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July 23, 2003

A dozen or so off-duty special-ops marines relaxed in the bright sun at the far end of the beach in the time-honored, military tradition of competing over outcomes of insignificant contests. Another three dozen or so marines stood guard around the compound keeping it private and isolated. The creature comforts in Black-ops compounds differed greatly and the Unified Quantum Phenomena String Vibration Integration and Point Source Viability Facility, better known as "Q-42" thanks to a literate, anonymous and now-fired flunky, ranked high on the creature comforts and low on the esprit-de-corps index.

Professor Leslie Robert McCorkle - genius, mastermind, head brain, martinet, social butt-munch, and nerd - set the tone of daily life for all involved. Tall, rangy, and sarcastic, he demanded he be addressed as "Professor" and be treated with all the deference that his great mind could imagine he deserved. In private, the marines nicknamed him "Nesman" recalling a bespectacled nerd from an obscure character in a long forgotten television show. The physicists, biologists, mathematicians, technicians, and clerical staff at the facility called him "Die Fuhrer" behind his back and groveled to his face. Obsequious fawning, blatant toadying, and downright overt ass kissing kept the Professor happy and the team members employed. None of the team member wanted to jeopardize their position on the team because they were days away from demonstrating a new Grand Unification Theory and creating a quantum energy source. The result would be unlimited, cheap, pollution-free power, fame beyond their dreams, and riches beyond the dreams of avarice.

One of the unwritten rules of the staff was not to get caught alone with the Professor. Today, the unlucky victim turned out to be Sergeant Luis Armando DeSerano one of the NCOs who served as technical support in the test laboratory.

"Hey you! Yeah you! Come here, numb-nuts. I want you now. Not thirty-seconds from now," the Professor called down from the deck of the main house out to the veranda below. Startled, Sergeant DeSerano had just completed his daily bicycle ride. He hoped that next year he could ride with the professionals in Europe. He flexed his heavily muscled legs. The tight bike shorts left nothing to the imagination as he stretched.

"Huh?" Acting stupid, Joshua pealed off his cycling jersey and rubbed the sweat off his tanned, chiseled chest. He leaned the bicycle against a pole and flexed his thick legs.

"Quit playing stupid and get up here… Drop your shorts, too. I want you naked," the Professor ordered.

"Sorry, wrong sex. I'm not that kind of boy," Sergeant DeSerano said sternly. He walked up the stairs and onto the deck. He pulled off his spandex bike shorts and rubbed his thick, uncut cock and low hanging balls.

"As good as you look and you don't play with boys? Big cock, nice butt, and that perfect, olive skin … I don't want your cock, just your fucking body… You're my guinea pig," Professor McCorkle said in non-threatening, matter-of-fact tones.

"Oh shit, I'm today's unlucky bastard," Sergeant DeSerano stood with his feet apart and his hands on his hips accentuating his physique. DeSerano was a champion bodybuilder in high school and still looked the part.

"Yeah, that's why I hired the entire bunch of you cute young guys, butt-munch. You're all my sweet little guinea pigs," the Professor tried to hold his composure, but his cock stiffened down the leg of his thin khaki chinos. He pushed it down in a futile attempt to hide his arousal.

"Ever stand like that under a streetlamp, Dude?" Sergeant DeSerano asked as he pretended absentmindedly adjusted his cock.

"What? With my dick drooling down my leg… You guys are vicious," the Professor blushed as he raised a bizarre looking gun towards Sergeant DeSerano.

"What's that? Buck Roger's zap gun? Flash Gordon's death ray?" Sergeant DeSerano joked.

"None of those… It's a, well, Quantum String Vibration Reassignment Ray. I'm going to adjust the vibrations of your quantum strings. Stand over there," the Professor ordered. Sergeant DeSerano gulped anxiously about being the designated guinea pig.

"Adjust my Vibrations? Is that anything like a Klingon butt-for," Sergeant DeSerano's eyes opened wide in amazement. Professor McCorkle fell into the trap. The marines figure out that if they could frustrate the Professor, they could escape being used as subject for his experiments.

"What's a Klingon Butt-for?" the Professor said as he made an adjustment on the "ray" gun in his hand.

"Poopies, dear boy, Poopies." A broad smile covered Sergeant DeSerano's face. The Professor narrowed his eyes and he growled.

"Take this, you bastard," the Professor said as he pulled the trigger. A yellow ray snaked out of the device striking Sergeant DeSerano's feet. They tingled and turned a dark gray color. DeSerano's tried to move, but his legs weren't strong enough to budge his leaden feet.

"Wow, how'd you do that?" DeSerano struggled.

"It's simple if you know how to solve simultaneous multidimensional equations in eleven variables. Tell me cute, young and well hung with the smart mouth; do you like gold or lead?"

Trapped by his leaden feet, Lieutenant DeSerano started to worry about what was going to happen to him. Two large drops of sweat smacked loudly onto the floor.

"Uh, gold over lead. Why?" DeSerano watched as the Professor adjusted the ray gun and unleashed another golden ray at the captive sergeant. The ray bathed DeSerano's body. He groaned as vibrant, white-hot energy coursed through his body. He felt his feet become lighter as the rest of his body grew heavier. His insides twisted and turned inside his body. DeSerano groaned and twisted as the effect of the ray spread through his body.

"What are you doing to me," DeSerano gasped and doubled over in pain as the ray continued to alter his body's quantum characteristics. His skin color changed from a deep tanned olive into a reflective yellow-gold tone.

"Right now, I'm changing all of the carbon atoms in your body into gold and the calcium in your skeleton into platinum. Stand up and take it like a man," the Professor said. DeSerano leaned upwards and stretched backwards extending his body out to its full height while trying to shake off the effects of the ray. He held the position for a few seconds and then collapsed back into a small package as the atoms of this body changed.

"You're killing me. Stop it," Lieutenant DeSerano cried out the pain of the transform written all over his face and apparent in his voice. He struggle to stand and faced the Professor and his gun. The Professor adjusted the intensity and frequency of the ray. DeSerano seemed to breathe easier but his body continued to change becoming heavier, thicker, and more solid as its mass increased tenfold. His heart raced as it pumped golden blood through his veins. He took a step toward the Professor forcing his new metallic muscles and skeleton to function.

"You're not going to die. I wouldn't kill you just because you insult and deride me. But, life will be different for you. After all, you're now a gold-based organism in a carbon-based world," the Professor said. DeSerano tried to take several deep breathes and realized that although his lungs still absorbed oxygen, he wasn't breathing out carbon dioxide. His lungs burned oxygen on their surface like a metallic catalyst. Gold blood coursed through his veins and pumped up his muscles. His body gleamed like rich, polished gold in the bright sunlight. He felt his new skin and the muscles beneath as the last vestiges of his carbon-based, human existence disappeared. Even his eyes turned a pale-gold shade.

"Why did you do this to me?" DeSerano's new voice had a metallic, bell-like tone.

"Why? Because I could, silly boy. You're my demonstration model… a new man… bigger, stronger… disease and hunger resistant… invulnerable to chemical and biological agents… You're nearly immortal… Look, transmuting lead to gold was too easy. Transmuting a man into gold and keeping him alive, now that's a challenge. Ever since the first time I saw you on the beach I knew you'd be perfect as my first application of my theory of a quantum string vibratory transformation. You were always destined to be my first gold man - Homo Aurica," the Professor admired his creation. He made more adjustments to the device. DeSerano explored his new body, the stronger muscles, the cable-like tendons, the metal bones, and the reflective skin, even to the metal strands that formed his hair.

"I want you to stand up straight, put your weight one leg, put one hand on your hip, the other hand on your thigh, and then look up and pose. In a few minutes I'm going to present you to the top brass," the Professor said. DeSerano complied not so much out of subservience, but out of habitual obedience to military superiors.

"How do I look?" DeSerano asked knowing that he looked hot and sexy as a naked human. He thought about what he looked like now as a golden statue. The Professor kept fiddling with the quantum ray gun.

"You look great… Humpy… Bigger and better than most ancient Greco-Roman statues," The Professor said as he fired the quantum ray gun again. DeSerano tried to say something but he only wheezed as his voice box disappeared. A second burst from the quantum ray gun stiffened his body and locked it in position before he could move. Only his eyes moved. The rest of his body looked like solid metal.

"That's my payback for your smart-assed mouth. You'll talk only when I need you to talk. You'll move and perform exactly what I want you to do. You're no longer human, Lieutenant; you're now my creation… man of steel, too cheap… You're worth more than that… A man of gold. You depend on me for your survival in this world," Professor McCorkle sneered at the immobile form. He watched DeSerano's features and noticed a tear form in one eye and roll down the golden cheek. He turned the quantum ray on DeSerano's cock and balls and caused them to double their size.

"There, I'm not completely vindictive. You're more than human and your attributes should be more than human. Now if you don't mind… and I know you don't, I'll show you off to the top brass and then we will see how many more men like you they want to create," Professor McCorkle looked over his new creation as he phoned his bosses in the military. They certainly wouldn't expect this.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.