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Welcome to my website of strange and creepy stories.

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Ryder Eisel - On a distant planet, Ryder Eisel becomes a metal soldier, the new Praetorian Guard to a new Emporer and is instrumental in creating a new ruling class.
(January 2011)

My Heroes Were Rovers - A new drug is making its way through society by providing metalized highs.
(November 2009)

Tin Men - A story of two brothers and the way they handled a drunkard father.
(August 2007)

Antares Avatar - If you could, would you like to see what happens when a star goes supernova? A tale of two graduate students and their fate when they fly into the binary star system we call Antares. They have an unexpected alien encounter.
(August 2006)

It's Always Such an Effing Costume Drama - Well now, It might seem that it's too soon to do another "Costume Shop" transformation but that's where you'd be wrong. This is an all new, improved costume shop. It has metal cyborgs, cock sucking, cherubs (three of them), butt-fucking, group action, baboon sex and snide remarks. It also has aliens, a bronze age statue in (what else) bronze and obscene squeaky toys. Not to minimize the presence of a Greek god and a metallic jock strap emascualtion device. This is a fun story, filled with kinky sex.
(July 2006)

STEEL - A stage production needs a metal statue as a backdrop on the stage. One man is supposed to create the statue but what happens when his assistant is clumsy? Then there's that pesky Greek Chorus of twelve very naked and handsome young men who look like limestone statues.
(March 2006)

Artifacts - Robots floating in space for bilions of years are found by miners in the Kuiper Belt. The scientists say that we are all born of dust from stars going supernova and creating heavy metals. What happens when a group of outer space miners finds artifacts dating back five billion years. What would these artifacts tell us about about life before the birth of our planet? What would happen if these artifacts were the remains of two, hot, humpy, robots? What would you do with robots like that? Why don't you order a mushroom pizza and find out!
(September 2005)

BLACK OPS - These black ops are so black that they don't even know they're black ops. Except for the lieutenant turned into gold with the extra-large, jumbo-sized unit
(July 2004)

Brass Monkey - An ancient Aztec ritual converts a man into bronze. It's done by the traditional lost wax method using a sand mold and channels of molten metal
(Oct 2003)

Racing With the Moon - An Alien spaceship, and the men who learn to fly it and become more than they ever thought they could me. King Midas would like this spaceship
(July 2003)

The Dernity Brothers - Two brothers set turned into a copper statue to await the retun of Pan
(May 2003)

MARS - The last surviving earthman lands on MARS after 300 years lost in space and finds his descendants are young, humpy studs just waiting to become sleek, metal robots
(April 2003)

Egyptology 101 - Did Osiris really have slaves made from solid gold? Find out the answer.
(Jan 2003)

Goosma of Grygorex - What happens when you need a costume for halloween and it just has to be unique!
(Jan 2003)

Alien Artifact - This is what happens when you try on an alien outfit made of alien metal
(Sep 2000)

The Voyage to Orion - A story about the pilots of a spaceship hauling supplies. They control the ship by downloading themselves into robots
(July 2002)

Elements of Nature - A soldier is covered with a special metal and converted into a robot
(April 1999)

My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.