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December 25, 2007

This has been sitting on my hard drive. It's part of a long, long story that I decided to share for New Years. It's like a fruit cake -- it's got a little too much fruit, not enough cake and way, way, way too much booze went into the cook and missed the cake. {D. Fragments}

"I read the report on your Robot's removal of live and spent ordinance. Good Job, Lieutenant Bobby, good job. This range will make a great ball field and playground for our new school," General Winslow, a bald man with a round face and spectacles, always forgot Robot-Bob's robotic designation. The General's driver moved the jeep to the edge of the shooting range. The ground in front of them looked too soft to support the jeep. Jeff Hayes rode shotgun while General Winslow and Robot-Bob sat in the back seat. A half-track followed them with a platoon of grunts, two Robots fitted out as farming technicians and four Military Police for security.

"I've wanted to use robots to remove land mines for several decades. We used specialized Robots on tractor treadles with blast shields. We lost the mechanical part of half of a dozen Robots but not the control circuits. They worked well and we learned all about regenerative repair systems," Robot-Bob said. He stepped out of the jeep and stood next to it. The general followed. Jeff Hayes stayed seated. The soldiers dispersed to various parts of the range while the Robots unloaded and set up a device with what appeared to be an oddly shaped umbrella on it. The soldiers wore T-Shirts, fatigues and carried shovels instead of weapons. The Robots wore coveralls.

"By the way General Winslow, Sir, did you tell Alpha Platoon what's going to happen?" Robot-Bob asked. General Winslow smiled.

"It never crossed my mind, Lieutenant. The drunken adventures of Alpha platoon pissed off two senators, a town's Mayor, four police chiefs, two County Councils and a reporter for the local newspaper. The march back to the barracks will do wonders for their discipline," General Winslow smiled. Jeff Hayes snorted and choked.

"Young man, do you see something wrong with my style of discipline," General Winslow asked in stern tones.

"No, not all at General. It's just much more inventive than my methods. I like your style," Jeff Hayes almost patted the General on the back but Robot-Bob caught his hand before he did it. The General was no one's good buddy. The Robots signaled their readiness.

"Gentlemen, you have your assignment, you're to make this field ready for planting. The Robot farmers will show you how. Right now they have a new device to demonstrate," General Winslow raised his arm and brought it down. A pillar of fragrant brown fertilizer shot out of the top of the device and spread like a mushroom cloud over shooting range. The MP's jumped under the half-track to avoid getting hit by the spray. The fertilizer covered Alpha Platoon, just like the ground beneath their feet to a uniform depth of six inches. The fertilizer stopped just inches from the jeep and the half-track.

"It looks like Alpha Platoon is outstanding in their field," Jeff Hayes started laughing so hard he couldn't stop. When he saw the MPs crawling out from under the half-track he laughed harder. The soldiers in the field started shoveling the ground and just glared him.

"Good Job, nice pattern, I just love the control of the spray. How do you do that?" General Winslow said. He barely even cracked a smile. He turned his back to the field and away from the MPs. He gave Bobby and Jeff Hayes the thumbs up sign. Hayes laughed even harder.

"The Robots align the antennae and control the transmission of the fertilizer like a nozzle. Their mechanical eyes and the feedback loop operate at two hundred thousand cycles per second. The matter transport only works for inanimate objects, nothing living. One of the new quantum entanglement technologies. We're can transmit messages. This is the proof we can transmit inanimate matter," Robot-Bob explained.

"And you demonstrate it by spraying a platoon with homogenized pig shit? What a guy, what a guy," Jeff Hayes leaned back and laughed even harder. The General wasn't amused.

"Now if giggles here would settle down, I'll tell you about my other problem."

"Jefferson Davis Coatesworth-Hayes, you need to settle down. Now stop it," Robot-Bob pointed a finger at Jeff Hayes and Hayes stopped laughing and sat upright in the seat.

"Yes Sir, I'm listening sir," Jeff Hayes barked. He stared straight ahead and didn't move a muscle. General Winslow's eyes opened wide.

"Get out of the jeep and stand at attention," Robot-Bob ordered and Hayes snapped to it.

"Sing and act like you are a teapot until I tell you to stop," Robot-Bob ordered. Jeff Hayes sang the children's song about teapots and made all the right moves. General Winslow wagged a finger at Robot-Bob.

"I know, I'm so naughty, ain't I. I shouldn't tease this way. I only programmed this level of control into one or two recruits. Jeff is very special. By the way. Aside from the fact he lets me do all sorts of illegal and unethical with his brain and body, he's very special. Please don't propose this at the next meeting of the big hoo-hahs, poobahs, and mucky-mucks," Robot-Bob said. General Winslow shook his head in affirmation.

"I understand, but why the demo? I wish all of our assignments worked as smooth as this matter transport device," General Winslow said. Robot-Bob snapped his fingers and Jeff Hayes relaxed and breathed easily.

"Please don't do that to me in public," Jeff almost begged. Robot-Bob wrapped his arm around Jeff's muscular body and hugged him. Jeff pulled away. Robot-Bob noticed the stern look on General Winslow's face.

"Surely this isn't the reason you brought me out here, is it?" General Winslow asked.

"Murphy's Law seems to have a way of rearing its ugly head. Do you remember the Freighter Ludwig Leichhardt?" Robot-Bob asked.

"That's the Freighter where we exiled that spoiled brat with the rich Daddy, oh what was his name, Malachi Hillenbaugh. Yes, that's it, Malachi Hillenbaugh was his name," General Winslow said. His memory of events ten years before impressed Jeff.

"Hillenbaugh isn't just a case of as the cream rose to the top at Federated Freight and Transport, it soured. We thought it curdled, turned to cheese, developed crotch rot and so we launched the problem and his crazy partner into space. That wasn't the case. It seems that Hillenbaugh's abnormalities are the manifestation of a greater problem," Bobby explained.

"Really? You know that Federated Freight and Transport happily ensconced his father into a dead end office pushing paperclips. They're encouraging him to eat enough fast food and develop a cardiac condition. I thought we did a good job mopping up that situation for them," General Winslow answered. He seemed a little disturbed.

"That was before Jeff and I discovered some disturbing coincedences. Somewhat more than a year ago, Jeff was a traffic cop who had the temerity to pull me over for speeding," Robot-Bob started to explain. Jeff Hayes silently mouthed the words "he was speeding" and moved his hands as if he drove a car.

"To make a long story short, Jeff had no memories of his childhood up to fourteen years of age. When I processed him, we discovered the reason for the amnesia. A friend of his, one Jimmy Smith by name, was an organic robot. The memory loss was a deliberate block to prevent him from remembering that fact. It turns out that Malachi Hillenbaugh and JB Sargento worked with Jimmy Smith up until shortly before the time they went nuts and caused all the trouble. We've searched long and hard adn it seems that Jimmy Smith has disappeared from the face of the earth," Robot-Bob said.

"An organic robot? But that's impossible, totally impossible unless... Oh God, some one is trying to change the past," General Winslow reacted sharply.

"We always thought there was a causality violation. And now in fact, we know that there was a causality violation. Someone from teh future is trying to change our past," Robot-Bob said.

"And you think that Malachi Hillenbaugh's behavior is related to this organic robot?"

"If he was an organic robot, we speculate that he was unaware of his construction. Their last job was working with Professor Andreas Thornton on his quantum stasis device. A device they used for their sexual antics. It must have disrupted his artificial body. The nanomachines probably moved into Hillenbaugh's and Sargetno's bodies." Robot-Bob explained.

"And those nanomachines are what caused Hillenbaugh and Sargento to act out?" General Winslow put a hand under his chin. He waited for a Robot-Bob to confirm his statement.

"Sir, I'm prepared to go deep undercover on the Ludwig Leichhardt so that I can monitor whatever is happening up there," Jeff Hayes spoke up.

"That's not an easy job, Mister Hayes. How do you propose to conceal yourself and not be detected?" General Winslow asked.

"I'm willing to let Robot-Bob's nanomachines reshape my body and control my speech and actions," Jeff Hayes answered.

"This might be a false lead and you could waste the rest of your life as someone else," General Winslow said.

"I understand that and I'm willing to take the risk," Jeff Hayes answered.

"And you're OK with him using your own personal nanomachines? The ones you describe as a rowdy gang of troublemakers?" General Winslow asked and turned to Robot-Bob.

"Yes and the nanomachines are all prepared to clone themselves and adapt to living in Jeff's body," Robot-Bob answered.

"Tell me, Lieutenant, how would Jeff Hayes differ from an organic robot?" General Winslow asked. The question surprised Jeff.

"Easy, Jeff was born of a human mother. His body will still age, although a lot slower and he will die just like any other human. An organic robot might age, but it will not die. It's self-replicating. We discovered that Jimmy Smith's body didn't leave any trace DNA behind. In fact, when my MED Techs processed what we recovered of his belongings, there was no trace DNA on them. Human bodies always leave DNA behind, lots of DNA everywhere and on anything. I've seen Jeff's memories of Jimmy Smith's reprogramming and that, combined with the lack of DNA makes him different from what will happen to Jeff when we unleash my nanomachines on his body," Robot-Bob explained.

"Very well, prepare a memo and call it project Double El. I still think you're asking for trouble putting nanomachines into a human body but if you do find a causality violation, that's worth the risk. Keep me informed," General Winslow answered. He climbed into the jeep.

"Driver, I'm done here, take me back to C&C," General Winslow ordered. They drove off in a cloud of dust.

"You are booked on a rocket bound for the Ludwig Leichhardt in four days. I can give you my nanomachines today, if you want. If not we'll do it when you are in stasis," Robot-Bob said.

"Do it as soon as you can. I'd feel better if I went to the spaceship with my new identity. Less chance of someone seeing you or one of your minions," Jeff Hayes said.

"Let's do it," Robot-Bob said. He and Jeff Hayes climbed into the back of the half-track. The robot plugged his body into into the half-track. The machine started up and popped into gear all by itself. The two MPs jumped into the cab and tried to take control of the truck. Nothing they could do worked. They banged on the window behind them.

"Bobby, Bobby, stop it let us drive, you can't see from back there. Stop this shit, we're going to wreck," they yelled and banged. Robot-Bob laughed. Jeff Hayes shook his head. Earlier, he had modified the computer in the half-track to record its accelerations and movements, now it was using that information to return to the base. Alpha platoon heard the screaming and gave them a rude sendoff. Almost everyone on the base had been tricked into sitting helpless as the Robot Lieutenant Robot-Bob drove from an unseen position. In the back of the half-track, Robot-Bob stood tall and dropped his fatigues to reveal thick, muscular metal legs and a heavy, pendulous, uncut cock. Jeff could hear the buzz from Robot-Bob's boots as they magnetically gripped the metal deck to prevent him from falling.

"You gained some weight since I saw you last. In fact, I'd almost say you got fat," Jeff said and laughed. Robot-Bob put his hands on his hips.

"If you're ready for your injection of nanomachines get naked. We'll see the changes as they merge with your body," Bobby01 ordered. Jeff sighed and pulled off his clothes. He didn't like being naked.

"You are a drama queen, aren't you? Like couldn't we do this in private? Or couldn't you just give me a glass full of nanomachines?" Jeff Hayes said as he sucked the metal cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around under the foreskin. He heard Bobby moan and sigh. As a robot, Robot-Bob could experience an orgasm whenever he wanted but it wasn't the same as the real thing. Robot-Bob felt hot to Hayes' lips. His cock throbbed and pulsed. The nanomachine inspired balls pulled up high against a somewhat chubby stomach.

"Hey, you really did gain weight," Jeff said around the tangy cock. It had a salty taste. He felt Robot-Bob's hips begin to pump. Robot-Bob grabbed his head and began to pump a load of nanomachines down Jeff's throat. He swallowed hard as the Robot robot pumped load after load into his waiting mouth. If Hayes gagged and drooled, this jism stuck to his skin like hot glue. Jeff felt the nanomachines filling his stomach and penetrating his body. They felt like fiery hot. His head spun as they entered his blood stream. Robot-Bob held his head tight. Helpless, Jeff let Robot-Bob's testicles pump nearly fifty pounds of nanomachines into his body. When his orgasm stopped, Robot-Bob let Jeff fall to the floor and stood still for a moment. Jeff groaned as the mass of nanomachines began to alter his body. Gray splotches moved over the surface of his skin. He rolled over on his back and held his stomach, writhing and moaning. He could see Robot-Bob's metal skeleton now exposed due to lack of nanmoachine skin. The nanomachines rebuilt Jeff's body in their rough and disorderly manner, Jeff caught sight of the MPs gesturing to Robot-Bob through the little window into the back of the truck. He realized he'd been set up for the transferal of the nanomachines. He found his voice as the nanomachines rampaged through his body.

"You bastard, you had to have an audience," Jeff laughed as gray splotches moved over his skin. He looked at Robot-Bob and saw a skeleton-like face with motors, glowing diodes, artificial eyes and tiny circuit boards.

"It's not you or the blow job, you conceited wretch. They want to see me without my skin," Robot-Bob opened his shirt to display a shiny metal skeleton with a glowing power supply in its chest. Its torso was a mass of microprocessors and memory chips. Instead of Robot-Bob's usually fluid movements, a rough and rugged metal framework filled out the uniform. Jeff looked at it

"You gave me all of your nanomachines? What about the clones we created?" Jeff asked.

"They're back at the lab waiting for me. You look a little sickly dude," the robot's bare metal jaw moved and a speaker vibrated as Robot-Bob spoke. Without the benefit of a mouth to shape the sound, his voice sounded harsh and clanging.

"I feel a little..." Jeff doubled up in pain. The MPs watched through the little window.

"The nanomachines want to reshape your skeleton. They can't block the pain," Robot-Bob said.

"You can talk to them? They hurt. My body's on fire," Jeff curled up and started to scream. His body seemed to change before their eyes. He already stood six foot eight but the nanomachines changed him from chunky and fat to sleek and muscular. They made his skeleton symmetrical and they removed its weak points. The nanomachines reformed his muscles into sleeker, stronger versions of their previous selves. They changed his hair from blond to black. The pain subsided and Jeff tried to stand up. Robot-Bob knocked him over.

"They aren't done, they're going to adjust your metabolism and repair all that damage you did to your internal organs with the diet of donuts and high-fat fast foods. When they're finished, you'll have a new face and voice. It's going to hurt," Robot-Bob explained. Jeff felt his internal organs flash over with pain as they reformed and repaired themselves. His external appearance and physical movements changed drastically. His skin achieved a uniform shade of olive tan. The new Jeff held his hands to his head as the nanomachines set up inside his brain.

"I can hear them talking. It's like a hundred little voices in my head carrying on conversations," the new Jeff tried his new voice. He didn't sound blond and tenor anymore. A deeper and smoother voice matched his dark skin. He rolled onto his haunches and sat against the sidewall of the half-track. He felt his new body and found the improvements. A hundred little voices talked to him all at once. Suddenly he could understand them all no matter whether they spoke one at a time or all at once. He laughed, his voice deep and his laugh a hearty, chest-rumbling sound.

"I can understand them. They're not spoiled brats. You called them spoiled brats. They're just oversexed teenaged nanomachines. They're really very funny. There are a couple hundred telling me what they are doing as they build my new identity. The rest are in control of my body, sort of. They like your audience up there. They want to fuck the two MPs." Jeff looked down at his crotch to see an uncut, rock-hard cock a full twelve inches long and almost as thick as a baseball bat. He felt his hand grab his new cock and begin to jerk it off.

"That's not nice guys, not nice at all. Give me back control of my body," Jeff said. His new voice rumbled in the back of the half-track. However, his hand didn't stop. He leaned back against the sidewall and proceeded to jerk off. Testicles the size of chicken eggs throbbed and blasted thick white cum across to the opposite wall of the half-track. Jeff knelt there catching his breath.

"Do ya think ya can handle that? Or will it blow out the back of your silly little heads" the man who just moments before was Jeff Hayes yelled at the MPs. They waved their hands negatively behind the window. He grabbed the trousers from the floor and pulled them on. His cock stretched down against his right leg. He turned to Robot-Bob.

"You know my name, don't you?" he said to Robot-Bob as if he needed to hear someone else say it.

"Torvald Olmstead nicknamed Torch because you chain smoke," Robot-Bob obliged him with a name.

"You're goddamn, mother-fucking right I smoke. You look like a metal pansy. You need to put some meat on your fucking bare bones there boy," Torch growled at Robot-Bob. He pointed a finger at the reformed man. Torch stopped in his tracks and froze.

"I like the touch of profanity, don't overdo it until you get onto the Ludwig Leichhardt," Robot-Bob said through the communications link to what once were his nanomachines.

"We thought that you'd appreciate that," the familiar raucous little chorus said over the link.

"How's Jeff?" Robot-Bob asked.

"He's actually enjoying himself and helping us. This may work better than we first calculated, uh thought. At least that's what he wants us to tell you. We'll take care of him after all, it's till death do us part and we ain't going to let him die too soon, you know. Now let us move," the nanomachines reverted to their chaotic, disordered ways.

"We will get you clothes and drive you to the spaceport. I'll let you move if you promise to behave. I especially don't want you showing off that cock and playing with it while you're on the military base. Furthermore, you are not to propagate yourselves by any means, ejaculation included. You are to stay in that body. You are not to reveal yourselves to anyone but me.

"They won't." A different voice sounded from Jeff's new mouth. "I've got a handle on these fellows. They are all separate personalities. No wonder you keep these to yourself. They're all sentient beings, males actually and they've never grown up. Do you have any clue how rowdy several million little boys get when they compete?"

"Yes, I've lived with them for nearly a hundred fifty years. It took a decade for me to come to terms with them," Robot-Bob said.

"I tolerate disorder better than you do. That being said... let me move and let's get to the spaceport. Our integration is possible but we all need a little time to adjust," Torch's voice returned to the sexy rumble. Robot-Bob didn't release Torch's body until they were a few miles away from the spaceport. Torch was pissed off at Robot-Bob. One could even say that all of Torch was pissed off and that included the nanomachines.

3550 words

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