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31 October 2004

The phone rang. Michael's face and ID sprang to life on the screen of the cellphone. Ricky recognized their special cabin in the woods behind Michael's face.

"Michael, you've been hiding from me the past two weeks. What's going on?" Ricky asked.

"I found it and I bought it. It arrives in an hour. Get your sorry ass up here so we can settle our bet."

"You dirty dog. You've been hiding this from me. How, where... did you find it?"

"I'll tell you all about when you get here," Michael turned his cellphone off. Ricky cancelled his appointments and left for the cabin. He arrived at the cabin in time to see deliverymen unloading a large wooden crate and carrying it into the cabin. He waited until they finished and then parked his Cooper Mini next to Michael's nearly identical Cooper Mini in the wooden shack that doubled as a garage. His special passenger would be well hidden for a few hours. The fall air was cool and quiet. Crickets, a few birds, and some squirrels made forest sounds as they prepared for the coming winter and Ricky walked the short distance to the house. Michael pried the nails from the crate.

"How? Where?" Ricky said helping lift the lid.

"A website had the right words on it. So, I followed it. It leads to, of all things, a meat-packing company," Mike said. Both Michael and Ricky lifted the front panel from the crate and set it next to the box. Excelsior and balled-up newspaper spilled out of the crate.

"I'll start a fire. We can burn all this for heat," Ricky said. He used the hook on his right arm to open a large potbelly stove at the far end of the cabin and began to stuff it with packing materials. It took three tries to light the match with only an index finger and thumb on his right hand. Michael had a hook in place of his right hand and the two middle fingers of his left hand were missing.

Michael and Ricky liked nearly identical alterations, as they called their handiwork. They discovered their mutual love of pain when a college fishing trip turned into a mutual piercing extravaganza. In the past ten years, they altered their bodies in various ways. In addition to missing hands and fingers, they both had one artificial foot, no toes, no teeth, and pierced cocks.

It took them the better part of an hour to disassemble the crate. The stove made the room hot. Michael and Ricky stripped naked to deal with the heat. Their bodies glistened with sweat. The device stood seven feet tall and resembled an upright sarcophagus. Michael and Ricky examined the device carefully.

The front of the iron maiden opened to reveal a body-shaped depression with thick metal rings to hold the subject in place. Sharp metal blades neatly hid in the walls lining the inside of the device. Hidden motors waited to release the blades onto the body held in the iron maiden's embrace. A second door in the base revealed a second chamber beneath designed to catch any liquids that drained from the top chamber.

"I never thought we'd find it. It's gorgeous. I've never seen anything as beautiful," Michael said.

"You said you bought it from a meat company?" Ricky said.

"Well, I think it's a meat packing company. They owner's name might be Meat. He lives in Hawaii... Friendly sort of guy. He even offered to send someone to help with the device," Michael explained.

"Now that's a friendly thought. I guess you couldn't ask if the helper was a virgin," Ricky asked. They both laughed at the prospect.

"Not bloody likely. No, not bloody likely at all. We need a virgin," Michael said.

"I found a hitchhiker driving up here. He's trussed up and drugged in my car. How's that for a 'bloody likely chance,' Dude?" Ricky smiled. Michael and Ricky went out to the car to get the hitchhiker. The fall air cooled their naked bodies. They carried the drugged hitchhiker back into the house and began to strip him of his clothing.

"What's his story?" Michael asked.

"Typical runaway, mother and father were hard-core religious types. He never touched another guy or girl in his life. He just thought about being with guys. He came out to his family and they threw him out of the house. He spilled his guts to me practically in tears. I almost felt sorry for him. I felt his pain." Ricky lied so well he was proud of it. He rolled his eyes at all the puns he thought were witty and neat. Michael ignored the double meanings. He pulled the hitchhiker's shoes off. Ricky cut away his several sets of clothing to reveal a young, athletic body.

"He's a good looking kid. I'd rather keep him as a fuck toy than sacrifice him," Ricky said. He stroked the muscles of the teenager's nearly hairless body and fondled the thick cock and heavy balls.

"But you know we needed the blood of a virgin. Damn, he's really cute," Michael said.

"You want him bad enough to give up the embrace of the iron maiden? You want to give up becoming immortal for him. You want to give up on our oaths?" Ricky said.

"No, I'm going to enjoy bathing in his virgin blood. There will be other bodies to lust after," Michael shrugged.

Together they stood the hitchhiker's body in the depression inside the device and bolted the steel straps around his arms, legs and torso. The teenaged hitchhiker's head rested on his chest. Michael bolted the last strap around the hitchhiker's forehead. Ricky administered a hypo into the teen's neck. He opened his eyes slowly. He tried to shake off the bonds, but he couldn't.

"What's going on? What's happening?" the teen said. His muscles straining against the steel rings. His eyes darted in panic.

"You're going to be part of a grand adventure, young man. You're going to become our ticket to eternal pleasure," Ricky said.

"We wanted you to see and understand this device before we close you inside it. It's designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to transform your body into the perfect vessel for pain," Michael said as he opened a medical suture set and handed it to Ricky. Michael pushed the teen's jaw shut and Ricky sewed his lips together. The steel strap prevented the boy from stopping him. Tears formed in the teen's eyes.

"Don't cry, dear boy. There are literally thousands of stainless steel blades and hooks just waiting to devour your body. Think of the divine pleasure as each of those blades caress you. as the blood drips from your, as your flesh and bone separates. It will start with the most delicate parts of your anatomy and it will finish when your bodily fluids drain into the well below your feet. I envy you being the first to experience the ultimate embrace of this new, mechanized iron maiden as it tears your soft flesh... tears and shreds your body, your mind. I can't wait to hear your bones break and shatter as steel blades turn you into a puddle of bloody-red jelly."

The kid screamed and cried while Michael pushed his hands over the kid's eyes. Ricky carefully sewed the lids shut. Now blind, mute, and helpless, the teenager stood barely breathing, waiting for the end. Ricky and Michael closed the lower door over the teen's body and fastened the heavy steel latches to seal the door shut. Then he closed the upper door and sealed the teen completely in the iron maiden. Status lights blinked on the front of the apparatus. Michael punched the button marked "probe." Inside the Iron Maiden, the knives probed the teen's body getting ready for their next task.

"I really do envy him getting to christen the iron maiden. It's a shame he won't appreciate the exquisite pain of each blade plunging into his body," Michael whispered deep in thought.

"You can still take his place. It's not too late. Look, whether this works or not, we're never going to leave this cabin alive again. We'll be able to enjoy the iron maiden twenty-four seven," Ricky said. Michael shrugged and looked dejected. He reached to trigger the device but stopped.

"Look, you found the device. Maybe you should be the first to enjoy it. I won't be angry if you use it first. I'll set the controls to flay your body and spill just enough of your blood to wet the inside of the iron maiden. Then we can put the boy back into the device and turn the mahcine back into a cusinart. You know what they say about it - first blood is the most painful..." Ricky poked Michael who shook his head in agreement.

"Just make sure you completely flay the flesh from my body and leave the muscle," Michael said.

"I have just the right materials for your flayed body," Ricky smiled cruelly clearly delighted at his new opportunity. Ricky smiled and went over to a cabinet above the pot belly stove. He pulled out a pound container of salt. Michael's cock rose in anticipation of salt being poured over his flayed body.

They released the latches on the iron maiden and removed the boy's limp body from the apparatus. They handcuffed him to a bed. Unable to see or talk, he sobbed softly. Michael removed his artificial hand and foot and hopped into the iron maiden. Ricky bolted the steel straps around his body and closed the body portion of the iron maiden's door over Michael's body leaving only his head exposed. He tapped the "probe" button and watched Michael's face. Once again, thousands of small razor-sharp knives and hooks probed his body.

"How does the touch of the maiden feel?" Ricky asked.

"Strange... strange... Really helpless, I can't move at all. And the knives are alive and probing my body. Even flexing my muscles doesn't stop the pinching. This is even tighter than that rope stuff we did last year. It's pain but not pain... Waiting is agony. Are you going to close the headpiece or let me suffer?" Michael said.

"No reason to close the headpiece yet," Rickey said as he punched a code into the control panel. Michael screamed as the knives cut the skin from his body. Ricky waited until he stopped moaning before he opened the door. The rush of air made Michael's body hurt. Not a single piece of skin remained, only bloody muscle, tendon and skeleton stood in the iron maiden. Ricky reisted the temptation to embrace Michael's bloody body. Instead he threw the salt on the raw and bleeding flesh and listened to Michael's screams, music to his ears.

"Feel good yet?" Ricky asked as he closed the iron maiden leaving only Michael's head exposed. He dropped out of sight for a moment and then popped back into view. He held the surgical needles in his good hand.

"Remember how you flayed my foot before we amputated it? Remember how you tricked me into sticking my hand into that garbage disposal without telling me you were going to turn it on?" Ricky asked his voice sharp and hard.

"Well, yes, but you enjoyed those tricks," Michael said watching Ricky wave the surgical needle in front of his face. Michael took a deep breath and tried to squirm in the grip of the steel encasing his body.

"I guess I like that as much as you'll like this. Im setting the machine to total annihilation. Imagine the thrill as living muscle is ripped from your bones. I like emasculation, followed by evisceration and finally the cusinart setting that chops your bones into dust," Ricky said staring right into Michael's face.

"Fuck!" Michael said. He realized just how helpless he was and how soon the iron maiden would do its handiwork on his body.

"I'm going to sew your eyes and mouth shut. You won't object if I'm a little rough, will you? Next time you see me, well, next time I SEE you, you'll be nothing but bloody goo dripping down on top of me. Enjoy the maiden as she makes love to you," Ricky said as he plunged a surgical needle through Michael's upper lip and into his lower lip. Michael closed his mouth tight as Ricky stitched his lips together. The stitches were rough and ragged. Little rivulets of blood ran down his chin and underneath the metal enclosing his body. Then Ricky plunged the curved surgical needle through one of Michael's lower eyelids and into the upper one. Michael's head jerked as the needle caught part of his eyeball. Ricky put three more stitches into the lid and did the other eye. Blind and mute, he heard the needle and forceps crash across the room.

"Now, Michael, now you're not only absolutely helpless but also completely vulnerable. I don't even have to close the lid on your head to activate the iron maiden," Ricky pushed a button on front and several small motors whirled and buzzed. Hooks and knives removed the metal rings piercing Michaels cock, balls, and nipples. Ricky watched the expression on Michael's face.

"See what I mean, completely under my control," Ricky laughed wickedly as he shut the lid over Michael's head. He tapped the button to begin the second phase. Razor-sharp knives began to make shallow cuts in the head of Michael's cock and remains of his nipples. This slicing would go on for the better part of an hour. Each shallow cut more painful than the one before it.

Ricky stepped away from the iron maiden and went over to the hitchhiker. The kid lay handcuffed on the bed. Ricky carefully cut the stitches holding his lips shut.

"I thought I was dead when you closed the door of that thing you call the iron maiden. It kept pricking me with those knives like it wanted to cut me," he gasped. Ricky hugged the teen's trembling body.

"I told you how he would react. Michael's lust for pain and his compulsion to be first overrides any of his actions," Ricky said.

"So he's locked inside it, now? Just like I was," the teen held his hand to his face afraid to touch his eyes.

"If you lay down I'll take those stitches out. I'll have to be careful not to hurt your eyeballs," Ricky held the teen's head and examined the stitches.

"No, I don't want to see what we're doing. Let's complete the ritual first," the teen said. He pushed Ricky away with an awkward gesture.

"You understand the risk? You may never see again," Ricky said.

"Yes, of course I understand," the teen said. Ricky led him over to the iron maiden and activated a second program on the iron maiden. The base of the maiden opened to reveal the collection pan for the fluids from Michael's body. A thin layer of blood covered the bottom of the pan. Ricky and the teen hitchhiker jammed their bodies into the base. The motorized door closed relentlessly crushing them together. Their faces pressed against the screen just under Michael's feet. The door wouldn't open until the iron maiden turned Michael's body into liquid.

"Almost big enough," Ricky gasped in the blackness.

"How long before it's complete?" the teen asked barely able to breathe.

"A couple..." Ricky started to say. The noise of electric motors filled the chamber. The iron maiden's knives began to slice up Michael's body. It started at his head, removing his scalp, his face, his ears leaving muscle and tendon exposed to the rough probes. Then the machine moved down his torso, slicing through the musculature of his shoulders, pectorals and abdomen. Michael moaned with pleasure as the knives made many little cuts and the hooks ripped bits of muscle from his body. Ricky felt soft drops of warm blood drip onto their bodies. Ricky licked it and tasted iron. The knives continued to remove skin and muscle from Michael's body - a few of knives carving Michael's cock into thin slivers and then plunged deep into his testicles and lower abdomen removing his manhood completely. Still very much alive, Michael tried to scream in pain but he had no mouth or vocal cords left. The knives began to open his abdominal wall and eviscerate his organs. Bit by bit, the knives cut and the hooks pulled and yanked. Blood and other bodily fluids dripped down filling the lower chamber where Ricky and the teen lay captive. The essence of Michael's flesh covered both of them.

The iron maiden replaced the knives with small spinners equally as sharp. First, the spinners plunged into Michael's eyeballs whipping the ichor into a frothy pulp and then they plunged deeper into the bones of his skull. The iron maiden buzzed as the spinners pureed what was left of Michael. They ripped into bone and flesh alike pulverizing all of it into liquid. The chamber holding Ricky and the teen filled with blood and gore. The space wasn't built for two, so the gore overflowed completely covering their bodies and barely giving them room to breath. They writhed as the hot fluid filled the space around them. It burnt their bodies in a strange, blood-hot fire. Slippery with gore, their bodies twisted and rubbed together making them horny. The tight space along with their movements drove them to orgasms, their stiff dicks pumping white hot-sperm into the mix of fluids. Their bodies absorbed most of the fluid.

Without warning, the door to the lower chamber opened and released them. Dark, red-black blood covered their bodies. They slid out of the chamber slick with blood and gore. Both of their bodies had grown bigger and stronger. The treatment restored Ricky's amputated hand and foot and healed all his various lost parts. Above them, the iron maiden opened its doors to reveal a bloody red interior, the only evidence that Michael's body ever existed. Ricky and his teen companion sat up and leaned on each other. Their bodies stuck together with half-dried blood. They cleared the bloody gore from their mouths and noses gasping from their transformation. They staggered to their feet and looked inside the iron maiden.

"Tell me what you see," the teen asked.

"A fine coating of blood on stainless steel," Ricky answered. He touched the inner surface and licked his finger. The blood was still wet and tasty.

"I can see that. I also see that it restored your hand and foot," the teen pulled Ricky closer to him and felt his hands and arms.

"Yes, I'm whole again," Ricky said holding the kid's face directly in front of his face. The liquids inside the iron maiden dissolved the stitches from the teen's eyes. But, his eyelids had fused together completely covering his eyes. Smooth skin covered his face where his eyes should be.

"I can see your face is still covered with red-black gunk. I can see the device behind you, too," the teen whooped in pleasure.

"So it's true, then. You're clairvoyant or some such thing," Ricky hugged the kid. He felt the added muscle and strength in both their bodies.

"Where's your friend Michael? Dead? I thought you said he would survive the embrace of the iron maiden," the teen said.

"His spirit is trapped inside the iron maiden. Anytime it's used, he'll feel and enjoy the pain it produces. In a way, he'll live forever," Ricky remarked.

"What about his physical body? I'm still confused about that," the teen asked.

"We absorbed his physical body. There's nothing left but his mind. The only way to restore a body after the iron maiden whips it into liquid is to place the remains in an artificial body," Ricky answered.

He hopped up onto the platform and examined the inside of the iron maiden. Afraid but curious, the teen stepped up on the platform with him. Unmistakably, the interior with its bright, shiny knives and sharp hooks fascinated Ricky. He demonstrated how one person could fasten the latches by himself and seal himself in the iron maiden. In one position, the latches would open anytime and in another, they couldn't open until the iron maiden completed its cycle. He explained several different cycles to the teen. One cycle only removed the genitals. Another flayed the skin off the body and left the man alive. A third cycle amputated selected limbs leaving the torso intact. The ultimate cycles completely dismembered the body. The teen listened attentively.

"When I was locked inside the iron maiden I heard you two discuss an oath or a promise. What was that all about," the teen asked.

"Ah, years ago, we took an oath that we would do everything together. We both amputated the same parts of our bodies. Stuff like that," Ricky tried to make it sound less important than it actually was. He leaned back into the depression and felt the razor knives caress his back. He stepped completely into the depression, spreading his legs out, resting his butt on the cold metal surface. He leaned over and nervously flipped the metal straps around his ankles and thighs. It felt too good to stop.

"This device really fascinates you, doesn't it?" the teen said.

"More than I could ever explain..." Ricky said.

"I think I understand from being inside. I know how terrifying and exciting it can be to have it probing your body with razor-sharp knives... and exciting," the teen said. His cock thickened. So did Ricky's cock. The teen rubbed their hardons together.

Trembling, Ricky latched the metal straps around his ankles and thighs so that they wouldn't open. He latched another strap around his hips. His cock twitched with excitement. They both laughed nervously as the kid pumped bith their cocks. Ricky closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his broad pectoral muscles expanded. He leaned his head backwards, waiting.

The teen rubbed his thumbs around Ricky's pierced nipples. This is too good to pass up", Ricky thought. He smacked the back of his head against the iron maiden making the metal strap snap around his head and lock in place. It latched solidly in place. Ricky couldn't look left or right, up or down. He could have reached up and released the strap, but instead he reached around and fastened his left bicep and wrist under the metal straps. He held his right arm in its depression.

"Yeah, I got it bad, kid. Pain fascinates me. Pain excites me. Michael and I made pain our existence. We had many happy hours of painful sex together." Ricky's cock stood erect and throbbed up and down with his heartbeat. The teen felt lust build in his body too. Slowly, half-afraid, his hands shaking, the teen bolted the metal straps over Ricky's right arm. Ricky stood helpless in the grip of the iron maiden. The platform was so small that he could feel Ricky's heart beating. Their cocks touched. The teen pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the head of his cock against the head or Ricky's cock.

"Nah, I can't do this to you," the teen said. He reached up to release the clamps.

"I'm not going to hate you if you do it, kid. All you gotta do hit the repeat button. The iron maiden will close the doors and do the rest. I get to have a few hours of pain and pleasure with Michael. Afterward, well, just have a bucket and mop ready," Ricky laughed and winked at the teen. He knew how the sightless gift worked and he knew the kid saw the wink.

"What if I absorbed your body and trapped your mind in the iron maiden with Michael? Would you hate me?" the teen asked.

"...Won't bother me. In fact, I want you to do it. But, before we go on, I have to tell you that you'll have to absorb someone every few months just to stay alive. That way, Michael and me won't get bored or lonely," He studied the teen to make sure he understood.

"Gee, thanks for telling me that. It wasn't like it was important," the teen said sarcastically. Ricky chuckled. The teen glared at Ricky andgry at his fate.

"What if I just leave you here like this? What if I stand here for a few hours trying to decide?"

"In a few minutes the door will close automatically and if you're standing there it will trap you inside. The door won't open until we're both liquefied. Just think, our cocks rubbing together in their last orgasm before the knives and hooks rip our bodies into dog food. although I'd definitely enjoy that, you might not. You can do it, you know, just stand against me and together we'll both learn the meaning of real pain and real pleasure. I almost did that when I first put you inside the iron maiden,"

"Whatever," the teen said flipping Ricky the bird. Ricky attempted to shrug his shoulders.

"Look kid, Michael and I belong together in this machine enjoying the pain it inflicts on men's bodies. You, kid, you have to find your own partner for the pleasures of the flesh. Step down and close the doors," Ricky finished. Clearly pissed off, the teen stepped down and closed the lower door around Ricky's body leaving only his head exposed.

"Aw don't be pissy, kid. You're getting a bargain here. You get to live forever while I get ripped apart and spend eternity as a disembodied spirit. Now be a good boy and do the right thing..." Ricky's voice trailed off. The teen stared at the control panel.

"There's no fucking repeat key," the teen said. Ricky rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Honestly, for the computer generation you kids are just so dumb sometimes. Punch "7734+" into the pad and hit enter. Got that?" Ricky said and the teen punched in the code. The door in the base opened up. The teen looked at it and kicked it with his bare foot. It wouldn't close.

"My treat for you, kid, you get to absorb my physical body... my good looks... charm... big dick... warped cravings... Go ahead, crawl inside and enjoy yourself," Ricky said. The upper door on the iron maiden closed over Ricky's head. The kid tucked his body the base. He heard felt the door close but it wasn't dark. He was able to look up through the grating at Ricky's body. His sight let him see in the dark. He felt the knives probe Ricky's body.

"Hey, I can feel what you feel. Must be my new power," the teen said aloud. He felt the pain of sharp knives slicing through Ricky's neck destroying his vocal cords before he could talk. The intensity of the pain stunned him. Then he felt the mental presence of Michael enhacing the pain, forcing him to enjoy Rickey's dismemberment.

The iron maiden extended knives and began to take thin slices out of Ricky's erect cock. Each slice exposing more sensitive nerve endings until Ricky's testicles reached orgasm and pumped a lot of jism onto the cuts increasing the pain. Then the knives cut into the throbbing testicles and diced them into tiny pieces of bloody flesh. The teen felt warm blood flavored by sperm dripping onto his body. His tits lit up in pain as the knives sliced deeper into Ricky's tits and then began flaying the skin off Ricky's body bit-by-bit, exposing raw muscle to the cutting edges of the knives. It seemed like hours of exquisite pain passed before the iron maiden finished ripping and shredding Ricky's muscles. The iron maiden opened Ricky's stomach and began to eviscerate his organs. Blood and gore flowed down Ricky's legs and into the chamber beneath his feet. The spinners popped out of the walls of the iron maiden and plunged into Ricky's skull by burrowing through his eyeballs. As the bones of his skull cracked open, the rest of the spinners began their relentless course inward ripping flesh and crushing bone. Thanks to his new mental abilities, the teen felt every cut, slice and maceration. Liquefied blood and gore poured down on top of his body. It blistered his body like hot metal. Soaking his skin and saturating his cells with Ricky's physical essence. When the absorption process finished, the teen lay there for a long time before he pushed the door to the chamber open.

He slowly felt his way out of the base of the iron maiden. A new understanding of pain and pleasure filled his mind. The added physicality of two human bodies incorporated into his body made him slow and awkward in his movements. His mind could reach out to see the room without sight. The visible world no longer existed and a mental world with an entirely new spectrum of colors, flavors and sights took its place. Like coming out of the dark and into the bright sunlight, the teen took time to adjust to his new vision.

He lay on the floor naked. His hands rubbed his body and discovered massive new muscles, genitals worthy of a small horse, and a new flexibility and agility. He got up and walked around the room. His new body felt burly, tough and athletic. His new cock and balls throbbed with a sexual power just waiting to be unleashed. Narrowing his vision, he found a large mirror on the back of a door and admired his new body with its coating of dark-red, blood-colored gore. He licked his bicep and saw alabaster-white skin underneath.

He found the bath and shower and used the hot water from the cabin's small heater to clean his body. He left the shower refreshed. The sun had set and a single, small light bulb cast a dark and spooky glow over the cabin's interior. He started searching for food and found little cans of spiced ham and corned beef in the refrigerator along with nearly stale bread. It tasted better than it looked. He started to search for the car keys, but instead, he found a jock and a sweat suit big enough to fit his new body. He didn't want to wear the outfit until he left the cabin. It was hot and being naked was comfortable. He didn't know about the cars in the garage out back and he wasn't anxious to explore the woods around the cabin in the dark. He lay down and slept fitfully, waking more than sleeping. It wasn't only ten o'clock when he gave up trying to sleep. He had a long, boring night ahead of him.

The teen looked around the cabin for something else to do. He didn't know what he wanted. A reflection off the metal door of the iron maiden caught his eye. He walked over to the iron maiden and opened the doors. The interior of the iron maiden gleamed like burnished copper. The once sparkling stainless steel, now blooded, had a beautiful sheen.

The teen examined the mechanism with the doors open wide. He discovered several different types and shapes of knives and hooks that the machine used to dismember a body. As he ran his hands over the inner surface, it moved. The interior surface of the iron maiden adjusted to the contours of his hand. He stepped forward against the lower door of the iron maiden and let it conform to his body from his washboard abs down his muscular thighs and to the tops of his feet. Each time, he felt the knives and hooks probe his torso as the surface conformed to his muscular contours.

A sudden pinch made him pull away to reveal a blood-red, oozing pentagram neatly inscribed on his lower abdomen in razor-thin cuts. He barely felt the knives. He smeared the tiny droplets of blood across his stomach with his hand.

"It tasted my blood. Now, it can taste my cum," he thought. He stepped against the door and let his cock sink into the metal surface.

His cock stiffened and his heart raced at the sharpness of the blades. He stepped away from the door. No other cuttings appeared. He stepped against the door again and more symblos appeared on his flesh. Again, he let the mechanism caress his body and almost painlessly carve satanic symbols into his flesh. Feeling hot and sexy, he stroked his cock rock hard so it pointed out from his body. He stepped against the door and let the head of his cock sink into the metal surface.

The knives beneath the surface felt dangerous on the delicate and sensitive flesh. The danger excited excited him, arousing his cock, making it stiffen and harden even more as he pumped it slowly deeper and deeper into the door.

You want to taste my cum, don't you," he directed his thoughts at the iron maiden.

The knives and hooks felt like a hot mouth sucking his cock deep into its hidden throat. He felt his balls and stomach touch the door. The knives tickled and teased his body. He flexed his hips once or twice and then tried to step back from the door. A ring of knives encircled his cock and balls preventing him from removing them. He started to pull out, but the knives and hooks would have sliced his cock apart. He stood there and tried to relax.

"This was stupid," he thought. He tried to think his cock soft, but couldn't. He felt a ring of steel slide around his back at his waist and pull his abdomen tight against the door. The door moved him back a bit. He struggled against the pressure from the door as it slowly pushed his body backwards towards the main corpus of the iron maiden. He leaned against the door to hold it open. Steel rings slid around legs and torso pulling his body tight against the door. His feet slid over the slick grid as the iron maiden relentlessly enclosed his body. With surprising swiftness, the iron maiden captured his thickly muscled body and slid himinexorably backwards and into the mechanism.

His body dripped with sweat as the lower door of the iron maiden clanged shut and latched itself against the body of the device. The iron maiden covered the lower half of his body from his waist down to his feet. The upper doors remained open and his head and torso remained free. His chest heaved from the exertions to release his body, he felt the interior surface conform to the back of his body as metal straps pulled his shoulders and head tight against the mechanism. Witin a few minutes, the upper door closed over his torso leaving only his head and neck in view.

With his new brand of clairvoyant eyesight, he could "see" the knives begin to touch and poke his cock arousing it even more than before. His cock stiffened and throbbed.

Sharp hooks retracted his foreskin and needle-like knifepoints pricked the sensitive head of his cock. Seeing and feeling just made him hornier. He struggled mentally so he didn't slip into enjoying the pain as pleasure. He knew that if the iron maiden could excite him to orgasm, it would close completely and nothing would stop it from slicing him into bloody bits.

The iron maiden acted with a purpose. Its knives, hooks and needles pinched and poked other parts of the teen's body until he moved into the position it wanted. It spread his fingers apart and began to tickle his palms, wrists and arms. The tickling and pinching moved up his arms and into his armpits. The iron maiden forced his arms up and away from his body and moved parts of its apparatus against in every curve of his upper body. Knife tips delicately touched his nipples alternately pinching and tickling them into hard sexual pleasure. The teen jumped and wiggled as the stimulation drove him to laugh. Then knives pushed harder and the tickling turned to exquisite pain. The teen struggled to keep his emotions under control.

The iron maiden then spread his toes and tickled first his feet, then moved up his legs to his body. The teen almost lost it as the iron maiden stimulated his inner thighs and crotch. When it stopped, the teen discovered that the machine had moved his legs wide apart for its eventual assault on the delicate flesh between his genitals and his asshole. A metal probe gently opened his butt-hole and slid its tingly presence inside his body. I expanded and grew until it rested against his prostate. Once there, it began to buzz. It's only a matter of time," the teen thought. Yet he continued to resist.

The teen banged his head off the back of the iron maiden. The iron maiden responded by sliding a band around his forehead and pulling his head tight so he couldn't move. It then slid a vibrating metal probe deep into his cock draining his bladder and filling it with vibrations. The vibrations aroused his entire body.

The clock on the wall chimed eleven times. The teen set a target to stay alive at least until midnight. The iron maiden's probing and pinching intensified. It would bring the teen nearly to the brink of orgasm and then back off by creating too much pain. Each assault left him gasping for breath and dripping with sweat. The temperature in the iron maiden increased to relax the teen's body. The teen could feel the tiny cuts that the knives made all over his body. He could feel the endorphins and andrenalins buildiong as he approached orgasm. Each time, his tolerance to pain increased and the threshold of his orgasm got closer. He watched the clock as each near orgasm subsided.

Just at midnight headlights appeared in front of the cabin. A man walked through the door. A red glow enveloped the man's image. It kept shifting from human to something else. The teen ignored his new eyesight. The iron maiden began another stimulation cycle. Between the temperature and the tightness in his balls, the kid didn't think he could last too much longer.

"Hey dude, punch three sixes into the keypad and hit enter," he said. The man smiled at him and examined the iron maiden. The teen gasped as waves of pleasure and pain started to build in his cock. Hooks poked and pinched his hard nipples and circled them in slow patterns. A trio of knives touched their edges on the head of his cock and began to rotate around it just hard enough to make his cock throb but not enough to cut into it.

"What if I just shut the door on your head?" the man asked.

"No, no, no, no. Please don't do that. This machine is going to slice me into thousands of little bits if you don't stop it. Please type the code in and let me out. Please, I'll give you anything if you just let me out... I'll do anything just to get free..." the teen begged. The probe at his prostate buzzed into overdrive pushing his body towards orgasm.

"But Michael and Ricky want you to reach orgasm. They're teaching you to enjoy pain. Don't you want to learn from them?" the man said.

"Who are you?" the teen asked as the knives began to make tiny, shallow cuts in the ticklish parts of his arms and legs. The sensations of pain and pleasure merged as hooks began to peel the skin from his muscles.

"My name is Meat and I built the iron maiden that holds you captive and is going to give you great pleasure. You're a virgin sacrifice. That was part of my deal with Ricky and Michael. What do you have to offer me?" Meat said. The teen felt the knives pressing against his hands and feet and realized this man wasn't going to save him unless he made a deal and made it fast.

"If you save me, I'll do whatever you want for as long as you want," the teen said. He felt his testicles churn and throb. The knives circling the head of his cock pressed just hard enough to draw hot blood as their lubricant. A wave of pleasure coursed through his body. He felt the orgasm build in his balls. Frantic, the teen looked at the Meat and made a desperate plea.

"Look, I do anything. I'll give you anything. Just stop this machine," he said. He felt the knives of the iron maiden pressing harder against his chest and stomach cutting into the hard muscles of his abdomen. Again, the idea of his own hot blood flowing over his body drove him closer to orgasm.

"Would you give me your soul?" Meat asked.

"Yes, my body, my soul, everything, everything I have is yours," the teen yelled at Meat. The iron maiden began to make cuts in the flesh between his cock and asshole. THe probe inside his body expanded and began to twist and cut the tender tissues of his gut. His balls pulled up and tightened ready to release their heavy load of sperm. Nothing on earth could stop his orgasm.

"Good, I accept your offer, now relax and enjoy yourself," Meat said. He closed the door over the teen's head completely sealing the teen inside. The teen abandoned himself to the pleasure of his orgasm and the white-hot pain of his dismemberment. The knives spiraled through the head of his dick as the first powerful blast of sperm pumped through it. Waves of pleasure and pain coursed through body as the knives started to strip skin from muscle, muscle from bone. His balls pulsed as the blades cut through his hands and feet removing the flesh from his bones. His cock throbbed in another burst of sperm. Blood and cum mixed, and then spilled down the shaft of his cock and over his balls. He heard the drops of his blood dripping down into the chamber below. His body throbbed in orgasmic pleasure and impossible pain. He screamed as the knives began to dismember his arms and legs. Still his balls pumped out more sperm. The orgasm raging through his body seemed to last forever in waves of pain and pleasure. The knives sliced into his chest and the spinners ripped the nerves and skin from his breastbone. Hooks pulled his rib cage apart and the knives targeted his beating, defenseless heart. The spinners plunged deep into his body turning flesh and bone into rich, red liquid.

Meat watched his iron maiden and waited for it to finish before he keyed the final sequence into the machine. At daybreak, the delivery van would return and take the iron maiden and its contents back to his house on Kilauea. Right now, Meat leaned his hand against the machine and monitored the action inside the iron maiden.

Time, as it has from the creation of all things, moved forward. No one, possibly not even the divine creator himself, can move time backwards. What is done is done says the clock and the cliché.

The teen woke in a white room, on a white bed. Outside the lone window, a white fog concealed everything. This was unexpected. He imagined himself dead - a puddle of bloody liquid in the bottom of a device he would never have come in contact with but for chance. He thought he was dead; after all, the iron maiden had turned his body into bloody ichor. However, here he was, intact and whole. His eyelids wouldn't open, but he could still see.

He examined his body with his altered vision. He could see, not with his eyes but with his mind. He barely remembered his body that was formed in a blood-soaked chamber of the iron maiden. This body felt perfect - strong, muscular, athletic and agile in ways he couldn't yet imagine. He ran his hands over his body and let the mental images form like motion pictures. A multi-pointed, star-shaped tattoo graced each deltoid; runic tattoos circled his biceps, an inscription in Sumerian hieroglyphs snaked its way around his body intertwining with a similar inscription of Aztec glyphs. He recalled the inscriptions. They dealt with human sacrifice and the glories of pain. He understood these inscriptions. He understood them because his body was destroyed by the iron maiden and recreated here in this white fog.

Without warning, he looked up and there, in the room with him, stood the man who introduced himself as "Meat" and had closed him in the iron maiden. the teen tried to bring Meat into focus, but the image kept shifting and changing.

"Am I dead? Didn't I die in that infernal machine of yours?" the teen asked. Meat's smile radiated warmth and understanding. His image stabilized for an instant and then shifted again.

"No, of course not. You asked me to save you and I did. Remember that Ricky and Michael reside in the iron maiden and since you absorbed their bodies, their minds can join with your mind and control you. That's how they got you to get sexually interested in the machine last night. They invited you to stick your cock into the machine knowing that once the machine tastes blood it won't let go. Rather than kill you, they merely gave you their most pleasurable experiences of pain and dismemberment. You never lost a drop of blood," Meat lied.

"Gee, well, thanks, I guess... You know, when that door closed I damned you every way I could think of," the teen thought about the knives and the way they sliced his body and felt his cock stiffen with desire. He looked directly at Meat and tried to resolve Meat's face. Meat however laughed heartily at the boy's remarks.

"You damned me to hell, that's funny kid. The best laugh I had in a long time," Meat answered. The kid looked puzzled. He still didn't understand. Frustrated at not seeing Meat's image,

"Why can't I see you without distortion?" the teen asked being rather blunt and rude.

"Because your mind doesn't accept that you gave yourself to me, body and soul," Meat said.

"I guess that I did say everything... At least I'm alive. And something else, I don't remember these tribal tattoos," the teen said. He stood up and displayed the stars on his shoulders and the incantations that wound around his body. His muscles rippled and flowed seductively.

"Symbolic of our deal, dear boy - you're going to break a lot of hearts with that body. You should really thank Ricky and Michael for giving you the best parts of their physical bodies. I think you need a name. I can't have people calling you "kid" or "boy" or some such nonsense like that," Meat said. He took a step closer to the boy.

"But I already have a name... it's... it's... it's..." the teen struggled to say anything. Meat stood there waiting for him. Suddenly the kid burst out; "Not George, not Daniel, NOT anyone I remember. Who am I?"

Something in the kid gave way and seemed to crush him. He slouched and broke emotionally. Meat wrapped one arm around the kids back and pulled his face over on his shoulder and the other arm down around the kid's waist.

"I can't even cry tears like this, without eyes...," he sobbed so bad his entire body trembled." I like the new body. I'll get used to the tattoos. I should be dead, but I'm not... But I can't remember my name. I was someone and now I can't even remember my name... God! What have I done?"

"God has nothing at all to do with it, young man. In fact, that godly man your parents worship belongs to one of my brother demons..." Meat sighed and the teen leaned hard against this heaving chest. Meat changed into his demon form - big, red, scaly, horns and tail, all of it appeared. Meat's body radiated heat and he breathed tiny, flames that died into puffy smoke as he talked. He lifted sobbing boy in his arms and sat down on the bed. The white room disappeared. The cabin reappeared around them. The iron maiden still stood in the center of the room. The kid didn't notice the change. He buried his head in Meat's beefy shoulder.

"Your name is Axel. Just as my creator and father named me Meat - a name I use every day... You're name is Axel, Axel Vitnod," Meat lifted the kid's head with both of his huge scaly hands and kissed the kid filling him with his fiery breath. As they kissed their surroundings changes into the fiery hell that Meat used as home. The kid's human body began to glow red as Meat held the kiss for a very long time. Black, ugly creatures watched as Meat named his new charge and endowed him as one of his bondservants. He touched his clawed fingers to the kid's eyes and focused his telepathic gift into a manageable tool. When they broke the kiss, their bodies shone fiery red. Axel looked around at the surroundings and creatures in this small corner of hell.

"You really are the devil? That wasn't just talk," Axel said. He stared at the demon face of Meat - the huge horns, the fangs and scales. Meat was a handsome demon with a broad chest, muscular torso and ample endowment. Meat held their hips together.

"More than a devil, I'm the adopted son of Lucifer himself. His body remade my body and his black blood runs in my veins. His fire illuminates my demon body from within. I gave you that light. If you look, you'll see, we both glow with his radiance while living amongst the shadows," Meat held one arm out indicating the fire inside of both of them. The runic tattoos showed black against the ruddy glow from Axel's skin. Axel rubbed his eyes and realized that the lids still covered them. He had better control of his new vision. He went to talk and watched as fiery breath leave his body.

"So I'm like, damned to hell and your assistant, too? Does that mean I have to search out good souls and tempt them into sin so you can haul their sorry asses off to hell?" Axel leaned back from Meat's face. He struggled against Meat's grasp, but Meat didn't let go. His cock dangled against Meat's burning hot and very scaly rod.

"Oh, we actually have enough work just damning the sinners and dragging their sorry asses, as you put it, down to hell. It's hard enough making sure the bad guys get proper punishment without tempting the good guys.

Some of the biggest sins of the minions in hell are sheer stupidity, lack of common sense, deliberate incompetence, and insubordination... And that's only from the demons and other creatures that live here." Meat pulled Axel against his body and let their cocks rub together. Axel sighed and hugged the hot and very horny demon. He felt the heat of passion fill his body.

"I never quite thought of it that way. Are Michael and Ricky down here? After all, they did kidnap me and put me in that iron maiden of yours," Axel asked. He held his ear against Meat's chest and listened to his strange heartbeat.

"They made their deal when they bought the iron maiden. Their souls are trapped in the iron maiden for all eternity and they'll experience the pain of every cut and slice of that machine as if it were their own bodies in it. The deal was for them to sacrifice a virgin to me and absorb your destroyed body. Michael was jealous of you being first in the machine and Ricky tricked him into letting you live. Once Michael's body was destroyed, Ricky couldn't resist temptation of the iron maiden. You could have walked out of the cabin safe and sound. However, you stuck your cock in the wrong place and the iron maiden wouldn't let you get away," Meat picked up Axel with one arm and walked towards a huge stone bench.

"Yeah, I did stick my dick into the door to feel the knives. That was really stupid of me," Axel woofed as Meat set his body down on the stone bench and climbed on next to him. Two imps, a type of lesser demon, grabbed his arms and held them out while Meat lifted Axel's legs and stepped between them. Axel squirmed. The bench underneath them began to warm up.

"Hey, I've never been fucked before. I really was a virgin... You're too big... I'm too tight... Don't do that... let me up... I'll split open if you stick that thing in me," Axel yelled and all of Meat's creatures laughed and howled at the protest. Meat stroked his massive cock erect and pressed the head against Axel's virgin butt hole.

"Nothing better than breaking in a virgin! You know what they say, don't you? The three big lies - Come on, say them." Meat increased the pressure on Axel's sphincter. The bench got hotter and the sweat from his back sizzled as it steamed away.

"The three big lies... it'll only hurt a little, you'll only put the head of it in, and you won't cum in my mouth. There! Now stop!" Axel yelled. Meat laughed and pushed a little more. Axel's ass opened just enough to let the head of Meat's cock enter his body.

"You're absolutely right!" Meat said and gave one huge push. His thick cock sank deep into Axel. Axel screamed and the assembled creatures yelled with him Meat started fucking his body with deep long strokes. The creatures cheered him on with cries of "ride that bronco" and "rip him a new asshole" and "fuck him till his brains fry" and "Viva Zapata." Axel managed to grab one of the imp's testicles and tried to rip them off his body, but the imp just enjoyed the pain and carried on even louder. The other imp managed to get Axel's hand shoved deep in his ass. The imp road the fist and howled in pleasure. As Meat's body neared orgasm, the fires around the platform grew in intensity. Meat and his imps reach orgasm at the same time and their yelling and screaming echoed throughout the chamber. Axel tried hard but couldn't stop his orgasm. His new, thick cock blew a load all over his face and chest.

Meat held Axel down and let the imps clean him with their tongues. He screamed and yelled revolted by the imps and their absolute devotion to filth. When Axel quit screaming, Meat released him. Axel looked to run away and realized that the fire surrounded them and it made their four bodies' glow fiery red.

"I'm dead? Really dead, Axel asked.

"As a doornail," replied Meat. He made the flames grow higher and hotter. They stood in the conflagration unharmed and comfortably warm.

"And I'm really not here; my body is still in the iron maiden?" Axel asked.

"Body, nothing like a body more like a puddle," one of the imps answered.

"Yes, you were ripped apart and your liquefied remains lay in the bottom of the iron maiden just waiting for us to come along and gobble them up," the other imp licked Axel's body causing him to jump and scream. Meat grabbed Axel and waved a finger at the imp. The flames around them lessened.

"Behave, will you! You're freaking him out," he said to the two imps. They sat down at Meat's feet and chattered in soft, childlike voices. Axel kicked at them with his feet but they ignored him. He looked up at Meat's face. The huge demon face smiled at him. Meat transformed his visage from demon form to human form. Axel took comfort as Meat's body changed into that of a handsome, black haired, man just a few years older than Axel.

"Is this form easier for you to cope with?" Meat asked. Axel nodded his agreement. He could easily live with the man Meat looked like.

"Are you going to reincarnate my physical body?" Axel asked.

"That depends on you. I need you to function on your own and not fall apart like an emotionally fragile child. If you continue to fight with me, I'm going to give you to my two imps for an attitude adjustment. A few years as slave to their warped desires would do wonders for you. Now what are you going to do to deserve reincarnation," Meat said. The two imps continued to chatter at his feet oblivious to Meat's discussion with Axel.

"You want me to lure young men into the iron maiden and then absorb their bloody remains like a vampire?" Axel leaned his head against Meat's human chest trying to take comfort on his strong chest and big arms. Axel stared at Meat with puppy-love eyes.

"That's the idea, kid," Meat answered. Axel shuffled and sighed for a moment. He thought that maybe he could get more out of Meat.

"I don't think I can do that," Axel answered. Meat shrugged his shoulders and nudged the two imps.

"He's yours boys. Go collect his remains and have a good time. I'll take care of Michael, Rickey and the iron maiden," Meat said and snapped his fingers. The two imps hopped up and grabbed Axel. He tried to run, but was afraid of the flames. Within seconds, the imps shackled Axel to the stone bench. Meat dissolved into the mist leaving the three of them alone. As he left, he could hear Axel start whining. The imps started to argue back. Meat knew their circular arguments would continue for days and days and days. Meat snapped his finger again and a large dewar jar loaded with Axel's human remains appeared next to the imps.

The last thing Meat heard was Axel screaming hysterically as the imps gleefully began their unmentionable antics with his liquid remains.

He went back to the cabin. He had to find a few volunteers to step into the iron maiden and abandon themselves to its knives, hooks and spinners so that Michael and Rickey could enjoy their pain and suffering.

He could volunteer his staff and then reincarnate their bodies in demon form. Meat could even do it himself, if necessary. But his best solution would be to find a source of men who liked pain and danger. Michael and Rickey needed constant companionship in the metal confines of the iron maiden. Meat phoned the shipping company and arranged to have the iron maiden moved to a better location. I always knew there would be days like this, he thought.

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