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June 15, 2003

Once again Seth woke screaming, his body on fire, his mind in turmoil. Visions of his body sprouting snakes; filled his mind; snakes from his finger, snakes from his ears, snakes from his mouth, snakes form his ribs, his abs, his hips, his body dividing into thousands of snakes. A mass of snakes so vast it sets out to conquer the world. His cock stood erect as the remnants of the nightmare drooled down its fourteen-inch length. His shrunken fingers felt more scales on his tough green skin. Most of his hair was gone and his ears consisted of holes on each side of his head. His heart beat madly inside his lengthening chest. He counted nearly forty ribs protecting his internal organs. He stared at the strange and unfamiliar surroundings trying to remember where he was, what he was. A quiet form sat next to him. It was Tyler Travertine rescued him and took responsibility for his well being. Two months ago, a drug dealer shot up Seth and two friends, Boomer and Keith, with experimental Scrim as they all were having sex. Their snake trip became Seth's nightmare. No matter what he did, Seth kept changing into a snake. Boomer and Keith were already beyond help. They now resembled thirty-five foot long king cobras and, if hungry, they were dangerous to any handlers. This was the fate that awaited Seth.

"How long did I sleep this time?" Seth asked.

"Forty-eight hours again. That seems to be your food cycle; five to seven days without food and then two days sleep after a meal," Tyler said. Anytime Seth slept his body changed. He tried not eating, but hunger got the upper hand and he binged.

"I don't know if I can live like this," Seth hated the changes. He already lost his teeth and had to eat small chicken carcasses by unhinging his jaw and distending his throat. In the last week, the bloodlust for living meat, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats only increased his depression. He'd watched as Boomer and Keith ate goats and pigs whole, first crushing them and then swallowing them.

"The chemists cracked the formula a few hours ago. The Scrim formula was particularly potent and singularly unique. It's a combination of DNA enhancements: hyper-sexuality to keep the mind occupied, constant euphoria to wipe out doubt and caution, and aggressiveness to ensure viability. The drug dealer really wanted to punish Boomer and keep him in a glass cage as an example of what would happen if someone else cheated him. But we now understand the formula and the chemists say that there is good news and bad news," Tyler said. A look of disgust spread over Seth's face.

"Let me guess. They can't reverse the transformation. I never did trust that damn drug dealer. That idiot Keith was stupid enough to fall into his trap." Seth could barely contain his anger.

"True, they can't reverse the transformation. We both knew this Scrim was a one way trip. However, the good news is that they can alter the course of the transform. You don't have to be a snake," Tyler held a manila folder in his hands.

"What else can I turn into? I have scales, I'm losing my arms and legs," Seth asked, still angry, still bitter. Everyday Tyler brought little bits of news, but none of it really gave Seth any hope. This day didn't seem any different.

"You can become something very unique in the world. What do you think of becoming a dragon?" Tyler held up a picture of an oriental dragon. Its body was long and thin; it had four legs, tapered wings, a long tail, and silver scales.

"A dragon? There's never been a real dragon in the world. Where would you get the DNA?" Seth expressed his doubts at the idea.

"The genetic chemists tell me it's possible to create a dragon-like creature by manipulating the DNA that you received. You wouldn't breathe fire, but you will have arms and legs and you'll keep your voice and identity. The original Scrim formula didn't destroy the human intellect, it fact, it did just the opposite, it enhanced consciousness. The drug dealer went beyond that to add a component that made sex, snake-like instincts, and animal urgings overpower their human consciousness. Boomer and Keith's minds are still there, but they can't control their bodies. The chemists can prevent that from happening to you, but they can't stop your body from changing. If we don't do anything, you'll become a snake just like Boomer and Keith," Tyler hoped Seth would become a dragon and not just passively transform into a snake. Seth slid his body next to the window and moved looked outside. He stared in silence for a few minutes.

"If I became a dragon, would I keep my voice or would my vocal cords disappear like Boomer's?" Seth feared becoming mute.

"You would definitely have a voice," Tyler answered.

"And would you display me? No matter what you call it, this is still a zoo." Seth's eyes narrowed. He still didn't trust Tyler completely. He didn't want to be on display.

"Actually, no, I wouldn't display you. I've been in contact with a small group of men worldwide, who want to become dragons or live around them. My hope is to set up a small community of dragon-lovers so you would have interaction with others. I have a small enclave high on a remote mountaintop that's well suited to the purpose," Tyler explained.

"It isn't like I have much choice, do I? Will I still be hyper-sexual?" Seth said. He looked outside and saw the two snakes that were once Boomer and Keith lying in the hot sun, resting and waiting for the night to screw each other into oblivion again. He felt the desire to mate with them again, to slither around their bodies, to suck their serpentine cocks, to feel them enter his body.

"Hyper-sexuality is inescapable. Everyone involved knows that," Tyler smiled and chuckled. Seth actually smiled for the first time the many weeks.

"OK, invite whoever you want to. When will this occur?" Seth folded his arms and lay back on the bed.

"Two days, tomorrow we execute the drug dealer. I think you'll enjoy that," Tyler patted Seth on the shoulder and left to make the arrangements.


Seth didn't sleep that night. His body only slept after eating. At night, he became sexually active and several men alternated nights as his sex partner. No matter how hard or rough he coiled and slithered around them, or how hard he fucked them with his new and much larger cock, they never said a word. One of them would show up at night and leave the next morning in complete silence.

Mid-morning, Seth made his way outside so he could watch the execution. Boomer and Keith coiled and slithered inside separate glass enclosures; hungry, sex starved, and very aggressive. Both had grown huge; they were nearly 40 foot long and almost a foot thick. They ate unexpectedly large animals once a week and slept afterwards. Tyler struggled creating a habitat secure enough to hold the two creatures. His chemists worked overtime in creating an antidote that stopped their growth.

The drug dealer and his remaining henchman stood off to one side, naked and bound, awaiting their fate. Tyler's crew got cameras and video recorders ready for the even. Seth noticed a small crowd of strangers gathered to witness the execution. Tyler rang a large gong and read the charges and verdict against the henchman and then his boss. It was all very formal, death by ironic methods. Both the drug dealer and his henchman looked puzzled by the verdict. They didn't remain puzzled for long.

A crane swung over and lowered its hook to snag the rope binding the henchman. It lifted him and quickly set him down inside the glass cage with Keith. The rope released him and once on his feet the henchman; he tried to find a way out. But his arms were bound and Keith, aroused, horny and hungry came after him. The giant snake played with him, letting him run and try to hide, but the glass enclosure prevented escape. The henchman yelled and screamed as the snake coiled around him and held him tight and began fucking his ass with its all too human cock. It didn't take long for Keith's long, snaky body to achieve orgasm as he did, he wrapped his long body completely around the henchman and constricted as tight as possible. The henchman died in the snake's crushing grip, his face blue and his tongue sticking out of his mouth. When all movement ceased, Keith unhinged his jaw and started to devour the body. It took about 15 minutes for the giant snake to completely devour the dead body.

The drug dealer cowered as he watched the spectacle of his 240-pound henchman being eaten by the big snake. The crane operator latched onto his bindings and lifted him over Boomer's enclosure. He begged for his life and when he faced Boomer's reptilian face, he lost it and left a puddle and brown spot on the ground. Boomer slowly coiled around his body, teasing and tormenting the drug dealer with every move. Boomer forced the drug dealer to have sex in every demeaning way possible. When he finished, he wound his body around the drug dealer's and one by one, crushed his arms and legs. Seth winced at the sound of bones fragmenting under the pressure of Boomer's coils. Boomer encircled the drug dealer and crushed his hips in a one powerful contraction. He dropped the drug dealer on the ground and began to eat him feet first. His bones crushed and broken, the drug dealer could only scream as Boomer consumed his living body. Tyler and his crew watched as Boomer's body expanded to surround the drug dealer's body. When Boomer reached the dealer's waist, one of the keepers ventured into the enclosure and moved the writhing dealer's hands and arms into Boomer's mouth. Boomer took advantage and began to swallow even harder. The drug dealer's last screams came just before Boomer's mouth closed over his head. They watched until the lump in the snake's body moved behind the head and into the body. Most of the onlookers sat silent and stunned at the display of raw power and sheer animal vengeance.

"What a horrible way to die," Seth remarked to Tyler.

"He didn't care about you, or Boomer, or Keith. He only cared about money," Tyler's voice was cold and severe. He went over to talk to the group of strangers who watched the execution. Seth watched them from a distance. About half of them got back in cars and left and the others, he counted eight young, well-built men, followed Tyler as he came back to where Seth was sitting.

"This, gentlemen, is Seth, your dragon to be," Tyler said as he introduced the group to Seth. The eight men were between 18 and 25 years old, all muscle, and all tattooed with the Chinese symbol for dragon. More than that, they were tattooed on their biceps and on other parts of their bodies with various types of dragons and raptor-like lizards.

"We had some doubts when Tyler told us he had a candidate for a dragon transformation. We didn't think anyone made SCRIM that strong and powerful, but you and your friends are living proof or the formidable powers of SCRIM. I'm Lance Allgood, president of Draco du Monde," he held out his hand for Seth to shake.

"You're all dragon wannabes?" Seth asked as he surveyed the lot.

"Yes, and we can't tell you how happy we are to meet you," Lance said and the group crowded around Seth and began asking questions about Boomer, Keith, and transformations. Seth actually cheered up and was smiling and enjoying himself from all the attention. Tyler let them talk for a few hours and brought a half-track to transport them up to the mountaintop enclave. It took the rest of the day before they arrived. Even on the mountaintop the sun was close to setting. A half dozen buildings sat around a clearing creating a courtyard. Large banks of lights lit up the area. They unloaded their supplies and helped Seth out into the center of the courtyard.

"It looks quite livable," Lance announced as each of the wannabes staked out a cabin and bedrooms. Seth looked around and pouted:

"What! No cabin for me?"

"You won't need any, I have the cure for what ails you right here," Tyler said retrieving a thermos and black medical bag. He handed Seth a bottle to drink and prepared five hypodermic syringes, One of his assistants attached electrodes to Seth's arms and legs.

"Five hypo's?" Seth exclaimed as he drank the contents of the thermos. He felt the heat and wooziness of SCRIM fill his stomach.

"One for each arm and leg, we have to restore your skeleton. It's a complicated transformation for a complicated guy," Tyler joked as he plunged a needle into Seth's shoulder. Seth winced as the fluid entered his body. Tyler repeated the injections for the other arm and both hips. He picked up the last hypodermic syringe and held it over Seth's chest. He waved in like a dart:

"As my dentist says 'this ain't going hurt me one bit,' Tyler said and laughed. Seth stared at the needle poised over his chest.

"Yeah, right, sure," said Seth as he closed his eyes and prepared for the injection. Tyler plunged the needle into Seth's muscular chest and between two ribs driving the point directly into his heart. He slowly emptied the hypodermic and then pulled it out of Seth's chest. Seth doubled over in pain and held his arms against his chest. Tears flowed down his face as Tyler activated the electrodes and sent energy coursing through his body.

Seth's arms and legs were the first to change, their skeletal structure returned and five fingered hands and claws formed. His hind legs lengthened to twice their human length and his arms shrank and grew thick and powerful muscles. Seth's body began to lengthen and extend, growing thin and sinuous, much longer than Boomer and Keith's snake bodies. A tail shot out of his spine and extended itself. Thin wings began to sprout from Seth's shoulders and his wingspan grew to be equal to his length. His front legs were thin and wiry, only used to balance his body. His back legs were thick and strong to support the bulk of his weight. They also had razor sharp claws for defense when flying.

Seth stood there, his human head a little incongruous on his dragon-like body. His shoulders thickened and his neck began to grow longer, like an extension of his body. He screamed what might have been a roar. His neck grew almost as long as his body and then his head began to transform into the familiar dragon-like shape of elongated head and jaw. The bystanders could hear the bones in Seth's head crackle as they reshaped themselves. Seth flopped to the ground and writhed as his insides caught up to the external changes. Bright golden scales formed all over his body and covered his skin.

Tyler disconnected the electrodes from the newly formed dragon. Seth reared up and roared a deep and threatening roar. Tyler stood beneath the dragon's head unfazed. It's supple body rippled with energy and dexterity. The dragon let out a deep breath at Tyler's head trying to talk. It's eyes focused on Tyler as it spread its wings and found its voice:

"Who the hell said that wouldn't hurt?" Seth smiled and exposed long rows of sharp, shiny teeth.

"Nice set of choppers you got there, Seth," Tyler yelled back at the dragon's head.

"Am I what you all expected?" Seth bellowed out to Tyler and the group of dragon lovers. They stared at him in silent admiration. Here was their lifelong dream come to life, talking to them, breathing on them. Stunned, amazed, they stood there, not moving, not speaking, and barely breathing. Seth sat back on his long haunches and revealed his endowment. The dragon was hung like a horse. He looked around at the still dazed and overwhelmed group and tapped one rear claw on the ground impatiently. He surveyed the group. His glittering gold body sparkling in the lights. He pushed Tyler with one of his powerful front claws:

"Go home, Tyler, you don't belong here," Seth reared and spread his wings wide. Tyler got into the truck and his helpers followed as fast as they could. As they drove away, Tyler saw Seth using his claws to strip the clothes off one of the wannabes. Seth was going to be all right.

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