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10 September, 2004

In the future, prison systems will be set up on newly discovered planets. Some of these only with only a few animals and minimal earth vegetation. Other planets and prisons will be complete habitats from earth. These will be effective in reforming the miscreants. However, nobody can reform crooked and arbitrary prison guards and wardens. The events described below took place on an extra solar planet orbiting Capella, the brightest star in the constellation Capricorn.

"ALL RIGHT YOU MAGGOTS! Get your sorry asses out of that bus and form a line," the Warden bellowed. A dozen boys barely seventeen years old exited the bus and stood in a rough row in front of the Warden Jones. The prison yard was devoid of anything green I existed in shades of concrete, asphalt, and rusting metal. The Warden stared at the clipboard through half-frame reading glasses. He was a big man with a mean look and a short haircut. His reputation as a rotten bastard permeated the entire juvenile system. His work farms became the last resort for those boys he considered "his" in the juvenile system.

"WHO, I said WHO... has been fooling around with my list? What smart-ass thought it was funny to put Howard C. Heinie-Gruber on my list?" Warden Jones bellowed. Everyone, prisoners, guards, assistants, psychologists, dogs, and crickets stood silent for a moment. Then one of the boys, a handsome lad with creamy white skin, curly coal-black hair, and a dynamite body stepped forward and raised his hand.

"It's no joke, Sir. That's my name - Howard Charles Heinie-Gruber. I go by Charlie," Charlie said. His hand shook as the Warden scrutinized him. Ever since he turned ten, Charlie got away with being just the right side of bad using his looks. He was well known to Children and Youth Services and the six foster families who tried to adopt him. Between the booze, drugs, tattoos, piercing, gambling, petty theft, shakedown scams, fireworks, stink bombs, and a host of other barely legal antics, Charlie always used his looks and charm to talk his way out of trouble. He only stood about five foot two and he couldn't afford to fight guys a foot taller and much heavier. This last time, however, his buddy sold him down the drain so to speak - or really, more like up the river.

"Howie Heinie? Your father named you Howie Heinie? What the hell sort of a name is Heinie-Gruber anyhow? Heinie Ho, is that what they call you? Ho Ho Heinie?" Charlie heard the first words and then tuned the world out. Warden Jones went on for five full minutes making embarrassing and sarcastic remarks about Charlie's name. Long ago Charlie learned to shut down and ignore this drivel. He didn't realize Warden Jones was done. The Warden slapped Charlie so hard he knocked him to the ground.

"I asked you what animal you wanted to tend but since you're dreaming and not listening, I'm going to give you a special assigmnent," Warden Jones bellowed even louder than before.

"And let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Any insubordination will be met with punishment - beatings, deprivations, loss of your choices. You-all are mine now. You-all belong to ME! And DON'T you-all forget it." He let Charlie lay on the ground until he assigned the rest of the boys. Then he ordered his men to put Charlie in the Land Rover. They drove for two hours across country to the high plain. A herd of goats wandered toward the Land Rover as it came to a stop near a small grove with a lean-to and stacks of firewood. A stream meandered nearby.

"This is your assignment, Pretty Boy - you WILL, I said WILL, take care of these goats. When I return in four months, all the goat, every last one of them... all of them will be here and all of them will be in good shape. If not then I will personally send you to an adult prison where you can be butt boy for a whole host of hairy, muscle-bound, and very horny convicts. Do you understand! Boy?" Warden Jones screamed so loud he scared the birds out of the trees. He pointed to a crate in the back of the car.

"This is fifteen days of MRE's, kid. We'll restock you before you run out. There's a manual on the care of goats in there too..." the Warden said and kicked Charlie and the crate out of the Land Rover and then drove away.

(NOTE: MRE - meals ready to eat - military rations, K rations, shit on a shingle, microwaved dog food, self-heating, edible, constipatory, predigested crapola. If you don't believe me, just ask Helga, she's a virgin.)

Charlie watched the Land Rover drive away over the hills. When it finally vanished, Charlie climbed the tallest tree and surveyed the plain. It was way too large, way too far away from anything to even think about escape. He settled down into the lean-to and took stock of what he had. It wasn't much - shoes without laces, no socks, pants without a belt, a T-shirt, a hoodie, one book on goats and two weeks of meals.

One of the baby goats - a kid - butted his leg playfully. Charlie petted the little beast and shooed it back to its mother. Being a bad little boy, it didn't listen. Instead, it butted Charlie again. Amused at the silly kid, he got down on all fours and played head butt with the kid.

That wasn't the best idea in the world. The kid really smacked Charlie's head and left it ringing. Charlie laughed and sat back on his haunches and caught the kid as it charged again. It rolled right over him and pranced back to the herd. Charlie took stock of the herd, counting the she goats, the rams, the kids and then he read his book. The day was hot and breezy. He lay in the sun and relaxed. He stripped off his hoodie, T-shirt, and pants so he could tan. Charlie's nearly hairless body was creamy white and well muscled. The past year in high school, he joined the gymnastic team and had to build up his upper body. As the sun sank low in the sky, he rounded up the goats. The strays gave him the first real exercise he had in days. By sunset, the goats stood contented under the trees. The same kid can over to him and other kids followed. He butted Charlie again. This time Charlie kept his head up and hit the little beast as if he hit a soccer ball. The kid bounced off. They did it again. Charlie laughed and shooed the kid away.

Charlie sat down and put his head on his knees. He felt alone and abandoned. The same little goat that had butt heads with him came back. It pawed at Charlie. He hugged it and let it lick the tears off his face. He held the kid tight and felt its little heart beating. Charlie choked the tears back and hugged the goat. Both goat and boy fell asleep against each other.

Four sunny days passed with Charlie minding the goats, laying about and playing with the kids. The night of the fourth day a thunderstorm blew up and Charlie had a tough time keeping the goats near the fire. He had to chase a few goats across the fields. His shoes turned out to be useless and as he slid around in the mud, his pants and hoodie gained a crust of muck and weeds. It took him most of the next day to round up all the goats. That evening he ate two of the MRE's and a bunch of fruits and berries he found nearby as his reward.

Over the next few days, Charlie moved his goats to a new meadow with better protection against storms. This meadow had wheat and alfalfa growing. Around the edges, there was an abundance of sunflowers. The book said that sunflower seed was good for goats so Charlie figured a way for the goats to eat them. Charlie ate them too. Out of shear boredom, he tried eating the wheat, the alfalfa, and some of the grasses. At first that didn't work too well. In desperation, Charlie milked a few of the female goats. Without a cup, he had to suckle the tits on their udders. That was strange. He felt that it wasn't something that a real man did. Charlie vowed never to do it again. However, hunger made short work of that vow.

Somewhere in the universe, the god of goats took notice of Charlie and his predicament. Two more days without food made Charlie desperate and he tried to eat wheat, alfalfa, and grasses again. This time, although it took patience, his body adapted to the food. Charlie rested easy for the first time in several days. The hunger pains stopped. Thanks to the goat milk and the grains, he knew wouldn't die out here on the high plain.

The weather stayed warm and sunny. Charlie and the goats thrived on the high plain.

One morning, he knelt down on all fours to drink at the stream and the kids joined him. He stayed on all fours and played with them most of the morning. He decided to see if he could stay off of his badly cut and blistered feet. His arms and legs hurt from the odd position but over a few days, maybe a week, his body got used to crawling around. The goats like him better at their level and respond to his commands as if he was their leader.

One particularly warm night, he slept with the kids, the young and immature goats. They liked to lick the salt off his body. They ate what was left of his boxers while he was asleep. From then on Charlie wandered the high plain naked.

Charlie returned every two or three days to see if the Warden left any more food at the lean-to. A re-supply never came. Charlie actively sought out better sources of food and found fruit, root vegetables, and greens. Mostly Charlie had to make due with grasses, wheat, wild corn, and anything else that grew at hand. The goats found more food than he did and they shared it. Charlie didn't try to sleep around a fire anymore. He slept with the goats. Their hot little bodies made great pillows.

The summer months passed and fall came. Charlie's funny four legged wanderings got easier for him. He liked this, it kept him at eye level with the goats. His fingers and toes grew hard and stiff. His hips and spine adjust to his new gate. Charlie didn't worry too much about the changes he felt, as long as the changes kept him close to the goats. He continued to play with the little kids. He initiated weekly head butt tourniments.

That fall, they found a pumpkin patch, a corn patch, and an apple orchard. Apples made them all drunk. They had great silly times in the apple orchards. Charlie wished he had cooking utensils so he could cook, but that was something the warden neglected to give him.

Winter in this habitat was supposed to be warm, so once Charlie found a cave to spend the winter in, he didn't worry about his physical appearance or his lack of clothing. Since he was alone, he didn't care much about staying clean either.

Typically a teenage boy, Charlie thought that being as clean as the goats was good enough. He didn't try to wash in the cold stream.

That actually was a relief for him. The goats didn't care about his smell or looks either. Their affection was based on how he treated them.

He didn't have to worry or be tempted by the drugs, booze and sex that got him into trouble.

The first births occurred that fall. For the first time in his life, Charlie had babies to care for and keep healthy. Charlie greeted each new birth as his own child. The book described the myriad things he had to learn to do for the babies. They wanted the affection and so did Charlie. Charlie devoted his efforts to keep the kids alive and well. The original "head butt gang" of kids grew older and now younger ones replaced them. The butting game got easier with the younger kids. Charlie's body also started changing. He didn't notice it but his feet and ankles adjusted to his four-legged walk. His four fingers stiffened into two large fingers with the thumb behind them. The nails on both his hands and feet thickened and hardened to support his weight. Charlie's stomach thinned out and let him bend forward without cramping. To match that, his spinal column shifted and thickened to facilitate his walk on four limbs. Luckily, Charlie's previous year of gymnastics left his arms, shoulders and chest strong enough to support his new stance. Charlie noticed that a thick coat of fine, curly black hair grew on his legs and hips. He liked being hairless, but in the winter chill, he decided that he could use some hair on his legs. Once, when he was drinking water from the stream, he noticed that he had grown a goatee and that the mass of curly black hair on his head grew down onto his back and shoulders. It reminded him of a lion's mane.

The winter was harsh on the entire herd. Winter on this planet didn't have snow or ice. But this winter the temperatures stayed under 60 and above 40 degrees F. The plants died off leaving little to eat. Charlie had to forage far and wide to get food for the herd. Charlie even ate tree bark to ease his hunger.

Winter finally changed to spring and as the weather became sunny and warm, the plants grew and the herd thrived again. Charlie counted the goats. He lost none to the winter and only four goats died of old age. A dozen new kids joined the herd. If the warden came back now, Charlie could claim a triumph. That day, Charlie romped with the goats chasing them out through the fields and prancing over the new grasses. They ranged over familiar fields finding new growth to eat and fine places to play. Charlie helped the baby kids born in the winter over the bigger obstacle, showed them how to handle the new grasses and flowers, and for fun in the late afternoon, he taught them to head butt. They all played head butt that day. Tired from all the excitement, Charlie and his goats spent on the plain in a field of new and very soft grass.

The next morning as Charlie watched all the by the stream, he took a good look at his reflection in the water. He had two small bumps on his forehead and pointy ears hiding under his mass of curly black hair. He excused the bumps as just bruises brought on by the celebration of head butting. As the weeks went on, Charlie noticed that the bumps got bigger and became horns. Last summer, horns might have depressed him, but this summer he liked horns because they would protect him from being hurt in the head butting contests with the young goats.

One of the younger goats had a new game. He kept trying to mount Charlie from behind. Each time Charlie would chase him away but once or twice, the young goat nearly nailed him. Charlie wished he had a tail like the other goats. A tail would protect his ass from unwanted attention. He also noticed that several of the female goats would flag him when they went into heat. Charlie never played around with animals before and this confused him. He knew the mating games that the goats played from watching them. He just ignored these advances for well into the summer. It's not that he was shy around the she-goats, he still suckled milk from them nearly daily, but his human side worried about sex with goats and his last taboo of bestiality.

The days of summer grew hot and languid. Charlie and the goats lounged near a nice sized pond. Charlie's body changed so slowly that he never noticed the extent of the transformation. His rear legs and feet were completely goat-like. He had a solid rump with thick, muscular thighs and short calves. His feet lengthened and his toes formed hooves. Curly black hair covered his legs from his hips down to his hooves. Charlie could still walk upright, but it was ackward and felt unnatural. His crotch remained human with his thick, uncut cock and large, low hanging balls getting knocked around if he wasn't careful. Although he could stand upright, the changes in his hips and spine made travel on four feet easier and faster. His abs and chest remained hairless and muscular. So did his deltoids, triceps and biceps. For the first time in his life, Charlie had massive lats and he loved his muscles. He often flexed to see his reflection in any water. He felt good when he did. The sun tanned his skin a light olive-brown color that complimented the mane of black hair on his head and shoulders. His ears now stood at the top of his head and poked out from under his curly hair. His horns thrust out from his forehead a good six inches. Charlie never noticed that the middle of his face grew out into a muzzle and his bearded chin grew into a point. He discovered a natural soap in one of the crushed plants and used it on his body. It left his hair curly and shiny.

One fine midsummer day, Charlie was alone with one of the younger she-goats. This was her first time in heat. Charlie remembered her birth and the hard times she had.SHe flagged Charlie and he noticed how ripe she was. He knelt behind her, stroked his cock erect, and rubbed it in her lubricating fluids. Feeling her hot little body, he just couldn't resist and plunged into her. It only took a few minutes for him to reach orgasm with the little goat squeezing and pumping at his cock. After he spent himself deep inside her, she bounded away happy. Charlie fell on all fours spent and shaking. This was his first orgasm since the Warden abandoned him in this prison. The emotion overwhelmed him. He stood there on all fours sobbing over his actions. But he didn't sob long. His little nemesis in the goat world, the little kid who kept trying to hump his butt, jumped on his back and hit the target on the first try. Startled, Charlie crawled forward about ten feet but the young kid stayed on and kept humping. Charlie tried to shake the kid off his back, but he couldn't. Reluctant to hurt the young goat, he just let him continue. As a boy, Charlie's foster uncles and brothers used to fuck him at night. It always hurt him and he never enjoyed their attentions. However, this wasn't like that. This actually felt good. He let the little goat finish and pull out. Charlie found a stream to wash off and groom the hair all over his body. The rest of the summer Charlie continued to satisfy his sexual desires on the she-goats and after the head butting contests, he let the young male goats screw his ass.

Again, summer turned into autumn. The seasons changes in their regular order. Earth abides all the troubles of man. Charlie discovered a six inch tail growing out the base of his spine just above his butthole. He wished he had a mirror to see it. But food was more important than any tail, he worked hard to get hay, alfalfa, and sunflower nuts packed away in the cave for the coming winter. He disassembled the lean-to and used the pieces to build a roof over the entrance of the cave. During the work, he noticed that his scrotum had grown thick and furry while his balls grew larger and pulled up against his stomach. The fur continued to grow up and over his cock in a protective sheath. Charlie liked these changes. They kept his unit safe from thorns and the occasional hit, cut, or scrape.

He liked the way his horns thickened too. They were a good two inches thick at his forehead and they curved around the side of his head like Ram horns. The horns cushioned the head butts to his skull.

The kids didn't hurt him when they hit as hard as they could. In fact, Charlie squared off against the largest buck goat and won the head butt. Charlie celebrated by mounting the buck and riding his ass to a loud and cowboy-like orgasm.

That night, Charlie's head-butting kid licked at his cock in a painful attempt to suck on him. Charlie grabbed horny little beast and rolled him around.

"That's not the way it's done," He said to the kid as he sent down on the kid's sheathed cock and sucked him until hus furry little balls blew a load. Charlie slept well that night. He dreamed of a man with horns and a goat-like face thanking him for his devotion and promising to reward him.

About once a week, Charlie's strange dreams returned. Each time he felt the presence of a male with horns, curly black hair, and hirsute legs. The man praised him for his work.

Charlie and his goats had an easier second winter than their first.

Near year's end, the days grew dramatically short. One night, Charlie and the goats huddled around the cave and lean-to and they heard a motor of a vehicle. In its own dim light, Charlie could see Earth Prime government insignias rather than the Cappelan insignias. Charlie watched a man and a woman getting out of a jeep. In the back sat one of the guards who worked the prison farm with his arms tied behind his back and a gag in his mouth.

"Charlie, Charlie, if you're there please come out. We mean you no harm," the woman yelled several times. The goats crowded nearer Charlie. He was the only human they knew.

"Charlie, your sentence has been commuted. You can return home a free man," The man yelled. They searched around the herd of goats for a few minutes. Charlie watched them from the cave. Apparently, they didn't see him or the cave. The man finally got impatient and honked the horn several times. The goats got spooky at the noise. Charlie left the cave and hid behind the lean-to and some bales of hay. It was dark and he knew they couldn't see him.

"Go away. You're disturbing my goats," Charlie yelled back. The deepness of his voice surprised him.

"But Charlie, you can return home with a clean record. The Warden was mistaken to leave you out here. We've replaced him with legitimate authorities," the woman stood near the jeep and yelled back at Charlie. The man caught the woman's attention, his eyes narrowed to slits. He disappeared and eventually came up behind Charlie. The little kids sniffed him - skittish, ready to bolt. He fed them food treats to keep them quiet.

"We have food and supplies; we can set you up in a nice farm. Just come out and talk to us," the woman yelled back.

"I don't want to go back. My home is here with my goats. "Go away," Charlie yelled.

The man tackled Charlie rolled him across the camp ground and out into the open. His sheer size and strength overwhelmed Charlie. The man rolled onto his feet and dragged Charlie out into the open. The woman moved one of the lights on the top of the jeep to illuminate Charlie, horns, hairy legs, modified genitals and caprine face. Both the man and the woman stared at Charlie.

"What the hell is going on here? What are you?" the woman hissed.

"You're not Charlie. You're not even human," the man grabbed Charlie's muscular arms and held him tight. Charlie struggled to break the man's grip. He could see the man's eyes flash cat's-eye green, a genetic adjustment so he could see at night. The kids and rams started to butt and paw at the man. Distracted by their assault, the man kicked one of the kids away and cursed. The little animal bleated in pain. Charlie seized the opportunity to head butt the man. His horns did their job. Stunned, the man released him. Charlie quickly pulled the animals away from the man. He held the injured kid in his arms. He looked at the woman. She pointed a gun at him.

"You are going to return with us. I don't care what you look like. You are going to return," she sounded cold and uncaring.

"Why? I'm happy here. I belong here," Charlie answered. He moved away from the dazed man lying at his feet.

"Only Earth has the technology for trans-genetic transformations. Either you come with me or I'll kill your goats one-by-one," she pointed the gun and fired it at the ground. Goats scattered everywhere at the noise. She quickly pointed the gun at Charlie. He set the injured kid on the ground and turned to face the woman.

"Kill me then. I'm not leaving my goats," Charlie said holding his arms out and presenting a very muscular chest to the gun.

Charlie closed his eyes and waited for the pain and death. His pecs twitched in anticipation of a hole being blown into them.

A second blast of sound and light broke the night. Charlie stood there surprised that nothing happened to his body. The goats bleated and called wildly. Charlie opened his eyes. The woman sat on the ground next to the jeep bound with strong ropes. Her partner sat next to her similarly tied. A male figure stood between Charlie and the jeep silhouetted in the head lights. The goats knelt as if in worship of the figure.

"Who are you?" Charlie asked trying to see the man.

"I'm the man in your dreams Charlie. I'm the one responsible for the changes in your young body. It was my reward to you for taking care of my goats." The figure stepped away from the backlight so Charlie could see him. He stood well over six and a half feet tall with broad shoulders, thick chest, a goat-like face, scruffy beard, horns and the legs of a ram. An oversized phallus stood upright and erect past his navel.

"Many years ago, I was worshipped on Earth Prime as one of the ancient gods. When humans grew and became scientific and sophisticated, I left the planet and wandered through the stars. However, I never neglect my goats wherever they may be. That's how I found you on Capella - which is named for the winter solstice and Capricorn. I am Pan, demigod of the caprine species, King of the Satyrs, master of chaos, and Ruler of all things fun and intriguing - like your cock and it's philosophical relationship to the universe," Pan face lit up with the inanity of the answer. He winked at Charlie.

"So you helped ... me ... by ... changing me into a what? a half-man, half-goat creature." Charlie wasn't convinced this creature had his best interests at heart.

"You're a type of Satyr." Pan explained.

"A satyr? Why a satyr? Not that I'm ungrateful for being a satyr. It's kept me alive, but why a satyr?"

"A couple reasons... You just defended the goats with your life against these two jerks and whether you know it or not, I was here with you on the first day. We played head butt. You cried. You held me all night. Remember?" Pan asked. Charlie stood there remembering his first night on the high plain. He nodded to Pan indicating he understanding.

"Am I done changing?" Charlie asked noticing some difference between his body and Pan's body. Charlie had the horns of a ram, Pan didn't. His hands resembled hooves, Pan had fingers. Pan walked on upright on two legs most of the time and Charlie preffered to be on four legs. Charlie did notice that his tail was bushier and sexier.

"I only set the process in motion. You're in charge of how far you change. If you want, you can go all the way and change into a goat. You'd make a fine-looking stud ram or even a nice billy goat for however long you desire. You r mind will never stop being human but your body can be all goat. You're in control, Stud. Whatever you desire is what you become. Do you want me to halt the changes so you can stay as you are? Or do want the gradual changes to go on..." Pan chuckled and danced around the jeep.

"No, don't. I like changing. I'm OK with all the physical changes so far. Keeps life interesting," Charlie shrugged his muscular shoulders.

"You know all those she-goats you've been nailing," Pan asked. Charlie's face and neck blushed a bright red.

"Aw... I deny everything. The bitch lied... All of them... It wasn't me... It was my evil twin - skippy," Charlie joked. He shuffled like a guilty little boy and when his cock poked it's read head out of his furry foreskin, he tried to push it back in. Pan laughed at the youth's denials.

"Well, stud-boy, they're all going to give birth to satyrs and fauns thanks to you. After that, you'll have lots of horny little-boy fauns and little-boy satyrs to teach how to jerk off and, well, you get the idea. That will keep life interesting," Pan watched Charlie's reaction to his revelation.

Charlie puffed up his chest and said: "I'm going to be a daddy? Really, I'm going to be a daddy?" He flexed his arms and pretended to smoke a cigar. "I'm a daddy." He mumbled again as he rummaged through the jeep. "I'm a daddy." The bound guard struggled to keep from touching him, struggling and squirming awkwardly. Charlie returned his stare and said in a mainically cheery voice: "I'm a daddy." The guard panicked and peed his pants. Charlie stared at the man like the guy was goofy.

"How the hell did this crybaby ever get to be a guard? If he browns out, well... Pictures would be nice," Pan commented. The guard gasped and got silent. Charlie hunted for something.

"All I'm looking for is a mirror I can keep with me and he's getting nuts. I wonder what would happen if I tried to scare him?" Charlie said fumbling with the latch on the glove compartment.

"Try to scare him? ... Try to scare him? ... Hey cute, humpy, well hung and horny, let me explain. First of all, you look satanic with those big ram horns and second, you smell like a goat in heat. I mean, you really, really smell like a goat... and in heat... Now, Now personally, I think you're hot and sexy, but this guy, well let's just say he doesn't appreciate all that. He thinks he's your love interest," They both laughed. Charlie flexed both his arms and sniffed at his armpits. He shrugged.

"I don't think I smell that bad. The goats don't complain." Charlie winked at Pan. Charle held his hooflike hand to the Guard's face and caressed his cheek. The guard cried and whined.

"I can leave this guy here with you. I'll make sure he can't get away. He'll get used to you after a while, maybe even learn to like you, in time. You can teach him head butts and butt butts," Pan said. The guard almost burst into tears. Charlie shook his head and refused the offer. Pan twisted one of the large rear-view mirrors from its mount and handed it to Charlie.

"It's big enough for you to see those muscles you so like to look at and admiring," Pan said. Charlie acted like a little kid with a birthday gift. He propped it up in the crook of a tree and looked at his reflection. Pan picked up the woman and loaded her in the back of the jeep. He did the same with her partner. The guard looked relieved to have human company. The man and woman looked disgusted to be sharing his puddle.

Pan walked over to Charlie. "Hey hot stuff, sexy goat-boy, big stud," Pan reached out and ran a finger around one of Charlie's nipples. Charlie felt a jolt of pure sexual energy run through his body... An animal lust that could drive his body into frenzied sexual activity.

"When I return from sending these folks back to where they belong, I'll bring you a box of cigars, big Daddy... stud man. Then we'll have our own rutting season. A proper rutting season. Just you, me, and the goats. In a year when all those young, horny fauns and satyrs come of age, we'll both be, how shall I put it ... in demand... well used... " Pan said. Charlie caught himself drooling and wiped his mouth on his arm. Pan smiled. Then he got in the jeep and drove away. It was nearly dawn. Charlie counted his goats and tracked down the strays from the night's activities. They all waited patiently for Pan to return.

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