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January 3, 2003

My interest in Egyptology started my last year in high school with an exhibit from King Tut's tomb. I went to the best undergraduate and graduate archeology programs with a strong minor in Egyptology. This left me with big tuition debts and I was lucky to find a group of people who were just as fanatical about the practices of ancient Egypt as I was and was willing to pay me to assist them in recreating ancient Egyptian ceremonies. At least I thought they were my friends.

A few months ago, they asked if I would allow them to wrapped me in linen much like a mummy. It was fun the first couple times. I would lay there naked as they wrapped my body in linen strips and then wait for a few hours while they chanted from the ancient books. I was young, fit, narcissistic, and greedy. My enthusiasm waned after a couple months, the time got longer, the rituals got more involved and the entire affair got tiresome. I told them that the last time I would play the mummy was for the vernal equinox.

The vernal equinox was a beautiful, warm spring day. I arrived at the farm where we held our meetings just before dressed in only a loose fitting sweat suit and sneakers. The courtyard was decorated with all sorts of Egyptian symbols including a full sized replica of a marble sarcophagus. The lid was on sideways and I could see that the inner chamber was lined with gold and filled with a dull yellow wax-like substance.

An assortment of gold jewelry lay on top of the lid. I guessed that I was going to get the royal treatment since only royalty was mummified with that much gold and jewels. They had dug a large hole in the ground that was big enough to contain the sarcophagus. I didn't think this was odd because they always buried the sarcophagus at the vernal equinox. Last fall, they kept me sealed in the sarcophagus for a day as they carried on ceremonies outside.

About noon, Jacob came out from the house with a beer and some sandwiches. I ate and drank heartily and afterwards, I felt drowsy and fell asleep in the warm sun.

When I woke up about an hour later, I lay naked on the lid of the sarcophagus. The marble was cold. I could feel, but not move. They told me that they had paralyzed my nervous system electronically. They shaved me, washed me, gave me enemas to clean my large intestine, and snaked a tube into my stomach to clean out both my stomach and small intestine. They told me that I needed to be filled with preserving wax and showed me two six-foot long tubes. They rolled me on my back and I felt them inserted one deep into my rectum and the other down my throat. I felt a warm substance fill my guts. They seemed satisfied when they removed the tubes.

I lay there helpless. Brushes appeared and they began to cover me in gold leaf. Slowly my tanned skin disappeared under a gold patina. The metal foil stuck to my skin as they covered every inch of my body. I knew from other ceremonies that they had to dress me with all the jewelry that I saw on the sarcophagus. There was an assortment of rings, earrings, wrist and ankle cuffs, arm and leg bands, a breastplate, a stomach shield, a jock-like cup, and a helmet. The back of the jewelry was studded with short, needle-sharp pins to hold them in place. As they placed the jewelry on my body, my mind reeled from the ancient drugs on the needles. Egypt's form of a time-release drug delivery system. The put rings on each of my fingers, bands above and below my elbows, anklets and leg bands on my legs and thighs, and a cup over my balls and a metal sheath on my cock. Little drops of blood oozed where the needles penetrated my body. The breastplate and stomach shield hurt terribly as they positioned it on my body and sank the needles into my flesh. They rolled me over and covered my back with another plate.

Then they began to wrap me in sacred linen. My arms and legs were done first and then the started on my torso. The wrappings were very tight. When they finished this layer, they wrapped my legs tightly together. Then they placed my hands on my chest and wrapped my arms tight against my sides. As they wrapped over my shoulders, they removed the electronic device that held me motionless.

"What are you doing?" I yelled. The bindings were so tight that I couldn't even wiggle my body.

"You should be honored, you are going to be the first immortal warrior in 3000 years to protect the tomb of Osiris," Jacob answered, "We've discovered the ceremony in the Book of the Dead that let's us preserve living guardians and warriors. You will be our first living warrior. We are preparing your body, covering it in gold, attaching the proper metal adornments, and injecting the specified drugs into your body. When we are done with this, we will place you in the sarcophagus. The sacred wax and holy drugs will preserve and transform your body. In a year from now, at the next vernal equinox, we will raise you and worship you as the guardian.

"You're going to bury me alive?" I gasped at the thought.

"No, silly boy, we are giving you eternal life. You're going to become a living gold warrior," Jacob replied. I wanted to yell again, but he forced a plate between my teeth and wrapped my jaw shut. A small tube stuck out of my mouth so I could breathe.

"We considered mummifying you and bringing you back as one of the undead warriors, but that meant removing your organs and placing them in synoptic jars. After all, we didn't want a zombie; we want a living warrior. I envy you," Jacob smiled at me. I struggled against the linen bindings.

"Don't be afraid, the power of the gods of Egypt will protect you from all harm," Jacob said as he pulled my eyelids open and set gold, ceremonial eyecups on my eyeballs. They placed a helmet on my head and then covered me it with linen.

I felt them lift my body off the sarcophagus and heard the grate of stone on stone as they opened the lid. A moment later, they lowered my mummified body into the inner chamber and let me sink into a waxy, tar-like substance. The wax was warm and soaked the linen with ease. I heard the muffled grating of stone on stone as they closed the sarcophagus and sealed me inside. I felt myself sink deeper into the waxy fluid. I was doomed. As the wax covered my mouth, I blew as much air out of my lungs as I could and drew the waxy fluid deep into my lungs. Once inside me, the fluid locked my lungs in place. My heart raced trying to pump blood to my body, but without oxygen. A few painful seconds and I felt my heartbeat go erratic and then stop altogether. In the silence, I waited for my brain to die, but it didn't. I thought the lack of oxygen was playing tricks on me, but after a long time, I realized that I wasn't dead, but I surely wasn't alive. I lay there, not living and not dead.

Little by little, I have no idea of the time involved; I became aware of changes in my body. The wax preserved my body and altered it. It dissolved gold from the walls of the sarcophagus and incorporated it into my body. My skin fused itself with the gold foil; the larger pieces of gold incorporated themselves into my body, impregnating it with even more gold. In the dark of the sarcophagus, I could feel my old body changing, my new body forming. The wax dissolved any body fat and left only lean muscle and tendons. The symbols of power, the ancient talismans, once only patterns on beaten gold, fused with my body. I felt their energy increase within me.

Eventually, the linen bindings grew soft and rotten, permitting me to move in the confined space of the sarcophagus. I tried to move the lid, but couldn't due to the incantations that held it in place. I waited patiently to confront my so-called friends. My body continued absorbing gold and eventually I felt rough stone replace the smooth gold walls lining the sarcophagus.

Vibrations and pounding on the lid announced my release. I heard chanting from outside and expected to see Jacob's face as the lid was removed. A different face greeted me and appeared through the wax. He commanded me to rise and stand before him. I stood and face him letting the wax drip from my golden body. He was dressed as a priest of Osiris and I had to obey him. There were two young men with him also dressed as priests of Osiris. I estimated my rescuer to be about twenty-five years old. They were athletic, virile, young men, endowed by the gods with good looks and strong bodies. I looked around the tent surrounding the sarcophagus. It was night outside and only small spotlights illuminated the four of us.

"Then the stories were true. Grandfather succeeded in creating a living warrior," he said to his companions and then turned to me and spoke again: "Golden Warrior, I am the third Jacob since you were sealed in the sacred sarcophagus. By the ancient rituals have I raised you and by the ancient laws, you must obey me. Do you understand?" Jacob the third stared at me. I had no choice but to answer: "Yes, I hear and I obey," I answered.

"Grandfather described your entombment in his diary. It took seven years to find this site and excavate the sarcophagus. I will try to correct the fate that Grandfather imposed on you, but you will have to be patient with me. I give you permission to talk freely and openly with me, or with one of my brothers. I am Jacob the third, this is Joel, and our little brother Jeremiah,"

"How long have I been sealed in the sarcophagus?" I asked.

"According to my Grandfather diary, you were entombed and created at the vernal equinox in the year 2000. Jacob Senior, my Grandfather, gave birth to my father, Jacob Junior in 2045, shortly before he died in 2052. I was born in 2075 and inherited my Grandfather's books and diaries in 2093 when I was eighteen. It's now 2101," Jacob the third replied.

"One hundred years! I never dreamed the ancient rituals could work. Everyone I knew is dead and all I had is gone," I stared at Jacob the third. Remorse and anger filled my thoughts.

"Yeah, well, that's not all that's dead and gone. The Genetic war killed all but one in five thousand living beings, half of those who survived the genetic plagues died from the disease and the chaos as civilization collapsed. That only left about one million human beings living across the entire world. We are certain that Grandfather used Egyptian incantations to preserve our family. It's all in his diaries and notes. You are described in great detail. We searched long and hard to find you, just to prove he really did create an immortal," Jacob the third stopped talking and waited for a reply.

"Genetic wars? Billions of people dead? What happened?" I asked wondering what other disasters might have occurred while I was sealed in the sarcophagus.

The youngest brother, Jeremiah spoke up: "Jake, I'm freezing. We're nearly naked in these ceremonial outfits and we're in unfriendly territory. Can we get inside the helicopter and get away from here now that we located the Golden Warrior?"

"Yes, of course. Warrior, we'll answer all your questions later, come with us," Jacob ordered as they led the way out of the pit and into a helicopter. They quickly pulled on coveralls and jackets and when they offered an outfit to me, I took it and put it on even thought I didn't feel cold. The noise of the helicopter prevented any further conversation. We flew fast and low for nearly an hour before we landed in a security compound surrounded by guard towers and barbwire fences. The pilot flew the helicopter into a bombproof, concrete hanger. They quickly escorted me to underground living quarters.

"Welcome to our home, such as it is. You can talk freely, but you must stay in these rooms. Don't wander around," Jacob ordered.

"You are at war?" I asked.

"Obviously! You would think that after the Genetic Wars mankind would have made peace, but they didn't," Jacob answered.

The youngest brother, Jeremiah was impatient: "We need to know if you retained your ability to reproduce or if the process that transformed you into a Golden Warrior made you impotent. Remove those coveralls and jerk off into this little cup. As a priest of Osiris, I command you."

As servant of Osiris, I could not resist; I let the coveralls drop to the floor, and took my cock in my hands. It grew stiff at my command and I proceeded to stroke it. As I did, I got a good look at my new body in a mirror. My skin was all golden and lustrous. No fat remained on my body: my hips were slim and my shoulders broad. Individual muscle fibers and tendons stood out in stark relief, and the sacred cartouche of power dominated the middle of my chest like a giant gold shield. I watched my gold-toned muscles flashed with each movement. It didn't take me long to reach an orgasm, gouts of golden-yellow sperm landed in the cup. It was my first orgasm in 100 years and I stroked it to the very last drop. Jeremiah took the cup to a worktable, prepared a slide, and looked at my ejaculate in a microscope.

"Notice, he doesn't sweat or breathe, or have to eat or drink water," Joel, the middle brother, remarked to Jacob. I hadn't realized I wasn't breathing and my heart wasn't beating until Joel pointed it out. Now, I became acutely aware of the other changes: my body wasn't flesh and blood, but living metal, gold to be precise. Several lights on Jeremiah's machine blinking green interrupted my thoughts. I could see sperm cells swimming across the screen being lit up with green markers. He smiled at the result.

"He's good: Still potent, healthy and active. His sperm is genetically functional and complete. We can execute phase one right now if you want to," Jeremiah was excited as he looked up from his microscope.

"Should we proceed?" Jacob asked Joel.

"I think we can safely proceed with phase one. The ancient writings said that the Golden Warriors could sire children. I'll Tell the others to prepare the sarcophagi and be ready when we arrive," Joel typed a code into a keyboard and sent a message off the base.

Jeremiah whopped, thrilled at the outcome. He stood up and put his arm around my shoulder.

"You're going to turn yourselves into Warriors like me? Servants of Osiris? I don't understand," I asked.

"In one week, the Mediterranean Alliance will unleash another genetic plague so deadly it will kill everything in its path. In retaliation, the Pacific Consortium will use the remaining nuclear weapons in retaliation. If this happens the surface of the earth will be uninhabitable for 10,000 years," Joel paused ans watched as his yonger brother, Jeremiah, hugged my body. After 100 years, his arms felt good around me. His touch aroused me. "Make love to me," he whispered in my ear and let my hands slide under his coveralls feeling his hot, warm body.

Joel continued the story: "The Mediterranean Alliance believes it can survive underground, but we feel that eventually their plague will mutate and destroy them. We could try to protect our people with Grandfather's incantations, but we won't be able to grow food during the nuclear winter. So we will either starve or succumb to the plague."

"We're what's left of Canada and the Northern United States," Jacob added.

Jeremiah's hands roamed over my body as his brothers watched. He threw off his jacket and kicked off his boots. He spoke to me, his voice hot with passion:

"I know that my Grandfather deceived you and tricked you into being a Golden Warrior, but the incantation was a complete success and we can use that knowledge to our advantage. Make love to me," Jeremiah held his arms over his head so I could remove his sweatshirt. His coveralls hung on his hips. His lean, young body shivered as my hands and tongue caressed his well-developed chest.

Joel and Jacob watched with amused grins on their faces.

"Didn't your Grandfather's writings tell you that to consumate relations with a Warrior of Osiris is to bond together for all time?" I asked puzzled about Jeremiah's intentions.

"Yes, we know. I want to be your slave. I want to be bonded to you. I want to worship our golden body for all time. Ask them where we're going. Tell him where our new home will be," the husky sound of Jeremiah's voice betrayed his passion. I nibbled gently on his pectorals and then licked his armpits. His body was delicious. My hands carressed his torso. His body was young and fit and he still wore the emblems of power indicating his priesthood.

"Where are going?" I asked as I circled my hands around his waist and gripped his buns. His buns were firm, round and hot. My hands kneaded them, making him squirm in delight. My mind raced with thoughts of driving my tongue deep into his bowels.

"Moonbase Alpha!" Jacob answered, "We're going to convert a thousand men, women, and children on Moonbase Alpha into Golden Warriors. Then we will wait until the earth renews itself. We won't need food, water, or air, and we can return to repopulate the earth."

"I didn't know we had a base on the moon," I remarked as I pushed Jeremiah's coveralls below his buns. His unit was still trapped under the front of his coveralls straining to get out. I kissed his stomach, his muscles rippled with desire. I prepared to greet his manhood. My mind swirled with the satisfaction of servicing a priest of Osiris.

Jacob continued his exposition: "We've been building the Moonbase for seven years ever since we found out about you in Grandfather's diaries and notebooks. The dozen men here at this base will be the last contingent to leave the earth. We'll leave tomorrow. In three days, we'll be on the moon. They are preparing the chambers for our conversion as we speak."

I slid Jeremiah's coveralls down to his knees and watched as his manhood sprang up and out. It was a beautiful sight, an alabaster shaft surmounted by a fiery red head, thick as a post and warm as toast. I held it in my hand and licked around the head and under the knobby top. Jeremiah groaned in pleasure. I took the head into my mouth and swirled it against my tonsils. I could feel his balls pull up in anticipation of releasing their load. I deep throated his manhood several times and felt his body stiffen and his hips jerk as his balls pumped thick white cum into my golden mouth. I milked his rod until it was dry. Then I kissed him returning his load to his mouth.

Jeremiah fell to his knees and started to sucking on my golden cock. His older brother's Joel and Jacob watched us.

"I think they like each other!" Jacob laughed indicating his younger brother and I.

"Yes. After tonight, they'll be bonded together. When we reach the moon we can execute phase two," Joel remarked.

Jeremiah stopped sucking momentarily and said: "Tell him about phase two," he mumbled as he sucked my balls into his hot mouth, bathing my sack with his drool, biting gently on my balls.

"Well," Joel took a deep breath and blushed, "The Rites of Osiris contain several incantations for creating warriors, guardians, and slaves. The incantation Grandfather used on you was for mature men and resulted in a Warrior. However, there was another incantation that converted underage boys into sex slaves. That conversion only takes seven days to convert the body into living gold. Jeremiah is only sixteen years old. Once we reach Moonbase Alpha, we'll convert Jeremiah into your golden sex slave and then you and Jeremiah will keep each other company while the rest of us are turned into Warriors," Joel finished.

"It's a big sacrifice for Jeremiah," Jacob added.

Jeremiah was deepthroating my cock as his brother finished. He pulled my cock deep into his throat. I felt my golden body tighten up in anticipation of the orgasm to come. In a few days, Jeremiah would not only be turned into living Gold but also, he would be my sex slave for the 100 years wait. I pumped my hips in unison with his face and shoved my golden cock deeper into his throat. I stood ramrod stiff as I blew a load of golden sperm into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, leaving a little to dribble down his chin. He stood up and we kissed grinding our hips together. I pressed his chest to mine leaving an impression of the cartouche of Osiris on his chest. Soon two such medallions would be pressed against each other.

"You're so hot, my precious warrior," Jeremiah said as we kissed, "Now I want to sacrifice my virgin ass to your mightly rod." His eyes twinkled and flashed as he said this, then he added: "It's my big sacrifice for humanity!"

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