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January 3, 2003

The Day Before

This was the fifth costume shop that Jimmy Decker visited. He passed this way last week and he didn't remember the building. It reminded him of one of those old metal diners that sat along side most highways.

"Do you have a robot costume?" Jimmy asked the clerk.

"Yeah, dude! We got all the robots you want," he said tossing his wavy, silvery-gray hair.

"Well, I would like to rent one for tomorrow night," Jimmy was annoyed by the "whatever" attitude.

"OK! `How about Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet?" The clerk asked.

"No!" Jimmy replied.

"We have the robot from the original and remake of Lost in Space?"

"No!" Jimmy replied again.

"We have that skinny robot from Buck Rogers in the 21st Century?"

"No!" Jimmy replied thinking about how ugly that would look on anyone.

"How about the female cyborg from Andromeda?"

"Fuck no!" Jimmy replied.

"Data from Star Trek?" the clerk added.

"No!" Jimmy replied decisively.

"A Borg?" the clerk asked.

"No!" Jimmy replied, "Nothing Star Trek!"

"The framework loader-thing that Sigourney Weaver used to defeat the Alien?"

"No! Too big!" Jimmy replied again.

"How about Megaman?" the clerk said making faces and rolling his eyes.

"That little kid? No!" Jimmy replied.

"C3PO? R2D2?" the clerk added.

"Don't be silly!" Jimmy replied.

"Iron Man? The Iron Giant?" the clerk tried some more.

"None of the above!" Jimmy said. "I want something unique! Something in a sexy silver costume with a hood so that I can look like a robot and show off my physique." Jimmy Decker flexed his broad shoulders and muscular arms as he smiled and winked at the clerk.

"How about Goosma of the planet Grygorex?" the clerk pretending to ignore Jimmy Decker posing in front of him, but Decker was built like Michaelangelo's David and the clerk stared a bit too long.

"The name Goosma sounds like a loser," Decker answered taking up the verbal sparing.

"I have a gallon of metallic silver makeup paint that you could use to paint yourself and run around naked?" the clerk added.

"Too cold!" Jimmy said as he repositioned his arms and body in a new pose showing off his muscles.

"Well, I have a half-dozen, plain-old metal men from various video games. They got lots of cool studs and blinking lights. What about one of them?" The clerk said as he scanned a computer terminal. Jimmy noticed that the clerk's eyes were a pale gray color.

"I want something special because I am special," Jimmy Decker said to the clerk, his ego busting out all over the store.

"Special?" the clerk punched up more and more inventory in his computer. His head bobbed up and down as he scanned the costume database. "I have just the thing for you. I have two very unique robot costumes. One I can rent, the other is damaged."

"It's not Gaga of Gigglyville is it? Jimmy asked.

"No, and Goosma of Grygorex would be deeply offended by your remarks" the serious look on the clerk's face surprised Decker. The clerk smiled and continued: "This costume, well, it's a new type of costume. It's made of woven metal. It will fit your body like a glove and show it off to the world," The clerk paused and watched Jimmy's face light up at the prospect of showing off his body. Then he added: "Not only do the elbows and knees look like metal joints, but also, your musculature will look bigger in this costume. The drawback is that the head's a little plain, but all-in-all, it's the most unique robot costume we've ever sold."

"If it's that unique, I'll take it!" Jimmy replied handing over a platinum-colored credit card.

"Good, it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow at 4:30pm. I have to tell you, there is one drawback: the costume has to be back here in the store by 1am. Is that all right with you?" asked the clerk.

"Works for me, Dude! I'll be back here tomorrow, Little Buddy" Jimmy Decker winked at the clerk and gave him swat on the shoulder. The clerk's body was solid and firm.


Jimmy Decker showed up at 4:35pm, fashionably late.

"So where's the costume?" he asked.

"It's here in the back room. I'll help you get into it. It's got some odd closures," the clerk said as he closed the store and lead Decker to the back room. The costume was laid out on a workbench. It gleamed and sparkled in the light.

"Wow! Nice looking outfit!" Jimmy Decker mumbled as he stared at the costume.

"I told you it was unique. It's made of a special metallic alloy," the clerk said as he lifted the boots and set them on the floor in front of Decker. Decker let the fabric of the costume run over his hands. It felt soft and warm to the touch.

The clerk fidgeted and stammered: "Uh, don't take this personally, but you gotta be naked under this costume. The alloy will cling to your skin and cover it like paint. You can't wear any clothing under it. If you do, it will be a mass of wrinkles and not smooth muscular contours."

Jimmy Decker laughed out loud at the clerk's uneasiness: "I'm not shy," Decker said as he yanked his T-shirt over his head revealing his heavily muscled body. Gold nipple rings stood out against his tanned skin. He quickly undid his pants, let them fall to his feet, and kicked out of them. His legs were well muscled and he was tanned all over. The clerk studied him intently as he pulled off his socks and stood there naked. He had a thick ring piercing in the end of his thick, uncut cock.

"Well, I'm ready," he said to the clerk who stared a few seconds and then picked up a pair of shiny leggings from the table.

"Here, put these socks and leggings on and then step into the boots," the clerk said and Decker pulled the silvery socks over his feet. Then he slid the leggings over the top. The ends meshed without a seam. They felt smooth, cold, and metallic against his skin. His legs turned two shades of chrome that made his tendons and muscles look like steel cables and fibers. He slid his feet into the big, thick boots.

"It feels like the boots were made to my feet," Decker remarked, "Even my toes fit."

"It's a very special costume," the clerk said.

"These are heavy. Won't it be hard to walk?" Decker added, walking around and stomping the metal floor to see how well the boots fit.

"Once everything is in place, you won't even notice their weight," The clerk replied.

Suddenly, he winced: "They pinched my feet," Decker exclaimed.

"Sorry," the clerk replied with an insincere smile and a shrug. Then he started to clamp metallic joints around Decker's knees. The joints made his legs look like metal rods held together with thick "Y" joints and moved by thick cables. Decker would swear that his leg didn't pass through the middle of the metal joint, but then, he knew that was impossible.

"Great illusion! It looks real," Decker said in awe.

"I told you this costume is unique," the clerk smiled and handed Jimmy Decker a jockstrap-like belt. It had special fitting for Decker's cock and balls.

"The codpiece is made to cover your cock and balls and still let you take a piss," the clerk said. Decker fitted it to his unit.

"It looks a little tight for me," Decker remarked and the clerk reached into the end of the codpiece and yanked Decker's cock by his piercing through the costume. The codpiece pinched a little as the clerk positioned it. Both men giggled nervously. With the codpiece in place, the exterior of the robot was sexless. The clerk showed Decker the catch that released part of the codpiece to expose the thick, metal-covered cock and balls so he could piss during the night. Decker felt his cock stiffen inside the metal tube. Clearly, the costume was turning him on.

"You're right, this costume feels like a second skin and fits so good! Hey, Dude! What if I have to take a dump?" Decker asked. "I don't want to be corked up all night."

The clerk thought for a few seconds and replied: "The fabric and metal are like Teflon, nothing will stick to it. However, if you really, really feel the need to crap, then I'll have to insert a metallic sphincter into the suit. It'll feel like a butt plug up your ass. Do you mind that?"

"No, go ahead. By the way, people say I have a cute ass," Decker remarked. The clerk shook his head at the audacity of the remark and replied: "For my taste, your ass is way to pink and fleshy. I like buns of steel, real steel." Then he positioned himself behind Decker as he opened a box marked "metallic sphincter" and gently slid the device into Decker's rectum. As he did this, the clerk reached around, opened Decker's codpiece, and held his now metallic cock as he positioned the metal piece against Decker's prostate. He felt Decker's cock thicken when he reached the right spot. He twisted a little switch on the metallic sphincter and it extended out and around Decker's hole and then dug into his flesh.

"OUCH! That thing's pinching my ass!" Decker complained.

"That's the metal conforming to the shape of your body. The only way this metal sticks to your flesh is by digging under the skin a little ways, thus, the pinching effect. You'll get used to it; just pretend it isn't there. I am going to trigger it to open," the clerk pushed a hidden button and watched it open forcing Decker's asshole to open and close with it. Dexter gasped at the sensation. Satisfied it was working, the clerk configured the device to provide continuous stimulation to Decker's prostate if he ever used it to take a dump. That will be an interesting surprise during the course of the party thought the clerk. He let the metal ring close. Decker sighed in relief.

"How far can that thing open me up?" Decker asked.

"Big! It's capable of opening nine or ten inches at least. Big enough to stick your head up your ass or empty a constipated elephant," the clerk replied with a laugh. Decker just ooohed at the thought and let the clerk attach a metal piece over his buttocks and hips. A metal belt completed the bottom of the costume.

"This belt holds the pieces of the costume together. This next piece, a nightspot will feel uncomfortable against your back," the clerk said fitting a metal bar around Decker's back and up his spine. The nightspot grabbed the skin over Decker's spinal column, pulled his shoulders back, his chest out, and stiffened his neck. He stood there, rigid.

"I guess I have to stand up straight all night!" Decker fussed and squirmed.

"Robot's don't slouch," the Clerk said. "You'll look fake if you slouch."

Then the clerk handed Decker a metallic jersey to both his arms and shoulders. It fit like a second skin, curling over all the curves and a fold of his upper muscles leaving Decker's nipple rings exposed. The clerk added elbow pieces that gave the appearance of metal joints to each elbow. Decker flexed his arms to show off the metal looking joints. Again, it appeared as thought his elbows were "Y" joints and steel cables flexed his arms.

"This will pinch a little," The clerk said as he fitted a large breastplate and collar across Decker's already broad shoulders and over his pectorals.

The metallic edges grabbed Decker's nipple rings and bit into his skin. Decker endured this in silence. The clerk clamped shoulder joints to the collar and breastplate that made his shoulders look like giant metal ball joints. Decker admired his new physique in the mirror. Only Decker's hands and head remained pink flesh and not shiny, chrome-like metal. The rest of his body looked like sleek and powerful metal.

"You have a choice. You can put on the gloves first or the helmet first. If you put the gloves on first you won’t be able to latch the helmet, but you can see your body in the mirrors. If you put the helmet on first, then you might not be able to see your entire body in the mirror. The helmet is a little restrictive."

"Gloves first, please. I want to see what I look like," Decker said. The clerk held the glove up so Decker could slide his hands into them. They were heavy and oversized like the boots and he felt the metal pull up snug against his fingers and hands as the clerk closed the latched on the wristband. The latches were fine and subtle. Decker realized that only the clerk would be able to release his hands from these gloves. The clerk set about attaching straps from the collar and breastplate down his arms to the gloves. Decker took a minute to examine his new body in the mirror. He moved around admiring the silvery glint of metal from the costume.

"I could learn to like this," Decker said. "I feel like I've turned to metal."

"I have to put this color around your neck," the clerk said as he started to position a thick metal collar around Decker's neck Decker stopped him and asked:

"How can I talk through this? It seems like it's going to lock my head up straight," Decker asked.

"Don't worry, you won't talk through your mouth. There's microphone in the collar that picks up the vibrations from your voice box and modulates the sounds so you'll sound like a robot. Its called sub-vocalization and it was originally used on scuba gear," the clerk said as he positioned the collar on Decker's neck. The collar rested snugly against the bottom of Decker jaw in front and his skull around the back. As the clerk tightened the latches, Decker felt the collar elongate his neck. He tried to talk, but found his couldn't. He let his vocal cords vibrate and was surprised to hear a computer-generated sound. He tried the sub-vocalization and his new voice was emotionless and electronic.

"Wow! I sound just like a robot," Decker vocalized. The clerk smiled at him and showed the helmet to Decker. It was round and handsome looking. The clerk opened it and showed Decker three sections, the face and two back pieces. The opaque eyes stared at Decker.

"It's got 360 degree surround cameras for you to see. The helmet will track where you look and show it to you on these little screens inside. That way your eyes will look like cameras," the clerk pointed out.

"So I'll be incommunicado all night? HUH?" Decker said as he poked the clerk in the ribs.

"Be careful! Remember that the costume is metal and really does hurt if you hit like that," The clerk rubbed his ribs where he was hit: "And yes, you'll be incommunicado. Unless you tell, or someone guesses. No one will recognize your voice. Your body is completely hidden," the clerk replied:

"What if I take off the helmet at the end of the night? That way they can see my face," Decker asked.

"You can't. The gloves on your hands aren't flexible enough to open the latches. Once I put the helmet on, you'll be sealed into the costume. Only I can remove it," the clerk watched Decker's face closely; it showed no fear, only fascination.

"Sealed into a metal costume. Now that's an intriguing thought," Decker said quietly.

"I don't know why you would want to spoil the illusion of the costume by taking it off at the end of the night! Surely, you want the mystery complete? Tomorrow you'll be known as the master of disguise," the clerk appealed to Decker's ego.

"What if I want to eat and drink?" Decker vocalized, trying to add emotion in his electronic voice, but he couldn't. The clerk opened a round hole in the front of the mask.

"Drinking will be easy, all you have to do is pour liquid down this hole. However, solid food might look disgusting and stupid. Therefore, I suggest you stay on a liquid diet. If you are willing to go without food, I can seal the mouth shut," the clerk said wondering what option Decker would want.

"I'll only drink beer. I won't eat solid food," Decker's electronically adjusted speech sounded clearer.

"You're absolutely right. Let's get this helmet on and get me to my party!" Decker was enthusiastic about his upcoming adventure.

"One last thing," the clerk said, "You must be back here by 1:00am. Don't be late."

"Only 1:00am?" Decker sounded disappointed.

"Yes, I really mean it! You have to be back here by 1:00am for me to remove the costume. I'll be waiting for you. I'm leaving early tomorrow and I won't be responsible for any consequences if you're late," the clerk opened the helmet along two seams on each side of the face. He held it in front of Decker's face and pointed out two breathing tubes and a mouth tube.

"These might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but give them a little time and they'll feel normal," the clerk remarked. Decker shook his head in affirmation.

"I need you to stick out your tongue," the clerk said. Decker stuck out his tongue to reveal a metal barbell piercing it. The clerk's eyes widened.

"The drinking tube has to go over your tongue to let you drink. It might pull on that piercing. Don't worry about it. The metal of the tube will conform to your mouth." the clerk pushed the helmet towards Decker's face using his tongue as a guide. As Decker bit on the mouthpiece, he felt the metal of the tube grab onto his pierced tongue and then stick to the inside of his mouth and throat. The tube expanded and held his lips and jaw open about three inches wide. His tongue was flat against the tube. It was an odd feeling. He couldn't close his mouth. Anything that entered the tube had a straight shot into his stomach. This might have worried Decker, but the thought of fooling all of his friends overcame the fears and discomforts.

"Are you ready for the nose and eyes?" the clerk asked and Decker grunted his approval. The clerk positioned the upper part of the faceplate, pushed the nose tubes into Decker's nasal passages, and then let the eyepiece cover each eye. Decker gasped and shuddered as the tubes entered his nose and pushed themselves through his sinuses and down the back of his throat and into his lungs. The clerk held the helmet tight against Decker's head as this happened. When Decker's breathing return to normal and he relaxed, the clerk closed the sides of the helmet around the back of Decker's head completing the enclosure. Decker felt the sides of the helmet pull up against his face as the metal conformed to his skin. The clerk fastened a series of latches on the back of the helmet that held it to the other pieces of the costume. Inside, Decker looked at blank screens, suddenly very detailed color pictures of the world outside sprang into view. It took Decker a few seconds to orient himself to his new vision of the world.

The clerk pushed several buttons and small red LED's lit up all over the suit. He never told Decker that the costume had an electronic component, but Decker watched with glee as the costume blinked and glowed. Decker's speaker sputtered noise a few times before he spoke in a harsh, metallic voice.

"This fits my entire body like a glove, soft and comfortable. Am I ready to go? I want to have as much fun as possible," Decker sub-vocalized his voice slowly and deliberately. He took a few tentative steps around the shop. Through his robot eyes, he watched as a robot moved around with surprisingly fluid and graceful movements. His ran his thick metal hands all over the costume. It clanged as if it were solid metal.

"Got a bucket?" Decker asked using his synthetic voice.

"You might start to talk like a robot," the clerk reminded him.

"Have you a receptacle for water elimination?" Decker asked enjoying the play-acting of being a robot.

"Sure!" the clerk said and he brought a pail from the other room. Decker pushed the right bolts on his codpiece and his metal-clad cock and balls appeared. He let his bladder drain into the bucket.

"Thank you for the relief!" the robotic voice said slowly and deliberately, "Now, I must dispose of solid waste!" Decker got better at sounding like a robot. He sat back onto the pail and let the "metallic sphincter" open. He heard a whooshing sound and realized that he was done. As the metallic sphincter closed, it began stimulating his prostate. Decker felt the stimulation and thoughts of sex filled his mind.

"Can robot's have orgasms?" Decker asked as he closed the codpiece over his thickening metal cock.

"Sure, you can. It can't hurt the costume, but it might pinch a little. Metal doesn't stretch the way skin and clothing does," the clerk lied to Decker. He knew that the prostate stimulation would drive Decker to several orgasms that night and each time the metal surrounding Decker's cock would grab tighter and tighter and dig deeper and deeper into his tender flesh.

"I, Robot, I understand. Is pinch good?" Decker was role playing again. The clerk smiled and said:

"The metal pinches as the suit fits tighter to your body. The more active you are, the better the fit, and the more frequent the pinches. It's a good thing," the clerk lied again as he gave Decker's robotic body a squeeze. Each pinch was the result of the living metal combining with Decker's body.

"What is my means of conveyance?" crackled Decker's metallic voice.

"I've already called a cab for you. It's waiting outside," the clerk said as he handed Decker his party invitation and then led him out to a taxi, loaded him into it, and watched him go.

"Just be back before 1:00am!" the clerk remarked before he shut the door.

"I'm programmed to do my best," Decker replied in an electronically synthesized response as he pulled the door shut. The clerk was left standing in front of the shop.

"Now let's see how well you follow instructions, my vain and foolish friend. I'll be here waiting for you," The clerk mused as the cab disappeared out of sight.


It took the taxicab only a couple minutes to get to the party. Everyone was amazed at the robot that lumbered into the party. Three men dressed in silly dog costumes paid particular attention to Decker and followed him around the room.

Decker asked for beer and one of the "puppy dogs" brought him a bottle, climbed up on a chair, and poured the entire bottle into the tube in Decker's mouth. They all laughed about Decker chugging the beer. Through the night as Decker made the rounds of the party, one or the other of the three men was around him and ready to do anything he wanted. Eventually, the beer had its affect and Decker announced:

"I must find waste receptacle," he told them.

Oh, we'll come with you. You know the old saying: drink a beer, marry the urinal," the one fellow said. The four set off for the bathroom together.

"I gotta see how that costume works," one of them said.

"He's almost real," the other said as Decker opened the codpiece to show off his metal cock and balls. The sight of a metal cock stunned the three men. As Decker started to pee, one of them knelt in front of Decker and drank the hot yellow stream. The others pushed hi out of the way. They all got soaked.

"Are you piss queens?" Decker's speaker crackled as he finished. One of the three men removed his piss-soaked dog costume and answered: "Yes, and cock hounds as well." He took Decker's metallic cock deep into his mouth and deep-throated the hard metal rod. Decker could hear him whimper in pain as metal scraped his throat, but to the man's credit, he hung in there. The living metal of his costume transmitted all the feelings of the hot tongue and mouth to his human body. Decker flexed his metal hips and felt the butt plug against his prostate. Decker's orgasm hit like a freight train. Silvery white jism exploded out of Decker's enclosed balls, through his metal-sheathed cock and all over the fellow's naked body. Decker's orgasm lasted about two minutes leaving the other man's face covered with the silvery white cream. Decker instinctively reached down and rubbed the jism all over the man's face and chest letting him lick more of it off his metal fingers. He felt the heat of the man's face and the stickiness of his own sperm through the metallic gloves. The costume pinched all over.

"Is that what human's call sex?" Decker played the role of the emotionless robot. Inside the costume, Decker felt his hot, sweaty body adhering to the metal. His metal body steamed as his body burnt off excess water and alcohol. The bathroom was so warm that the other two men removed their costumes. Decker sat on the throne with his arms and legs spread out wide. His metal cock stood at attention pointing out from his hairless metal crotch.

"My dream come true, sex with a robot." the fellow covered in cum said. The other two men were licking the silvery cum of his body.

"Why don't we blow this fake party and take you home with us?" one of the men asked.

"I can't. I must leave by 1:00am," Decker said as one of the men stood up to take a piss down the other's throat.

"Let's get a few beers and think about it," one of the men wrapped a towel around his body, hurried out of the room and returned quickly with a six pack of quart sized beer bottles. He handed a bottle to his naked friend and let him take a drink from it. Then he poured the rest down Decker's throat. Decker felt the cold beer in hit stomach.

"Cold beer!" Decker rattled out his speaker system. His sub-vocalization slurred a little, he felt funny, like he didn't want to do anything on his own.

"Well then, let's heat it up! Stay still robot!" the fellow who gave it to him said as he stood and stuck his cock into Decker's mouth hole and unleashed a hot streaming stream. Decker felt the hot piss fill his stomach. He wanted to close his mouth, but he couldn't because of the tube. The fellow started to hump his face and Dexter could feel the hot cock throbbing in and out of his half-metal mouth. It took the guy a couple minutes to come in Dexter's throat. One of the other two men started to pour another beer into Decker, but the fellow who just got his rocks off, grabbed the bottle and drank half of it.

"God, that beer was bitter!" the man scowled as he poured the rest into Decker. Decker felt his mind swim as his body started to absorb the drugs in that beer. He wanted to say something, but couldn't. His cock was standing rock-hard erect and he could barely stand. The other man had passed out against him.

"Let's get to our play room," the one fellow said to the other.

"You, Robot! Carry him out with us. We are going to our dungeon," the one man barked and order and Decker found himself complying with it. They drove about 10 minutes and went into the basement of a house. Inside Decker could see all sorts of sex equipment.

"Why do I feel this way?" Decker managed to say with his robotic voice as one of the men poured another drugged beer into him. His mind drifted into strange sexual fantasies. He could feel one of the two men giving him a blowjob and he knew that he was going to reach orgasm, but he couldn't move. They took turns on Decker's cock until he was ready to blow and then they put the unconscious man's mouth on Decker's cock. Decker felt his balls working overtime pumping out silvery cum and the man was unable to resist. At the orgasm raged through his body, he felt the metal costume pinch at him again.

"Suck his cock!" one of the men commanded and Decker was surprised that he lifted the man up and held his cock in his mouth hole. He couldn't stop doing whatever they said.

He could see the other fellow getting a hypodermic and shooting up first himself, then the second fellow, and finally the man in his hands. All three men started to cum spontaneously from the shot. "That stuff is potent," the one slurred as his body jerked and twitched, "Too bad we can't give it to our robotic friend. That suit is solid metal. I can't find a latch or opening," the one fellow said. Decker felt the hot cum flowing down into his stomach.

"What do we do with him?" the other asked indicating their yet unconscious buddy in Decker's big metal hands. His body still dripped silvery cum.

"Hoist him up in the sling, and then fuck him," he ordered Decker who was powerless to refuse. Decker's metallic cock sunk into the man's guts causing him to react to the pain. Inside the costume, Decker wanted to stop, but the drugs prevented him. The robotic costume turned Decker into a powerful fucking machine and he mercilessly pummeled the man's ass. He slammed himself all the way in as he came. His robotic hips moving slowly as his cock pumped silvery sperm into the man. The two men watched in awe. Decker felt the suit pinch at his hips and shoulders. The breastplates seemed to grab and dig into his chest.

"Do him next and then do me," the leader of the two men ordered Decker and before his buddy could object, he added: "don't listen to anymore orders until you are done!"

Drugged as he was, Decker had no choice but to comply with the order. He grabbed the reluctant man and bent him over a couch. His metal cock was erect and hard as he plunged it deep into the man's ass. The guy screamed, but his buddy only shoved a gag into his mouth to stifle the screams. It took Decker about fifteen minutes of hard fucking to reach his third orgasm of the evening. He held the man tight against his metal stomach as he filled the man's ass with sperm. He felt his balls contract as he shot and the suit assimilated his shoulders and arms. After he finished the orgasm, he turned to the other man who willingly bent over for his fucking. He plunged in and felt his metal cock inside the man's rectum. It was hot and tight. The slick metal skin was like Teflon and slid easily in and out. This time, Decker took longer to reach orgasm. As his body exploded in his orgasm, the fellow went limp from being screwed by so large and relentless a cock. Decker felt his balls pulsing and he started to feel the man's skin through the gloves on his hands. Finished, Decker sat down and waited for more orders. He watched as the two men took more drugs and limped around after the plowing their asses. Their buddy in the sling started to regain consciousness.

"I've never been fucked that way before. You want to do it again?" the one man asked.

"Hell no!" the other answered. The first fellow went over to Decker and poured more beer into him. Steam started rise from Decker's metal body:

"You're always talking about robots, being one, screwing one, getting screwed by one. Well, the reality beats the fantasy any day in my book."

"This guy's costume is like a steam generator. It feels so nice and comfortable that I almost feel sorry for drugging the guy. It's so authentic. He must have paid a fortune for it," he poured another quart bottle of the drugged beer into Decker and then stuck his cock into Decker's mouth and proceeded to jerk off to orgasm. His buddy took advantage of Decker too. Both men poured more beer into Decker and since he couldn't object, it just kept steaming out of him. Decker noticed that his balls began to ache and his cock was hard. The stimulator that was pressed against his prostate was doing its job.

"What happened to me," the fellows in the sling realized he was not back at the party.

"Oh, you're awake? His buddy asked.

"What happened?" he asked again. His voice sounded dry and groggy. He struggled to get up, but his arms and legs were locked onto the sling.

"You drank the wrong beer. We had to carry both of you in here. Mister robot here is a fucking machine," he said to the man in the sling.

"My ass hurts," the first man said. The other two men looked at each other and laughed.

"Now that you're awake, hey Robot, fuck all of us again and don't take any more orders until you're done!" he yelled and Decker stood up and grabbed the man nearest him. He bent him over and plunged deep into him in one stroke. Decker plowed his ass for about ten minutes before he came. The costume seemed to merge with his legs as he reached orgasm. His elbows and knees felt like they were on fire. His body was so hot from the efforts that steam filled the room. He rested for a few seconds and then grabbed the man who gave the order and bent him over. He fucked his ass for about twenty minutes before he came. Again, Decker felt the metal of the suit biting into him, changing his flesh, and remolding his bones. Finished with the second man, he paused a moment before he positioned the man in the sling against his erect cock. The other men poured more beer into him. Decker pulled the man's ass towards him and impaled him once again. His heart pounded with the effort of screwing the guy. He went on for a good half an hour as the guy whimpered and moaned in one drug-induced orgasm after another. Decker felt the orgasm explode from his crotch in a mixture of pleasure and pain. The suit pinched his hands and feet so hard that he nearly double over. As he finished his orgasm, he felt the suit tighten it's hot, fiery grip on his cock and balls as if the metal consumed his flesh.

The man in the sling leaned towards him as he shook in orgasm and said: "bind and gag those two and then get me out of this." Unable to resist, Decker did as commanded and quickly tied and gagged the other two men. He released the man from the sling. Silver cum dribbled down his rubbery legs.

"Carry me over to that chest, I have antidotes," the man said. Decker lifted the man in his arms like a child and carried him over to the chest hoping for release, but the man passed-out in his arms. Under the spell of the drugs, Decker couldn't initiate movement. So stood there just holding the man and waiting until he woke up. Finally the unconscious man woke and realized what happened.

"Put me down and let me get the antidote," he said and Decker set him on his feet and waited until while he opened the chest and got drank a small bottle. It took about 60 seconds for the man's strength to return. He poured the drug into Decker's mouth. The antidote took affect quickly and Decker felt his ability to initiate activity return to his mind.

"What time is it?" Decker asked.

"Strange question," the man said as he opened a small door in the wall to reveal clock. It was nearly 4:00am in the morning.

"I have to go back to the shop. I have to return the costume," Decker said in his synthesized voice. He remembered the clerk's warning.

"Why don't you just take it off," the man said.

"I can't. The clerk at the shop has to unlock it," Decker said. He tried to close the codpiece but his cock was still erect and rock hard.

"How the hell do I travel with an erection," Decker wanted to yell, but the mechanical voice sounded emotionless and flat. The man with him just dropped to his knees and started sucking. The robot's cock tasted more like metal rod than flesh and blood, however, this time the edges were smooth and not sharp. He sucked and deep throated the metal monster as he twisted and squeezed Decker's metallic testicles. It took only moments for Decker to reach a fiery orgasm. He grabbed the man's head and held him tight against his metal crotch trying to ram his metal-covered cock deep into his throat. The man sucked down every drop of hot silvery cum as fast as he could. His lungs burned from lack of air by the time Decker's robotic metal penis softened. Decker pulled him off shoved his cock back into the codpiece, and fastening the cover. His metal covered fingers didn't fumble with the latches.

"You!" he wanted to yell, but his robotic voice was flat and emotionless. "Drive me to the costume shop. All of you are going to be my excuse," Decker ordered in flat, electronic tones. He picked up the two drugged and bound men and carried them out to the car. The man grabbed a set of keys and followed him. Decker threw the other two men into the back of the SUV, and squeezed his bulk into the front seat. He gave the man the address of the costume shop. It was only a few minutes away. Decker felt around his knees and elbows. His bones had turned into metal tubes and formed distinctive "Y" shaped joints covered by sleek, streamlined muscles. Each "Y" had an air space at the joint that should have been filled with flesh and bone, but wasn't. As they pulled onto the street where the store was located, Decker said: "You three don't know what your little sexual side show did to me? Do you?" His metallic voice still had no emotion but inside the costume, his anger knew no bounds.

Return Authorization

The sign on the shop blinked one word - closed, closed, closed, closed, closed - over and over. Decker had the man pull the SUV very close to the door of the shop. He extricated himself from the SUV and pounded on the metal door. There was no answer. He pounded the door again, his metal fists leaving dent marks.

"Well, I'm going to leave you here," the man driving the SUV yelled and tried to pull away. Decker moved swiftly to stop him. As they struggled over the keys, several bright lights illuminated the SUV blinding the occupants.

"Drive around back!" a voice demanded through a speaker near the door. Decker grabbed the man by the throat and threatened: "do it, or die!" The man started the SUV and drove around the back of the shop where a large roller door opened and admitted them into a large warehouse-like room. The roller door closed behind them. A hatchway door opened and the clerk walked through it. He was dressed in an identical costume to Decker's except for his head and neck.

"You're late! I told you to be here by 1:00am," the clerk said, his voice still human.

"I'm sorry. These three men drugged me, punish them. I should have let you seal my mouth shut. This wouldn't have happened," Decker said.

"Get them and follow me to the foundry room," the clerk said and walked briskly back through the hatchway. Decker pushed the driver in front of him and carried the two other men. They walked for ten minutes through metal walled corridors and hatchway doors. Finally, they arrived in a large room equipped as a metal foundry. In the middle of the room stood another robot that was somewhat bigger than either the clerk or Decker.

"Jimmy Decker meet Captain Goosma of Grygorex, my captain and mentor," the clerk said.

"So this is the human you thought worthy of wearing our costume?" Goosma of Grygorex asked.

"Physically he meets the criteria. Mentally, he's just egotistical enough to handle the change," the clerk said.

Decker stood there staring at Goosma of Grygorex and the clerk. The realization of what the costume was and what it was doing to his body filled his thoughts.

"I'm never going to be human again! Right! This suit's already changing my body and neither of you can stop it," Decker asked, electronic his voice sounded tinny.

"We can speed up the change or let it happen slowly," Goosma of Grygorex answered.

"What about these three troublemakers?" Decker asked. The man who drove the SUV leaned against a bench and sighed. His partners lay there bound and helpless with fear all over their faces.

"It was the metal costume. The three of us have this fantasy about robots. I told them never to drug anyone, but they drugged me and you, and used us for sex," the man said. He seemed genuinely sorry for what had happened.

"Involuntary servitude is the punishment for your crime. I'll change you into living metal and make you submissive. There are many on my world that would gladly have human replicates for sex. That fate would provide redress for your crime and fulfill your fantasy. Wake your two friends and discuss it," Captain Goosma of Grygorex replied.

"Is there any alternative?" he asked softly.

"Yes, conversion to solid metal and life as a statue or pushed out of an airlock into the vacuum of space," Goosma of Grygorex replied growing impatient. The man put his head in his hands and sobbed quietly. Goosma of Grygorex turned his back to the man and devoted his attention to the clerk.

"You chose Jimmy Decker as your partner, now you can transform him and the other humans. We leave in five minutes. Be ready," and with that, the Goosma of Grygorex turned and left the chamber. The clerk pushed buttons on a touch screen and five cylinders of various sizes opened. Three of the cylinders had human outlines in them. The remaining two were outfitted for robot bodies.

"These stasis chambers will stabilize during take off and the intiation of space drive, step inside and lean against the outline," the clerk told Decker who positioned the three humans inside and closed the chambers over them. He then stood in one of the remaining chambers.

"Once we're all metal, we won't have to do this. Take off and conversion to space drive takes ten minutes. We'll talk after that. Goosma really does like you. He's just not warm and fuzzy about things like that," the clerk said as he closed the chamber. Decker couldn't move, stasis felt like dream sleep, but Decker wasn't dreaming. He felt the ship move and reality distort as the spaceship took off and flew away. Suddenly, the chamber opened and the clerk stood before him with his helmet in his hands.

"You can seal me into my metal skin and then we can be transformed into living metal. You are a handsome robot," the clerk said.

"Real buns of steel, huh?" Decker replied. The clerk blushed.

"What do I call you?" Decker asked.

"I haven't been named yet. As captain, Goosma gets the privilege when we arrive on Grygorex. I'm his adopted son," the clerk answered as he placed the collar around his neck: "Fasten my collar. Your fingers should be flexible enough to do it by now. I'm tired of my human face and voice." Decker flexed his hands and saw that the robot gloves had merged with his fingers. The end of one of Decker's fingers sprouted a screwdriver and he used it to tighten the collar stretching the clerk's neck. Then he took the front piece of the head and fitted it onto the clerk's face, sealing it in back. The speaker on the robot clerk crackled to life.

"Good job!" the clerk's new voice sounded metallic. The two robots faced each other.

"What's going to happen to me?" Decker asked.

"Your body will be converted to living metal. Bones, cells, nerves, everything will be converted to metal and electrical circuits. Your senses will be digitized and improved. All your memories and consciousness will be digitized and stored both within your new body and in the computer on the ship. A power supply will be implanted into your torso. It will all take less than a minute," the clerk rested his gloved hand on Decker's shoulder. It felt solid and comforting.

"A power supply? Electricity?" Decker asked.

" No! Not electricity! Advanced fusion power designed to last 10,000 years," the clerk paused and moved Decker towards the far side of the room. "Now go over to the foundry chair and sit on it. It'll activate parts of your suit so you can be filled with living metal."

Decker sat down on the foundry chair and felt the metallic sphincter on his ass open. A thick tube entered his body and delivered the pineapple-sized into his body. A second tube attached itself to his mouth and snaked its way to a vat of molten metal. The clerk lowered a large induction-heating coil down around Decker. The coils glowed with power and Decker felt his half-metal body heat up. Within seconds, the metal suit became white hot and he felt molten metal being pumped inside his suit. The heat seared his skin, but the pain lasted only a moment as the living metal replaced every cell in his body.

The physical process was over as fast at it began. In the few short seconds, every part of Decker was converted to metal or digitized into memory banks, as his new body cooled down from white hot, His once human consciousness was integrated into his new metal body. Decker noticed the quiet inside his new body. Without the rushing of blood, or beating of a heart, or breathing air, his new, metallic body was silent.

Decker flexed metal muscles and tendons against super-strong bones, his elbows and knees were "Y" joints, and his shoulders were huge. His new body had distinguishable human features beneath its gleaming metal surface. The codpiece was gone and his cock was now a thick metal cylinder over large, round testicles in a flexible metal sack.

"My turn," the clerk said as he indicated the button to initiate the process. He quickly sat down on the chair and put the metal tube into the mouth hole of his helmet. Decker pushed the button and the induction coil lowered, the metal flowed, and the clerk turned into white-hot metal. He was thinner and taller than Decker; his wiry musculature dominated his metal body. The whole process was done in less than thirty seconds. The clerk's body was still warm when he embraced Decker. The sleek metal bodies rubbed against each other, their thick metal cocks stiffened between abs of steel. Solid metal hands moved smoothly over muscles of steel and alloy.

"I always thought of a robot of cold, hard steel, but we're hot, dense and oh, so sexy," Decker said discovering that he no longer needed to sub-vocalize his speech. His new digital mind merely created the speech pattern, tone of voice, and inflection.

"You feel so good. I could never have loved you as flesh, but as metal, you're magnificent," the clerk didn't talk, but transmitted his thoughts electronically to Decker. He continued: "I added our own internal radio frequencies so that when we are close together, we can talk without speakers." The rest of the thought was a frequency and access code. Decker knew instantly how to activate his part of the system.

"Great idea! I like the privacy," Decker replied. "I was worried that I would be less than human, but this is magnificent! Every sense, every feeling, all my muscles, everything has been augmented beyond my expectations," Decker held the clerk tight against his metal body as he gripped both his metal cock and the clerk's metal cock, pumping them together. The clerk broke the embrace

"Slow down, dude! Slow down! We have those three humans you hauled back with you to transform into sex slaves," breaking off from Decker's grasp, the clerk walked over to stasis console.

"Do we put them into costumes like you and I wore?" Decker asked.

"No, we'll turn them into metal, but let them keep their human form. It increases their value as slaves. Not only that, I'm going to increase the size of their units so that they're a little smaller than our units but bigger than most humans. After all, we want to present our best to the Grygorexian's."

"I never thought about that," Decker said hefting his cock and balls in his metal hand.

"I gave us larger than average genitals. Captain Goosma and his fellow Grygorexian's will be scandalized at the two human robots," the clerk sounded happy. He punched all sorts of commands into the console.

"So we're the best hung of all the robots? Good work, you're my hero!" Decker slapped the clerk on the back producing a satisfying clank.

"We'll transform the humans one at a time. Just as a note, they will feel pain as it happens. Captain Goosma wanted them punished," the clerk pushed a few more buttons: "Go get the first one and sit him down on the foundry chair."

Decker grabbed the man as the stasis chamber opened and pushed him to the foundry chair. It was the man who gave him the antidote and drove him back to the shop.

"Are you the robot we met at the party?" he asked in a frightened voice.

"Yes! You're going to be turned into living metal and sold as a sex slave to the robots Ironic, isn't it! Sit here, it will all be over in a few minutes." Decker stepped back.

"But it was only a party, only sex," the man whimpered as a thick tube slid into his ass. Decker pushed the tube forward into the man's mouth and the induction coils were lowered and activated. Molten metal flowed into the man's human body turning from red-hot to white-hot in the induction field. It seared the human's flesh wherever it touched, leaving only metal in its place. The complete change took about three minutes. The metal man just sat there motionless when it was over.

"His mind has been reintegrated without free will, you have to tell him to move off the seat," the clerk used the private communications channel to tell Decker about the slave.

"Move over to the other tube and get your friends when it opens. Take them and position them in the foundry chair," Decker commanded and the metal man stood, flexed his new metal limbs, and then went over to the second stasis chamber. He grabbed his friend and started to drag him to the foundry chair. The man screamed, yelled, and cried until his mouth was plugged. Then he was transformed into living metal. The first human robot repeated the process with the third man. Decker and the clerk ordered them back into stasis.

"We have a few hours before we arrive at Grygorex," the clerk informed Decker.

"Shall we consummate our relationship with wild, uninhibited sex?" Decker asked.

"Of course!" the clerk answered.

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