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March 4, 2005

This story was inspired by a drawing sent to me by A second version of the rendition can be seen at the end of the story.

"So this is it? This is the alien device that's supposed to be so wonderful. Huh? Huh? Gotta tell you, that's a hard story to swallow," Caleb said. A circular metal ring fifteen feet tall and 18 inches thick stood in the middle of the room on a base with heavy wires and conduits running out of it. Men in white coats stood around the machine they held various pieces of alien equipment.

"The linguists assure me that they have the correct translation, this device controls the large fusion generators in the core of the planet," Doctor Linden answered.

"And you're willing to give a convicted murderer a chance to run a machine that powerful?" Caleb asked.

"Veritably! The machine has its own safeguards against self-destruction. The aliens planned well. The machine has been operating nearly flawlessly for 1,000,000 years. It just needs to be fine-tuned. Only an operator can do that. If you can get the fusion reactors under control and save the planet, then you get a full pardon. It's that simple," Doctor Linden answered.

"Nothin's that simple, Doc, nothin," Caleb said as he walked up the stairs and onto the ring. He could see four major attachment points on the inside of the ring. They matched the alien devices the technicians held. Each device ended in a thick knob.

"Apparently, these go on the controller's limbs and the control current surges into them and then through the body of the controller. There's a couple lesser attachments that we think were only for extended use," one of the technicians explained. Caleb put his hand into one of the devices. The inside was warm and tingly. He felt the mechanism trying to adjust to his hand as he moved it around. He pulled his hand out. Doctor Linden looked at him curiously.

"It tried to adjust to the shape of my hand. It feels creepy. What shape were the aliens?" Caleb asked. He started to examine the other pieces of the control system.

"Roughly humanoid, thin waists, four long limbs, one finger, one thumb, retrograde ankles, same size skull and brain… We picked you because of your height, nearly seven feet. The alien builders were a little taller than that, but it shouldn't matter much. The writings say that a controller was only required for short periods of time," the Doctor said. Caleb held up thick metallic band. Knobby antennae stuck out from its sides.

"What's this?" he asked.

"It goes on your head," Doctor Linden answered.

"And this piece," Caleb asked holding what looked like a triangular tube with straps.

"You won't need that," Doctor Linden said. One of the younger technicians stepped up. Doctor Linden motioned to stop him but the young man was determined.

"It's an alien jockstrap, sir. You see there are several attachments that let the aliens remain in the machine for prolonged periods. One was that jock that held their equipment. Another was what we call a Hoover. It goes into the other waste outlet and…" he hesitated and then continued, "Sucks the shit out of your rectum. There's a tube that attaches to your throat and another that attaches to your side just below the ribcage. They provide air and water to the body. Doctor Linden didn't want you to know, but some of us think it's unfair to let you step into this without understanding the risks." The technician finished. Doctor Linden stamped angrily around the base of the device.

"Well, like I said, ain't nothin' easy. What's your name, kid," Caleb stared at the equipment.

"Dale, sir, I'm a med student," the young man said. Doctor Linden shooed him away, but Caleb pulled him back.

"He stays and answers every question I have or I go, you lying bastard," Caleb said. Doctor Linden turned red but did as ordered.

"Well, Dale, what else do you think I should know?" Caleb asked.

"The writings indicate that these devices act as interfaces for the apparatus. The energy from the fusion plant flows through these interfaces and through the body of the controller. We're guessing that these devices will protect a human body but they may not. The body might be consumed by the energy and then you would be left just a torso. We haven't translated the writings concerning long-term use. There are hints that when controllers were in the machine for long times, they experienced physical changes…"

"And if we wait for those translations, the planet will explode," Doctor Linden added. Caleb glared. Dale continued.

"And then this ring, the interface, well, it's telepathic. Your mind will be in control not your body. This other ring attaches to your throat and prevents speech so you won't be able to talk to us…" Dale stopped when Caleb raised a hand.

"Life is a risk, kid. Thanks for the warnings but let's get this show on the road," Caleb removed his robe and stood under the arch of the machine naked. His shaved body looked incongruous amid the lab coats. Rows of lights and alien symbols flashed across the surface of the rings.

"It seems to know I'm here. Let's not disappoint it," Caleb ordered and the technicians snapped to their work. He cupped the device over his expose genitals. The device pulled his cock upright into itself and encased his testicles in its base. Then it firmly attached itself to Caleb's crotch. Caleb bent over as Dale inserted the device they called the Hoover into his rectum. Caleb let out an involuntary yelp as it sank deep inside his body. He stood there and let his body adjust to the foreign presence. The alien device adjusted itself to Caleb's human anatomy. Another technician brought a two-inch wide, one-inch thick headband. It fit tight around Caleb's forehead and the back of his skull. The knobby antennas glowed and sparked. Several frightened technicians backed away from the archway. Caleb looked up at the circular arch and more lights and displays lit up and chased along on its face. He tried to adjust the headband but it wouldn't move.

"Wow, all that for me?" Caleb said. He held his both hands out and plunged them into the large, round alien devices. They devices encased his arms up to the elbows. He felt the internal apparatus grip his hands and adjust to five fingers. A force tugged his hands upward. He stretched out his arms as the ends of the gloves sparked and glowed. The machines lifted his body up into the air just far enough for his feet to leave the ground. The entire archway began to glow and vibrate. All of the technicians scattered except for Dale who stayed to put the boot-like devices on Caleb's feet one at a time. Caleb had to point his toes to get the felt to fit. The devices covered his legs nearly up to the knees. Caleb felt the levitating forces adjust itself to his weight and size. It pulled his arms and legs out from his body spread-eagle. Caleb floated in the air. He thought about the machine but nothing happened. Again, Caleb tried to activate control of the machine. All he could think of was incomplete.

"I feel incomplete," he yelled to Dale. Dale looked around puzzled. He stood alone on the ring and its base as the power pulsed through it. His hair stood on end from the static charges.

"The only parts you aren't wearing are the one that goes on your throat and the one that fits on your side," Dale said.

"Get them. It wants them," Caleb said. Dale quickly retrieved the parts from one of the technicians and went back to Caleb. Caleb's hands and feet tingled as energy started to flow into the alien devices.

"You sure?" Dale asked. Caleb shook his head affirmatively. Dale pushed one of the devices against the external oblique on Caleb's side. It stuck fast to his skin. Caleb could feel it penetrate his muscles and attached to his stomach. Dale reached up to place the smaller device against the base of Caleb's throat. Caleb floated down to his level l.

"You sure about this?" Dale asked as he placed the device. As fast as Caleb said yes, the device penetrated his throat and cut off his voice. Dale felt the air rush out as Caleb breathed. He ran away from the ring. Caleb looked at out with wide-open eyes as he felt the apparatus adjust his body to make it suitable for control functions. His body floated upward into the middle of the ring. Waves of energy poured from the fusion reactor into the control mechanisms. Dale watched the energy flow increased and seemed to consume Caleb's body. The entire ring pulsed and glowed. Arcs of energy flowed from the ring into Caleb's limbs. The lighting bolts pulsed from the ring on Caleb's head out to the ring. The scientists monitored the fusion reactor hoping that whatever was happening to Caleb, he could fix the reactor and save the planet.

In his mind, Caleb saw the energy net that controlled the planet. The network pulsed with several billions of quads of energy. He realized that this was an artificial planet. Its oceans, landmasses, and climate were all under his control. His mind explored the computer that ran all of the everyday functions of the planet. Then he explored the giant fusion reactor that lay at the heart of the planet. There he discovered an isotopic imbalance. He would need more information to solve the problem completely. He made enough adjustments to the fusion reactor to keep it stable for a few thousand years. The reactor returned to quasi-normal operation and the control system dropped out of emergency mode.

Satisfied, Caleb explored the planetary system and its surroundings. Only one of the six planets was natural. The rest were artificially created. Caleb linked into the communications network and analyzed the information flows. He discovered the where the alien builders stored all of their knowledge. He wanted to read it but the control system started to shut down. He felt his mind being pulled back to his body. Everything went black.

After the forced shutdown of the network, Doctor Linden cleared the room of technicians and left Dale, the only med tech, to remove the alien devices from Caleb. Dale tried to remove the alien devices but they held fast. Dale had to wait until Caleb was conscious. He strapped Caleb's body to the table to restrict his movement.

"Where am I?" Caleb mouthed. His breathing hissed through the hole in his neck. Dale explained what happened. Caleb moved his arms and legs and the alien devices banged on the table.

"Don't try to talk, you can't yet. The device is still in your throat," Dale said. Caleb directed his thoughts to the device and as he did, it sealed his throat and feel off.

"It's all telepathically controlled. Why did they shut the control ring down? I wasn't done with my work," Caleb asked.

"They have a few thousand years before they go boom and they were afraid of you," Dale answered. Caleb willed the devices off his body. The headband slid back and clanged onto the table. The device attached to his side left his stomach and fell off. The butt gadget slid out and the genital shield fell off revealing a grossly enlarged cock and balls. The other devices merely fell off his arms and legs. Caleb lifted his arms and saw the result. He had no hands. His feet and lower legs were gone too. He lay there with four stumps for limbs.

"What the hell happened," he gasped. He rubbed his stumps against each other.

"It was always a risk. The machine must consume the operator," Dale said. He examined Caleb's enlarged cock and balls. Caleb tried to stop him, but his stumps just brushed the young med tech. He felt his cock stiffen at Dale's manipulations.

"I can just imagine you walking around with this swinging between your legs. Quite a treat," Dale said as the cock stiffened. Caleb fought but the bindings held him captive to the med tech's desires. His new cock flopped back onto his chest. The head lay just under his chin. Dale stroked and licked the giant member.

"Wait, wait. It doesn't end this way. Don't do that. There's another way. Put the headband back on me," Caleb begged. Dale just looked at him and shrugged his shoulders without stopping his licking and stroking.

"Sure. You can't get to the ring without hands and feet. But first, I want to finish," Dale said and he continued to suck, lick and stroke. Slowly, inevitably Caleb felt an orgasm building in his body. Unable to stop the Med Tech, he felt his balls throb and pulse. He finally reached an orgasm that screamed through his body like fire. His Body arched on the back of his head and the stumps of his legs. His cock visibly thickened and pulsed as cum pumped out of his balls and up through the long shaft. The first blew into Dale's mouth filling it. The second flowed around the med tech's lips. Gagging and coughing, Dale let Caleb's new cock fall down on his chest. Caleb came six more times. Cum splattered over his face and neck. Dale licked cum off Caleb's face.

"Come on, Dale, put that band back on my head, damn it. You got your jollies now do as I ask," Caleb grumbled. Dale laughed.

"I'm going to have them release you into my care. I want to do this every night. I want to ride your big, thick cock," Dale said as he put the headband back on to Caleb's head. Caleb directed all of his thoughts into the band and the alien apparatus came to life. Dumbfounded, Dale tried to remove the headband, but a force from the control ring pushed him back to the far wall of the room. Caleb caused the other pieces of the alien device to reattach to his body. The control ring levitated him to its center. He took control of the energy flow and entered the control stream.

Caleb sealed the room against intruders and then set about gaining access for the alien library. There he found the knowledge to control the isotopes that caused the initial problem in the fusion reactor. He fixed that and created programs to account for it. He let his mind absorb the alien knowledge. He considered having the machine rebuild his human body but the aliens had a better solution. Satisfied, he brought his mind back to the control room. Dale still cowered at the far end of the room.

"You rat bastard little pervert, I might have the rest of my life with you if you asked. Instead, you just took advantage and satisfied your own cheesy desires. Now take your punishment," Caleb let his voice boom in the room. He scared the shit out of Dale. His pants got wet and then brown. Caleb poured Dale's blowjob into a holographic memory crystal. He placed the crystal on the table and set it to replay the events every hour for the next one hundred years. Then he willed his body to become incorporeal energy.

The planet went dark for a few seconds as the total power output of the fusion reactor flowed into Caleb transforming him, rebuilding him, altering matter and energy into a force beyond all scientific comprehension. Caleb assembled his new human form back in the room. It looked much like his old human form, but it was stronger, faster, healthier, and infinitely more powerful. The interface devices that enabled Caleb to operate the machine lay in melted beyond recognition. Caleb destroyed the seven copies of the interface device that were scattered over the rest of the solar system. Dale cowered in the back of the room, sobbing intermittently. Two guards stood in the room. They stared at Caleb and put their weapons down.

"No need for violence, guys. I guess I just startled you. I guess you never saw a naked man before, soldier. Give me your clothes," Caleb said and the guard complied. Caleb walked out of the facility. No one remembered seeing him ever again. Untill they saw the memory crystal. In fact, much to Dale's regrets the memory crystal made him a porn star - best cocksucker in the world.

2740 words more or less

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