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April 2, 2002

00:30 hours, 28 Feb 2150 - a secret military base on the East Coast

"Sorry to interrupt, Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker, but we've got the GO word for the mission!" Major General Lightfoot bellowed as he burst into the room and turned on the lights to reveal us not only in flagrante delicato (as the ancient saying goes) but also as spurting cum into each other's mouth. Four MP's pushed into the small bedroom and did their best to yank us apart and stand us at attention. Sergeant Baker and I both stood a half-a-head taller and fifty pounds heavier than any of the MP's. It was a bizarre sight: we were stark naked, our cocks pointed obscenely up at attention, spit dripping from them, and cum drooling out of our mouths.

"Yes! Sir!" Can we dress, Sir!" I blurted out through cum-drenched lips.

"No, no time for that! The doctor's waiting in the van." Major General Lightfoot took several tissues from the nightstand and wiped cum from my chin, "He says naked and healthy is OK! Judging by the load Sergeant Baker left on you, you're fit enough. Now get moving!"

We were GO for the mission. Eight months of training had gone into this mission. This all started about a year ago when Major General Lightfoot told us about a special scientific spy mission that involved two men who could stand to be very close to each other. In fact, intimately close to each other. In true military fashion, we volunteered.

It was late at night. No one was around to see as we walked to the waiting van just outside the motel room. The cold night air shrunk our erections. An MP held the van door open and closed it as we climbed in. The inside of the van was all white and chrome. It was fitted with a shower stall and an examination table. The doctor stood there in a HAZMAT suit with a pump sprayer in one hand and eye cups in the other. The van lurched to a start and headed back to the base.

"Get into the shower stall, put these cups on your eyes, and hold your breath," the Doctor ordered and we did as he commanded. The spray was cold and smelled of menthol as he covered our bodies with it.

"OK! Now shower the stuff off and step out." He ordered as warm water flooded over us. The liquid washed all the hair off our bodies. We stood in the small shower, dripping wet and hairless.

"Hey fur-butt, you're finally smooth," I said to Lieutenant Baker. We always joked that he had the hairiest body this side of apes and orangutans. Both of use spent long hours in the gym to add 50 pounds of muscle to our bodies. We looked like those professional wrestlers from the late 1990's. This was nice, because when we went out in public, we enjoyed a bit of notoriety. Sport wrestling was enjoying a period of nostalgic rebirth as it celebrated its 150th anniversary.

"Wow, I don't ever remember feeling so smooth," he flexed and rippled his muscles as he spoke. It was strange to see him without hair on his body. His skin was very white. My skin was dark by comparison.

"Here are some towels to dry yourselves. I have three shots for each of you," the Doctor had a tray of hypodermic needles loaded and ready for us. He gave us three shots with big and ugly needles. I felt light-headed as the chemicals coursed through my body.

"What's the transformation?" I asked.

"A complete merging," the doctor said cryptically and the van lurched to a stop. One of the MP's opened the door of the van to let us out. The Doctor closed his black bag and herded us towards the door. We entered a fabric and plastic tunnel that lead into a large laboratory and ended in a glass chamber set in the middle of the room. The chamber was small, only about two meters on each edge and was surrounded by an array of exotic electronic equipment. The Doctor followed us into the small chamber.

"Put these in your mouths," the Doctor said as he opened his bag and handed Baker and I what looked like football mouthpieces.

"These will immobilize your jaw. Bite down so that your teeth almost touch. The plastic will squish to fill your mouth and surround your teeth. Bite hard!" said the Doctor. We both bit down on the mouthpieces and let the plastic fill our mouths. The mouthpieces had a small breathing hole in the center. I tried to open my mouth, but couldn't.

"I have ear plugs and nose plugs. Insert them too," the Doctor handed us the appliances and we inserted what resembled hearing aids in both ears. The Doctor squeezed the plastic and sealed our ears. The nose plugs were uncomfortable as they were pushed up each nostril. The effectively sealed the nasal passages. We were left to breathe through the small hole in the mouthpieces. I motioned to the Doctor that I wanted to know what else was going on, but he just shrugged.

"Major General Lightfoot will answer all your questions in a little bit. Right now, I need to insert a few more items into your bodies. Your cocks and balls need to be protected," the Doctor said as he took what looked like cups for jock straps out of his black bag.

The cup covered my cock and balls and stuck to my skin. I felt my cock stiffen and become erect as it was held against the soft plastic material in the cup. I let the plastic flow around my balls. The cup fit snugly against my abdomen making my crotch smooth with just a bulge instead of sexual equipment, I was essentially sexless. I watched as he positioned a similar cup on Baker's cock. When he was done, we both were smooth and sexless. Miniature stimulators in the cups drove our cocks towards an orgasm.

I felt Baker's smooth and featureless crotch. Only a few minutes ago his large, uncut cock had spent its load of sperm on my face. Now there was nothing. I twisted on of Baker's nipples as a tease. He blushed and pushed my hand away pointing outside the glass walls to an audience of Major General Lightfoot, MP's, and several technicians. The Doctor broke up our little tete-a-tete.

"Butt-plug time! And it's a big one, thirty days supply for this mission, so be prepared." he said and we both leaned against the walls of the chamber and spread our butt cheeks. The Doctor inserted a twelve-inch by four-inch diameter butt plug up my ass. I groaned as it stretched my asshole and penetrated deep into my guts. I felt my ass close sealing it inside me. It pulsed and vibrated inside me. It was not only an electro-stimulator that would drive my body to the brink of orgasm, but also it was a chemical delivery system to maintain us for our month long mission. The Doctor did the same to Baker and then removed his latex gloves. He reached into his bag and took out two contact lens cases.

"This is the last item. Please hurry, the energy field is building in here." The Doctor was clearly getting more than his share of radiation as the energy was building up inside the chamber. We inserted the lenses. They covered our eyes completely. We could see through them, but nothing could see into them. Our eyes appeared as blanks to anyone. Now we could both pass for statues if we wanted.

The Doctor motioned for us to take a deep breath and fill our lungs. Both of us took several deep breaths through the holes in the mouthpieces and as we stopped with our lungs full of air, the Doctor plugged the holes in the mouthpieces. Both Baker and I could hold our breaths for about four minutes. Our bodies were now completely sealed up. We gave the Doctor a thumbs-up to show we were ready and he left the chamber. The technicians increased the power from the field generators. The energy would transform us in about three minutes.

We examined each other's bodies. We looked hot. Our bodies were smooth, clean, and well muscled. I could feel the electro-stimulators driving me towards an orgasm. I humped my smooth crotch against Baker's equally smooth crotch and felt the fire of orgasm building in my body.

"Are you ready?" Major General Lightfoot's voice boomed through the room. We looked at outside the chamber and gave him a thumbs-up.

"Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker, I want you to wrestle each other. As the field generators gain strength, you'll change and merge. I'll brief you on your mission when the change is complete," as he said that, the technicians increased the power of the field generators. Energy flowed through the chamber and engulfed our bodies.

Baker and I started to grapple and wrestle. Baker's body felt odd without hair and wrestling him was fun. As we did, plasma energy started to fill the chamber and enter our bodies. We were both sweating and grunting as we wrestled each other. My lungs started to burn for oxygen, but I couldn't breath. The chamber was hot and steamy inside both from our exertions as the energy built around us. A glowing, golden plasma formed on our bodies as static electrical charges danced from the tips of our hands and feet.

I had Baker on his knees and was gripping him from on top of his back when the change occurred. I twisted my forearm around Baker's arm and as the electronically stimulated orgasm reached my mind, our arms merged and blended together into one unit from the hand to the elbow. The merge felt so good. I gripped Baker's other hand in my remaining hand and felt it merge with his. I wrapped my body tightly around him and felt our flesh merging and blending together. The change was as hot and fiery as our orgasm. Golden fire burnt through my arms and legs as our bodies blended into one. I felt his strength become my strength. My arm turn to his arms, my legs turn into his legs, My hips blended into his hips. As my chest blended into Baker's chest, I felt his mind grow closer to my mind.

As the fire of transformation entered my head, I felt my consciousness thoughts blend into Baker's thoughts. What I knew, he now knew. What he knew, I now knew. Our minds, our memories, our thoughts blended into one mind, one consciousness. I could explore his childhood memories and he could explore mine. In those first few moments, I learned his innermost thoughts and revealed my innermost thoughts to him. Part of our training was to prepare for this mental merging, but nothing prepared me, or should I say us, for the reality of it. Suddenly, we were one and I knew another man's thoughts, motivations, and feelings. I felt Walker's surprise as he remembered my early childhood playing doctor with Sally and Billy, and I was equally surprised as I felt his open sex play with an uncle when he was just seven years old. We learned the most intimate detail about each other's bodies and movements. It was startling and took a few minutes for us to integrate our minds into one consciousness. In the end, two became one.

We lay in the chamber as our new body completed the merging. Our body was stronger than each of our separate bodies was. Not only that, we shared each other's skills and abilities. We stood up and felt our new body. It was tall, well muscled, and sleek. We weren't made of flesh and blood anymore; we had been changed into a living plastic material. Our human weaknesses no longer existed. We no longer needed oxygen, food, or water. Our sexual organs were protected from damage. Powerful streams of golden plasma arced across our body as we stood there.

"Is the transformation complete? Have you integrated your personalities together?" Major General Lightfoot boomed at us from outside the chamber. We gave him a thumbs-up and he looked pleased with the result.

"Your mission is to rescue a scientist held as a political prisoner inside the Hindu Empire's Embassy in the Russian Consortium. We can smuggle you into the Embassy as a statue and once inside you will locate and merge with the scientist. We need you to integrate your minds with his because he's a genius in particle physics on the verge of developing a gravity generator."

We held up our right hand with three fingers indicating surprise at the merger.

"Yes, three! I know that's a lot to ask but we can't get to him any other way. The exhibit that is traveling there is scheduled to stay ten days. Here is a picture of Mario Piazola. He doesn't know how we are going to retrieve him, just that we are coming for him. The exhibit will be a surprise birthday gift for him. When you come to life, he will be surprised. The appliances to seal his body will be shipped in your pedestal." Major General Lightfoot indicated a wall-sized portrait of the scientist. He appeared about 45 years old, slim, and nice looking. We indicated OK with a thumbs-up.

Major General Lightfoot continued: "There's more you should know, five years ago, he had an accident that broke his spine and caused paralysis from the middle of his chest down. The Russians were happy because he couldn't walk away from them. Our operative figured out that the price of his defection was a cure. Merging with you two guys will result in a cure for his paralysis and you two will lose a little weight." Major General Lightfoot was contrite about this confession.

Our separate minds still existed even though we shared all our memories. Certain decisions were made jointly by both minds and other decisions were made separately. Baker knew sign language and indicated we were OK with the mission in a flurry of hand signs.

"It's time to complete the transformation. The next time you awake, you'll be in the Embassy." Major General Lightfoot pointed towards the ceiling and the floor as the chamber shifted shape to form a mold. More white-hot plasma flowed around our body in the chamber.

"Here's the mold for your final shape. You'll look like a statue by a twentieth century sculptor Rodin. His specialty was male nudes in black brass castings. We'll adjust your density and make you hollow so you can absorb the scientist." The bottom half of the mold was rising out of the floor, we laid down in the mold and watched it close. Waves of plasma began to course through our body as the energy field tightened the mold, creating the metallic surface and its patina and making our body hollow. We weren't aware of this because the technicians triggered the electro-stimulators to full power and the resulting orgasm blotted out our consciousness. It would stop when the crate was opened in the Embassy.

15:30 hours, 12 March 2150 - Inside the Hindu Empire's Embassy in Moscow

"Don't destroy the crate, we have to ship the statue back in it." The workman said as he maneuvered the forklift and dropped the crate with a loud bang.

"Who died and left you boss! It's only a piece of wood," driver said as he backed the forklift away from the box and picked up a crowbar. The two workers made short work of the crate. The statue was mounted on slides and they moved it into position easily. They were unaware that the statue contained two men. The removal of the crate triggered woke us from our sleep.

"Nice gift for the exhibit." The workman said as he dusted the statue and then kissed its face: "We'll see you in ten days." The driver said and then turned and left the room with his partner. Alone, we took a quick furtive look around. There might be surveillance cameras. Even though we looked like a statue, any movement would give us away.

Thoughts passed between us in our joint consciousness: "This room looks more like a whorehouse than a diplomatic lobby." I thought with Walker replying: "Yes! I count eight doors and three passages. We'll have to wait for the operative to make himself known." With that, we returned to standing still.

We stood there for about three hours before anyone else came. Their entrance was spectacular. The ambassador led a whole troop of half-naked, slobbering drunks into the room. They were covered in the latest fashions and body modifications. The plastic surgeons had worked their magic on this bunch: extra large tits, giant phalluses, anomalous vaginas, an amputated appendages, and metal rings everywhere. In the back of the group, a hospital orderly dressed in white pushed a small, thin man in a wheelchair dressed all in dark gray. This was our scientist.

"Well, Mario, here is your birthday gift, you ingrate: a twentieth century statue. It's almost a relic at 200 years old. I hope you like it," the Ambassador was drunk and surly. He was hanging onto two big-breasted blondes.

"It's very nice. I didn't think you could get it. It's a wonderful birthday gift," the scientist had a snotty tone in his voice.

"Now maybe for my birthday, you can finish the gravity machine." The ambassador said in an ugly tone as he twirled around holding onto the two ladies for support. The entire group burst into manic laughter. The Ambassador went to the scientist, kissed him ceremoniously on each cheek, and went to leave the room. Each member of the entourage did the same whether the scientist wanted it or not. When the last one was out of the room, the scientist wiped his face with a handkerchief and moved his chair closer to the statue in order to get a good look at it. Inside the statue, Wilson and Baker watched him through their one pair of eyes.

"The drunken jackass actually went and got the statue," he said to the orderly who had walked around the back of the statue where he couldn't be seen.

"Yes, you're right. I shouldn't have been so cold to him. It's not his fault that I know how to generate gravity and antigravity. I know he's just my keeper, but he is such a pig, a fat, drunken pig. Not to mention his lack of taste in men and women for sex! Painted sluts and jaded hustlers, every one of them." There was a pause and he started talking again:

"I really don't want the Hindu Empire to have a gravity weapon. I wish I could leave this place. If only I could walk, I would chance it. But being crippled like this, I can't get away," he paused again. Wilson and Baker were puzzled by this one sided conversation. The scientist rolled around the statue and the orderly walked back in front of the statue permitting Wilson and Baker to see his side of the conversation was in sign language. Apparently, the orderly was a mute. He signed back to the scientist: "My contact tells me that the Americans are coming to get you tonight." Baker and Wilson realized this orderly was their contact.

"Ah! But How!" remarked the scientist, "This is an embassy, foreign soil on foreign soil in the middle of Moscow. How can the Americans get in here and then get me out of here? Highly unlikely! I'm tired, help me get me back to my room and put me to bed." The scientist said as he started to roll away from the statue and towards one of the doors. Wilson and Baker took the opportunity to make their move. One hand grabbed the shoulder of the orderly as the other hand indicated for him to be quiet. The orderly gasped and jumped frightened by the sudden contact with a statue. He stood there staring as the statue signed to him.

"Will we be alone for the next few minutes?" signed Wilson and Baker.

"Yes," signed the orderly, "you scared me. I didn't know how you would get inside until I looked at the base of the statue and recognized the markings." The orderly signed.

"We will take the scientist with us. Can you get away?" the statue asked in sign.

"Yes. Tonight, I will pretend he went to bed and tomorrow morning another orderly will discover him missing," the orderly signed furtively, "I will be long gone by that time."

"Good, Let's get him undressed. He has to be naked," the statue said in more sign language.

Puzzled by the orderly's delay, the scientist turned around in time to see the last words the statue signed to the orderly.

"Oh crap! It's alive! That statue is alive," Mario, the scientist was wide eyed at the site of the moving metal statue. "What the hell is happening?" he shouted. The orderly quickly grabbed him and held his hand over his mouth. The statue stepped off the base opened the secret compartment to retrieve the appliances. With the help of the orderly, they inserted the mouthpiece in the scientist's mouth to shut him up.

The orderly yanked the scientist's shirt off revealing a nearly hairless chest. He was a small man with a slim, muscular build. He only weighed a scant 100 pounds. The orderly quickly opened the scientist's trousers and lifted him up out of the chair, his bony, skeletal legs dangled and jerked under him. The statue removed the scientist's shoes and socks and then pulled his pants from his hips and off his legs revealing his bare ass and a plastic urinary collection bag on one of the scientist's leg. The statue supported the Scientist's weight and let the orderly removed the external catheter from his rather sizable cock. The plastic collection bag fell on the chair with a plop as the statue covered the scientist's crotch with the plastic codpiece.

Naked and helpless, the scientist's arms flailed wildly. He still hadn't realized what was happening to him. His breath whistled in and out of the small hole in the mouthpiece as the statue inserted the ear and nose plugs. It took a time and effort for the orderly and the statue to insert the contact lenses, but they eventually succeeded. Then the statue motioned for the orderly to turn the scientist over so they could insert the butt plug. The scientist screamed through the mouthpiece at the intrusion.

At that point, the statue took the scientist in its arms and held him close to it's metal body as a small field generator in the base was activated. The orderly watched in awe as a golden glow enveloped the two figures and the smaller form of the scientist was absorbed into the statue's bulk leaving the statue standing alone without a trace of the scientist.

Quickly and silently the statue took its previous position and three electro-stimulators induced a deep sleep for all three men. The orderly quickly collected the scientist's wheelchair chair and personnel effects and left the room.

The next morning the disappearance was discovered at the embassy and no matter where they looked, neither the orderly nor the scientist was to be found. They sent the statue back to the museum so that they could demolish the inside of the embassy looking for secret rooms or passages.

00:00 hours, 18 March 2150 - Back in the USA

"Are you ready to reanimate them?" asked Major General Lightfoot as he watched the MP's disassembling the crate on a monitor.

"Yes Sir! Our orders indicate that you want to transfer sufficient muscle mass and strength to the scientist, Mario Piazola, to cure his paralysis. Also, that you want to ask them if they need to remain merged for a full day, is that correct?" the technician asked.

"Yes, it is. That was our deal with the scientist, to cure the paralysis. However, we consider him a security risk. I want Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker to learn the secrets of gravity and antigravity. That way, we will have a backup in case he decides to stonewall us. Mario Piazola has lead an openly promiscuous life. His contact with Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker might be harmful." Major General Lightfoot said brusquely.

"As I recall Sir, the night we merged Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker, you interrupted their sex play in the middle of orgasm and left them smeared with each other's cum." The technician sneered as he recalled that night.

"Listen soldier, would you reveal your innermost thoughts to anyone? Let alone to another man! How would you like someone to know all your secrets? All those things you did you are ashamed of, those dorky mistakes you made, how you masturbate, and even how you take a shit. Could you do that? Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker were uniquely suited to this job because they were so close mentally and physically to each other."

"Yes Sir! I understand Sir!" answered the technician.

"Well, that's what Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker did with each other and Mario Piazoli, and they did it just to make this mission a success. Beyond knowing each other intimately, they have to let a complete stranger know all those things we all keep hidden and they won't complain about it. So, we can tolerate their sexual antics. Can't we, Soldier!" Major General Lightfoot finished in stern and commanding tones.

"Yes Sir! I understand Sir!" the Technician replied.

"Reanimation sequence started, They'll be awake in minutes."

"Good!" Major General Lightfoot said as he watched the monitor intently.

Inside the plasma chamber, the statue awoke and moved awkwardly before falling over. It lay on the floor of the chamber twitching and jerking. Inside, three minds were contending with each other.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" screamed Mario, the scientist. Actually, it wasn't a voice, but a thought from his consciousness.

"We rescued you from the Hindu Empire's Embassy. You're in the Unites States now," Wilson and Baker replied in one mental voice.

"A FUCKING STATUE GRABBED ME AND STUCK THINGS IN ME AND... and... and... ? Where am I now!" Mario's anger abated, "What is this place?" he asked.

"You are inside the statue with the two of us. The Statue was alive. We let them transmute our flesh and blood into a metal statue, had it delivered to the Embassy for your birthday, and then, when you were alone, we reanimated, merged with you, and resumed being a statue. Now, we are back in the USA and the three of us are together in one physical body," Baker and Wilson replied.

"I knew it was possible theoretically, but I didn't know anyone had actually done it," the scientist's thoughts on theory started to seep into Wilson's and Baker's joint consciousness as he reviewed the equations.

"Slow down fellow! There are three minds in this one body and your thoughts are filling us with theoretical physics." Wilson's persona asserted itself. Mario abruptly stopped his mental calculations.

"Then we will could be one persona, one body?" Mario asked. His intuition was quick, but Wilson knew how to finesse Mario's attempt to become dominant. He started to think about sucking Baker's fat, uncut cock and the memories and sensations of his tongue on Baker's cock followed by Baker's thoughts of what it felt like to be sucked off spilled through their conversation.

"It's been years since I had a good blow job or gave one. Oh! God! That feels so real. You two were lovers in real life?" Mario savored the memories of the two men.

"We're very close to each other, now we share all our memories." Wilson thought as he probed Mario's mind about sex and found that the scientist was openly gay. Mario's memories of sex started to flood out of his mind so Wilson could absorb them while Baker learned quantum physics. Mario had led a quite exciting sex life and both Wilson and Baker let memories of their sexual encounters flow back to Mario's mind. Preoccupied with the sexual antics of the two soldiers, Mario didn't notice them integrating his knowledge of physics into their memories. The three men compared memories of their first sexual experiences.

"My Uncle Vito had a cock the size of a donkey, he use to let me jerk him off when I was five. His cock was so big I couldn't get both hands around it and the foreskin was so long that it completely covered the head of his even when it was erect. I used to collect his cum in the foreskin and then lick it out like an ice cream cone." Mario let the memories of his encounters with Uncle Vito's prong flow out to the two soldiers. The two soldiers kept him busy with memories from their youth.

"My Mother was single and looking and I used to give blow jobs to her boyfriends when I was ten. I can still remember the smell of their cheesy cocks." Baker played back all his memories of sucking off stepfathers for Mario's delight while Wilson was learning about antigravity.

"I sucked off all the players on my soccer team as a reward for wining big games, not only that, I had them gang-bang me in the locker room when we one the championship." Mario let the memories of winning soccer gang-bang flood out of his mind. Wilson and Baker never had group sex and Mario's memories took them off guard.

Memories started to flow faster, schools, friends, learning, boot camps, doctoral programs, teaching, and when those memories were done, everyday memories of eating, washing, sitting, and reading filled their consciousness'. Eventually, Mario's memory of his accident and paralysis flooded the two other men's minds and Wilson and Baker had to contend with Mario's anger and frustration. Harsher memories of forced research work for the Hindu Empire and the Russian Consortium increased the emotional level. Wilson and Baker had to deal with all of Mario's anger and depression memory by memory. Having lived longer, Mario had more memories to confront. Slowly the three men began to understand and cope with each other's memories. Wilson and Baker led Mario back to a threesome that they had participated in mentally placed him in the middle. To do this, Wilson played his and Mario's memory of sucking and being sucked, while Baker played his memories of fucking and being fucked. They reached their six orgasms simultaneously and as they did, they integrated their roles inside the collective mind. Knowledge and memory flowed freely between the three minds in the one body.

The metal statue stopped twitching and sat up inside the plasma chamber letting the plasma field flow over it. Immediately the technicians signaled for Major General Lightfoot to come to the laboratory. He was there in seconds. The head of the metal statue followed the Major General around the room. Its eyes were blank.

"Is our mission a success?" he bellowed into the microphone. The metal statue still stared at him with blank eyes. Inside, Sergeant Baker knew sign language better the Wilson and signed: "Yes, mission accomplished. Mario Piazola is within. How long until separation?"

"We thought you might need to stay together a couple hours." Major General Lightfoot boomed through the loudspeakers.

The statue signed back: "Memories and consciousness too diverse for long integration. We will merge into one consciousness. We prefer to be two soldiers and one scientist, not three mental twins. Do it now." Sergeant Baker delivered the message. He and Wilson couldn't keep Mario's personality at bay for any length of time. The longer they waited the more likely that only one personality would occupy the three bodies upon separation.

Major General Lightfoot ordered the technicians to initiate separation. The energy level increased rapidly in the chamber. The statue began to move slowly and deliberately in what resembled Tai Chi movements. Within minutes, where there was one arm or leg, a second would separate and quickly coalesce. The movements grew stronger and various parts of bodies would appear and then disappear back into the statue. Once, two complete bodies appeared above the single pair of legs. The technicians monitoring the energy in the chamber watched in amazement. As the energy built up even more, the separations became more pronounced and suddenly, the statue threw out a single human body. It was Mario Piazoli the scientist. He went flying across the chamber landing in a sprawl and a loud thump. Major General Lightfoot looked at him carefully hoping that the expected cure for the paralysis had actually occurred. It took another two minutes for the statue to split into Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker.

As the three men replaced the single statue in the chamber, the technicians shut down the field generators. It took another ninety seconds for the energy field to dissipate. Mario Piazoli was grasping at the plastic mouthpiece trying to get it out so the could breathe. As quickly as the MP's opened the hatch, the Doctor jumped into the chamber, handed Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker a tube of release cream and went to Mario Piazoli to apply the cream himself. Each man gasped loudly and breathed heavily as the mouthpiece was removed. The Doctor picked Mario, the scientist, up in his arms and carried him towards the hatch. As he reached there, he handed the small man off to one of the MP's. He was carried out of the room.

As Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker climbed out of the chamber, Major General Lightfoot indicated they should stay with him:

"Let the Doctor examine the scientist first, we want Mario Piazoli to get used to his new body. You guys can wait with me." Both men spread release cream over their face and ears to remove the appliances. Major General Lightfoot looked intently at the two men nearly naked standing in front of him. Both men acknowledged their assent as they opened bottles of water and drained them. Their appearance had changed dramatically. Their bodies were nearly identical, but their heads and faces were the same. They both had lost weight and muscle and they were a couple inches shorter than they were before the mission. Major General Lightfoot handed them towels to whip the cream from their faces.

"Did you get the information from his mind?" asked Major General Lightfoot.

"We have it, Sir! We have it!" Lieutenant Wilson said in a hoarse and raspy voice. Sergeant Baker tried to talk, but couldn't seem to get a sound out, instead, he used sign language: "It's amazing, if the complete theory holds, we will have unlimited power and the ability to travel faster-than-light. There is than just anti-gravity, his theories can be used to manipulate matter."

"Why the sign language? Are you both OK?" Major General Lightfoot asked.

Baker signed the answer: "We tried to keep our minds separate from his, but merging bodies while not merging personality is hard. Mario Piazoli has a strong mind. So strong, in fact, we were in danger of becoming one personality. It took both our minds to throw him out of the merging. A few minutes more and there would have been three Mario's to deal with and not one," Baker paused his rapid signing unsure that Major General Lightfoot understood him.

Lieutenant Walker continued saying: "We wanted to retain our personalities and yet keep his knowledge of physics. To do that, we had to get mentally closer than was safe for one mind. Consequently, Baker and I merged into one consciousness to keep Piazoli at bay. When we tried to separate, we divided our minds and skills. I guess that we didn't reintegrate our personalities well enough.

Sergaent Baker resumed the narrative is sign language: "I was never very comfortable with verbal communication and since my parents were deaf mutes, I sign and Wilson just reads it. He can do the talking. It's a very subtle exchange of skills."

Without missing a beat, Sergeant Wilson spoke again: "We realized that his theories applied to us in the plasma field and that we could manipulate matter. His physical condition was worse than you told us, so we took the opportunity to give him a better body before we threw him out. We didn't have a lot of time to reshape our bodies. That's why we look so much alike now." Wilson stopped talking and peeled the codpiece off his crotch. He gave a big sigh of relief as he rubbed his cock and balls.

Seargant Baker snapped his fingers and started signing again: " You see, Wilson got speech as I was manipulating matter in the plasma stream. Once you understand gravity it's easy to manipulate matter." Baker stopped his signing and started to rub release cream over his codpiece.

Lieutenant Walker spoke up to continue the exposition: "He learned matter manipulation, and I retained the knowledge of antigravity and faster-than-light drive. It's kind of an even trade-off." Baker didn't sign because his hands were busy as he removed the codpiece and rubbed his body.

"I'm stunned! This is beyond we imagined possible," Major General Lightfoot, "I guess we asked for more than we knew. I regret any changes that have occurred." Lieutenant Wilson and Sergeant Baker silently examined each other's new bodies in silence and then gave themselves a high five. They each sported thick, veiny cocks with prominent foreskins surmounting testicles the size of large eggs.

Sergeant Baker started his signing again: "You see what we were able to do," indicating his new body. "Before the mission, you asked us to have sex with each and explore each other's bodies knowing that when we merged it would be to our advantage to understand each other's body. We gladly obeyed and why not, who else would pay us for sucking and fucking. But when our minds joined in the merge, we experienced every memory and every thought of the other man. You can't imagine how close that brings you to another person. After we merged with Mario and learned quantum physics, anti gravity and matter manipulation, we gave Mario the new body that he wanted, separated him from our collective thoughts, and then created our dream bodies."

Lieutenant Wilson interrupted and finished the explanation: "Mario Piazoli doesn't know what we did or how we did it because he wasn't part of our collective thoughts. He learned our memories and we learned his, but he never figured out how much of his knowledge we received."

Baker interrupted, his signing was very animated: "And another benefit is reorganized memory. What we forgot, we now remember because we had to order each other's memories into our joint consciousness. We only kept Mario's scientific knowledge and jettisoned his physical and bodily memories with him. His sex drive was his weakness. That's how we mentally isolated him and kept him away from us."

Lieutenant Wilson added: "We retracted all our childhood memories as personal knowledge and he accepted that. In the short time after he separated and we were together, we merged our memories, rebuilt our bodies, and integrated his knowledge of physics in an orderly fashion."

A stunned, but attentive Major General Lightfoot interrupted the discussion. "This is like talking to one person. Can you read each other's thoughts or do you just know each other so well now that it seems that way?" Major General Lightfoot asked and the two men thought for a few seconds. A quick flurry of hand signs from Sergeant Baker settled who was to speak.

"No, not telepathy, just knowledge." Lieutenant Wilson said thoughtfully.

But it was Sergeant Baker who figured out where Major General Lightfoot was going with the question and added in sign language:

"If you merged an entire troop of men, and let them integrate their knowledge, they would all know what everyone else knew and expected. That would make them a very effective fighting group. Unit cohesion would be highest for them since they would know each other so well. It's possible."

Lieutenant Wilson quickly added: "You can't separate more than two personalities, but you can integrate many personalities. Merge an entire troop and let their minds become one consciousness with many bodies, that would be a very powerful tool."

Seargant Baker signed more: "Right now, I think we should go and get dressed. We're the only two naked men in the building and I'm feeling a little self-conscious." He shivered as he spoke.

The room was getting cold without the energy from the field generators. All three men walked towards the door of the room. Sergeant Baker signed something so quickly that only Lieutenant Walker could read and interpret it. The two men laughed out loud at whatever the comment was and Sergeant Baker dashed away from them and down the hallway.

"What did he say?" demanded Major General Lightfoot.

"He said 'pissing in the sinks is only permitted after midnight!' and he meant that if he didn't hurry, he would be leaving a puddle." The Lieutenant and the Major laughed heartily at the joke as they walked out of the laboratory and into the corridor.

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