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March 2005

"I thought I heard voices. Who was that?" I said. It was late morning. The sun was already high in the sky.

"Only Dieter and Dieter, the storm broke and they brought our supplies," Max answered. He threw off his one-piece long-johns and crawled under the down comforter. The feather bed bounced and creaked with his weight. His body was naked except for thick wool socks.

"Jeez, you're cold." I shivered as Max pulled our bodies together.

"And you, Rusty, are hot," he answered. We embraced and kissed. Our bodies warmed up under the thick blankets and my cock stiffened. There was a sudden knock at the bedroom door. Max sat up as I tried to hide under the blankets. The door opened and the Dieter brothers, two nearly identical young men dressed in thick clothing and heavy boots stepped into the room. Both boys were about twenty years-old, well built and handsome with short-cut black beards, curly black hair, and deep brown eyes. The first Dieter went over to the fireplace and added a couple of logs to the fire. He smiled at me and licked his lips seductively. The second Dieter set two pair of brand new, red and black, ski boots at the foot of the bed.

"Master Maximilian… is there anything else you need before we leave?" the second Dieter asked.

"Did you put all the food away and unpack the other supplies?" Max asked. He made no effort to hide the fact that we were in bed and naked.

"Yes, everything is in order downstairs," the first Dieter replied. They even sounded alike. He took two small boxes from his back pocket and set them on an end table.

"Good, then get naked and join us. Rusty has agreed to stay for our New Year's Eve celebration. You three need to get acquainted," Max beckoned to the two boys to join us. Surprised and startled, I leaned up on one elbow.


"Sorry Max but your father has a long list of chores for us to get done. How about we ski by the full moon tonight? We could show Master Russell the snow cave and then come back here to fuck his ass and suck his cock," Dieter number two said. I almost died at the bluntness of the proposition.


"Good idea. We'll meet you there," Max said. Dieter and Dieter left the room. I waited until they were outside.

"I didn't realize you were that open about being gay," I said to Max.

"Oh, Sorry. Their family has served mine for the past four hundred years. Dieter and Dieter were born when I was eight. We grew up together. They're my companions and my Father wants them to be my valets. We don't have any secrets. They're like my little brothers. You'll like them," Max answered.

"I guess. Isn't skiing at night dangerous and skiing into a cave more so?" I asked.

"Ah, the gift of growing up in the mountains, you get to know the best and most exciting locations. The cave is our secret hang out and the best skiing on the mountain. We'll use flares to light our way," Max said.

"And those," I said pointing out to the new ski boots.

"They're new, a gift from Father and me. They form fit with heat, so they have to be near the fireplace to get warm," Max said.

"I can't accept them. You've already given me too much - a couple weeks of skiing, food, fancy clothes. It's too much Max," I said to him.

"What's the use of being stinking rich nobility if you can't indulge your whims on your friends." With that, Max dove under the blankets for my cock. His hot tongue ended all discussion. An half a day later we surfaced for food and drink.

We returned to the bedroom with plates of food and beer, eating slowly and languorously in front of the fireplace as the day wasted away. Late in the evening, we started to get dressed for the night's ski adventure.

"I think these boots are warm enough to size, don't you?" I said to Max as I pulled on a clean pair of thick socks and picked up the boots to put them onto my feet.

"Wait, wait, you have to wear the proper support before you do that," Max opened one of the small boxes and pulled out a bright red thong. He handed it to me.

"You are naughty, Max, really naughty," I shook my head. The thong looked and felt like plastic. In fact, it matched the red plastic of the boots. It fit skintight and pulled my cock and balls into outstanding basket. Max pulled his on and we stood admiring each other's bodies in a mirror. My body was red with light brown to blond hair and his body was alabaster white with dark black hair. We flex our muscles. The red color of the thongs complimented our looks. I picked up the new ski boots. They were toasty warm as I pushed my feet into them. I could feel the insides conform to my feet and legs. I closed the latches tight and walked around the room in the boots. They made my feet extra large and bulky, but damn, they were sexy.

"I feel a little silly not wearing any clothes. But this red is so sexy and slick, it's almost a shame to cover it," Max said.

"You'd turn blue under that red thong if we skied without clothes. Once when I was seventeen, I swam with the polar bear club in a hole thorough the ice and my hands and feet were blue when I got out of the water," I related.

"Polar bear club?" he asked.

"It's a New Years thing. They cut a hole in the frozen river and swim in the cold wearing only Speedos. It was the coldest day of my life," I said. Max uncapped a couple of big bottles of homemade beer. I touched my bottle to his and chugged the strange beer. It was thick, syrupy and bitter. I swallowed the last of it before the sweetness gagged me.

"Mother puss bucket, what the hell is that? Horse piss tastes better," I said trying to get the aftertaste of the strange beer out of my mouth.

"And you know this for a fact?" Max laughed and handed me another beer. I pretended to stick my finger down my throat. Max just laughed and handed me another beer. We clinked bottles and drank again.

"Actually, it's my family's special winter beer. My Father would consider it an insult if you didn’t get drunk on it once in your stay. Drink up, it's an acquired taste," Max said opening a third round.

"What's the loss of a few thousand brain cells between friends and families, Huh? Here's to your health," I shrugged and drank up. The stuff was dreadful but he was right, its taste did grow on you. We chugged a few more bottles. And of course, anything tastes good after six or seven large bottles and if that is true, then everything tastes better after ten or twelve bottles. Skiing in the nude actually made sense to me after drinking a dozen beers. Drunk and silly, we lurched around the room in the ski boots.

"These boots are awkward in here," I said to Max.

"Maybe we should go outside. After all, they are made for skiing," Max said.

"I'm not that sloshed," I said and took the last sip of beer from the last bottle from the case. The room felt hot and humid. A coating of sweat formed on my body making it glisten in the light of the fire. I looked around for more beer.

"Hey, I could stand another beer. This homemade yeast piss of yours actually tastes good to me now," I said to Max. He pointed out the window towards the mountain. In the alcoholic fog, things made sense.

"There's no more here, we store it in the…" Max talked slowly and he winked seductively.

"…Snow cave," I said and shrugged. "We're going to ski there naked to get it."

"You guessed it," Max said.

"And Dieter and Dieter are up there waiting for us?" I stepped to the door.

"Half naked in bright red thongs and bright red ski boots. Their cute bare butts and are waiting for you to probe them with your big, thick dick. And, they are waiting to fuck your brains out. But tonight, we ski by the full moon," Max tried to be coherent. I was so drunk that I didn't care. I barely felt the cold as we both went outside and strapped the bindings tight on our new boots and skis. The sweat on my body froze into tiny ice crystals. I could feel ice forming on my body. You're an idiot, I thought. I want fucked, my ass said.

The snow cave was about 15 kilometers around the far side of the mountain. Max led and I followed. We lit the way with flares stuck on the end of our ski poles. The moon was just rising and as it crept higher in the sky, the landscape grew bright. It took us about 30 minutes to reach the cave. The opening was about ten feet high. Inside, it opened to a wide cavern about fifty foot across and equally as high. At the far end of the cave, a huge half-frozen waterfall reflected the light of the flares. A mountain stream flowed under the ice. Dieter and Dieter waited illuminated by flares. They wore red thongs and red ski boots that sparkled in the dim light. They had at least four cases of the family beer on a sled.

"Dieter and Dieter, we made it," Max said. His breath formed a little cloud.

"Glad you could make it Max," the first Dieter said. He pulled the sled towards the front of the cave. Icicles hung on parts of his body.

"And you, Rusty, three is such an odd number. We told Max last week that we wanted to fuck your brains out. You are a hot and sexy man," the second Dieter added. He didn't make sense to me but then we all were drunk and stupid. The moon was high in the sky when we got out of the cave. It lit the night almost like day. We opened the bottles and drank - skied around a little, drank some more, made a snowman, drank more, and threw snowballs at each other, made snow angels. I was amazed at how invigorated I felt. Snow stuck to my body and ice formed on me, but I didn't feel cold as I bent over and let both Dieter and Dieter plow my ass. They were masterful butt fuckers. The moon passed its zenith and sank toward the horizon.

"Do you guys do this every year?" I asked while sitting on my haunches over my skis. I drank another home brew and felt the alcohol warm me. Dieter and Dieter unsnapped their bindings and stepped out of their skis. I did the same. We sat in the snow and ice. It felt like it was summer and we could lounge in the sun. I lay back and made a snow angel. I actually felt warm. I relegated that feeling to the beer.

"Once a year, just before the winter solstice, Baron Von Gallen, Max's father, picks Max's winter companions. This year, you and Max were fuck buddies and consequently, he chose the two of us. It's a real honor to become part of the winter celebration. We have such good, clear weather," Dieter answered. I watched their muscular chests expand and contract as they breathed. They were so sexy. Layers of sticky snow and ice covered our bodies. We looked sexy. Max's nipples stood out in the cold making me horny. The thong held my cock and balls in a firm grip.

"Yes and because the sky is so clear the temperature will be extra cold tonight falling well below zero. That's good for the chosen. We'll freeze quick and solid. That means we'll have many days of sex after the festival," the other Dieter said.

"Chosen? We were chosen?" I asked. They both looked at Max.

"I didn't tell you, Rusty. We will return to the cabin for hot sex, but not tonight or tomorrow morning. Tonight, we join the gods of winter, snow and ice. You see the full moon of the solstice up there. When it sets, we'll freeze. After the festival, Father will take us back to the cabin to thaw out," Max said.

"You mean freeze solid, as in a block of ice?" I asked. The moon was half its width away from the horizon. Not enough time to make it back to the cabin.

"I like to think of it as immobile. You're half-frozen right now. The beer acts like antifreeze," Max answered.

"And you've done this before?" I asked.

"Every year of my life since puberty," Max answered.

"It's safe?" I asked. Max and the two boys nodded their agreement.

"Nature protects many animals from the cold winters. It's perfectly organic and not harmful," Max reassured me.

"Why the ski boots and thongs?" I asked.

"I guess we could walk up to the cave but skiing is more fun," Dieter said.

"And the thongs look sexy. In addition, they keep your cock from breaking off when you freeze. If that happens then all you can have is anal sex for the rest of your life," his brother added.

"And that's no fun. My butt hurts just thinking about it. We're too horny to lose our cocks," the first Dieter said.

"And this year, it's extra cold and that means the four of us will spend many days sucking, fucking and enjoying each other's bodies afterwards." They both stood up and walked to the cave entrance. I followed with Max. I could see alcoves carved into the ice on either side of the cave opening. In the dim light of setting moon, I watched one of the Dieter boys ladle freezing cold water onto an ice shelf while his brother removed his ski boots and socks and placed his bare feet in the water. He stood in a position as his feet froze to the ice. His brother poured a ladle of water over his head. It froze in seconds. Dieter looked like he was taking a shower. Having fixed his brother securely in place, Dieter poured water onto a nearby ice shelf and then sat down in a relaxed position, legs and arms spread, head rolled back and feet flat on the ground. His body quickly froze to the ice. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Their boots and socks sat empty in front of their bodies.

"You can stand there posed on your skis or you can pose like Dieter and Dieter. If you close your eyes, you'll sleep through being frozen. If you leave them open, you'll be able to see what's happening around you," Max said as he took off his boots and socks. I hesitated to answer. I started to feel the cold penetrating my body. My hands and arms were bluish blocks of ice. "Hurry up. If the moon sets you'll freeze where you stand," Max warned.

"A frozen skier in bright red sounds good," I mumbled as I fastened the skis. Max splashed water around the skis. They froze to the ice. I posed my body into the sexiest skiing position I knew. Max splashed water on my torso and icicles formed on my body. I felt my body stiffening as the cold penetrated deep into my bones. I watched as Max splashed water on another shelf and curled up on his side.

"See you in a few days," he said, and then he closed his eyes. He looked like a little boy sleeping comfortably in bed. I watched the moon set. I could feel the icy hardness creep through my body. The moon set and the man-made lanterns went out. The night was dark, cold and windy. As the sky brightened towards morning, I could see the villagers skiing towards the cave. They set up four stations, one each for Max, myself, and the two Dieters and partied. The sky was clear and bright. The sun barely warmed the air, but the villagers didn’t care. They celebrated all day and well into the night. Fireworks lit the night sky. I couldn't look up but I could hear the noise and feel the concussion.

The crowds slowly cleared out and that night when the full moon rose again, I could see the young men of the village cleaning the remains of the celebration. Every so often, they would stand in front of one of us and admire the icy statues. Some of the young boys would touch us to see if we were really ice. The hot touch of their fingers made me horny but my cock was frozen tight in the thong. These boys were hot in so many ways. I wanted one of them to undress and press his fiery-hot body against me, to thaw me and take me there in the snow and ice.

However, that didn't happen. The moon set and the next morning the villagers came to party again. They partied for four days and nights. That's the extent of the full moon - four or five nights. I slowly realized why Max and the Dieter brothers closed their eyes and slept. Watching people party, drink, eat, puke, and generally make fools of themselves is boring. When the morning of the fifth day dawned and no crowd came to party, I felt relieved and a little lonely. Clouds formed on the horizon and within the hour, a snowstorm moved in. The storm lasted seven days and when it cleared, I could only see white. The snow had piled up over my body leaving only my head exposed. The snow completely covered Max and his friends.

With the sun high overhead, I watched two lone skiers carefully make their way towards us. They were only young boys, about fifteen or sixteen years old, I guessed, and they were doing what teenagers do best, disobeying their parents. One of them rummaged around the back of the cave and yanked out a case of beer. The other boy flattened the snow around my head so they could both sit. They drank and talked. Mostly idle chatter - who's dating, who isn't, who's the best screaming rap group, rock group or whatever the latest music was, what girls were easy, their wrestling teams, their hard-hearted coach, and other things really important to young men.

I listened, thankful for even this company. They leaned on each other and sang drunken versions of popular songs. When they couldn't remember anymore, they sang kids songs with dirty words and giggled hysterically. One of them even pulled his crotch against my frozen head and pretended to hump my face. I could feel the heat of his cock through his ski pants. He put his face down near mine. He was cute and sexy with short cut, black hair and he profanely asked if I wanted so suck his cock. The other boy, a strikingly handsome blond, leaned down and apologized to me for his buddy's behavior. I could tell by the shadows that it was late. The two boys lay against each other's shoulders, half passed out. My head stuck out of the snow at their feet and empty beer bottles littered the ground around us. I made a mental note to look them up after I thawed out and tell them their deepest, darkest secrets. That would be fun and appropriate payback for their conduct.

A sudden boom, a cannon shot, broke the silence of the mountain. Four military jets shrieked overhead breaking the sound barrier and trailing a massive shock wave behind them. The two boys lifted their heads slowly. Their eyes were bleary from the alcohol. They looked at each other in shock and surprise. I could hear a low rumble from the mountain. Before the boys could stand up, the entire mountainside came down on top of us in a massive avalanche of snow and ice. The world went dark. Thousands of tons of snow buried us. I could hear both boys trying to talk to each other as froze. They thought they would die and they said very sad and personal things. In the dark and silence, I finally slept.

I woke up in the middle of the cabin still in my new red ski boots and red thong. Max held me upright. His skin and mine looked like pale white marble with deep blue veins. I was still half frozen. I felt horny as hell. I wanted to hump Max right now and not stop. I'd never experienced cravings that strong. I saw Dieter and Dieter groping each other half frozen, half-awake, and still uncoordinated.

I started to kiss Max but he stopped me. His father stood nearby with a doctor. I looked at the thermometer. The room's temperature was just below freezing.

"…Apparently, the boys got into the beer and drank enough to keep from freezing to death," the doctor related. Max looked a little puzzled.

"Hey, I remember them, they spent an afternoon drinking the beer and then I heard a loud bang and snow covered everything. That was only a day or two ago," I said. I ground my hips against Max's hips. I knew he was horny.

"Not anything like a day or two young men… It took us nearly three months to tunnel through the avalanche. It's late March, not New Years day," Max's father explained.

"Three months…" I started to say. Max put his hand to my lips to keep me quiet. He turned to his father.

"Max, you have to thaw these boys slowly. They'll survive because they are young. Be gentle with the sex. They really are straight. I'll speak with their families," the doctor said.

"Gotcha. I understand everything," Max said. His father and the doctor left the cabin. My boots clomped on the floor as Max pulled me over towards Dieter and Dieter. We all drank a bottle of the town's thick bock beer. It was heady and aromatic. Dieter and Dieter kissed each other's bodies in ways the phrase 'brotherly love' never anticipated. I tugged my thong off. Max kissed me aggressively. Dieter and Dieter broke apart and got behind Max and me. They both sunk their tongues deep into our hot and willing assholes. It didn't take long for Dieter's hot tongue to open me wide. On cue with his brother, I felt his thick, uncut cock slide into me and begin to long stroke my ass. The other Dieter speared Max and drove that cock deep into Max. They fucked us side by side until we came in a puddle on the floor and then they both stiffened and filled our butts with Dieter-brother sperm. Max and I spun the twins around and reciprocated the fuck.

Even the Dieter boy's butts looked identical, down to the freckles. Their cocks were thick and long, their balls big, round and low hangers. The muscles of their backs flexed and knotted in taut symmetry. These boys worked hard at whatever they did. Max and I fucked their asses, twisting and turning and pumping deep and hard. We screamed and yelled and carried on until we came. Dieter and Dieter collapsed underneath us. The four of us looked over at the two young boys. They still lay there unable to move.

"What a lovely sight they are. I wish I was that young again," I said. Dieter went over to see who they were.

"It's Wolfgang Reidel and Rolf Braunfeld. We know these two. They're only a few years behind us in school. They like wrestling, gymnastics and soccer, fucking girls, and drinking beer. They don't fuck boys. Thawing out will be hard on them," Dieter remarked. His brother pried himself from Max's grasp. He went over to the two boys and felt their bodies. He moved their arms and legs. Only their eyes moved as they watched him. Their cocks stood upright at attention like two, ten-inch telephone poles on the landscape of tight abs, slim taut bodies and hard muscular chests. Their cocks throbbed with each heartbeat, precum dribbled down their shafts. Dieter lifted the one boy into a sitting position.

"They're soft and flexible. Let's feed them beer and help them cure these hard cocks. It has to be so uncomfortable to be as horny as that. I heard that it's bad on a cock to be that stiff that long," Dieter said. His brother jumped up and agreed with him. Max and I watched as they carefully poured a bottle of beer down each of the boy's throats and then posed them in a sixty-nine position. They made sure that both boys could suck each other's cocks. The little movements of their bodies, the twitching and throbbing, only served to move the boy's cocks gently inside their mouths.

"Rolfie and Wolfie your search for free beer nearly got you killed. If you don't suck each others cocks to orgasm, your cocks and balls will explode in a bloody nightmare of pain and agony… and then you'll die fat, old men without kinder and you'll grow man tits. Everyone will know you're still virgins," Dieter lied. I saw tears form in the one of the boy's eyes.

"Yeah, and you better swallow, too. All that man-juice will unfreeze your bodies," the other Dieter added more to the lie. Dieter and Dieter high-fived each other. Max and I nearly busted a gut trying not to laugh. I watched Dieter and Dieter in fascination. Their young bodies moved with nearly identical mannerisms. My cock throbbed.

"Hey brother, let's suck in front of the open window. It's a great view," Dieter and Dieter chomped down on each other's balls. I watched as they both squirmed and writhed in pretend pain. Those boys like to play rough with each other.

"Speaking of sucking," I said. Max didn’t need much encouragement. We both climbed onto the sofa and I ran my tongue under the ample foreskin and tasted the head of his cock. He licked my neck and then we sucked and licked each other's bodies for the rest of the day.

One of the villagers brought a picnic basket full of fried chicken and vegetable salads. The four of us ate. I ate fast and for fun stomped around like a naked Frankenstein. I removed my ski boots and let Max rub my feet and ankles. My cock stiffened again. The room was still cold but I still felt warm. Max and the Dieters boy's skins regained their pinkish coloration, but I stayed a marble-like, pale white tinged with blue veins.

I wandered over to the teens. My cock bobbed like a weathervane in front of me. The boys were still bluish-white and unbending.

The brawny blond boy lay on the bottom of the sixty-nine. His face and jaw was covered with white sperm from his buddy. He kept trying to lick it up. The boy on top slept soundly with his face resting on the other boy's crotch completely hiding his cock and balls. The boy on the bottom could speak.

"Help me, sir, help me. I tried to suck it all up, but he came too fast," he said.

Are you Rolfie or Wolfie?" I asked as I wiped the cum from his face and let him lick it off my fingers.

"Wolfgang, sir, please call me Wolfgang," he said as he licked. "It tastes bitter and salty, sir. I never sucked a cock before today, sir. I'm not that way. Does it always taste like that?" I felt my cock demand attention.

"That's just about right, Wolfgang. It's an acquired taste, like beer. It tastes better after a while and if you really like the man, everything that comes out of his body tastes good. You'll know when that happens, just follow your tongue and nose… By the way, I recall that you broke up with your girlfriend - a blond with huge tits and cavernous cunt, didn't you. And you just beat Werner the Mighty in wrestling, am I right?" I asked him. His eyes grew wide.

"How do you know that?" Wolfgang asked. I gently massaged his neck and shoulders. I know his cock got thick. His buddy rustled and adjusted to the thickening cock in his mouth.

"I was the frozen head you camped around when you drank the beer on the mountain. I heard everything you two talked about," I told him. Wolfgang rolled his eyes and sighed. The boy on top - Rolf - a dark-haired, lean and wiry wrestler-type, woke up and lifted his head. Wolfgang's thick, barrel-shaped cock fell out of his mouth. I rubbed Rolf's butt and lubricated his tight bud-like asshole with my index finger. His cock thickened in Wolfgang's mouth.

"And you, Rolf, can you talk yet?" I asked him. I slipped my finger into his butt hole and felt for his prostate.

"You bastard, get your finger out of my ass. I fell asleep with Wolfgang's filthy fucking cock in my mouth. God, that's so vile. I wanna puke. It's an ugly, pickle-shaped sausage," he said. I could see the hurt in Wolfgang's eyes. I massaged Rolf's prostate. His cock throbbed to life. Wolfgang gagged and struggled to suck all of the cock down his throat.

"When I came over here, your face was buried in Wolfgang's crotch with his cock deep in your mouth. You looked like you enjoyed it," I said. I fingered Rolf to an orgasm. Rolf swore and insulted everyone in the room. I grabbed his head with my free hand and pumped him up and down on Wolfgang's cock. His short-cropped hair made my cock rise. Both boy's bodies exploded in orgasmic pleasure, gasping and coughing on the thick, white sperm that shot from their cocks. Nothing like being young and horny I thought.

Max brought beer. We made them both drink. Still unable to move very much, we put them back together but this time with Rolf on the bottom and Wolfgang on top. I fingered Wolfgang's butt hole. He squirmed in delight at the pleasure it gave him. His orgasm left him breathless and gasping for air. Rolf exploded just after that and Wolfgang sucked his dick lick a vacuum cleaner on steroids. We cheered the boys onto another orgasm. Max and I got Dieter and Dieter started a four-way fuck and suck session. Dieter grabbed my balls and never let go. The mayhem lasted all night. We left no part of the male anatomy unexplored and I discovered that even internally, Dieter and Dieter were nearly identical. They did anything Max asked of them. I began to understand their relationship. Dieter and Dieter were Max's playthings. I'd be willing to bet that at seven years old Max said he wanted a baby brother and his father arranged their birth. The next Baron would live with not one but two manservants totally devoted to him.

Late that night, I could hear Rolf and Wolfgang slurping away at each other. As I fell asleep, I remembered their boyish discussions. I have to look in on those boys, I thought.

In the morning, I woke up first and lay there just watching my sleeping companions. I marveled at the nearly wall-to-wall mounds of male body parts just waiting please my sexual desires. Dieter woke; He looked hungry and cold despite lying with four men. He went over to the window and shut it. Max woke at the noise. We all crammed ourselves into the shower and washed up in cold water. It felt hot and bracing. I began to wonder if I would ever return to normal. Max told Dieter and Dieter to wake and bath Rolf and Wolfgang. The two boys were awake and although weak, they could move a little. I helped feed the two boys and rearranged them on the bed.

"Do we have to suck cock? His cock tastes like swine shit," Rolf declared. Max looked shocked at the kid's vulgarity.

"Now, now, now… You should talk like that. All these urges will be over in another day or two. You'll return to your family heroes for being alive and not scoundrels for stealing beer," Max answered. Rolf spastically and rudely embraced Wolfgang and cursed more. He started sucking Wolfgang's thick, veined cock. I could tell by Wolfgang's face that he was rough. Wolfgang ran his tongue underneath Rolf's foreskin and around the head of his cock. Rolf shivered in sexual delight and stopped biting. His sexual desires simply took over.

"When you want to join us, just come on over," Max said. Rolf scowled. Wolfgang merely acquiesced. Max and I took up Dieter and Dieter. We spent all that morning and most of the afternoon wrestling, sucking and fucking in every position from vanilla kissing to hardcore fisting. We lay in the late afternoon sun eating and drinking.

Rolf and Wolfgang provided an afternoon change of pace. They sucked each other to orgasm several times. Then, the urges got to Rolf. He turned Wolfgang over on his back and shoved his long and thin cock into Wolfgang's ass. He fucked hard and rough. Wolfgang jerked off as he did. They both collapsed in each other's arms. Rolf ran to the shower to wash the evidence from his cock. He screamed when the water got too warm. Dieter made it to him and turned off the hot water. Max explained the facts of being frozen three months to Rolf. I explained them to Wolfgang. Rolf returned sullen and brooding. He started to take his anger out on Wolfgang. Dieter and Dieter grabbed Rolf and wrestled him to the floor.

Rolf was strong, wiry and talented as a wrestler. Dieter and Dieter were taller, three or four years older, and twenty-five pounds of muscle heavier. It only took a few minutes for them to pin Rolf. Once Dieter had him pined, his brother shoved his cock up Rolf's ass. He ground Rolf into the floor. Rolf yelled and screamed, and finally gave in. The other Dieter brother shoved his cock down Rolf's throat. They fucked him twice like that. Their sex was acrobatic and athletic, even violent at times. They broke a couple small snack tables and nearly rolled off the balcony. However, as Max and I had noticed, Dieter and Dieter liked to muscle their way through sex. We could follow their sex acts by the grunts, groans, thumps and curses,

Wolfgang was a still very much a child. He hadn't learned the hard lessons of the world. Max and I took him to the bed and sandwiched him between our bodies. We took turns fucking and sucking the teen. His boyish butt was tight. He quickly learned how to move and make the fuck better and longer. He had a skin-tight, body-fitting way of hugging and holding that enhanced the sex. Max taught him how to proper suck a cock and drain another guys balls. I felt over hot and sweaty on the bed.

We switched. Dieter and Dieter introduced the young Wolfgang to more vigorous sexual exploits. Wolfgang was better built and more flexible than Rolf was. He was much, much stronger and could best one Dieter if he wanted. The brothers took advantage of that twisting and contorting his nimble body like a sexual pretzel. They really did hang from the rafters. Wolfgang let them lift him off the ground by his cock and balls. The kid was tough.

Max and I found that Rolf was the strong silent type. He didn't curse Max but he wasn't happy about being a slave to his sex drive. Our sex was gentler and more loving than Dieter's sex practices. Unable to be the bully, Rolf resigned himself to having sex. In spite of his outward rudeness, Rolf turned into a fantastic sex partner.

"Hey, Rusty, tell me the truth, would my cock and balls really have exploded without sex?" Rolf asked after a particularly enjoyable fucking. I answered no and he kissed me. The kid was a softy with a very hard exterior. AS we lay there, I noticed the room getting warmer and so I threw all the blankets on the floor. Max and Rolf pulled on thick, knee-high socks.

By the end of the day, our sex drives diminished enough for us to dress in shorts and T-shirts and sit down to a proper meal. A feast of vichyssoise, pheasant, filet, lobster, roasted vegetables, wine and chocolate cake with truffles. We ate the food cold. The Dieter boys and Max wanted the room a little warmer. Rolf didn't care, but Wolfgang and I couldn't take the heat at all. We still felt comfortable with the room temperature at or below freezing. We spent the night in a cumbersome six-man sex orgy complete with wine, whipped cream and the extra chocolate sauce. In the middle of it all, Wolfgang whispered to me that my body tasted like truffles, the mushroom kind, not the chocolate kind.

Over the next two days, it became obvious that Wolfgang and I couldn't tolerate warmer temperatures. Apparently, our tolerance for cold wasn't temporary or transitory. Our sexual compulsions abated enough to let us go skiing.

Wolfgang and I skied while wearing red ski boots and bright red thongs. Max arranged for the extra pair of red ski boots and thong for Wolfgang. The other four men wore ski pants and sleeveless jerseys to stay comfortable. We skied most of the day. Wolfgang and I stayed under the trees while the others played in the bright sun. The afternoon sun made me sweat and the downhill racing cause it to freeze into sparkling crystals. I showed Wolfgang and he skied twice as hard to get the same effect. Wolfgang, Rolf, Dieter and Dieter raced around the mountain two or three times. Max and I couldn't keep up with them. We returned to the cabin near sunset and a hearty meal.

That night, Wolfgang and I lay on blankets on the balcony naked in the cold winter air. The others stayed inside where it was warmer. When Wolfgang fell asleep, Max came out on the balcony. I noticed the doctor waiting in his car on the drive below us.

"Max, I don't think Wolfgang and I can survive the warmer weather. It's already too warm in the sunlight and the temperatures only 5 C. has this happened before?"

"Not in several hundred years, you two are the first men not to regain a tolerance to heat in a long, long time. I'll discuss it with Father. We're responsible for all this going wrong and we're going to make it right,"

"What does that mean?" I asked suspicious of where the conversation was headed. I didn't give Max a chance to talk: "What's up with Wolfgang's family. I like the boy but he's going to need a family to help him get through this. I know Rolf will be OK. He's hard as nails. But Wolfgang is still a child in some ways." Wolfgang stirred next to me. I pulled him against my body and he curled up around me.

"Wolfgang's got a crush on you, you know. Ever since he first laid eyes on you, he's had the hots for you. In a way, it's good that two of you are together. His father doesn't want him to return to the family. He said his quest for beer shamed the family and all this sex is the work of the devil He's already appeared in court disowning Wolfgang and having him declared an absconder and apostate. Tomorrow the judge will affirm his father's desires and issue an order banishing Wolfgang from the town." Max said.

"And what then?" I asked. I put my arms around the sleeping Wolfgang.

"I can have the judge make you his guardian. This boy needs a man to lean on for support. As the next Baron, I can't do it. But you could," Max

"This boy needs another boy to make love to, not a thirty year old man like me," I said.

"No Rusty, Wolfgang needs you to be his guardian. There's more bad news," Max said.

"Why doesn't that surprise me? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Wolfgang and I can't tolerate warm temperatures anymore? What else do you know?" I asked. Max sighed and shivered.

"The doctor's have been working day and night to find the active agent that kept us alive. We knew it was something organic and contained in the beer. Two days ago, they isolated a complex set of proteins. They tested the proteins against five sets of blood and it seems that my family and most of the villagers simply freeze under its effects. In a few days after thawing, our bodies degrade the proteins and we regain our normal temperature tolerance. However, your blood, thanks to your Irish heritage, and Wolfgang's blood, thanks to his green eyes and blond hair, binds with your proteins irreversibly. Given enough time, it will completely convert your DNA. The scientists think that you can't freeze anymore. Your stuck the way your are. They say that a few days wouldn't have hurt you or the boy, but three months in the ice caused permanent changes in your body chemistry and his, too," Max related.

"So we'll never tolerate warm temperatures ever again?" I asked. I had hoped that this wasn't the case, but I also realized that Wolfgang and I were still tolerant to below freezing temperatures while the others were recovering. Max shivered in the cold. Wolfgang shifted in my arms. His snuggled his head into my lap. I could feel his warm breath on my cock. Wolfgang's eyes darted under the closed lids. He was dreaming.

"They, the doctors and scientists, recommend saturating your bodies with the proteins just to be sure that you never have any autoimmune effects," Max said. I could tell he was being less than honest.

"Saturating? That sounds like a euphemism for finishing the job the beer started and not even searching for a way to return us to normality," I said. Wolfgang shuddered and trembled in REM sleep.

"Unfortunately, that too, is correct. My father wants the problems over quickly. He's demanding a quick solution. It seems I'm being punished. My Father doesn't want me to openly admit I'm gay. But he isn't being so hard ass about you and Wolfgang. I think I can relocate you to a city above the Arctic Circle. I have a few diplomatic contacts in Sweden where temperatures rarely rise above 10 C in the summer, or the Arctic Region of Canada that is comparatively warm with a high of 10 C. You could visit Winnipeg, Saskatoon or Edmonton in the winter months… Karelia in Russia is another possibility. The other possibility is relocation to the high peaks in the Himalayan mountains," Max rubbed his hands over his arms and shoulders. He was cold and I didn't much care anymore. Wolfgang moaned softly. His hands and feet jerked as his dream sleep ended.

"I'd prefer staying in the European Union - Norway, Sweden, Finland, they all sound good to me. I can't make that decision alone; I'll have to talk to Wolfgang. He may not have a say about living with a man in a freezing wilderness, but he should have a say about what god-forsaken wasteland he lives in," I said. I caressed Wolfgang's head in my arms as we talked. He curled up even tighter against my body. He whispered something unintelligible and sank into another dream.

"I understand. I'll get the doctor. You'll have to wake the kid and ask him," Max said. He knew I was disturbed and angry. Max waved to the doctor and disappeared inside the house. The night was clear and cold. I watched Wolfgang's eyes move as he dreamed. His expression revealed none of his troubles. Max and the doctor reappeared on the balcony. The doctor motioned to a wooden case filled with pill bottles.

"Take one pill a day until they are finished. That will ensure complete conversion of your entire DNA. You both will be able to live wherever you want in the coldest regions of the world," he instructed.

I jostled Wolfgang awake.

"What's up, Rusty," Wolfgang asked. He was still half-asleep. The doctor sank a large hypodermic into his butt cheek and emptied its contents. Wolfgang opened his eyes and yelped. I held him against my chest so he wouldn't jump around. He lay there, trusting me like a small child. The doctor gave me an identical injection.

"And I suppose that injection was just for fun?" I asked the doctor. The doctor's eyes narrowed at my remark. Max frowned but he didn't answer anything. Max and the doctor went back inside.

"What's up, Rusty," Wolfgang repeated.

"It seems that you and I will always crave the cold. We won't be able to live in warm climates," I said to Wolfgang.

"Really? We're stuck like this? ... That's ok, I guess," he remarked.

"We have to leave Switzerland. It's getting too warm for us to live comfortably," I said.

"Cool, as long as I can stay with you, It will be OK," Wolfgang replied, hugging me tight as if I could float away.

"I have some choices as to where we might live," I said.

Wolfgang interrupted: "My one Uncle was stationed in Kiruna Sweden. He said it was great skiing up there. I looked it up last year and their highest temperature was only zero C. The lowest was 40 below. Is that cold enough?"

"Yes it is," I tapped at the glass on the balcony door. Max came over and cracked the door.

"Kiruna, Sweden is where we want to go," I said. Max shook his head affirmatively and went back inside.

"Tomorrow, I have to become your guardian. That's the only way this can work," I lied to Wolfgang.

"Thanks Rusty, I want you to be my guardian. I guess that my father must have disowned me, didn't he. He hates anything homosexual and he by now knows what's going on here. He's very Calvinistic. I tried so hard to be a good son, but he expected me to be the second coming. I'll be proud that you're my guardian," Wolfgang surprised me again. He sat up and looked inside. Rolf lay awake just across the room. Dieter and Dieter slept soundly next to him. Wolfgang caught Rolf's eye and beckoned him to come out.

"You know?" Wolfgang asked. When Rolf stood next to us.

"Yeah! Bummer about your father," Rolf said. He wore only a pair of socks. He shivered in the cold.

"Whatever, dude. Hey, he can go fuck himself. Rusty is going to adopt me and that's all that counts right now. I'd never fuck my father, but Rusty here can be the father I should have had…" Wolfgang's remarks and attitude left me speechless. I blushed.

"Dieter and Dieter are going to teach me all their wrestling moves and coach me to the finals. They're really great guys. I'm sorry I was so mean to you and Rusty here…" Rolf answered. They chattered away sounding like the two young boys I heard having boyish and idle conversation while drinking beer.

"What about your brothers? How are they handling it?" Wolfgang asked.

"They love it. They think I'm a hero - I froze, thawed, was forced to have uncontrollable sex with four men, and then returned to life… They're lining up the girls who want to fuck me and prove that I'm straight. I wouldn't be surprised if my sister was selling tickets to watch," Rolf laughed and flagged his cock at us.

"Be careful with that thing," Wolfgang said.

"You're still the best cocksucker and ass bandit I know. Not only that, you're my best friend. After we can go skiing tomorrow, we'll get together. I want to make love to you your way. My way of saying what a shithead I was. You two behave tonight. If I hear you abusing Wolfie's wrinkled, pickle-shaped dick, you'll have to answer to me," Rolf inflated his chest and acted tough. We all laughed. Then he rubbed his arms and shoulders and ducked back inside.

"I like your wrinkled, pickle-shaped dick. I like your butt. I like your chest…" I said to Wolfgang. He snuggled against my body and hugged me. We both fell asleep in the cold, clear night air.

It was barely morning. Four pair of huge army boots woke up Wolfgang and me. I looked up at very tall, very Nordic, and very olive green soldiers stood on the balcony with us. Wolfgang and I both scrambled awake and tried to make our naked bodies presentable. As we moved, snow and icicles cracked and fell off our bodies.

"When yhey told me that you two would be laying naked on the balcony I thought they were nuts. But, I guess it's true," the one soldier said. The others pulled us up and brushed the snow and ice from out bodies. We stood there vulnerable to these four men.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I blustered. The four soldiers broke up and laughed at our embarrassment. I looked inside the cabin. Dieter, Dieter, and Rolf stood there laughing at us while we stood naked in the middle of four hunky soldiers in fatigues and flight suits.

"Lieutenant Sven Johansson at your service," he said and saluted. This is so incongruous, I thought.

"We heard you need a ride to Kiruna, Sweden. We have a helicopter waiting just down the road," the lieutenant smiled. Max would arrange for all our belongings to be shipped after us whether we needed them or not. We said goodbye to Dieter, Dieter and Rolf. Rolf promised to convince Dieter and Dieter to visit if he won the wrestling championship. One of the three soldiers handed us each a gauzy cotton singlet and lightweight running shoes.

"We can't have you naked. You're going to stand out regardless of what clothes you wear and at least in these outfits you won't attract too much attention," Lieutenant Johansson said. They loaded us into a Hummer and drove to the helicopter. The soldiers wore heavy down jackets and kept the helicopter doors open. The cold wind was invigorated both Wolfgang and myself. The flight to Kiruna Sweden was both routine and exciting. This was our first helicopter ride. The lieutenant pointed out all the landmarks as the crew flew low over them. We refueled once in the air and twice on the ground.

We landed at a research base composed of Quonset huts and small cabins set high on a mountain plateau. At minus 5 C, Wolfgang and I joked that it would feel like summer. The sun glistened off the ice and snow. We played like kids. The soldiers tramped around in heavy clothing and boots trying to keep up with Wolfgang and myself. We exhausted them. They showed us a well-furnished metal hut that would be our home for a while.

Lieutenant Johansson introduced us to the other personnel. There were ten men, all in their early to mid-twenties, each with a unique job, and all of them like the lieutenant - pleasant, hardworking, positive, handsome, muscular and we would eventually discover well-hung.

Everyone skied and we had daily ski sessions on the mountain. Wolfgang and I needed socks to wear under boots. One of the soldiers showed us a storeroom filled with athletic clothing including a large collection of jock straps and underwear. We raided the socks and jockstraps. Over the next few weeks, Wolfgang and I each found our favorite jocks. Mine was specialized jockstrap for kickboxing and Wolfgang liked a simple metal cup with narrow, thong-like straps. The storeroom had wrestling singlets but they were too warm for us to wear indoors and outdoors they froze and hindered out movement.

None of the soldiers, including the lieutenant, was shy about showing off their well-built and very strong bodies. They had a fantastic weightlifting room where they spent several hours a day exercising. Wolfgang appreciated it more than I did. He was a gymnast and wrestler and missed competitive sports. Two of the soldiers tried to wrestle him. They were mountains of muscle. They usually lost because it's tough to wrestle a man who is twenty degrees colder than your body temperature. After that, he took to consuming their protein packs and supplements.

The soldiers kept us busy with various tests, exercise, and technical education. They lowered the temperature in the largest hut to just about freezing so that they could interact with us and wouldn't have to wear much clothing. Wolfgang and I made a game of catching each of the men in the shower, cutting off the hot water and dowsing them with cold water. At least four of the soldiers would have had sex with us if they could have survived the cold.

One fine sunny day, the soldiers took flamethrowers and induction probes and blasted a swimming hole in the ice sheet about twelve feet wide by fifty feet long and six or seven foot deep. They set up a sweatbox near the swimming hole. We all had a beach party and sun tanning session at minus 15 C. Wolfgang and I swam in the icy water without effort. The soldiers screamed and yelled at the cold and bounded in and out of the sweatbox. A couple of the soldiers, hardier than the others, actually could swim several laps and hold their own in the cold. One soldier took to rolling his wet body on the snow to create a human snowball. Wolfgang and I pried the ice off his body as he shook violently. The others hauled him inside and warmed him up. Later that day I heard the lieutenant arguing with his superior officers about something.

A year passed quickly and we entered the second arctic summer. The days were long and the temperatures rose to near freezing. All the exercise and skiing made me fitter, stronger than ever before. Wolfgang grew eight inches and put on nearly fifty pounds of muscle. He filled out into the man he was destined to be. The soldiers grew stronger too. Their tolerance to cold increased by brute force. They simply learned how the cold affected their bodies and compensated. We could touch and hold the soldiers for a brief time.

Physical contact meant more to Wolfgang. These soldiers were only a few years older than he was and Wolfgang was horny. Every few days he found another soldier to get a crush on and their inability to maintain physical contact kept him from fulfilling his sexual desires. At seventeen, hormones drive everything. I tried to relieve his sex drive every night but after a year, my body was wearing out. Wolfgang wanted sex with men his own age. I hoped that Rolf would have come around to visit or maybe Dieter and Dieter, but they didn't. TO his credit, Rolf wrote WOlfgang and told him all about his last year of high school, but that only made Wolfgang hornier and hornier.

Suddenly one day, the lieutenant prepared for a special delivery. Four huge helicopters delivered several human-sized glass flasks, a large Dewar of liquid nitrogen, a pallet of dry ice and an ammo box.

"I get it," I said to Lieutenant Johansson, "It's a big science experiment to see if extreme cold can immobilize Wolfgang or me," I said. Wolfgang stood there fascinated by the hugeness of the experiment.

"Look, we know you two can stay outside at minus 40 C and not suffer any harmful effects. But we need to know if you can survive down to minus 200 C or 77 Kelvin," the lieutenant said. The soldiers set up the apparatus. They intended to pour the liquid nitrogen into one of the large glass flasks. When it was ready, the lieutenant came over with a small Dewar of liquid nitrogen.

"The experiment is in two steps. First step is that you stick your hand in here and see if you grow stiff or stay flexible. Second step is to cover you with liquid in the Dewar. We think at that temperature your metabolism will slow so much that you won't suffocate from lack of oxygen."

"I'm stronger than Rusty. Anything goes wrong I can bust the glass apart," Wolfgang said flexing his arms and chest.

"No, no, no. You are the strongest man here right now. You're our safety plan. If anything goes wrong, you can topple the flask and not worry about the liquid nitrogen."

"And why are we doing this?" I asked.

""It's important to all of us here. Don't ask me to explain any more before the test," The lieutenant explained. I put my hand into the liquid nitrogen. It took a few minutes to stop bubbling. I pulled my hand out and wiggled my fingers just like I could before the experiment.

"Wow, who knew that a simple protein in beer could do this to the human body. Let's do the second part of the experiment," I said and I took off my jock strap. I saw little sense in having anything manmade inside the flask. The soldiers slapped themselves on the back congratulating each other. They quickly strapped electrodes on my body and loaded me into the flask. The world looked funny through the glass. I looked up as they slowly tipped the large Dewar containing liquid nitrogen. Nervous sweat formed on my body and froze. The nitrogen was cold, but not uncomfortable. I could feel it boil and bubble around me slowly accumulating and rising over my legs, past my knees and against my cock and balls. I trembled as it covered my crotch and moved up my waist. It was really cold and I could sense it as colder than anything I'd ever touched. Even the ice had warmth to it. This nitrogen was phenomenally cold. I let the liquid rise up my torso and over my chest. My head shook as the liquid climbed up my back and onto my neck. I took a deep breath and let it cover my head.

The nitrogen quit boiling and bubbling around my body. I stood in the glass flask holding my breath. I could move and twist. I tried to break off a little finger, but my body didn't become brittle. It flexed. Outside the soldiers took measurements from the sensors attached to my body. I stayed floating in the liquid nitrogen for a good hour. I never felt the urge to breathe nor did I stiffen up. I knew the experiment was over when the soldiers let Wolfgang tip the glass flask over. I landed with a thump and slid out of the glass. Nitrogen liquid boiled around me. Wolfgang pulled me away and yanked me to my feet. He hugged me to his body. For the first time since I knew him, he actually felt warm.

"Holy shit, you're so cold. I'm glad you're safe. I was worried," he gushed and kissed me. A little embarrassed by the display of emotions I hugged him back. The soldiers were overjoyed, almost euphoric. The medical officer stepped close to me and placed a stethoscope on chest. He listened and smiled broadly. One of Wolfgang's weightlifting buddies pulled him off me.

"His heartbeat is returning… Now stand still and breathe normally," he ordered. We stood there for nearly five minutes. The soldiers could barely stand still.

"Respiration is still only one per minute. He never breathed in the nitrogen," the medical officer stated. He punched a few numbers into a handheld computer.

"We're in the ball park, guys. We're very close. His metabolism slowed to less than 10,000th normal. I have to do the ice cube test to be sure," the medical doctor took a few good slaps to the back. Hs slipped on the ice and almost fell over.

"Wolfgang, time for your test," the lieutenant surprised us both. The soldiers built two walls of dry ice and set a metallic bathtub-shaped container between the walls. They filled it nearly full of water.

"Wolfgang, we want you to climb into the water and fall asleep. If you need a snorkel, we'll give you one. We need for you to fall asleep and let the water freeze around you," the lieutenant said. Two of the soldiers stripped to their T-shirts. They bared their arms and got ready to lower the boy into the water.

"Sure guys, I'm ready for anything you want me to do," Wolfgang lowered his body into the water and submerged. With bare arms, two half-dressed soldiers clamped electrodes on Wolfgang's body and put weights around him so he wouldn't float. Wolfgang gave them thumbs up. God, that's so kinky, I thought. It took a few minutes for Wolfgang to fall asleep. They let the water freeze around him. A small pump kept the water clear as it froze. The two soldiers quickly covered their arms. It was way to cold for them to be that exposed. Five hour later, Wolfgang slept peacefully and the medical officer recorded the measurements.

"Ok, I'm going to wake him in the ice and take a few more measurements," the medical officer said. A small shock woke Wolfgang. His heart rate increased, but he didn’t get excited. We could see him in the blurry ice. He lay there imprisoned for another few hours. The soldiers took sledgehammers to the block of ice to free him. When they got him out, he woofed and beat his chest with them. He could easily join these soldiers in whatever assignments they get, I thought. The medical officer and Lieutenant Johansson finished the calculations.

"Metabolic rate in ice is as low as in the nitrogen. It looks like your hypothesis is confirmed," the medical officer said. The soldiers celebrated. The Lieutenant waited for the rest of the soldiers to get quiet.

"I have to explain to Rusty and Wolfgang. For years, from when I was a small child, I dreamed of traveling to other planets. When I first heard about your rescue from the avalanche, I instantly knew that if anyone could survive three months buried in ice, we could freeze men and send them to other planets. Hell, maybe even other star systems. The biggest problem was always storing enough oxygen and reversing the damage of freezing the human body. You two have solved both those problems. Gentlemen, we are the vanguard of human interplanetary exploration."

Wolfgang and I stood amazed by his simple explanation. The soldiers went wild in celebration. They hugged, they woofed, they slapped, and they congratulated each other. They ran around the compound like little boys. The lieutenant waited for them to settle down. I looked at Wolfgang standing next to me.

"I never expected this. I thought we were destined to live out our lives in the artic wilderness. I never expected this," I said. I had a sudden thought about what would logically happen in the next few days. My face must have shown my concerns. Wolfgang noticed my mood and hugged me.

"Neither did I, neither did I… But, you're not going to back out, are you. I wouldn't want to face outer space without my father. Hell, if you didn't go, I'll stay here with you in this wilderness. But here's a chance to be astronauts, let's take it," Wolfgang's youthful enthusiasm gushed all over the room. He knew I couldn't resist the lure of exploration. We'd talked about the early explorers who braved the oceans in small boats. He knew I admired their courage and fortitude.

"I agree. I agree. Space exploration was one of my childhood dreams too. I'm more worried about what we're going to do with ten big, strong, hunky, sex-crazed soldiers over the next few days. I think we have more than one ass bandit here. It's definitely going to be, uh, wild and unrestrained," I replied.

"Oh crap, these guys are animals compare to Dieter and Dieter. They were little girls…" Wolfgang stopped and watched them soldiers who were still running around the compound celebrating. Rubbing his cock through the jock strap. He added, "Shit, grab your dick and hang on to it for dear life. I can't wait… Consider it an adventure. Consider it a challenge. Consider it ten horny asses to fuck and ten stiff dicks to suck… consider it ten chances at having your brains fucked out," We both laughed at each other.

"I've heard that before… You go get that lieutenant. I'll get chemical proteins and meet you back in the main hall… And have him turn off the heaters," I said and Wolfgang took off at a run to find the lieutenant. I went over to the supplies that the helicopters dropped and picked up the ammo case, my best guess. Sure enough, it contained five sets of hypodermic syringes filled with the protein extracts. They didn't trust these men not to take the proteins pills and had compressed the treatment into one day. I took the box back to the main hall.

Wolfgang carried the lieutenant into the main hall. He had him neatly tucked under on arm. They were laughing like two little boys. I suddenly realized just how much Wolfgang had grown both physically and mentally.

"You want me to go get the others?" Wolfgang asked. I shook my head affirmatively.

"That boy is so horny he could pound nails with his cock. I see you found the conversion kit… The Top Brass even has shots for you and Wolfgang, they think they found a flaw in the transcription of your DNA and they don't want to take chances," The lieutenant said. He looked at me sweating in the hot air. He turned off the heating and opened the double doors leading outside. Cold air rushed into the building.

"Better safe than sorry. It's not a complete kit without alcohol, you know," I said. I went to the cooler and brought back six packs of beer cans. The lieutenant went to the bar, brought back a whiskey, and shot glasses.

"We're real men here, we'll do it with boilermakers - shots and beer, Maximilian Von Gallen did it with beer because he's an effete pansy who hates hard liquor." the lieutenant laughed and sneered. I wagged a finger at him.

"A man's drink," I joked. I flexed my arms and beat my chest like an ape. He laughed then drank a double shot of good whiskly and chugged a can of beer. He beat his chest just like I did.

"…makes hair grow on your chest," he said.

"Wait until the hair freezes and snaps off. That's a treat. You know, this stuff makes you horny as hell. We're going to be fucked by every soldier in the place," I said to him.

"And fucking every available asshole we can find. Fuck, yes. I'm looking forward to it. I selected these soldiers not only because they were qualified mentally and physically but also because I wanted hump their hot asses and suck their big dicks. I can't imagine exploring space without sexual release," he said. The lieutenant took the ammo box and carefully set it on the bar. He took off his down jacket and two sweaters revealing a sleeveless T-shirt. He shivered in the cold air. He took a rubber strip and wrapped in around his arm. He used his teeth to tie off the strap. One of the soldiers ran past the open doors laughing. He stopped short and stared in. A second soldier ran into him and nearly knocked him over. They both stared the lieutenant as he carefully pushed the needle into the middle of a bulging vein. He released the rubber strip with his teeth and pushed the plunger. I watched as the green liquid disappeared into his arm.

"Where the hell did you learn that?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled one of his enigmatic smiles.

"I worked in a hospital for a while. It helps to know a few tricks of the trade," the lieutenant answered. I could see his face change expression as the injection coursed through his body. His skin started to lose its pink color.

"What did you shoot up with, lieutenant?" the one soldier asked. The second soldier just stood there. Sweat rings appeared under the lieutenant's arms and at the center of his chest. He put his right foot up on a chair and unlaced his boots. He kicked them off and wiped sweat from his forehead.

"Mother fucking son of a bitch bastard, that's fast acting shit," he said as he took off pants and stood there in well-strained and baggy olive-green shorts. He pulled the T-shirt off over his head with one hand and threw it aside. His had a thick, fleshy chest covered with fine brown hair, a really furry look. He hitched both thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and slid them to the floor. He wore an olive green jock strap. It matched his eyes. He chugged another can of beer and poured a double down his throat.

"That feels better… What are you two staring at?" he said to the two soldiers. They stared at their half-naked lieutenant.

"That's the stuff, isn't it? It works that fast?" they asked.

"Sure enough, soldier. You want your shots. Have a beer, drink some whisky and get naked," the lieutenant said. He reached into his bulging jock strap and yanked his thickening cock upright.

"What are you staring at soldier? Never seen a man in a jock strap before? Drink a beer, have a shot, and expose your arm," the lieutenant ordered. Both men hopped into action. Their clothes hit the floor in two piles of olive drab. These guys were Swedish from the bottom of their bare feet to the top of the blond spiky haircuts - big broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, hairless torsos, testicles like goose eggs and cocks big enough to choke a horse. They stood there shivering in the cold air.

"Wow, your taste in men is truly outstanding," I said the lieutenant wrapped a rubber strap around the one soldier's arm. He smacked his fingers on the soldier's forearm to raise the vein and shoved the needle in. The soldier shut his eyes as the injection course through his body. The lieutenant repeated the process on the second soldier. We watched as both soldiers lost their tans. They looked at each other in amazement.

"It's not cold anymore. I'm not freezing," the one soldier said. He picked up a beer and drank it. His cock thickened and rose to half-mast.

"I feel fucking horny. Am I supposed to feel horny?" the other soldier asked. He too grabbed a can of beer.

"Go to the storeroom and get some decent jock straps. Ignore the garbage that the army supplies. Bring back all of the sexy ones, enough for the rest of the squad," he barked. The two soldiers dashed out the door and slid on the snow outside. They both landed on their asses. They used each other to stand up and took off running. I watched through the door. They looked like little boys playing in the snow for the first time.

"I'll bet they jerk off in the storeroom. I'd put money on it," I said. Wolfgang came in dragging the medical officer. He surveyed the situation.

"You found the conversion kits, I see," he went over to the ammo box and checked out the contents. The lieutenant handed him a beer and a shot.

"One shot a day for five days, I see. That's about triple the necessary dosage, but then, who cares anymore," the medical officer took his coat off and set it on a chair. He drank the beer and followed it with a shot of whisky. Then he slowly and meticulously undressed. He was a short, fireplug of a man, bright red complexion, and thick barrel chest, coarse red body hair in all the right places, heavy shoulders and arms, thick thighs, and a fat cock with a long and much wrinkled foreskin.

"Hey he looks like you, Wolfgang," I said. Wolfgang and I laughed. The medical officer just looked puzzled. He stood there naked and shivering.

"How fast does this stuff take effect?" he said as the lieutenant injected his arm. Within seconds he stood there stark naked without shivering just like it was a hot summer day. He took his pulse and listened to his own heart. Then leaned on the bar and downed two shots of whisky. He turned and faced Wolfgang beckoning him to come over. Wolfgang took off his jock strap and pulled the foreskin of his cock wide. Precum drooled from the head of his cock. The medical officer pushed his stiff cock into the foreskin and both stood there jerking each other's cock inside the dual, fleshy sheaths. It looked like a bizarre dance until both man and boy stiffened and jerked. Their cocks pumped shot after shot of still hot jism into their bulging foreskins. The lieutenant waited until the last throb and ordered the two men, the medical officer and Wolfgang, to attention. As they snapped upright, the lieutenant knelt and pulled bock cocks into his mouth. He started licking and sucking the cum out from under the ample foreskins. He didn't stop when the first two soldiers returned carrying bunches of jock straps.

"Son of a bitch, look at that, our very own lieutenant sucking two dick at once," the one soldier said.

"Well, then, he won't object to you being an ass bandit and popping his cherry, will he?" the other soldier answered. The other six soldiers barreled into the room. They crowded around the four converted soldiers and had a poke and feel session. The lieutenant and the medical officer lined them up while Wolfgang and I poured the shots and beer. Within thirty seconds, six soldiers undressed and stood there buck-naked. The Lieutenant and the medical officer quickly gave them injections and began their conversion to cold tolerance. The medical officer set a timer for the next injection.

I took a good look at all the soldiers, the lieutenant was right; each man was hot, humpy and well hung. Not only that, but the past year at this base with its daily ski sessions, weightlifting and wrestling had put muscles on already fit muscles. The twelve of us quickly sank into an orgy of sucking, fucking, wrestling, groping, rimming and sex. All the pent-up sexuality that they would normally channel into weekend leave or masturbation exploded into no-holds-barred action. Beer and whisky flowed freely. The men sucked and fucked well into the evening. Wolfgang finally got his chance to wrestle with men that could match his gymnastic ability and strength. As big as Wolfgang was, he could bend and curl around enough to suck his own cock to orgasm. The soldiers took advantage of his flexibility to use and abuse his body for sex. Not that I lacked for attention. These young soldiers took advantage of every chance and being more bottom than top, I let them fuck my face and ass until my lips got numb and I thought my ass would never close. The soldiers melted the outdoor swimming pool and we all swam in the almost freezing water. The only break in the sexual action was the intervals spent in getting the subsequent four injections. Slowly the pink color left the soldiers bodies and their skin took on the marble-white with blue-vein accents coloration matching Wolfgang and my bodies.

Sometime near midnight, the lieutenant called a halt to all sexual activity. The soldiers cleaned up the main hall, showered, cooked and ate. Wolfgang showed each soldier the obvious reasons for wearing jocks. The lieutenant and I laughed each time Wolfgang succeeded in cracking another pair of nuts. Each soldier dutifully picked out his favorite jock strap and protector. The soldiers discovered that socks and boots kept you upright on ice.

We turned off most of the heating on the base leaving only the visitor's quarters warm. The lieutenant informed the Top Brass that the treatment was a success. The Top Brass sounded happy and told the lieutenant to carry on with normal activities and wait for further orders. One of the scientists got on the phone and told the lieutenant that one of the other ammo boxes contained lace up sandals made of a special rubber compound that would cling to their skin and if worn long enough would bind with the skin providing permanent protection. The soldiers found the ammo box and quickly laced up the sandals. The rubber stuff really worked. Our traction was better and it felt comfortable against our skin.

This was the day for our cross-country ski trek. Wolfgang and I just slid into the ski boots without socks. The rubber sandals and boots felt comfortable. The others followed out lead. We set out across the mountain and glacier. The soldiers discovered a new freedom of movement. They no longer had to fight multiple layers of clothing and huge parkas. Wolfgang and I picked up the pace of our skiing. After all, we didn't have to worry about sweating in the clothing and getting hypothermia. Our ski trek went faster and farther than we had ever traveled before. What normally was a six hour trek increased to twice the distance and an extra two hours time. The fresh cold air blowing across the mountains invigorated the soldiers. We blasted through passes and flats. Blissful, we returned to the base by way of the mountain. We planned a downhill race to see who won the race.

From the top of the mountain, we saw helicopters and men frantically running all over the base looking for use. The lieutenant stopped all of us.

"I suspect they have a rocket ready to blast off and they came to pick us up. There's a storm coming up behind us. It won't hurt us but they will want to leave before it hits the base. We race downhill and stay together. Don't let them separate us. Rusty, Wolfgang, stay with us. Use the cold to keep them away from us. It's important to stay together until we get into space. Understand?" We all added our agreement to the lieutenant's orders. He signaled the start of the downhill race. Down below, the lookouts saw twelve screaming maniacs on skis working their way down the mountainside. The entire troop of visitors stood and watched the race through binoculars. Two of the soldiers sacrificed speed for hot-dogging and did jumps and flips over the snow mounds. The medical officer whizzed across the base perimeter in first place. He grew up on skis and was hard to beat. Wolfgang was second. The lieutenant and I came up in the middle of the group. The visitors cheered the winners as they stared at twelve men wearing jockstraps in a frozen wasteland. We all stepped out of our skis and walked over to the command hut.

The lieutenant and the soldiers lined up in two rows ands saluted a rather dour looking General.

"Welcome to research base thirty seven, Sir. I apologize for not being here to meet you. This was our cross-country day and we took longer than normal," the lieutenant barked. His abs and chest muscles stood out as he talked. I could see a couple of the General's soldiers shift their equipment through their clothing. A lookout was playing pocket pool while staring at us.

"I know, lieutenant, we tracked you through your locator implants. You covered a lot of ground today. I'm impressed." The General stared at much more than the lieutenant's face.

"We try to stay fit, Sir," the lieutenant replied. One of the General's aids nearly choked. The General just glared at him.

"You certainly are fit, all of you. I've seldom seen a unit so fit before," the General answered. He turned his attention to Wolfgang and me.

"Two two must be Russell Fitzgerald and Wolfgang Reidel."

"Glad to meet you, General. I answered. The General extended his bare hand for me to shake. I didn’t move, but Wolfgang did grab his hand and give him a hearty shake up and down. The General yanked his hand back in discomfort.

"You see, Sir, we are no longer warm, we're cold," Wolfgang added.

"Sorry Sir, I should have warned you," the lieutenant said anxiously.

"Well, I suppose you want to know why we are here. Well, there's no sense in beating around the shrubbery. You are right to wonder what all of us are doing here." This person is long-winded, I thought.

"As you know, most of the universe, well to be more explicit, most of our solar system is cold. One of the impossibilities of space travel is keeping the traveler warm. The fuel required is too great to carry. Not only that, the nuclear fuel is deadly. In addition, as you know, cryogenic sleep or suspended animation has always been impossible thanks to the formation of ice crystals in the human body. So when we heard about you two surviving the avalanche, we started to explore the possibility that we could exploit the agent that let you survive." He stopped to brush some snow from his face. The wind was picking up. A snowstorm crested the mountain and started down the slope.

"Aw fuck," the General said studying the sky. "A special rocket is waiting across the Baltic at Peenemunde to take you twelve up to the EU's space station. There you will board the first faster-than-light spaceship design to explore the solar system. Now if we don't get into the helicopters we'll be stuck here in the storm," the General finished and began to move towards one of the helicopters. The lieutenant went over and pushed the pilot and copilot out of one of a helicopter similar to the one he used to fly Wolfgang and me up here. The pilot handed over the maps and the Lieutenant lifted off the ground. We rose quickly as we strapped ourselves in.

"I don't want us to get split up. Whatever they want us to do, stay together and don't wear any military issue jockstraps," the lieutenant said. The General's helicopter took the lead, flew down across Scandinavia, across the Baltic, and landed at Peenemunde on the German coast. The temperatures were too hot for us and they kept shuffling us from freezer to freezer. We all stayed together and finally they quit trying to separate us. The doctors gave all of us additional shots of the freezing proteins. Finally, we all boarded the shuttle and entered a container in the cargo bay. They strapped us into the seats. There were no controls, no windows, nothing but smooth surfaces. They sealed us inside the compartment and began to cool it by pumping liquid oxygen into the container. The temperature would drop to minus 150 C by the time we reached the orbital station.

"They're going to saturate us with liquid oxygen. It won't harm us," the lieutenant said.

I was the only one who had any experience with cryogenic cold: "You'll feel sleepy, but you don't have to sleep. It does feel cold but that's because you're warmer than the oxygen," I explained. The soldiers looked scared. Hell, we all were scared. Liquid oxygen poured into the container. It was about a six inches deep.

"What's up with the military jockstraps?" I asked the lieutenant. We watched a digital clock clicking down the time to ignition.

"The jocks were made from the same rubber as our sandals. They would have been very effective and very comfortable jock. However, the rubber has a little surprise. Try to take off your sandals," he said. I reached down and tugged at the rubber thongs tied around my calves. The rubber wouldn't release. The level of liquid oxygen reached my butt. I could feel its coldness penetrating everything.

"I can't. The rubber seems to be stuck to my skin," I said. The liquid oxygen rose relentlessly up past my navel.

"Right, it's not only stuck fast, it's become part of your skin. They originally thought this rubber would be great as padding under backpacks and belts. That worked very well. Then the politicos got involved and had them make jock straps. Once a jock strap stuck to your cock and balls, you couldn’t remove it and you couldn't get an erection. One of the political factions decided there should be no sex in outer space. I found out about it from the other factions. They're already using this rubber to punish rapists, adulterers, unfaithful husbands, sex offenders, and they want to use it in the prisons to cut down on sex. There's a formulation of the rubber that shrinks slowly over several months. Imagine wearing a jock strap that crushed your equipment little by little and you couldn't remove it. The reports showed men with cocks and balls shrunken down to the size of little baby cocks and kiddy balls." By the time the lieutenant finished his explanation, the liquid oxygen had risen up past my chest and over my shoulders.

"Well, that's behind us. How are we going to get from this shuttle into the spaceship?" I asked. They could just dump us out into the vacuum of space to die, I thought.

"The shuttle crew will open our cargo bay and set this container in the cargo bay of our spaceship. When they close the cargo bay, this tank will depressurized and the oxygen will fill the new space ship. That's the plan," he answered and then stopped the liquid level flowed up over out mouths. The straps prevented us from rising and eventually we all breathed in the liquid oxygen. The twelve of us were completely submerged in liquid oxygen. It felt good as it saturated our bodies.

The ignition was loud thump. The takeoff and acceleration was something else. Even cushioned by the seats and the liquid we still were bounced around and crushed by the G forces. It seemed to take forever for the engines to shut off and then begin again. We couldn't talk or communicate in any way. After a time the engine noise stopped and we felt the booster rockets fall away. The rest of the flight was quiet and dark.

Clangs and bangs heralded the opening of the cargo bay doors. The container lurched as a remote controlled crane lifted the container we were in and placed it over in the cargo bay of the spaceship. We heard more clanking and banging. That must be the cargo bay doors on our spaceship, I though. A plastic seam at the front of the container we sat in split open and the front portion of the container fell away. Liquid oxygen flowed out and boiled away in the near vacuum of our new spaceship. It took a half an hour for the oxygen to equilibrate at 24 kilo-Pascals throughout the ship. When that happened, the locks holding the straps on our chairs released and let us out. The lieutenant checked the temperature in the spaceship. It was uniformly minus 150 centigrade.

"What a ride. I never want to do that again," I said. My voice sounded screwy. I reached a hand to my throat.

"Your voice will sound goofy until your body releases all the oxygen it absorbed," he said. He led us from the cargo bay up to the living quarters. Each of the soldiers had an electronic notebook to read and study. The spaceship was semi-autonomous. It would leave earth orbit in two hours.

The living area was a large compartment on the end of a rotating arm. Rotation provided gravity. Storage lockers set into the walls lined the sidewalls and one large sleeping platform was set into the middle of the floor. The lieutenant told us that he helped design this space to maximize the closeness of the crew. The social scientists and politicos wanted private rooms but they never accounted for sexual activity between the men nor the closeness that was necessary on long space flights. The spaceship had a good gym and exercise area. The other end of the rotating arm was a well-equipped machine shop and laboratory. The central shaft of the ship had the weightless control room at the fore and the nuclear propulsion system at the aft. Cargo bays for food, equipment and shuttlecrafts were forward of the rotating wheel in the center. Overall, it was a sound design.

After ten days of learning the spaceship, we blasted off for the outer planets. But that is another story.

14800 words more or less

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