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July, 2000

Chapter One - The Tor-An-Ptha

In the year 2047, Mankind had moved off the earth and was exploring the solar system. Space cities were being built in orbits near Jupiter and Saturn, the Moon and Mars had scientific colonies, and Earth had enjoyed four decades of peace. But, suddenly, swiftly, without warning, in 2047 when the first strike occurred, aliens invaded the incomplete, artificial environment being built just outside the orbit of Saturn. The human race didn't know it, but it had only two years left. The war would end in 2049 and so would the human race.

The aliens were humanoid lizards with scales, claws and prehensile tails. They looked like raptors in ancient Roman armor. Medical exams on the carcasses of dead aliens revealed that they were mammals in that they were warm-blooded and bore their young alive even though there was only one sex in the few bodies they found. The doctors also discovered that the aliens couldn't speak (no vocal cords). It was theorized that the aliens communicated by mental telepathy. Their skin was tough enough to withstand the vacuum of space, so they required minimal space suits. The medical men wanted desperately to capture a live creature, but the nature of war in outer space left few bodies.

The soldiers called upon to defend the earth didn't care, the aliens fought like the beasts they resembled. "Raptor" was a good description. The initial invasion of the outer human colonies was bloody and swift. It seemed like mankind could do nothing right. The Lizards were wining every battle. But then, the scientists had discovered how to block the Lizards telepathy abilities with a helmet made of a special metal alloy. The combined armies of the United Nations started driving the Lizards back into space. Many people thought that mankind had won the war, but the Lizards had redoubled their attacks and pressed the invasion with a second wave of soldiers armed with new and more devastating weapons. The armies of earth were barely able to hold their own against the alien menace.

The nations of earth gathered their armies and formed several Special Forces Divisions. They were the deadliest killing machines that humanity could produce, cruel, logical, cold-blooded killers. These were men who had volunteers to be adjusted, their bodies pumped up with testosterone-like drugs, their senses heightened medically, Implants to make them function better, and chemically adjusted to survive at all costs. They had only one mission -- to kill the Lizards, and they did that very well. These troops were the front-line of humanity's defense against the Lizards.

Platoon 35, one of Earth's most elite of the Special Forces, received the task of liberating the Io-Two scientific station. The Lizard base was taken off guard by the attack. Before the Lizards were able to mount a counterattack, the men of Platoon 35 nearly wiped out ten times their number. The counter attack was brutal, waves of armed Lizards rushed towards them platoon. Platoon 35 was determined to keep their position, but the sheer numbers of Lizards overpowered them. At the end of the battle, six human soldiers were left alive and captured.

The Lizards had been able to remove the telepathy-blocking helmets and had used their telepathy to paralyzed their bodies and prevent movement. The six soldiers were carried to a waiting transport and taken to one of the larger Lizards spaceships. Once there, they were quickly hustled out of the transport and a holding cell.

Still under telepathic control, the immobilized the soldiers were stripped of their weapons, their armor and their clothing. They stood naked, unable to move, while their captors examined their bodies for hidden weapons. Once done, six alien soldiers paired off with the humans and marched them into what appeared to be a locker room. There, the aliens removed their armor and stood just as naked as the humans. This was the first time that these soldiers had seen the aliens up-close and personal (so to speak).

No human had ever seen a Lizard this close. The Lizards were humanoid. They had roughly the same size shoulders and arms as the humans. Their bodies were covered with scales that varied in color from nearly black to a bright spring-time yellow-green. The scales were rough to the touch but not abrasive. Their hands and feet were webbed and larger than human hands and feet and there were three fingers with sharp claws on each hand. Their thumbs were placed back towards their wrists. The Lizards' legs and thighs were bigger than the humans and their hips were wider to handle their six foot long tails. Their heads were oval and they had raptor-like jaws that were filled with rows of small teeth. A forked tongue slithered in and out of their mouths. The aliens could only hiss and roar. In the close confines of this room, the soldiers could see individual features in the shapes of the alien's faces and heads.

Once naked, the Lizards presented themselves to the human they were paired with. Most startling to the humans was the size of the Lizards sex organs. The aliens appeared to be males. Their testicles were about the size of tennis balls and were held close to their bodies in a tough, leather-like scrotum. Their flaccid penis' were uniform and ten inches long, as thick as a baseball bats and covered by deep folds of foreskin. The human Soldiers, on the other hand, were not so well or uniformly endowed. They all had dangling testicles and their flaccid penises ranged in size from a fat and stubby four inches to a long and dangling seven inches.

They could see and understand, but they could not move or talk of their own volition. It was obvious to the soldiers that the telepathic control came from the lizard who was handling them. They were led into an alien shower room. There, the alien captors covered the humans in a thick, foamy soap that removed all dirt from their bodies along with hair, tattoos, birthmarks, scars and even suntan. The lizards handled the human bodies gently, but thoroughly, their rough hands and unfamiliar touch left no part of the humans bodies untouched. When the shower was done, the soldiers were left with soft pink skins, like the skin on young children. The Aliens then moved them out of the way and showered themselves with the same soap. The rough scales and abrasive surfaces washed off the aliens bodies. The aliens were left with fine, soft scales. Warm air dried the group and they moved to a third room whose walls were lined with benches and made to sit. The six Lizards sat next to their human counterparts and handed each a piece of paper. On it was written: "We cannot speak and you cannot read thoughts. We will not harm you. Do not fight us."

With that , the telepathic force that had held the humans was released. The six soldiers moved off the benches and to the other side of the small room, huddling together suspiciously. They stretched and rubbed their bodies, examining the changes that had occurred. These soldiers had lived and trained together for years. And yet, this was the first time that they had ever really looked at each other so completely naked, without hair, without tattoos, without anything that they could cover themselves with, either mentally or physically. Their pinkish skins and lack of hair made them look like prepubescent little boys and they felt self-consciously silly about it. They looked at each other's hairless bodies and then at the aliens lizard-like bodies.

Six humans and six aliens watched each other nervously. The soldiers decided that they would have to play along with their captors in order to plan an escape. They knew that they had to pretend to trust the Lizards in order to find out where they were and determine a way to escape. So, a shoulder was poked, a butt smacked, and nervous laughs turned into shoves and jabs. It was the type of horseplay that little boys indulged in. pushing shoving and gentle wrestling. The six humans jostled about, naked and nervous over what was to happen next.

The six Lizards watched and seemed to understand what was going on. They stood from the benches and one of the soldiers poked the shoulder of one of the Lizards who poked back. Then a push, and a shove and a grab. The Lizards were imitating the horseplay that the humans had displayed for them and they seemed to enjoy it. It looked like a game of tag. Suddenly and with much glee, one of the Lizards smacked the naked butt of one of the humans with his tail. All action stopped at the loud smack. They all formed a circle around the two and let them wrestle each other.

This soldier, Ryan by name, grabbed the tail of the alien who had smacked him and tried to throw him around. Ryan did not succeed. The two grappled as well as two Greco-Roman wrestlers would have, and grunted and groaned for several minutes. They were evenly matched. At six foot, eight inches, and a mountain of muscle, Ryan, was a match for the shorter aliens strength. When the alien tried to sweep Ryan off his feet with his tail, Ryan dove on the tail and twisted the alien to the ground. Fascinated by the suppleness of the tail, his hands lingered on it. The alien let Ryan feel his tail as it flexed and moved. Then the alien wrapped his tail around Ryan and drew him close, belly to belly, crotch to crotch. Ryan's massive arms and hands held the aliens' arms pinned to his upper torso in a bear hug.

They might have fought each other to a draw if it weren't for the fact that their genitals came into direct contact.

Ryan felt an electric shock as his cock brushed the aliens cock. Its' massive foreskin had peeled back and the large glans was rubbing against Ryan's cock head. With each shock, Ryan felt sexually aroused.

The alien rose to a standing position and pulled Ryan with him. Both man and lizard had erections pointing out from their bodies. The Lizard fondled Ryan with his large webbed hand, and Ryan did the same, feeling the large egg shaped balls in the pouch at the base of the ten inch green cock that was growing larger. The alien guided Ryan's erection into his foreskin and wrapped a big hand around both. The foreskin was so large that it covered Ryan's eight inch erection.

Held together, the alien pumped both erections, Ryan ground his hips and felt his cockhead rub against the alien cockhead. About a half dozen pumps and grinds and Ryan's body shook in orgasm. Another half dozen pumps and the alien jerked and shuddered as he experienced an orgasm. The alien would not release his grip and kept the two erections locked together. Another minute of pumping and both the alien and Ryan experienced a second orgasm that seemed to fill his body with fire. In that fiery orgasm, Ryan's mind flashed on the aliens mind and he felt the alien's orgasm. In the fiery heat of sex, Ryan had somehow made mental contact with the alien and could see into his mind.

The alien still had not let go of Ryan's manhood and pumping more, he brought Ryan and himself to orgasm a third time. This time the two minds came together as one and each felt the raging physical fire of the orgasm. Spent, breathless and sweating, the two leaned on each other like drunken buddies, trying to catch their breath deeply and holding onto their slowly falling erections.

Ryan leaned his head on the aliens shoulders as the alien rubbed three orgasm of cum out of his foreskin and covered his and Ryan's torso with the gooey spunk. The Lizard reached around Ryan and gripped him close to his body, touching forehead to forehead, chest to chest and crotch to crotch. Ryan heard a voice say: "I am Dagesh. This <touching-mating-closeness> lets you hear my thoughts. You must act as <translator-guide-presenter>." Almost instinctively, Ryan's wrapped his arms around the Lizard, hugging him tightly to his body. Ryan heard the message several times before he realized just what was happening. Dagesh, the Lizard in his arms, the Lizard he had just had sex with, was communicating with him mentally. He raised his head and looked directly into the Lizards eyes.

In this position, Ryan received a message from the Lizard:

"We want to end war with <race-many, soft-skinned mammals>. We are rebels-patriots and are close to defeating the <rulers-tyrants>. But we need <ambassador-changers-progenitors> to go among both our <peoples-soldiers-mates>. We have tried to <contact-talk-listen-show> to your people, but they are not <willing-able-telepathic> to <talk-think-understand>. We must <combine-join-merge-become> with you and then the new <result-persons-twin-species> can <speak-contact-join-change> into your-our people as part of them. We twelve will become six."

And with that, Ryan nearly collapsed. The strain of mental telepathy was too much for Ryan's mind and body. Dagesh caught Ryan as he nearly fell on the floor and set him gently on one of the benches. The other Lizards moved and grappled with their human counterparts. Each eventually having the same sexual experience with one of the Lizards.

The Lizards carried the unconscious soldiers into another room. It was a large laboratory lined with cabinets, instruments and shelves full of chemicals. There were six giant test tubes hanging from the ceiling. Each about 24 inches in diameter and roughly nine feet long. A large group of military aliens were observing from a separate control room protected by thick glass walls. Some wore designations that the soldiers took be medical, other wore military armor. They assembled themselves at control panels. Six elevated platforms rose from the floor to greet the test tubes that were lowered from the ceiling. They watched as the six test tubes were lowered to the floor.

Dagesh was still holding Ryan in his arms. He carried the unconscious Ryan and placed him in a harness that held him above the platform next to the test tube. The lizard then lowered himself into the test tube. The other aliens followed suit. But, at the last three test tubes, a Human soldier was placed in the test tubes and the aliens fastened themselves into the floating harnesses.

The tubes were raised off the ground and away from the platforms. Ryan and the two remaining humans had awakened and watched helplessly as the tubes were filled with a wheat-colored fluid. Dagesh and two aliens let the fluid cover them and began to breathe it, but the three humans struggled to keep their heads above the fluid. Eventually, when the fluid was deep enough to cover their heads, and the soldiers slid into it. The liquid was oxygenated and they could breathe it.

Six bodies floated eerily in the fluid as metal covers with rods extending out of them were lowered onto top of the tubes. The rods just touched the fluid. The head lizard in the control room pressed a button on the console and waves of ultrasonic sound reverberated through the laboratory. Inside the glass tubes, ultrasonic sound ripped through the three humans and three aliens. Flesh and bone was dismemberated and mixed with the original liquid. It was over in a few minutes. There now were six test tubes filled with either green or red fluid. The tops were removed and the test tubes lowered back to the platforms.

The six remaining humans and aliens were hoisted and dropped into the fluid that only moments before had been a human or an alien. Ryan remembered squishing into the liquid and trying desperately not to let it touch his skin. The liquid was warm and thick. Ryan tried to tread it like water, but he sank into its depths. The fluid tasted of blood and raw flesh. He felt the mental probe of the alien force his mouth open and he began to breathe the liquid into his lungs. The fluid seemed to crawl over his skin. Ryan had closed his eyes when he dropped, but now he opened them and the thick liquid instantly seeped around his eyeballs. It clung to every part of his skin. He floated helplessly in the liquid remains if the alien he had just had sex with.

He couldn't see what was happening outside, but giant electrodes and radiation guns were pouring energy into each of the test tubes. Ryan remembered his wrestling and the coupling that had followed, but as he thought this, he felt that he was not Ryan, But the alien Dagesh. He remembered a life as a Lizard. He felt his scales, his tail, the giant alien cock and balls and it's large foreskin. And he remembered the strange feeling of human flesh against his hands as he guided the human's tool into the proper position. He felt the fire that had run through Dagesh's body just as he experienced orgasm with the strange human. Ryan began to think of himself as two beings in one body -- Ryan-Dagesh.

When Ryan-Dagesh awoke, he was laying in a pile at the bottom of the test tube. He looked out through the glass and saw the others in similar positions. Slowly the test tubes were being lowered and eventually the six of them were dumped onto a glass platform about 6 meters in diameter on the floor of the laboratory. His body was covered with green stains. Apparently, he absorbed all of the fluid. The two other humans were still unconscious, but they had been changed similarly. Ryan examined the aliens and their bodies had red stains all over them. They all lay in a heap on a soft mat on the floor of the laboratory.

Slowly, they awoke. Three reddish aliens and three greenish humans sat on the platform staring at each other. Disoriented and confused, it took several minutes for them to realize what had happened. Each of them owed their lives to the sacrifice of another.

Ryan-Dagesh was the first to feel the pain of the change. It began in his hands and feet. His finger and toe nails began to grow into claws. Webbing began to form between his fingers and toes. Scales started to form on his arms and legs. He realized that his body was changing to accommodate the incorporation of Lizard DNA. A sharp pain traveled through his back as his tail began to sprout and grow. His hips widened and his spinal column twisted and reshaped to accommodate his new tail. His head throbbed and he felt his jaw jut out about two inches. His tongue grew and split into a fork. Ryan-Dagesh found he could talk. The others were changing and could not respond.

More pain, more changes, he felt his internal organs adjusting themselves to the new DNA load that had been absorbed into his body. Stomach, intestines and liver were altered to handle a new metabolism. Sharps pains in Ryan-Dagesh's head signaled the advent of telepathic powers.

It was the pain in his crotch that was the worst. Ryan-Dagesh felt his testicles enlarge and extend inside up his body as his scrotum drew closer to his stomach. His penis became larger and thicker and grew the large foreskin of the Lizard anatomy. Other structures grew in his body. He only felt this happen, He didn't know what these structures would be used for.

Ryan-Dagesh looked at the others and saw they were changing too. The aliens were changing in the opposite manner. The Lizards jaws had shrunk and when he saw one grab his throat in pain, he realized that they were growing vocal cords. Their hips and legs became smaller and looked more human. Their tails were shrinking. They were becoming more human. The alien's hands were even growing a fourth finger. All the major adjustments were complete in less than 30 minutes, but small and painful changes went on the better part of an hour.

When the change was finished, the six remaining creatures were neither completely lizard nor human. They were the sum of the original twelve. Each shared a genetic heritage with both races. The genetic combination technique required DNA material from two living beings. The three aliens who had been dismemberated had volunteered for the genetic-combination procedure. Necessity demanded that there be three humans who made the same sacrifice. The genetic-combination procedure could be done on two aware beings, but the chances were high that the new person would be mentally unstable. The aliens had hoped that the mutual sacrifice would help with the humans acceptance of the result.

The six of them were able to communicate both by voice and by telepathy. The three who started as Lizards, Karthin-Bob, Toran-Pete and Zee-William, had to learn to speak and move like humans. The other three who had started out as human, Ryan-Dagesh, James-Shusha, and Evan-Gorga, had to learn to communicate telepathically and get used to their new bodies. Karthin-Bob, Toran-Pete and Zee-William explained anxiously that none of them would survive if they did not "dock" and produce offspring within a relatively short period of time. The genetic manipulation that the aliens had performed was unstable until the first reproductive cycle. The Lizards did not have sex as male and female humans did. In fact, the lizards were hermaphroditic. Any two Lizards could dock and produce one offspring.

"Docking" was placing your tool inside the other Lizards foreskin and exchanging genetic material to produce the offspring. This happened once every ten years of adult life in the aliens. So they paired off, three by three, a human-dominant and a lizard-dominant. The Aliens had more practice and initiated by grabbing their phallus with one hand and their partner's phallus in the other. It was then a matter of plugging into each other's foreskin. With the physical joining came an inevitable mental joining and Ryan-Dagesh again felt the presence of another mind sharing his thoughts.

He felt the stroking and rubbing of both their hands on each other's phallus and the heat and friction of the two heads rubbing together. The physical sensations were more exciting than anything he had experienced as a human. He felt the other's mind probing his and mentally reaching out and joined his mind to experience the orgasm together. The combined mental power of the dual orgasm drove itself like fire through both new bodies. He felt his seed enter the other's body and still docked, he felt the alien orgasm drive through him and the alien seed entered his body. They remained docked for several minutes as Ryan-Dagesh felt the others sperm seek his testicles and begin to form an ovum. When this was done, they released each other and Ryan-Dagesh looked around to see six of them lying exhausted on the floor.

Food and water was lowered from the ceiling by the Lizards who were watching. Exhausted by their ordeal, the six ate ravenously and quickly fell asleep. What must have been the next day, Ryan-Dagesh woke to pains in his stomach. He realized that he was going to experience the miracle of childbirth, but he did not know how. He looked to the ones who had started out as aliens and positioned his body like theirs. Slowly, a small fetus passed from scrotum, where his enlarged testicles taken on new functions, out through his new penis. The new alien-human hybrid was about four inches in length. They placed the small ones in incubators that were connect by remote control to the control room. The Doctors in the control room took care of the little ones.

James-Shusha became curious. "Why don't they come into this room? Why are they staying behind the glass?" Toran-Pete had that knowledge, and replied: "We are deadly to both species."

Evan-Gorga asked: "Why were we created? What is our purpose?" Karthin-Bob replied: "They are rebels, we will destroy the Lizard tyrants and then go on to repopulate both worlds."

Ryan-Dagesh spoke: "Yes, But first we must capture sufficient humans to transform all the rebels."

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