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Halloween 2004

"How da hell did y'all ever meet this guy? His house is so foocking remote and isolated. How'd ya meet?" Nicki asked Tony. Nicki's Tennessee accent could charm spots off of a leopard. It even affected his profanity. Tony drove though the Hawaiian countryside and into a portion of jungle so thick, it nearly blacked out the noonday sun. The road was barely more than a gravel path at this point. The Hummer bounced the seven graduates against their seat belts.

"The summer before Ricky and Timmy and I entered Junior High back in Minnetonka, we met while swimming at Lake Minnetonka. He was the lifeguard and swim instructor that summer. Got us all interested in competitive swimming? Turned out he lived in Greenwood and we lived in Deephaven - a couple miles away from the three of us. The year after we graduated from high school, he moved to Hawaii and built this house near Kilauea," Tony answered.

"Lake Meen-knee-tanka, huh? Who da thought? And he's the one who nicknamed y'all Ricki-tikki-tavi?" Nicki stared ahead as the jungle broke open and revealed a beach of pure white sand. Tony aimed the Hummer towards a windsock visible at the far end of the private beach. Billy and Joey both let out an audible "Wow!" The vast blue of the Pacific Ocean played out in front of them and the mighty Kilauea volcano on the other. Billy elbowed the sleeping Jimmy awake so he could see the beach.

"Good old Rudyard, At least we weren't a snake - Naga," Tony said in his best mock-southern accent as he drove across the beach. Nicki looked puzzled. He never read Kipling or had any idea of the characters in the story. Ricki-tikki-tavi merely sounded funny to him.

"Holy foockin' numb-nuts! Look at that beach. It's magnificent. How long can we stay here," Nicki asked.

"As long as we want, I guess. Meat sent the tickets after we won the championships and they didn't have no return dates," Tony answered. The beach house appeared over the sand.

"Meat? What kind of a name is that?" Billy said in a foggy voice.

"Everybody calls him that. I never heard him called anything else. And it's Mr. Meat to you, butt munch," Tony snickered.

"Asswipe, what's this guy want from us?" Billy grumbled.

"Nothing from you guys. Nothing I know of," Tony said.

"Don't be shy, Tony. Tell them," Ricky said.

"Yeah, dude, they should know what you promised before we get to the house," Timmy spoke up into the conversation. Tony blushed and hesitated.

"Oh, foock! You know, the three of us are from the same high school. In fact, we grew up together. And well, when we were fourteen, we met 'Meat' at Lake Minnetonka and, well, he taught us all how to swim. He was our first instructor and mentor," Tony answered.

"Instructor, more like mentor, sponsor, and benefactor. He created our swim team in high school. He gave us the physical abilities to be champion swimmers. We made a deal and signed a contract," Timmy said impatient with Tony. He turned to Ricky.

"And we came back here to thank him and pay him back for all he gave us," Ricky added.

"You guys talk too much. The bottom line is we'all get a foocking great vacation out of it. Who cares about all that old history? Look at that water out there? Think I could learn to surf?" Nicki interrupted. Billy, Joey and Jimmy all made agreement noises. Tony pulled the Hummer under a cloth awning next to the beach house. A well-muscled man with coal-black hair and eyes, a perfect bronze tan and a build like Hercules of ancient Greece, walked out of the beach house and up to the car. Ricky, Timmy, and Tony waved at the man. Thick muscles and steely tendons rippled under his skin as he reached out and shook Tony's hand.

"Hey. You're naked?," gasped Billy. Tony giggled at the stupidity of the remark.

"Of course he's naked, stupid. That's because he's not wearing clothes," Nicki laughed at his own snide remark.

"Rules of the cove, young man. If your feet touch the sand, you have to be naked - State law. No one gets out until they get naked," he announced. The seven boys tried to open the doors on the Hummer but they wouldn't budge. They all just looked at each other for a moment. Joey shook a finger at Meat.

"Ah foooock," Nicki drawled: "I just don't care a foocking bit about being nekkid. Like Ah haven't seen y'all nekkid before? Like we haven't shaved each other bods before a swim meet? I'm goin' get my feet in that foocking sand and swim in Pacific Ocean out there," Nicki pulled his clothes off, opened the door, and stepped out onto the sand naked. Meat surveyed Nicki's short, but burly, fat-free, and gymnastic body. He noted that Nicki was hung like a proper southern stallion. Nicki grabbed Meat's right hand and pumped it in a good, hearty, southern handshake.

"How ya doin, Mr. Rudyard. I'm Nicolo Riccardo Costas-Rodriguez Leone? Nicki for short, and as co-captain of the swim team, I want to thank you for inviting us to your house here," Nicki said. He was a few inches shorter than Meat.

"I'm not Rudyard. Just call me Meat, that's my name. I insist on it," Meat shook Nicki's hand even harder. He looked at Tony and said: "Rudyard?" Meat asked as he watched Nicki run out toward the ocean.

"Uh, I told Nicki about you calling us Ricki-Tikki-Tavi and somehow he thought your name was Rudyard?" Tony shrugged as he got out of the Hummer.

"Whatever, as you kids say - Whatever," Meat said. Tony stood a good head taller than Meat and he hugged Meat like his long lost father. Meat leaned against Tony's firm, muscular body. 'Tall, lean, muscular, broad shoulders, thin waist, strong arms and thighs. He's grown from a skinny boy into a magnificent hunk of man. He'll make a good merman' Meat thought. The five remaining boys stepped onto the sand, bashful about their nakedness.

"Here's my gang - Ricky and Timmy, you know? This is Billy, Joey and Jimmy? and out in the sand is, of course, Nicki," Tony introduced the gang. Ricky and Timmy both had warm hugs for Meat while Billy and Jimmy gave reserved but wholehearted handshakes as if touching a naked man was forbidden.

"Good. Now just go out to the beach and enjoy yourselves. There's sun block tanning stuff, coolers, blankets, beer, and lots of stuff that James and Jason set out for you guys. Tonight, dinner will be a cookout - chicken and beer. How's that sound?" Meat said. They agreed and Meat pointed the boys out to the beach.

All of the boys were strong, powerful swimmers and good athletes. They spent the day swimming and surfing. Meat had his "housekeepers" James and Jason set up the cookout and join them for dinner. After a lot of odd and sometimes strained questions over thick steaks and buttery, baked potatoes, Ricky, Timmy and Tony explained to the other four members of the swim team the nature of the debt they had to pay. Only Nicki seemed to grasp the concept. Jimmy, Billy and Joey just weren't too bright about mythology and mermen. The only thing they really understood was that the repayment would occur at the next full moon. That gave them three weeks of beach time to play and relax.

Meat, James and Jason kept their hands and cocks to themselves and off the swim team. Meat's house was too small for nine people, so they all took to sleeping on the soft sand, eating at the barbeque pit and swimming in the Meat's private cove. James and Jason brought food, drink, surfboards, snorkels, scuba gear, jet skis, sunfish sailboats, and everything else they could think of that was fun in the water. Not only that, but the kept the beach stocked with munchies, snacks, beer, sports drinks, wine, just plain booze and magnificent New Zealand steaks. They even kept the campfire stoked at night if it got too cold. The swim team played hard and partied harder in the hot, tropical sun. The days passed quickly for the young men. All too soon, as the moon loomed higher and higher in the sky, the day of reckoning finally approached.

The last night before the full moon, the boys lay sleeping on the soft, white sand. Ricky and Timmy pulled Tony aside. They were worried and concerned that the other boys wouldn't understand or that Joey might back out of the deal. The thought no one was listening, but Nicki lay there still awake and overheard their conversation as Ricky whispered to Tony.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? After all, it's all of our debt. We can extend the contract and put this off for many years."

"Why would I do that? Seven years ago, I made an agreement to become a merman. That's been my dream since I was three years old. I can't remember when I didn't want to be a merman, to swim like a fish and live in the sea. Meat's just the tool I used to get my wish. Aren't you guys happy about being champion swimmers? Isn't that what you wanted years ago - fame, fortune, easy women?" Tony said.

"Sure that's what we wanted, but we signed in blood? What about Nicki, Jimmy, Joey and Billy? They didn't sign anything. Do you think they'll spoil the deal once they find out what we've done?" Timmy asked.

"Don't worry. All they have to do is watch? When it's all over, they can go home. I'm the only one who's not leaving. Look, after all these seven years, I know that you two manipulated me into a deal with Meat. But I forgive you. I'm going to get what I wanted and you two will get the fame and fortune you wanted. Don't feel that you need to do anything else on my account," Tony said. He rolled over to end the discussion. Ricky and Timmy lay back and fell asleep. Nicki lay awake counting the stars and watching for comets. Sold their bodies and souls, he thought. No one said anything about the conversation the next day. Ricky and Timmy stayed silent.

Just before dinner, Jason arrived with supplies for the beach house. It wasn't unusual for him to go out and buy groceries and supplies late in the day, but today, he returned with a passenger sitting in the back of the truck next to a large, wooden crate. The crate bore the markings of "Ultra-Wear Swimwear" stickers. The passenger wore Bermuda shorts and a NASCAR-style shirt duded up with Ultra-Wear product logos in Day-Glo colors. His cap said "Marketing" and the nametag sewn on his shirt read - Tyger. The swim team gathered around wondering what was up.

"Hey, I recognize you guys from the collegiate championships. GREAT! Meat told us that we'd have the best in the world to test our new line of outfits. I'm Tyger Jones and I'm the best marketing exec at Ultra-Wear. Remember guys, Ultra-Wear uses nothing but the best and no one but the best to test out the best swimwear ever made," Tyger said. A little gray hair made them guess his age to be in his late 30's.

"Marketing weenie," Nicki whispered. The team giggled and snickered. Tyger pushed the crate off the truck and into the sand. He started to step down from the truck bed. Several voices yelled "get naked" stopping him in mid-step. Tyger shrugged his shoulders and let out a big sigh. He pulled his shirt over his head then dropped his pants to reveal a pink and purple thong. The boys hooted and howled insults. Tyger made the excuse the thing belong to his girlfriend but the boys didn't buy that lie. Tyger had a hot, tight, gym-created body - a masterpiece of symmetrical muscle and sinew. He pulled the thong down and stepped out of it. He rubbed his cock and balls making his long and fairly thick cock wave at the boys. More insults filled the air. Only Nicki didn't make a big fuss. Tyger caught him studying his cock. Runic tattoos covered Tyger's arms, legs, and torso. The tattoos shimmered as he moved. He took a crowbar and opened the box.

"These are Ultra-Wear's latest designs in competitive swimwear, everything from full bodysuits to super-slick briefs. Meat wanted them earlier, but the company couldn't deliver until today. We can all try them after dinner. Meat says if you like them, you can keep them," Tyger said. Nicki and Joey, the co-captains, ignored him and dug into the box. They started throwing bodysuits, trunks out to the other members of the team.

Tony examined a full body suit in a mottled gray-green color. The outside was slick and water repellant and the inside was sticky and clingy and felt like human fat.

"Look at this foocking weird square cut," Nicki held a pair of square cut swim trunks. A cock sheath hung out the front of it.

"Put that stuff down and let's eat. There will be plenty of time after dinner," Meat commanded as he walked towards them from the beach house. The group half obeyed Meat. They stopped examining the swimsuits for a few seconds and then resumed their scrutiny. Tony pulled Nicki over to the dinner table.

Tyger met him halfway and shook his hand. "Sorry to be so late, you know what a Mongolian cluster fuck the factory can be. But, I made it for the first night of the full moon," Tyger said.

"I never doubted you would. Tonight will be better than I expected it to be. Will you stay around for the full moon ritual?" Meat said. Joey smiled at the mention of the full moon ritual. Meat gave a couple stern glances at Billy and Joey who quickly put down the swimsuits and moved to the dinner table.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. Are Dinky and Doodle going to join us?" Tyger asked referring to the two Imps Meat owned as slaves.

(Author's note: to find out about Dinky and Doodle, read the story titled "Toby" in the Halloween folder)

"I wouldn't turn Ezekiel and Timothy loose around these guys. Those two invented the word Pandemonium," Meat laughed heartily. Nicki and Tony just looked at each other blankly; they didn't understand what Meat and Tyger meant.

Everyone sat and while James and Jason served dinner. Tonight, they ate extravagantly - shark steaks, roast suckling pig, Hawaiian vegetables, Kobe beef, a giant platter of sushi, two different beers, and four types of wine. At the end of the meal, Meat had special cakes and desserts served along with sweet liqueurs, sugared fruits and heavy cigars. They finished the meal in time to see the huge disc of the full moon rise on the horizon. It lit the beach with a mystical, silvery light. Meat and Tyger lay together on an inflatable chair watching. The boys lay naked, dozing on the sand, their bellies stuffed with rich food and their minds half-drunk from the alcoholic drinks.

"No one throws a banquet like you, Meat. Another meal of a lifetime, a feast to remember," Tyger patted his stomach. He lit a cigar, gave it to Meat, and then lit another for himself. Nicki, the closest to Meat and Tyger, rolled over onto his stomach to hide his thickening boner and buried it deep into the soft sand.

"You two guy's lovers? ... Look, It donít bother me, you know," Nicki asked leaning on his elbows. The warm sand felt good against his stiff cock and stomach. He wiggled his hips and pushed his cock deeper into the sand.

"Us? Lovers?" Tyger laughed so hard that he choked on his drink. He used the back of his hand to wipe the brandy from his chin. He shoved Meat off the inflatable and onto the sand next to Nicki. Muttering and chuckling "lovers," Tyger lay back on the inflatable and drifted off to sleep. Meat rolled against Nicki.

"I guess I'm not the first foocking person to tell you that you're handsome and sexy," Nicki said as he dug his toes and feet into the warm sand.

"No, you're not the first," Meat answered. He slid his body close enough to Nicki's body so Nicki could feel the heat emanating from him. Nicki admired the grains of sand that clung here and there on Meat's chest. Nicki humped the sand slowly not to attract attention.

"Tony told us that you were instrumental in getting them started in swimming. I guess that we all owe our success to you. He also said that he's paying you back tonight? How?" Nicki asked. Meat pushed sand over Nicki's back and legs covering him up to his waist. Nicki's took the opportunity to pump his hips and drive his cock a little closer to orgasm. Meat pushed sand over top of Nicki's body. Once covered, Nicki humped the soft, warm sand.

"Well - my dark, and handsome little man - seven years ago, Tony, Ricky, and Timmy signed a contract. Without my help, they would have been simply ordinary. With my help, they became the best in the world. Tony sold his body and soul to me if I would only turn him into a merman. You, Billy, Joey, and Jimmy benefited only indirectly from that contract," Meat pushed more sand over Nicki's firm buns and onto his back leaving only Nicki's shoulders and neck sticking out of the sand. Nicki pumped his cock deep into the hot sand. His arms and legs, even his shoulders and back. It felt like he fit into the sand, like the sand wanted his body, like he could just lay here forever. Meat continued until only Nicki's head stuck out of the sand.

"Only Tony pays a price? What about Ricky and Timmy? Don't they have a foocking debt to pay?" Nicki let Meat massage his shoulders through the sand. Waves of comforting heat radiated from Meat's hands into the young man's body. Nicki felt the uncontrollable urge build in his nuts and before he could prevent it, his body stiffened and he shot a load deep into the sand. He lay under the sand, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. That shouldn't have foocking happened," Nicki said. Meat just laughed.

"But you wanted it to happen. You wanted to fertilize my beach with your spunk. It felt good, didn't it? You don't want me to stop, huh?" Meat pushed sand around Nicki's head until only his face remained visible in the bottom of a small pit in the sand. Nicki felt the sand grow warm around his body, caressing him, warming him. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

"I'm not sure," Nicki answered. It would take only a few more handfuls of sand to cover Nicki's is face and bury him completely.

"You want to stay in the sand? Don't you, young man?" Meat sat in front of Nicki. His cock and balls resting only inches from Nicki's face. Nicki trembled as he ran his tongue around his lips seductively and smiled at Meat. He desperately wanted to lick and suck Meat's cock.

"I guess? I don't know? Maybe I don't want to get up now. Maybe there's so much sand on me I can't move. But if you completely cover me, Meat, you'll never get to foock my cute, humpy buns and my tight, virgin asshole? And I wouldn't get to taste your big, fat cock in my mouth or run my tongue underneath that nice fat, foocking foreskin of yours," Nicki felt his heart racing deep in the sand. Part of Nicki's brain wanted Meat to bury him completely, part of him wanted to live a long life. All of him wanted to suck that big mother-fucking cock only inches from his mouth. His balls throbbed in anticipation and stiffened towards another orgasm.

"What do you want me to do?" Nicki asked. Meat stayed silent and pulled back his foreskin and let precum drool onto Nicki's face. He stuck the end of his cock against Nicki's lips. Nicki's kissed Meat's dickhead and licked the slit.

"God, you're cock is so foocking hot," Nicki muttered as Meat shoved a couple inches of his cock into Nicki's mouth. He let Nicki suck the head of his cock for a few minutes as he pushed sand down around his face.

"God has nothing to do with it, Nicki. Do you and I have a deal?" Meat asked holding his cock above Nicki's face and letting it drool on his face.

"Yes, we have a deal. Ah don't know iffen I'm a bigger, foocking perv for wanting your cock, or letting myself be buried in the sand, or not knowing caring what's going to happen to me, or that I'm just too foocking voyeuristic not to miss seeing what those Ultra-wear suits do the human body?" He blew out a breath to clear sand from his mouth and continued: "Maybe I'm just plain foocking crazy for wanting to find out what foockin' happens to me later on tonight when you re-bury me in the sand again? Yeah, I'm yours forever? Whatever you want? Let's get this show on the road, Dude," Nicki closed his eyes as Meat's cock thickened and got big. A load of hot, steamy demon spunk poured out of Meat's throbbing cock and into Nicki's mouth. Nicki's cock hardened deep in the sand and throbbed as he sucked the slick jism from Meat's cock. The two stayed locked together for a moment. Nicki sucking hard while Meat filled him with his depraved seed. Meat threw a handful of sand on his cock and pulled it out Nicki's mouth. THe sand cleaned his cock and fell onto Nicki's face leaving only his nose and mouth exposed.

What a delightful find, thought Meat, a willing accomplice. Meat thought.

"Trust me Nicki. You can hold your breath or eat your way out of the sand. Choose what you want. Maybe I'll pull you out in a few minutes. Maybe I'll let you stay there for a few days," Meat said as he brushed a handful of sand into Nicki's mouth making him sputter. Nicki started to say something but Meat pushed more sand over his mouth. Meat watched as little pits formed in the sand where Nicki ate away at the shallow layer on his face. Meat pushed a large mound of sand over Nicki's head covering him completely. The feel of warm sand drove Nicki to a second orgasm. Nicki's entire body jerked as his cock spurted white-hot jism into the sand, fertilizing it with his seed. Meat let Nicki eat sand for about five minutes. Then he reached down into the sand, grabbed Nicki by the biceps, and pulled him out of the sand in one strong motion. Clumps of sand clung to Nicki's body especially around his cock and balls. His cock still stood rock hard. Nicki didn't cough up the sand or gasp for air. He kept his body under control. Meat admired his courage and nerve in the face certain death. Nicki laid his head against Meat's shoulder and swallowed the remaining sand in his mouth.

"Scared ya, didn't I," Meat joked. He hugged Nicki's sandy body against his. Meat's body was hot and comforting. They kissed and Meat ate sand and semen from Nicki's mouth. Nicki humped his cock against Meat's side.

"You drive a hard foocking bargain, Meat. Me scared? Why no? That sand tasted real foocking good? I sure ate enough of it to know. I'll eat the entire beach if you want?" He patted his stomach between deep breaths. Meat patted the back of Nicki's head causing a cloud of sand to swirl around him.

Together, they kicked the inflatable and woke Tyger. Meat let Nicki wake Tony and the rest of the swimmers. Tyger took the various pieces of swimwear and distributed them in piles. Nicki and Tony got the swim team ready. The full moon cast enough light for them to swim.

"I'd like you to try on the square-cut trunks first. This is a new design , ," he handed the gray-green trunks to the seven swimmers. As they pulled them onto their bodies, they found that they had sheaths and form fitting sacks for their cocks and balls. A pair of strings hung from the end of the cock sheaths. Tyger showed them how to fasten the strings around the backs of the suits and hold their cocks between their legs. The trunks fit more like a thong than a pair of square cuts. Tyger joined the swim team when they went into the water. m. When they came back to the camp, he asked their opinion. Jimmy spoke first.

"Well, I thought tying my cock down and back would be uncomfortable, but it feels OK. Billy and I seem to swim better in the water. When I released the strings and let my cock dangle, my cock felt like a big rudder. (parts of a boat) Even now, my cock feels bigger and thicker in this suit. These suits are fast in the water, but my body is too exposed to get any speed advantage out of them."

"The inside of the fabric felt sticky against my skin. Now I feel sleek and thin. I like it. It's really got a nice, form fit. IT doesn't drag in the water at all," Joey added. The rest of the swimmers agreed with both of them. When they pulled the trunks off, the material popped like a big suction cup. INStead of being crushed and shriveled, their cocks remained thick and plump.

"How about trying the unitard no? I'm interested in what competition swimmers think of this one-piece style," Tyger said. Each outfit looked like a wrestling unitard. The outside texture felt like sharkskin and the inside felt like sticky chicken fat. The boys struggled to stretch these suits over their shoulders and since the suits had no pouch for their cocks and balls, their genitals showed through the fabric like lumpy sausages.

"These things are too tight. The shoulder straps are digging into my skin," Timmy remarked.

"And I feel like There's no way this suit would fit my body," Ricky pulled and fussed at the suit. They all went swimming and when they returned, they all agreed that the suits made them faster and kept them warmer but they just didn't fit right. Tyger dutifully recorded their remarks. The last of the new swimsuits were complete body suits.

"These suits have a smooth, water-shedding exterior rather than the typical rough sharkskin. You'll need help to zip them up the back by the way," Tyger said. He began to pull and yank the suit over his feet and up his legs. Nicki and Tony helped the other members of the swim team. The suits had sheaths for their cocks and sacks for their balls that held their cocks upright against their stomachs and their balls comfortably snug.

"At least these suits have a place for my cock. If I had to compete in that unitard for any length of time I'd have my cock and balls cut off," Jimmy said.

"I like the way it fits against all the curves of my body. I have a gymnasts build and most full body swim suits gap and crease in the wrong places. This suit is so skin tight and conforming to all my muscles," Nicki remarked. His massive shoulders and huge biceps and triceps made him look like a sparkplug rather than a swimmer.

"It definitely pulls up tight against the crack of my ass and my thighs? Swimming will be interesting," Joey flexed the suit. The swim team ran into the water and swam in the gentle surf for nearly an hour - much longer than Meat anticipated they would.

When they returned, the moon was directly overhead. Each one of them praised the bodysuit, describing the suit as the best thing since sliced bread and mixed metaphors.

Tyger recorded their observations on his computer and e-mailed the results to his company. He yanked at the back of Nicki's suit causing it to open and disgorge Nicki's body. Nicki fondled his new, enlarged cock. Just after that, Meat asked that the other boys remain in the body suits. Tyger retrieved the merman kit for Tony.

"It's time to fulfill your contract, Tony. Time to become a merman," Meat said. Tony looked at the pieces. He pulled on huge fluke-shaped flippers on his feet and fin-shaped mittens on his hands. Tony laughed when he realized that he needed his hands to put a mask over his head. Ricky and Timmy sat there, not only silent and uncompromising but also unwilling to help. Joey picked up the mask and pulled it over Tony's head carefully fitting the mouth, nose and eyeholes to Tony's head. The mask fascinated Joey. It gave Tony's face a fishlike appearance. Joey attached fins on the outside of Tony's forearms and in the middle his back just below his shoulder blades. He held up two circular straps.

"What are these things?" he asked.

"They hold his knees and ankles together to form a tail," Tyger said. Joey fastened the straps around Tony knees and ankles. He just stood there unable to move. Nicki as co-captain of the team and took the initiative while Meat stood at the edge of the water chanting in a strange, incomprehensible language.

"Come on guys, you're wearing wet suits, take him out to the sea and dump him in the water," Nicki said. He pushed Ricky and Timmy forward and then ordered Joey, Billy and Jimmy to help. The boys carried Tony out into chest deep water. Nicki and Tyger stayed behind. At first the swim team held Tony above the water, but Nicki cursed enough from shore to get them to drop Tony. Tony's body began to change the instant he hit seawater. His feet formed a whale-like fluke and his legs grew together to form a tail. Tony's torso thickened, growing rounder and stronger. The fin on his back fused with his spine. A blowhole formed at the base of his neck between his shoulders. Gills formed on the sides of his neck. His arms and shoulders grew thicker and stronger as his hands formed huge fins to increase his swimming ability. Tony's neck bent back permitting his face to look forward while swimming. His head took on the characteristics of a fish. The last part of the transformation was a new cock that grew out of his body like a thick post. It was nearly a foot long and thick as a baseball bat. Dazed and confused, Tony swam around his buddies for a few minutes and then realizing what he had become, he swam out to sea. The swim team stood in the water, speechless and paralyzed. In about five minutes, Tony returned and blew water from his blowhole onto his teammates.

"It feels wonderful. How do I look?" Tony asked. His voice gurgled a little when he talked and his gills flapped open and closed. Two huge oval eyes looked out at them from the fish version of Tony's face.

"I think you look great," Joey answered. Ricky and Timmy reluctantly agreed. Their faces locked in brooding expressions. Billy and Jimmy stood in the water completely amazed by the transformation.

"It's true. He really did turn into a merman. How damn, hot sexy is that?" Joey said examining Tony's sleek new body. Tony let Billy and Jimmy poke and prod him.

"Like, wow! This is so sweet. What's if feel like to swim like a fish, Tony," Jimmy asked.

"Unbelievable, you can swim anywhere you want, as deep as you want, and fast. These fins and flippers are so much more powerful than my legs and hands. I love it. It's beyond my wildest dreams? Everything I ever wanted," Tony fish mouth had an odd accent.

"You want a partner, Dude?" Joey asked Tony. Billy and Jimmy looked at each other and considered what they had just seen and heard.

"Joey, You're not thinking of joining him, are you dude?" Billy asked.

"Why not? I'll be doing what I like best - swimming. And I'll swim faster, longer and better than I ever could with my human body. And no fucking responsibilities like money or food or grownups. I just want to enjoy the ocean?" Joey continued talking. He found a few hundred reasons to join Tony.

Tony splashed his three teammates. His muscles gleamed and rippled in the moonlight. With a simple flip of his fluke he dashed through the water at unbelievable speeds.

"Well, I ain't going anywhere without Billy," Jimmy said.

"You two were always a little queer for each other. Consider that there will only be four male mermen?" Joey left the thought unfinished. The three boys talked in broken and incomprehensible fragments. After a few minutes, three heads shook in agreement. They waded back towards Meat who stood at the waterline. When the water dropped to their knees, they discovered they all had new, bigger, gray-green genitals hanging down from the suits and dangling in the water. Their equipment wasn't flesh colored anymore. They tried to remove the suits but couldn't. Meet and Tyger stood there waiting.

"I guess you know what we decided?" Joey asked. Meat stopped chanting.

"He's right, only four male mermen and you can mate with any mammal in the ocean - all the whales and dolphins, at least," Meat said. Then he resumed his chant in whatever strange language he spoke. Joey turned to Tyger who stood naked on the beach.

"Well then, get us flippers and fins so we can join Tony," Tyger went back to the truck. Joey looked at Nicki with a questioning glance.

"Not for me. I got other plans," Nicki answered. Joey flashed them an OK hand sign. Tyger handed Joey, Billy and Jimmy fins, masks and straps. The three of them went to the edge of the water and put on their flipper-like feet, masks and gloves. Tyger and Nicki added the straps to their legs and then rolled each boy into the sea. Each time they transformed into mermen just like Tony.

Jason and James caught Ricky and Timmy trying to start the truck. He dragged them back to the water. They tried to remove their body suits, but their suits stuck fast to their bodies. Unlike their three teammates, their genitals were only outlines on slick, smooth, translucent gray bodies.

"Ah Meat, we agreed years ago that if Tony became a merman we could go off and enjoy our fame and fortune," Ricky squirmed and twisted still trying to get the suit off his body.

"What selfish little boys you are. You let Tony be the sacrificial lamb to me and then thought you could get away without paying for what you gained," Meat answered. Tyger handed the two boys fins for their feet and straps for their legs.

"Put this stuff on and maybe I'll let you out of the suits," Meat lied brazenly but Ricky and Timmy took any hope no matter how small. They fit their feet into the fins. Rather than spread out, the fins pulled their together like arrows. Once they strapped their legs together at the ankles and knees, both boys sat helpless on the sand. Tyger and Nicki started to fix multiple appendages to Timmy's thick arm and shoulders. Timmy recognized his tentacles and realized what was going to happen to him. He broke down into tears and started begging for his human existence. Ricky rebuked Timmy and sat stone-faced as Tyger fit tentacles over his human arms. Timmy screamed and thrashed as Meat pulled the mask over his head. It had two huge eyes and a wide mouth with one beak-like tooth. Meat stopped Nicki from putting the mask over Ricki's head. Nicki let him take the mask. Tyger pulled Nicki back to the campsite so they could watch from a distance.

"You were the brains of the scam you pulled on Tony. So you can be Timmy's girlfriend," Meat said as he took a large knife and carved Ricky's cock and balls out of his body. Ricky screamed loud and long. Meat threw his genitals to the land crabs and other creatures. He silenced Ricky by pulling the mask over his face. Meat chanted a few words and Ricky and Timmy's bodies elongated into thick, round, silvery tubes with arrow-like tails, their arms multiplied into many tentacles, and their heads forming thick faces with beaked mouths and large, oval eyes. Two giant squid flopped on the sand. A large wave reached the beach and pulled them out into the sea. Meat stood on the shore watching his newly formed mermen and squid.

Tyger cursed under his breath and Meat looked back in his direction. He grabbed a half-empty whiskey bottle and gulped it down.

"Consider the enlarged cock and balls a gift from Ultra-Wear, kid. Extra special bonus program, you get a bigger, jumbo-sized cock and extra large balls with every body suit?" Tyger said as he picked up two beers and handed ont to Tyger. He again chugged the contents. He looked up at the sky. The moon was an hour or two from setting.

"I hate those full body suits. I hate Ultra-Wear. I hate fish and the I even had the thought of being a fish. I sure as hell don't envy those guys? Drink up, kid, massive amounts of alcohol will help you get through the next two hours. You can't die while the moon is full. Meat's got the entire beach rigged up under some demonic spell," Tyger chuckled sarcastically. He handed Nicki another can of beer. They clinked the cans together and drank.

"What's your deal with Meat?" Nicki asked. He opened up a couple bottles of Australian beer and handed one to Tyger.

"Easy, sold my soul to the devil to be a successful marketing exec. I was the most successful marketing exec at ten companies in the past twelve years thanks to Meat," he paused. "You were just part of the swim team, huh?" Tyger said as he polished off a bottle of imported beer.

"Yeah, that's all I got out of Ricky and Tony's deal - a couple a cheesy gold medals in swimming, faithful teammates, great coaches, good friends, and now, a big, foockin' dick. I might actually have enjoyed being a merman. I'll miss those guys," Nicki picked up a can of domestic beer and held it high to pour the contents into his mouth. Beer spilled all over his chest.

"And you think you're going to leave Kilauea?" Tyger asked. He poured out two large glasses of Meat's private label vodka. He handed one to Nicki and they gulped the vodka down. The smoothness of the vodka amazed Nicki. The alcohol made his head spin.

"Yes! No! Maybe! ? Maybe? I think I sold my foockin' soul to Meat earlier. I thought I was dead when he pushed the sand over me, but I didn't smother. I just kept eating the stuff," Nicki chugged another can of beer, belched loudly and crushed the can on his forehead. Tyger ignored the stunt and poured shots of Tequila, sliced a lime, and readied the beer.

"I watched. I couldn't do what you did. I couldn't let someone bury me in the sand? You were brave trusting him like that. You know, Meat admires that characteristic in men. When did you figure out you're gay?" The two men faced each other, poured the tequila down their throats, sucked the lime slices, and chugged the beers. They both belched loudly and gave each other a high five.

"In my family, to be gay is to be foocking pond scum. I denied it for years, but after living and competing with the team, I realized I wanted sex with men? But I'm a chicken? I'm still a virgin. Even living the past three weeks naked, watching the swim team, and paying close attention to Meat, Jason and James - I couldn't get up the courage to approach anyone? Except tonight? Meat's so goddamn hot and sexy. It's hard to foocking resist that sausage hangin' between his legs? I finally asked a guy for sex? You know, there's worse in life than being food for foocking sand worms," Nicki set up eight shots of a really good malt whiskey and a mug of beer. Tyger shook his head at the shots.

"You're really going to pickle your brain doing this much booze at once." Nicki said. Tyger snorted in amusement.

"What makes you think you're not a dead man? Meat didn't just let you live, he's got plans for you. If he didn't, you'd still be eating sand? Either that or burning in hell," Tyger remarked. Silly from the booze, Nicki laughed and mocked Tyger.

"Ain't no hell to burn in. I donít believe in that foockin' superstitious horseshit. Religion is for the weak-minded, candy-ass bible thumpers," Nicki paused for effect and quickly added: "three, two, one?" as both of them drank the shots and followed them with the beer. Nicki held the glass upside down to show it was empty.

"Youth wins again!" Nicki whooped with drunken bravado. Tyger just shook his head. The alcohol made him stagger. He leaned against Nicki's body. Both men groped each other's muscular bodies, their strong backs, humpy butts and dangling cocks.

"You don't believe in hell? You just saw four of your teammates turned into mermen and two into squid? What do you believe in?" Tyger slurred wrapping his arm around Nicki's shoulders and cradling his head against his pecs. The kid's body felt good.

"Not foocking much!" Nicki closed his eyes and let the alcohol warm his body. The world spun around him. Both men crumbled against each other and slid onto the sand.

"Well, you better believe in hell because Meat's the fucking crown prince of the damn place. He's a demon and a hellspawn... James, Jason and me, we all sold our souls to him. You did too - when you were in the sand." Tyger stroked Nicki's back.

"No way! No foocking way," Nicki answered. The alcohol cushioned the revelation.

"Yes, fucking way! By the time the moon sets in about an hour or so, we'll be something other than human or be burning in a river of our own blood in hell," Tyger laughed drunkenly. Nicki raised his head and looked at Tygers face to see if he was joking. He leaned back against Tyger's body speechless. Tyger continued: "I hope I get to see what happens when he buries you in the sand this time?" Before Nicki had a chance to answer, Meat returned to the camp. James and Jason set about stoking the campfire and preparing for the rest of the evenings entertainment.

"It's nice to see two naked men nearly passed out from swilling my best malt whiskey and tequila while savoring some cheap beer," Meat laughed. He pushed a cooler containing a number of vodka bottles next to Tyger and Nicki.

"Savor ain't the foockin' word, Holmes. Da whiskey and da vodka went down real smooth. Jist like mah Daddy's moonshine did," Nicki drawled playfully using his best down-home Tennessee accent.

"Oh, good. Drink more, " Meat said. He handed both men a full bottle of vodka and took one himself. Nicki hesitated.

"That's too much," Nicki gasped. He'd already drank too much. He knew this bottle would be poisonous.

"Drink it down!" Meat ordered. Unable to resist his order, both Tyger and Nicki guzzled the contents of their bottles. Meat handed them a second bottle and ordered them to drink again. Again, they complied. Reeling from the alcohol pickling their bodies and brains, Nicki and Tyger clung to each other like frightened schoolgirls. They both watched as Meat's body turned from olive tan color to a deep, vibrant red. Nicki blinked and Meat seemed to grow larger before his eyes. His hands and feet turned into claws, scales covered his skin, a tail grew out his back, and horns spurted from his forehead. A large, horned phallus sprang from his crotch. Waves of heat poured off the scaly body. Nicki stared at the red demon paralyzed with fear and alcohol.

"Tyger, you've served me well. First with your advertising work and now these swimsuits, really excellent work," Meat said.

"Thanks boss," Tyger answered quickly. His hands and feet trembling from the alcohol.

"Time to discharge your side of our bargain. I had Jason bring Taurus the Bull just for you," Meat pointed to a statue of a rampant bull near the campfire. Tyger and Nicki both looked at the giant metal brute. The bronze bull stood about half of life size. It had wide horns, thick shoulders, and a huge dong below its stomach. James and Jason rotated the Taurus revealing huge balls handing down between its hind end. They opened two hatches on the top of the bull revealing sharp hooks and spikes designed to seize a human body and hold it fast.

"I should have guessed that you'd use the good, old, ancient Brazen Bull of Sicily! I heard you updated it. Damn you Meat. Damn you to hell. You know how I hate fire." Tyger cursed.

"Ooooooh! I'm damned to hell. I'm so scared," Meat imitated Tyger and they both laughed like silly schoolgirls. Nicki watched bewildered and amazed.

"Your cursed statue of Taurus is just waiting to torment my delicate and tender body? You know, with all this alcohol in me, I'm really going to burn hot? Well, no point in avoiding my fate, may as well enjoy it," Tyger's hands shook. He looked back at Nicki as he climbed onto the bull's metal rump and remembered him saying there's worse things in life than being eaten by sand worms. There are, he thought.

"Hey kid, remember, it's better than being a squid," Tyger yelled. Pointing his feet down into the hind legs of the Taurus, he let his body slide into the bull. The cold metal immediately clamped onto his feet and pulled his legs inside the hind legs of the bull. It twisted his hips forward forcing his chest down and backside up into the air. He slid his genitals into the brass cock and balls of the statue. He felt his cock and balls grow tight against the interior of the bull's unit. Nicki watched intently as the statues huge genitals flashed pink and then back to bronze. He asked Meat what just happened.

"Oh, Tyger's cock and balls grew big enough to become the statue's cock and balls. Now, they're more sensitive to torture," Meat explained. Nicki turned his attention back to Tyger.

Tyger leaned forward and pushed his hands into the forelegs of the statue. The statue grabbed Tyger's hands and pulled his fingers down to the hooves forcing his stomach and chest against the metal belly of the bull. As Jason closed the back half of the lid over the bull's rump, Tyger tensed in anticipation. The tail of the bull doubled as a a massive dildo. Tyger cried out as the massive dildo forced his asshole wide open and crushed his body tight against the metal. Jason positioned a harness around Tyger's neck and shoulders. As he closed the lid over the massive shoulders of the bull, the harness stretched Tyger's head and neck forward into the metal head of the statue. The lid clanged shut sealing Tyger inside the bronze beast. Tyger yelled inside the bull's metal body but the only sound to come out through the mouth of the metal beast was a bellow. James and Jason slid the metal Taurus closer to the campfire.

"You're going to burn him alive?" Nicki said. Meat lifted Nicki off the ground and carried him tight against his rough, scaly body. An inhuman fire radiated from inside Meat.

"Of course. Why else would anyone build a Brazen Bull? Don't worry, my Taurus wonít let him die. This is only the first of many tortures. Tyger came to me with a long list of sins when he died. He offered me the only thing he could, his suffering for all eternity if I'd give him ten years of success on earth. He'll burn for months inside Taurus the Bull. His plaintive bellowing will be a reminder," Meat said. Nicki shivered involuntarily at the thought. Meat chuckled. He sat Nicki down between Jason and James, his slaves, then he shoved one hand into the camp fire and waited until it turned red hot. He grabbed the balls of the metallic bull with his red hot hand and let Tyger's nuts roast and sizzle. Jason and James began to jerk off. Meat laughed and petted the rump of the Taurus. After a few minutes, He grabbed the bull's tail. The heat form his red hot hand flowed through the tail of the bull into the dildo buried deep in Tyger's ass. The Taurus bellowed even louder than before. Meat held the tail it glowed bright, cherry red. Steam poured out of the nostrils of the statue as Taurus bellowed frantically. Meat laughed and let go. On either side of Nicki, Jason and James reached orgasm and blew their loads out onto the sand.

"Move him over the fire boys, Heat him up until he breathes fire out his nostrils. In a day or two, we'll take Taurus into the volcano and set him above a lava pool until he glows red hot," Meat rubbed his clawed hands together in delight. James and Jason, their cocks flopping at half-mast, slid the statue over the fire.

Nicki watched in horror. He imagined Tyger inside the statue - his hands and feet trapped inside the statue's legs being the first to roast. He could see the flames lick at the metal genitals of Taurus and imagined the heat of the fire roasting his most tender anatomical parts. He envisioned fire licking at the belly of the beast, roasting Tyger's guts, creating steam to pour out past his head, boiling his eyes and brain into soft jelly and finally becoming steam from the nostrils of the metal bull's head. Nicki closed his eyes to the horror. Jason and James however, gleefully stacked the wood high under the tail of Taurus guaranteeing that the dildo inside Tyger would grow red hot turning his guts into steaming agony. Meat jolted Nicki out of his nightmare.

"You know Nicki, eventually the fire beneath the Taurus will drive off sufficient water to start to carbonize Tyger's body into combustible gases. When that happens, flaming gases will pour out of the head of the bull." Meat laughed at Nicki's horror.

"And now, my dear little Nicki, time grows short. It's less than an hour to moonset. I promise your fate won't be as painful as Tyger's. Maybe one day you'll understand pain enough to consent to becoming Taurus the Bull, but not today," Meat lifted the youth by one arm. Nicki tried to grab onto Meat's rough, scaly features but his body refused to obey his mind.

"Alcohol does that, you know," Meat chuckled and hummed softly as he carried Nicki into a large pit in the sand. He lay Nicki on his stomach in the middle of the pit, lubed up Nicki's ass and slowly shoved his horned, demon cock into Nicki's virginal ass. Nicki felt the massive member split his ass wide open. Waves of pleasure and pain coursed through Nicki's body as Meat began to pump his cock.

"Nothing like fucking a tight, virgin ass for a good fuck," Meat moaned in pleasure as Nicky's guts clenched tight around his cock.

"Oh god, that feels so foockin good. If only I had known this years ago," Nicki muttered as Meat's cock plowed his insides.

"God has nothing to do with me or you anymore, Nicki. You should have prayed for a secular society. I'm ruler of hell and all those religious fanatics damn more people and create more barbaric hells than my demons on their best day," Meat said as he massaged Nicki's prostrate with the horns on his cock.

Deep in the sand, Nicki's cock throbbed in anticipation of his orgasm. He clenched his ass tight and felt Meat's cock stiffen and grow thick. Both men reached orgasm at the same time. Meat's white-hot demonic sperm burned Nicki's insides and Nicki's hard cock fertilized the warm, soft sand underneath him. Sweat cemented sand to Nicki's body. Slowly, Meat withdrew from Jason's well fucked asshole. Still excited from the Meat's fucking, Nicki felt the rough scales on Meat's cheeks push against his quivering asshole. Meat's snakelike tongue began to rim his asshole. Plastered face down in the sand, Nicki could only squeeze his butt cheeks tight as the tongue began it's relentless drive into his body. The waves of pleasure coursed through Nicki's body like electric shocks. His hips pumped up and down as Meat tongue fucked his ass. Nicki humped the sand digging his cock deeper and deeper. He felt as if his cock was four inches thick. Nicki's balls throbbed and pulsed into overdrive to supply the sperm for his next orgasm. Slowly, inexorably, Nicki felt another orgasm building in his loins. Meat squeezed and twisted Nicki's balls. The orgasm exploded inside his body and brain. Face down in the sand Nicki thrashed as it seemed his body tried to pump every drop of liquid out of him and into the sand. It felt like he had pumped his entire body out through his cock in one massive orgasm. When the orgasm stopped he lay there, exhausted and spent.

Meat rolled Nicki onto his back and pulled his legs wide apart. Nicki looked down at his sand and sperm encrusted body. A thick cock lay against his stomach. It extended past his navel and nearly up to his chest. The head was coated with semen and sand.

"You, my dear boy, you have the hottest asshole I've fucked in a long time. You realize that you were just in the right place at just the right time for us to meet and for me to tempt you? And, you realize, that I wouldn't have tempted you if you hadn't already offered me your soul. Deep down inside you know that you did," Meat's legs straddled Nicki's body. The demon leaned over and kissed Nicki.

"I guess seven wasn't Ricky's lucky number, but it was my lucky foocking number," Nicki said referring to the seven teammates and the seven years they spent together. He plucked a piece semen-impregnated sand from the head of his cock and tasted it. He eyes widened at the wonderful flavor. He tasted more and found it irresistible. He looked down and realized that Meat had already covered his feet with sand and was pushing more sand over his legs. The touch of the sand made his flesh tingle like he belonged in the sand. He lay there, arms and legs spread-eagled, wiggling his butt into his wet spot in the sand beneath him.

"This feesl too good. I thought all punishment hurt," Nicki said.

"No, no, no? I'm not punishing you. I'm preserving you for another time," Meat answered as continued to mound sand over Nicki's legs. Behind Meat, Nicki could see Jason and James bringing wheelbarrows of sand to fill the pit and create a mound over him. Meat piled the sand over Nicki's massive erection making sure it stood up to its full height of nearly eighteen inches. It took a mound of sand just over three foot deep to hide any sign of Nicki's cock. Meat piled sand onto Nicki's arms and started to fill the sides of the nearly four foot deep sand pit . Nicki thought about stroking his cock and spending eternity jerking off but he couldn't move his arms due to the weight of the sand. He watched intently as the mounds of sand reached high above his head leaving only his face uncovered. Meat stopped and lay on the sides of the pit. He kissed Nicki as sand slowly drifted past his body.

"This time I'm wonít pull you out, so you'll have to eat all the sand above you if you want to stay alive. Any questions or 'famous last words' before I bury you?" Meat said.

"Silly foocking demon, someday you'll come and get me. You can't resist foocking the best virgin ass you ever had in the whole foocking world," Nicki laughed as Meat sprinkled a light coating of sand over his face, nose, and mouth. Nicki closed his eyes reflexively and puffed away the sand. He laughed again and opened his eyes wide to see Meat standing silhouetted against the stars on top of the sand pile. He stuck his tongue out pretending to lick the sand off his face. He started to say "go ahead and do it, I'm ready for it," but Meat dumped an entire wheelbarrow of sand on his face filling his mouth and nose. Nicki started eating the sand. He seriously thought that maybe, just maybe, Meat would let him eat his way out of the sand pit. Above him, Meat, Jason and James filled the pit in less than 30 seconds. Meat began another of his chants in his ancient tongue.

Nicki, buried under four feet of sand, more alive than dead, still ate at the sand and counted the seconds. His balls churned in overdrive and at 100 counts he felt an orgasm build in his cock and balls and explode into the sand in mere seconds. His cock pumped massive gouts of man-seed into the sand for 200 counts. Nicki felt his sperm spreading down his cock and permeating the sand around his body. He counted another 150 counts and felt his balls contract again. This time his orgasm lasted 300 counts draining the energy from his body. His heart beat wildly in his chest as his body seemed to merge and expand into the wet and sticky sand. Even the sand he ate tasted of his sperm. He logged another 140 maybe 150 counts and felt a third orgasm build. This time when it didn't stop until Nicki felt hollow like his flesh was merely crushed paper and only his bones were left. He felt his heart stop at 1200 counts but he still held out hope of rescue and counted on. When he reached 10,000 counts, he felt the sun warm him and heat his extended body as it heated the sand. He somehow knew that Meat, Jason and James stood above him on the sand. He could feel their feet.

On the surface, Meat finished chanting. Then he helped James and Jason clean all evidence of the swim team from the beach. They finished mid-morning. Meat looked at the pure white sands of his beach. Tired, he stretched his arms and let the sun warm his human body. Jason and James could see the faint shapes of the mermen and the squid swimming near their cove.

"Not a bad night's work. We punished the wicked, collected a long-standing debt, created a new race of sea creatures, and added Nicki to our recruiting efforts." Meat said.

"Nicki? How? I mean I know that we'll use the squid to haul drug dealers off their ships and the mermen to rescue those silly souls who try to ride out hurricanes or other such stupid things, but Nicki, what's with Nicki?" Jason asked.

"Tonight, I want you and James to sleep on the sand right over where we buried Nicki. I know that you've been out here for three weeks and want to be back in the house, but tonight, you'll be surprised to find that Nicki isn't dead, in fact, Nicki is perpetually horny. Enjoy yourselves," Meat said.

Jason and James followed Meat's orders and found that Nicki was indeed alive in the sand. They couldn't resist having sex on the beach all night. They fucked and sucked each other from sunset until sunrise. Bedraggled and exhausted, their dicks raw, their balls swollen and red, James and Jason woke Meat early the next morning. Meat smiled knowingly as he let his two men slide into his bed for a good day's rest.

"I can't wait until next week when we let that group of marines bivouac on the beach. I'm going to sign the contract today. Every body that rests on that sand will feel Nicki's influence," Meat said as he covered James and Jason with a sheet.

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