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I Fought The Spaceship And The Spaceship Won

16 February, 2009

Wayne pulled a rubbery sack hanging from the ceiling and stretched it to glass-like transparency. "From the looks of it, the aliens had humanoid bodies."

Roberto studied the hieroglyphic titles on the spaceship's control surfaces. "Yeah, two arms, shorter legs, longer arms and a long torso. These sacks are life support? That contact pad is engine power. Over there is a navigation display."

"I know a couple military scientists who's give their left eyeballs to see the inside of this spaceship."

"Oh yeah sure, sparky! They'll seize everything -- you, me, the spaceship, the dig, everything -- under that Official Secrets Act. One hint of this to the military and there's a sexually-frustrated, black-ops storm troopers with whips and chains in our futures."

Roberto grabbed his buttocks and squealed. "Officer, officer, there's a terrorist hiding in my rectum!"

"One whiff of your farts might fix them." Wayne smirked a sidelong glance. He stuck his arms into the rubbery material and pulled it over his head and shoulders. Green lights on the life support panel blinked madly. "Interesting reaction. You think I could climb into this?"

"Sure but your kit might rip the stuff up."

"I'll go in naked."

"Professor Jones would have our heads if he thought we 'effed' with the equipment." Fascinated, Roberto played with the material.

"Who's to tell him? He's out boozing with Constable Squink. We're alone. " Wayne pulled a small wooden ladder under the sack.

"It's dangerous. The power plant is active. What if the systems are automatic and the spaceship doesn't like you. I doubt we can control this thing." Roberto positioned the ladder. Wayne pulled his t-shirt off and unlaced his boots. Less than a minute later, he stood in the middle of the spaceship wearing only a light sheen of sweat. He sat on the rungs of the ladder, slid his legs into the rubbery sack as tried to stand.

"I didn't think about this part. I can't jump high enough to pull the sack up over my torso. I feel like I'm going to fall over." Roberto pinched Wayne's butt, causing him to jump.

"In for a penny, wiseguy. I'll hold your legs and set your feet on the floor. You slide into the sack." Roberto grunted as he grabbed Wayne's legs. Wayne twisted and squirmed. He slipped inside the alien material. It slipped over his shoulders and almost covered his head.

"Made it." The material cinched up around his feet and formed around his toes. It pulled up tight against the skin of his ankles. Roberto pointed to the shrinking material as it formed itself to Wayne's legs. The material pulled tight around his crotch and formed into a pouch and tube. It held his testicles out from his body and made his penis thicken and stand at attention. Wayne raised his arms above his body and the rubber molded itself around his buttocks, the small of his back, his six-pack abs, and his chest.

"Feels like a wet suit." Wayne said as the alien material slid up over his arms and shoulders. Only his head remained exposed.

"I don't like it. I think you should get out." Roberto tried to stretch the opening. The sack tightened against the back of Wayne's head and neck. Wayne grabbed Roberto's hands and let it seal his head insode the sack, He looked like an over-lacquered statue.

"Feels OK. Don't worry," Wayne's said through the material. He didn't see the half-moon device with snaky tendrils snake descend from the ceiling of the spaceship toward his head. The half moon device clamped itself against the back of Wayne's head and the sack sealed tight. Wayne struggled against whatever was happening, but he was helpless inside the rubbery sack.

Roberto got out a knife and cut at the material above Wayne's head. The knife left no marks. He stabbed at the material but it just deformed around the blade. He tried slashing the material with a razor cutter but it just slid over the surface.

"It won't cut," he said. Wayne thrashed and hugged Roberto. The alien device immobilized him. Roberto could see the alien material shrinking into Wayne's nose and under his eyelids. He could feel Wayne struggling to breathe. Obviously the material was stretching its way into Wayne's body, depriving him of air. Wayne slumped. Roberto felt Wayne's manhood get rock hard as his body struggled for air. He couldn't save his friend and he knew that only brief minutes of life remained. Wayne fell limp and Roberto let the body slide from his arms.

The spaceship vibrated and hummed. It pulled the material up and into an egg-shaped sack and then turned opaque. Wayne's body hung in front of Roberto, accusing him of letting his friend die in a foolish stunt. Roberto leaned against a bulkhead and slid to the floor. He had to think about what to do. Not that he didn't know what to do; he had to leave the spaceship and tell the world how his stupidity got his buddy dead. He put his head on his knees and cried for his lost friend.

A touch of a hand on his shoulder made him jump to his feet. Wayne stood in front of him, still covered in the alien material. The metallic umbilical stretched from the back of Wayne's head into the ceiling of the spaceship.

"You're alive?" Roberto hugged Wayne. The alien latex covering Wayne's body revealed only his face. The rest of his body stayed hidden under opaque material. Wayne waved a rubber sack at Roberto and motioned for him to climb into it. Symbols and indicator lights flashed all over the control panels.

Roberto scrambled towards the exit corridor on the other side of the spaceship but the seals on the hatch locked before he could reach it. Roberto tugged at the handles but jumped away when Wayne's hand poked his shoulder. Wayne wagged a finger at Roberto and folded both arms over his chest. The rubbery suit lost its translucence and once again became transparent. His penis, thick as a large banana, stood out from his body. A pair of billiard-ball sized testicles pulled up tight underneath and away from his stomach. The umbilical extended from the back of Wayne's head to a nearby control panel. The speaker crackled to life.

"Don't be afraid. I am alive and well. The spaceship needed a moment to adjust the life support parameters to our human bodies. We aren't all that different than the aliens who built this ship."

"But I held you. I felt you struggle and go limp." Roberto stood tight against a bulkhead trying to avoid Wayne.

"Just a brief fainting spell, nothing more. It scared me as much as it scared you." Wayne held his arms out for Roberto to see his rubber-clad body. "See, I haven't grown horns and tail. I've changed for the better. I'm stronger, more muscular and just as handsome as any human male can be," Wayne shook his hips. "Unfortunately, the spaceship removed all my body hair. Beyond that, I'm still human. I got my fingers and toes, my equipment and my mind. I'm not going to become some lizard-skinned alien." Wayne stepped back. The rubbery material opened for him to step out of the sack. He stood naked, perfectly normal, nothing alien about his body. Roberto calmed

"How can you say nothing has changed? Once inside those sacks, we're helpless to stop it from doing anything it wants."

"I might have a bit more muscle. I might be bigger in my private parts but that's all. I'm still Wayne Dalen from Lillehammer. You'll always be Roberto Sandoval-Toledo from Guadalajara, Mexico. I guarantee we won't turn into Fang and Gonzo from Greater Lizardo in the constellation Pakwa."

"Why no hair? Men are supposed to be hairy, even the Greeks were hairy." Roberto opened the buttons on his shirt and puffed out his barrel-like chest. Roberto laughed out loud.

"Aw don't show me that carpet you call a chest. I live with your and see it every day. You got hair everywhere; any thicker, you'd be a gorilla. I don't know why I'm hairless and I don't care. You got such beautiful brown skin, dude, you'll be a god without all that fur. Besides, look at my equipment. DUDE, how could you say no to a tool like this?" Wayne cupped both hands under his ample genitals.

"Even El Toro would be proud of that."

"Think of going home to all those brothers who called you shrimp and midget and weakling. The ladies will be lining up each night for Roberto the stud." Wayne strutted his stuff for Roberto. Roberto put an arm around Wayne and listened to his heart with one ear pressed against the bare chest. Wayne heart beat like he heard when they would wrestle. His warmth comforted Roberto.

"You still got a heart and you're not cold like a lizard." Roberto undressed. He pulled a sack from the ceiling of the spaceship. The entire back opened to accept his body. Wayne helped him seal it up to the base of his skull.

"You sure you want this?" Wayne asked.

"No. I'm afraid."

"Trust the spaceship." Wayne stepped back into his sack. The spaceship closed the sacks, enveloping the two young men. Roberto felt it gripping his body tight, covering his head and face. He tried to breathe but the material As it turned opaque, Roberto felt a warm liquid cover his body. He sank into a fetal position. He felt his body flush with like sex. His erection poked upwards and throbbed with the certainty of an orgasm. He curled into a fetal position and let the spaceship pleasure his body, letting his hot seed blend with the alien fluid. The spaceship only took seconds to transform his body.

When the sack cleared, he was standing next to Wayne. He flexed stronger, larger muscles. His genitals looked huge and his new body lacked hair. The umbilical from the ceiling of the spaceship remained attached to the back of his skull. He reached around to remove it, but the spaceship stopped him. He looked at Wayne and saw multiple umbilicals, like fine tentacles growing out of Wayne's body. He felt their touch on his body. He wanted to panic but the spaceship kept his mind calm. If the spaceship could transform his body, the umbilical could be tolerated. He thought.

"I never felt so good," Wayne didn't speak. He thought the message and Roberto heard it in his mind.

"You reached orgasm, didn't you? The spaceship needs out DNA to understand our bodies. You look magnificent," Wayne said. Roberto looked around for a mirror. The image of a Greek god carved from tawny-brown marble filled his mind. No longer hairy, his muscles stood out ripped and shredded. His uncut tool hung down like an overstuffed sausage.

"I do look good. But how can I see myself through your eyes?"

"As long as we're hooked into the spaceship, we share a central mind."

"Miraculous. Why is the spaceship here in the grip and mire of a Scottish moor?" Even as his words formed questions, Roberto saw images of a humanoid crew, six explorers, brothers possibly, joined together for the purpose of exploring new and unique planets, of mapping the heavens. He felt the disturbance and the spaceship plummeted, barely under control, from the sky down to the blue and white Earth. It crash into the moor. Four of the crew died in the crash and the ship's systems suffered EMP and static electric damage. The remaining members tried to communicate with the Earthmen but death was the outcome. The spaceship sealed itself for repairs and sank into the moor to start a long, lonely vigil waiting for a new crew.

"This spaceship is Magellan's Trinidad or Drake's Golden Hind. We can join it and wander the universe discovering stars, planets, lifeforms. We can be explorers." Roberto said. He heard his voice over the ship's intercom.

"All it needs is a crew," Wayne spoke directly to Roberto's mind.

Roberto rubbed his hands over his new body. "It knew we couldn't resist becoming the new crew. We were receptive to its message. That's why I thought of trying out life support."

"Who would resist big muscles, bigger equipment and the call of space exploration?" Wayne thought back.

Roberto rested his chin on his fist. "Who could resist? We could have. The spaceship wiped doubt from our minds just as surely as it has altered out bodies. We're captives of the spaceship and we have to get four more crew members in order to leave the Earth." His own thoughts surprised him. Ideas flooded their minds. They shared through the spaceship. "Shane and Brock did the computer and satellite work to discover this site. Those two nerds will jump at the chance to be interstellar navigators."

"What about Professor Jones? He got the grant that got us here."

Wayne raised his fist with the middle finger extended. "Not a chance. The man's a bastard. He threatened to fail all of us and keep the discovery to himself if I didn't go to bed with him. That was the price of the grant; I've been letting him screw me once or twice a week." Images of Jones and Wayne in naked, lust-filled rape scenes filled Roberto' mind. Roberto felt his memories of his brothers taking advantage of him when he was a kid replay in Wayne's mind. Their shared experience comforted and calmed their anger.

"We ought to frag the Bastard. Fly him the moon and space him," Roberto said.

"Better yet, we can take off like a fireworks display and leave Jones to explain to Military security and the British authorities why he never told them a spaceship was hiding in a moor. They'll nail his ass to the wall under the Official Secrets Act." Roberto laughed. They continued to run through a list of possible crewmates in his head. None of the students or researchers clicked into place.

"Whatcha think of Brian Proudfoot? He's that student we hired from the local labor pool?" Wayne had an image of Brian bare-chested digging out the peat of the bog all sweat and muscles. "He has that brat of a kid brother Seamus who instigates the naked beer nights at the Pig and Gruel." Wayne brought the image of the men's room trough at the Golden Goose Pub and a pissing contest where Seamus peed ten feet to splattered the far wall.

"Meat, raw meat. Great potential, though."

"Their victims of the local college. It offers a master's degrees in beer and whores. Their world is pints with the lads and Trojans with the lassies. It might be shameful of us to let two, healthy, red-blooded young men with a sense of adventure, no prospects, and the foolhardiness to screw with abandon rot away and die on the Earth." Roberto thought. Control panels lit up.

"Perfect crewmates." High fives, fist bumps, tush taps and victory dances passed between the two men. Wayne stopped and remained motionless for a few seconds.

"The ship can teach them the technical stuff. It's going to teach us what we need to know, too," Roberto said.

"In for a penny, in for a pound. Surprises are the fun of it all." Roberto pulled on his jeans and t-shirt. He sat on the deck to put his on his socks and boots. His clothes felt pleasingly snug. Wayne pulled on cargo pants and a sweatshirt.

"I keep wondering what we'll find beyond the solar system. The ship still has secrets. We'll know everything eventually."

Wayne packed the rest of their belongings into one backpack and threw it out the open hatch. Roberto followed his lead.

"Everyman's Sci-Fi fantasy comes true eventually." The bright sunrise and birds singing greeted them as they climbed out of the spaceship.

"Speaking of surprises. Wasn't it sunset when entered the spaceship?" Roberto said.

"It's the longest day of the year. The sun rises at 4:30 am."

"A morning to remember." With that, they climbed into the jeep and drove to the village as transformed men, not completely human and yet still very human.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.