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July 24, 2006


"Halloween has to be the most dim-witted, brainless, moronic holiday ever invented. Can't you just pick a costume and be satisfied. We go through this every year, year after year. You always make a big, boring production of choosing a costume. You did it last Halloween. You did it for Mardi Gras. And you're doing it for our summer solstice cookout," Vitorio Montecassini said. Everyone called him Vito for short. He drummed his fingers on the counter annoyingly. They had looked at nearly two-dozen costumes in the past hour. None of the costumes suited both men. The clerk in the Yee Chee's Olde Costume Shoppe listened to their complaints and kept finding additional costumes. Nothing seemed to suit the pair.

"I want a costume with my butt cheeks hanging out. I want the world to see my butt cheeks," Dale Racket pouted.

"I don't want to go half-assed naked," countered Vito. "How about we go in drag? You can go as Beyonce' with your bootylicious bare ass and I can go as Oprah under a tent."

"Oh, lawdy, lawdy, Ah don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies! There's not a chance in the world, or the universe, or the galaxy, or downtown Detroit, that I'd ever dress up as Beyonce and even less of a chance of me dressing up as a power lesbian," Dale said in a high-pitched voice. He flounced as he rolled his eyes upward. Clark just sighed. He wanted to tell them to leave but his boss would be very angry if he didn't deliver the costumes and the nanomachines.

"I won't look for a Beyonce' or Oprah costume. We don't stock play-costumes. We only stock real costumes," The clerk, Clark O'Shannessey by name, offered. He stroked at a thin goatee.

"He's right. They are so last year," Vito pronounced his agreement.

"How about those new black rubber latex suits we just bought," Dale said.

"We can't stand in the sun for half a day and into the night wearing neoprene. That stuff is too hot. Besides, there's absolutely no way to piss in that latex and I don't want to parboil in my own recycled beer. I won't do it. I just won't do it," Vito whined.

"Like who sat in the bathtub last Saturday night at the Eagle & Stallion," Dale retorted.

"Bitch! Bastard! Wanker!" Vito mumbled insults as they both rejected the western chaps, boots and cowboy hats as way, way, way too trendy and deeply, truly, abysmally anal.

"The bottom line is that I want my butt cheeks hanging out. I wore a jockstrap to last year's pride parade, I wore a thong to Mardi Gras, I wore see-through Speedos to New Years in Sydney, and this summer, I'm going to show off my well-tanned, bare butt again. Therefore, whatever costumes we get, I want my butt cheeks hanging out. It's as simple as that," Dale folded his arms and stomped his feet on the ground. Clark almost broke out laughing at his childishness but he kept a straight face.

"What do you have in hairy beasts besides this dickhead standing next to me," Vito growled at the clerk. Before he could even say anything Dale interrupted.

"I'm not going as a centaur, a pony, a zebra or a jackass. I did that once and had to shave my ass for a year to get rid of the hair. Besides, being the ass end of a well hung animal is not my idea of showing my butt," Dale snarked to Clark.

"You love my ass because it's so smooth and baby soft," Vito tickled Dale and they both kiddy-slapped each other. Both men giggled like little girls at a sleepover and Vito shrieked so high he almost broke glass. When they realized that Clark was watching them, they stopped, dusted each other off and stood in a more dignified manner. Without making a fuss, Clark went to the back room. When he returned, he set a stack of boxes on the counter.

"Gentlemen, Gentlemen, these are from our premium line of costumes. They rent for a few more dollars but I think you'll both be very happy with one of them," Clark said.

"Really?" Vito asked.

"I hope so," Dale added.

"In fact, I guarantee that these will be the last costumes you'll ever need. I call them our bare ass specials," Clark said. He pulled two boxes out and opened on to reveal the simian visage of a baboon with its red ass hanging out the backside of the costume.

"The first bare-ass special I have is from deepest, darkest Africa, a pair of red-assed baboons," he set the box down and held up a picture of a pair of red-assed baboons standing before a fake tropical plant. "These costumes are covered with our most realistic faux fur. You'll notice the baboons have auburn-colored fur that makes the effect even more stunning. They are full-body, hairy, completely anonymous and delightfully ass exposing. You can bend over proudly in this costume." Dale stood silent.

"I hate that snout. Their faces are so ugly that they are beyond repulsive. One of my Uncle's, cousin's, in-law's, ex-husband was in a circus freak and he said that under that tail, baboons have deep, deep assholes that beg to be fucked, even the males in captivity," Vito said.

"Your Uncle's, cousin's, in-law's, ex-husband is into bestiality?" Dale asked.

"Eeeep," Clark squeaked like a mouse. Furries, he thought. He quickly regained control of himself. He closed his eyes and tried to make it all disappear. Why me, why me, he thought.

"You know, this would be a good costume for Shawn Balduccino and that ragingly hemorrhoidal butt-hole of his that he's always plugging with those humongous, gargantuan dildoes. He's such a lady and lady baboons have huge red asses as big as stop signs. Think about bending him over for the gang to have their way," Dale said.

"Speaking of Shawn, do you remember when he told the story of Michelangelo and the Sixteenth Chapel? Now that was a special night," Vito giggled. Clark struggled desperately not to laugh.

"He said he read all about it when he was studied at the Prado museum in Paris," Dale remarked coolly and spitefully.

"Shawn would make a good baboon. He deserves to be one of the lesser primates," Vito scoffed. He exuded a prideful, pretended superiority.

"Indubitably, my dear Watson, indubitably," Dale pretended to smoke a calabash pipe. They both stopped talking and looked at Clark. That was his cue to introduce the second costume.

"The second bare-ass special costumes are satyrs, the horn-ed beasts," Clark opened a second box and showed them the costume. "As you can see," he explained, "they have thick, hairy leggings, bare, tanned butts, huge, hairy balls and sheathed cocks. These costumes cover less of your human bodies than the baboon costumes cover. But the mask more than hides your identity," Clark said.

"Damn the viagra, full speed ahead," Vito yelled out. Dale broke up laughing.

"My Baptist parents would burn me at the stake for wearing that costume. I'd be afraid of the Spanish Inquisition coming after me for consorting with the devil," Dale joked. Standing like a statue behind the counter, Clark didn't move.

"Considering that you're a lector in the MCC, it might not be a good choice of costume," Vito added. "What's the third choice?" Vito asked.

"The third costume is from the future! a naked, metalized cyborg," Clark opened a large and very sturdy box. Inside was a suit for a featureless metal cyborg that gleamed like chromed steel. The mask had an inhuman and otherworldly countenance with smooth features and blank, oval eyes. The costume concealed all of the wearer's facial features - eyes, nose, ears, lips and hair. The body of the costume looked like a collection of metal muscles, motors and tendons. Most important for Vito, the cyborg's butt was bare and exposed. Dale liked the huge, uncircumcised metal cock and the mammoth steel testicles that hung from the cyborg's crotch. Clark opened the second box and let both men examine the costumes.

"Now this is a possibility," Vito said admiring the outfit. Dale kept quiet. He didn't want Vito rejecting a costume that he liked. Both men fondled the costume. The fabric had a shiny, Mylar-like appearance.

The costume completely covered the body with boots, gloves, helmet and face mask. Embossed motors, gears, pulleys and cables covered the exterior of the fabric. Designs of wires connecting diodes, control systems and data ports flowed all over the fabric and followed the contours of the human body. Several data ports opened above the earpieces, in the back of the neck, at the middle of the chest and the small of the back. The helmet had a square metal jaw and covered the eyes and nose with a mask-like ridge. Red, laser-like eyes filled deep sockets. Both Dale and Vito stood silent.

"This cyborg seems larger than life size," Dale asked.

"The material shrinks to fit your body like heat-shrink plastic. The heat also raises the embossed designs," Clark explained.

"So we just put the costume on our bodies and turn hair dryers on each other?" Vito asked.

"Oooo, how kinky," Dale put his hands to his face in mock embarrassment.

"No, I deliver these suits and shrink them to fit your bodies. We find that the customers feel better, the costumes wear better and they look more authentic when shop personnel assist," Clark answered. Vito and Dale rented the suits and arranged for Clark to deliver them early on the morning of the Summer Solstice.

"So, you have to customize the costume to our bodies in person, huh?" Dale asked. Clark shook his head affirmatively.

"Yeah-right-sure, so you're going to fit metal costumes to our naked bodies. What an excuse. Are you gay?" Vito asked. Dale punched him on the shoulder at the sheer audacity of the question. Clark laughed as he picked up the signed contracts.

"Not as gay as you two," Clark answered. Both Vito and Dale laughed. Neither of them expected that remark out of Clark. He'd been so patient, docile and straight with them. The Clerk could score points!

Solstice Party

The doorbell woke Vito and Dale just at the moment that the sun peeked over the horizon. Vito activated the intercom and closed circuit TV.

"Whatcha want?" he said through the intercom. Clark appeared on the screen. Vito gave him the once-over before he said anything. Clark stood tall and looked well built. He wore huge sneakers without socks drab green hiking shorts with pockets for everything, a backwards baseball cap and a plaid shirt over a sleeveless t-shirt. Tattoos swirled over the exposed portions of his body. He leaned into the camera lens. Vito could see the sparse hairs on his chin that still insinuated themselves into a pathetically thin goatee.

"Ye Olde Costume Shoppe sends its greetings and felicitations," Clark chirped in cheery tones. He smiled brightly and intensely at the tiny camera.

"You're here this early? Aren't you early? Tell me you're early. Oh, God my head hurts! You're early. Why is that sun so bright? My eyes hurt! Give me a minute," Vito mumbled into the speaker. Vito shook his head awake and grabbed a towel. In the living room lay Shawn, Joshua and Michael passed out on the sofa. They all wore skimpy bras and panties. Party hats, empty wine cooler bottles, dirty glasses, spoiled food and other party debris littered the house. Vito held the towel in front of his crotch when he answered the door. He wore a scarlet-red lace bra and matching crotchless panties, a black garter belt and red, fishnet nylons.

"We forgot you were coming early today. We had a party last night. I hope you don't mind. The maid service hasn't arrived yet," Vito apologized. When he turned, his dick flopped out. He tucked the towel into the front of the silken panties trying to hide his cock.

"Looks like it was quite a party with all the streamers, balloons, condoms, dildoes, sex toys! Did you have fireworks?" Clark observed. He could see bits of exploded paper on the deck. Vito didn't answer. He shook Shawn. Shawn waved a hand for him to go away. He snuggled tight up against Joshua's body.

"Go away! Don't wanna," Shawn didn't even open his eyes as he grabbed the towel from Vito's waist and pulled it over his head to block the light. Vito's cock and balls dangled out of the panties. Vito tried to hide his body. He was very muscular, nearly bodybuilding muscular, with almost no body fat and well-defined physique. His nearly bare ass was tight and firm. He had no body hair except on his head.

"You have to get up and get dressed, my dear," Vito said. Vito shook him again.

"Go away Wolfgang, stop the movie jokes. It's too early and rubbing a towel in your stinky crotch is not going to get me hard this early in the morning," Shawn snorted into the towel and rubbed his nose. He handed the snotty towel back to Vito. Clark spoke up to save Vito any more embarassment,

"Don't worry. I'm used to a little confusion and chaos. Your friends won't disturb our work with the costumes. Why don't you and Dale get washed up, you can get some coffee and then I'll lay your costumes ready," Clark suggested. He stepped gingerly over soiled and stained leather hoods on the floor. Shawn sat up and looked directly at Clark.

"Ah fuck, you're wearing clothes? Go away," mumbled Shawn. He pretended to faint and fell back onto the couch. Joshua and Michael mumbled.

"I'll get Dale!" Vito said to Clark. "By the way, you're a prince, uh, uh, uh! what did you say your name was?" Vito asked.

"I'm Clark," he said. Vito left Shawn to wake the others and led Dale to a broad, open staircase. Obscenely explicit rubber squeaky toys lined the stairs and they made farty noises as Vito stepped on them. Clark carefully followed him up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, I remember, Clark the clerk, patient Clark, kind Clark, Clark the tolerant, long-suffering Clark, Clark the tall, thin and mysterious with the make-believe goatee," Vito mumbled. Dale lay on a platform bed set in the middle of the balcony overlooking the living area. He wore a black lacy bra, crotchless panties, fishnet stockings. He had his head shoved under a pillow and his ass sticking up in the air. Dale was the shorter, darker skinned and heavier of the two men. His body was just as well muscled as Vito's body. Vito rolled him to the side of the bed and let him land on the floor with a thump. Startled, Dale jump up and began to yell at Vito. He stopped when he saw Clark. His thick, half-erect cock stuck out the front of the black panties.

"I see you're wearing crotchless panties just like Vito but the bra has to go, it does nothing for your eyes," Clark said. Embarrassed, Dale shrieked like a six year old girl in a scary movie. He ran to the bathroom. He quickly came back out completely naked, grabbed Vito, yanked him into the bathroom. Clark waited patiently. In a few moments, both men reappeared wet from the shower and wearing basketball shorts. Vito and Dale again apologized. Clark acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

The back door buzzer interrupted them. The cleaning service arrived. A dozen women struck like tornadoes and in ten minutes, they cleaned the remnants of the party. They left Shawn, Joshua and Michael laying nearly naked and undisturbed in the living room. As they left, they started a coffee pot. It was very, very strong coffee, nearly espresso. The raw, vibrant coffee and caffeine smell permeated the house and woke Shawn, Joshua and Michael. Vito banished them to the veranda and the swimming pool. They had access to the barbecue and the outdoor refrigerators, the pool showers, more coffee and Speedo swim trunks so they didn't have to go naked or wear women's clothing in public. Again, Vito and Dale apologized to Clark for the disturbances. He had the boxes containing the costumes open and waiting for Vito and Dale in the living room.

"I don't mind all the fuss. It's all just part of my job," Clark answered. Vito and Dale's lifestyle was so in accord with their behavior. They handled various parts of the costumes.

"First, you need to get out of those basketball shorts and pull on these unitards. Don't worry about being naked. All of our Chromosphere Deluxe Costumes require nudity and I've seen most of our customers naked. Besides, I just woke you guys while you were wearing crotchless panties. How revealing was that?" Clark joked. Vito and Dale couldn't do anything but laugh at his joke. They dropped their shorts, took the unitards and pulled them over their bodies. Their cocks and balls slipped out through holes in the fabric. The fabric on their legs was thick with designs outlining their thighs, knees and calves in motors, winches, pulleys and hydraulic systems. The torso's ripped six-pack, muscular stomach and powerful hips please both men. They had steel bars instead of ribs. The piece de resistance for Dale was the heavily muscled, nearly bare, metal butt that matched the muscular thickness of the costume's thighs.

"This all seems straightforward, why the personalized service?" Vito asked. He admired his new metal torso in the mirror. The material felt soft against his skin.

"One of the reasons that we help customers into this line of uniforms is that they tend to put on the pieces in the wrong order and the results are less than satisfactory. Sometimes, they can't seal the costumes. More often than not, what they see in the mirror just confuses them. We got so many returns and desperate, last minute phone calls that we started this service! Here's your boots. You should put these on next." Clark said. He didn't tell them the truth. The nanomachines insisted that we do it, he thought. Vito and Dale stepped into thin boots and stamped their feet to get them to fit. As they walked around, they appreciated the heavy appearance of the boot and the lightness on their feet. The boots made their feet into rectangular blocks of metal. It gave their ankles the appearance of a metal rings with rods for axle bars. Clark handed them the codpieces and both men attached them to their hips. Their cocks and balls slid easily into the thick material.

"You guys are both well hung to begin with. The costume will enhance your endowments. Do you want to take a leak while wearing the costume? If you do, I have a tube to insert inside you," Clark asked. Both men squirmed as Clark slid a Teflon tube through the end of the costume and up into their bladders. He showed them how to open the inner valve. Step one, Clark thought.

"What about, well, you know!" Vito asked. Clark held up the data port that fit at the bottom of their spines. It had a second ring below it with a sleeve hanging down. Vito and Dale both grunted as Clark attached the data port to the base of their spines and then slid the hollow tube into their asses. Nanomachines in the data ports started to build data channels in their spinal columns. Step two, Clark thought.

"That data port thing feels like it's got a bunch of needles stuck into my back," Vito said.

"Anything in that area causes discomfort. It will go away in a minute or two. There's nothing you need to worry about," Clark repeated the bromides he always used at this stage. He picked up their jerseys and handed them to Vito and Dale. They looked large and had padding everywhere. They pulled them over their heads and slid their arms into the sleeves. The designs excited both men. The jerseys enlarged their chest and shoulders and gave them heavy, broad backs. The patterns outlined their pectorals and shoulders on their front of their bodies and broadened the trapezius muscles across the back of their bodies. The sleeves made their forearms look like hydraulic machines, cables, steel bars and ring joints. Clark sealed the jersey to the unitard. He tied the neck of the costume tight up high under their jaws. You ain't getting away from me, anymore, thought Clark.

"I'll help with your helmets so you can put your gloves on now," Clark said. The gloves showed nothing but cables, pulleys and metal claws. Instead of four human fingers, there was on solid claw that curved on side of the robotic hand and a thick thumb-like appendage that formed the opposite side of the prosthetic limb. Clark sealed the gloves to the rest of the uniform. Vito and Dale flexed the gloves making the motors and cables on the design appear to move. Diodes blinked in response to their movements. Clark picked up the data port for their chests and pushed it against each man's solar plexus. They each winced as tiny needles gripped their skin through the suit. They didn't know it but millions of tiny, microscopic machines invaded their bodies and moved quickly into their bloodstreams.

"I like this costume. It's so hot and sexy. The fabric actually looks like metal, feels like metal and I'd swear that the fake motors and cables move when I move," Vito said. Only his human head stuck out of his new silvery metal body. Ah, the screaming queen likes something, thought Clark.

"I'm feel as big and hulking as this cyborg. Even my cock feels like it turned to metal," Dale added. He pushed it down with his claw-like hand but his cold, metallic touch made it stiffen a little more.

"You always talk about being a robot or a cyborg or something metallic. Now you got your wish," Vito winked at his partner's still human head.

"This is more than a dream. This feels like the real thing," Dale mused. Warning, warning, warning, he's starting to figure it out, thought Clark.

"The mask completely conceals your head. There are sleeves to hide the interior of your mouths and noses. It will make your voices sound electronic and mechanical. The masks also have goggles that fit over your eyes so that they look like red lasers. I've got to warn you that some of our customers have a hard time getting into the mask," Clark said. Both Vito and Dale told him not to worry about them. Clark moved behind Vito and pulled the mask over his head. He positioned the eyes and then helped Vito with the mouth and nosepieces. Dale's cock stiffened and got rock hard as he watched Clark fasten the back of the mask tight around Vito's head. The cyborg's eyes looked like red dots on metal orbs and his ears were only metal outlines.

"Just a few ornaments," Clark said to Vito. Clark took two data access ports with blinking lights and stuck them to the sides of Vito's head at the temple. He activated the lights on the panels. The body of the cyborg snapped to attention. Dale's cock drooled precum at the sight. The anticipation excited him.

"There, you're complete Vito. I'll heat shrink the material on both you and Dale at one time. Meanwhile, stand and watch while I install Dale's helmet," Clark said.

"By your command," Vito joked. His voice sounded artificial. Clark and Dale laughed. Clark picked up Dale's mask and held it in front of his face. Dale nodded. Clark slid it over his skull and wrapped the material around his jaw and neck. He swallowed the portion of the mask that fit into his mouth sniffed the tubes up his nose. Clark positioned the eyepieces and tapped the side of Dale's head. The sudden light startled Dale. It dialed down so he could see the house. The colors were surprisingly vivid colors. Halos and auras surrounded Clark and Vito. He felt Clark seal the back of the helmet and attach the two data ports to the sides of his head. He felt his balls churning, ready for orgasm. He leaned up close to Clark's ear.

"You've really got a good act, Dude. You're never going to let us take theses costumes off, are you?" Dale asked. His voice sounded cold and metallic.

"Nope, and there is nothing you can do about it," Clark answered. It's too late to worry about that, Dude, Clark thought.

"I don't want to anything about it, Sir. Move your feet Sir, I'm going to cum on your shoes," Dale chuckled softly.

"No you won't come on my shoes. You won't reach orgasm until I order you to," Clark said. He activated the lights on the panels. Again, millions of tiny, microscopic nanomachines started their entry into his body. Within days, they would convert his flesh, blood and bone into metal, motors, cables and computer chips. Inside the suit, Dale's body snapped to attention and he felt the sexual urges dissipate. He tried to move but the suit wouldn't let him.

"Gentlemen, you're no longer designated Dale and Vito. You are Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two. You will introduce yourselves and refer to yourselves by those designations. You will not reveal your human identities to anyone. You will take orders from me or from someone I designate. Stand at attention while I heat-seal your costumes to your bodies," Clark said. With heat, the costumes bonded irreversibly with Vito and Dale's skin. The material took the shape of each man's body and augmented it with control wiring, hydraulics, motors and cables. Within a few days depending on their physical exertions, the nanomachines would completely convert their bodies replacing bone with metal and muscles with living steel. The nanomachines would convert their oxygen-based heart and lungs into a powerful fuel cell and eventually silicon chips would replace their brain cells.

"Put aside all your worries about your human existence. Over time, the nanomachines will reprogram your minds. As more and more of your bodies turn into metal, you'll no longer need use your human experience to function which means that eventually, you'll lose your human identities and personalities. You two didn't have much more personality than that of six-year-old girls on a candy binge to start with, so that's not much of a change. I suspect that neither of you two, actually liked cock-sucking or butt-fucking very much but you used sex and bickering to replace your minimal personalities. And If I'm wrong, who cares, my customers don't. They're androids from Betelgeuse. You are now merely cyborg sex slaves under my control," Clark told them. Both Vito and Dale tried to object but they couldn't. The nanomachines had complete control of their bodies.

"Now, I'm going to have some fun with your three friends. I hope you approve, I really don't care if you don't. You can tell them how happy you are and how much you like the costumes," Clark ordered. He called Shawn, Joshua and Michael out of the swimming pool and almost ordered them into the house. They wore thongs for bathing trunks and were more naked than dressed. .

"Tell Vito and Dale what you think about their costumes," he said to the three men. They spent the next half hour exploring their friend's bodies and praising the metallic costumes. Dale and Vito could do nothing but act as if they were enjoying themselves and the costumes.

"Joshua, do you want to have sex with either cyborg?" Clark asked.

"Sure, but Vito never lets anyone fuck him. I'd really love to plug his reportedly virgin ass," Joshua nearly drooled on his bare chest.

"Cyborg-Two assume the position," Clark ordered. Formerly Vito, Cyborg-Two eagerly bent over and grabbed his metallic ankles with his big metal claws. Joshua pulled his cock out of the thong. He jerked it hard and plunged it into Vito's now metallic sphincter. He gleefully butt fucked the cyborg -- his hips pumping and muscles flexing like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco.

"Shawn, would you like to have sex with Cyborg-One, formerly known as Dale? If you do, then assume the position," Clark asked. He wondered if Shawn would agree to be fucked by a metal cock as obviously huge as the Cyborg's metal dong.

"Yes Sir!" Shawn snapped to attention and awkwardly pulled off his thong at the same time. He had a long, lean torso with a cute, bubble butt. "I want him to fuck my brains out."

"Are you sure you can handle that?" Clark asked. Shawn opened a drawer on the table and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart lubricating his asshole. Clark ordered Cyborg-One to fuck Shawn's brains out of his head. As Cyborg-One, Dale had no choice but to literally obey. He felt his metal arms grab Shawn's hips and plunge his thick metal cock deep into Shawn's ass. Shawn whimpered and moaned as Cyborg-One rotated its hips and pumped his body. Michael, the third friend, watched and jerked on his cock.

"Michael, suck off Cyborg-Two. Chow down on that big metal cock," Clark ordered. Michael, although not under any compulsion, did as Clark ordered. What a delightfully obedient man he is, thought Clark. Cyborg-Two's cock was almost twelve inches long and thick as a baseball bat. Michael struggled with sucking the huge metal member into his mouth.

"Joshua, why don't you fuck Cyborg-Two's metal ass," Clark said. Joshua happily complied. Clark let them fuck and suck for fifteen minutes. When Cyborg-Two neared the point of orgasm from the double assault, Clark spoke up.

"Cyborg-Two, freeze!" Clark ordered and Vito felt his metal body stiffen. Cyborg-Two stood as still as a statue, his impending orgasm on hold. Both Joshua and Michael thought this was great. They poked and prodded the immobile metal body. Inside, Dale's mind screamed for release. The suit made his testicles hyperactive and they hurt from holding back their load. He desperately wanted to spew. They counted down from ten and Clark ordered Cyborg-Two to orgasm. Michael's cheeks bulged with Cyborg-Two's load of hot steaming jism. He nearly choked to death at the amount of ejaculate. Joshua reached orgasm in Cyborg-Two's butt and laid his sweat-drenched body over The Cyborg's broad back as he jerked spasmodically and uncontrollably.

"Michael, I want you to suck that thick, uncut metal cock as deep as you possibly can into your throat," Clark said. Still coughing, Michael did as he asked.

"Cyborg-Two blow another load as deep as you can in Michael's throat," Clark ordered. Michael tried to get away but Cyborg-Two grabbed his ears and shoved the thick, metal cock into Michael's mouth forcing his jaws and throat open. His throat visibly bulged as the cock pushed deep inside him. When the Cyborg reached bottom, Michael felt the cock pulse as it delivered a stream of hot cum deep into his gullet. The world spun around him and the dark clouds closed in. Clark stopped Cyborg-Two before Michael passed out. Joshua beat on Michael's chest to get him breathing again.

"Do it again. Do it again," Michael choked out of his bruised and violated throat. Cyborg-Two stood at attention with its metal cock still erect and throbbing in the air. Inside the costume, Dale desperately tried to regain control of his body. His fingers felt cold like steel. His joints felt hot as the nanomachines converted them into metal. He couldn't decide if he hated or loved his new body. It was so much bigger, stronger and sexier than his human body, but it drained his emotions, his feelings, his free will.

"Not today, Michael, come back to the workshop with the Cyborgs and I'll fix you up," Clark said. Clark wanted a third cyborg and the heavy load of metalized sperm that Michael ingested would slowly draw him to the workshop like a moth to the flame. Michael didn't know it but his lust had betrayed him into involuntary servitude.

The three men turned their attention to Shawn. "You still got a brain, Shawn," Clark joked after watching for ten minutes. Cyborg-One methodically and mechanically fucked Shawn's ass. Unless ordered to reach orgasm, Cyborg-One would never stop. Shawn moaned in pleasure.

"I was well on my way to losing my mind when he started. I've cum twice. He's hot and he's big inside me. How long can he keep it up?" Shawn answered.

"...Days, months, years, if I told him to fuck you until you were dead, he'd comply. He can't let go of your body," Clark answered. Shawn moaned in pleasure. His cock stiffened and jerked in orgasm for the third time. Cum merely dribbled out. Gasping for breath Shawn drooled over the floor.

"Three times, let's go for four. Please, can we go for four, please? I want him to leave me a whimpering, sobbing rag doll," Shawn struggled. Clark refused.

"Cyborg-One, go deep and orgasm," Clark ordered. Cyborg-One pulled Shawn's hips tight against its metal body and started to squirt load after load of hot cum inside Shawn's guts. Shawn moaned in pleasure as his body filled and his stomach stretched. When Cyborg-One finished, it slowly withdrew from Shawn's ass. Shawn felt his ass quiver and snap shut; sealing his body closed as Cyborg-One withdrew the huge metal cock. Cyborg-One's load sloshed in his stomach when he moved.

"Give me an hour and turn it loose on my ass again," Shawn begged. Cyborg-One stood motionless.

"You really want me to turn you into a mindless, fuck and suck hungry slut?" Clark asked. He already guessed the answer.

"Hell yes. I'd take one of the robots home if I could," Shawn said frankly and truthfully.

"Show up at the shop in the next week and I'll fulfill your wish. Today, I have to take care of Dale and Vito," Clark answered. Clark looked around at the three men.

"Tell me Joshua, what do you want? Michael wants to deep throat the biggest cock in the world, Shawn wants to be fucked all day long, and you, what do you want?"

"Me? What do I want?" Joshua held a hand to his chest as much as to question Clark as to indicate he was there. They waited for his reply. Joshua posed looking cute and adorable for several heartbeats.

"Gee, Mister Announcer, sir, I really want world peace?" Joshua said in a high-pitched, effeminate voice. He smiled his cutest and most adorable bad-boy smile. Clark glared at him. Both Shawn and Michael giggled.

"Are you brain damaged? Terminally stupid? Or just a sarcastic jerk?" Clark wasn't a happy camper. He waited silent and wrathful. Joshua just waved him off. His entire demeanor turned to normalcy. He dropped all pretenses.

"I didn't mean anything like that, Clark. I'm sorry. It was crass of me. To tell the truth, Clark, I just like a good fuck and suck. It doesn't have to have anything special like the biggest cock, or the deepest hole, or the longest fuck, or metal robot. I grew up on a farm in a plain-living family. Give me warm and cuddly male companionship and I'm happy, that's all," Joshua answered. Clark's displeasure abated.

"Visit me at the shop sometime. We'll figure out something plain and straightforward for you," Clark said.

"It might be Halloween before I need a costume. I'll keep you in mind," Joshua said.

"Right now," Clark said, "I'll make Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two your slaves for the Solstice Party. Not sex slaves mind you, but more like butlers, waiters or drivers. Got that, no sex and don't tell anyone who they are. That's an order," Clark said. Both Michael and Shawn answered with a quick "Yes Sir" leaving Joshua puzzled. They never agreed to anything that fast. This gang could argue with anyone about anything. He didn't realize that Shawn and Michael were already subservient to Clark's wishes. Clark turned to Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two.

"Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two, you will go to the solstice party and you will enjoy yourselves as cyborgs. You will not have sex with humans. You will explain to everyone that you are metal, happy to serve and definitely not human. You will not reveal your human identity to anyone and you can only act like a cyborg. You will function as drivers, waiters, servants and helpers to Shawn, Michael and Joshua - get them food, drink, transport them. Do you understand? I will wait for you at Ye Olde Costume Shoppe," Clark ordered. Both cyborgs answered in the affirmative.


Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two brought Michael back to the costume shop from the Solstice Party early the next afternoon. Michael bounced out of the limousine drunk and silly. He wore a cowboy hat, vest, bandoleers, heavily fringed leather chaps, boots and six guns hanging from his hips. His genitals and buttocks were bare for all to see. Bits of food, ketchup, mustard, mayonaise and barbecue sauce splattered Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two's metal bodies.

"Yee-hah pardner, the cavalry has arrived and Im all the worse for wear," Michael pulled the toy guns from their holsters and pretended to fire them into the air. Two silly flags with the word "bang" on them popped out of the guns. Clark burst into laughter at the sheer, drunken stupidity of the sight. Michael holstered the guns and frowned broadly. He pouted and played the drunk to the hilt.

"They wouldn't let me have real guns, so I had to settle for these," Michael acted out his sadness. A few passing cars swerved at the sight of his naked buns and the two metal robots standing next to the limousine. A delivery truck beeped its horn and the driver whistled. Michael took umbrage at the toot and ran after the truck.

"Hey asshole, you can't have what I got," Michael yelled. He planted his feet wide on the cobblestones and waved his hips back and forth causing his cock and balls to smack his stomach and swing between his legs. A mini-van from a retirement home taking blue-haired widows to Symphony Hall drove past just in time to watch the exhibition of his cock.

"Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two, get that drunk inside before we're all arrested," Clark yelled. Michael ran down the middle of the street screaming and yelling kidnap and rape. Cyborg-One and Cyborg Two raced after him -- their hulking, metallic bulk clanging on the street. Michael reached the corner bar-and-grill, Oliverio's Livery and Gastronomique, grabbed a pitcher of beer from a table and half-drank, half-poured the beer into his mouth. He ran into the restaurant and stopped short. A patrolman was standing inside the restaurant. Michael never made it back outside. The policeman let Cyborg-One throw Michael over his heavily muscled, metal shoulder. Michael ordered Cyborg-Two to carry two pitchers of beer back to the warehouse. The storeowner and the policeman walked quietly behind them as they marched back to the Costume Shop.

"Do these assholes belong to you?" the beer garden owner yelled. The policeman just stayed quiet and watched as Clark paid for the beer and had Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two put everything back in order. Clark mentally prepared his best "officer this was all a mistake and boys will be boys" talk that usually got him out of any trouble. The policeman wore mirrored sunglasses and tapped his palm with the end of his nightstick. He caught Clark unprepared.

"My brother tells me that this was a merely a minor disturbance and they don't want to cause any trouble. I, on the other hand think you should be beaten to within and inch of your life with my nightstick," the policeman said. He waited just long enough to see panic in Clark's face before he started laughing.

"!your brother?" Clark stuttered. He could hear Michael singing inside the costume shop.

"Yeah, he wants me to give you all sorts of grief and hell like a hard-ass cop but I can't do that. I had a court date downtown and stopped by the restaurant for my weekly fix of burritos and guacamole," the policeman answered. His nametag said R. R. D. G. Oliver.

"I'm Clark O'Shannessey. I own Ye Olde Costume Shoppe. Glad to meet you! You had me scared for a moment. Typically my customers don't get so exuberant, shall we say," Clark shook the policeman's hand. He could see a husky set of hairy muscles through the thin with shirt.

"I'm Ricardo Raul Domingo Gustavus Oliverio. Most of my friends call me Ricky," the policeman said.

"Dickey Raul," Clark teased. He took the money for the beer from his wallet and handed it to the policeman.

"Not Dickey, Ricky," the policeman laughed.

"I eat at Oliverio's most days. Tell him that I'm sorry for the naked invasion," Clark studied Ricky the policeman. He lingered. He wanted to talk.

"We found it quite amusing. I was wondering if you had an authentic Zorro costume. We have a masquerade party every year and a twentieth century cape and mask doesn't cut it anymore," Ricky shuffled, a little embarrassed by his request. Through the open door, he could see Michael running around the shop stark naked - no chaps, no shoes and Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two lumbering after him. Clark squinted to see the sight and shook his head.

"Sure I can do that. Come around any day a week or two before you need it," Clark shoved a card into the Ricky's hand and hurried into the shop. Ricky could hear him barking orders to the three men. One of the Cyborg's crashed into the door to the shop and slammed it closed. Ricky wanted to discuss the costume; any costume, not only the Zorro costume. Ricky waited outside for a few minutes and then walked back to the restaurant.

Inside the shop, Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two finally caught Michael and held him as he gasped for breath.

"I gather the Solstice Party was a success?" Clark asked Michael.

"Now, let me tell you, success is measured in many way, darling," Michael stopped and took a swallow of beer. He belched long and hard. He went to take another swig of beer but Clark took the six-pack away from him and set it in a refrigerator.

"Now I'm telling you Clarky-poo, this party was a great example of Christ was I drunk last night, I don't remember a damn thing." Michael finished the beer bottle in his hand and tried to get another from the refrigerator. Clark blocked his way. He shook a finger of reprimand.

"No more beer, you need to sober up," Clark said.

"Aw, you're mad at me! I tried to stop the guys at the party form from throwing food at Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two, but no one listens to a screaming, silly drunk like me. They threw ice cream, egg salad, cheesecake, barbeque sauce and maybe one or two margaritas but that was all."

"!one or two margaritas, no tequila," Clark asked.

"Only the worms when the gang finished the bottles. Those costumes are like metal and you know the old saying? Don't-cha? If the pitcher hits the rock, it's bad for the pitcher. Well, it was bad for the worms in the tequila bottles. A whole case of them lost their homes," Michael rubbed his face with one hand and balanced his dizziness with the other.

"Is your shop moving?" Michael closed his eyes as the room spun around his head.

"How about Shawn and Joshua? You seem to have left them behind," Clark asked.

"Oh, I left lots of DNA in their behinds. Those two guys are sluts par-excellence' and proud of it," Michael felt his insides churn. He needed more beer to calm his body. Clark wouldn't give him any.

"Why didn't they come back here in the limousine with you?" Clark asked.

"Oh, those two, well they were the worst of the gang. They smeared Dale and Vito with mayonnaise and then washed it off with recycled beer. You know what recycled beer is?" Michael never even realized that he didn't answer the question Clark asked. Clark waved his hand in a circle motioning for Michael to continue. Clearly, Michael's drunken brain was on autopilot.

"Well, after that, it was a free for all. Everyone pissed all over them. I must admit, I never thought Vito or Dale would ever be bottoms like that but they never made a move or a sound. No, they were good, obedient metal slaves. They didn't even move when half the party ejaculated on them. If you know anything about Vito, you know that he would never let anyone cum on him. Oh great god in heaven, he's a bastard about things like that. He's usually uptight like a preacher's daughter. It's always: Oh, it's so stinky; Eeeeuuuwww, get it off me; and I hate the smell of it. He's a real, fucking drama queen. Last night they never said a word. Not even when the guests licked all that the chocolate off their metallic bodies." Michael's enjoyed his drunken and half-assed description of the party. Clark pretended to laugh at the story. He was pleased at Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two's ability to take abuse but the party was beyond anything he imagined they would suffer. Michael tried to lean on a counter and nearly fell over.

"No, I meant where are Shawn and Joshua?" Clark asked.

"Oh, those two sluts, they're went home with a couple of friends they met at the party, if you know what I mean," Michael stopped to take deep breaths.

"You mean wink, wink, nudge, nudge," Clark said. He winked and nudged. Michael bust out in a raucous laugh.

"No dumbshit, I meant butt-fucking, cock-sucking, mouth-to-mouth, non-stop sex for days. Those dudes don't play around. They latched onto two steeenking-reeech Latino boys with big muscle bods, and huge uncut pingas and deep pockets with lots of cash and drugs, drugs, drugs. They have all the sex and drugs they need for a week or two. Now, don't tell them I told you," Michael spun around and nearly fell on the floor. He landed on a chair.

"Aw shit, I'm so wasted; Aim me at the porcelain, Dude, AIM ME," Michael screamed and fanned himself. He launched a technicolor yawn all over Clark, himself and the shop floor. Then he passed out. Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two cleaned Clark and the floor. Clark had a pair of BBall shorts to wear.

"Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two take Michael with you and warsh yourselves up! and y'know what," Clark paused. "!yunz would look better with a really heavy wax job," Clark said. Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two carefully picked up Michael's limp body. As they started to move to the shower room, Clark spoke up again.

"!and you three can have sex, if you want. Use the special lubricant." Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two carried Michael off to a shower room at the back of the warehouse. Clark activated his surveillance cameras and watched as they hoisted Michael over a toilet and let him puke again. Then they dragged his limp body into the shower and began to clean both his and their bodies. Clark recorded the sessions with several cameras.

The hot steamy shower revived Michael. Clark could hear him singing as Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two soaped and scrubbed him clean. White suds covered the two metallic figures and Michael. The soap dissolved all the hair on Michael's body. Pleased with himself, Michael opened the so-called lubricant. It felt like oil and made Michael's well-tanned skin take on the appearance of burnished bronze. The more lubricant they used, the deeper the bronzing of Michael's body. Free from the debris of the party and aroused by the slickness of the special lubricant, Cyborg-One began a long, languid fuck of Michael while Michael sucked Cyborg-Two huge metal cock. They reached orgasm before Michael was satisfied and the two cyborgs switched positions. Spent and satisfied, the Cyborgs dried each other and Michael in streams of hot air. Michael went to leave the shower room but the Cyborgs stopped him. They opened a can of wax and began to wax their metal bodies and his fleshy body.

The wax changed the color of the Cyborg's skin from silvery steel to blue-black and gave them a hard, enamel like sheen. Michael's skin, already a dark bronze from the soap and lubricant deepened in color. Michael admired his new skin color and hairless body in a full-length mirror. Satisfied that they had completed their task, Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two hauled Michael back to Clark.

"Your minions have bathed and washed me, Dog. I feel so good, my muscles feel tight, my body looks so good and my hair has gone down the drain," Michael proudly showed himself off to Clark.

"You turned out better than I ever imagined," Clark said. Michael's body resembled old bronze.

"You had expectations? Boy you are a dreamer," Michael laughed in Clark's face. He felt manically high after the shower and sex. He wanted to go outside and run around. Clark ignored the insult and took a box from the shelf.

"Actually, I have a mask that matches your bronze body and I'd like you to try on before you leave," Clark smiled innocently at Michael.

"Aw, I'm all costumed out, Dog. I feel like going outside and getting some exercise. You have no idea just how much a party like that stiffens up a body!" Michael just realized that he was trapped in the warehouse. He looked around for his clothes.

"Did you take my street clothes or did I leave them at the party?" Michael asked Cyborg One. He took a good look at the two metal bodies in their deep, steel blue glory. He didn't remember seeing a zipper or closure when they were in the shower. Michael smacked his palm to his forehead.

"You left your street clothes at the party. Don't you remember running up the street bare ass," Cyborg-One answered in a monotonic voice. He realized that this was the first time that Cyborg-One spoke let alone initiate any conversation. He had a burning desire to get away from the costume shop. He didn't know why, he just knew that he should leave.

"What a dummy I am. Hey Clark, do you think that you could ask your limousine to drive me home? I'd hate to take the bus dressed only in my birthday suit and this great tan that the cyborgs covered me with," Michael asked in a cheery voice. He put a strong front up to Clark but his eyes betrayed his fear.

"I think it would be fun for you to ride the buses home looking like that. You could pretend that you're a statue and stand very still and not say a word. You could tell the police that you're not completely naked, you know. You are coated with wax," Clark teased. Michael's body was completely naked of everything - clothing, sweat, hair.

"Until someone touches me, then the jig is up and I'll go to jail as a pervert. Do you have any idea what would happen to me in jail looking like this?" Michael's bravado seemed to carry the day.

"I have a pair of basketball shorts from an old costume. I'll call you a taxi. The Taxi drivers are used to my odd customers needing rides in ridiculous outfits," Clark said. He picked up the phone and ordered the taxi.

Michael relented and felt better. He ran his fingers over Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two while he waited for Clark to finish. Their metal bodies felt harder and more metallic than the day of the Solstice Party. He touched his own skin and it felt tight and stiff. I could be a bronze casting. It must be the effect of the wax, he thought. Clark watched Michael in one of the many mirrors in the warehouse as he chit-chatted with the taxi dispatcher.

"Yellow Cab says they'll have a taxicab here in about a half of an hour. If it's the driver we usually get, he'll drive you home naked," Clark said as he hung up the phone. Michael felt better. He could always run out to the taxi regardless of what he was wearing.

"Great! But please, can you get me those shorts, please? I feel a little cold," Michael said. The warehouse was hot and sweaty.

"Only if you try on the bronze helmet I made. I'd appreciate this as one last favor," Clark said. His face looked as innocent as baby's face as he lifted the helmet from its box.

"Gee, I don't know," said Michael.

Michael took the bronze headpiece and studied it. It was a very angular helmet and reminded Michael of pipes welded together. The ears were round circles set on a band that circled the head and covered the circular eyepieces. The top of the helmet was staggered in two tiers. A Mohawk of bronze wire stabbed up from the top of the forehead to the back of the head. A band of bronze metal formed the chin and the mouth was merely an open circle. A soft, conforming, rubbery material filled the inside of the helmet. The helmet didn't weigh much but it was substantial. It opened into front and back half held together with a dozen finely threaded Allen bolts. The bronze patina on the helmet matched the coloration on his skin.

"You'd make a magnificent Greek warrior in bronze," Clark said.

"I'm not fond of all those screws. You could spend forever just tightening them," Michael said

"I'll tell you what, I'll even let you see my best work in real metal! a bronze jock strap," Clark pulled a chain mail jockstrap out of the box. It fascinated Michael. It wasn't what he thought of as a jock strap. The pouch was so small it could only hold a pair of testicles. A shallow cup with a hole in it was strategically placed where a man's cock would sit. The intricate chain mail split into two chains under the legs to follow the shape of the buttocks.

"This pouch is so small, how does it work? Where's your dick fit?" Michael asked.

"It's a slave's belt from very early Grecian history. They used it instead of castration. They'd push a man's cock back into his stomach and let the head push against the circle of metal. That way, the slave could take a wiz and but not get a hard on," Clark explained.

"And someone wants to wear this to a party?" Michael fiddled the metal fabric against his scrotum. His balls just barely fit into the pouch. The metal blended well with his new skin color. He fumbled with both hands to secure one strap around his right leg. He couldn't get it fastened.

"Not a party, per se, more like a reenactment of ancient times," Clark reached out and twisted the ends of the leg strap together. They held tight. The chain dug into Michael's skin.

"Those straps have hidden latches," Clark said.

"Well that makes sense," Michael said. He pulled the metal chain around his left leg. The pouch pulled tight but with his cock in the way, he couldn't fasten the special links. He fussed with the device.

"You can't put it on that way. It's not made to fit over your cock," Clark said.

"Show me," Michael said in frustration. Clark took the head of Michael's cock and pushed it backwards into his belly. When Michael's cock had all but disappeared, Clark fit circle of the metal pouch over the head of Michael's cock and fastened the second leg strap. The pouch pulled Michael's balls tight against his body and prevented his cock from emerging. It was tight. The glans of Michael's cock pushed hard against the center hole.

"There, that's the way it's intended to fit. Whatcha think?" Clark asked.

"Chastity belt ain't the word I would use, emasculation, maybe?" Michael felt his lower stomach. The fine chain made his abdomen smooth and nearly genital free. He felt his cock stiffening. It pushed tight against the metal ring and hurt. The thought of getting an erection in this outfit made him cringe. The tight metal pressing into his skin made his cock harden. The more the metal dug into his skin, the warmer it felt and the deeper it dug into his body. His balls twisted and throbbed in the tight grip of the metal mesh. Michael tried to release the straps and couldn't.

"Hey, get this thing off me, huh. The taxi will be here in a few minutes," Michael fussed. He felt hot and sweaty. It was hard to stay calm. He wanted to fuck but couldn't. Only the tip of the glans protruded from his stomach. The bronze of the jock strap metal dug into his thighs and crotch.

"I'll make you a deal. You're almost my bronze warrior. Just try the helmet on and let me take one picture. Then I'll let you out of the jockstrap," Clark proposed. Angry and frustrated, Michael look stared angrily at Clark. A hot, sexual craving filled his body. I'll look so good in that helmet he thought and then he wondered where the thought came from.

"You bastard, you trapped me in my own curiosity. It serves me right," Michael said. He picked up the helmet and held the front piece to his face. Clark quickly pushed the back into position and twisted a couple screws to hold it in place. Michael felt the mouthpiece push between his teeth and force his mouth open. Another piece of metal kept his jaw closed. The mouthpiece didn't leave much room for his tongue. A soft metallic putty lined the inside the mask. It conformed to his face and head and held the helmet tight. Clark tightened one screw on each side of the helmet.

"It won't look good if I don't tighten all of the screws," Clark said. Michael mumbled. He felt his cock straining against the metal jockstrap. He wanted to tell Clark to get finished but he couldn't. The screws squeaked softly as Clark turned them. The helmet pulled tighter and tighter against his head and neck. Michael imagined the screws entering not just the helmet but also his skull. When Clark finished, he turned Michael toward a mirror. Michael admired what he saw. With the helmet and jockstrap, he looked just like a bronze statue. I do look hot and exciting like this, he thought. Aroused and engorged, his cock ached for relief.

"Pose for me," Clark ordered. Michael found he couldn't refuse. He felt compelled to obey. Clark snapped pictures of the various poses. Each pose made his heart race as he watched his body flex in the mirror.

"You're a magnificent example of the Bronze Warriors. You look as good as the best Greek statues of the period," Clark said. Michael wanted to agree. He gave Clark two thumbs up. His body felt hot to his touch.

"Yes, you are so sexy and hot. Don't you feel it?" Clark snapped his fingers and Cyborg One and Cyborg-Two grabbed Michael's arms and held him tight. Their hands felt cold like solid steel against his overheated skin. Michael struggled against Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two without much success. Clark pulled a huge hypodermic from the box. He plunged the needle into Michael's chest and emptied it directly into his heart. The world spun around Michael and the clouds of darkness filled his eyes. The fluid coursed through is body turning it into a small furnace. He tried to move and couldn't. He could hear blood rushing through his ears and felt his heart racing, fluttering. He felt his blood pressure rise and imagine his body becoming hollow. The noise in his ears grew softer and the pressure diminished. Clark

"Don't worry Michael. You're not dying. You're changing, hollowing out," Clark patted his shoulder. It already felt cold, hard and metallic.

"At first, I thought you'd make an attractive obedient cyborg just like Dale and Vito, but today, today, I saw a new side of you that just begged to be unleashed in bronze! you are one of the most beautiful statues I've ever created," Clark chuckled obscenely.

"Once your heart stops, you won't have to breathe and you won't have to eat. You will crave sexual contact and with that hole for a mouth, you'll suck like a Hoover if you get the chance. I'm going to insert another ring in your asshole so you can be fucked," Clark laughed at his own joke as he inserted the ring into Michael's asshole making it available for sexual encounters.

"Don't think that I'm too terribly cruel. You can still orgasm; you just can't have an erection. The Greeks would have just lopped your cock right off. I didn't do that." Clark's laugh chilled Michael's thoughts just as the transformation chilled his body. He felt his heart stop. His chest didn't move with each breath. Clark listened with a stethoscope and nodded at what he didn't hear. He knocked on Michael's chest and made his body ring like a bell. The vibrations made Michael horny. His balls ached for release and his cock grew hard and pressed against its metal prison. Michael guessed correctly that Clark wouldn't supply that relief.

"Go stand over there in that alcove and wait for further instructions. I might even donate you to a museum, I have to think about your final fate," Clark told him. Michael felt his body obey.

Clark turned and walked over to an alcove where Cyborg-One and Cyborg-Two stood awaiting their new owners.

"You two are going to be a fine addition to the cyborg sex workers of Polaris Seven," Clark said. He set about preparing for the spaceship's hovercraft to land on the roof of his warehouse that night.


Shawn Balduccino drove his motorcycle up in front of a row of gray-green buildings. In the middle of the block was a nondescript door with a small sign announcing it as "Ye Olde Costume Shoppe." He smiled as he parked his motorcycle and entered the shop. Clark greeted him with a big hug. Clark stood a head taller and twenty-five pounds lighter than Shawn did. He still wore that disgustingly thin goatee on his chin. Tribal tattoos peaked out from behind his short sleeves and collar.

"Do you how hard it is to find this place?" Shawn said. He pulled his T-shirt over his head, folded it and placed it in a box on the counter. He was a handsome young man with blond hair, fair skin and bright blue eyes. He had more muscles than he should have had for his lack of exercise. A swirling mass of new tattoos in red, yellow and black covered his shoulders and arms. He pulled his boots and jeans off and placed them in the crate. More tattoos covered Shawn's thighs and calves. He stood in his tighty-whities.

"We can't make it easy for you guys, you know. You really have to want one of our costumes," Clark pointed at Shawn's shorts and made him take them off. Shawn stood naked.

"Well, I got all those tattoos you recommended and I shaved my body. I still don't know what costume you picked out for me," Shawn asked. He watched as Clark stored the box with his street clothes on a shelf.

"I'm sure that you'll love the costume, after all. It's going to be your new skin," Clark answered. Shawn idly rubbed a hand over his arm and shoulder.

"How can you be so sure about that? How do you know that you picked the costume that I want deep down in my heart of hearts," Shawn's smiled beamed out of his face.

"If I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret," Clark rubbed Shawn's curly blond hair. Then he put an arm around Shawn's shoulder and walked him towards the back room. Shawn's body felt firm and substantial.

"You understand that you might never walk out of this building, again?" Clark asked. He removed his outer shirt and hung it on a hook next to the door.

"Did you ever hear the joke about the zookeeper who had a love-sick female gorilla on his hands and he offered the local redneck, cracker hillbilly the job of satisfying her for 500 dollars? The hillbilly had four conditions: One, he wouldn't kiss her on the lips; Two, he didn't want anyone to know he did it; Three, the kids had to be raised in his religion; and four, he needed a week to get the 500 dollars together. The point being, I'm here, I'm willing, and I want it no matter what the cost. It's a small price to pay for my dream," Shawn said. They came to a door at the very back of the shop.

"Well then, open the door and take a look at the new world," Clark said. Shawn opened the door and boldly stepped through. Hot, humid air assaulted him. They were in a jungle clearing next to a clear stream. Thick, wild grass bent under his feet. It smelled earthy, full of exotic flowers, huge ferns, wood rot, animal smells and huge trees. Clark followed him into the middle of the clearing. He was still dressed in his now oddly out-of-place shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. A costume box sat on a bench formed out of a log. Clark launched into his sales pitch.

"The Chromosphere Deluxe Costume I have for you is from deepest, darkest Africa. It's an animal that the Ancient Egyptians considered sacred. As the attendant of Thoth, this animal had an honored position in Egyptian society. They even embalmed a few of them and placed them in their pyramids! Yes, you guessed it! It's the red-assed baboon. You should look carefully at the ass portion of the animal. It's much prettier than the face," Clark laughed at his own joke as he opened the box. A dozen pictures of baboons lay on top of the costume. Shawn looked through the pictures in amazement. In one of the pictures, a male baboon had its backside to the camera. Testicles the size of baseballs hung from its stomach and its tail was a thick as most men's arms. Its asshole was immense, deep and blood red in color. It begged to be fucked. The pictures enthralled Shawn.

"Their bodies are so much smaller than my body," Shawn said.

"The suit takes care of that. You'll start out as big as you are now and with the passage of time, your body will shrink and adapt. You'll barely notice the size change. Let me point out a few benefits of our version of a baboon. Their smaller body means you'll have proportionately larger cock and balls. A baboon penis is very close to a human penis with a veined, lumpy shaft and protruding glans. Yours will be larger than any other baboon's penis. We also made the testicles larger and thickened the walls of their new furry sack. You and your mates will be able to fuck for hours without stop and since your red ass is amazingly sensitive, that's a good thing. If you look at the picture, you'll see that your ass sits under that prehensile tail. " Clark said. He waited for another question as Shawn scrutinized the pictures.

"The suit has a silvery mane?" Shawn asked.

"Yes, male baboons have manes and this costume has one, too. Your mane is silver and your body will be covered in luxurious auburn-brown fur. Your fur changes color to orange and yellow on your belly and chest. It all compliments the red ass." Clark explained.

"It's wonderful! I even get to be a red-head, too," Shawn said. "But only from the back, that face is just so ugly."

"Well, a face only a mother and other baboons can love but an ass they adore. From behind, you'll be irresistible. Look, all baboons have hairless, dog-like muzzles. The proper name is cynocephalus. The long snout matches the close-set eyes. Baboons are still carnivores and have heavy, powerful jaws with long, sharp teeth. Don't take this wrong, but you ain't giving me a blow job with teeth like that," Clark joked. Shawn laughed with him.

"Aw, I wouldn't bite you," Shawn said. He pretended to pout. He thought about how fantastic it would be to have sex with a human when he became a baboon.

"We'll see what happens when you get into the costume. We engineered speech into that mouth. You'll have to get used to it with that long tongue, though," Clark replied. He picked up what looked like a pair of furry chaps made from leotards and a pair of funky boots with long, hairy feet. Shawn pulled the garment up his legs and fastened the thin waistband. His buttocks remained hairless. Thick fur covered his legs from his hips down to his ankles. It changed to a luxurious cream color on his inner thighs. His legs - ankles, calves knees and thighs - retained their shape but in the costume, they felt shorter, not as proportionate to his human torso. He stroked the fur on his legs. It felt smooth, sleek and sexy like mink. He pulled the boots over his feet and fit his toes into the appropriate holes. The boots stretched and bent his feet, forcing his big toe back up the foot. The arch of his feet felt more like the palm of his hand and when he curled his toes, he could see how they would grab a tree branch or a vine and hold onto it. His toes were almost as flexible as his human finger and much stronger. Pads formed on the balls of his feet back up to the heel and short, coarse, dark-brown fur covered the tops of his feet.

"I'm going to walk funny, ain't I," Shawn asked.

"Baboons are arboreal. You're going to spend most of your time living in trees, hanging from branches and brachiating on vines. You'll be able to walk and run on all fours but hanging out in trees will feel better," Clark said.

"And my body will adjust to living in trees?" Shawn asked.

"Of course," Clark answered. He held up gauze-like hospital gown and let Shawn put both arms into it. Clark laced the back like a corset. The material stuck to Shawn's chest and followed the outlines of his pectorals and ribs. It left his nipples exposed but covered the rest of his both with fur. The lacing made his stomach smaller, tighter and pushed his intestines closer to his chest. The corset seemed to stretch his body. His chest grew rounder and thicker from front to back. His shoulders hunched forward the sockets holding his arms twisted outward to let his arms twist and rotate. His muscles grew leaner, thinner and stronger. He flexed his arms and shoulders feeling the changes. The costume pulled against his normal human movements. His abdomen stretched down longer than before. It flattened near the tops of his hips and his genitals sat open and pushed forward.

"I feel like I have a hunch back. The muscles of my back and shoulders feel wrong," Shawn said.

"Considering your new body can trot like a dog and you can swing through trees like Tarzan on steroids, your muscles have to be different," Clark said. He held up a codpiece with a long and bumpy cock hanging out of it and a thick sack to hold Shawn's testicles.

"Your new unit awaits," Clark teased. Shawn fit his cock and balls into the proper places and strapped the codpiece around his waist. It elongated his hips and flattened his lower abdomen even more than the rest of the costume. He tried to stand upright, but his hips felt odd and hurt. His new ball sack was huge, leathery and covered with thick, dark fur that filled the space between his legs. His testicles felt as big as pool balls. A new cock - skinny, snaky and bumpy - slid out from inside a wrinkled furry sheath. It was longer than a human cock, bumpier, snaky and even more sensitive. The costume passed the sensations through to his human cock and as it stiffened, it was longer and thicker than ever.

"With a cock and balls like these, I could father half the illegitimate babies in the Unites States," Shawn joked. Shawn tried to stand upright but the suit pulled and tugged his body into unfamiliar positions.

"You'll have lots of chances to use your new equipment. There are over a hundred sex-crazed, butt-loving male baboons waiting for you, you'll see, Clark patted Shawn's furry shoulder.

"And I'm going to be the new face in the crowd?" Shawn asked. He played with is new cock and balls.

"Face? Your new friends don't care about your face. If you've seen one baboon, you've seen them all. It's your ass they desire," Clark joked. Both men laughed. Clark handed him the gloves for the costumes. Shawn pulled them onto his hands. The fingers and palms ended in fleshy pads like a dog's foot. His new hands curved so he could hang from branches without flexing muscles. When he put his hands near his feet, he discovered that Baboon hands and feet looked alike. He'd be able to grip vines, hang by four limbs, jerk-off but not much else. There was nothing subtle about these hands. They weren't for making tools or performing dexterous tasks.

"Wow, what a change. My career as a violinist is over, huh? These hands are more suited to walking on the ground than handling tools. I guess my new body is taking shape," Shawn joked to hide a sudden twinge of fear. Fur covered the top of each hand. Fur covered his elbows. Fur covered his armpits. Fur covered his entire body except for his ass and head. He looked and smelled like an animal and he liked it.

"You can always play second viola," Clark joked. Shawn didn't get the joke. Clark picked a thick, furry tail out of the box.

"You'll need a tail to balance in the trees," Clark said as he presented the tail to Shawn. It was nearly seven inches in diameter at the base and almost five foot long.

"Wow, I never imagined that it would be that big," Shawn admired the tail.

"The tail alters the bones at the base of your spine and changes the orientation of your hips permanently. If you remove it, you still have a huge, deep ass without the tail to prevent entry. The tail will cover your new, red ass cheeks," Clark picked out a pair of bright, red ass cheeks and set them on the bench. Shawn sat nearly breathless.

"All you have to do is lift your tail and let the nearest baboon sink his cock into your ass. Your new red ass cheeks will be so sensitive that you'll orgasm easily. You have ischial callosities so you can sit down and not hurt yourself or hump the ground. The weight of the tail will reverse the curvature of your spine and force you to walk on four limbs. It's the big change. Do you want me to go on?" Clark said.

"Do it. Plug that tail into my spine," Shawn said. He craned his head to see backwards. Clark positioned the tail against the base of Shawn's spine and pushed hard. Shawn felt it dig into his skin and press against the bone. The tail forced hips apart and reoriented the bones, elongating and twisting his hips to account for his new horizontal gate. The bones in Shawn's spinal column thickened. He felt his back arch forward as the muscles in his back thickened and multiplied to handle the new tail. It waved, whipped and curled wherever he wanted it to be. Shawn stood on his four limbs admiring his new tail.

Clark covered Shawn's human buttocks with the big red ass cheeks. He whimpered and moaned as Clark worked. The new ass cheeks were hypersensitive. Short, reddish-brown fur changed to white and then pink at the edges of his new, bare ass. He felt a surge of sexual energy from Clark's hands on his butt. Unable to control the new sensations, his cock spurted hot cum onto the ground.

"Sorry about squirting out a load. I just couldn't control myself," Shawn breathed heavily. His head hung low between his furry arms and shoulders when Clark finished. He sat back carefully on his new ischial callosities. The grass tickled his sensitive ass. His tail curled and uncurled idly. He fondled his new testicles in their furry sack. He didn't notice that the door to the costume shop disappeared from his sight.

"That was fantastic. I've never had an orgasm that strong with so little effort," Shawn said.

"You're already enjoying your baboon costume," Clark said. Shawn rubbed his still human neck. He couldn't sit or stand without hurting his neck. Clark revealed a mask with a brilliant red snout, blue nose, close-set eyes and a shorter neck.

"That nose is so long and narrow. That jaw is immense and the snout is outrageously colorful," Shawn held the mask in his paw-like hands. The mask had a low forehead and a thick occipital ridge. The back of his skull elongated to balance the longer snout. Fangs, three-inches in length curved down from the upper jaw and several stuck upwards. A furry mane completed the mask.

"If you're worried about your appearance, look around you," Clark said. Dozens of baboon faces peered out from hiding places in the jungle. They all had red snouts and blue noses. They watched and waited.

"You'll be handsome by their standard. I can call them closer if you want," Clark offered.

"That's good to know. Let's cut the talk and just get my mask onto my head," Shawn said. Clark stepped behind Shawn's furry body and pulled the baboon mask over his human head. He tied the mask tight against Shawn's head and neck then he pushed hard on the back of Shawn's neck. Shawn felt his head and neck bend farther backward than humanly possible. His eyes blurred as they pulled close together. His skull crackled with new bone growth. He felt the middle of his face pull outward as his nose and jaws grew into a snout. Pain course through his skull as it continued to elongate and reshape itself. Shawn's spine and shoulders adjusted themselves to accommodate his new head on his new four-legged gate. Suddenly, Shawn could smell the other baboons. He sensed their bodies in the jungle surrounding the clearing. He could smell Clark and his humanness. He sat up and looked around. He tried to talk but his tongue was huge and his new teeth got in his way.

"This is exhilarating," Shawn grunted. His voice sounded low, guttural and crude. He moved around feeling out his new shape. Shorter, furry legs replaced his human legs. Longer, hairy arms replaced his human arms. His torso was longer and more flexible. He scampered hp a tree and swung down on a rope. His tail moved to counterbalance his movements. His arms and legs twisted to hang onto the rope. The best feeling was his ass. It itched and twitched in anticipation of meeting his new companions.

"I offered you a blow job. Do you still want it?" Shawn the Baboon grunted and barked.

"I'll pass on that. The rules are if you spooge on the ground, you can't leave here. It's too risky a blowjob to chance becoming a baboon. I can't take you back to the shop because you've already spurted on the ground. The only way you'll return to humanity is to be part of a zoo or released into the wild. I don't know of anyone willing to house a baboon that wants to fuck like a mink," Clark said. He petted Shawn's baboon head. Shawn instinctively pushed his head up and leaned against Clark's leg.

"I don't know words thank you," Shawn the Baboon grunted.

"Your pleasure is my thanks," Clark said. Shawn the Baboon leaned over and stuck his ass up towards Clark. He lifted his tail high and out of the way offering his exposed ass to Clark.

"You want ass? You deserve first," Shawn offered. Each time he spoke his sentences grew shorter and his speech more guttural. Clark couldn't refuse the offer. He knelt down behind Shawn the baboon. He stuck his head under the tail and began to lick and suck at Shawn's asshole. It had a ripe, hot, sexy and funky taste. He reached around the furry hips and started to jerk Shawn's cock lumpy, vein-covered cock with his hand. Shawn's body shook in pleasure. He clamped Clark's head in between his ass cheeks with his tail and forced his head deep into his red ass. Shawn howled in pleasure. Clark shoved his tongue deep into Shawn's hot, monkey guts and massaged the simian prostate with his tongue. Shawn the Baboon went crazy, barking, screaming and howling its pleasure. After he reached orgasm, Shawn the Baboon released Clark's head and let him extract his face from his ass. Clark fell backwards gasping for breath while Shawn the Baboon licked his face clean.

"That was different. I didn't think about using your tail that way," Clark wet his T-shirt in the stream and wiped monkey shit from his face. He lay back and relaxed against the soft grass of the clearing. Elated, Shawn bounced up and down. Clark grabbed Shawn's furry body and wrestled around the clearing. They grappled and twisted for a few moments. Clark couldn't match Shawn the baboon's strength and ended up pinned. Shawn the Baboon smacked his hand on the ground three times. Clark laughed and pushed at Shawn to let him off the ground. Instead, Shawn jumped on Clark's chest and bounced several times knocking the wind out of the human. Clark tried to roll to his side to protect his stomach, but Shawn the Baboon ripped at his shorts with his teeth and shredded the material. Shawn the baboon, still having a body twice a baboon's size and strength, grabbed Clark and rolled him onto his stomach. Surprised, Clark's ass was exposed to Shawn's assault. Clark didn't want to have an orgasm. If he reached orgasm, he couldn't leave the jungle.OOOPS, this was a mistake, Clark thought.

"On fours," Shawn the Baboon barked. Clark scrambled to get away but Shawn the baboon grabbed him around the hips and shoved his long, simian cock partway into Clark's ass. Clark moaned as Shawn worked his cock deeper into his body. He rabbit fucked Clark until he came and they rolled off Clark's body and celebrated. The celebration gave Clark a chance to roll away from the baboon.

If Shawn had pinned Clark against the groundand held him there, Clark wouldn't have been able to get away. After all, with his superior strength, it was only a matter of time before Shawn the Baboon got Clark's cock and balls in his teeth. Threatened with amputation, Clark would have been unable to prevent an orgasm. Forced to stay in the jungle world and submit to the baboon troop. Clark would slowly and very painfully turn into a baboon. However, Shawn the Baboon barked and howled his delight with both hands in the air. He jumped up and danced a bouncing dance on all four limbs that let Clark get free and run to the door to the costume shop.

Clark whistled for the rest of the baboon troop. They filled the clearing with their eager, furry bodies. Shawn saw that each baboon had an oversized cock at least six inches in diameter and twelve inches long. They looked incongruous. They looked out of place. Best of all, they looked at Shawn's new, inviting red ass with lust in their eyes. Shawn the Baboon disappeared in the midst of an orgy of baboon sex. Clark watched from the doorway just to be sure. Shawn the Baboon got what he wanted - endless attention to his new ass and in a few months when the hundred or so baboons finished with his ass, a life swing from tree-to-tree in the jungle.

Clark closed the door and walked naked and bruised to the shower stall. He washed the grass, dirt and baboon cum from his body happy that he was still in human form. Later that day, Clark made a sign that said, "Never Trust a Baboon" and posted it on the wall of the shop next to that special door.


"The sign says by appointment only, no walk-ins. Shit Josh, didn't you tell me you phoned this place and it would be open? It's bad enough that we drove all over the frigging warehouse district like fools just to find some god-forsaken little costume shop but now that we find it and get where we're supposed to be, the place is closed and we're getting soaked standing out here in the rain," Jamie pointed to an ugly scrawl on a broken piece of wood. I wish you could melt like the wicked witch in Oz, thought Joshua. The sign above the door betrayed more coats of drab paint than any piece of wood Joshua had ever seen in his life. It read simply Yee Chee's Olde Costume Shoppe, the last costume you'll ever need. Discouraged, Jamie walked towards their car. Just then, the rain got even harder. It soaked right through both men's clothes to their skin.

"But I called. I have an appointment. I don't think they'd forget an appointment," Joshua said. Dejected, he walked back to the door and moved the sign to reveal a painted over doorbell. He pushed it and waited in the rain. Jamie stood at the car with his arms folded. A dim light above the door glowed to semi-bright. It wasn't much of a light, more like a dim, but it gave Joshua hope. He could hear someone moving inside the warehouse. A small hatch in the center of the door opened. Joshua recognized the man inside.

"Hi, I hope you remember me. We met at Vito and Dale's house. I thought I had an appointment. If I'm wrong, I'll come back when it's convenient." Joshua said.

"Joshua, I'm sorry. You caught me away from the front desk. Give me a second to open the door," Clark said. He opened the door and motioned for Joshua to enter.

"Yes, yes, I'm so sorry I'm late. Of course, I remember you. Come on inside," Clark said. Joshua hesitated. He looked over at Jamie.

"Can I bring my friend Jamie in with me? I think he wants to get a costume too," Joshua asked.

"Oh sure, no problem," Clark motioned for them both to come in. Pissed off and wet, Jamie took his time walking through the rain. They stood in a tiny front room dripping cold rainwater all over the floor.

Clark only wore a threadbare pair of Speedo swim trunks and bare feet. Little bits of hair and animal fur clung to his curly hair and over his body. He held a towel in one hand. He was taller and thinner than Joshua remembered. His body was lean, well muscled but not wide and broad. Joshua imagined him a runner or basketball player. Thanks to the age of the Speedos he could see that Clark was well hung.

"I apologize for not seeing you when you drove up. I was occupied in one of the back rooms," Clark said as he reached behind one of the counters and grabbed towels for Joshua and Jamie.

"There's no reason for you to stay in those wet clothes. You can hang your stuff over there and by the time I'm done fitting you, they be dry," Clark said. He pointed to old-style flat hangers in the shape of human bodies. The hangers looked like naked young men flattened into boards. They hung their clothes on the arms and bodies of the hangers. Joshua recognized one of the flats from the Solstice Party. He didn't say anything to Jamie. Instead, he undressed completely and rubbed the cold wetness from his body. He poked Jamie to undress. Jamie refused.

"We're in a public shop and he's a stranger," Jamie fussed. His shoes squished and gurgled from all the rain in them.

"Oh stop the fucking bullshit, I told you how I met this guy. What could be worse than a Dale and Vito party in bra and panties," Joshua dried his hair. He had a broad back and good chest. He wasn't muscled like a body builder but was muscled like a gymnast or an athlete. His tall body and slight stature belied his strength. Jamie was the bodybuilder, shorter than Joshua with muscles on muscles. He reluctantly disrobed and stood naked. Joshua rubbed the wetness from Jamie's body. His warm body felt good. Clark opened a black journal on his desk and turned it towards Joshua and Jamie.

"Gentlemen, please sign our customer book. I promise you won't be hassled in any way," Clark asked. Jamie took the pen and hesitated. Joshua put both his hands on Jamie's shoulders and nuzzled his head against Jamie's thick and muscular neck.

"OK," Jamie answered and signed James Saint John Twickingham Killingworth IV. Joshua took the pen and signed merely Joshua DeLavel. They both entered the same address. Clark closed the book and set it in a drawer.

"Did Joshua tell you anything about our costumes?" Clark asked.

"Only that he made a complete asshole of himself when you asked him what he wanted," Jamie's tone was critical and sarcastic. He smiled and grinned sweetly, saccharine-like and depressingly transparent to Clark's intuition. Joshua blushed. He tried to hide his embarrassment at Jamie's s unkind remark.

"Well yeah, I did. Dale and Vito always had a theme to their parties. They liked to dress up everyone and the booze and drugs flowed like water. My doctor tells me that my liver will survive better without Dale and Vito," Joshua said.

"Yes, he told me that the costumes were the best he'd ever seen," Jamie snapped at Clark. He sounded mean, looked mean and Clark guessed, was mean.

"...the finest in all the world," Clark added proudly. Jamie turned to Joshua and braced his shoulders.

"You never would have found me if Dale and Vito were still around. I'd never associate with that crowd of social fuckups. I'm glad they disappeared form the scene. I'm the rightful social maven, my family built this city. We deserve respect. Right, Joshua?" Jamie asked. Joshua put his head down and answered yes in a voice so soft that Clark barely heard it.

Good boy, good boy, I'll train you to be a good boy, yet. You are such a good catch, those two assholes were party, party, party, drugs, drugs, drugs. You deserve me. Who's your Daddy now, runt?" Jamie put his arm around Joshua affectionately.

"You are sir, you are," Joshua tried to be casual about Jamie's dominance. Clark took note.

"Let's not talk about me, huh. What sort of costumes did Michael and Shawn pick?" Joshua changed the subject.

"Michael found a nice Greek Bronze that suited his body," Clark said.

"A Greek bronze, I pictured Mike as a stallion or a lion. But, I can understand a bronze statue after seeing Dale and Vito's metallic Cyborg costumes," Joshua said.

"Another tiny-dicked, butt-fucking Grecian Urn, no doubt, if I know Michael. He's from a good family but he forgot his roots," Jamie sneered. Joshua didn't know what to say.

"!and Shawn found a baboon costume that thrilled him," Clark said trying to ignore Jamie.

"A baboon, people wear baboon costumes? God, think of having that big red ass and that ugly, doglike face," Jamie griped. Joshua looked at him in surprise.

"Shawn had the hots for anal sex in a bad way," Joshua said. Clark winked. Jamie laughed in his face.

"Who cares about these losers? You've got me here for a stupid costume even wehn I told you no costumes," Jamie said. "Let's talk about me, my wants and desires." Clark stared back at the sheer contempt in Jamie's remark.

"What private function brings you to my costume shop?" Clark asked.

"A bathroom for a piss, dude, if you really have to get that personal," Jamie mouthed off. Clark led them through a door into the main warehouse. Jamie went to the shower room and locker area off to one side. Clark turned his attention to Joshua.

"I wanted to find a decent costume for an early Halloween party. I know that it is two months away but I had to get out of the house and I didn't want to scramble for the last available costume," Joshua said. His excuse sounded as lame as he felt.

" I always have good costumes available. I don't advertise so I depend on referrals like you or just plain word of mouth to get customers.The costumes aren't hard to find, the shop is," Clark joked. He retrieved a stack of boxes from a set of shelves and set them on a bench nearby. Jamie came back from the facilities. He wasn't as well hung as most men his size but his foreskin was extra long.

"Nothing like a cold rain to make your bladder shrink," Jamie boasted.

"Before we do anything else, I have to show you this bronze statue," Clark took them over to an alcove and pulled a sheet off Michael's bronze metal warrior. It looked like a bronze statue from the Greek period but it lacked a green patina or any sign of weathering weathering on its bronze body. The chain mail jock strap that confined its cock and balls had merged with its skin and the metal helmet completely covered its face.

"Wow, this is an amazing," Joshua said. Jamie just shrugged. Michael could see the two men standing there naked. He knew that they both would fall under Clark's siren song and he wanted to tell Joshua to leave but he couldn't move.

"A fancy depository for pigeon shit," said Jamie laughing. Joshua poked him for being rude.

"It's not nice to say things like that," Joshua said. Clark knocked on the statue's chest and made it ring like a bell. Inside the statue, Michael's balls throbbed and strained for relief from their metal prison. He screamed silent warnings to the two men. Joshua's heart beat faster and his cock thickened at the sight of Michael's body in brass.

"What? You're going to tell me that I'll have bad karma and when I'm reincarnated I'll come back as an insect. Superstitious rot," Jamie said. Joshua shrugged obviously helpless when it came to Jamie's mouth.

"Well, let's get down to business. What kind of costume would you two like?" Clark asked. He sounded angry and Jamie realized it.

"Hey dog, I don't need fucking attitude from you, y'know," Jamie folded his arms and stared back at Clark defiantly. He pronounced attitude as "atty-tood" to be annoying. He wasn't finished. "Look, so what if I made disparaging remarks about your statue. Don't take it wrong. I just think that costumes and all that are childish, stupid and moronic. Nothing personal! this is better than staying home in the rain and jerking off," Jamie said.

"I shouldn't have brought you. I should have snuck out of the house and done this on my own," Joshua said.

"!and you'd be sleeping in the dog cage tonight after I beat your sorry ass black and blue," Jamie snarled at Joshua. Joshua didn't answer. He could hear Clark chanting in some ancient language. Jamie's body began to shake and tremble. His eyes bulged. His hands shook. Joshua wanted to hold Jamie but Clark held him back. Jamie moaned as his body jerked. Clark touched one hand to Jamie's chest and the other to the chest of the bronze statue of Michael. Jamie screamed in pain. A completely blank look came over his face for a moment then he screamed again, this time in a lower register. Finally, he collapsed at the foot of the statue.

"What did you do," asked Joshua. He felt Jamie's body. He was breathing easily and his heart was steady.

"Now you only have one costume to worry about. Jamie won't give us a bad time ever again," Clark looked tired and worn out. He took a good long drink of one of the power beverages and stood absolutely still for a moment.

"What did you do?"

"A very difficult transformation, I exchanged his mind for Michael's mind. Jamie's mind is forever trapped inside the bronze statue and Michael now has a reprieve," Clark answered. Joshua half smiled, half frowned. He wanted to object but inwardly he felt Jamie deserved his fate.

"Thank you for helping me," Joshua said. Michael, now in Jamie's body, took a few minutes to revive. Clark explained to Michael what happened. Michael was so relieved to be free of his metal prison that he placed his future completely in Clark's hands.

"Well gentlemen, I think it's about time we got down to business. I think that I have just the right costumes for both of you," Clark said.

"I hope they're sexy," Joshua said.

"And I hope that mine is mobile. I don't want to stand around and think all day," Michael said. Clark smiled.

"Don't worry, I don't need a statue tonight. What I have here, gentlemen, friends, cocksuckers par excellance, are my best, bare-ass, individualized costumes," Clark opened several boxes on the bench to reveal furry leggings and masks. Joshua's heart leapt at the sight of furry leggings, hooves and horned mask. He recognized the cloven hoofs and horns. He celebrated.

"I hope you don't mind walking on your toes," Clark added seeing that the costume pleased Joshua.

"Michael, you aren't going to use Jamie's body for long, either you become a faun or a cherub," Clark said. Michael studied the remaining boxes. Both fauns and cherubs were much smaller than this new body.

"Those are big changes," Michael said. He looked at Jamie's body in the mirror.

"You can't stay in that body for long. I have to transform it. That's the rules," Clark said in a matter of fact voice.

"I thought maybe we could be like Pan and Dionysius," Michael said.

"Dionysius was really a faun that Pan endowed with human existence. He eventually grew up. A cherub on the other hand never gets any older. I think you should be a cherub, cute and mischievous suits your personality. Take the cherubs dude, you'll look so innocent and yet be so depraved," Clark said. Joshua giggled hysterically at the thought of Michael being a cherub.

"I agree. Do yourself a favor and become a cherub," Joshua giggled at the thought.

"OK, but only if I don't have to wear diapers, do I?" Michael laughed at his own question.

"No, no diapers, you can shit anywhere you want. The place where you are going has many fauns, sort of. They're goat boys, really. Cherubs will be new to them. I'm sure that you can add lots of fun and some real chaos for those guys," Clark added. Michael agreed. There wasn't much in the costume box but man-sized baby boots, a curly blond wig, a little-boy jock strap and a pint bottle of bourbon. He sat up on the bench to pull the booties onto his feet. The wig made him look younger, baby-faced. The jock strap gripped his cock and balls tight as it formed a thin, uncut cock with small, adorably oval testicles. The strap held them tight up against his body. Joshua giggled even harder.

"You really know how to hurt a guy," Michael joked. Clark pointed to his office.

"Go drink your booze and take a nap on the couch. When you wake up, you'll be transformed," Clark said. Michael did as he asked. In a few minutes, he would be sound asleep. Clark had tears in his eyes when he stopped giggling.

"Goat-boys, cherubs, cherubs plural and satyrs! What kind of world are you sending me to?" Joshua wondered.

"A very different world. Do you realize that Michael doesn't know he's going to be three cherubs and not just one. He'll be good company for himself and a handful for you and the other satyr to take care of..." Clark winked at Joshua. He put his arm around Joshua and led him to a spray booth.

"The other satyr!" Joshua asked. He stepped into the spray booth. Clark picked up a spray bottle marked dark ochre number seven and started to spray Clark's body. Clark shielded his eyes and let Clark spray his face.

"Yes, a few years ago Pan, the Greek god, rescued a rather handsome young man named Charlie from prison and gave him the ability to change from human to goat at will. I created the habitat htat the boy lives in with his goats and the new fauns. Now Pan wants a companion for his young man. You will be that satyr and you'll fulfill the contract magnificently. Charlie's really a great kid, no pun intended," Clark said. Joshua rolled his eyes at the pun.

Author's Note: The Goat Boy is story #18 in the Furry Folder.

"Where did the fauns come from?" Joshua asked. He lifted a leg and let Clark spray his genitals and buttocks. The tanning liquid tingled as it dyed his skin.

"When Pan gave Charlie the ability to become a goat, he also made it possible for him to mate with the female goats. Charlie started out with a large herd of goats and now he has all sorts of half-goat, half-man offspring. His sons are hybrids and his daughters are merely goats. Pan made the rules so don't ask me why. In a month or siz weeks, the boy-goats will become sexually active. They are going to start fucking like minks and chattering like teenagers. I had to cut back on their fertility so they wouldn't overpopulate the place. You'll make a great companion for Charlie. Like you, he just needs a warm body to enjoy himself. When you said that Dale and Vito's place, I knew you were the right man for this job," Clark said. He turned on heat lamps to dry the tanning solution into Joshua's skin.

"Why goats?" Joshua asked.

"Pan and all of his satyrs are half-goat," Clark answered.

"This fellow's been alone for several years?" Clark turned on the drying lamps.

"Charlie was a victim of the juvenile justice system gone wrong. He was only sixteen when a corrupt warden abandoned him to starve to death. Pan intervened and made Charlie part Capricorn. He enjoyed himself in the company of goats but he needs a man, or someone who was once a man, and he needs some excitement in his life," Clark touched Joshua's chest to see if the tanning fluid was dry. It was. He handed Joshua a pair of leggings.

"I'm flattered," Clark said. He pulled the leggings up his thighs. They weren't as hairy as he imagined. The fur was deep brown and well placed to show off his muscles. His legs looked sexy even to his human eyes. Clark handed him the boots. They ended in cloven hooves.

"Wow," Clark said as he pulled the boots onto his feet. He had to stand on his toes for the boots to fit. He wobbled around for a moment until he figured out how to walk with his ankles up higher than his toes.

"Cloven hooves, you've given me cloven hooves," Joshua said. He felt the guilty pleasure that a little boy feels when he's done something naughty,

"And a stubby tail," Clark held up a six inch stubby tail and motioned for Joshua to turn around. He leaned over and spread his butt cheeks wide. The stubby tail forced his hips wide apart and stung as it attached itself to the last several vertebra in his spine. Joshua walked around getting used to a new gait - a wide-legged, rambling posture that moved his thighs and butt in a very sexy manner.

"My ass is just begging for a fuck when I walk like that," Joshua said.

"Everything in that habitat will want to fuck you and you'll want fuck it. You don't mind lusting after anything hump-able, do you," Clark laughed. Joshua turned beet red even through the tan. Clark laughed even harder. He picked up Joshua's new testicles. The balls were the size of billiard balls and the hairy sack was thick and ponderous. Joshua felt it grab his human sack in a hot and exhilarating grip. He slid his cock into a new, goat like cock that Clark handed to him. His new cock was thinner than he thought. When it slithered out of a walk-in, hairy foreskin that hung two inches away from the head, it gave him an even bigger surprise. His new cock was a red prong that twisted up at the head. It thickened to a ring that he recognized as a knot. He stroked its slimy length with his hand enjoying the sensations it sent through his body.

"This is great," Joshua moaned sexually. His body felt different, so different. Clark could feel the sexiness pour from Joshua's body. He held up two sets of horns for Joshua to choose one pair.

"You mean I get to choose either ram's horns or goat's horns," Joshua's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. The ram's horns were nearly four inches thick at the base. They would curl from the top of his skull around sides of his head. The goat's horns, by comparison, were only an inch and a half at the base, nearly straight and just over twelve inches long.

"Just so you know the set of ram's horn requires lots of bone to brace their mass. You'll get a new face and almost a complete muzzle. The set of goat's horns just requires a thicker bone over your eyes," Clark explained.

"Tell me, this man I'm joining, does he have ram's horns or goat's horns?" Joshua asked.

"Good question, I wish all of my customers were as astute as you. He wears ram's horns," Clark answered.

"Then I'll take the goat's horns. We should be different," Joshua said. Clark attached the horns to a mask. Joshua's new head would have higher, pointier ears and a long, angular jaw. The middle of his face would protrude in a slight snout. A thin beard would cover the edge of his jaw and ended in a goatee. A mane-like wig with hair extending almost all the way down his back completed the mask.

"Rather handsome, don't you think," Clark asked setting the mask on a stand to dry.

"I guess so. I'm not going to be looking at it," Joshua picked up a clump of hair on some amazingly thin material. It didn't look like much.

"It's your new chest hair," Clark said as he worked on the bench fitting the horns into the mask. Joshua carefully spread material on his chest. It clung to his skin and unified his torso with his hairy crotch.

"You can put the gloves on if you want. I'll take care of fastening your mask," Clark suggested. Joshua picked up the gloves. They had short stubby fingers that merged into pads and hoof. His forearms would be hairy to accentuate his hairless biceps and triceps. By the time he wiggled his fingers into the gloves, Clark was ready with the mask.

"Do I keep my name?" Joshua asked.

"Sure," Clark said as he placed fit the mask over Joshua's head. Joshua felt it pull his ears up and out. The horns rested against his forehead and stuck tight. The nosepieces pushed his eyes farther apart and squared his nose making it protrude like a snout. He felt the wispy, thin pieces of hair cling to his jaw. Clark tied the mask tight around his head and snapped his fingers.

Joshua felt his body grow hot as it changed. His feet, ankles and calves reversed and provided good support for his cloven hooves. His thighbones shortened their length and the muscles of his legs thickened and bulged. He felt his spine thicken and bow forwards, arching his back so he could walk on all fours. His forearms arms grew longer and his hands stiffened while his fingers grew stiff and merged into bony hooves. Without warning, the transformation bent him over onto all fours. He felt his neck thickening, lengthening as the muscles that held his new head grew stronger and bulged. The horns on his head merged with the bones of his skull. The middle of his face crackled as it bulged outward and formed a short snout. He felt a burning in his crotch as his new genitals combined with his human genitals. Finally, everything went white hot as the Caprican DNA took over control of his body.

"That was intense," Joshua said with a new mouth and long tongue. His voice was deeper, sexier and mellifluous.

When he could see again, he looked at his new body in the mirrors. Indeed, he was goat-like. He took a few steps on all fours. He felt agile and surefooted. He would be comfortable drinking or grazing.

"So far, I like it," Joshua stood upright and felt his body realign. He took a few steps on what felt like toes but were remarkably, sensitive cloven hoofs.

"You look magnificent," Clark always said that to his customers. This time, however, Clark meant it. He braced himself against the pure animal magnetism that the costume endowed on Joshua. Pan warned him that no man could resist a full-fledged Satyr if he wanted to mate. Joshua was just that, a true animalistic sex machine. Since Pan had promised Joshua to Charlie and his offspring, the goat-boys and fauns, Clark didn't want to have sex with a virgin, so to speak.

Joshua danced on his hooves. They clicked seductively. He pranced up onto a table surprising himself and Clark. He jumped off with a thump landing next to Clark. He snorted loudly and then took a deep breath. He could smell Clark. In fact, he did more than that. His nose was much more sensitive to smells and Clark's body was interesting. He smelled other goats, he smelled another human and he smelled Clark's cock as it drooled precum and stained his Speedo. Joshua wrapped his hairy arms around Clark and pulled him close. Clark nearly swooned from the distinctive odor of sex emanating from Joshua's body.

"Sexy man, I can smell how much you want me," Joshua said. Clark tried to push away but Joshua held tight. He made his new cock rise between them. All wet and sticky, it slid up in between their stomachs. It was hot and hard. Joshua's hoof-like hands tugged Clark's Speedos down and off his cock and balls.

"No Joshua, no, I promised Pan that Charlie would be your first. Charlie came to Pan out of the goodness of his heart not anything else. You smell Charlie on me. You smell his goats on me," Clark lied. Joshua lessened his grip on Clark's body but let his cock twist and throb against Clark's half-hard dick. Clark moaned softly. Nothing separated the two men but a thin coat of sweat that lubricated their bodies.

"I can tell the difference between you and Charlie and his goats. Your cock is hot for me!" Joshua didn't get a chance to finish. Clark had to get away from the Satyr. He didn't need Pan angry with him for humping Joshua. Clark stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled to wake up Michael.

"Michael, Michael and Michael, meet the new Joshua. He's your guardian in the new world," Clark yelled. Three children's voices broke the silence of the warehouse. Joshua jumped. Amazed at the sound of three cherubs, he stared at the office door. Three cherubic boys, chubby, naked and swearing like drunken sailors tumbled out of the office. Clark felt Joshua's cock snap back into his body so hard that Joshua winced. Clark broke away and climbed up on a counter to get away from the cherubs.

"Holy fucking horseshit, there're three of us," Michael said.

"Three?" another Michael piped up.

"oooh, we look alike, we're triplets. Wow talk about a good mother fuckers, I wanna suck some titty!" Michael screamed passionately. Their voices were uniformly sharp and shrill.

"And we got three little dinky doodles to fuck and suck with!"

"Mine get's hard and then soft all at once."

"We get to keep each other company. We get to jerk each other off."

"Yeah, we got to stick together... Wait a minute, Just grab your dick and wait look at that. That fucker Clark out there; he's getting ready to party without us."

"Without us! we got cute baby asses to fuck and nice chubby thighs!"

"What's wrong with our chubby little bodies and stout arms?"

"You got all those curls. Do I look that angelic?"

"Speaking of tall, dark and ugly, look at the Satyr?"

"A satyr, my dick's already hard."

"It's alive!"

"I can't wait until he spurts on my face. Splooge this visage, big boy!"

"Smear my chunky little body."

"...put your lips together and blow..."

"No, blow me first."

"Let me hump your face with my ass, big boy." Michael, Michael and Michael, the three cherubs grabbed Joshua's arms and legs. They climbed up his body and eventually brought him down on all fours. They played horse and rode his back before he tumbled them off and stamped a hoofed foot on the wooden floor.

"Behave you little bastards," he roared in a voice that even surprised his ears. For a moment, the cherubs stood transfixed and silent.

"I didn't think cherubs acted like this. I mean I stood still for your telling me that there's goat-fucking and bestiality over there but these three are children. I can't have sex with innocents." As Joshua stood up, one of the cherubs wrapped his short arms and stubby legs around his hairy thigh and started to hump. His little, chubby hips pumped obscenely.

"Ain't nothing innocent about them. They have all of Michael's sexual desires and knowledge in those little bodies and they have no inhibitions. I didn't warn Michael about that ahead of time but somehow, I don't think he'll care that I lied," Clark laughed. The cherubs renewed their sexual advances on Joshua.

"Did you know this is what would happen?" Joshua blustered even louder. Clark tried desperately not to laugh.

"Not like this, no. This is beyond me. Pan said that cherubs would invoke his name and add excitement to Charlie's rather dull world. From what I see, they're going to do a good job of it," Clark pulled his legs under him in a lotus position. Joshua continued to struggle with the three cherubs. Clark watched them carry on. He felt satisfied with his transformations.

"These cherubs are abominations," Joshua growled back in frustration.

"No, they're not. It's Pan's domain. He makes the rules and social conventions in it. I designed the cherubs not for adoration but for hot, live action. I always wondered what purpose cherubs served in the magical realms. Cupid pricking lovers with arrows and staying virginal always bothered me," Clark answered. He laughed harder as Joshua struggled. The cherubs stopped and leveled their gaze on Clark.

"You want a piece of us human," they took their little hands off Joshua's hairy body and waited to see what Clark answered.

"Maybe some other day," Clark clapped his hands and a doorway appeared on the wall nearby. Clark waved and the door magically opened. The sights and smells of the wilderness floated into the warehouse. Grass, hay, water, birdsong, crickets, goats bleating, unwashed bodies, dung, perfumes from flowers and sunlight poured through the door. It was irresistible to the cherubs. Michael, Michael and Michael made a dash for the door when a figure stepped up and blocked their path.

"Good job, Clark. I see you found a way to create the cherubs in my image," Pan's voice rumbled through the warehouse.

"Consider them my gift of chaos, bedlam and perversion," Clark laughed. Pan smiled at the gesture.

"My own cute little cherubs! Go forth and create in my name, little ones, create pandemonium," said Pan. The Cherubs ran screaming and shrieking through his legs into the pasture beyond the doorway.

"They're going to live up to your reputation," Clark said proudly. Pan turned his attention to Joshua.

"And this is the new Satyr you promised me," Pan said.

"A virgin creature formed from the flesh of a man of a good and decent man," Clark answered. He sounded a little devilish. Joshua could hear them talking. He wanted to object but his mind dissolved into lust when he looked into Pan's deep, dark eyes. This creature was his Master. I am made in its image, Joshua thought. I must obey him in all things. Joshua felt a hot, burning lust fill his body like nothing he could have possibly imagined. This wasn't a simple desire to fuck; this was never-ending lust for sex that overcame any rational thought.

"Joshua, my newest Satyr, your new master greets you," Pan said. Transfixed by the immense power of the Satyr's mind, Joshua walked to the doorway. A young man with huge pair of Ram's horns growing out of his head stood behind Pan.

"Come and meet Charlie, my adopted son. I'm sure that you two will find something in common between you," Joshua quickly walked through the doorway and embraced Charlie. Just as Pan intended, it was love at first sight. Joshua turned and waved to Clark. Pan took a good look at Clark.

"I hope someday that you'll choose my world..." Pan said. It was as much a suggestion as an invitation. Clark shrugged and smiled.

"I still have work to do here," Clark answered. He had seriously thought about becoming the Satyr he just created.

"If you change your mind, I'll make sure that you can grow a decent goatee and not that pathetic fuzz on your face," Pan laughed and turned to the doorway.As he walked through the door, it closed behind him. The wooden wall returned to its usual blankness. The warehouse was filled with solitude. Warehouses are basically quiet and restful places. At least they always seemed to be.

"Peace and quiet," Clark said. He laughed aloud in the empty warehouse.

19,862 words more or less

Author's Note #1: I didn't forget about Ricky the policeman (Ricardo Raul Domingo Gustavus Oliverio). I just wrote him into another story. His story doesn't involve costumes, he's an explorer on an alien world and he gets more sex than he knows what to so with. I'll give you another hint, he gets to hang by his feet when he has sex and his cock is nearly six foot long.

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