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October 2002

"You advertised for a model for the Haunted House?" Kevin asked the man answering the door.

"Sure, come in and I'll show you the room you'll be working in. My name is Jake and I'm in charge of the exhibits." The two men shook hands in the foyer and walked through into the house.

"This is an old house, at least 150 years old," Jake said along the way.

"It'll make a good haunted house. It has that old, dark feeling," Kevin replied ducking to get down a set of stairs leading to the basement.

"We want you to be a wraith-like soul escaping hell by passing through the wall," Jake said as he pointed to an opening in a false wall that ran through the basement. The wall was a wood and plaster affair. They would paint it to look like stone. It had a large opening for a body to fit into.

"So half of me is on one side of the wall and half on the other?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, people will see your legs are still in hell and your torso will be reached at them to pull you through the wall. We'll keep them just far away so they can't reach you," Jake explained.

"Will they be able to touch my back, after all, I won't be able to see back there," Kevin asked in a worried tone.

"No, they won't. That side of the basement is going to be all hellfire and brimstone type stuff and they won't be close enough to touch you," Jake took Kevin around the back of the wall and showed him the setup.

"How long will I be on display and what kind of costume do I need?" Kevin asked.

"Well, It's mostly makeup. If you could get here before 8:00 AM on the 31st, that would be good. It should take three or four hours to do the makeup. We would like to have you ready and in place by noon on Halloween and we would like to keep the house open until about 12:30 or 1:00 AM. I know that's long day, but it's a good cause." Jake said.

"OK! I can scare people for 12 hours, " Kevin replied, "This sounds like fun."

Early on the 31st

Kevin knocked on the door of the haunted house just before 8:00 AM that morning. Jake answered the door and the two men went downstairs to the basement. The wall was nearly complete; a hole in it waited for Kevin.

"Here it is!" Jake said as he let Kevin examine both sides of the wall. The backside of the wall was a study in red and black. It showed a rather an impressive scene mimicking Hell. Statues of men being tortured in gruesome ways sat alongside two rather ugly and realistic demon statues posed trying to grab the wraith-like body to pull him back into Hell.

"We decided to use these statues as traffic control. It made the scene more realistic," Jake said.

"Looks good to me! It's warm down here, is that deliberate?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, it is. We decided to make hell hot. In the past, we've had problems with models and hypothermia and we thought that you would appreciate the warmth. Besides, it's realistic." Jake remarked as they went to the other side of the wall. This side of the wall was mostly dark gray. A walkway was set up to keep customers out of Kevin's reach. Chains, leg irons, and various other instruments of torture lined the wall. Jake stood against the hole in the wall, leaned out, and pretended to reach for Kevin.

"This is how you'll work. Your body will be halfway through the wall reaching out for help. The makeup will make you look ghostly gray and ethereal," Jake explained.

"What's my costume going to be?" Kevin asked.

"Uh! Nothing, as a spirit or wraith, you're naked. But your private parts will be embedded in the wall so they can't be seen," Jake replied.

"Then I'm glad it's going to be hot down here," Kevin laughed as he enjoyed the thought of being that naked and exposed before lots of people.

"Good, let's get upstairs and get to work. The workroom is on the third floor," Jake said as he climbed the stairs to leave the basement.

When they got up stairs, Jake introduced his assistant, Lou. Lou was a giant of a man, completely bald, a barrel chest, and lots of little tattoos. He stood by a table willed with all sorts of makeup and plaster paraphernalia lay around the room.

"Our you the model for the wraith?" Lou asked in a deep and intimidating voice. He cracked all the knuckles on both his hands waiting for the answer.

"Yes, I am. What do you want me to do first?" Kevin asked as he took of his coat.

"Less talk, Meat! Get naked and get naked fast!" Lou ordered sounding like an old drill sergeant. He threw a box on the table in front of Kevin for his clothes. Kevin unbuckled his pants and yanked off his jersey and undershirt. He let his pants fall to the floor and kicked his shoes off. Jake and Lou took a good look at his body as he bent over and gathered his clothes into a bundle. He put them in the box. Kevin was slim, well muscled, hairy, and hung.

"Gotta remove that hair, Meat, the makeup won't stick to your hairy ass, dude! Stand over there under that shower," Lou was clearly in charge and he retrieved a sprayer form the back of the room. He pumped it up and when Kevin was in the shower, sprayed Kevin with foam. Lou made sure that he didn't miss any part. Kevin adjusted the water to warm and began to wash the foam off. All the hair on his body rinsed away with the foam. He stood in the shower dripping wet and completely hairless.

"Wow, what was that stuff?" Kevin asked.

"Hair remover, Meat! Here's a towel to dry off." Lou responded. When Kevin was dry, Jake handed him a pair of thin socks with gripper bottoms and Kevin put them on.

"Lay down on this table, Meat, I have to insert his," Lou had a white medical kit in his hands marked "catheter."

"What's that for?" Kevin asked and it was Jake who replied:

"You won't get a break to piss, Meat, so every few hours Jake will empty your bladder for you. We'll hide the tubing inside the wall. We're also going to insert a glucose IV solution so that you don't dehydrate or go hungry."

"Uh, OK!" Kevin said as he got on the table and opened his legs for Lou. He knew that this would save him the pangs of hunger and the pain of a full bladder later in the day. Lou made quick work of inserting the catheter into Kevin's penis and bladder. He let it drain into a small plastic tub and then sealed it with a plug. Jake inserted an IV into Kevin's leg where the wall would hide it. Kevin complained slightly of the discomfort but as watched the fluid drip into his body, he got a sugar high from the glucose solution. Meanwhile, Lou got large plastic stand for Kevin to lean on.

"We want to give the impression that you are floating through the wall, you'll need some support to stay that way," explained Jake. Both Lou and Jake positioned Kevin's body on the stand. There were specific places for his feet, hips, and ribs to rest. They set up temporary supports for Kevin's arms to rest on. Then they got another a sprayer and covered the lower half of Kevin's body with a clear coating. Lou stretched Kevin's legs into a floating position as Jake used a hot air blower to dry the plastic on Kevin's legs. As the coating dried, it stiffened so hard, Kevin couldn't move. He felt like he was floating through the wall.

"Is this the position of the wall?" Lou asked as he carefully drew a few lines on Kevin's stomach and hips.

"Yes, that gets filled in with fullers earth," Jake responded and he and Lou set about building a two inch thick wall around Kevin's body. They positioned his cock and the tubing inside the clay.

"Don't forget to unplug the catheter," Kevin said as they and built the wall up around his body.

"We won't. We're going to support your back so you won't tire out," Jake said. Kevin nodded agreement as they glue a thin, clear, plastic support up Kevin's spine all the way to his neck. When the glue dried, Kevin was held stiff. Then Jake and Lou removed most of the supports.

"Hey Meat, How does it feel? Do we need more support?" Lou asked. Kevin moved and waved his arms as if he were swimming or flying and then stopped and held them still. The support worked.

"No, I think we are OK. It feels natural," Kevin said and the two men gave him thumbs up.

"Now we create the illusion with the makeup," Jake said as he started to paint a gray liquid onto Kevin's legs.

"It's getting late, We have to do three coats of this stuff and it takes 30 minutes to dry," Lou commented as he painted Kevin's back from the wall up over the back of Kevin's head. Kevin shivered at the feeling.

"Don't worry Meat. The first coat is the most annoying, the second and third you'll barely feel. We need that many coats for it to look right," Lou painted Kevin's shoulders and then both arms.

"Hold your arms away from your body or they'll stick, Meat!" Lou ordered. Lou painted the front of Kevin's body.

"It's a shame we have to hide your cock and balls in the wall, Meat, you're a nice looking kid, good body, nice ass," Lou said in his typical rough tones. As he painted Kevin's chest and stomach. He then went to work on Kevin's arms.

"I guess I should say thanks! You're kinda cute too big guy!" Kevin said comically and then added: "What happens to the paint if I start to sweat?"

"Nothing, Meat! The paint breathes like skin," Lou answered as he put down the paintbrush and picked up a little box containing sealed plastic bags. He carefully opened on without touching the contents and placed it to Kevin's mouth: "Here, hold this between your teeth, Meat. Don't be afraid, you'll only be able to moan through it," Lou put the ring-like device into Kevin's mouth. Kevin positioned it between his upper and lower teeth. It held his lips open in a wide oval as Lou painted Kevin's lower face. Then he inserted two plugs of similar material into Kevin's nose effectively sealing each nostril shut. Kevin had to breathe through his mouth. He tried to talk, but discover he could only emit eerie moaning noises.

"No more silly chatter, no more famous last words. We need the time. You can talk all you want after we close, Meat. Consider yourself an exhibit from now on," Lou barked and then carefully lifted Kevin's eyelids to let Jake insert contact lenses. Kevin could see shapes through the lenses but not details. To all outward appearances, Kevin's eyes were solid gray orbs. Lou finished painting his face and Kevin felt two more coats of paint before they were done. Then they lifted Kevin's body and carried him down to the basement.

In the basement, they positioned Kevin in the opening of the wall and built the fake brick around his body. When they were done, he looked like a ghostly gray figure. Kevin grabbed Lou and Jake as they worked around the front of his body, moaning when he touched them. Lou told him to save his voice for the paying public. For a long time that they worked on Kevin's legs and back. Finally, he heard them declare the job finished. Jake stood where he knew Kevin could see and connected an IV bag. It was filled with an ugly, greenish white fluid. Lou came around the back of Kevin and plugged the catheter. Kevin was unaware of this and as his body tingled from the IV and he felt excited.

The two men quickly adjusted ultraviolet spotlights and a ghostly blue glow emanated from Kevin's body. Then they turned on intense, heating coils to cast an intensely hot illusion of Hell. Kevin's body began to steam from the effects of the IV and the heat lamps.

Soon other workers and actors came through the basement and then the public started walking through. Kevin could see them in the dim light and each time had fun moaning and reaching out for the customers. He forgot he was hot, he forgot the tingling of his body, and convinced himself that he was floating through a wall. At regular intervals during the open house, Jake came down and replaced the IV bag with the ugly greenish white fluid. Each time he did, Kevin felt a new surge of energy flow through his body. His body felt lighter and lighter as the night went on. Finally, the customers stopped walking through the house and Kevin was alone. Other workers walked around through the place and finally Jake and Lou came down to the basement. Kevin expected them to remove him from the wall. He had lots to talk about and felt so good, he playfully grabbed them as they stood next to his body.

"Is everyone gone, my servant?" Lou asked.

"Yes, magnificent master. We have the house to ourselves," Jake replied as he brought the glowing heating elements out into the open.

"You've been injecting him with my seed," Lou asked as Jake switched the IV bags and increased the drip rate of the greenish-white liquid. Kevin moaned softly and gestured to the two men to stop. It was then that he noticed the vapor rising from his arms.

"He's ready!" Jake replied.

"You, Meat, are about to enter my world. Oh my delicious, lovely boy, you're my Meat, now," Lou removed his clothing and stood naked before Kevin and began to change. Slowly Lou's body changed. Red scales appeared all over him, a tail grew behind him, dark, leathery wings grew out of his back, and claws grew out of his hands. Jake knelt before Lou with his head bowed.

"AH! The pleasure of returning to one's own body," Lou said and the face of a demon looked directly into Kevin's eyes. "Wouldn't you like to return to your body, Meat?" Kevin only gestured in response.

"I am your new master, Meat. You will be my wraith," Lou said as he reached up caressed Kevin's face.

"My demon seed has changed your human body leaving only your essence. I will replace your blood with mine. Then you will belong to me," Lou said and prodded Jake to change the IV bags again. This time the fluid was black. Kevin tried to motion him away, but Lou, the demon, merely grabbed his arms. Kevin squirmed against the hold, but to no avail. "You don't want the gift of my blood, Meat? You would refuse that honor? I don't think you are in a position to refuse me, my beautiful Meat. You see, your human body cannot live in Hell, it can only die in Hell. As my wraith, you will be protected from all harm unless I wish it."

Jake increased the flow of the black flood into Kevin's body. The Demon's arm shimmered as he reached into Kevin's hips and removed the catheter. "There, Meat, Now nothing can flow out of your body, my blood will fill you completely." Lou said. Kevin watched helplessly as Jake transfused seven IV bags of black blood into his body. Kevin felt cold.

The clock struck midnight and Jake knelt in front of the demon: "Oh great master, I have found a replacement servant for you, please return me to the world of the living," he said.

"Pay attention, Meat. This servant known to you as Jake violated the rules. You, Meat, didn't volunteer to become my wraith. You are not a willing volunteer. Jake tricked you and for that deception, he forfeits his soul to me," The Demon's shimmering hand reached into Jake's chest, grabbed his heart, and stopped it from beating. Jake grabbed his chest in agony and died. Small black demons rose up around them and carried his body off into the darkness surrounding them.

"Now, Meat, give me your hand," the Demon ordered. Kevin reached out and grabbed the demon's hand. He floated free of the wall and all physical substance fell from his body. He stood next to the Demon as they traveled through the material world and down into the depths of hell itself. Even the stones burned with fire as Kevin looked around at the lair of the demon. His body gleamed in the reddish light.

"Ah, Meat, Kiss me and all will be complete," the Demon ordered. Too afraid not to do what the Demon said, Kevin embraced the Demon, kissing him full on his scaly lips. The Demon felt solid to his touch. It's long, forked tongue plunged deep into Kevin's mouth. Sexual feelings flooded through Kevin's body. He felt the Demon's cock stiffen and rise drooling all over his erection. After some time, the demon broke the embrace and pushed Kevin onto his knees so he could suck cock. The Demon's cock was huge, the head was horned, and the shaft had scales on it. Beneath it, balls the size of grapefruits squirmed and writhed inside their leathery sack. The Demon's orgasm lasted for a long time as his balls pumped greenish-white cum into Kevin's mouth. Kevin sucked it all down into his transformed body. The demon lifted him from his knees and held him tight.

"Surrender completely to me, Meat, and I will keep you at my right hand for all your time in Hell. You'll never suffer the pains of damnation of the common sinners. When I am finished with you, I shall return you to the earthly realm. Now give me your answer!" the Demon fondled Kevin's body. Kevin looked at him not realizing that he could speak. He opened his mouth expecting to hear only moans, but his voice came out.

"D, D, D, Demon lord," he stuttered, "I w, w, w, will be your mate without reservation. However, if my return to the earthly realm means that I must find another soul to b, b, b, burn in hell, I will stay in Hell myself. Return me to earth only if I am worthy as your mate and not because I f, f, f, found another to take my place. You punished Jake for that and I will not r, r, r, r, repeat his mistake." Kevin was happy his voice returned.

"You would be my mate for all eternity rather than trick another into taking your place, Meat?" the Demon asked.

"Yes, I would. I have very little left but my honor and I will not give that up," Kevin said to the Demon.

"You would dedicate yourself to my pleasure, of your own free will, Meat?" the Demon asked,

"Yes, isn't that why you did this to me, why you made me a wraith? I was naïve with Jake, but I am not stupid," Kevin replied hoping that standing up to the Demon might help him.

"And Meat, if I decide to hand you over to the lesser demons for their sexual pleasure, would you change your mind? After all, you are my Meat to do with as I please," the Demon seemed very talkative.

"Yes, I will not trick another into taking my place. Even if you give me to the lesser demons, I won't change my mind," Kevin finished the statement and stood defiant before the Demon. The Demon laughed and smiled at Kevin. He watched as the Demon quadrupled its height.

"I claim you, Meat! I claim your body. I claim you as my wraith! I claim everything that you are!" The Demon said and he reached out and grabbed Kevin holding him tight and lifting him aloft. "Now I shall claim you before all my minions.

The Demon grew even larger. The vast expanse of hell appeared as black ground with a limitless horizon. Kevin could only look on helplessly as the Demon grew larger than any structure in Hell. Only the boundaries of Hell itself constrained him.

"Faithful friends, associates, and co-partners, in this barren region, on this burned and blasted soil, in this fiery clime, I, possessor of this profoundest Hell, now claim this wraith as my own!" the Demon's voice traveled across the vast expanse of Hell. High above the ground, in the Demon's hand, Kevin saw a myriad of demons rise up from their fiery surroundings and look at him. The Demon's cloven feet smashed the ground and a pool of nearly white-hot lava opened at his feet.

"I now baptize you in the fires of hell! From henceforth the whole world will call you Meat!" the Demon proclaimed and dropped Kevin into the lava pit. What remained of Kevin's human body burnt in seconds. His new, wraith-like form absorbed the heat of the lava and glowed white-hot. The flames seared his mind and burnt across his consciousness. He felt the Demon lift him out of the lava pit and lower his glowing body onto its cock.

"Now, Meat, blend with my seed and become one with me," the Demon said as he held Kevin's feet to the tip of his gigantic cock. Kevin's body was sucked into the Demon's cock, through his urethra and then into the Demon's testicles. There, the Demon's testicles recreated his body and mind and combined it with the Demon's sperm. Every cell of his body blended with Demon. Kevin relived his memories as part of the Demon. He no longer felt recognized his old human existence. The Demon's testicles reconstituted him as a new being, not human, not demon, but almost an equal. This was a new form, a new existence, and a new intellect formed a new being. The pathetically weak human known as Kevin ceased to exist and the new spawn of the demon, Meat, came into existence.

Pressure built around him and he began to move with the greenish-white sperm through the channels of the Demons' body and out of the Demon's cock as ejaculate. Once again he was caught in the Demon's hand and held aloft. The Demon's cum dripped off his body and where it fell, scores of lesser demons scrambled to eat it up. The Demon held him up to his gigantic lips and licked the cum from his body. Its tongue was coarse and scaly, and its touch aroused Kevin.

"Now, Meat, drink of my blood for all to see," the Demon ordered as his chest split open and he plunged the newly created Meat into his heart. Meat drank the blood until he could drink no more. When he lifted his blood-soaked face out of the demon's chest, he found that the Demon had shrunk down to his size. Sated with blood, he lay his head on the Demon's chest and slept. When he awoke, he found himself laying on a stony platform in the middle of a large cave. He rubbed his eyes and then examined his recreated body.

His new body was much like his old body, a little more muscular, a little more handsome, but black and shiny like carbon, or oil, or coal. He sat up and looked around the cave. It was mostly made of red-hot stones. There was no furniture, no windows, no doors, just rock. On the far end, a pool of lava bubbled under a platform where the Demon lay sleeping. Meat walked over to the pool and stepped over the lava and onto the platform. He lay beside the Demon; the heat of the pool beneath them was luxurious and stimulating. He began to lick the Demon's body removing traces of things left unmentioned, things too disturbing to contemplate. The Demon smiled in his sleep obviously enjoying the attention of his new creation. Meat licked every part of the demon's body. He prodded the Demon to roll and stuck his face deep into the Demon's buns. His tongue sought out the Demon's puckering hole and scoured it clean. The filth of the world had passed through this portal and Meat cleaned all of the residue away. His new tongue was twice as long as his human tongue and he drove it deep into the Demon, massaging the prostate and making the Demon's cock stand at attention, fully fifteen-inches long. Meat felt the Demon awakening as his ministrations aroused the Demon's lust. He buried his tongue deep into the piss slit of the Demon's cock and rode the giant rod until the Demon filled him with his seed. Dripping with sweat from the hot passions of sex and the heat of lava beneath them, the two figures lay against each other.

"Who are you?" Meat asked of the Demon.

"Don't you know?" replied the Demon in a soft voice.

"I want to hear it from your lips," Meat nuzzled against the Demon's body. The scaly skin and hard muscles comforted him.

"I was the first to reach this place. The rest followed me. I was nearly the equal of Him who cast us into this fiery lake. I was the highest light in all creation. My only sin was disobedience and for that, I and my followers were cast down into this darkness, this perpetual, black clime," The Demon paused letting what he said sink into Meat.

"Why have you done all of this to me? Was my former existence as Kevin so bad? Was I so naïve?" Meat asked.

"Spawn of my seed, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, you were too exciting, too delicious, too ripe, not to become my progeny. Every thousands of thousands of millennia, I am allowed offspring. You are now my son, not born of woman, but born of my body, creature of my loins. Even I, who once rivaled Polaris as that which gives light from the highest, even I, greatest among equals, desire love, desire affection." The Demon paused and then added: "As the one who created this place sent his son into the world, so will I send you, my son, into the world, to collect and punish evildoers," the Demon's hands stroked Meat's body.

"I understand. You are now my father and my lord. I accept this fate as long as I can return to your presence and take pleasure from your body," Meat answered.

"And I yours, Meat, my son," The Demon replied as he changed shape from a rough, scaly creature into a duplicate of Meat's body, all black and ebony. The two identical creatures made passionate love on the stone slab. "You can change just like I did," the Demon said and waited as Meat tried to change. Suddenly, Meat became a demon: scaly, horned, and covered in red scales. He grabbed his new father who was still in his form, turned him over, and began to butt fuck the Demon. He plowed the smooth, tight ass for a long time before he reached his orgasm. Spent, he lay on top of the Demon who remained in his form, breathing heavily and marveling at the pleasure he had just experienced. He turned the Demon over and they both changed back to their original forms while holding each other in a tight embrace.

"You can change into any form you desire," the Demon said, "And you are indestructible, nothing can harm you." With that, the Demon held him tight and rolled the stone slab over plunging both of them into the red-hot lava beneath. They sank into the lava and played in it as if it were lukewarm water and they were fish. The Demon made sure that Meat opened his eyes and mouth while submerged in the lava just to emphasis his indestructibility. Then the Demon fucked Meat longer and harder than he had ever experienced. The Demon's fifteen-inch tool plowing deep into Meat's sensitive asshole. It was a lesson in prolonging sex. The Demon and Meat rested at the bottom of the lava pool after they both reached orgasm.

It might have been hours or even days before the Demon and Meat left the heat of the lava. The chamber was cold when they stepped into it. The Demon held Meat tight.

"Everywhere else will be cold," the Demon said, "I want you to make your way with humans on the earth. I want you to harvest evildoers for me. So many evildoers walk the earth, you will not have trouble finding them. My smaller demons will take anyone you damn down to hell."

"Should I assume any special identity while on the earth?" Meat asked.

"Whatever you find suitable. You can take any form you want. The details are for you to decide. The one rule you cannot break is to damn the righteous. Other than that, you can damn any sinner to hell. Be creative, make me proud," the Demon said.

"I understand!" Meat replied as he kissed the Demon.

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