothes, skin, and muscle. Blood gushed everywhere. Behind him, Rusty fired at the other Waverunners with his energy pistol, stunning two of them. Steel slashed at their bodies. Blood and guts flew again as his talons and claws ripped into their bodies. One Waverunner turned and ran while the other tripped over body parts. He tried to crawl away. Steel bent over him and slashed through the man's back pulling bones out of his spinal column. Bone, blood, flesh, and clothing splattered against the walls of the corridor. Sated, he turned towards Rusty, blood dripping from his hands and torso.

"This way," he screamed.

They encountered another group of Waverunners three corridors away from the entrance of the Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill. Rusty wrestled with one of them. Three others pointed energy pistols at the giant, lizard-man and fired. The energy blasts just dissipated and the three Waverunners drew knives and tried to bring him down. Steel laughed viciously as he grabbed the nearest Waverunner. He raked his claws down the man's face and ripped the skin off it. The man's scream bubbled through his bloody throat as he fell to the floor holding his face. Steel kicked out at the second Waverunner and ripped half his stomach out with the talons on his foot. The man fell to the floor trying to push his guts back into his body. The third Waverunner grabbed at Steel's crotch and yanked his testicles savagely. Steel doubled over in pain. Almost instinctively, he snapped at the man, his jaws engulfed the man's shoulder. One bite ripped through his shoulder and the second freed an arm from his body. Hot blood drooled from Steel's mouth exciting and arousing him. He felt his cock stiffen as he sank his teeth into the man's chest and neck a second time and ripped his rib body into two pieces. He shook his giant head and let the blood spatter the walls. Another Waverunner fired a rifle at Steel without harming him. Steel launched himself twenty feet and landed on him. The Waverunner screamed as Steel's claws pinned his arms and legs to the floor. Steel used his sharp and ragged teeth to dismember the man, bite by bite, ripping the man's flesh from his body. The man shrieked his death until Steel decapitated him.

Two more Waverunners appeared just in time to see Steel shaking the dismembered head in his jaws like a dog with a rabbit. Steel threw the head and body down and shook the blood off his body. Mercifully, Rusty stunned them with his energy pistol before Steel could reach them. Steel stopped, turned to Rusty, and roared, beast-like in his bloodlust:

"Are there anymore of them? I'm enjoying this," Steel licked the blood and flesh that dripped from his mouth. He released the pouch on his jock strap and let his cock reach its full erect size, stroking it delicately between his bloody claws.

"Next one, I fuck to death," Steel roared and turned towards the next corridor. Rusty just shook his head in disbelief. Steel ran down two more Waverunners in the long corridor leading to the Vanishing Mirror Bar and Grill. He hit them with such force that he broke their legs. Then he set about killing them. As Steel dispatched the second Waverunner with short brutal strokes, two white-clad, Imperial Guards jumped into the far end of the corridor with a robot rolling after them. They pointed their guns at Rusty and Steel yelling for them to freeze.

"Stop! Stop! That's my brother, don't shoot him," a loud speaker on the robot yelled at the two guards. Startled by the blood-splattered monster, they quickly fell behind the robot. Steel turned and roared at them. It took a few long seconds for him to recognize the robot form of Nick, his brother.

"I thought you died in that explos-sssss-sion," Steel's said. Claws and talons retracted as his entire demeanor calmed. The Imperial guards lowered their guns and eyeballed the gore-strewn scene in the corridor. One of them puked in the nearest waste receptacle at the savage sight.

"I wasn't there, half the Waverunners were though and they died in that blast. We're chasing them down and doing cleanup now," Nick said.

"How about the data discs-sss of our human bodies-ssss, were they destroyed?" Steel hissed and slobbered badly.

"Oolong has our data discs. He retrieved them at the first sign that Waverunners were boarding the station. We went there immediately after you called and I found the Waverunners trying to activate the chamber. I got a little too ambitious and fired one of the big guns you gave me. That's how the chamber blew up," Nick would have blushed if he could, but metal can't show embarrassment.

"Good man, Oolong. I'll take care of the rest of the Waverunners, where are they?" Steel asked and he flexed his gargantuan muscles and roared; red blood glistened on his scaly green skin, his cock dribbled precum down its length, and Steel pumped his hips obscenely.

"Hey dude, ya wanna take a cold shower, huh? My guards will find the remaining Waverunners." Steel looked at the skinny kid who dared to order him around. The Crown Prince, Wei Wu pointed to Steel's slick cock:

"I never thought I'd see pure, unadulterated bloodlust, but there it is. Look at yourself Dude; blood and gore dripping from your body, strips of flesh hanging from your mouth and precum dripping off your cock."

"Who the hell are you?" Steel growled. Droplets of spit and half-eaten flesh splattered the hallway as he yelled. The squeamish Imperial Guard started to dry heave again at the sight. The other Imperial Guard yanked him away from the gore. They all said nothing for a minute as Steel got his rage under control.

"I guess I got a little out of control," Steel said and started to lick himself clean with his two-foot long tongue. Blood and saliva ran off his chest. He bent over and ran his tongue around his cock. It felt so good that he didn't want to stop. When he realized that everyone was watching him, he shuffled nervously and stopped. Rusty found a towel and began to wipe the blood and gore from Steel's body.

Nick introduced Wu Wei to Rusty.

"Where will we find a Transmorph chamber to return to normal?" Steel asked.

"I summoned the flagship of my military fleet. It has a Transmorph apparatus on board. I'll have them replace the one you destroyed," he paused and studied the two brothers and their inhuman bodies, adding: "I hope you don't mind the military setting. I'd am very interested in your designs," Wei Wu looked so innocent and trustworthy. At his signal, the Imperial Guards followed him out of the corridor towards the control room. When he was out of sight, Nick was the first to speak.

"I don't trust him. He's a little too slick." Nick's voice was gaining emotion as he worked through the computer programs that produced it.

The Escape

"You two better not trust him," Rusty said as he finished toweling the blood off Steel's body. Both of them stared at Rusty.

"Jesus H. Christ, guys, just what do you guys think is going to happen next? You're supposed to be sexual fantasies, but you're actually two of the most sophisticated killing machines in existence. The military will want to know how you found out about the materials. Then they'll use your data discs to reproduce your Transmorph programs. They might let you return to your human bodies, but they'll never let you walk free again." He grabbed both of Steel's shoulders and shook him. Steel put a large hand on the back of Rusty' head and hugged him against his body.

"We're sss-screwed. Like rodentia on a leaking barge, we're screwed," Steel hissed softly. Nick buzzed and beeped his agreement.

"Damn, dude, you were doing so well as Sar-kott of the Ophiuchi cluster. You didn't have to become a bloody maniac and rip these guys to shreds. Somewhere all that action is on video and by now, Dao Wei-Wu's generals are having wet dreams imagining what an army of shock troops just like you could do," Rusty scolded. Steel and Nick just shuffled like guilty little boys.

"Where's Oolong? Can you locate Oolong and get him here?" Steel broke the silence,. The lights on Nick robotic body blinked and flashed. "Just think of whole battalions of soldiers turned into killer creatures and robots just like you. You don't need food, water, or air. You're nearly indestructible and when you want to kill, you're savage, stone killers. I've never seen anything like it in all my years in the military." The Lizard-man and Robot stared at each other as Rusty just shook his head. They all were silent until Oolong showed up. He wore a space suit and carried a small computer storage case.

"My poor shop, blown away like dust ... At least I saved all of your data discs… Were either of you hurt in the attack?" Oolong asked as he surveyed the gore and carnage. Without waiting for an answer, he added: "I guess you weren't hurt, but these brigands and thieves got what they deserved."

Before anyone had a chance to speak, strange voices broadcast out of Nick's speaker:

"Battleship Alpha Seven requesting docking clearance… "Clearance granted at Layover Station dock one… Round up all personnel… Search for Transmorph data discs … Do not engage giant, lizard-like alien… Do not engage Mark Eight robot… " Nick stopped the transmissions.

"Looks like we're celebrities," Nick said in his flat robot voice.

"We had best flee. The marines are coming and I don't think they'll be friendly," Oolong said.

"No shit Sherlock," Steel immediately regretted his smart-assed comment. Oolong shrugged it off.

"Of course, no shit, Holmes! I have a plan. I always have a plan. Mister Russell G. McGonagal, can we use your ship? … Please sir, I can spoof the station's ID codes, get us out of here and hide our destination from the military," Oolong inquired.

"Sure we can use my ship but it can't outrun a military ship in real space. It's just not fast enough," Rusty answered. Oolong lifted his helmet, set it on his head and adjusted the fastenings.

"Nonsense, we can use the inter-dimensional drive to get away from here. I know how to fool the tracking devices and I know a good place where we can hide," Oolong answered.

"How?" Steel asked.

"Two corridors down that way is a small cargo bay I used to use for smuggling. It is not attached to the station's sensor net. We can leave through it without notice. I think we should avoid any contact with the others and space-walk. This device will open the main cargo-lock on your ship," Oolong said as he took a small electronic device from his pocket and attached it to Nick's metal body. He led the group down the corridor and into the bay, sealing the doors behind them. Rusty and Oolong sealed themselves in their spacesuits.

The airlock cycled quickly. Two men, a robot and a lizard floated the short distance to Rusty's spaceship and entered through the cargo hold. Once inside, Oolong started to program the ship's computers with the spoofing routine. Already detached from Layover Station, they moved away from the space station just five short minutes before the military fighters appeared. Oolong made the ship appear powerless as he programmed the real destination codes for inter-dimensional drive. The fighter pilots zipped around the station to prevent any spaceship from leaving.

"Cruiser McGonagal, do you need assistance? You are drifting. If you cannot get under control, we will attach grapples," blurted a voice from the radio. Oolong launched into a monologue as the ship built up the energy necessary for inter-dimensional travel.

"Oh, kind sir, we are most certainly adrift, but I think I can have maneuvering back in a few minutes, those Waverunners were bad men, very bad men and they rampaged everywhere, I think they wanted all our gold and jewels and valuables, but of course, we didn't have anything like they found at the station, and once they took all the valuables, they started to blow the docking rings, first one, then another, and when they tried to board my poor and humble spaceship, I sealed my hatches like a good virgin crosses her leg for the dignity of my family, and I must say that me and my family, we never let strangers violate us, my poor little ship is consecrated as a virgin, yes a virgin for the very first time, and the bastards disabled my inter-dimensional drive when they blew the tether, oh those scoundrels, those infidels, those hooligans, such that they are, I hope you have prevented their escape, they had a ship hiding on the far side of the station, near where that chamber blew up, and then we heard distress calls, it was awful, even your Crown Prince was involved, You should save him first, I am safe in this ship and we won't drift too far from the station."

Oolong paused for a breath as he punched the coordinates for one-dimensional flight. He held his hand up signaling five seconds. The voice from the patrol ships boomed over the speakers:

"Cruiser McGonagal, we show a buildup to inter-dimensional event. Shut down your engines. Repeat, shut down…"
Oolong triggered the one-dimensional drive before the voice could finish.

The cabin shimmered as if a heat wave passed through it and the spaceship jumped through the many dimensions of quantum space and returned to normal space 500 light years due north of Layover Station in a cloud of dark matter. The four passengers gasped and gagged. The ship's inter-dimensional drive pulsed several more times throwing off false trails in case the fighter patrol tried to follow them. Again, Oolong was unperturbed by the drive.

"This is a nice spaceship Mister Tiberius Russell McGonagal. Did you know that it has a military homing beacon and recorder in it?" Oolong said as his fingers tapped the keypads.

"No! Not possible, I scanned this ship myself," Rusty exclaimed.

"AHA! Mistake number one, it was software based and not hardware just so scanning wouldn't find it. I'm going to eject the component and erase the program," Oolong showed Rusty how he did it and then tapped the destruct sequence. A small circuit board smoked as the microchips in it melted. Oolong examined the rest of the ship for bugs.

Nick tapped into the consoles and began to learn about the ship's systems and navigation. Oolong quickly realized what Nick was doing and cut the comm line. Nick snapped to attention.

"Oolong… That hurt! Why did you cut me off that way," Nick exclaimed and searched for an open comm port.

"Trust me, dear friend, trust me... I'll explain in a moment," Oolong leaned over to Nick and pushed a button on the small electronic device he placed on Nick before the series of inter-dimensional jumps. Nick felt a jolt go through his body as the device destroyed a circuit. It wasn't painful, but it did register as a loss.

"You had a tracking device in your robotic body. Before we jumped through quantum space, I nullified it," Oolong said as he entered new coordinates into the inter-dimensional drive. He pushed the initiation sequence and started to count down.

"It's jump time," Rusty said bracing himself on a bulkhead. The ship started jumping and didn't seem to want to stop. After every jump, it paused and leaped a few light years, paused again and jumped in odd direction several times. Then it did another major jump. Each time it jumped any distance, it stopped and pulsed the drive to throw off false direction signals. Oolong didn't want to be followed. When the ship finished, Steel other hand was trying to puke his non-existent guts out.

"Holy fucking horse-sss-shit, that was rough," Steel moaned.

"Sorry, I should have warned you about the queasiness. It seems to affect humans more than any others,," Oolong said turning beet red.

"Where are we?" Rusty asked as he tried to survey the instruments between spasms. They could see a blue-green, earth-class planet beneath them. They orbited next to a space station.

"We are at Smuggler's Planet, hidden deep inside a dark matter nebula in the Greater Magellenic Cloud. This is where I bought the first Transmorph apparatus. They are rebels against Imperial rule and my partners in business," he paused as he twitched and fiddled the controls. The revelation cured Rusty and Steel's space sickness in a hurry.

"Come, let us go out, and meet my friends," Oolong said as the ship docked.

Smuggler's Planet

At first, the smugglers were suspicious, but within two days, they verified the stories of the four men and welcomed them with open arms. It turned out that Rusty was a deep-cover double agent and worked for the rebels on Smuggler's planet. He was in the right place at the right time, so to speak. Oolong, Nick, and Steel became national assets and the authorities passed the word that the trio could get anything they wanted or desired.

Oolong wanted to visit his Sister who lived on the far side of the planet and both Nick and Steel agreed to stal transformed until Oolong returned. This made the authorities quite happy because they wanted to study the robot and giant beast. The smugglers decided to keep Oolong away for as long as possible.

Nick the Robot made quick friends with the military designers in charge of computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and automated machinery. When the designers discovered how easily Nick could interface with any computer, they established him as a node on the planetary network and began to link every computer on the planet. He acquired vast amounts of knowledge from them. The designers began to suck every bit of design data they could from Nick, draining his databanks of every bit of information they could extract. Nick the Robot found that data exchange was more exciting than human sexual activities. He quickly revamped all his redundant and extra memory systems so that they could store and process the information. Nick kept the weapons systems as protection and he augmented them with remote sensors. The designers recorded and analyzed every detail of what Nick did. As he ran out of storage space in his robot body, Nick opened wireless connections to the planet's mainframes and began to use them as auxiliaries. He enjoyed all the knowledge he gained and as the days passed, without giving much thought to the danger involved, he integrated the human portion of his mind into his computerized robotic memory.

Steel or "Dino-boy," as his handlers called him, was mostly flesh and blood and had desires commensurate with his size. The power cell that supplied energy for him to live required recharging and the engineers quickly rigged an energy induction device that strapped to Steel's back while he rested or slept to maintain full power. They built a habitat for Steel in just under 48 hours. It fit his size and shape. Attached to his habitat, they added living space for a half dozen young, strong marines assigned to guard Steel and learn his habits. It took a few days to find six marines who enjoyed life with "Dino-boy" and commit to staying with him 24/7. The transformation gave Steel a hyperactive libido both psychologically and physically. Steel's eight and a half foot height and strength made it impossible to escape his sexual advances. Staying with Dino-boy meant satisfying his appetite for humpy, naked, and well-endowed men.

The medical scanners recorded every move Steel made and started to analyze just how his giant body worked. After a few days, the doctors wanted to record Steel's reactions and defense mechanisms. So they started having other soldiers attack Steel in mock combat. Invariably, the attackers ended up with broken arms and legs, cracked ribs, and bruised egos. They tried multiple attackers, but the results were the same. The Dino-boy was so strong he could defeat nearly any number of attackers. When Steel repulsed a dozen marines with electric stun guns, chains, and various other weapons, the handlers decided to stop this phase of the testing. The men living with Steel realized that although he never hurt them, he enjoyed being violent and beating up his attackers; the harsher the attacks, the greater the blood lust that seemed to fill Steel with extra strength.

Steel didn't tell the handlers that they couldn't puncture his skin. Phase Two pf the testing introduced Steel to the wild animals of the planet's surface and let him exhaust his bloodlust against them. First he fought against several beasts resembling giant Sabertooth tigers. They recorded his reactions and reflexes as he eventually ripped the animals apart with his claws and talons. Steel developed a taste for splattering the blood of the animals on the walls and anyone around him. His six marine companions enjoyed it and the handlers were horrified. Steel could approach the most vicious predator and yet not be hurt in any way. When a pair of particularly vicious crocodile-type beasts charged one of the younger marines guarding Steel, he yanked it away and then proceeded to rip it and its partners limb from limb, scattering the bloody pieces around the arena in a display of strength. The marine, Terry Cameron, never left Steel's side after that. Steel treated him like a little lost dog and even kept him close at night.

The handlers decided to try Phase Three approach to test Steel's killing skills. They asked for volunteers from known psychopathic criminals in the state-run prisons. Two of these men volunteered to assault Steel to see what turned on his ferocious temper. The first prisoner tried the direct approach and lunged at Steel with several weapons. Steel danced and parried with him until the prisoner was near the point of collapse. Then he ripped the man's hands off his arms leaving bloody stubs. The man's screams echoed through the habitat. Finally, Steel slashed the prisoner's guts out and threw bits of bleeding flesh everywhere. The prisoner died staring at his empty torso. Afterwards, Steel refused anymore testing for a few days. Even Dino-boy had limits to his savagery.

The handler waited a few days and rtied Phase Four. They sent the second psychopathic prisoner to attack him. This fellow took a different approach and tried to play up to Steel's known lust for attractive men. Naked, the prisoner managed to get a metal ring fastened around Steel's testicles and then he tried to rip them from Steel's body. Steel bellowed in pain as the man twisted and yanked his tender orbs around. As Steel rolled in pain the prisoner climbed a railing and jumped on Steel's balls doubling him over in pain and agony. When the prisoner mounted the railing a second time with the intent of jumping on Steel's head and neck, Steel reached up and caught him with one clawed hand and let his talons sink into the man's body.

That didn't stop the prisoner, though, he raked a set of brass knuckles he had over Steel's eyes. That's when Steel lost it completely. He grabbed the prisoner and impaled his bleeding body on his giant cock. Normally, Steel and Nick made it impossible for a Transmorph to hurt a human. After all, these people were paying for sex. However, the instinct for self preservation overrode these constraints and let Steel impaled the prisoner. His green, scaly cock poked out the prisoner's mouth. Then Steel used the body to jerk himself off letting his orgasm spew out through the prisoner's mouth and down his mangled torso. The Marines cheered Dino-boy on, but the handlers just stared in horror at the spectacle. Steel took a few hours to settle down. After that, not only did Steel refuse any more combat, the authorities on Smuggler's Planet placed a moratorium on any and all live testing.

Four months passed before the authorities on Smuggler's planet let Oolong return to see Steel and Nick. Even then, with all the questions about how to use their Transmorph chamber, the scientists were able to delay their return to human form for several additional weeks.

Oolong, Nick and Steel devised the transformations that would return them to human form. It wasn't easy because Oolong didn't know where the original scans of Nick and Steel were stored on the data discs. The boys were very careful to preserve their original scans so they could return to their old human bodies. Complicating the reversal was the long period between their initial transform into robot and lizard-man and the numerous enhancements that Nick and Steel built into their original human bodies over the past three years. In the end, a complete return to being human wasn't possible.

Steel and Nick worked with Oolong to recreate their human bodies. In the process, they made themselves more attractive, muscular, and sexually desirable. In addition, they made several physical modifications in their bodies that let them fuck and suck all night long. They modeled these human bodies on designs they referred to as the "well-hung and humpy boys-next-door." They modified Nick's human body to add data capacity and interfaces to prevent the suicidal depression that typically accompanied transforming from robot to human. Steel's transform had to calm his bloodlust and rebuild the psychic restraints to moderate his aggressiveness. Oolong insisted that they make their skeletons from neutronium, increase their muscular strength, and make their skin out of the indestructible composite that served so well as Steel's lizard skin. They hid this they from the technicians. After a week of design work, they had designs and they went to the Transmorph Apparatus.

Return to Normal

"Who's first?" Oolong asked.

"Me, metal before flesh," Nick said as he unlocked the chamber of the Transmorph apparatus and rolled his robotic body into it.

Oolong keyed the start sequence and watched as the scan recorded everything about Nick's current state. It then began to return his body to flesh and blood. His human head and shoulders appeared first as the transform moved down his arms and into his chest. The power supply disappeared and Nick's heart, lungs, and other internal organs grew into place. The treadles that formed from his feet changed back and the transform moved up his legs to meet his now human torso. It took a few extra seconds to separate his legs and recreate his flexible spine because of the long time since fusion. Nick's torso was going to be thicker and a little larger than it was before. Where Nick used to be 165 pounds and five foot eight inches, he now was six foot two and just over 200 pounds. Oolong had suggested that they hide computer memory modules in his chest. They sized these to hold as much information as possible and added an interface with the computer system. They hoped that Nick would have sufficient information capacity to prevent severe depressions. The reason for this was that no one had succeeded in maintaining humans in metallic form for any extended period of time, ultimately, they lost their personalities in the machines and suffered from severe depression when returned to human form. After a few minutes, Nick's new body was finished, the Transmorph chamber shut down, and Nick walked out of the chamber with a new twenty-one year old body that was fit, muscular, attractive, sexually potent, and eminently desirable.

"It feels good to breathe again," Nick said. Internally he listened to a thousand data channels from the computers. He rubbed his hands all over his body and fondled his human cock. It's longer and thicker, he thought. He looked at his body with two eyes for the first time in months. He waited while the Transmorph chamber scanned his new body. Everything checked out OK.

"How do you feel? Any disorientation? Any feeling of loss?" Oolong asked and Nick indicated no problems.

"You're next!" he said pointing at Steel's huge body.

Steel walked into the chamber and waited for it to begin.

The initial scans recorded Steel's current state as the giant lizard-man. The machine then proceeded to reduce the bulky body from it's nearly 500 pounds and eight and a half feet to six foot eight inches and 250 pounds. Steel grimaced in pain as his size decreased. The design retained the neutronium skeleton and increased the strength of Steel's human muscles especially his arms and legs. The machined worked slowly and carefully in restoring Steel's human body. Finally, a thinner version of the indestructible polymer replaced the skin on the outside of Steel's body. The Transmorph apparatus took a few seconds to adjust Steel's cock and balls in proportion to his body, but essentially, he was back to human form, a little bigger than before, but his face and general appearance was the same. The last thing the Transmorph apparatus did was to scan and store the parameters of this new body.

Steel walked out of the chamber, a healthy, robust young man, six-foot eight inches and 250 pounds of solid muscle. He rubbed his new human body, and pronounced it good. Like his brother, he was fit, muscular, attractive, sexually potent, and eminently desirable.

Mating on a bet

Oolong let Nick and Steel's elation over returning to human form die down before he spoke:

"Now that you two are back to human form, you have to fulfill your promise to mate with me?" Oolong said in a soft voice.

Both boys stared at Oolong in surprise. Nick stuttered and finally said: "When did we agree to that?"

Oolong took a memory disc from his pocket and inserted it into a holographic-player. On the screen appeared the image of the three of them at Transmorph chamber back on Layover Station. The holographic figures danced a jerky searching motion for a second and then they stabilized at the point where Steel said:

"Look, if we ever get into serious trouble and you save our lives and rescue us, both Nick and I will happily be your mates. You have our word on it." Then both Steel and Nick gave Oolong a hug to seal the deal.

Nick and Steel stood there, speechless. They barely remembered the half-serious words.

"I am only asking that you keep your promise," Oolong said in a quiet and soft voice. Neither Nick nor Steel said anything, so Oolong continued:

"When you first came to Layover Station, I lusted after your young, firm bodies. All the years we worked together, I wanted desperately to have you two. There have been many times both of you teased me and then didn't follow through. This time, I made a recording and truth turned out to be stranger than fiction. I want to collect on your promise," Oolong stood his ground. Both Nick and Steel looked at each other for a moment. Steel spoke first:

"You're absolutely right, Oolong. We promised that and now we're going to live up to our promise. You make the arrangements and we'll join you."

"But it's interspecies mating…" Nick started to say, however Steel interrupted and stopped him.

"No butts about it, Nick. Listen to me, the man saved our sorry asses twice in recent weeks; first, he got us off Layover Station and second he returned us to normal. Not to mention that if he hadn't taken the chance and employed us as high-class hustlers three years ago, we would be eunuchs and toilet slaves in some filthy, fucking brothel by now. As Dad used to say, we have 'La Dolce Vita by the balls' and we shouldn't fuck it up," Steel shook with laughter at the mixed metaphor. He gave one of those brotherly looks of I'm right and you're wrong. Nick's shoulders slumped a little in shame and he shook his head in agreement adding:

"You're right. Make the arrangements and we'll do what you want," Nick said.

"Tomorrow, come to my house," Oolong replied as he loaded the data discs for the Transmorph Chamber into his briefcase. Nick and Steel discussed sex with Oolong late into the evening and halfway through the night.

The next morning, they traveled to Oolong's new house located in the remote, tropical region of Smuggler's Planet Oolong's sister lived nearby with her husband and their neuter. They were the only other Acroids in this solar system and they lived as an Acroid Triangle. She didn't approve of Oolong mating with human males. Nick and Steel showed up at Oolong's house completely ignorant of what was involved.

Acroids were nudists and Oolong answered the door naked. He looked like a well-muscled fireplug, round, solid, and thick with heavily muscled thighs and calves. His hairless body was a pale pinkish-white color, like a fine rose color marble, but paler. A series of light-brown freckles ran up from his crotch, split over each shoulder, and descended down his back and spine. He had both male and female sex organs. At least, it looked like a vaginal slit in his stomach above his meaty cock and balls. Oolong ushered them into a living room decorated with lush greens and browns. Nick and Steel undressed and sat down on an overstuffed sofa. Oolong served cocktails, some purple concoction from Acroid that had them all silly and giggling about their adventures with clients. They talked until dinner and the three of them went to a formal dining room and feasted on a roast beast resembling a cow. Oolong had started a wine cellar and they drank several different wines with various courses. The desert was a special confection that made them horny as hell. The three friends retired to Oolong's bedroom.

Oolong embraced and kissed first Steel and then Nick. It didn't take long for the three of them to get erect. Nick knelt in front of Oolong and started to suck his half-stiff cock by slowly peeling the foreskin back with his tongue to reveal a perfectly round shaft topped with a nearly circular head. It was thicker than most human cocks. Nick sucked the head into his mouth and started to deep throat the long and tasty monster.

Steel knelt behind and buried his face in the middle of Oolong's lusciously plump ass riving his tongue deep into Oolong's willing asshole. Oolong leaned back and rested his butt onto Steel's face letting his tongue massage his tender and eager hole. Oolong grabbed Nick's ears and face-fucked. Nick felt Oolong's cock nearly double in size. He struggled to breathe as the cock increased in length and thickness. Oolong was hot and excited as he drove his tool deep into Nick's throat. He pulled Nick's face against his female opening, rubbing Nick's nose against his clitoris. It didn't take long for Oolong to cum twice, once by blowing a load of hot, white cum into Nick's mouth and the other by reaching a vaginal orgasm from Nick's nose. Hot juices flowed from everywhere as Nick let them dribble down his chin and onto his chest.

Steel pushed Oolong over as he shoved his cock deep into Oolong's well-lubricated and willing butt hole. Nick stood and plunged his cock deep into Oolong's moist vaginal slit letting Oolong's the cock slide under his balls. Nick and Steel fucked Oolong from both ends eventually driving themselves into simultaneous orgasms and collapsing on the bed. Oolong began to lick Nick and Steel clean. The three of them rolled into a bundle, licked, and sucked all night.

The morning came and Oolong lay backwards into Steel's crotch in order to let Steel's cock penetrate his feminine organs while he stuck his cock into Steel's ass. Nick spent the time twisting nipples and licking body parts as Steel and Oolong shook and squirmed their way to an orgasm. Then Nick and Steel traded positions and screwed Oolong again. By midday, the three men were spent and hungry. Oolong ordered brunch and several trays of exotic foods were delivered to the bedroom.

"These foods are considered aphrodisiacs on my world," Oolong said as the three men ate ravenously.

"Really, they have similar foods on earth, but they don't actually work," Nick said between bites of what resembled a luscious red strawberry covered in chocolate. Steel had his fingers in all the sauces tasting the various flavors.

"You should really eat this off my cock. Use me as your serving platter," Steel said as he dipped his half-erect cock into a tasty yellow pudding. Oolong licked and sucked it off Steel's rock-hard and throbbing cock. He breathed heavily as Oolong sucked his cock deep into his throat. In a few minutes, he blew a load into Oolong throat. Oolong smiled at him and held up a dish containing a brilliantly colored red sauce. He stuck two fingers into a dish containing a fiery-red sauce and spread it on Steel's genitals

"This stuff will really light you up," he said. Steel felt a cool, tingling sensation all over his cock and balls. Then it got hotter and hotter rising to a fiery burn. Steel yelled in pleasure.

"Shove it in me and screw me," Oolong gasped as Steel obliged and sank his burning cock into Oolong's vaginal opening. Steel felt powerful muscles grab, pull him inside, massaging and stroking. The touch of Oolong's inner flesh cooled his burning genitals. Steel began to rabbit-fuck Oolong to keep the temperature down. Oolong lay back and let Steel pound away as he reached multiple orgasms during the time Steel pummeled him. He grabbed Nick, pulled his cock over to his mouth, and began to suck madly. Nick obliged and face-fucked Oolong. It took over two hours for the effect of the fiery-red sauce to leave Steel's body. He reached orgasm a dozen times during that time. Oolong experienced a nearly constant high from the screwing. When Steel finished, he lay on the bed in between Oolong and Nick, his heart racing and his cock spent from all the screwing. The three men were drenched in sweat and cum.

"Shit, dude, if I was older that would have killed me. What's in that stuff?" Steel said.

"We use that all the time as a lubricant. I thought you would enjoy it," Oolong said as he shoved an Acroidian chocolate at Steel.

"Eat this, it will help you regain your strength," Oolong said. Steel wolfed several more large pieces of the chocolate. It made him feel warm and sexy.

"What happens if I smeared this red stuff on you?" Nick asked as he ate another bowl of the yellow pudding.

"I would pound away at your ass the way Steel fucked me. I don't know if human anatomy can handle that," Oolong replied. Nick looked at the dish with a scowl, the prospect of begin rabbit-fucked for two hours appealed to him. He shoved a piece of the chocolate into the pudding and ate it. Nick rolled over and presented his ass to Oolong.

"Do you want to go again? I'd like to try the red stuff," Nick said .

"I'd rather you use your tongue on me, that would feel better right now. Just take a big mouthful of the red stuff and start licking," Oolong took the dish and held it towards Nick's lips. Nick glanced at Steel and shrugged.

"You're braver than I am. Once is enough for that stuff for me," Steel laughed between bits of chocolate.

"Nothing to lose," Nick said as he sipped a portion from the dish. The sauce tasted mint-like and cold in his mouth. Without swallowing, he lowered his had onto Oolong's female opening and started to lick, he felt he temperature of the sauce increase until it turn into hot fire in his mouth and tongue. The only relief he got was from Oolongs body. As he tongued and licked, Oolong reached orgasm and the production of fluids cooled Nick's flaming-hot mouth and tongue. Nick had to kept licking and tonguing Oolong until the sensation went away. Steel crouched over Oolong's face and lowered his butt over his hot, long tongue. Oolong rimmed Steel for nearly as long as Nick worked on him. As they all reached a final orgasm, they fell quiet on the bed and slept for a couple hours.

When they woke, all three went to the showers and washed up. While they were gone, servants changed the bedding, removed the dirty dishes, and brought dinner into the room. They ate strange and delicious Acroid food that Oolong kept explaining to them. At the end, they gorged on Acroidian chocolate and retired to a night of fucking and sucking, changing partners frequently. It wasn't until well after midnight that they stopped having sex and slept.

The third morning they awoke to bright sunlight and the smell of fresh-cut flowers. After they showered, a breakfast tray sat in the room and they all ate from it. Oolong drew their attention to what looked like purple olive oil. He said it was another aphrodisiac and that the servants had prepared the bed with special sheets for them to use it. They spread the oil all over each other's bodies and began wrestling, fucking, and sucking for hours. The oil enhanced every sensation and they all had multiple orgasms. It was early afternoon before they stopped. Each of them had been plugged, sucked, buggered, screwed, blewed, and well used. The servants brought lunch trays filled with various meats and breads. The three men ate and rested.

"If I would have known you were this much fun, I would have let you have my body a long time ago," Steel said as he lay his head on Oolong's chest. Nick agreed with his brother.

"I didn't think you were ready for a commitment like this when you were young," Oolong said. Both Steel and Nick shook their heads in agreement as they ate the food.

"It's hard to explain week-long Acroidian mating rituals to humans, especially to young humans. We have four days of sex yet ahead of us." Oolong said.

"Well, just feed me and my cock will stay up for forty more days," Steel laughed and wiped his greasy fingers on his chest. He laughed at his behavior. Oolong poured glasses of pina colada type drinks. Steel smacked his lips as he drank it.

"Oh, as long as you eat our food, it will definitely stay up. That's part of the fun of the week, eating, drinking, mating," Oolong offered a drink to Nick. Steel was pulling another piece of meat apart with his bare hands. It dripped grease on his body. The greasier he got, the hornier he felt.

"So this is your mating ritual; food and sex? I tried to find out information on it, but couldn't," Nick said. Nick was always a little more analytical than Steel.

"Yes, food and sex are synonymous on Acroid. However, we don't enjoy it the way the same way. It's more mechanical and then there's always the neuter." Oolong lay back in the chair and lifted his knees up. His cock and balls pointed out towards Steel. Steel reached out greasy hands and rubbed them over Oolong's cock and balls.

"You're way to serious Nick, give into the pleasure of it all… Now, just shut up and fuck my ass. It's been a long time since I felt you inside me," Steel said as he fell face forward into Oolong's crotch and started sucking at his cock and balls. Nick just sighed and obeyed. He lubed up Steel's ass, and began a long slow fuck. The three men didn't stop using each other's bodies until most of the day was gone and it was nearly dark. That was when they got up, showered, and let the servants change the room again. This dinner was composed of green and leafy vegetables. In the middle of the meal, Steel got horny again. He got down on his hands and knees and pretended to be a dog, licking and sniffing about. Oolong spanked him with a rolled sheaf of paper. Nick just rolled his eyes. Steel crawled over to Nick, put his head on his knee, and pawed his chest. Nick pushed him away. Steel rolled to Oolong and lay at his feet. He started licking Oolong's toes.

"I want fucked again, Oolong. Plow that big cock of yours deep into my ass. I don't care how much it hurts; use the red stuff if you want to. I want that cock of yours inside me all night," Steel grabbed Oolong and kissed him. Oolong smeared both their cocks with pale-green oil and started to shove his cock into Steel's ass while Steel shoved his inside Oolong's vaginal opening. Steel felt Oolong's muscles grab him and hold tight. It was like riding a bucking bronco, but once the ride started and it didn't stop for several hours. At first, Nick watched and then he got in position to rim as his brother and Oolong's assholes. They stayed coupled until past Midnight and then rested for just under an hour.

Steel forced Nick into the same sexual position; his cock in Oolongs vagina and Oolong's cock in his ass. Nick reached an orgasm in only a few minutes and tried to squirm away, but Oolong kept them locked together and made sure they both reached orgasm twice each hour. They stayed coupled the rest of the night and into the next morning.

"Three more days, three more days, I don't know if I can take another three days of this non-stop sex." Nick moaned as they finally uncoupled. Steel shoved a plate of chocolates and puddings at Nick and made him eat all of them. Nick felt the energy return to his body and with that, desire and lust grew in his cock. Then he forced Nick to drink several fruit-filled wonders to replenish him.

"Whiner, wimpy, chicken-shit, just eat the food and fuck your brains out, that's all you got to do," Steel scolded. He rubbed his foot against Oolong's cock.

"I think we should tell Oolong about how stretchable we made our assholes. Don't you?" Steel said to Nick. Nick just looked at Steel with worn out eyes and shrugged his shoulders. Steel bent over and displayed his ass to Nick.

"I'd like to sleep a few hours," Nick said as he took an oily confection from the table and lubricated his brother's asshole. His hand sunk deep into his brother's rectum. He stroked it for a moment and then stuck the other hand in. Steel grunted and moaned about how good it felt. Nick turned his palms outward and pulled on Steel's ass. It opened about five or six inches wide exposing his insides.

"Stick your cock and balls in here," Nick said.

"How'd you do that?" Oolong asked as he stuck both his cock and balls into Steel's gaping asshole. Nick slipped his hands out and Steel's asshole closed tight as a steel trap holding Oolong's cock and balls inside him.

"We made this adjustment so we could service aliens,"

"I didn't realize... Is your DNA still intact?" Oolong sounded anxious.

"Yes, it is. Don't worry about your intended offspring, they be half-Human without enhancements and half-Acroid without enhancement," Nick walked behind Oolong and patted on the shoulder to reassure him. He rested his hands on Oolong's hips and guided them in a series of movements that rotated his cock inside Steel's body. The effect was so astoundingly pleasurable that Oolong's body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. Steel moaned as he reached orgasm and left a puddle of steaming jism on the floor. Nick got down and started to suck on Steel's cock:

"Do it again," he muttered and Oolong repeated the hip motions and reached orgasm a second time. Steel blew a load into Nick's eager mouth and collapsed onto his brother. Oolong lay on Steel's back panting at the strength of the orgasm.

"Again!" ordered Nick and Oolong obliged at least four more times, after that Steel begged them to stop. Nick released Oolong's cock and balls from Steel's ass and the three of them lay on the bed wasted.

"By the Maker of all things, that was unbelievable," Oolong gasped still shaking from the strength of the orgasms.

"We improved our bodies over the years to handle some pretty wild sexual scenes. If you let us transform you, we'll make your body a real sex machine." Nick said.

"If you make me orgasm like that a few more times, I might not live to see offspring," Oolong said.

"We aim to please," Steel croaked. He crawled over to the food and began to shovel food down his throat. Nick and Oolong wobbled over and grabbed food too. Bits of food and drinks spilled out of Oolong and Steel's mouth's and dropped on their chests. They ate ravenously for a few minutes, grabbing, stuffing, and guzzling. Satisfied, they looked at each other and laughed at each other.

"We've been at this for what, four days? How long does it take you to get pregnant, Oolong? I don't know if I can survive another set of orgasms like that again," Steel smeared the food on his body.

"What you mean, pregnant..." Oolong stuttered trying to think of a quick lie.

"You know, pregnant as in carrying a baby," Steel said trying to stand up and sliding on a green and squishy vegetable. His ass landed smack on the vegetable and squashed it. The three of them laughed hysterically and started throwing food at each other.

It's Getting Very Weird Out There

"I guess we need a shower," Oolong laughed as he flicked a soft, yellowish vegetable substance akin to corn meal mush at Nick. Slowly they made their way to the showers and stepped into the hot water. They were still giggling when they came out of the shower. The sound of a heavy duty anti-gravity transport rumbled and shook the house.

"What the hell is that?" Nick said.

"They're not supposed to land anti-gravity crafts here," Oolong said as they went to the living room to see what was happening outside. Through the windows, they saw a military transport, thirty foot long, twenty foot wide and twenty feet high, hovering over the swimming pool. Russell Germanicus McGonagal, Rusty to his friends, sat in the cockpit. The side door opened and a giant lizard-man jumped out of the interior. It was the spitting image of Steel's lizard-man. Startled, Steel, Nick and Oolong spilled out of the house and onto the patio.

"Sssssss-Steel, Sssssss-Steel, it's me, Terry," the creature bellowed. Steel stared surprised and speechless.

"You've got to come back and help us-sss," the lizard-man barked at him.

"Terry? What did they do to you?" Steel was shocked to realize that the military had transformed his favorite marine.

"What happened?" Nick asked. The creature stepped painfully from the transport.

"A day after you left they started transforming us one at a time. Sarge died in the chamber and O'Neill only lasted a day; something about his skeleton not being strong enough. They transformed me yesterday, but I can feel it's not right, everything hurts when I move. They tried to fix me, but they couldn't." Terry the lizard-man grasped a large, clawed hand to his chest as pain clouded his eyes. Steel and Nick looked at each other astonished.

"The stupid assholes!" Nick roared: "Terry, You get back in that ship, sit down and don't move. Don't get excited. Don't stress anything. Don't talk."

"We have to get back to the Transmorph Chamber. That's the only way to fix this. Who's flying that ship?"

"McGonagal, he stole this transport," Terry said as he climbed back into the transport. Rusty waved out the viewing port.

"Oolong, would you get the data discs and your computer. Maybe we can start the reverse the transform. We have to go back to the Transmorph," Steel said as he motioned to Rusty to move the transport lower and closer. Nick retrieved the data discs and Oolong packed food. The three men climbed into the transport. Rusty guided the transport above the houses and skimmed the trees as they sped back to the military base.

"Is there any chance they don't know you're gone?" Steel asked.

"Fifty-fifty I ordered them all to stand down and do nothing until I got back. After two deaths, I insisted they make me supreme commander of the rescue effort. That's what they're calling this," Rusty hollered back from the control chair. He guided the transport through a complex flight path to avoid populated areas.

"Why did they do this? Nick asked. He rested his hand on a data port and established a computer link.

"Steel or should I way "Dino-boy" so impressed them with his bloodlust and ferocity, that hey want an invincible army of those lizard creatures to go to war with the Imperial government. I told them that their design wasn't complete, but they wouldn't listen. After they killed two men, and it became obvious that Terry might not survive, they turned to me for help," Rusty said, his voice angry and sullen. Steel just threw his hands up in disbelief.

"They don't know what they're doing with the Transmorph Chamber. Their own engineers died experimenting on themselves. Why did they think they could do this? First question, what material did they use for the skeleton?" Steel asked as he examined Terry's body.

"They just strengthened his human skeleton. That wasn't the only difference, they kept his internal organs," Rusty swerved the transport to avoid a commercial aircraft. Steel just shook his head in disbelief.

"No wonder they lost two men. We have to change Terry back into human form," Steel said. Oolong was loading the lizard-man data into his portable computer.

"No, we can't do that," Nick said. Steel, Oolong, and Terry just stared at him. Nick nodded his head like he was talking to someone: "Many things, most of it bad news… What utter idiots they are… This is a bad dream... No, not good, not good, not good! Right now, we need a spaceship... Is your spaceship still in orbit, Rusty? If it is, tell me the access codes."

"Yes, it's just floating in synchronous orbit near the space station. The code is alpha, slash, prime, beta, star, binary, gamma, at, minus, seven, six, five, zero, two, zero. Code name Quicksilver, authorization Rugger two… What are you planning?" Rusty turned his attention to Nick as the transport slowed for landing. A section of the roof over the building holding the Transmorph Chamber opened slowly. They landed next to the Transmorph Chamber. Nick explained his plan:

"Terry, whatever happens, don't move. Your skeleton is so unstable that any roughness will kill you. Steel, open the airlock, and help the three remaining marines move the Transmorph chamber into the hold. Oolong, connect your computer to this port and prepare Rusty's ship for inter-dimensional travel to these coordinates. Make sure no one can follow us. Rusty, when Steel and the other three marines are safely inside, fly us up to your ship. Everyone understand?" They all indicated they understood.

The three marines were waiting for them and had the Transmorph Chamber ready to move. They quickly and efficiently transferred the Transmorph Chamber into the hold of the transport and loaded themselves in after it. Steel started to close the door when a bullet struck him in the chest and threw him back inside the chamber. One of the marines quickly closed the door. They could hear other bullets ping off the hatch. Rusty lifted the transport out of the building and made it rise rapidly upwards. Steel stood up and brushed his chest where the bullet hit.

"God! That hurt! This skin might be indestructible, but that still hurt," he said as the marines and Rusty stared at him.

"What? You didn't think they were completely human, did you?" Oolong said in a smug tone looking up from his computer.

"They're going to try and shoot us down," Nick said laughing.

"What's so funny? We're sitting ducks in this thing." Rusty asked. He was puzzled at what seemed like a cavalier attitude.

"You forget how long I was interfaced with the planetary computers. I gave their computers personalities and now, I've told them to act as they feel. It will take a while for the authorities to figure that out. The planetary defense computers assure me that the missiles will malfunction and never reach us," Nick laughed evilly as he listened to the computerized chaos planned for the military on Smuggler's planet.

"Computers with people personalities? What other mischief have you done?" Steel demanded.

"All the bathrooms on the planet are backing up and spilling their contents. TV scrambled. Radio disrupted. ATM's spewing money. Things like that," Nick said unable to stop laughing. Steel and the marines joined him. Oolong and Rusty just shook their heads in disgust.

"How can a pimp and two hustlers outsmart the best military minds on the planet?" Rusty stared at the trio in disbelief. Nick just smiled and Steel turned from letting the three marines feel his chest where the bullet hit.

"Our Father was a military genius along with being a rotten, son-of-a-bitch, bastard who fucked our asses and abandoned us. He taught us well. We always plan something unexpected and we never reveal all our secrets," Steel said.

"I have the inter-dimensional drive coordinates programmed into Rusty's ship. Now I want to scan both the transport and the spaceship for tracking devices," Oolong announced punching commands into his computer. No one spoke for a minute as they waited for Oolong to finish the scans. A circuit board on one of the control panels overheated and burst into flames. One of the marines grabbed a foamer and put it out. Another circuit board on the Transmorph Chamber shorted out and was extinguished. Suddenly, the marines jumped and squirmed as their comm devices buzzed and chirped uncontrollably. They threw them away as they burst into flames. Oolong laughed loudly at the sight of the three twitching and squirming marines. He scanned them again.

"Great maker, you guys are so wired up it's lucky you don't turn into puppets. Even your weapons have homing and tracking devices. Throw everything you have on you into that airlock and we'll blow it out into space. I do mean everything. Get completely naked, there are some very rare and very unique tracking devices woven into the fabric of your jockstraps."

"Oolong, you're a genius. You are worth weight in gold. I would never think to hide homing devices in clothing let alone jock straps," Steel patted him on the back. The marines stripped naked and threw their belongings into the airlock.

"And Rusty, you too. Almost everything you're wearing is being used for homing and tracking us down. You can keep your jock strap," Oolong giggled as Rusty stripped naked. He scanned them once more in case the authorities implanted homing devices in their bodies. He found none. Meanwhile, Steel cycled the loaded airlock and made sure that nothing that could be traced remained within the transport. He turned his attention to Rusty:

"You were awfully thick with the authorities on Smuggler's Planet, Rusty. You sure you want to leave? You're not planning to betray us, are you?" Steel asked in cold and threatening tones.

"I'm not going to betray you, not after what they did to O'Neill and Terry," Rusty replied.

"What's that got to do with it?" Steel demanded.

"O'Neill was my Sister's grandson and I've known Terry since he was three. I supported him and his mother after his father died in my arms in the Imperial Raids." Rusty's eyes filled with tears as he admitted to the relationship.

"How do we know that's true?" Steel asked. Rusty composed himself.

"It's true, brother. The computers have checked all of them out for me and give them a clean bill. Rusty refused to betray us to the top command. It's all on tape and if you want, I'll have the computers upload the conversation," Nick's eyes twinkled at the amount of information he was stealing from Smuggler's Planet.

"That won't be necessary, I'll take your word. How about having the planetary computers encrypt all knowledge about us and the Transmorph Chamber. We don't want any more human experiments," Steel said.

"Good idea… Done and done again," Nick answered. As the transport neared the spaceship the cargo hold opened to meet them. They waited until the hold pressurized and then secured the transport for inter-dimensional drive. Nick went to the ship's control room to interface with the computer and initiate the inter-dimensional transport. Ominously, Oolong handed out small paper bags to each of them.

"It's going to be a rough ride, aim for the bags, please," Oolong said as Nick initiated inter-dimensional transport. Reality shimmered for a few seconds and the ship made the first of many jumps. Each time it jumped, the spaceship moved out of reality and into the mathematical constructs and hidden dimensions of the universe. The ship moved thousands of light years across the galaxy in seemingly random and paradoxical directions. A dozen jumps and just as many false trails later, the ship popped out of inter-dimensional space. Oolong smiled as he read the coordinates on the instrument panel. They were precisely where Oolong wanted them to be. However, all was not well in the spaceship.

The cabin was splattered with various bodily fluids. The marines were green and projectile vomiting. Steel was splattering the walls from both ends of his body leaving green and brown stains for and aft. Ugly, stinking fluids ran down his legs and over his feet. Retching noises filled the chamber. Nick, Oolong and Terry stood unaffected by the drive. Delighted at the chaos, Oolong only pissed them off by asking if anyone had hit their little brown bags. He shrugged at the abuses they heaped on him and announced that they had arrived at their new home. He showed them a sol-like star and earth-like planet.

"We're here, our new home. Don't ask where, I won't tell you," Oolong said as Nick shut down the ship's intern dimensional drive and encrypted the navigation system. Rusty acted pissed off at the filth in his ship and let everyone know about it. The three still-human marines whispered to Terry who, despite his fearsome appearance was clearly in pain every time he tried to move.

"Hey, Steel, what's going to happen to these three?" Terry interjected.

"Well, they're not going to die in a Transmorph accident," Steel answered. The three men slumped down in their seats, not really happy, but not really sad.

"What're your names? I only remember nicknames," Steel asked sharply and the three men jumped to attention.

"Corporal Thor T. Torval, Sir!" the first soldier saluted smartly. He was a big, strapping, youth with muscles on muscles, smooth, blemish-free skin and silky-blond hair covering most of his body. A thick, stubby uncut cock stuck out above a set of large testicles.

"Corporal Roberto Oliveria, Sir!" th second soldier answered. He had raven black hair and dark, olive-colored skin, a smooth, hairless body, very tall, lanky, and immensely strong and flexible.

"Sergeant Wendy Wallace Worthington the Second, Sir," the third marine announced. He was a good-looking, red-haired Irish kid, a pale pink complexion and fiery red hair. He had a pug nose, freckles and the charm of a leprechaun. When he saluted his long cock swung upwards and smacked his stomach.

"I thought you were Private Billy O'Malley?" Nick's eyes narrowed as the Marine's giggled.

"Yes, sir! It was Sir, but I got tired of living in the "O's" and wanted to live in the "W's," he punctuated his by flapping his cock against his stomach again. Nick scowled at the marine.

"Well, at ease, Marines! You too, smart-ass. Let's go down and explore the planet," Steel smiled at the gang. He turned his attention to the planet.

"Now I suggest that we all go down to the surface of the planet and take the following equipment with us," Steel ordered and a list of stuff appeared on all the viewer screens. It was mostly tents, foodstuffs, and a quantum-singularity power supply for the Transmorph Chamber. They loaded the transport and dropped to the surface of the planet.

Escape to Andromeda Prime

They landed on a large, grassy plain bordering a lush, green rainforest; the air hot and humid, the sky brilliant blue. Various animals stood near a meandering stream watering themselves. Oolong referred to this planet as his tropical paradise and named it fittingly Paradiso Prime. Nick programmed several floating scouts and sent them out in search for predators, edible fruits and vegetables, and herds of animals. Rusty and the three marines set up tents, power supplies, and latrines. Terry sat around and watched, afraid that too much movement would kill him. Steel and Oolong set up the Transmorph Chamber inside the hold of the Transport where it would remain safe. They tested it successfully on the multi-channel comm device.

"Hey Nick , do want each of us to wear a communications interface?" Steel yelled out to Nick.

"That would let us explore and still remain in contact, sure, why not," Nick yelled back. Steel and Oolong turned back to the Transmorph chamber and duplicated enough interfaces for each member of the group. Rusty distributed the comm devices.

Terry watched as Oolong and Steel studied the data on Terry's lizard-man transformation. They struggled with the programming for over an hour, mumbling and cursing to each other. Finally, both men threw their hands.

"I have never seen a Transmorph more screwed up than any of these. They did not know what they were doing," Oolong shook his head in disgust. Steel held his hands from his side silently asking for an explanation.

"They didn't do a baseline scan, so we don't have a record of your human body and genome. They assumed that skeletal strength scaled with physical size. It doesn't. They assumed that brain size increased with physical size. It doesn't. They didn't know how to interface a power supply with a human or any other body, so they just programmed larger internal organs. That increases blood flow and overworks the heart. I don't even know if Terry can eat human food, let alone rip apart and eat raw flesh like I saw Steel do. And that's the easy stuff," Oolong slumped and shut up in disgust. Tears welled up in Terry's yellow eyes and ran down his toothy jaw.

"Am I going to die like the others?"

"No, no, we won't let that happen. The biggest problem now is that we only have about 90% of your genome and if we try to restore you your human body, you won't be able to survive," Oolong explained.

"Well, can't you substitute other DNA? Terry can have part of mine," Steel offered.

"No, you're not compatible. You just can't mix human DNA like that without disastrous," Oolong explained and added: "One possibility is to stay a lizard man and let us fix the transformation."

Alarm bells, chimes, and klaxons sounded off as the mechanized, floating scouts all converged on the camp and started to disgorge the information they collected. Nick stood with the devices buzzing around him for a few minutes. As suddenly as they came, the devices flew away on another mission. The entire gang stood around Nick waiting to hear the scouting report. Rusty and the Marines were red from the bright sunlight and sweating in the humidity.

"Sorry I took so long. I haven't installed my communications interface yet and I had to use the transport's sensors. There's good news and bad news. The good news is that most everything is edible. The bad news is that this planet is populated by dinosaur-like Raptors," Nick's eyes sparkled as he talked.

"What does that mean?" Roberto asked.

"That means in human form you're a tasty snack for these creatures," Nick laughed at his joke, but no one else did.

"Well so are you," Roberto snapped back, clearly not enjoying being the butt of a snide remark.

"Uh, no I'm not. Steel and I kept our special skins. Their teeth can't bite through it," Nick slapped Roberto on the shoulder and the marine launched himself at Nick. The other men moved out of the way and let the two men beat each other. Steel was impressed. Nick was physically bigger than the marine, but the marine was trained better. Although Nick's skin couldn't be punctured, he still bruised. The two men wrestled in the high grass for a time and then settled into a slugfest, Sweat and blood splattered with each punch. After ten or fifteen minutes of mutual pummeling, the two men exhausted their anger and collapsed fell on top of each other's sweaty bodies. Roberto hugged Nick's bruised body and ground his cock and balls into Nick's crotch.

"I think I'll let you live," Roberto said as they separated their bodies. Roberto leaned on Nick's smaller body. Their sweaty, dirt-smeared chests heaved in unison. Nick grabbed Roberto's head and kissed him. Their hips ground together rubbing their hard cocks against their sweaty bodies.

"Must be love at first sight," Steel said sarcastically.

Nick fumbled and spit a tooth out of his mouth. Oolong picked it up and looked at it.

"Can't be yours, Nick," Oolong said.

"No, it's mine," Roberto said as he grabbed the tooth and slid it into his pocket. He smiled showing a missing front tooth. Nick tousled his short, scrubby black hair and looked around at the group.

"Look, I think all of you should become Acroid-Human hybrids and raise a new civilization. The only exceptions would be Steel and Terry. They can be lizard-men and act as your guardians. We can make all this the first city for your half-Acroid, half-Human offspring. It'll be easy to build and easy to guard. When we get old, we'll just zap away the years in the Transmorph chamber," Nick's proposal stunned the men and they sat around arguing about it for a couple hours before they agreed.

Nick also proposed using parasitic semi-intelligent creatures capable of interfacing with the human nervous system as comm devices. The parasites would link them all and when introduced into their offspring, would act as teachers. They all agreed with this.

Once they reached a consensus, Nick and Oolong began using the Transmorph chamber to create sufficient memory modules to handle the information requirements for all the transformations. They estimated that they needed a day to create all the programming and the comm devices. Nick used the spaceship as a slave computer. Roberto, Thor, and Wendy or Billy, whatever he wanted to call himself now, did the grunt work of bringing more supplies from the spaceship. Rusty and Steel worked on the layout of the compound. Terry could only sit and wait because of the mistakes in his design.

The New World

Late that night when the others were asleep, Nick pulled Steel outside away from the tents. The planet's three small moons cast a soft, silvery light on the landscape.

"What's up brother?" Steel asked still a little groggy as they sat down on a fallen log.

"Just a private discussion. I want to be sure you understand it all," Nick replied.





"Stop that!" Steel rolled his eyes and smacked his brother. They laughed at the joke.

"Are you serious about remaining with Terry? You don't have to stay a lizard-man for the rest of your life like him unless you really want to," Nick whispered.

"Yeah, I do. I fell in love with the kid when I was a lizard and I missed him after we returned to human form. He's worth taking a chance on," Steel said.

"I think he wants you, too," Nick answered in a very low voice.

"I know he does. He told me he wanted to become the first lizard-man but they wouldn't let him. So that's settled. Now tell me, what's up with those parasitic comm things you want to use," Steel asked. If they were back turning tricks on Layover Station, he would simply trust his brother, but here, he wanted to know the reason.

"Remember my Penis-man adventure? Well that guy was infected me with an alien parasite. I had the Transmorph Chamber remove it before it returned me to human form. Then, I had the thing analyzed and this "comm link" uses the parasite's ability to interface electronics directly to nerve cells. I am not using its ability for manipulation and mind control. I suspect that most of the military is infected with that virus and when it goes active, something very bad will happen," Nick related.

"So all this came from Penis-man, good old Penis-man. I'll never abuse my penis again," Steel laughed out loud and Nick punched his shoulder and glared at him.

"Shut up, you'll wake everyone up," Nick said. They both set to whispering.

"Oolong and I are also adding programming to the other's transformations so they can't betray us and they won't want to return to their human bodies. We’re concerned about betrayal and we're going to make sure it won’t happen," Nick said as Steel shook his head in agreement.

"Well, better safe than sorry,” Steel said as he gave his brother a thumbs-up: "You don't have any special surprises for Oolong, do you?" Steel asked.

"No surprises. I'm giving him indestructible skin, a metal skeleton, and the comm parasite. He knows all about this. We checked the ship and the Transmorph Chamber for tracers just to be sure that no one could find us. We found two more. Someone is very clever at hiding them. I want to be sure that this world will be populated by Oolong's illegal hybrids. By the time any of his descendants leave this planet, they'll be a race unto themselves. And they have armies of unbeatable lizard-men to defend them," Nick said.

"Good! Oolong deserves being grand patriarch to a new race," Steel put his arm around Nick and hugged him.

"One more thing," Nick laid his against Steel's shoulder.





"Stop that!" Steel smacked Nick in exasperation. Nick giggled madly at catching his brother again.

"What's the one more thing," Steel giggled and hugged Nick's head against his chest.

"You're such a sucker for that trick. I'm going to miss it, but I wanted to tell you first that I‘m going to become all metal, humanoid, but still metal. I won’t return to being human, no more flesh and blood, no more sex. I’m tired of flesh and blood," Nick's voice was almost inaudible. Steel put both arms around Nick and pulled him close.

"I suspected this would happen. You were linked into the computer networks too long." Steel paused and held his brother so tight that he could feel his heart beat: "You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. In a couple years, I’ll set up a planet-wide computer network via satellites and once that happens, I’ll become the entire network. That interconnectivity is more of a thrill than any orgasm I ever had,” Nick seemed satisfied with his decision.

“Stranger how things have worked out for us. Not quite the life I envisioned but…” Steel let his voice trail off.

“Don’t worry, you won’t regret being Lizard-man with Terry. I'm using our original design for you and Terry and I'm making both of you just as slutty and sexual lusty as you were originally. You two will be irresistible to each other."

“I'm ready to settle down with a nice fuck buddy like Terry. I'm going to enjoy life as a lizard," Steel whispered.

"Let's have one last fuck and suck session. Just for old times sake?" Nick asked. His hand fondled Steel's cock and balls.


One Last Time!

Steel pulled Nick off the log and knelt in the grass. He sucked his brother's big cock into his mouth pushing the foreskin back with his tongue. He felt Nick shiver in anticipation as he ran his tongue around the cock head. Nick grabbed Steel's ears and began to face-fuck him, ramming his cock deep into the hot waiting mouth and throat. Steel reached under Nick and fingered his ass. Nick gave him a hot and rough ride until he stiffened and blew a big load into Steel's mouth and face. Steel licked the cum from his face as best he could and then let Nick kiss the rest off his face. Nick then turned Steel over on his hands and knees and started to rim his asshole. Steel moaned as his brother's hot tongue plunged deep inside him opening his sphincter for the next assault. It felt so good, Steel begged his brother to fuck him, to fuck him long and hard. Hot, funky ass juices dripping off his face, Nick plunged his cock into his brother's open asshole in one stroke. Steel gasped loudly and Nick growled at him to shut up. He fucked his long, deep, and hard, pulling back from orgasm at least twice before he couldn't hold it any more. He pumped a second load of hot, white cum into Steel's insides. He held Steel's hips tight against his crotch for a long time until he softened. Then he pulled out with a plop and fell over on the ground.

"No one fucks the way you do, Brother. I'm going to miss that," Steel said as they both lay panting on the ground.

"I just recorded all of it in the computer. I'll play it back for you at night when you get hooked up to the comm network," Nick chuckled, his voice rough. He cleared his throat and spit on the ground.

"That's good for you, but what about my side of the fuck?"

"The floaters recorded it on remote sensors. We’ll be this worlds first porn flick," Nick grinned in voyeuristic pleasure.

"Shit, boy, you have spent too much time with the computers. You're scary when you do this stuff," Steel wiped the fuck juices off his body off with a mechanic's rag and crudely sniffed his armpits.

"Think anyone will notice?" Steel asked.

"Nah! They's all sweaty and smelly from setting the camp up, they won't notice," Nick said in a crude dialect as they walked back to the main compound. Nick went inside the Transport pod to work on the computer and Steel went into the largest tent. He listened to see if Terry was away. The only sound was the soft rippling of the stream and a few insects. He lay down next to Terry's eight and a half-foot, lizard-like body and curled up.

"Fucking Maker, you smell of sex," Terry said without breaking the rhythm of his breathing. Startled, Steel sat up and stared at the giant head that was staring down at him. Two yellow eyes glowed in the dim light.

Again, Terry mocked him, repeating his conversation with his brother: "They's all sweaty and smelly from setting the camp up! Think anyone will notice? Mother of all creation, you reek of cum, shit, grass, drool, and all that slutty stuff," Terry whimpered.

"Sorry, it was one last fuck with my brother. If you can’t fuck your brother, who else can you fuck?" Steel answered feeling a little guilty.

"Did you really fall in love with me when you were a lizard?" All of Terry's "S's" hissed and he drooled saliva over a row of razor sharp teeth.

"How did you hear that," Steel asked trying to sound indignant.

"How'd I hear that? Did you forget that these lizard creatures have ten times better hearing than humans? Or that I could smell your fucking from inside the tent? Not only that, when you opened the tent I could see grass stains on your knees." For a 500-pound creature, Terry whined like a small child.

"You're jealous and depressed, aren't you? And, you're angry because I went out and had a one last fuck with Nick, aren't you?" Steel tried to figure out how to caress Terry's large body. Instead Terry grabbed him with his large, webbed hands and crushed his long lizard mouth against Steel's face. His tongue flicked in and out of Steel's mouth.

"I wanted to be a lizard-man ever since I first saw you. It was a dream come true. I loved it when I could be near you and imagine that we were together, all scaly and green. Now that they've done it, I'm too fragile to even work; you won't even let me move around. When I was human, you raped me every chance you got. Now, you're having midnight trysts with other men. Not only trysts, you're plotting all sorts of strange fates for us," tears ran down his cheeks as he let Steel's body rest on his lap and held him like a baby. Terry was exhibiting the classic symptoms of shape-rejection -- paranoia, depression, and despair. The lousy design of his body was the cause. Steel held him until morning.

Year Zero, Day One in the New Calendar

At the first light of dawn, Steel freed himself from Terry's grip and went to wash in the stream. The water was cold and bracing. He did have grass stains on his knees just like Terry told him. He loaded two large canteens and walked back to the tent. Terry was sleeping like a baby. He set the water aside and snuggled against the creature. A few minutes later, Terry came awake with start. He grabbed Steel and held him tight.

"I dreamt you abandoned me... I guess I'm being silly," Terry actually blushed through his green scales.

"I went out to wash up and get water, but I came back. I'm not going to leave you, Terry. You’ve got a case of nerves, that's all," Steel held him tight.

"Yeah, I guess so," Terry sighed and started to fidget around. He stood up and began muttering to himself.

"I gotta go take a piss, more worry. I could just piss in the tent, but that wouldn't be nice, or polite, or civilized, would it? And then again, if I go outside, I might just fall and break my neck. Ain't depression wonderful? That would be good, all my worry's would be over, dead from a broken neck." Terry whined pathetically.

Steel pushed at him to get him to sit down, but at three times Steel's body weight, Terry just stood there. Steel grabbed the big, scaly hips, sucked the head of Terry's cock into his mouth, and stuck the tip of his tongue into the pisshole. Terry let out a big sigh and he released his bladder. A dribble of hot, steaming piss filled Steel's mouth. It was strong and reeking. It burnt his tongue. Then the stream ceased being a dribble and became a river and the hole at the end of Terry's cock expanded to accommodate the stream. Steel tried to swallow it all but couldn't. Hot, steaming piss blew out both sides of his mouth and out of his nose. Terry's bladder squeezed itself dry in a matter of seconds. Steel's mouth only served to spray the stream of piss all over their two bodies and the inside of the tent.

"Oh, crap-a-rino, that felt sss-so good! I really needed that! I guess we'll have to clean the tent after all," Terry sighed softly. He held Steel's head preventing him from taking his cock out of his mouth. Steel struggled as Terry's stiffening cock pushed at the back of his throat. Terry swirled his hips and rammed his deeper into Steel's mouth.

“Suck me, suck me, suck me! Morning wood, suck me, suck me,” Terry babbled as he shoved his thickening cock into the back of Steel’s mouth. He pushed hard and deep dislocating Steel’s jaw and crushing his vocal cords. Defensively, Steel’s throat expanded as Terry's cock grew long and hard. He shoved it deep into Steel's esophagus and jerked off into Steel’s helpless body for a couple minutes. Terry blew a load of hot, burning, lizard cum into Steel’s stomach when the spasms stopped, he pulled off and crushed Steel against his scaly chest. Steel gagged and coughed as his jaw and throat tried to return to normal.

“That felt so good. Can we do it every morning?” Terry asked. He pulled Steel up to kiss him and looked at Steel's distended features. He realized the damage his cock caused. He began to apologize frantically but Steel stopped him. In a few minutes, Steel’s throat and neck returned to normal.

“No harm, you just caught me off guard,” Steel voi\ce was rough and horse. He flexed his jaw between both hands and smiled at Terry.

“But, how? … ” Terry asked.

“When we first started selling sex at a price, Nick and I both suffered beatings and near suffocations during rough trade sessions. Then, we discovered how to make our bodies flexible, so to speak. We improved our human bodies so the customers couldn’t hurt us. I can dislocate my jaw and my throat will expand to accommodate most any length and thickness of cock.”

“But when you were a lizard, you screwed my ass and throat many times and you didn’t hurt my throat,” Terry said clearly puzzled.

“That's because my lizard cock adjusted itself smaller or larger to fit whatever I used it on. It’s another transformation trick. You see an eighteen-inch cock and assumed it stays that size when it's shoved in your mouth or up your ass. In reality, it shrank to fit into your body. Tricks of the trade, dude," Steel replied. Terry let out a quite "Oh." Steel continued:

"I also have enriched blood so I'm able to hold my breath for the seven or eight minutes you took to blow, a load and not suffocate me. Lots of guys want to shove their cocks deep unto a hot, eager throat," Steel said. Another quiet "Oh" escaped Terry's elongated mouth. He hugged Steel and both men rested against each other. Suddenly, Nick’s voice blared over a bullhorn scavenged from the transport pod:

“All right, you sons-of-bitches, this is your wake up call. Get out of those tents and face the morning. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. In for a penny, in for a pound. The early bird catches the worm. As the cream rises to the top, it sours. A penny saved in a penny earned. THIS is your wake up call. This IS your wake up call. This is YOUR wake up call … but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. In every revolution a few die who shouldn't, but they have to, because that's the way it happens. If you make only a little change, then it seems to be worthwhile … THIS is your wake up call. This IS your wake up call. This is YOUR wake up call … Love is what makes the world go round.., THIS is your wake up call. This IS your wake up call. This is YOUR wake up call… Beard the lion in his lair. None but the brave deserve a wake up call… THIS is your wake up call. This IS your wake up call. This is YOUR wake up call."

Each tent responded with a chorus of profanity, each statement more vulgar than the previous one. Nick continued marching around the tents and thundering at the occupants until they all shambled out of the tents. The five men and one lizard-man schlepped to the river and washed up. The cold water refreshed both minds and spirits. The sun was already hot as it warmed and dried their bodies. Nick called Terry first and marched him moaning and whining into the Transmorph Chamber.

Terry let the doors close. The chamber scanned his identity and began the transform. The first change was replacing his bone skeleton with duranium and neutronium. Terry stood taller and flexed as he felt the new support building within him. His body expanded slightly and grew to just over eight and a half feet tall. The transform began to replace his faulty internal organs with appropriately sized and structured replacements. Terry breathed easier as the burden of maintaining his body shifted to a new heart and lungs. Unlike Steel's original creature, Terry's internal organs were designed to function and he felt hunger and thirst. The Trasnmorph Chamber stripped away Terry's skin leaving bare, bloody-red muscle in plain view. His hands and feet grew bigger as tough new tendons and muscles formed up both his arms and legs. Terry's waist and torso thickened as his muscles strengthened. Washboard abs formed and his new chest expanded and rounded. He felt his deltoids and shoulders grow to support his new, thicker neck. Terry's already lizard-like head and neck changed its shape to better protect his brain and spinal column. His jaw lengthened and new teeth formed. He felt the back of his head grow and elongate pulling his eyes back and up to the top of his head. Bony plates formed on his face to shield his eyes. His merely human genitals grew in proportion to his body and soft green scales grew over his testicles and spread up his cock and then all over his new body. Scales, spikes, fins and bumps accented his new, lizard-like body and its huge head. The scales covering his body shimmered and glistened under the lights. Because Nick didn't have a base scan for the human version of Terry, the Transmorph Chamber merely created the new Terry as a lizard with some human features. The Transmorph Chamber then added Nick's enhancements to Terry's new body. The modified alien parasite took residence in the nerves of Terry's new spinal column. Terry wouldn't know what it was there until Nick activated the comm link. Mental adjustments followed; the computer adjusted Terry's miserable attitude by sweeping away all doubt about the transform, eliminating most of Terry's negative feelings, and eliminating his bad attitude. It also made him love Steel unconditionally and ensured that Terry would defer to Steel and follow him unconditionally. Those tasks completed, the computer digitized all of Terry's memories and stored them in an archive.

Terry walked out of the chamber renewed; stronger, more flexible, his motions fluid and graceful rather than lumbering and awkward. His craggy, tooth-filled jaw spread in a wide grin. He bounced onto the grassy plain like a kid with a new toy.

Steel entered the chamber eager to change back into the lizard-man form. As the machine started to work, he felt his body expand and grow to the required eight and a half feet tall, his body burning as it stretched. Duranium and neutronium alloys replaced his skeleton. Then the Transmorph Chamber started on the flesh that would cover it. Steel felt familiar changes: large, webbed and clawed hands and feet, a thick, muscular torso, huge quadriceps, washboard abs, and the massive chest. He felt his neck thicken, his head enlarge, and his jaw grow. Sharp teeth clattered once again in his mouth. Bony plates formed on his face to shield his eyes. His scaly skin formed, thicker and tougher. This transformation was different than any of his previous transforms. He felt a new stomach and all sorts of internal organs form making it necessary for him to hunt and eat raw meat. Carnivorous urges filled his mind. The last physical change. Steel could feel the Transmorph Chamber eliminate the usual human genetic markers that were used to return him to human form. By doing that, it made Steel's new body a genetic match for Terry's reptilian body and it gave his body a genetic stability with a lifetime of 1000 years.

The computer had still more changes to add to Steel's new body; he felt the alien parasite form in his nervous system like a two way radio that was constantly on. Then he felt Nick's presence from within the computer as the computer drained all his memories into data storage, organized them and then transferred them back into his mind. This was Steel's permanent archive in the computer systems. It held everything that was Steel and with it, he could be recreated at anytime. Another series of mental manipulations altered his thinking from human to reptilian. Steel felt the need to procreate, to hunt, to consume living flesh, and an animal aggressiveness unlike anything he ever experienced. Any doubt about living the rest of his life as a giant lizard disappeared and in his mind. In Steel's mind he had always been a lizard and Terry destined to be his mate and life partner.

As the machine shut down, Steel gave his brother a thumbs-up. When he did, the comm link activated and he heard Nick's voice asked him if he how he felt. It took a little effort to think the reply back along the comm link, but he told his brother that his transformation was a job well done. Then he jumped out of the chamber, the scales on his new body shimmered and glistened in the sunlight. He roared once and Terry joined him. Together they bounded off into the countryside exploring the capabilities of their new bodies.

The Hybrids

Nick and the other men watched Terry and Steel run and play in the clearing. After a few minutes, Nick asked who wanted to be next. Both Thor, the blond giant, and Roberto expressed some fear of the chamber. Rusty and Billy both volunteered at once. Nick chose Billy O'Malley, the big, red-headed Irish kid. He stepped into the Transmorph Chamber and Nick activated his transformation from human to Acroid hybrid.

Billy's body gleamed int eh energy field. He flexed and mugged as the transform moved through his body, first changing his skeleton and then adjusting his internal organs to accommodate his new sex organs. He never even realized that the alien comm parasite was added to his body. He stood in the energy beams, thicker and more solid than he had been. When he left the chamber, he l;et the other three men examine his body. Rusty broke off and entered the chamber next.

Rusty's body shimmered in the Transmorph Chamber as he grew younger. His gray hair disappeared and so did the effect of age. He squirmed as his internal organs shifted and adjusted to accommodate both male and female sex organs. His body thickened, growing more muscular and somewhat heavier. The program also gave him a metal skeleton and composite skin to keep him from being harmed. Compared to the changes in Steel and Terry, this transform was relatively minor. The hardest part of the programming was adjusting Rusty's DNA to make the reproductive equipment work. Once that was done, the Transmorph Chamber went on to scan his mind, store it, and begin to adjust his mental state. The alien parasite comm system grew into his nervous system without him realizing it. When the transformation finished, Rusty was totally dedicated to creating the new race of human-Acroid hybrids, physically capable, and eager to begin. Rusty thanked Nick as he came out and showed himself off. Oolong was thrilled at the result and Rusty was enthusiastic. However, Rusty turned to Nick and congratulated him on such a thorough job. Nick always thought that Rusty knew how many mental changes were involved.

Nick repeated the process on the two remaining marines, Thor and Roberto. Being so young, they were easier to transform and easier to adjust. They didn't even suspect that they carried comm devices in their new bodies, nor did they fully appreciate their new status as fully functioning hermaphrodites.

Nick asked Oolong to step into the chamber and aside from scanning and recording him, he gave him a metal skeleton and the composite skin. Oolong knew about the alien parasite and was surprised to feel it form inside his nervous system. The Transmorph Chamber removed the need for the Acroid third sex and adjusted Oolong's DNA accordingly. He stepped from the chamber feeling renewed and invigorated. The four new Human-Acroid hybrids celebrated and admired their new bodies for a few minutes.

Oolong took the controls for Nick's final transform. Nick's body shimmered and sparkled as it turned from flesh and blood into living metal. He kept his human form, but his body turned into shiny, Cr-Mo Steel. He replaced his internal organs with a power supply and added tremendous amounts of data storage. There is no DNA in this transform, merely flesh into metal, electric power for oxygen, microchips for memory storage, speakers for hearing and speech, and, radar and 100 megapixel CCDs for seeing the world. The finishing touch was a thin, transparent layer of the indestructible composite he gave everyone else. Nick kept enough of his personality to interact with the others, but most of his mind and memories were digitized and stored. Eventually, he would give Steel access to them. He walked from the Transmorph Chamber all shiny and silvery.

This was the beginning of a new world.

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*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
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*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
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*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
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