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15 May 2003

"What's two, seven, three, five," Moe asked.

"Different color pigments. You want to look right, don't you?" I replied as I added pigment into the pot.

"Are you sure it's going to be the right shade of copper? I'd hate to turn cheesy green just because you made a mistake," Moe wrinkled up his face is mock disgust. The three of us laughed.

"I wouldn't mind. Being cheesy green might be fun, Dude. As long as I get paid for the gig," Sam remarked.

"Your altruism is stunning. The only cheese I want to see is under on my foreskin on the head of my cock right before you lick it off," Moe smacked Sam so hard I thought he would break. You wouldn't guess that Moe and Same were brothers. Moe is short and stocky, like a fireplug with muscles on muscles, the hulking wrestler type. Sam is the opposite, a wiry basketball type that looks fragile, but isn't. He towered over Moe by a good foot and a half and he just reached out, grabbed the top of Moe's head, and held him out at arm's length.

"All right, all right, you two jerks. Keep fooling around and make me make a mistake. This stuff is sensitive to little changes. I won't be responsible for what happens," I muttered as they laughed and wrestled each other to the ground.

"We're just practicing our pose for your precious pictures, dipshit. Lighten up," Sam finished tying Moe into a small package. I could hear Moe grunting and straining trying to break free. I added the last of the color pigment and began to mix the liquid in a forty-gallon drum using a power drill and propeller on a stand.

"You guys better get undressed, I'll be ready in a few minutes," I said over the noise of the mixer. Sam was on the bottom and Moe twisting his long arms and legs like spaghetti. In a sudden flourish of arms and legs, they both stood up.

"Take our clothes off? What do you think we're easy? Just like those ancient Greek wrestlers who oiled themselves up and did it in the nude?" Moe pulled his jersey up over his head revealing his hard, muscular chest.

"You mean they wrestled in the nude?" Sam said in mock disbelief.

"Just about as good as you suck my slimy cock, you scrawny weasel" Moe replied. The both broke up laughing. Sam pulled his jersey off and posed. He was boney, but well-defined, lots of muscle and tendon with not one once of fat. I added a package of a copper-colored pigment into the mixture without them even noticing.

"Well, this has been traced back to early Greece, so maybe they did use it. Did you guys shave like the instructions said?" I asked.

"Yeah dude, can't you see? We're complete hairless down to the eyebrows and eyelashes," Sam said. Sam dropped his sweats and shorts and stood there naked. His cock hung down a good eight inches and his billiard-sized balls lower than that. I remember the first time I saw him was in the shower room as he bent over for a bar of soap, his small, round buns framing a perfect asshole above his large unit. I quickly buried my face between those buns and my tongue deep in his ass and that was the start of our friendship.

"See, ain't no hair on this body," he said closing his fists and holding both thumbs up in front of his body. His sinewy muscles flexed as he moved. I added another package of the copper-colored pigment and a special package of rare earth elements.

"You slob," he said as he picked up Sam's shorts and sweats and tossed them aside. He dropped his sweats to show off more muscles than any man should rightly have on his body. He flexed thick, sturdy tendons and beefy, well-formed muscles. He never wanted to compete professionally, but he could have. Like Sam, Moe's balls were big, but his sac kept them high and tight against his body and that only pushed his thick, uncut cock out forward.

"You like no hair?" he asked. I took a good look at his body. My affair with Moe was the reason I was so fit and well built today.

"No, not especially, but the directions say no hair," I replied as I added the third and final package of copper-colored pigment along with the secret ingredient. Moe walked over and looked at the mixture. It was now a deep, rich, burnished copper color.

"Wow! That stuff looks better than the sample we had. It's such a deep shade of copper. It's almost a shame to smear that all over us for just a few minutes," Moe said. Sam stood behind him looking bored.

"Whatever, dude, let's get this done, and collect our payment," Sam shrugged his shoulders.

"How about getting into the platform and oiling up. It only has to mix for a few more minutes," I said. Sam and Moe moved the platform closer and stepped up onto it.

"You sure you won't join us? I still think three wrestlers will look better than two wrestlers," Moe said rubbing oil all over his body. His muscles gleamed and glistened.

"Who's going to take the pictures? Besides, I still have hair on my head," I answered.

"No excuses, no excuses. That little bit of hair on your head won't hurt you. Put the camera on automatic and get over here," Sam said.

"Ah, I don't think so, Sam, I really didn't plan on being naked and on display. I'm not that well built," I said positioning the backdrop behind them so I could take the pictures.

"Oh, horseshit, you've got a good build. If you don't get up here with us, then I'm leaving," Moe said. I took a deep breath and set the camera up on automatic. Neither Moe nor Sam knew what I had added to the mix and I didn't want to tell them.

"Well, I really didn't plan to, maybe there isn't enough fluid," I tried to wheedle out my predicament.

"Get naked and get your ass up here, you chicken shit," Moe's voice echoed through the studio. I stopped for a second and though -- well, what the hell, I'll just join them in becoming a statue. It won't be that bad..

I went to the washroom and shave my eyebrows off. The stubble on my head wouldn't matter very much. Then I stopped the mixer, positioned the drum in a harness, and checked the apparatus one more time before starting the camera. Finally, I took off my clothes. It was ironic that my camera would record my folly. Then I climbed up onto the platform. Moe and Sam spread the oil all over my body. My cock thickened as they rubbed my body.

"Something I'll tell you about nude pictures, dudes. If you aren't half-stiff, you'll look puny and you don't want to be on display when you're not at your very best." Moe smiled as he stroked his cock feeling to thicken in his hand. Both Sam and I did the same. The harness tipped and the copper-colored liquid began to ooze out of the drum. It felt like warm, oily mud as we spread it over our bodies. I could feel the metal powder in it.

Moe asked as he spread the goop over his arms and chest.

I rubbed the stuff over my chest and torso. It was warming up. As the stuff touched my skin, it acted like glue and stuck fast. The more I rubbed the stuff, the richer the color of my skin. We each did the other man's back and legs.

"This is thicker than that test batch and it's more metallic. I feels like it's penetrating through my skin," Moe said as he spread the coppery goop over his cock and balls.

"Yes, I added more powdered copper to deepen the color," I told him. Spreading it evenly was slow work.

"You say the Ancient Greeks used this for some ritual?"

"Yes and once covered with it, they formed a tableau to honor the gods. Much the same as we are doing for the camera," I said but I knew the real reason the camera was there. I added: "The writings say that the only the strongest and best looking warriors received this reward."

"Any particular Greek god?" Moe asked.

"At major celebrations, Dionysius and at minor occasions Pan, although I might have that reversed. The writings said that the Gods would visit and keep the warriors as their slaves," I answered. "Makes a good legend," Moe said. I bent over and Sam spread the goop all over my asshole and the back of my crotch. My cock was hard and drooling precum when he was done.

"I told ya he'd pop a boner," Sam said to Moe. Moe just laughed. Sam bent way over and turned his asshole to me.

"Cover me," Sam said and I rubbed the mixture over his backside.

Only our heads weren't covered. Sam caught the mixture in his hands and plopped in on the top of my head; he did the same for Moe and then stood directly under the drum himself. We spread the mixture over our heads and faces and then examined each other for missed spots. Sam spread it all over his lips and licked his fingers.

"Hey, this stuff doesn't taste too bad," he said as he spread it all over the inside of his mouth. When he opened his mouth, you couldn't see any pink or white, only a metallic copper color. Moe did the same and I followed like the obedient puppy that I am. I could feel the chemical mixture rushing through my blood as my body absorbed it. We rubbed our bodies against each other enjoying the smooth oily feel.

"That feels good," Sam said as he humped his cock and balls against Moe. I fingered Sam's asshole with a big glob of the mixture and he let my hand sink deep inside him.

"Rub that stuff inside me, it feels so good when you do that," Sam said and he reached behind Moe and inserted a thick blob up his ass too. Moe moaned in pleasure and then shoved his stubby fingers up my ass and spread some of the mixture over my prostate. An electric pulse danced through me and set my body on fire. WE finger-fucked each other into copper-tinged orgasms.

"Oh, this feels too good," Moe said as he extracted his hand from my ass.

"Let's get in position, the stuff's getting thick. Is that camera recording?" Moe said and we wrestled each other into comfortable holds.

"It's been going since I left it," I said as I bent my stiff cock against my belly, the mixture held it tight. Our bodies got dryer and hotter. I could see little wisps of water vapor appear due to the heat being generated inside our bodies.

"Is it supposed to get this hot, dude?" Sam asked. Sam's body was a small furnace; I put a headlock on him and held him tight.

"It's ok, don't worry about it. Just concentrate on the pose and hold tight against each other," I said.

"This is different than before. I can feel the difference. My body feels empty, like it's become hollow," Moe said. His strong hands actually hurt. Our bodies and the mixtures heated even more, I felt steam pouring off my body as the heat drove water out leaving only metal behind. I couldn't move against the metallic skin that had formed on me and my companions.

"Why can't I move? What have you done to us?" Moe and I felt him flex trying to move.

"I found out what the unknown ingredient was and I added a lot of it to the mixture," I replied. My body started to get really hot and I could feel my flesh and bones change.

"What's happening?" Moe gasped.

"We're changing into metal, we're becoming statues. You said you feel hollow, That's because you're becoming a hollow copper statue," I said as I felt my feet merge with the metallic platform. Parts of my body tingled with the heat. A metal stiffness crept through me.

"But why?" Moe gasped. I knew the change was moving though his legs and into his torso.

"We're a gift to the great god Pan. I'm one of his disciples. He'll return us to flesh when he wishes." I felt my torso change to metal, my organs shrink into thin metal walls, our bodies preserved forever in copper. I took one last look at Moe and saw bloody-red metal glaze over his eyes. I felt the change move into my head and my thoughts dimmed as my brain turned to metal. The world went dark.

A new statue of three nude wrestlers waited for Pan's coming.

The next morning, friends of mine came and moved us to a small grotto dedicated to Pan. Someday, I'll tell you the story of our awakening.

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