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Halloween 2005

"I saw a delivery truck go down the road. Was that the table you found in Egypt?" Bryan asked as Professor Duncan Elliot climbed up the stairs to the courtyard where Bryan worked.

"Yes, indeed it was. I had them put it in the basement. The carpenter's reassembling it right now. When he's done, we can try to recreate the Egyptian undead ceremony," the Professor answered.

"Creating the undead, that still sounds like a bad movie or a scary tale for kids. It's hard to believe that these ancient people were that superstitious," Bryan shrugged as he scrubbed the grime off the statue with a very small brush. He had volunteered to spend the summer restoring statues on the Professors estate. He wore only work boots, cutoff jeans and gloves. His young and very humpy body glistened wet with sweat and soapy water. Bryan was a big, strapping bodybuilder and his muscles rippled under his skin as he washed the statues.

"Oh, I think it was true. At least the legends say so. Do you want to help translate the inscriptions?" Duncan asked. Bryan's blue eyes sparkled at the opportunity. A big smile came to his face accentuating the gold-tone tan on his face.

"Just let me dry my hands," Bryan said as he wiped his wet hands on a rag and grabbed a skimpy, sleeveless T-shirt. Duncan was halfway to the basement before Bryan caught up to him . He puffed lightly. They started to race each other.

"As I told the class at start of term, I found the table in a secret chamber near the old site of Abu Simbel. The artifacts indicate it was used to prepare warriors as guards for in the Valley of the Dead." Duncan raced down the stairs just to stay ahead of Bryan. The two reached the bottom and stopped before the basement door. Duncan was in his mid thirties, fit and kinda hairy. Bryan liked him because he seemed to understand the students. At least he acted like a friend and buddy rather than a professor or boss.

"OK! OK! Let's do this with a little dignity!" Duncan said as he straightened his Bermuda shorts and brown shirt. Bryan pulled on a torn and ragged, sleeveless T-shirt. He stood a couple to four inches taller than his professor and was forty pounds of pure muscle heavier. They both entered the room calmly, presenting a dignified front to the carpenter. The table was covered in beaten gold and inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs. New leather straps replaced the old, rotted ones that they found with the table. Both Duncan and Bryan examined the table closely and intently.

"You know, Professor, this reminds me of an embalming table. It's like the one my Uncle Jake used at his funeral home."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, the drain holes and depressions are in the same position as my Uncle's old table. I could see if this was found in a mummy preparation room, but not for preparing guards."

"The walls of the rooms were covered with incantations to create undead guardians and there were no synoptic jars or any other mummy preparation devices. Not only that, the scenes on the walls depicted guards leaving after being eviscerated by the priests…" Duncan would have continued his lecture, but the carpenter returned and interrupted their discussion to determine if this was where they wanted the table. They indicated that it was and thanked the carpenter for his time and effort. Duncan folded the bill into his wallet and watched the carpenter leave. They went back to examining the table and transcribing the hieroglyphs. After an hour or so, they both settled into references to translate the inscriptions.

"I owe you an apology, Professor, it's exactly what you say it is. Hard to believe they could create the undead guards on this table," Bryan mused as he read the translations.

"Let's talk our way through this. The guard comes in. He's strapped to the table voluntarily. The priests summon the god of the dead and offer the guard as his servant. Then they anoint the guard with purified oils, eviscerate him, and he lives. Supposedly he can't be destroyed by mortal means." Bryan's eye were big as saucers as he laid out each step of the process.

"Did I tell you we found jars containing the purified oil?" Duncan asked.

"Really, what was the composition of the oil?" Bryan asked.

"Just indigenous vegetable oils, nothing special," Duncan answered. Bryan just shrugged his large shoulders and stared at one of the remaining inscriptions.

"Bryan, can I ask a big favor of you? Can we recreate this ceremony? Can you just lay down on the table and we'll act our way through it?" Duncan asked softly.

"Sure. Well, sorta… I mean OK... But just acting," Bryan laughed nervously.

"Of course, of course. I don't believe this claptrap anymore than you do," Duncan lied. Bryan took his T-shirt and boots off and lay down on the table. It was cold against the skin of his back and his cut-off shorts snagged the gold of the table. He carefully raise his hips from the table and pushed his shorts off revealing thong underwear.

"Sorry to be nearly naked, Professor, but I don't want to damage the gold plating on the table by snagging it with my underwear... Of course, it's not authentic, the real guard would be naked," Bryan laughed nervously and smiled. His body was all golden and tanned. What little body hair he had was wispy yellow. Duncan admired the fit young body as he wrapped the new and very strong leather straps around Bryan's arms and legs and fastened them loosely.

"Oh, I trust you, you can pull the straps tight. I'm sure the priests of the underworld weren't gentle with their subjects," Bryan laughed and his rock-solid abdominals shook.

"Tight it is," Duncan said as he pulled each strap tight once, then he adjusted them painfully tight. Bryan tugged against them. His arms and legs were fixed tightly to the table. He could lift his head and shoulders up but not much else.

Bryan started to say something, but Duncan motioned for him to be quiet. Duncan picked up the oil and began to anoint Bryan's body. He covered Bryan from head to foot with the oil both front and back. Bryan breathed heavily as he did this, his cock thickening and stiffening against his stomach. His body gleamed like the gold table beneath him. Bryan lay there, helpless to stop what ever was happening.

"Did I tell you we also found the ceremonial implements?" Duncan said as he opened a small box that was sitting on another table.

"This is the knife for gutting the guard. Notice it's made from beaten gold and curved on two sides. It's still sharp. Let me demonstrate"

Duncan cut the thong off Bryan and let his cock roll to the center of his flat stomach pointing nearly to his navel. His egg-shaped balls squirmed in their sack as they relaxed. THe Professor held the gold knife up to Bryan's face and lay the point on his chest. He ran the sharp edge over Bryan's chest, down his stomach, stopping at Bryan's cock and balls. Bryan gasped as the sharp knife touched his tender flesh.

"That's scary, Professor!" Bryan gasped. His cock throbbing in time with his heartbeat.

Duncan laughed and then scratched a thin red line on Bryan's chest just at the solar plexus. Bryan yelled at him. His sweat-covered boby gleamed in the light. Professor Elliot chanted the first of the inscriptions as he did this.

When he finished chanting, Duncan spoke up:

"Scared you, didn't I? You thought I was going to do it for real. You thought I was going to ram the knife into your helpless body. Don't you trust me Bryan?" Duncan asked. Bryan grinned between embarrassment and fear.

"Sorry, I just had a little panic attack. After all, I'm vulnerable right now. You could harm me if you wanted," Bryan laughed in relief. He flexed his arms against the tried to struggle against the straps. He remained apprehensive.

Yes, I suppose. I could. You know, the next step is carving the runes and heiroglyphs for 'eternal life' and 'guard of the underworld' into your chest with this very knife. The scratches might hurt a bit and leave scars. Should we stop?" Duncan asked solicitously.

"No, don't stop. I want to go on. It's scary and exciting. I can take the pain of you carving my chest. I'll get tattoos over any marks you leave. After all, we're only playing around and all my friends back home have tribal tattoos. These will be one better than they have," Bryan eyed the knife. Its sharpness aroused him.

Duncan chanted the appropriate Egyptian incantations and Bryan winced as the knife cut the hieroglyphs into his chest. Little streaks of blood flowed from the markings turning his body a ruddy gold color. His cock grew stiff and sat straight up from his body. It drooled precum down its length. Duncan noticed it as he began to read the long inscription summoning the Lord of the Underworld. As he did, he carved more marks on Bryans body. Bryan whimpered as the knife cut each new hieroglyph into his muscular flesh. Towards the end of the incantation, Bryan's cock exploded in orgasm spraying white hot jism onto his chest. The pain, the oil, the bindings, and now the orgasm left Bryan lying there panting, speechless, and horny as hell. Duncan rubbed Bryan's spunk into his body. Bryan breathing was heavy and short. Neither man noticed the room growing darker.

Duncan picked up another instrument: "This is an ancient forceps," the Professor said.

Forceps? It looks like a cat head, How's it work?" Bryan asked. As Duncan picked up the snake-like forceps and held it in front of his face.

"Stick your tongue out at me like this," Duncan stuck out his tongue. Bryan imitated him, sticking his tongue out just like a little child would.

Faster than Bryan could react, Duncan snapped the head of the cat-like forceps onto Bryan's tongue. He triggered a button and two spike-like fangs grabbed Bryan's tongue. Duncan spread the handle of the tool and yanked. Bryan screamed in pain as the forceps stretched his tongue. Duncan picked up the knife and slid one of the curved edges into Bryan's mouth. Bryan struggled against his bindings. Fear filled his face.

"Cat got your tongue? ... You see, Bryan, I hid some of the inscriptions from you. The guards weren't all that willing. The ancients cut out their tongues so that they couldn't talk to the living or the dead. That way, they could never reverse the spells put on them. Nor could they asked for help from the living or the dead. And besides, it also cut down on the screaming when the priests tore their guts out... Sorry, I lied, but I want desparately to know if this ceremony works." Duncan twisted the knife in Bryans mouth and severed his tongue from his body. He yanked the severed tongue from Bryan's mouth and set it next to his head. Bryan gurgled blood as he screamed in pain.

Duncan began another incantation. He plunged the curved end of the knife into Bryan's stomach and spun it around as he cut the muscles away from Bryan's navel. Ignoring the muted screams, Duncan then cut both nipples free from Bryan's pectoral muscles and tried to peel the skin off his chest and torso. Bryan's body convulsed in pain.

A strange voice commanded Duncan to stop. Startled, Duncan and Bryan looked over to see a stranger standing in the room with them. Bryan struggled hoping the stranger would release him before the Professor shopped him into bits. He lay naked, carved, and anointed as a gift for the Lord of the Underworld.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Duncan barked harshly.

"I'm the demon you just summoned and I suppose that this young man is your sacrifice to me. He's suitably bound, appropriately marked in blood, covered in his own spunk, and most important - mute."

The stranger dropped his coveralls and stood there naked. His dark, swarthy body was a duplicate of Bryan's muscular torso but in shades of olive. His tendons and muscles moved like steel cables under his skin and his enormous cock drooled from behind a large foreskin.

He looked directly at the helpless Bryan and added:

"Why did you doubt that you could become my servant, Bryan. We'll have a wonderful life together. Yes, this is possible. But I can't let your naïvite' ruin the sacrifice. This man is a butcher. You don't want to be butchered, do you?" the demon said. Duncan objected and the stranger turned his attention to Duncan and continued:

"You rotten bastard, you were willing to sacrifice this kid to your blood lust. You were going to eviscerate him and let him die. This wasn't acting," the stranger's skin turned black as his horns and tail appeared. THey both recognized the demon standing before them. Both Duncan and Bryan screamed.

Two dwarfish imps appeared. They had coal-black skin and looked like cherubs gone bad with horns and scales. They siezed Duncan and held him tight. Bryan struggled against the leather straps with all his might but he couldn't break free.

"Who are you?" Duncan gasped out at the stranger. The two imps stuffed his mouth full of rotten fruit to shut him up. The demon gingerly shoved Bryan's tongue back into his mouth and healed it in seconds. Bryan coughed the blood out of his mouth. Still bound to the table. Instead of the demon he saw a handsome young man with black hair and magnificent build. The man spoke to him:

"Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. My beautiful golden Bryan. I am the Lord of the Underworld. Duncan anointed you. He consecrated you. He put my marks on your body. Then summoned me. I'm here to collect what's due me."

"I don't understand. What's going on here?" Brian couldn't get the taste of blood from his mouth. He didn't want to believe what was happening.

"Maybe you'll understand this better: As the authorized representative of the Lord of the Underworld, I hereby enforce the contract you made a few moments ago by letting your body be anointed with oil, marked with the Lord of the Underworld's signs, agreeing to be sacrificed, and participating in the incantation. Therefore, You are now my property to do with as I please and I claim both your body and soul! ... You can call me Meat," the demon said as he leaned over and kissed Bryan. When their lips touched flames burst forth from the hieroglyphs carved into Bryan's body and he screamed into the demon's, that is Meat's mouth and tongue as it explore his throat. The flames died down leaving gleaning black hieroglyphs on Bryan's body.

"The fire, I didn't burn," Bryan said.

"No, I want your body whole, not fried like a chicken," Meat said as he picked the ceremonial knife up. And held it over Bryan's chest, His eyes sparkled with glee as he did this. Bryan's face flushed with fear as the knife slowly descended. Bryan begged and cried.

"Please don't cut me up. Please stop. Please don't hurt me. Let me go."

"Oh, Bryan, dear boy, lovely, lovely boy. I'm going to give you eternal life, Now as much as I want to fuck your gorgeous, young body, the agreement calls for E-vis-er-A-shun. As my dentist used to say: This won't hurt ME a bit," Meat laughed sardonically and accentuated the words eviscerate and me.

Bryan screamed in terror as Meat plunged the curled end of the knife into his chest kust below his collarbone and opened his body from neck to crotch cutting through bone, muscle and nerve. Bryan screamed in pain as Meat ripped his body open wide with his clawed hands. He ripped his internal organs from the cavity as big, sharp fish hooks appeared from the ceiling of the room. Meat attached various parts of Bryan's anatomy to them. He worked from the intestines north, up to the stomach and liver and then into the chest, yanking the lungs and heart out of Bryan last. Without lungs Bryan stopped screaming out loud.

Bryan watched in silent horror as his internal organs were taken and eaten by a variety of minor demons and creatures. Meat leaned over and sucked Bryan's cock. Waves of pleasure like he never know before swept through Bryan's body. He closed his eyes as he reached orgasm. Tears poured down his face as his testicles pumped out white hot jism. Meat swallowed the rich, thick load from Bryan's nuts and sucked on his cock until the pleasure turned to painful excess. Bryan's body twisted in orgasmic pleasure for several minutes under the demon's complete control.

"I'm going to make you whole again. After all, you can't walk around on the earth with no guts. Down here in hell, all the demons would envy you. You could live without your guts. Every demon would lust after your eviscerated body. But I want you for myself," Meat said to Bryan as he let his body completely transform to its demon form. He stood there, all black, scaly, and horned with fiery red eyes and hot, fiery breath. He looked around and siezed an Imp. The creature stood about two foot high, black skinned, horny, scaly, and available.

He ripped it's arms and legs off and shoved the black and twisted body inside Bryan's torso. He then closed Bryan's chest and stomach and maded it heal.

Meat leaned his head and neck over Bryan's mouth. A big clawed hand twisted Bryan's head and forced his mouth open. With a sharp claw, Meat opened a vein in his neck. He let thick, black blood flow into Bryan's mouth and forced him to swallow it all.

Bryan felt the blood transform the demon creature inside his body making it become his new heart, lungs, liver, intestines, and the rest of his internal organs. He felt his body healing and become whole. A strange, diabolic heart beat in his chest and black, demon blood flowed through his veins. Meat pulled himself away and stopped his neck from bleeding. With new found strength Bryan broke the leather straps that held him and amazed at his strength, sat up.

He felt stronger than he'd ever felt in his life. His body turned a deep, dark brown, nearly as black as the demon standing next to him. Then it returned to a deep, rich, golden tan. The hieroglyphs glowed a brilliant gold accenting his skin. Other changes passed through his body, enhanced senses, stronger muscles, increased endurance, along with a bigger set of cock and balls. He felt his body merge with the demon creature inside him. This inner demon was insatiable in the demon world and now, Bryan would be insatiable when he unleashed his own, personal inner demon.

Meat pulled Bryan's broad chest against his rough, demon chest and kissed him with raw, scaly lips.

"You are gorgeous, my darling Bryan and you are now mine. We shall live together for all eternity. I'll teach you how to find evil and damn it to eternal torment. In return, you'll provide me with the companionship I desire." They kissed passionately as Meat returned to his human form, two tongues devouring each other's body. There, in the middle of the demon world, they had sex, wild, raging sex. Sex in every way that two men could have it. Demons from far and wide watched the rare show. Hours later, maybe even days or weeks, Meat and Bryan lay spent and sated. Cigarettes appeared in their hands.

"Smokes if you got them," Meat said playfully running his hand over the short, stubbly blond hair on Bryan's head. They lay there for a moment and Bryan sat up and started to say something, but stopped. He lay his head back on Meat's chest. Meat's heatbeat was not human but it still reassured Bryan that he was in good hands. Bryan felt his pulse and found it as irregular and chaotic as Meat's heartbeat. He lifted his head and looked at Meat's face.

"Yes, just like you, I was once human and now I have a demonic heart that sustains me. But we are different, you have a complete demon imp inside you to sustain your human body. Consider it a gift from the demon world in return for the gift of your internal organs. My blood and the blood of my creator now flows in your veins and gives you life. I made you what you are and I possess you," Meat stroked Bryan's face affectionately. Bryan leaned against Meat's body.

"What do I do next? I mean, do I go back to the university? Can I go back to the world at all? And what's going to happen to Professor Elliott?" he asked.

"Duncan Elliott will be found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. He'll be slave to my two imps. They are good at tormenting the damned. You'll survive the monoxide poisoning and drop out of school to join my business interests. Right now, I want to have more sex with you," The demon pulled Bryan to him and kissed him passionately. Their cocks rubbed together and grew stiff in anticipation.

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