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30 December, 2003

"Well, that's the last registered guest," Tom said as he filed their credit card slips in the proper slot. The accountant would come around and collect during later on the night shift.

"Uncle Demetrius wants us to stay through the week. He says he has a surprise birthday party planned for me. You guys have to stay here with me. After that, the summer is over," Leo stared out the window of the small hotel lobby toward the beach. Tom agreed.

"I'm going to miss this job and this resort. Too many perks: the beach, the food, the gym, the fancy limousines, even the guests were great. I almost hate to leave," Jamie, a year younger than his buddies, sighed and joined Leo at the window. He thought about what it would be like to stay here and live like they had this summer. Tom joined them; the beach was too beautiful to waste.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss it too. In a few days, it'll be back to school in cold, cruel Buffalo and back to dorm food," Tom shivered at the thought of the winter. He paused and then slapped Leo and Jamie's nearly bare backsides. Most days they only wore Speedos and sleeveless T-shirts.

"Let's go for a swim," Tom laughed and the three of them jostled and elbowed each other out the door and down to the beach. It was early afternoon and the sand was hot and inviting. The water clear and wine colored. The three boys threw off what little clothing they wore and cavorted naked in the water. Their wet muscles gleamed in the late afternoon sun. Their bronze and olive tans accentuated their beauty. Their thick, uncut cocks and heavy ball sacks flopped in the water as they played. The dark, black eyes of Uncle Demetrius watched them as they played in the surf.

Uncle Demetrius lived in a private cabana next to the hotel. He loved watching their tanned, youthful bodies playing in the waters of the Aegean Sea When he heard of the chance to employ Leonidas, his great-nephew's son, Uncle Demetrius jumped at the chance. It was the summer of Leonidas' twenty-first year and Uncle Demetrius was most anxious to introduce Leo (As he preferred being called) to his birthright. He was so determined that he gladly employed Leo's two friends, Jamie and Tom along with his nephew. Over the course of the summer, the three boys were just as well fed, exercised, muscled-up, and pampered as the guests they served. Uncle Demetrius saw to it personally, just as he found time to personally interview Leo's two young friends and seduce them with his all too masculine and attractive body. They would cover their bodies in olive oil and begin by wrestling only to finish by enjoying each other in the ways only men can satisfy each other. Uncle Demetrius for all his thick, curly, salt-and-pepper hair, his stout build, and old manners was as virile and potent as the three young men were although he was surely three times their ages.

Only Uncle Demetrius and a few select friends stayed on an their island over the winter by decree of the government of Greece. They were the guardians of a small island near Rhodes in the Aegean. They never left it. No one dared venture out to the island after mid-September or before the Ides of March on pain of death. The last man did was buried alive in one of the many ruins and left to die. At least that was the legend. When pressed to prove it, Uncle Demetrius would shrug and laugh. The island had many secrets, he would say, just like the many grottos, coves, caves and ruins that dotted its picturesque hills and valleys.

As the sun sank slowly into the sea, the three young men returned to the hotel. They were tired and hungry, Uncle Demetrius and on of the other guardians had dinner prepared and they ate and drank extravagantly late into the evening. The next morning, Uncle Demetrius woke the boys and demanded they exercise and not slack off without guests. He led them in one of the most difficult workouts they ever experienced. Whenever they complained, he egged them onward by showing his stamina and strength. By lunchtime, the young men's arms and thighs were pumped with blood and glowing red from exercise. Tired and desperately hungry, they feasted on lamb and greens. Uncle Demetrius let them rest through the heat of the day until the afternoon when he insisted that they hike to the highest peak of the island. There he proposed spending the night at in of the ruin temples. He promised food, drink and a night of pleasure on the mountaintop.

The hike was long and they arrived at the summit just after sunset. Tall, ruined columns reached high into the sky. A bonfire lit the central courtyard and the smell of roasted lamb was unmistakable. The three guardians were already there and had set up camp. Like Uncle Demetrius, these guardians were older men with graying beards. They were just as muscular and just as well hung as Uncle Demetrius. None of them spoke English, so they served the meal and ate with the younger men in silence. At the end of the dinner, Uncle Demetrius brought out a couple bottles of ouzo and began to toast Leo's twenty-first birthday. The combination of food, exercise, wine and ouzo was too much for the three young men. They all fell into a deep sleep.

When Leo, Jamie and Tom woke up, it was nearly midnight. Their wrists were tied to three large stone phallic symbols.

"Leo, what the hell's going on?" Jamie yanked and pulled at the rope. The three guardians and Uncle Demetrius stood in front of them.

"Uncle, what are you doing?" Leo repeated.

"I am giving you your birthright Leonidas, my son. Your friends are going to share it with you," he answered.

"My birthright? What are you talking about? I'm not your son," Leo yanked against the rope but couldn't break or dislodge it.

"But you are of my loins… and of my spirit," Uncle Demetrius answered. He waved his hand at the three guardians. They each took a bottle and started to rub a thick rub a thick, dark red ointment onto each boy's body from the hips and buttocks down to their feet paying close attention to their genitals. It smelled of grapes and olive oil. At first, the ointment felt cold, but slowly it began to warm their bodies. The heating turned to itching and the itching turned to fire. All three boys moaned and cursed at their captors. When their lower bodies were completely covered, the three guardians began to cover the young men's upper bodies with a combination of honey, aromatic oil, and gold dust. The gold and honey mixture covered their chests and stomach down to the hips and down their abdomen to their crotch. The three young men didn't appreciate their new, sexy, two-tone look. The red ointment burned causing their cocks to stiffen and grow to immense size. Their testicles churned in their sacks. Unable to touch themselves, their erections grew harder, stiffer, and thick with blood.

After they finished anointing the young men, Uncle Demetrius began to chant in a long forgotten, ancient Greek dialect. Leo, Jamie and Tim fell under his spell. They lost their free will. Uncle Demetrius ordered the guardians to release the ropes and then ordered his nephew and two friends to stand in front of the pillars. The guardians and Uncle Demetrius chanted more and a strange, green mist filled the ruins. Out of the green mist stepped a figure, nine foot tall, legs of a hairy goat, body of a man, a phallus that would gag a horse, balls the size of apples in a furry, low-hanging sack, short horns on his forehead, pointed ears, and dark, sexy black eyes. Unable to move, Leo, Jamie and Tim stood frozen in amazement at the creature.

"You've done well, Demetrius. You're years of service stand out as exemplary. Your choice of guardians or should I say your taste in men is exquisite." The vibrations of the creature's deep, bass, voice drove the three young men into nearly spontaneous orgasms. Cum spurted ten feet out from their cocks and splattered the surroundings as the boy's bodies convulsed in pleasure. The creature and Demetrius watched as the young men spent their loads and collapsed on the ground.

"They respond to my voice even before the change. You've chosen well," the creature smiled at Demetrius.

"This is the son of my great nephew. He is blood of my blood and my replacement, if you desire," Demetrius said. Leo stood there stunned.

"And these other two?" asked the creature.

"Suitable for guardians. They willingly gave themselves to me: worship my flesh, drank my seed and let me implant it into their bodies," Demetrius answered.

"What are your names?" The creature demanded. Uncle Demetrius pulled the three young me to their feet and made them stand before the creature. They each answered in turn, afraid and apprehensive, trying unsuccessfully to hide their erections.

"This night, I shall remake you in my image and teach you my ways. Your flesh has been anointed and made ready. Drink of my nectar and be reborn in the image of Pan," the creature cupped one huge hand behind Leo's head and with the other hand aimed his long, slick, red cock at Leo's mouth. Unable to resist, Leo sucked the head of the giant phallus into this mouth and began to suck for dear life. Gagging and gasping, he felt a fire begin within his body. It didn't take long for the creature to spurt a load of creamy, white-hot jism. It burned his mouth and throat as it entered his body. Leo felt his body changing from within. His arms and shoulders grew thicker, stronger and more muscular. His chest expanded to match, as did his torso. He felt a sheath surround his cock as his balls grew in a new, furry sack. His genital fur was dense, pale-blond and wispy. His hips and legs turned to fire as his knees and ankles shifted position and changed in size. His feet grew larger as his toes turned into the cloven hooves of a goat.

Fur grew on his legs as his thighs increased their size. Uncle Demetrius supported him for a moment as he took his first unsteady steps on newly formed legs. Leo held his head as stubby horns poked out of his head and his ears grew pointy. His skin tone turned a richly, tanned, golden-brown accentuating the new, pale-blond curly hair surrounding his bare face.

The creature moved on to Tim. Who greedily gobbled the huge cock and tried to swallow it. The creature delivered a massive load of cum that bulged Tim's cheeks and dribbled out of his mouth and down onto his chest. His body changed quickly. His legs became animalistic with shiny-black hair the texture of silk. His feet became hooves. His upper body increased in muscle mass and size as his skin took on a golden-olive hue. Large horns poked out of his forehead as a mass of curly black hair sprouted on his head and face. His ears grew larger than Leo's and accentuated his darkness. Uncle Demetrius moved him over to Leo's side as the creature turned his attention to their young friend, Jamie.

"You're body is still a child. These other two were men. I will keep you as a faun for a season or two until your human body matures," the creature said as he pulled Jamie to his cock. Jamie hesitated. He admired the changes in Leo and Tim.

"Trust, dear boy, trust. I've done this for centuries and you'll make a fine faun," the creature said as he shoved his cock deep into Jamie's throat. He stroked it for a few seconds and then squeezed out a load of jism filling Jamie with white cum like a baker fills a donut. Jamie gasped and gagged at the swiftness of the orgasm and then grabbed his sides as the change started. He did not lose strength, but his shoulders and arms shrank as his body thinned out. His features grew younger and more child-like. His hips and legs grew smaller and more muscular, his knees, ankles and feet became goat-like and a thick, luxurious, dark brown fur grew over his reformed legs. His balls pulled up against his stomach and bulged in their tight, furry sack. Deep in the thick fur covering his crotch, a sheath formed as Jamie's cock became as thick as a business end of a baseball bat and shrank to six inches long. It bulged in its sheath, held tight against his lithe, slim body. His upper body took on the well-defined musculature of a fourteen-year-old athlete. His beard became those wispy, thin hairs over his lip and at the edge of his chin that define youth. A few, lone hairs poked out of his chest. His nipples got hard, dark and pointy. His facial features softened and his eyes grew large to accentuate his childish appearance. His hair became a mass of dark brown curls. Small, slender hands rubbed his new features, felt his cock and balls, rubbed his boyish butt, felt the small, tight muscles on his chest. His transformation was complete.

He looked up at the creature and smiled knowingly. Then he looked over at Leo and Tim and smiled at them. It wasn't the sweet, innocent smile of youth, but a hot, sexy smile of pure lust and animal sex. Leo and Tim felt their new cocks stir in their sheaths and their balls churn in anticipation.

The creature waved his hand in a circular manner and the greenish fog formed a vortex. The three guardians marched into the vortex and disappeared. Uncle Demetrius turned to Leo and kissed him on both cheeks.

"I leave you to your inheritance and your birthright. Enjoy your new life, Leonidas," Uncle Demetrius said as he turned and walked into the vortex. Before Leo could say a word, he was gone.

"What happened? Where did he go?" Leo turned to the creature.

"He's gone to his reward in the next life. He lived longer than most humans and this was his time," the creature gazed on his three new subjects.

"Who are you? What are you?" Jamie asked. His new voice was soft and soprano, sexually exciting. In his short time in this incarnation, he already realized the power he could wield over other men. The creature laughed heartily and tousled Jamie's hair just like the little boy he appeared to be. The unkempt curls looked even sexier than before.

"I am Pan, god of the sexual realm and king of all satyrs, nymphs and fauns. This island is my throne and you three are my chosen ones," the creature answered.

"Chosen ones?" Leo asked.

"Every summer you shall bring humans to this island and enjoy their flesh. Every winter you will return to this temple and share your memories and physical bodies with me. When you leave this temple, you can switch between these bodies and your old human forms,"

"What do we get in return?" Leo asked.

"A thousand years of pleasure on this earth and an eternity of ecstasy in the realm of Pan," the green mist enfolded them as the creature said his name. They spent that winter in sexual union with Pan and the next summer, opened the island resort to lots of cute, humpy young men.

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