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Racing With The Moon

27, July 2003

The building smelled new, really new. Not cleaned up new, not repainted new, not hospital scrubbed new, but really new because it was. The offices, the laboratories, the hanger, and the flight deck were all new; every bit of it, just built and just finished. The only thing old in it was the spaceship and it sparkled like it was new. He sniffed the air of the building. The newness of the building impressed him. It smelled like a new car. It smelled like the first day of spring in a forest of clover. He didn't even go to his office first; instead, he went to the flight deck to view the spaceship. It smelled new, just like the rest of the building. It smelled fresh just like after a thunderstorm. The spaceship's natural force shielding created small amounts of ozone and ions that destroyed all odors.

A drilling crew found the spaceship buried in the ice in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge as they drilled for oil. The military brought it here to learn its secrets and have pilots learn how to fly it. This place was more secret than Cheyenne Mountain, more secret than Area 51, more secret than Moonbase alpha, and more secret than the Kolchelnikov Airdrome. Only a half dozen men in the entire United States Government knew where this place was and fewer knew the purpose it served. Only the men assigned to this building knew that the spaceship existed.

"Captain Harrison Sir! General Smith sends his greetings from Washington. He regrets he can't be here and wishes you good luck and god speed." The Lieutenant, a big man of Spanish descent, saluted him briskly as he delivered the message. Ace pilot and astronaut, Thomas Harrison acknowledged the salute and admired the well-developed arms and shoulders of the Lieutenant. He read the Lieutenant's name, Arturo Esquivel, off the tag on his uniform. He was Harrison's pick him for copilot. They both stared at the alien spaceship.

"At ease, Lieutenant, if you're going to be my copilot I can't have you standing at attention all the time," Harrison said and Esquivel relaxed.

"Yes Sir! You'd never think in could kill two pilots and destroy an entire base," Esquivel stood stiffly.

"Well, there it sits like nothing happened," Harrison tipped his head towards the spaceship.

"All the records of the previous attempts to fly this thing are in your office. We each have a digital copy," Esquivel said as he stared at the spaceship.

"Well, let's get started with a review of the previous attempts. Especially search for anything that they might have missed," Harrison said and the two men walked over to their glass walled offices on the other side of the spaceship.

Days and weeks passed as they analyzed each attempt to fly the spaceship.

"The aliens were bipedal humanoids as far as we can tell," Captain Harrison said as he read the ergonomics report.

"Yes, and close to our size and proportions judging from the interior. No remains were found in the ice around the spaceship. They searched for several miles," Esquivel replied. Harrison nodded.

"The pilot's chamber fills with fluid to protect his body from the G-forces developed by the gravitic drive. Early attempts to rewire the interfaces and create a seat outside the fluid failed," Esquivel added.

"This is only a scout ship, just a pilot and copilot. I wonder how they traveled in groups?"

"The first group put the pilot into a wet suit and piped oxygen to him. That way the pilot could stay in the fluid and talk at the same time. It seemed to work up. The second pilot actually made it to Jupiter and back in twenty or so minutes, he died of an overdose of radiation poisoning from the radiation belt between Jupiter and Io." Esquivel played the recording of an excited pilot describing the flight out to Jupiter. His screams filled the office from the small speakers. The pilot knew that the radiation was roasting him alive. They even had gruesome pictures of the pilot's dead body.

"Notice, he keep repeating that he couldn't raise the shields, why didn't he fly away? He had control of the ship before that. I wonder what happened to make him lose control." Esquivel fell silent.

"Maybe he only had partial control and the ship was flying automatically, or maybe we need two pilots to control the spaceship. After all, there are two control positions," Harrison said.

"They never thought of that. They just assumed that the control position on the right is the captain because the alien writing is right-to-left indicating right-handedness. That meant that putting the pilot on the right was a fairly safe assumption. They assumed the other position was a navigator or gunner. The fluid pods are identical. Look, we know that one man can fly this thing to Jupiter," Esquivel pointed out. Harrison inquired about the controls.

"Play the Jupiter tape again," Harrison and Esquivel listened to the tape over and over. They read the transcription. At first, the pilot was elated as the ship flew away from the earth, passed the moon, then Mars, and began to orbit Jupiter. Then he said he wanted to take a closer look at the volcanoes on Io. As the spaceship moved between Io and Jupiter, he said that he doesn't have enough control to shut out the radiation because it's located somewhere else. After frying in the radiation belt for several agonizing minutes and unable to find the controls, he panicked and ordered the ship back to earth as fast as possible. By the time it got back, he was dead, fried to a crisp by the radiation, his body was barely recognizable as human.

"What did he mean about the controls? Got any ideas?" Harrison mused.

"Well, we've seen controls float out and attach to the pilot's bodies. The controls read muscle movement and nerve impulses. Maybe it takes more than just hands to control the ship," Esquivel speculated.

"Possible, completely possible, however, at the beginning of the flights, both pilots say that the spaceship reads their thoughts. I suspect the ship is under thought control all the time and keeping your head is essential. Note that both pilots say that they travel to the first location they thought of," Harrison replied. Esquivel nodded his understanding.

"If thought controls the destination, perhaps body movements or even the nerve impulses themselves control the rest of the systems: shields, weapons, gravity drive. Call up the transcript and recording of the moon flight," Harrison's eyes narrowed at the mystery.

Esquivel called the file up on the computer and they both listened. The last pilot circled the earth and moon slowly and carefully. Everything seemed OK. He even compared flying the spaceship to having sex with his girlfriend. Suddenly, he started screaming that he could feel the controls grabbing his body, pinching him, entering him. He yells that he doesn't want the controls in him. This goes on a few minutes and then he panics and orders the ship back to base as fast as possible so he can get out of the control pod. The ship responds and in mere seconds, it lands, or more or less crashes into the base. The impact destroys the base. They could hear the crash recorded inside the ship on the pilot's headset; He survived the G-forces in the control pod but is still babbling about being fondled. Once out of the control pod, he pops the hatch and burns in the fire surrounding the ship.

"How many minutes was he orbiting? Wait, wait, wait, let me ask it this way: does the trouble on both flights start at the same time?" Harrison asked. Esquivel looked up the time indices. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Why yes, it does. What do you make of that?" Esquivel stared at Harrison.

"One man complains about not having enough control and the other complains about having too much control," Harrison asked using Esquivel as his sounding board.

"No, that's not true, they complain about the same thing. The ship is doing something that they don't want it to do and they can't stop it. Maybe the control system wasn't completely functional when they took off," Esquivel's looked to Harrison for affirmation.

"Maybe we should run a long test with the spaceship just hovering a few feet above the ground and see what happens?" Harrison said.

"Yes, a very limited flight," Harrison said.

"And more than that, maybe the pilot should be prepared to stop gently and leave the control pod if he feels uncomfortable," Esquivel gestured at Harrison.

"I think so too. Maybe both pilots caused their deaths by not being in complete control of the spaceship," Harrison replied to Esquivel. Both men shook their heads in agreement.

"Did we ever analyze the fluid that encases the pilots?" Harrison asked.

"Sure, it's an organic fluid, mostly water with a few minerals. Nothing harmful," Esquivel scanned a large binder marked FLUID and filled with analytical results.

"Does it contain dissolved oxygen?"

"They never measured it. They didn't see the need, the Top Brass and the pilots never wanted it to touch their skin. Why do you ask?" Esquivel filled out a form and ordered an aid to sample the fluid.

"There isn't a breathing device in the pod. I have a feeling that the aliens didn't use one. It might be a liquid breathing system and a way to damp out the G-forces of the gravity drive," Harrison glanced above the binder he was reading.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A few mornings later, Harrison appeared in a skintight, polymeric-composite suit molded to the contours of his body. The suit completely covered his body from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. The material stuck to his skin and made him sweat until a fine layer of water formed beneath it. The dampness was uncomfortable.

"This suit is just awful, I'll bet you that some castrating bitch of a feminist designed it. There's no place for my cock and balls in it," Harrison complained. These suits although designed of very flexible and nearly impervious material had no pouch. Esquivel just laughed and handed Harrison a cup. Harrison opened the front of the suit revealing a well-muscled chest and abs and hauled out a thick, uncut cock and well-sized testicles. He stuffed his unit into the cup, fastened the suit, and shrugged his broad shoulders. This was as comfortable as it got. He walked awkwardly towards the spaceship. The marines guarding the spaceship snickered behind his back.

The inside of the spaceship was cramped for the two men. The control pods were cylindrical structures made of alternating metal beams and clear, glass-like material. A thick, honey-colored fluid filled the pod. Harrison tested the communications systems and lowered himself slowly into the fluid. Almost immediately the spaceship lifted and hovered over the platform.

"The machine reacts so fast, it must be read your mind," Esquivel said. Harrison signaled thumbs up and Esquivel closed the hatch. The fluid filled the chamber and covered Harrison completely. Floating in the fluid, he examined the controls on the metal pillars. He thought of the spaceship hovering gently in the hanger and saw Esquivel lurch as it moved.

"Responsive, ain't it," Harrison said as he focused on keeping the spaceship hovering and not flying anywhere. His hands explored the instruments and his body twisted in the fluid as he moved. The controls circled him and he twisted and rotated around searching through them.

"I wonder if it has pitch and yaw controls like a helicopter? Harrison voiced through the throat microphone. Esquivel watched intently as a small seat and footpads formed from one of the cylinder walls and moved against Harrison's body.

"So it does respond to my thoughts and desires," Harrison said as he worked the newly created control pads as if the spaceship was a small helicopter. The technicians outside recorded all the movements. After a few minutes, Esquivel interrupted his fun.

"Coming up on the critical time," he announced. Harrison set the spaceship back down on the platform and then hovered a few feet off the ground. He tried to move but his rubberized suit was stuck to the control surfaces. He told Esquivel of this and held the spaceship in a tight hover. Esquivel took pictures of the controls that now formed more than just a seat and footpads. The footpads formed boots with lots of control wiring leading from them and the small seat under his butt had grown a backrest up his spine and clamps around his hips to hold him tight.

"I think you should get out now," Esquivel said and Harrison thought of leaving the spaceship. The controls disappeared back into the walls and the hatch opened so he could climb out. The fluid pulled away from him and didn't cling. They left the spaceship and went to an examination room.

"It felt strange when the controls grew out and touched me, but they were the most responsive I ever used," Harrison said as he stripped the suit from his body. He was well built and tanned all over. Wherever the controls touched his body, he had tiny red marks on his skin. As Esquivel and the technicians examined these carefully, the red coloration faded and the spots blended with Harrison's normal skin tone.

"The red marks are small metallic gold crystals embedded into your skin. They look like little sockets," Harrison said as he examined the protective suit. It was filled with small holes. The technicians took a full two days to examine and analyze the results of the first successful excursion into the spaceship. Harrison was anxious to continue the experiments.

"The protective suit was useless. The controls systems poked right through it. The gold in your body is inert and not harmful. It seems to be permanent and won't come out," Esquivel reported.

"It doesn't hurt. The spaceship seemed to respond to my thoughts and created the control interface I wanted. I want to return and try additional tests. This time, without the damn plastic suit to shield me from the controls," Harrison said.

"Well, the fluid has enough oxygen in it to do liquid breathing. However, that has its drawbacks. You won't be able to talk to talk to us. Have you ever used a liquid breathing system before?" Esquivel asked.

"No, I've heard it's hard the first time," Harrison said and Esquivel agreed.

"You have to breathe liquid and the lungs aren't cooperative until they fill with the oxygenated fluid," Esquivel lectured. Harrison listened but he was too anxious to get back into the control pod and try the controls again. They planned the next test. Harrison would float in the hanger for at least twice the time of the previous test. He wouldn't wear protective clothing so his body would come into direct contact with the control surfaces.

The next morning Harrison showed up in the hanger naked. The marine guards eyeballed his firm, bronze body and his extra large, uncut cock. He climbed into the spaceship with Esquivel and prepared to lower his body into the control pod. He dangled his feet into the fluid to see what it felt like.

"It's warm and it feels gooey against my feet," the little gold sockets on his feet sparkled as the fluid covered them. He slowly lowered his body into the pod, dunked his head and then held his head above the fluid level. He nodded to Esquivel to close and seal the hatch. As that happened, the fluid level rose in the pod. It covered Harrison's head. At first, Harrison held his breath, then he forced all the air out of his lungs. The pod quickly eliminated the air. Harrison tried to gulp the fluid, but his throat closed and locked on him. His chest heaved as he tried to breathe and he turned a pale blue. He closed his eyes and concentrated to get his breathing under control, air escaped from his mouth and finally he settled down. As his lungs filled with the liquid, his breathing seemed labored. The spaceship floated into the air. Harrison thought about the helicopter controls and they started to appear. Instead of just a seat forming, an entire back support system formed in the fluid and moved against Harrison's spine. He felt the connections attach to his body. His naked body was now fixed in the liquid. Large boots formed around his feet. A sturdy control stick formed and rested against his right hand. Harrison barely moved the controls and the spaceship performed a series of complex maneuvers in the small hanger. He directed the ship into tighter and more complex maneuvers including a few loops that tumbled Esquivel around the cabin.

"Hope I didn't hurt you with the loops and rolls. The controls are so responsive it's hard not to do that stuff." Esquivel heard Harrison's voice out of the comm system. He looked into the chamber and saw a glut of wires attached to Harrison's throat and two more sets fixed to his ears.

"I thought about a comm system and look what happened," Harrison said.

"How do you feel?" Esquivel asked as he felt the spaceship go into another loop. He held onto the walls as it turned him completely over.

"Great, this is so much fun. It's like it's my big toy. I wish there was another one for you to fly," Harrison gushed. He sounded excited. A timer buzzed indicating that the experiment was over. Esquivel told Harrison that time had expired and he felt the spaceship land on its support. Esquivel triggered the hatch on the pod. The controls detached themselves from Harrison's body and Esquivel pulled him out of the fluid. Harrison leaned over the pod and let the fluid drain out of his lungs making loud and ugly retching noises.

"It hurts more coming out than going in," Harrison choked out as he coughed up more fluid out of his lungs.
He waited until his breathing returned to normal and then the two men climbed out of the spaceship. The technicians gestured to a second spaceship, slightly smaller and not as complex, but still complete.

"Be careful what you wish for," Esquivel remarked.

"Now that's scary, I guess that we underestimated what we have," Harrison stared at the new ship. Obviously, it was created from his single wish. The technicians started to examine Harrison's body. This time there were no red marks, but there were lots of small gold sockets that the spaceship used to connect him to the controls. The connections up his spine gave the appearance of gold. So did the connections on his hands and feet. Each tiny gold socket had a network of even finer gold wires connecting it to his nerve cells. The most startling were the connections into his vocal cords, which had connected back into the nerves of his spine. The base of Harrison's spine was one large connector that had already infiltrated his spinal column. It was very late that night when the physical exams and the technical debriefing ended. Esquivel and Harrison sat alone.

"Do you have any idea of all the systems on the ship and can you access them?" Esquivel asked.

"Yes, but I can't access them using this control configuration. The helicopter was good to learn, but it won't let a pilot control the entire ship. I think I know what will, but I'm a little worried about doing that," Harrison answered.

"Why do you say that?" Esquivel asked.

"There are too many systems for mere physical movements. I think my body would be engulfed by the controls. Look at the amount of gold in me now; imagine that multiplied 100 times for all the systems. I might cease to be human," Harrison said.

"I never thought of that. Maybe the alien pilots stayed connected in the control chamber?" Esquivel speculated.

"No, these are scout ships so they definitely had to leave the control pod. But more than that, this ship is unbelievably powerful if it could reproduce itself," Harrison said.

"How powerful are the weapons?" troubled, Esquivel asked a stupid question.

"What does it matter, if the thing is powerful enough to reproduce itself at the pilot's wish. How many do you need to conquer the enemy and what configuration would you like?" Harrison said darkly.

"Point well taken, how do we prevent the end of the mankind as we know it?"

"Easy, fly away and never return," Harrison replied.

"You would do that? Where would you go?" Esquivel looked surprised.

"The planet of origin. They'll know what to do with unlimited power. I know where it is. But it's not just my choice, you have to fly the other ship," Harrison hoped that Esquivel would help him.

Esquivel's mind reeled from the revelation: "What else do you know about the builders?"

"They're humanoid cyborgs, about the same size as us, thinner waists, metallic gold skin, more muscles. This ship landed to explore the planet. A saber tooth tiger killed the pilot. The ship recorded it all."

"Really, it's that old?

"No, it crashed a few years ago and our military tortured the pilot to death trying to get secrets out of him. They dissected his body." Esquivel looked very puzzled and disturbed. Harrison continued: "What does it matter. We've discovered a source of ultimate power and our militaries will use it to destroy the world if we let them," Harrison thumped the table in disgust.

"Well now is the best time, since there are only two guards out there. Tomorrow there will be more since we have two ships," Esquivel knew that the reports took a little time to get back to the Top Brass and for the Brass them to issue orders.

"We can take these two guards along. They'll be safe and secure in the second pods." Harrison said. He stood up and went out to the guards.

"Marines, I need you're help. A group of radicals are on their way here and the Brass has ordered us to move these ships. You two are to fly shotgun with us," Harrison made up the orders on the spot.

"Yes Sir, what should we do sir?" the one marine asked smartly.

"Strip naked, leave your uniforms out here on the ground, secure your guns in the ships and then climb into the copilots pods. I'll control both ships from my pod so all you have to do is wait until we land," Harrison hoped they wouldn't question the order. Both Marines gave enthusiastic responses and started to remove their clothing in record time.

"We hoped we could get a chance to fly in these, Sir. Thank you for the chance, Sir!" the one Marine said.

Esquivel and Harrison took them into the spaceship and lowered them intot he copilots pod with instructions to stay floating until Harrison closed the hatches by remote control.

"Once I get into the control pod, I'll tell the ships to create the proper interface for each of you. Then I'll close the hatches. You understand what to do once the liquid rises? Don't worry about any ship movements, just think of waiting for my signal to fly. I'll handle the controls of both ships," Harrison ordered turning his attention to Esquivel.

"What sort of controls will I have," Esquivel asked.

"I'll be the brains flying both ships. I've had a bit more experience with that," Harrison lied through his teeth about what was going to happen. Esquivel believed him and opened Harrison's control pod:

"OK, go to your spaceship and get in your pod. Don't forget to get undressed outside the ship," Harrison said and Esquivel closed the hatch on the chamber and left. It took a couple minutes for Harrison to fill his lungs with liquid and let the controls attach to his body. He thought about seeing the four Control Pods and some control wiring floated out towards his eyes. Overcoming the fear of letting anything touch his eyeballs, he let the wiring penetrate his eyeballs and interface with his optic nerves. Suddenly he could see everything the ship could sense. HE could even see his body in the pod.

He turned his attention to the Marine who was his copilot. He closed the hatch and let the fluid level rise to cover the marine. He struggled. His lungs fought the urge to breathe anything but a gas, but finally he let the fluid into his lungs to displace the air. He floated near the top of the chamber bracing himself with his hands and feet. He didn't see a rod emerge from the floor of the chamber and grow upwards. Before the marine knew it, the rod plunged into his ass and impaled him. He screamed silently and more attachments appeared form the walls pulling his body down into the middle of the fluid. He looks like a Popsicle, Harrison thought as he issued the command to convert the marine into a cyborg capable of being copilot. He watched as the ship replaced flesh and blood with mechanical and electrical systems capable of sustaining life. The control cables attached to every part of the marine's anatomy, improving and enhancing him. The rod inside him worked to create new internal organs and an internal interface for all the control systems. It only took a few minutes to be complete. The control cables moved away from the marine revealing a new metallic-gold body identical to his human body in all respects. He was no longer flesh and blood, he didn't need to eat or drink or breathe air. His nervous system remained human but the rest of him was metal, a true cyborg. He sat comfortably plugged into his pedestal ready to handle the routine functions of the spaceships on the 360 degrees of control panels spread before him.

Harrison signaled Esquivel to close the hatch on the other marine and get into his own pod. Without a second thought Esquivel closed the hatch on the marine, disrobed and splashed into his control pod. He didn't see the second marine struggle with breathing the liquid, nor did he see the control rod impale the second marine's body as it began to convert him into a cyborg. Again, the second marine struggled with the fluid. As he did, a control rod grew up and penetrated his ass forcing its way deep into the marine's body. Then thousands of control cables grew out of the walls and attached themselves to the exterior of this body. The transformation continued until only his human nervous system remained. The newly created cyborg sat on his pedestal awaiting commands from master control. He rubbed his hands of his new metal body. It was identical to his human form.

Harrison checked the interface that he had with both marines, aside form being a little over-zealous and gung-ho, they were compliant and obedient. His gamble on the two marine guards had paid off. Their abilities to adapt, take orders, and adjust worked to their favor. Harrison touched the minds of both marines and found them exhilarated and enthusiastic about their new bodies and abilities.

Harrison's thoughts turned to Esquivel. Arturo Esquivel represented trouble. Given autonomy, he was capable of creating more spaceships and returning them to Earth. That would have disastrous consequences for mankind. It wasn't that Esquivel was a bad sort, just too naïve to be trusted. He was the typical scientist who dutifully turned his invention over to the military and them helped them create a weapon of death and destruction. Harrison made his decision; Esquivel would be converted into a complete robot. He told the spaceship what to do. Inside his pod, Esquivel eagerly greeted the control cables as they grew and attached themselves to his body. The spike from the floor surprised and startled him as it penetrated his body. He felt his body transforming as his flesh and bone was replaced with metal. It was exhilarating and surreal. Flesh turning to metal, bones decalcifying and being replaced by metal. His internal organs shrinking as mechanicals and hydraulics replaced their once necessary functions. It was thrilling. Everything about it excited him until he realized that his new body was also different from his human body. He felt himself become smaller, more compact, his muscles smoothed out and grew sinewy, his cock and balls retracted into a pouch and sealed themselves off from the world. He felt his human features fading from his face to be replaced by slick metallic features. Then the transformation started to affect his mind. Nerve cells began to change to metal and Esquivel felt his personality slowly fading into digitization. His memories became digital memories rather than human, dynamic memories, his senses became computer programs with parameters to guide his movements and sensations. Finally, the transformation converted his brain in a complex series of memory modules and Esquivel ceased being human. Robotic rules formed in his newly created electronic mind, controlling and governing him just like human ethics. He tried to develop independent programs, but he couldn't. As a robot, he only took instruction. He sat in his pod waiting for the master computer, controlled by the other spaceship to tell him what to do. He felt different from the others, subservient to them. He remembered his human existence as Lieutenant Esquivel but he didn't think like that anymore.

Mentally, Harrison sighed. This was taking too long and the marines were late for a check-in call. He tried to tap into the radio frequency of their walkie-talkies, but found he couldn't. He sent an electronic signal to open the doors of the hanger and the controls responded. Both spaceships floated gently out of the hanger and up into the sky to about 80,000 feet. Harrison made sure that they were stable in the air and initiated his conversion to cyborg.

He felt the central connector touch him, spread his willing buns wide apart, and begin to grow in length and diameter as it pushed into his body. He thought it might hurt as it penetrated deep into his gut and grew up into his chest, but all he felt was a mild tingling sensation. Other connectors attached themselves to the exterior of this body and began to graft fine gold wires onto all his nerves. His muscles twitched as the gold connections were formed. Cell by cell, his body was being converted into metal. The central connector started to convert his internal organs to mechanicals and hydraulics. A power cell formed in his chest and abdomen filling it out. It replaced most of the organs in his torso as it provided power and heat. Muscles and tendons turned to wiry cables and hydraulic pipes filled with liquid metal. His head and face changed into smooth, flexible metal and he felt his eyes change even more growing digital in nearly atomic detail, his vision brightened as the entire spectrum of radiation opened to his eyes and then they shut down as electronic and mechanical irises formed. He flexed his body in the fluid and rubbed his hands over the new surface. The new textures excited him. He tugged on his metallic cock and balls. They were much larger than his human version. He wondered if he could sire metal children ... Something to test in the future.

The spaceship moved roughly as if avoided something. Harrison looked and he could see outside the ship. Earth and sky filled his vision and he could see a jet fighter and its drones firing missiles at the two spaceships in a futile attempt to shoot them down. The marine copilots adroitly avoided the missiles. Harrison taped opened communications channels and hailed the jets.

"Spaceship one to fighter pilots. Cease fire, we mean you no harm," he broadcast. The pilots broke off.

"Ground control to spaceship one, return to base, repeat, return to base. Your flight is unauthorized."

"Big fucking deal, we're leaving you and never coming back," Harrison responded. He instructed the marines and Esquivel to record goodbye messages. The fighter planes and ground control threw shit fits, bullets, missiles, and armament at the two spaceships but Harrison just ignored them. The shields protected them from any assault.

He sent the recorded goodbye messages to earth, then moved the spaceships straight North to 400 miles above the earth and then initiated the gravity drive. They flew directly up at Polaris, the North Star, that which gives light form the highest point, he thought. "Go!" he thought and in seconds, they passed out of the solar system heading out of the Milky Way and towards a distant galaxy and a solar system inhabited by an ancient race of cyborgs.

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