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September 15, 2000
Revised 2007

In 2047, the Mars Rats, marines bio-adjusted to live in space, found a humanoid alien skeleton buried on Mars. As the leading authority in xeno-archaeology and alien cultures, I decided to take my team to Mars.

"Max, you know only military can travel in space," I said.

"Look, you can go from Professor to Lieutenant, but I can't. Maximillian Ioan Chambliss will never glorify war and killing by joining the military, not even for the sake of research. But don't worry, I've asked my Father to buy me diplomatic privileges," Max said. He's such a spoiled brat with a rich, indulgent Daddy.

Max wasn't the only problem. During our Faster-than-light drive, thirty-day, nightmare-inducing-space-sleep journey to Mars Orbital Station, the Mars Rats opened the burial chamber, exposed the skeleton to air and let it crumble into dust. Consequently, we only had pictures of the skeleton, the Artifact and the chamber.

The Artifact kept its secrets well hidden. The initial spectral analysis found traces of gold, copper, titanium, zirconium but couldn't identify the rest of the metals. Four months later, we knew nothing beyond that. From the photographs, it looked vaguely ceremonial, covering the genitals, snaking up the spinal column, flaring over each shoulder, joining at the solar plexus and meeting itself on the lower abdomen.

"Hey Lieutenant Professor," Andy, the best researcher I ever had and the student I intended to ordain as my successor, called me that just to poke fun at Max. "I'm about the same physical size as the alien, what do you think of me wearing this thing?" Max looked up from his spectrometer and glared my way.

"It would bring out the blue of your eyes, Corporal," I said using Andy's military rank.

"Holy friggen horseshit batman, are you two out of your minds? Wear an alien metal thing?" Max said, standing up and wringing his pudgy little hands together.

"Just don't let that vein in your forehead pop out, let's run it up the flagpole and see if the Generals back on Earth salute." I said, knowing that Max couldn't get message through his diplomatic channels. Three days later, my Generals agreed and authorized his experiment.

That night, four muscle-bound Mars Rats - the military's resident space corps composed of diehards, who by accepting physical, mental, and chemical enhancement of their bodies in order to remain in space gave up any chance of returning to Earth hauled Andy to their quarters with orders to prepare his body for the experiment. Andy showed up at the lab wearing a towel around his waist, not a hair on his body and four bald Mars Rats. The Mars Rats were notoriously hypersexual. JiYu, He tugged at the towel, laughing and poking at Andy's very bare body.

"Methinks Mars Rats like tall round-eyes with big overhangs," JiYu snarked, Andy playfully smacked the back of his head and tousled his hair.

"Jealous little man? They'd eat your scrawny body for lunch if you let them." JiYu stood about 4 foot 11 inches and was nothing but skin and bones. Andy dropped the towel and stood naked.

"Turn on some heat lamps and start the recorders," Andy said. I opened the case containing the Artifact. The Mars Rats activated spectral, video, biometric and exotic particle sensors. Ben adjusted the main energy sensor.

I cupped Andy's testicles into the lower portion of two alien metal globes and he carefully positioned the upper section. It closed with pins and latches, stretching Andy's testicles wide apart.

"It's cold like copper and not tight. I still have some room to move around." One of the Mars Rats zoomed in with a camera.

Andy picked a hollow rod nearly 18 inches long and curved to fit into the wearer's body. He lubricated the tube and slid it into his penis. JiYu stood ready with a beaker to collect the stream that poured out of Andy's bladder, handing it to one of the Mars Rats for disposal. It never reached the recycling bin.

"Crap that hurt," Andy said softly. The military men took several close-up photographs of the tube protruding from Andy.

"The resonant frequency of the alloy is 440 cycles. I know, I have perfect pitch and I can hear it when you handle the pieces." Ben observed, striking a tuning fork and touching it to the rod. Andy jumped away.

"Like an electric shock passing through my body. Don't do anything like that without asking!" Andy roared, grabbing his red and throbbing manhood. Ben scrambled back to his telemetry station.

"Let's get on with it," Andy said, fitting the lower half of the tubular penile sheath in place. I set the top portion and let JiYu fasten the pins holding it together. Andy whimpered as I fastened the bell shaped head onto the end of the apparatus. I could see tiny drops of blood oozing from the seams.

"Too much," I asked.

"Nah, just a nick, I'll survive." Andy posed for pictures. I blushed. Andy's metal covered member excited me. The Mars Rats didn't even try to hide their erections. Andy bent over and spread his butt cheeks. For a tall man, Andy's ass cheeks were firm and well formed. I caught myself envying JiYu as he slid thumb-sized plug of alien metal into Andy's rectum and squeezed himself under Andy's legs, fastening the pieces to Andy's cock and balls.

"You OK, Lieutenant Professor," a Mars Rat asked.

Calm down, I thought. Calm Down.

"You're not being cut are you?" Ben asked.

"It's a snug fit down there. I wouldn't do splits with this thing on but it's OK," Andy chuckled. A strange desire in me wanted him to continue.

Jiyu and I took the Y shaped back piece attached the bottom end to the butt plug and then brought the two straps up over Andy's shoulders. We had Andy hold the straps while we fastened it in back and added the central medallion that covered his solar plexus. I added the epaulets.

"I guess that the Alien's torso wasn't as long as we thought it would be. The pictures of the skeleton indicated that the alien was taller than I am." Andy said.

"I think alien's arms and legs were longer," I said as I picked the metal pieces that would attach to the genital section and cover Andy's lower abdomen. The piece covered Andy's navel clicked inside the medallion at Andy's solar plexus.

"Last connection," I said to Andy.

"In for a Penny, in for a pound," Andy said, tapping the medallion to his chest and shrugging to make the harness fit. Ben watched his instruments intently.

"Flex for pictures and measurements." Ben said. Andy posed like a bodybuilder.. The Mars Rats took pictures and measurements from all angles. Andy posed in various positions so the cameras could document the entire artifact. He enjoyed the attention. The coppery-red harness gave his body a different look, His skin flushed red from the heat and exercise.

"I'm getting infrared flares. It's ruining the film." The one soldier announced.

"Must be the lights," Andy said, not stopping. Droplets of sweat plopped on the metal deck.

"You're sweating," I said.

"How about licking it off, Professor Lieutenant. You know you want to," Andy answered. I position the pyrometer to read Andy's body temperature.

"It's not flare from the lights. All of the energy levels are rising." Ben said.

"You sure? I feel good. It's hot in here, sure but I feel good," Andy said, his skin flushing red with blood, his eyes flashing red.

"No, stop him. Get that off him. Every energy level in this room just jumped. End this now," Ben ordered. The Mars Rats stopped and stood still.

"No, I want to continue. I want the fire to consume me," Andy said. I could see the alien metal spreading over Andy's skin turning parts of his body coppery gold. The Mars Rats grabbed Andy but didn't hold him.

"Sir, too he's hot to the touch," one of the soldiers blurted out. Andy stared at his hands and body as it turned from the color of flesh and blood into coppery red metal. The changes spread across his abdomen and down the front of his legs. The skin on his back was changing to the texture of the metal.

"He starting to emit exotic particles, we might have to evacuate," Ben slid behind a lead shield and yanked his control console with him. The Mars Rats and I just stood there stunned as the change from flesh to metal moved over Andy's pectorals, through his torso, down his arms and legs and up towards his head.

"I can't move," Andy said. We didn't know if he was paralyzed with fear or immobile. The change moved over the back of his skull and towards his face. Andy's eyes widened.

"You gotta jerk me off! Swing on my dick! Suck Me! Do it now! Save me. Save me," Andy cried, his eyes darting back and forth, his mouth stiffening. Helpless, I watched his eyes turn into coppery-red metal. Andy stood frozen in place, a statue.

"No breathing! No heartbeat! He's dead," Ben snarled. A gleaming statue stood in front of us, a red-gold god of metal, a monument to our stupidity.

"What have we done? Why did we do this?" Ben asked from behind the lead shield.

"It's absorbing energy on every wavelength," JiYu said, tapping an instrument.

"Sir! His last words were stroke it, permission to have sex with the corporal's statue," one of the Mars Rats said, kneeling in front of the metal statue.

"Are you out of your mind? We don't know what happened to Andy and you want to have sex with his statue. I order you to cease and desist and further contact until we can determine what happened," Ben yelled. The other Mars Rats blocked Ben. Their leader, held up his middle finger and wrapped his mouth around Andy's copper-colored cock. He obviously enjoyed what he was doing and had good technique. So good in fact, great red gobs of cum came pumping out of Andy's member. Stunned, JiYu and I watched as Andy's metal hands gripped the back of the Mars Rat's head and pumped savagely. They both stiffened and roared in unison. The Mars Rat lay back on the floor and Andy, now living, moving metal, surveyed the room. He pointed to Ben.

"You ever give up on anyone that fast, I'm going to ram my foot up your spoiled ass so far you'll count my toes with your tongue," Andy screamed at Ben.

"You're alive," I sputtered, feeling like a real idiot to say something so stupid.

"I never was dead. I just couldn't move until I reached orgasm." Andy's body moved like flesh.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, blow jobs never hurt." Andy and the Mars Rats laughed together.

"No, no that," I answered, turning away. Andy grabbed my shoulder.

"We were wrong, Professor. The Artifact isn't ceremonial. It's actually a space suit," Andy explained. I gave Andy an inquisitive look.

"A vacuum proof, energy absorbing spacesuit."

"Agh! Agh! Agh!" the soldier who swallowed Andy's cum was grabbing his throat apparently in distress. His mouth and neck had already turned into copper-colored metal.

"And it reproduces its own kind, my gift to him for releasing me. He's going to be invulnerable to the ravages of space. We will be able to walk in space without fear. Think of it. We could build space stations without having to worry about oxygen, food, water, and all that other stuff that slows us down," Andy explained. The three Mars Rats positioned their comrade in a rather obscene pose and let him harden. They laughed.

"What's so funny? He's transforming," demanded Ben, clearly not amused. The Mars Rats ignored him.

"Join me.," Andy said, turning his attention to the soldiers. They were touching and feeling the metallic soldier with the tuning fork. "Quit tormenting the man and suck his cock. He'll revert. Then get to work on your two buddies," Andy ordered. The soldiers quickly obeyed.

"You can't do that, you won't be human," Max said, trying to get a communications line to the rest of Mars Orbital Station. Andy punched the console and broke the radio.

"Join me in exploring the solar system and the universe beyond. We can follow in the footsteps of the Martians," Andy didn't just ask, he demanded. The Mars Rat reanimated as virile metal.

"How do you know what happened to the Martians?" I asked.

"Part of becoming metal." Andy shrugged.

"Do it to me. Do it quickly before I change my mind." Jiyu demanded. Andy grabbed JiYu's hair and guided him to his erection. It only took a moment for Andy to inoculate JiYu with living metal.

"I am not joining you." Ben tried to get around Andy to leave the laboratory. Andy blocked the door.

"You're such as ass-kissing weasel that we don't want you. Go home to Daddy, spend his money, be a good brat. Andy smacked Ben's shoulder even though Ben jerked away afraid of his touch. The second Mars Rat stiffened and turned to metal followed by JiYu. The last two Mars Rats made short work of reanimating the two metal statues.

"It's your turn, Lieutenant Professor," Andy smiled and winked, grabbing me in a big bear hug. His penis reached up toward my chest, unleashing a stream of red cum on my body, stinging my skin. I transformed. My flesh turned to metal almost immediately. I felt my bones grow hot with the transformation. My breathing diminished. My hands felt as if they were being forged in a furnace of metal. My heart stopped beating. The hot feelings rushed up my neck, stiffening my jaw, holding my eyelids wide, my body stiff. A brittle, edgy feeling gripped my mind. For a moment, I panicked and then, through the stillness and solitude, I heard Andy's voice.

"You're metal men now. We're no longer human."

Andy touched the tuning for to my metallic chest. Waves of energy resonated through each metal crystal in my body and consumed my doubts in a brilliant coppery fire. Abruptly I felt a physical orgasm build. My new body pumped its essence into hot mouth. I could move. One of the Mars Rats knelt at my feet with my member still in his mouth. Fifteen metallic Mars Rats and an equal number of flesh and blood men filled the docking bay. Several military men awaited the transformation with the Mars Rats.

"All the Mars Rats volunteered. We're waiting until they dock. Then we'll all leave. How do you feel, Professor?"

"And Ben?"

"Hiding out with the chicken-shit generals, consulting with Earth," Andy said. We laughed. The time delay with message from Earth worked to our advantage.

"Are we the new race of Martians?"

"Who knows, I'd like something philosophical like Homo Metallicus but I suspect our band of brothers will always be called Mars Rats."

"Mars Rats works for me, when do we start exploring the universe?"

2500 words more or less

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.