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November 2002


Word gets around - You could crash at the beach belonging to the tall guy with coal-black hair and tanned, olive-toned skin. IF you did, you got food and a place to sleep without a lot of questions. No police, no parents, no juvenile officers, no youth service people, no one would bother you. It didn't matter if you were a runaway, a hustler, or just discarded by your family, just show up on the beach. The disadvantage was distance. The beach was well off the beaten path and it was declared nude. Then there was Kilauea, a big, honking, lava-spewing volcano nearby.

Kilauea scared many boys and young men. The law, juvenile detention, or the cops didn't scare these kids, but an active volcano in full eruption nearby scared some away. Nevertheless, every few weeks, a brave boy, a desperate youth, a lonely teen, or a rejected and despised young man, would venture onto the beach, shuck his clothes, and take up residence. When the owner was home, he would offer food, and drink, and sometimes advice and comfort. If the owner wasn't at home, the two guards would feed the boys and send them away in a day or two. Rumor had it that the guy worked for some secret, international espionage ring. No one asked because it's impolite to ask a gracious host such questions.

This day, like most other days was hot and sunny. The sand gleamed and the water sparkled. A lone kid walked out of the forest and stopped at the edge of the beach, took off his clothes and stuffed them into a net ditty bag containing all his earthly belongings. It wasn't a very big bag. It wasn't a very heavy bag. It contained all his worldly possessions. Sparse, threadbare, meager were words that accurately described the contents of the net ditty bag. The bag matched the kid; He wasn't very big or heavy. His friends joked that he could hide behind most anything that was tall and upright - lampposts, broomsticks, telephone poles, two-by-fours, trees, and well, you get the idea. Lanky was a good word to describe the kid. The phrase bag of bones came to mind. One could even say that he needed to put some meat on his bones. And so, on this particular hot and sunny day, the kid threw the bag over his shoulder and walked across the beach. The sun warmed his bony body and the sand burned his feet. His mind wanted him to stop, but the hunger in his body made him stride deliberately across the beach. At least he would get a free meal. As he got close to the beach umbrella, he could see a tall, suntanned man lying on his stomach.

The noise of footsteps in sand is a soft and subtle sound. Scrawny, desperate, kids make loud noises in the sand. Even the guards heard it before they saw this kid.

"Whatcha want kid?" the tall guy asked without even lifting his head or opening his eyes when the kid got near enough to him. A nearby radio played soft jazz.

"I, I, I was hoping I could stay a day or two," the kid said. His voice quavered and betrayed his doubts.

"Is that all?" the guy barked not even moving to acknowledge the kid's presence. The kid stood there speechless. Fear the guy though, what a wonderful thing to instill in a kid. I'll bet his parents are happy, now.

"That's all, mister, just a meal or two and a good night's sleep. I'll leave in the morning," the kid answered defensively.

"As long as I'm here, you can stay around," the guy lifted his head and looked at the kid. He had coal-black eyes that matched his coal-black hair. Squinting in the sunlight, he took a good look at the kid's half-tanned body: "Lie down and relax in the sun. There's a towel and sun block over there. There is water and soft drinks in the cooler. The guards will bring food in a little while." The guy said. The kid noticed his how his well-muscled back flowed into a firm round butt and strong, muscular legs. The guy's body gleamed with tanning oil and sweat.

"Thanks, mister! Can I get you something?" the kid said as he spread the towel out on the sand next to where the guy was laying.

"No, thanks!" the guy replied as he laid his head down facing away from the kid. His seeming inattention unnerved the kid who picked up a drink. He quietly spread sun block over the parts of his anatomy without a tan. Then he lay down on his back and let the sun warm his body. Meditation, reflection, and introspection were words the kid did not understand, but he was getting a lesson in them as he lay. He put his hands under his head and bent his legs slightly so his cock rested below his stomach. This position wouldn't leave a cock-shaped tanning mark. The heat of the sun caused his cock to stiffen and he twisted his hips away from the owner to camouflage his seven-inch erection.

It was about 20 minutes before two guards brought food. They were naked except for black utility belts and deep, rich tans. Their feet made no noise in the sand and the startled kid jumped up, rolled over on his knees, and shielded his genitals from view. The guards laughed at the reaction. One was taller and bigger than the other was, but both were well built and well hung.

"Food for the hungry, if you want it," the smaller guard said. The kid stared at the guard. He was blond, deeply tanned, and built like a Greek god. He set the cooler down next to the guy. He rolled over and sat up, rubbed his eyes, stretched his arms and legs, and opened the cooler. It was loaded with sandwiches and fruits.

"Thanks you, Jason. The guy said to the smaller guard, his deep voice was soothing. He looked at the kid, smiled, and gestured for him to take his pick of the food. Then he said:

"Blame the sun for your erection. Heat does that. Don't be afraid! We're not cannibals. We're not going to eat you up. There's plenty of food, so eat," the guy said.

"We're just big-time carnivores," James chuckled and walked back to the beach house with the other guard.

The kid took a sandwich and began to devour it in big bites. The guy just sat there and watched as he munched his sandwich. Two bites into the sandwich, the kid grabbed a small carton of milk and washed down the half-chewed sandwich. He wiped his mouth on his arm and shoved more food into his hungry face. Famished, starving, ravenous, were words that came to mind. He attacked and ate four sandwiches and then he started on the fruit. Half a pineapple, a large banana, and a couple kiwis later, the kid finally stopped his eating and belched loudly.

"Sorry, mister, but I was so hungry. I only had a couple of candy bars for the last two days and I had to walk here from the airport," the kid seemed embarrassed.

"Arriving or leaving?" the guy asked.

"We were supposed to leave, but he stranded me. I didn't want to do the things he wanted me to do. So, he left me alone at the airport. All my clothes and stuff was in the luggage," the kid said.

"Well, you don't need clothes out here," the guy replied pulling his knees up and leaning his elbows on them. The muscles in his body reminded the kid of steel cables.

"Easy for you, you're built. I'm not!" the kid observed.

"How did you find out about this beach?" the guy asked.

"A big guy working at the airport told me about this beach. Took me two days to find it," the kid leaned back on his arms and let the sun hit his body.

"I know the man. He phoned and told me you might come here," the guy said to him. The kid's eyes opened wide as he heard this revelation. A worried look crossed his face as he drained a bottle of fruit juice and licked his lips.

"You know him? No shit ... I'm glad I bumped into him. Thanks, you're a lifesaver," the kid replied. The guy reached into the bottom of the cooler and retrieved two chocolate covered ice cream bars in silver foil from under the dry ice. He handed one to the kid and opened the other for himself.

"I hate cold, but I like Isaly's bars," the guy said as he ate the ice cream, "It's a hometown thing. I like to be reminded of home."

"Oh! OK!" the kid replied as he ate the ice cream and chocolate and licked the residue from his fingers. Free from hunger, he took a good look at his host. He was tall, athletic, and tanned evenly over all his body. His tendons and muscles moved like steel cables under his skin. The kid guessed he was in his mid to late 20's. The hair on his head was coal black like his eyes and the rest of his body was hairless except for small patches of hair under his arms and at his crotch. The kid checked out his long, thick cock and oversized balls. He tried to place his nationality, but couldn't.

"What should I call you?" the guy asked the kid, "'Hey you' doesn't sound too polite."

"Uh, I hate my real name. It's, like, Ainsley Alan Mac Donnagan. Please don't call me that. Call me Toby," the kid, Toby, had a rich accent when he needed it.

"OK, Toby it is!" the guy said without even a comment that it was not the kid's real name.

"What should I call you?" The kid asked.

"Everyone tries to call me 'Mister or Sir,'" he said to the kid, "but I would prefer if you just called me "Meat."

"Meat! That's your name?" the kid asked.

"That's the name my Father gave me," Meat answered watching the kid's reaction. Toby put his hand out for Meat to shake it:

"Nice to meet you, Meat," Toby said. Meat shook his hand. The kid had a firm, solid grip. His handshake wasn't too long or to short. Then he added, "Many thanks for the meal, Meat," emphasizing the "m" in each word and raising his eyebrows in delight.

" Ainsley Alan Mac Donnagan, Toby to your friends, you look tired. Why don't you sleep under the umbrella so you don't burn to a crisp," Meat suggested as he pulled the youth against his chest and hugged him.

"Yeah! I could use some sleep," Toby and he lay down on a towel under the umbrella, rolled onto his side, curled up with his hands between his knees, and fell asleep. Meat, his host, lay in the hot sun all afternoon enjoying its warmth and listened to the kid breath.

Part 2

Round about 6 PM, Jason and Jamie, the guards, returned to take everything into the house. The kid was still sleeping and Jamie lifted him gently to carry him into the house. Jamie was a mountain of a man, at six foot ten inches and nearly 450 pounds of solid muscle. Toby wrapped his arms and legs around Jamie as if he was a little kid.

"How could the kid sleep this long?" Jamie asked in a hushed voice.

"All the food he ate put his to sleep. Man, was he hungry!" Jason said as he picked up the coolers. Meat grabbed the towels and they all started to walk back to the house.

"My guess is he's only about 135 pounds and undernourished. He needs some meat on his bones," Jamie replied shaking his head.

"I made him sleep, Meat said, "He needs the rest both mentally and physically."

"What's the story on him? Do you know yet?" Jason asked looking at Meat. Meat concentrated intently for a moment and then answered:

"Don't let him know that we know all this. He'll say eighteen, but he's sixteen years old this month. His Father threw him out of the house just before his 13th birthday because he caught him sucking cock. He wasn't abandoned at the airport, he ran away from the sugar daddy he's traveling with. Hmmm!" Meat stopped and stood still as he closed his eyes in deep thought. Meat stood there as if he was listening to someone.

"Imp Report! The most anal-retentive creatures in all of hell!" Jason commented to Jamie. Meat resumed his walk towards the house. There was a scowl on his face as he said: "So that's it!" Jason and Jamie look at each other. Their mouths forming with big silent O's. Then Jason spoke:

"Hallelujah brothers and sisters! Looks like we've found a new sinner! It'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!" Jason and Jamie both broke out into laughter. Meat just glared at them for their levity.

"Bad joke! Satire died with Disco! Like, Dudes, you two wanna be reincarnated as the ass end of a chimpanzee for humor like that. How about coming back as the weenie on a ferret?" Meat growled at his two guards. He was half-serious in his threat. Jason and Jamie clammed up. They all just smiled and bumped shoulders together. The three of them maneuvered up a flight of stairs and into the house. Jamie laid the kid on a large bed to one side of the room, Jason took the coolers to the small kitchen, and Meat threw the towels and umbrellas over a rack in the bathroom.

The house was small, but roomy. It was a typical cabana-style, Hawaiian frame house. A big living area faced the sea. It was a huge living room, dining room, and kitchen area under one roof. This also served as a bedroom for Jason and Jamie. A small half-bath hid behind the back wall. The master bedroom was a balcony facing the ocean to the south and Kilauea to the east. The backside of the house held the garage, laundry, and storage.

"What do the Imps way, Meat?" Jason asked as he took a salad bowl out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter.

"The kid ran away because he figured out he was being sold into slavery," Meat said.

"Again, slave trade? I thought we caught up with that gang a couple months ago?" Jason frowned and hit his fists together in frustration.

"This guy's a freelance operation. He's a loner. He finds young boys, lures them overseas, and then strands them with his client. The boys are so grateful to the client for help; they consent to stay with the client for a few weeks. The boys never see the trouble their in until it's too late. The Imps say he's coming back to the island in a few days," Meat's eyes twinkled at the prospect of punishing the guy.

"What's the plan, chief?" Jason asked regarding Toby sleeping on the sofa.

"I think we should listen to what the kid has to say. In a day or two, we will hunt the slaver down and damn him to Hell. Jamie hasn't seem that happen yet," Meat said.

"So tonight we aren't going to the Hot Springs?" Jason asked rubbing his arms as if he was cold.

"No, use the hot tub," Meat said.

"Now let's wake up Toby and eat dinner. We have work to do tonight," Meat ordered and the two guards scrambled to get the dinner ready and the house in order. Meat went over the sofa and poked at Pat.

"Wake up, Toby, me boy! Wake up!" he said as he shook the kid's shoulder. Surprised by his surroundings, Toby sat up startled and scared. Meat put his rather muscular arm around Toby's skinny body and held him firmly.

"Where am I," Toby said breathing heavily.

"We carried you into the house; you slept all afternoon, Toby, once called Ainsley Alan Mac Donnagan. Now, it's time for dinner... You know food!" Meat caressed Pat's shoulder. His body was warm and flushed from sleeping.

"How did you know my real name? I hate that name. It's ... It's ... It's ... " Toby sputtered, half awake.

"I know. I know. You told me your name. It's the name your parents gave you and since you don't like your parents, you hate the name they gave you," Meat put his hand over Toby's mouth. Toby twisted trying to get away from Meat, but Meat's grip was too strong for him.

"Where's my stuff?" Toby demanded.

"It's all here, kid. Just calms down and relax! We're your friends. You're safe with us. Nothing can harm you here," Meat said as the kid quit struggling and leaned his head against Meat's broad chest. Meat had the power to do many things to influence people's behavior, but runaway, scared, kids had to come to terms with their fears and apprehensions all by themselves. Toby needed time to trust, time to accept friendship, and time to regain confidence in other human beings. The word love might be a good description of what these kids need.

"Come over to the table and we'll serve dinner. You're hungry and you need to eat," Meat said as he planted the thoughts of hunger into Pet's mind. That's as much as I dare do, make him hungry, and get him to relax at the table, Meat thought.

"OK! But I gotta wash my hands first," Toby said and he went to the bathroom and shut the door.

Jason leaned over to Meat and spoke in a whisper: "You think he'll be OK? Or will we have to influence him?"

"I don't want to force him, let him make the decision on his own," Meat said as he waited. In a few minutes, Toby came out of the bathroom drying his hands.

"You guys don't wear clothes?" he asked. "It feels strange to be naked and not having sex."

"No, there's no reason to wear any clothes," Meat answered as they sat down at the table. Jason and Jamie introduced themselves. Jamie served the salad while Jason poured a white wine. Toby hesitated.

"Uh, I'm not old enough to drink yet," Toby blushed at the admission.

"It doesn't matter in my house. You got here on your own two feet and as far as I am concerned, you can drink. No one will bother us." Meat said.

"We'll have milk and cookies for desert," Jason said as he set Toby's glass on the table. Jamie busted out in laughter. Meat wrapped a piece of bread around the salad greens dunked the resulting sandwich in balsamic vinegar.

"JA! Milk! Fresh squeezed! From da cow even!" Jamie blurted our between laughs. Toby laughed at the silliness of it all. Meat only chuckled. The finished their salads in giggles and Jason got up and served the pot roast and potatoes. He saw Meat concentrate hard on Toby. Jason served the kid a double portion of food knowing that he was artificially hungry. Jamie poured everyone another glass of wine. This time, it was a red wine. The four men ate discussing sports and insignificant news. Toby finished everything in front of him and helped remove the plates. Jamie got ice cream out of the freezer and cookies out of an old-fashioned breadbox. He asked if anyone wanted coffee and was surprised that Toby had a taste for after dinner coffee.

The night had grown cool and Jason and Jamie shut the glass doors and closed windows. Meat lit a small gas fire in the fireplace and then went up stairs to the loft to do some business. Jamie, Jason, and Toby sat down in various chairs and sofas. They each picked up a book and started to read. The glow of Kilauea's eruption lit the horizon. After a few minutes, Toby broke the silence:

"So you guys work for Meat?" Toby asked.

"Yes, as bodyguards and companions," Jason replied.

"It's a nice place you got here. How long you been working for Meat," Toby asked. He looked healthier than he did when he first walked up the beach. Jason stared at the kid's body. He counted half a dozen scars.

I've only worked here about 6 months, Jason's been here a lot longer," Jamie replied.

"I don't mean to offend you guys, but are you guys gay? I mean, like, three guys living together and naked twenty-four-seven is a bit of a giveaway. And it's not like y'all have video games or stuff like that here to entertain yourselves with. There's just the three of you, and it's kinda obvious that you, like, sleep together, " Toby's youthful brashness startled Jamie and Jason. Meat was leaning over the railing listening. He wanted to see what Jason and Jamie would answer.

"Uh, what!" Jason said, so startled that he closed the book with a loud whap!

"Are we gay?" Jamie asked back, laughing at the question.

"Yeah, dudes, are you gay? I mean is that what the deal is with the beach? Are you three queer for young guys? Once Like, dudes, once we screw, blew, use, and feed, do you chase them away? What's the deal?"

"Direct little bugger, ain't he!" Jamie said to Jason.

"Yeah! Hey, you were, like, you weren't happy to see us naked when you arrived?" Jason said to Jamie elbowing the bigger man in the ribs. Jamie blushed and pushed Jason away.

Jamie looked Toby right in the eyes and answered: "Yes, the three of us are gay, and no, we won't throw you out after we have sex tonight."

"Then why do you guys do this?" Toby asked.

"Because that's what the boss wants us to do. We work for Meat," Jason held both hands out and up in a "what-else" pose, then added: "We came here just like you did, running away from something and Meat took us in."

"You mean you three aren't lovers? He pays you for sex?" Toby asked. Jamie's eyes opened wide at the kids questions.

"No, we work for Meat. The sex is incidental. We enjoy each other, but lovers is the wrong word," Jamie got up and went to the kitchen: "This discussion is just too much for me. I need a glass of wine." He paused and then added: "You want some wine?"

"I do," answered Jason.

"I'd rather have beer," Toby said. Jamie tossed him a cold bottle of beer.

"Where you from?" Jamie asked Toby.

"Far from here," Toby said evading any direct answers, "Where are you two from? And how did you meet Meat?"

Jason spoke first: "I'm from just around the corner in Kona. I was one of Kona's best bad boys. I stole, did drugs, and worse. When they closed in on me, I decided I was going to be the last white boy to sacrifice himself to Pele. Meat stopped me. We rented this house shortly after that." Jason's answer satisfied Toby who looked over to Jamie:

"Missoula, Montana was my home. Hawaii was supposed to be my last vacation before I died of AIDS. I walked onto the beach with nothing and there was Meat waiting for me," Jamie's voice was nearly a whisper.

"You have AIDS? You don't look it. You're so big!" Toby tried to make sense Jamie's massive body.

"The cure and the body are gifts from Meat," Jamie said letting the matter drop. Jason spoke up quickly:

"The man you met at the airport is another of Meat's rescue and recovery projects. That's why he gave you directions to get here," Jason explained. Toby finished drinking his beer and got up to toss the bottle into the wastebasket.

"What's your story, Toby? We've told you a little about how we ended up here, how about telling us some about yourself." Jamie asked. Toby stood by the sofa trying to decide if he was going to talk or not.

"I'm from Masillon, Ohio. I left home two years ago. I've been on my own ever since," Toby harumphed and grumbled.

"And?" Jamie pushed at the boy to talk.

"They took all my money: Birthday money, inheritance money, and lawn-mowing money, all of it. My Mother paid off her bills with my money because she couldn't stand working for anyone. My Dad was an unemployable goofball who constantly embarrassed me and screwed up my friendships. They told me I was the cause of all their troubles so I left." Toby's voice quavered with hostility.

"Don't forget to mention that your Dad caught you sucking cock!" Meat yelled as he leaned over the balcony where he had been sitting and listening: "And you told you're Dad that you wanted to suck cock with the best of them."

"How did you know that? I didn't say anything about that!" Toby yelled back. "I would have put up with all their crap and horseshit, but he threw me out!" Toby was shaking in anger. "He threw me out, he didn't even want to try to love me anymore. He called me a cocksucking, low-life animal and he threw me out." Toby tried to hold his anger together, but his emotions took hold. "He told me I was worthless, that I'd never be anything but a sleazy, scum-sucking faggot. Then he threw me out." Tears started down Toby's face. "I tried to go back, but he just slammed the door and threw my belongings out the window. He called me a little-girlie pansy and a worthless pederast, Hew said I wasn't good enough to be called his son. He told me to leave and go find some ass-kissing homo to screw my sorry excuse of an ass. That's why I hate my name. That's why!" In tears, Toby threw himself on the bed.

Jamie and Jason stood stunned by the outburst of emotion. Toby cried for a few minutes without saying anything. Then Jamie got up and went over to the bed. His huge bulk dwarfed the skinny kid. Toby lay crying on the bed. Jamie gently lifted him and lay his head on his shoulder. One of his huge hands stroked the Toby's back.

"It's hard when your Father is that stupid," Jamie tried to be soothing.

"That's easy for you to say, you're big and strong. Look at me! I'm nothing but skin and bones. I hate my life." Toby pounded his fists into Jamie's chest. "It can't be that bad, kid," Jamie fumbled for words. As much as he had been through, he never had teenage boy cry on his shoulder before.

"You don't understand. You don't understand at all. I wanted to go with that guy to Japan. I wanted to be made into someone's plaything. I wanted to come back and confront my father as a girl," Toby sat up and tried to look directly into Jamie's face. His entire body trembled and shook. "Don't you understand, I even chickened out at that. I couldn't even do it. They were going to fix me, make me into a girl, and I even ran away from that," Toby pounded hi head against Jamie's chest. "I can't do anything right. I just can't do anything right... I just want to be loved," Toby fell against Jamie's shoulder again. Meat threw a towel from the balcony and Jamie caught it. He pulled Toby off his shoulder and dried the tears from his face.

"Aw, kid, the past doesn't matter anymore. We'll help you start over. We don't hate you. None of us do," Jamie thought he sounded trite, but he wasn't that great with words. Jason and Meat kept quiet. This boy was Jamie's to recruit.

"That's easy for you to say, you're all muscles and well hung, Look at me, I'm a runt. I never played sports. I wasn't allowed because they wouldn't buy insurance for me," Toby's face lit up in anger and hatred for what he perceived as years of abuse. "And what the hell are you going to do, You said yourself you're dying of AIDS. How could you stay with me?" Toby tried to push Jamie away, but Jamie was almost three times the kid's weight and didn't move. "So don't give me pep talks about the future is in front of me." Toby tried to get up, but Jamie grabbed him.

"You self-centered, little brat! Quit feeling sorry for yourself," Jamie shook the kid hard enough to get the message. "Do you possibly think you're the only kid to ever have bad parents?" Jamie shook the kid again: "Wise up and quit whining! I didn't lie, I was dying of AIDS, but that was before I met Meat and Jason. Now I'm cured."

"Yeah! Whatever!" Toby answered ignoring everything. "You overgrown lump, how do you know what I wet through!" Toby tried to slapped Jamie's face, but the big man was grabbed his hand and stopped him. Jamie pushed Toby off the bed and onto his feet. Then he turned him around and scored a hefty kick to the kid's ass. Meat came down the stairs to watch the confrontation. Jason glanced at the window and noticed two pair of red eyes standing outside the glass wall and watching the confrontation.

"Whatever that!" Jamie yelled, "You spoiled brat!"

Toby's eyes grew wide as he flew halfway to the sofa from the force of the kick. Jason and Meat stared at Jamie and Toby wondering what would happen next.

"What did you do that for?" Toby whined.

"You're a selfish, self-pitying little jerk. My guess is that you didn't even try to square your life with your Dad before you left and now, you got yourself into such deep trouble that you had to run away. What did your sugar daddy tell you? You'd be treated like a prince ... or kept like a slave?" Proverbial steam poured out of Jamie's ears. Toby threw himself against the big man's chest, put his head down like he was going to bust out in tears again, and started laughing. Jamie grabbed his shoulders and stared at Toby as he held him at arm's length. Toby just continued to laugh and finally said:

"Had ya going, didn't I? Big boy! Had ya going!" Toby said in a singsong voice.

Jamie stood there sputtering: "You rotten, little bastard!" he said slowly.

Toby kept laughing and hugged the big guy. Meat walked over and put his hand on Jamie's shoulder just to be sure that Jamie wasn't going to rip the kid in two pieces for his behavior. Jamie growled another: "You lied, didn't you. It's all a lie! You rotten, little bastard!" This time his voice was softer and more controlled, but equally as angry.

"I ain't telling!" Toby teased back. Meat pulled Toby away from Jamie.

"I think we need to tell the truth, don't you?" Meat asked Toby.

"Aw! You can't handle the truth!" Toby voice sounded like a rough, drill sergeant. Meat didn't rise to the occasion the way Jamie did. He went to the glass door and opened it about a foot. Two Imps walked into the room from outside. The Imps were about 3-foot tall, green, scaly, chubby things. They were well rounded and plump. Each had a set of small horns on their heads and when they spoke, they had the high-pitched voices of kids. However, they had the manner of surly, drunken, midgets. Most striking, though, was the obvious fact that they were hung like prepubescent little boys: Small cocks over adorably cute testicles in little sacks.

"Dinky and Doodle, my two favorite Imps! You're here to help?" Meat asked the two creatures.

"Favorites! Bah! We were listening outside and you certainly need help with this one." One of the Imps said. The other grabbed Meat's large cock and balls in both hands and yelled: "Pay me or I swing from your vine!" As he let out a loud and pathetic imitation of Tarzan's famous yell. Meat winced and grabbed the Imp's arms, holding him still.

"Stop that! It hurts!" Meat laughed at the antics of the Imp. "Young Toby here has told us that he was thrown out of the house and ran away from a white slaver. What's the truth?" Meat asked.

"What the fuck are those things?" Toby cried out in shock as he watched the two creatures poked and wrestled at Meat. Jamie stood still. He was still very angry.

"These are our resident Imps. This is Ezekial and this is Timothy," Jason said to Toby while pointing in no particular direction.

"What the hell is an Imp?" Toby demanded.

"No, more like what IN hell is an imp?" Jason replied emphasizing the word "IN" as Meat and the two Imps stopped fussing with each other and faced the young man.

"Why, Imps are merely cherubs gone bad! Like spilt milk, or moldy bread, or runny cheeses. Did you think that only archangels like our lord and master Lucifer rebelled?" Ezekial said. Timothy quickly added: "We're the fact finders and truth tellers. We keep everyone in line. Even this gang of nere-do-wells!"

By this time both timothy and Ezekial had each grabbed one of Meat's arms and were trying to pull him to the ground. He lifted them both into he air and held them there. "They're anal-retentive, little busybodies and snoops. I saw you watching outside the door. You two were eavesdropping!" Meat said as he carried them over to Jamie.

"Hold onto these two, would you?" Meat asked. Jamie grabbed an arm of each Imp and held them tight. The two little Imps acted like naughty boys and began to poke and prod Jamie. He was a giant compared to them and tolerated their blows. Meat went over to Toby and grabbed the teenager around the shoulders and held him tight. Toby tried to object, but Meat just covered his mouth with one strong hand. He carried him over to Jamie and the two Imps.

"OK! Dinky and Doodle, the fun's over, tell me the truth!" Meat ordered. Immediately the Two Imps quit harassing Jamie and started to pester Toby. They made lots of squeaky and farty noises as they did. After a minute, They got quiet, looked at each other, shook their heads in agreement, and gave thumbs-up to Meat.

"Success! He didn't suspect a thing! He was fooled completely!" Ezekial announced reaching out and tweaking Jamie's nose. "How'd you like them eggs, big boy!" he teased. Jamie dropped the two imps onto the floor where they landed with a resounding thud and two hefty groans.

"And how about Toby?" Meat asked. Timothy answered:

"Oh, Him! He's a complete liar. No doubt! He didn't even tell you his real name. That Ainsley Alan Mac Donnagan shit is just shit!" Ezekial and Timothy, two Imps, picked themselves off the floor and made an extravagant show of dusting their knees.

"In fact, the only true thing he said was that he ran away to avoid a sex change," Timothy added as he and Ezekial high-fived each other.

"If we had big cocks, we could fuck the information out of him! Hey! Hey! Hey! Wouldn't that be fun?" Ezekial added as him and Timothy belly-butted each other and did a rather obscene victory dance.

"Cute, guys! Cute! You ought to be in a sitcom with that act," Meat said. Ezekial and Timothy shrugged and shook their heads from side to side.

"Sorry, we tried Ed Sullivan once, but he rejected us!" Ezekial said as Timothy gave Meat a loud, Bronx cheer. Meat turned to Jamie and Jason and asked: "Did you have any idea he was fucking with your mind?" The both shook their heads no. Jamie and Jason carefully kept their distance from the Imps who were still carousing at everyone else's expense. No one was safe when the Imps got silly.

Meat turned his attention to Toby who had retreated to the bed and was nearly cowering in fear.

"You said that you would sell your soul to the devil if you got away from your 'sugar daddy.' Well, your prayer was answered. Now we have to figure out how to use you," Meat pulled the teenager off the bed and put his arm around Toby's shoulders.

"You're the real thing?" Toby asked. His voice betrayed his fear and wonder.

"Yes, the real thing! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Meat chuckled and smiled as he hugged Toby.

"But, I only thought that in the airport hotel before I left my 'sugar daddy' as you call him. I didn't take it seriously. I came here to crash." Toby said.

"Remember the drugs you took in the hotel before you left? Well, you overdosed and died. That's how you got free from the man. That's how my operative at the airport knew you. You were dead and wandering around dead. Just before taking those drugs, you resolved to sell your soul top the devil if you got away," Meat reminded Toby.

"Oh! Shit! I remember. I thought I was just lucky, but it really happened, didn't it?" Toby leaned against Meat as the memory of what happened came back to him. Jason and Jamie stood quietly by.

"Yes, it really did happen. Now, what do you want to be? What do you want to become?" Meat asked.

"Uh! Are you two dead?" Toby asked Jason and Jamie who were standing there watching the revelations.

"Yes, we've both been brought back to serve Meat and guard his house. When he tires of us, we'll be sent to do something else," Jason responded. "Meat's creative with his reincarnations, though." Jamie added

"You can be anything you want to be. So, think about what you want to look like or how you'd like to live. I have my ideas, but I really want to hear what you wanted," Meat handed Toby off to Jason and Jamie who fondled and stroked Toby's body. Toby responded to their attentions and the three men moved to the bed. Meat turned his attention to the Imps who were still bickering noisily with each other.

"Hey guys! Stop your fussing. I need one last report, then you can leave," the Imps stopped and stared at Meat. The strange threesome stayed silent for a few minutes and then Meat opened the glass doors ordered the two Imps to guard the house. The two imps flew outside using the tiny wings on their backs with Meat watching them.

By the time Meat turned his attention back to Toby, Jason, and Jamie, the three were sucking and licking each other's bodies. Meat sat down next to the bed and watched for a few minutes. Jason lay under Toby sucking cock and being sucked, while Jamie ploughed his big cock deep into Toby's ass. Meat watched until the three men reached orgasm and they disengaged in a sweaty pile of flesh, spit, drool, and cum.

"Tell me, Toby, what do you want to be?" Meat said. Jason and Jamie pulled Toby in between their bodies and hugged him.

"I guess screwing these two for all eternity won't cut it?" Toby asked enjoying the attention.

"No, Tell me your deepest desire," Meat beamed a gentle and loving smile at the teen. Toby's eyes fluttered and he thought hard for a few minutes.

"I always thought of myself as being both sexes at once. I never thought of myself as being just a boy or a girl, but as both. That's why I hooked up with that guy at the airport. He promised me breasts, but he wanted to cut off my cock and balls. I want both," Toby said.

"So Toby wants boobs!" Jason said as he felt his cock stiffen and poke at Toby's asshole. It was still hot and juicy from Jamie's fucking it and let Jason's cock enter without trouble. Jason reached around Toby and cupped his hands on Toby's chest. Right now it was scrawny, but Jason knew it wouldn't be that way for long.

"And he wants his cock and balls, too!" added Jamie as he grabbed his large cock and balls and Toby's rather modest-sized cock and balls in one of his big hands and stroked them away from Toby's stomach. Then Jamie put the other hand on Toby's lower stomach and started to drum his fingers.

"Yeah, that feels and sounds good!" Toby closed his eyes as waves of sexual pleasure flowed through his body.

"And he can always suck!" Meat said as he straddled the three men and lowered his crotch on Toby's face shoving his cock down Toby's waiting throat. As the three men used Toby for sex, their bodies changed from tanned and smooth, pink human skin, to red, scaly demon skin. Meat, Jason, and Jamie reverted to their demon forms. Their hands grew rough and claw-like; their bodies thickened, grew stronger, and started to glow. Their cocks grew to inhuman thickness and length as the three of them used Toby for their sexual pleasure. When Toby opened his eyes and saw the transformed men he got afraid, but the waves of pleasure kept coursing through is body like waves of fire. He closed his eyes and his mind to everything but the pleasure he was feeling. His body changed as the three demons violated every part of it.

Even his fear of what was happening to him was tantalizing. Jason's demon sized cock spread Toby's asshole and filled his insides with hot waves of pleasure. Toby imagined that he was impaled on this giant member as it fucked him. He felt his body thicken and change. His new breasts formed under Jason's hands and grew larger and larger. His nipples grew large and sensitive and felt extraordinary under the manipulation of the two clawed hands. Toby felt his mouth and jaws relax as Meat's giant demon cock plunged deep into his throat expanding it beyond human comprehension. It seemed to Toby that the cock in his throat and the cock in his ass met and touched each other inside his body.

Toby felt Meat's rough hands sculpt his new shoulders and body. Their touch was electric as his body softened and changed under the pressure. He felt his package growing as Jamie stroked both sets of cock and balls. The rough and scaled cock stimulated his new, thicker cock. The fingers and claws of Jamie's other hand kept scratching at Toby's lower stomach and started sending waves of pleasure through him. He could feel his flesh moving and changing. A red-hot, orgasmic fire started to build in from under Jamie's hands and spread through Toby's body. Toby opened his eyes and saw flames surrounding them. The four of them were burning in a furnace. Toby closed his eyes and let the orgasmic fire burn through his body and mind. He felt the three men explode in orgasm just seconds before his orgasm raged through his brain like fire. His world became nothing but sexual pleasure and physical contact. Every atom of his being was devoted to sex. Toby drifted in red-hot sexual pleasure for what seemed like a long time.

Hours later, Toby woke on the bed held tightly between Meat, Jason, and Jamie. They were still red-skinned, scaly demons and Toby took a good look at them. Their demon bodies were thicker and less muscular than their human bodies. Their faces were demonic, with horns and spikes, and they were definitely covered in scales. Their hands and feet were larger and claws grew out of each finger and toe. Their cocks and balls were gargantuan and reminded Toby of horse-cocks. They slept soundly. Toby's body was still sandwiched between the three demons and he could only turn his head. He looked around and saw the two Imps sitting next to the bed watching him.

"Zeke and Timmy, good morning! I feel so good this morning. I guess we slept all night." Toby called them by their diminutive names feeling affectionate towards what were two naughty, little boys. "I feel like a new man," Toby added, his voice had a higher pitch and a soft, flutelike tone. Both Ezekial and Timothy choked up in laughter trying to stay silent and keep from laughing.

"We didn't sleep. We watched the house. You guys fucked all night," Ezekial whispered in that same annoying voice he had used the night before. They were still giggling softly at Toby.

"What you mean GUYS!" Timothy smacked Ezekial on the side of the head so hard Toby thought the Imp's eyes were going to pop out.

"Well, three guys, at least," Ezekial replied rubbing the side of his head. "I guess technically Toby isn't a guy anymore. But then technically, he's not a girl either!" Ezekial shrugged his shoulders and shook his head indifferently.

Toby examined his hands. They were softer and smaller. His fingers were long and thin. He moved Meat off his chest and looked at his body to see what they meant.

"I got boobs! And they're big boobs!" Toby announced trying to keep to a whisper. His hands cupped a pair of luxurious, large, round boobs and big sensitive nipples. He rubbed his hands over them and his shoulders and felt the plush softness that was his new body. He wasn't scrawny and bony anymore, he was well fleshed with tawny skin and long flowing hair.

"Yup! Them be boobs! You might still have a cock and balls, huh?" Timothy teased.

Toby reached around Meat's demon body and felt his new cock and balls. His balls were huge; the size of lemons. His cock felt thick and uncut. He gave his cock a stroke and it filled his hand. He felt his hips and legs are realized that they had changed and become thicker and rounder.

"Well, that's all in order and so much larger. I always wanted to be half man, half woman," Toby said to the two Imps. He leaned back against Jamie's big body and fondled his tits.

"It's nearly 10am, we ought to wake Meat so that Toby can see the rest of it," Ezekial looked at Timothy as if asking permission.

"I wouldn't wake up the boss before noon! Let the boy discover it for himself!" Timothy said with a harumphing shrug that signaled the decision for both Imps. Toby was puzzled and began to push Meat's body.

"Well, I'll just move the big dude off me. Then I'll see what you two are being so mysterious about." Toby shoved hard and rolled meat off his body. He looked down and saw that not only did he have a giant cock and balls, but he also had a vagina set above his cock. His hands explored the new opening in his body. He quickly found the sensitive areas.

"Oh! Wow! That's what he was scratching into me. I remember his claws digging into my skin and I didn't know why," Toby fingered with both his male and female equipment.

"I can't wait to thank him! I gotta wake him," Toby said as he started to shake Meat awake. Meat's red, scaly demon skin slowly changed to tanned and smooth human flesh.

"He's grumpy when he doesn't get his beauty sleep," Ezekial warned.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Very grumpy without his beauty sleep!" Timothy chimed in. Meat woke slowly and as he raised his head, Toby wrapped his arms around him and kissed him passionately. Meat kissed back.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Toby gushed as he kept kissing Meat's human face. Meat stretched himself awake. He let Toby continue to tell him how thrilled he was at the changes. The two Imps sat in silence.

"So you like what we've done for you?" Meat finally asked, his voice rough and raspy from sleep. Toby thanked him all over again. Meat punched Jason and Jamie. Their human forms returned as they woke up, moaning and whimpering that it was too early. They started coffee and breakfast and each took time to look at Toby's new body. Meat preoccupied Toby with hugs and kisses while lying on the bed. In a few minutes, Jason and Jamie served breakfast on trays and sat down to eat. As the sugar and caffeine levels rose, they started to talk.

"Great Party!" Jamie said between bites of food.

"Outstanding, one of the best we've had!" Jason remarked.

"I just adore my new body, guys! Thanks for changing me," Toby arranged his hair and cupped his hands under his breasts and blew kisses at the three guys. His hips swayed seductively and his large cock and balls swung happily beneath his vagina. Jason and Jamie just smiled at each other. Meat hugged Toby and smiled at his new creation.

"You're my first functioning hermaphrodite and a big success," Meat kissed him gently and then continued:

"I have a house for you in Thailand and you'll always have friends and visitors," Meat said caressing Toby's shoulders and breasts. He continued: "Does this fulfill your deepest desires?"

"Oh yes, this is what I always wanted," Toby threw himself against Meat and laid his head on the demon's human shoulder. Jamie and Jason looked at each other thinking that the kid was way too emotional as Meat and Toby disappeared in a demonic fog.

Alone, Jason and Jamie cleaned and the beach house and then the two men went out to lie on the beach in the sun. It wasn't long before Meat reappeared and joined them.

"Did you get Toby settled in Thailand?" Jason asked.

"Yes, he's happy as a clam and thrilled to be the prime attraction of our very own Thai house of ill repute. He's thrilled with his new body and his new life. I even installed Ezekial and Timothy as his transvestite Madams." Meat said.

"Ezekial and Timothy! That's a punishment worthy of hell!" Jamie laughed so hard that his entire body shaking with the thoughts of the two cherubs as transvestites.

"Does Toby know the price?" Jason asked as he turned over.

"No! He's too fluffy and flighty right now. I'll visit him in a week or two for his first mating with a demon, and then I'll go back to collect our cute and cuddly demon offspring," Meat smiled.

"He's going to be SO thrilled," Jason said imitating Toby's voice and mannerisms.

"Of course he is. But then he'll discover that he's made a deal with the Heir to the throne of Hell and we'll all have a little fun!" Meat said as he lay back and let the sun warm his body.

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