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March 31, 2003

Spring was upon us. The April rains are forcing new batches of flowers to burrow out of the ground. My once human companions, two 180-pound female mastiffs named Billy-Ray and Scotty and I live happily. Eighteen months and two litters of puppies ago, the three of us used Augusten's special costumes to become dogs and spend the summer together. However, as fate would have it, Billy-Ray and Scotty's transformation was complete and permanent and now, they'll live out their lives as mastiffs.

The days and hours pass quietly on Augusten Saint-Roi's farm. Carefree and protected, I spend the day playing with the Billy-Ray and Scotty. Even though I'm part human, I live with my two doggies. Most nights, I sleep with them, too. Moreover, they've retained their human sex drive, so I have recreational sex with them at least once a day.

I'm Zeke Mueller, by the way. Right now, my fingers are stubby dog-like pads and my hands look like paws. A sexy, beige fur covers my body. It's soft, warm, and cuddly to touch. I have a short tail that I can wag and about an inch of my ears flops over and hangs down. My jaw has squared itself out. It's not quite a dog snout, but it's getting close. A new foreskin covers my ten-inch cock and a soft, furry sack holds my billiard ball-sized testicles. I've also developed a knot at the base of my cock, just like a dog's knot, and it ties me to my partner during sex. This causes my cock to stick out at half-mast. Once I develop a sheath to hold my cock against my stomach, I won't look sexually aroused all the time. Sometimes, I feel my body change and become more doglike. During my intermittent forays being a dog, my body changes more and more. Eventually, I'll change completely and join Billy-Ray and Scotty. But for now, I'm just an odd looking, fun loving, and half-human doggy.

Today, though, our routine changed. Late in the afternoon, Augusten came out and asked me to join him and guests for dinner at the house that evening. He wanted me to shower, but not dress. I had to dry myself with a blower and I felt fluffy all over. My fur tickled as it moved in the breeze. I smelled of rosemary and basil from the shampoo.

I looked through the front windows of the house to see two very earnest, well-dressed young men talking to Augusten in the living room. I tapped the front door, opened it, and walked into the house. My appearance, naked, fur-covered, paw-like hands and feet, a tail, and a half-erect cock startled the two men.

"Zeke Mueller, meet Craig Seacraft and Kendall Jones the third," Augusten said to me emphasizing the "third" after Kendall Jones' name and continued: "They're anthropology students and like you and Scotty, they discovered the costumes and traced them back to me. They wanted to meet you to see that such transformations are possible."

"Pleased to meet you," I said extending my paw-like hand. Both of them stared at me. I took the chance to examine them. They were tall, well built, and dressed in preppy clothes. Both had coal black hair. Kendall carried an expensive leather briefcase.

"Wow! He's real and he's furry," Kendall observed.

"And he's naked!" replied Craig staring at my cock and balls.

Kendall gushed: "When Augusten told us that he had a partially transformed man living with him, we didn't think it possible. You're absolute proof. Why, you're magnificent, half homo-sapiens, half canine, and actually standing right here in front of us," Kendall blushed as he realized he was acting like a bedazzled schoolgirl. I shook hands with both of them.

The surprise of my introduction over, we all sat: Craig and Kendall sat next to each other on the sofa, Augusten in his armchair and I sat backwards on a kitchen chair letting my stubby tail hang. I let my cock point at Craig and Kendall just to see their reactions. I spoke first to break the ice.

"I spent four years of difficult research trying to find the costumes and then Augusten. I'd be interested in hearing how you found the costumes." I didn't know how much to trust these two, so I didn't mention Billy-Ray or the fact that I personally destroyed the historic records we used to find Augusten. I shifted my weight and watched Craig's eyes follow the head of my cock. When he realized I saw him, his face turned a vivid red. He tried to talk but he only sputtered. Kendall began their story:

"We've researched transformations for three years. The first hint came from medieval Paris while I was researching the Man in the Iron Mask. I discovered references to political prisoners being sent to ordinary farms and never returning. It took some digging in the Louvre, but I found original documents in Old French that described the torture and forced transformation of political prisoners into donkeys, goats, and swine. It was described as a punishment fit for political prisoners." He paused to drink and steady his shaking hands.

Craig continued the narration: "Independently, I found a couple instances of animal transformations in ancient Greece that were not explainable as myth or legend. We all know about Circe changing Ulysses' men into animals. That's mostly legend. However, a few of the stories aren't legend. The stories name real people and real transformations. Following that line of research, I found references from the city-state of Sparta in ancient Greece relating to a few warriors gaining the strength of horses and then living out their lives on farms. Those references intrigued us, but were not enough for us to make any conclusion. Two years ago by sheer coincidence, both Kendall and I received grants to study the new Babylonian writings. Together, we found unmistakable references to men being changed into animals and used as beasts of burden or as living sacrifices to the gods. When we compared notes, we were certain that some thing or agent was operating that could combine human and animal characteristics or transform humans into animals. Kendall and I tried to find out more, but the trail just went cold. We thought that these transformations were just things-of-the-past. That is, until Kendall went home."

Kendall oozed charm, sophistication, and ego. He continued: "The last part of the puzzle fell into place a couple months ago when my parents phoned and said they bought a six-week old Mastiff puppy. My family breeds Mastiffs and I know all the existing bloodlines. I ran a DNA analysis from the puppy to determine his bloodlines and much to my surprise, the test revealed human DNA. I checked the results myself. Craig and I knew that we found a contemporary version of what we discovered in the historical record. Humans can be transformed into animals. A few innocent questions to my parents made it easy to find Augusten." He paused, took another drink, and continued talking:

"Let me assure you that only Craig and I know about the human DNA in the mastiff puppies. I removed all the records from the university laboratory. I have them here in my briefcase. We intend to keep this secret." Kendall stopped and waited for Augusten's reaction. Augusten put on his most charming smile and replied cautiously:

"It's hardly a secret. Over the years, many people knew about these transformations. Even today, I have clients all over the world. The people I transform, such as Zeke, are willing participants. If their family or friends know, they respect the individual's decision. It isn't illegal to change into an animal for a day or a week. It isn't even illegal to remain as an animal for the rest of your life. If you're planning to threaten me with exposure, well, that won't work, most people won't believe it and my supporters would make it sound the like the National Inquirer gone goofy," Augusten made it sound so matter-of-fact. I thought it was time to change the direction of the conversation.

"So your family breeds Mastiffs too?" I looked directly at Craig.

"Oh! No! My family breeds polo ponies. That's why the Greek horse references caught my attention. Kendall didn't recognize it; I pointed out that using enhanced humans as warriors was unique. Their descriptions of the enhancements went well beyond drinking the blood or consuming portions of the horse's anatomy. They described humans with equine features," Craig answered. Kendall squirmed at Craig's implied criticism of his research techniques.

"Tell us, why are two anthropologists interested in human to animal transformations?" Augusten called their bluff. Kendall reached down and picked up his briefcase.

"Two reasons: First, the two of us recently received a grant to study primates in Africa. You know: gorillas, apes, orangutans, and chimpanzees. We thought it might be interesting to and study them from their perspective. That is, spend a few days with the wild animals as animals. Your costumes would let us to that," Kendall opened his briefcase and handed Augusten two applications. I shifted around in my chair and saw Craig sneaking a good look at my tail.

"I think we can make those arrangements. I checked you two out. You're both excellent anthropologists and you could do the African primate research even without the costumes. The costumes represent a shortcut that you don't need," Augusten said as he read the papers. Craig interrupted, his face bright and animated:

"That's what I said to Kendall, but." A sharp look from Kendall shut him up.

"Regardless, we need your endorsement and commitment by the end of the week in order to get the research grant," Kendall explained.

Augusten put the forms into newspaper holder next to the chair: "Don't worry, young man, don't worry. I've arranged that you'll get the grant regardless of my decision about the costumes. The costumes will only let you observe up close. You won't be able to blend into primate society, such as it is. You'll look like a primate, but you won't be able to function like one."

"That's true, but we can collect excellent data and do a better job with the costumes," Kendall remarked.

Augusten gave him a stern look: "I have to point out that wearing the costumes has a certain risk involved. That's why I asked Zeke to have dinner with us."

Kendall shook his head in agreement: "We understand the risks, we wouldn't be spending extended times in the costumes."

Augusten shook his head negatively: "You don't understand. If you go into a primate situation as a male, you would have to either be a young, immature male primate or be ready to fight to the top. If you went in as a female, you would have to submit to sex with the dominant males. Sex in a costume is extremely risky. Zeke sired two sets of puppies by two female mastiffs and look at what's happened to him."

Kendall still didn't get it: "But sir, one forced mating wouldn't cause that much change. Craig and I would be extremely careful to minimize the risk of even that. If it happens, we would leave orders to pull us out immediately and restore our human form."

"Kendall, calm down, the man said we have the grants. What's an extra year doing research?" Craig poked Kendall in the ribs. Kendall just ignored him.

"You haven't told them about Billy-Ray and Scotty, have you?" I asked Augusten.

"No, I wanted to maintain their privacy," Augusten sighed.

"Aren't Billy-Ray and Scotty the bitches you breed with?" Kendall asked with an impatient scowl on his face. Craig's eyes grew wide in amazement.

"That's why the puppies had human DNA. You're transform wasn't complete," Craig asked. The kid was sharp, obviously the brains of the two.

"Billy-Ray and Scotty were once human, just like you two. Billy-Ray was my male lover in college and Scotty was the cook at his house. We only intended to spend a weekend as dogs. They chose the female costumes and I got the male costume. Rather than a weekend, we spent the entire summer as dogs. Augusten and I figure that once I got them pregnant, their transformations were irreversible. Hormones intensify the change. Same gender transforms, like my own, take longer. The change isn't merely physical. It's also mental. I liked being a dog; part of me doesn't want to be human any more. Even more dangerous is your perception of time: as a dog, I only understood yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I couldn't plan beyond that. So I put off changing back into human form," I took a drink of water. Craig listened intently and Kendall acted cool and aloof. I continued:

"If I were you two, I'd think twice before getting into a primate costume and wandering out into the jungle. There are species of lesser primates that engage in recreational sex with multiple sex partners and if you happen to become involved with them, even one day might be too long in the costume. Even if you chose a silverback gorilla and went in as a female, one mating might be enough for you to forget to return to being human. You can be sure that the dominant male silverback would mate with you. After all, you're young, virile, and sexually potent," I hoped they would appreciate the danger involved.

Kendall was disturbed and angry: "We have no intention of staying in Africa as anything. If the costumes are that dangerous, we'll get the natives to wear them and then relate their experiences to us. That way, if they start to transform, we'll just abandon them. They'll make good breeding stock in the primate population," Kendall's friend Craig winced at the cruelty of this proposition. Kendall continued:

"Our other purpose here is this: We want to start an endangered species revitalization theme park and tax-exempt group. We propose to populate it with humans who volunteer to become new breeding stock. There are people out there who would pay to become one of our many endangered species if they thought they could repopulate it throughout the world. There is no reason to keep a discovery like this a secret when we can so much good with it. I have a proposal right here for you to read." Kendall opened his briefcase, removed a manila folder, and handed it to Augusten.

Augusten scanned the papers and then slipped into a newspaper holder next to the chair: "I'll have my lawyers look at this tomorrow. I can't say anymore about that tonight."

"Actually, we are prepared to publicize the costumes with or without you participation in this. You won't be able to resist the public and political pressure we can bring to bear. The deal is fair, we only need you to sign it tonight," Kendall said in cold, hard tones. The game, as they say, was afoot. Craig sat in embarrassed silence.

"Really, now, Mister Kendall Jones the Third, threats aren't necessary. I've been threatened before and I never gave in and revealed the costumes to anyone. However, I am a businessman and I'll listen to any serious offer. I am sure we can reach an accommodation." Augusten replied ignoring Kendall's arrogance.

"I'm glad you think that way," Kendall started to pull papers out of his binder, but Augusten stopped him.

"It's not civilized to conduct business like this on an empty stomach. We'll discuss our business arrangements after dinner. If you like, I'll tell you all about the costumes over dinner." Augusten answered casually as he stood up and went to the kitchen to tell the cook to serve the meal. Craig and Kendall looked at each other trying to determine what to do next. Kendall shrugged and said, "Well, if you insist, we will eat dinner."

Dinner was a sumptuous feast of surf and turf. I thoroughly enjoyed human food after eating dog food, not that I minded eating dog food with Billy-Ray and Scotty. Kendall spoke only a few words, never letting too much out about himself. Craig was exactly the opposite, garrulous, relaxed, and outgoing. After dinner, we lounged around the table drinking Irish coffee.

"Great dinner, your cooking is excellent," Craig told the cook as he brought more coffee.

"I'm glad you liked it, sir," the cook answered.

"Angus is an excellent cook. One day, he'll make an excellent dinner, won't you, Angus?" Augusten lit a cigar and waved it in the air. Angus blushed. He was a big, fleshy man, not fat, and definitely not lean. I teased that you could post billboards on his back it was so broad. He topped the scales at 400 pounds.

"Go ahead, tell them your story. I'm sure that Craig and Kendall will find it most interesting," Augusten prompted.

"Well, I grew up in the inner city with nothing to do but watch my brothers and cousins sell drugs and steal cars. I was a tall scrawny kid. I grew up smart enough and tall enough to play basketball. My brothers sold me to an "uncle" when I was ten years old and he used me as a sex slave all through high school. To make a long story short, eventually my "uncle" paid for my degree in anthropology. I developed close friends in college, after I graduated, and I left my Uncle and all that life behind. A few years ago after some medical problems, I met Augusten while doing research. I always had this dream about living my life on a farm. Once we got to know each other and Augusten explained the costumes, I came here to the farm. Late next year, I'll have paid my way to become a big, meaty steer and my friends and I will have a big celebration."

"And you'll cook the dinner?" Kendall asked.

Craig laughed and poked Kendall: "No, silly! He's going to be the dinner." Kendall still looked puzzled.

"Don't poke me like that, jerk! You're going to cook the dinner, aren't you?" Kendall glared at Angus to prove how right he was.

"No! Your friend's correct: I'm going to change into a steer and my friends will barbecue me for dinner. It's what I want and I plan to have a big party," Angus smiled in amusement at Kendall's disbelief.

"But aren't steers eunuchs? Castrated bulls?" Kendall asked.

"Yes, of course they are. I lost my testicles to cancer a few years ago and my current bulk came from using growth hormones and steroids. I want to gain another 50 pounds before I put on my costume and turn into a beef steer. Then I'll have six months of grazing to gain more weight for the big barbecue. I'm the cook now, but I'll be cooked later. Not only that, but I'll still be part human when they slaughter me for the barbecue and aware of what's happening. I'm looking forward to it." Angus left the room without saying more. Kendall just sat and stared. Craig on the other hand sipped his coffee and smiled. Augusten broke the silence:

"I have a proposition for the two of you. One I think that you will find irresistible. I don't have any primate costumes here at the farm, but I do have one centaur costume. Why don't the two of you use it for one day? That way you'll have a better idea of how the costumes work."

"A centaur!" Craig gasped.

"Yes, the giant stallion of myth and legend, half-human, half horse. It's a unique costume in that it takes two people to make one centaur. One person forms the body and hind legs and the other person becomes the forelegs and head. I'll make it available to you two for one night," Augusten offered.

"Gee, that would be great! I've always wanted to be part horse. I told you my family raised polo ponies, didn't I? A centaur, the most magnificent of mythic beasts," Craig's face lit up like a little kid.

"What happens to the guy in the ass-end of the centaur?" Kendall asked snidely. Augusten replied, turning on the charm:

"Both people are aware of what the centaur is doing and share the experience equally; it's just that the back person isn't in control. This would be a good experience for both of you. It would give you a better appreciation of what you're going to ask people to do as primates." I sat in silence letting Augusten do the talking.

"I don't think so," Kendall replied. Craig sat there crushed.

"Kendall, please. It's not that much and it's only for a few hours. If you do this, I'll never give you a bad time again. Honest, I'll do whatever you want me to afterward. I'll do all the work in Africa. Just do this for me, please," Craig's begged and put Kendall on the spot.

"How long does the change last?" Kendall asked.

"Only twenty-four hours, you'll transform into a centaur at midnight tonight and return to human form midnight tomorrow," Augusten replied.

"Please, Kendall please!" Craig added. He held Kendall's hands in supplication.

"Will we be safe spending the day as a centaur?" Kendall asked.

"Absolutely, I guarantee it. Almost every animal on this farm started as human. Once transformed, you'll have the run of the farm for a day. We don't keep mares so you won't have the complications that sexual activity brings. It's the chance of a lifetime to learn about a creature from mythology," Augusten added.

Kendall sat thinking. He didn't seem convinced. Augusten needed to sweeten the reward:

"In fact, if you do this, I will have all the papers for our business deal signed and ready tomorrow night when you take off the costume. I've thought about this and it's time to use the costumes to save the endangered species." Augusten extended his hand towards Kendall and they shook on the deal.

"I'm so happy you saw the merits of my idea," Kendall added.

"And you won't mind being the back end? Please, Kendall, I've dreamt of being part horse all my life and I just have to be the front end," Craig was near tears. This meant a lot to him. Kendall grabbed Craig's head and pulled him close to his chest messing his hair: "Yes, I'll do it for you."

"Well then, we have some preparation to do. I'll leave you in Zeke's competent hands while I go prepare the centaur costume," Augusten said to them and then turned his attention to me: "Zeke, give these gentlemen a tour and then get them shaved. I'll meet you back in the barn when you are ready." I nodded and Augusten left the room. The three of use walked out of the house and into the gentle spring evening. Billy-Ray and Scotty barked at me from their doghouse.

"Come on over here, I'll introduce you to Billy-Ray and Scotty," I said as I walked them across the lawn.

"Shaved?" Craig asked.

"Hair interferes with the transformation, so you have to shave it all off," I remarked. Billy-Ray and Scotty jumped all over me. I fell backwards on the ground as they licked my face, happy to see me. Kendall and Craig petted the two dogs. Billy-Ray and Scotty wanted to have sex with me, but I scolded them as "naughty" dogs and we played for a little while.

"What's it like being a dog?" Craig asked.

"It was very pleasant, no cares at all, great sex, easygoing, much too easygoing in fact. I lived only for today and didn't worry about tomorrow or the next day," I told him.

"And you're eventually going to completely become a dog?" Kendall asked.

"Of course, Billy-Ray was the love of my life. I don't want to leave him. We both went into this eyes wide open. We knew the risks," I replied. Billy-Ray sniffed and licked my cock. I tapped his nose and said "No, bad doggy!" much to Craig's amusement.

"I guess you still live with them?" asked Craig.

"Yeah, they're lonesome for me. It's not often I eat with Augusten and other humans," I replied.

"You talk like you're not human?" Kendall remarked.

"Well I am half canine. Look at me. We figure one more breeding and my fingers will be gone. I'll have paws. My cock will have its own sheath. My facial features will become more doglike. I have a few years before the changes get too extensive to return to semi-human existence," I replied.

"And you have sex with them?" Craig blushed as he asked.

"Of course I do. My cock's already developed a knot so I can tie with my girls and my balls pump out sperm. It's just like a dog's cock. Sex with these two is very intense," I smiled at Craig and he smiled back.

We played with the dogs a few more minutes and then I gathered Kendall and Craig to get them ready for the costume.

I had them stow their personal gear, including their clothes in the car and move it into the garage. Two naked men and a half-canine trans-morph walked back to the house and up to the steam room and hot tub built into Augusten's house. Both men were fit, trim, and well muscled. Craig was about two inches taller and ten pounds heavier than Kendall was. My doggy cock and balls made both of their packages look small, but both of them had nothing to be ashamed of. I set the heat and steam to low. Then I handed both of them cans of shaving cream and disposable razors.

"If you need more heat, I'll have to leave. All this fur makes me extra hot," I added as they soaped up their bodies. I watched as Craig and Kendall shaved each other. Craig was gentle where Kendall was rough. The two of them were so opposite. The heat made me hot and tired. I started panting and I let my tongue loll out of my mouth, I think I dozed off in the warmth. Craig shook me awake.

"Hey dogboy, you let that tongue out anymore and I'll insist you use it," he joked as he grabbed my face and tried to kiss me. My tongue was about two inches longer than his was and I happily stuck it deep into his mouth. He ran his tongue around my long, sharp canine teeth. We sucked face for a few minutes. I continued to lick his neck and shoulders when we broke apart. His erect cock poked into my stomach.

"Your fur feels so sexy and that tongue is just so hot!" he whispered in a low voice.

"All the better to eat you with my dear," I joked quoting the line from the fairy tale.

"You can eat me any day," Craig humped his hips against my fur.

"Oh turn him over and fuck him. That's what he wants. The fucking little bitch is just too timid to ask," Kendall barked from the hot tub. Without asking, I spun Craig around and started to lick his ass with my extra long tongue. His buns were creamy white and muscular. Hs asshole was a perfect round circle of pink flesh just waiting for me. He moaned and whimpered as I plunged my tongue deep into his asshole. His insides opened up to my ministrations. His odors excited me and drove me to animal lust. I tasted his body and wanted to devour his funkiness. After I had him good and wet, I plunged my cock deep into his ass. He moaned in pleasure as I stroked away. I felt my knot begin to build and pulled his ass tight against my stomach. He moaned as he felt the knot grow inside him and tie us together. My doggy orgasm started and I pumped my hips rapidly against his backside. Spurt after spurt of white hot cum filled his ass, burning my cock and his rectum. I humped for another ten minutes until my balls stopped pumping cum into his ass. We slipped down to the floor and I twisted him so we tied butt to butt and lay there waiting for my knot to shrink. I could feel his heart thumping madly away and sensed his heavy breathing. We remained tied together when he spoke:

"That was unbelievable. No wonder you want to remain a dog," Craig said as he shifted his torso trying to get my cock to slip out of his ass.

"Slow! Slow!" I ordered. "It takes a few minutes for my knot to shrink down. Just lay there and enjoy the feeling of my cock resting inside your guts."

"I suppose you'll lick it up like a good doggy?" Craig's voice was a low moan of pleasure.

"You got it kiddo!" I replied and shifted so my cock massaged his prostate and forced another orgasm out of his cock. In a few minutes, my knot released and funky doggy spunk drooled out of Craig's asshole. I lapped it up as he lay there moaning in pleasure.

"You should try this, Kendall. It's just beyond description," Craig said as he licked his cum from his fingers. We kissed passionately. He let my tongue reach deep into his throat.

"No, no, no, I am not into sloppy sex," Kendall replied. All during our fuck session, Kendall stayed in the hot tub soaking.

"This from the man who's tool will become the centaur's cock. Think of yourself as that big, thick horse cock. You'll be nearly four inches thick and three foot long. What's a little sloppy sex among friends?" I remarked.

"No, no, no! Augusten promised no sex, so I won't be letting my cock out to play," Kendall replied.

"Oh don't mind him, he's really lots of fun when he's in the mood," Craig added and I saw Kendall turn a scarlet red from embarrassment.

"Fine, let's go down to the barn. Augusten is probably waiting for us," I said and led them out of the room and back towards the barn. Kendall's cock flopped from side to side as he walked. He had a long, thin cock with low hanging balls. He'll make a good stallion, I thought. Craig's cock was short and thick. His balls, nearly as big as mine, clung tight against his stomach.

By the time we reached the barn, the cool air shrank both of their cocks. Augusten was indeed waiting for us. He had the costume set out over several bales of hay.

"Centaurs are big horses, like a Clydesdale, Percheron or any other draft horses. You're going to stand nineteen hands high and weigh just over one ton. You're human bodies are only about one quarter the size that your centaur body will be. This costume is going to take some patience to fit it all its various parts together. You'll feel small changes as we fit various pieces to your bodies," Augusten explained.

Craig's eyes widened at the measurements. Kendall just looked puzzled and asked, "How big is a horse at nineteen hands?"

"Six feet, four inches to the withers," Craig answered awestruck.

"What are the withers?" Kendall was a little clueless about horses.

"The bottom of the mane or top of the shoulders just behind the neck," Craig answered.

"That's just huge!" Kendall remarked as he finally realized just how large the centaur was going to be.

"Let's start with the legs," Augusten said to Kendall and Craig as he pointed each of them towards a front and hind pair of horses legs balanced against wood frames. The legs were coal-black with broad, white hooves. They felt like horsehair.

The fore legs had no back and the hind legs bent into the rear end of the horse complete with tail. I helped Craig and Augusten helped Kendall balance as they climbed into the forms. They had to stand on tiptoe to get their feet down close to the hooves. The costume twisted their knees and ankles the other-way-around.

It was hard work, but eventually their bodies accepted the new shapes and they both stood there, securely balanced in the legs. We fastened both sets of the leggings to Craig and Kendall's waists.

"Oh, that feels so different, I didn't know my legs could bend that way," Craig remarked. The costume forced him to lean out in front of his legs.

"I feel like I'm standing on my toes. How do you line up my butt with the horse's ass," Kendall laughed at his joke.

"Well, now that you ask, Kendall, I have to widen your hips by inserting my hand into you," Augusten said. He walked behind Kendall and pulled a large latex glove onto his hand and up his arm. His arm twinkled and glowed somewhat.

"Oh! No! Not the big finger proctology exam!" Kendall grimaced.

"No, not a finger, but my entire arm," Augusten said as he lifted the costume tail, reached through its asshole and plunged his hand deep into Kendall's body. He tugged and pulled a bit and when he withdrew his hand, the back end of the horse sat squarely against Kendall's human buttocks. Kendall's legs turned outward and his hips bent him forwards.

"That didn't hurt any, did it?" Augusten asked.

"No, in fact, it actually felt good," Kendall shook his hips to make the centaur's buttocks move.

"The real change will come at midnight when you actually become a centaur. Right now, the costume only makes the adjustments necessary for you to stand in place," Augusten said.

"Now I have to adjust Craig's package," Augusten added. Craig looked around apprehensively. Augusten picked up a cup and fit it over Craig's cock and balls. The cup sucked itself tight against Craig's body forcing his cock and balls to shrink and all but disappear. Craig felt his lower stomach. He was smooth and featureless. Craig smiled and playfully waved goodbye to his crotch:

"See you tomorrow guys," he joked.

"It's not going to be that bad. The centaur's cock will feel just like your own. Kendall's going to supply that," Augusten said as he wrapped a belt around Craig's waist that formed the chest of the horse and pulled it extra tight compressing Craig's waist.

"Many years ago, in ancient Greece, they would castrate the man who would be the front of the horse or centaur. I find this method requires less commitment," Augusten said. Both Craig and Kendall agreed. I handed Kendall a codpiece that held the horse-like cock and balls of the centaur. The centaur's equipment was huge even by horse standards.

"That's a very intimate piece of apparel; you have to fit your own cock and balls into the right places," Augusten said as Kendall and I fished his long cock and low hanging balls into it. Augusten came around and fastened it to the hindquarters. Kendall had to bend forward to accommodate the horse cock hanging from his crotch.

"I guess I have to stoop over to get this to fit right," Kendall observed.

"Yes! Remember, you're horse cock is going to be four foot long and your balls will be the size of oranges. The people who've used horse costumes tell me that it's the best part of being the rear of the horse. I imagine it applies to this centaur costume since the equipment is even larger," Augusten left Kendall and picked up an odd-looking bony framework. Both Craig and Kendall looked at it intently.

"This is what's going to hold you two together. We can't have you splitting apart once you transform, that would be deadly. This gadget fastens Kendall's head, neck and spine and to Craig's hips and spine. It mimics the bone structure of a real horse. I need to fasten it onto Kendall's head first," Augusten said to Kendall.

"By fasten you mean screw it into my head?" Kendall shook his head from side to side.

"The tighter the clamps, the safer you two will be," Augusten added.

Kendall took a deep breath and said, "You're going to owe me big time after this, Craig." He let Augusten fit the device on his head and tighten rough looking bone screws until they touched his skull, neck, and shoulders. It pulled Kendall's back and shoulders up and made his arms drop back. I could hear Kendall breathing heavily.

"Fasten it tight so we can't come apart. I have a feeling Craig is going gallop all over the place and I rather be uncomfortable than dead," Kendall said to Augusten. I watched as Augusten took a powered screwdriver and drove the rough bone screws deep into the bones of Kendall's head, neck, and spine fixing him into position. It had to hurt, but Kendall never let out a peep. His head bent backwards and his spine arched in odd ways.

"You OK, Kendall?" Craig asked.

"Yes, I am. Keep going," he said softly. He took a few breaths.

"When you transform, the skeleton of the horse will form first. Your bones will be part of that skeleton. I promise you'll feel better than you feel now," Augusten said softly.

"How do I fit to Craig?" Kendall asked.

"Put your nose right into his ass hole," Augusten ordered. Obediently, Kendall planted his face between Craig's cheeks His nose pointed into Craig's asshole.

"Fart and you're a dead man!" Kendall murmured. Augusten positioned the bone framework against Craig's body and drove the bone screws into Craig without even asking. Craig winced and moaned as the screws dug into his hips and spine securely fastening him and Kendall together. The bony framework arched Craig's spine into the proper position.

"It's going to get dark as we cover you with the rest of the body, Kendall. Put you arms and hands at your sides so the costume fits," Augusten told Kendall and indicated to me to get the other body parts. I heard Kendall mumble an OK as we fitted the centaur body over his. Augusten fastened the body together and then added another four screws into Craig's hips. Craig didn't complain, but I could tell the screws hurt him.

The centaur was taking shape. It looked like a sophisticated costume of a horse with just Craig's human body sticking out where the head should be. Augusten picked out a new torso for Craig.

"I'll bet you thought we didn't need torso?" Augusten asked Craig.

"Gee, I thought I was going be the human part of the centaur," Craig replied. Augusten held up the torso of the centaur. It was massively muscled with a thick waist, wide chest, broad shoulders, and massive arms. A coal-black mane flowed from the head down the back. The ears were pointed and horse-like and the face was vaguely equine. His skin would be a dark, swarthy olive color.

"Well, this is what you'll look like after midnight. All we have to do is put it on you."

I balanced Craig as he and Augusten fit the new torso over his body like a pull-on shirt. It complete covered his head like a hood with holes for the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Augusten sealed the suit using the same knots that we used to fasten our dog costumes. I looked at the clock and it was about 5 minutes to midnight. I told them the time. Augusten tapped the horse body and yelled to Kendall:

"Only five more minutes, are you ready in there?" he asked. We got really quite and listened.

"Ready!" was the muffled reply from Kendall.

"Are you ready? After all, you're going to be the brains of this outfit," Augusten asked Craig.

"Yes, I think I am," Craig answered. His voice betrayed his nerves.

"I'm surprised Kendall let you be the front of the centaur. He seems to be the boss," I asked Craig.

"Well, he is. I'm going to be the one at risk in Africa when we do primate studies. I'm better at observations than he is and I told him I would do all the in-situ work, so to speak. I guess he figured he'd set an example for me," Craig answered.

"I don't want anything to harm you two," Augusten replied.

"Well, obviously you don't want to harm us, but what would stop you from not letting us change back? These screws are awfully permanent," Craig looked Augusten directly in the eyes.

"A centaur can talk. That's why I chose it. It gives you some security. I have primate costumes and I thought about changing you into a pair of horny bonobos." Craig's face showed surprise, Augusten continued: "In one day, you two would have screwed each other ten or fifteen times. However, you two might have figured it out and got out of the costumes. This centaur is safe for all of us," Augusten added reassuringly. We looked at the clock and waited.

"Unless, one of us doesn't want to return to human form," Craig said trying to get a handle on Augusten.

"Ah, I thought about that too, young man. We'll talk more after the change," Augusten informed him.

"OK!" Craig gave Augusten a thumbs-up.

It was only a minute to midnight and I started a countdown.

At midnight exactly the change started. The costume shimmered with energy as the skeleton formed within the centaur's body forcing it to grow larger and stand upright. I could only imagine what Kendall felt like as his head fused into the skeleton of the centaur. I made a point to ask him about it. Large, white hooves formed and the centaur's legs formed, growing thicker and stronger. I could see layers of muscle forming under the skin. The hind legs rounded over into the broad tail and back of the horse. A thick tail formed out of the dock and swished around to scatter unseen flies.

The body of the centaur began to thicken and round out. The great barrel chest formed and the broad back of the horse grew and spread the two sets of legs. The withers of the horse now stood taller than Augusten or me. It was huge and muscular. Underneath its belly, a giant horse cock slithered in and out of its sheath in full-blown erection. At full length, it nearly reached the forelegs.

The fore legs spread out to each side and thickened forming a broad and muscular chest beneath the human torso. The lower part of Craig's torso where his human body met the horse body, thickened to match the bulk of the horse. The transform of Craig's torso matched the size of the horse beneath him. His waist and chest grew larger and rounder, his shoulders broadened, his arms became massive. The final part of the transform reached his head, as it grew large enough to match the massive body beneath it. His ears moved higher on his head and became pointy. A thick flowing main grew out of the back of his head and down his spine. His face flattened slightly and his jaw pulled out to be slightly equine.

The centaur put his hands against his head and shook side to side. The shaking translated all the way down its body to the tail. Four legs moved to maintain balance and the centaur stood before Augusten and I as a creature out of the depths of mythology. The body of the centaur was as massive a horse as I had ever seen. Layers of muscle flowed over muscle. The human body was dark-skinned, swarthy, and as muscular as the horse beneath it. The centaur's hands explored his new body. He turned to face his back and bent over low to see between his four legs.

"How did the transformation feel? I hope it wasn't too uncomfortable," Augusten said.

The centaur looked at both of us and tried to talk. He moved his lips and nothing seemed to come out. A variety of emotions crossed the centaur's face and he even moved around the barn. He definitely had his body under control.

"It's magnificent!" a deep bass voice boomed out of the centaur. The human torso bent and flexed its muscles.

"Good, you found your voice. I turned the lights on at the track so you could use it. I figured you wouldn't be still until you had your own midnight gallop. The track is safer than the meadow. In the dark you might break a leg," Augusten said to the centaur. I opened the barn doors. The centaur dashed to the exercise ring.

At first, the centaur didn't know where to balance its human arms and how to face the human torso, but gradually, the human half of the centaur moved as gracefully as any thoroughbred horse galloping around the ring. We stood and watched the centaur. Augusten stared in appreciation of what he created and I watched in awe of the giant beast.

"All of the centaurs were that magnificent. I tried to establish the species homo-equinus, but it just didn't work out. Not that they weren't viable, but religion and human ignorance caused the failure of my grand experiment." Augusten watched the centaur as it galloped around the ring. Its mighty hooves creating thunder as they struck the ground. At the far end of the ring, the centaur stopped and reared on its hind legs.

"That's a magnificent beast," I remarked.

"More magnificent than you can ever imagine, Zeke. I wonder if Kendall and Craig will have a better understanding of what my transformations are about after they return to human form," Augusten said.

"You're going to let them change back? What about the deal he wants to repopulate the endangered species. That can't possibly work the way he intends it to work. I think Craig was hinting at not changing back," I said to Augusten as we watched.

"Yes, he did suggest that course of action. Kendall's arrogant, but Craig is sneaky. When it slows down, you can ask the centaur what it wants us to do. I think you'll be surprised at the answer," Augusten winked at me.

"Oh, I love surprises. What have you done?" I asked.

"Long ago I discovered that using two humans to create one creature made extraordinary demands on one of the humans. Consequently, Craig might be the front end and guiding brain of the beast, but Kendall's making all the decisions. You didn't think I'd turn Kendall into the ass end of a horse permanently. He's a jerk, but nothing I can't handle in human form," Augusten asked

"I'm not sure I understand," I said.

"Craig enjoys being the physical presence of the forelegs and human torso, but Kendall is the brain that guides the centaur and makes decisions for it. You made the same mistake Craig did and assumed that whoever got to be the front end of the centaur had control of its body. Not so!" Augusten smiled a very self-assured smile. I nodded in understanding:

"Clever, I never thought about that. I thought that the person in back had to be willing to sacrifice himself to create the centaur," the centaur was racing around the track so fast I wished I had a stopwatch to determine its speed.

"That's not the way it works. Most people make the same mistake. Craig did. He hinted that we could stop Kendall by not letting them transform back to human form. That was a selfish thought on his part. I gave him a little message to think about. We'll see what he wants tomorrow night," Augusten whistled for the Centaur.

"By the way, Zeke, did you know that Craig did his graduate work on the varieties of lesbian sexual parings in captive bonobos. He didn't know I knew about that," Augusten blinked the lights and waved to the centaur. It galloped over to us and stopped.

"Tell, me, is this everything you imagined?" Augusten asked. The centaur just stood their tried to talk.

"I think your centaur can gallop better than he can talk," I said as I took a towel and wiped the frothy sweat off its flanks. The muscles of its human torso glistened seductively. The black mane was plastered to the centaur's shoulders and back.

"Th, th, thank you Augusten Saint Roi, this experience is beyond anything we could have imagined," the centaur's deep voice rumbled out of its chest and shook the air. The horse's flanks expanded as it breathed. I could feel its huge heart beating as I wiped it down.

"I think you should eat and rest," Augusten stood on the fence railing to get a little taller. The centaur nodded agreement.

"Yes, we'll rest tonight and tomorrow we should go out riding," the Centaur replied as Augusten led the way back to the barn. Halfway to the barn it stopped and let its cock slither out of its sheath. A stream of hot, yellow piss splattered on the ground. Its tail rose and a load of roadcakes landed behind it.

When we got into the barn, one of the stable boys, nicknamed Snap, was awake. He took the centaur to a stall. Snap was one of those little, squeaky-voiced, blond gymnasts, about 5 foot tall, all muscle, and dressed like a cowboy in jeans, leather chaps, a vest showing his bare chest, and a ten-gallon hat. Snap filled a feedbag with oats and handed it to the centaur.

"That's your dinner, eat up," Augusten remarked adding; "I'm going back to the house to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow."

"OATS? Is this all I get to eat," boomed the centaur.

"Quiet, you'll wake every animal in the barn. Yes, you get oats. You're basically a horse and that's what horses eat." Snap admonished him. The centaur tasted the oats.

"Hi, I want you to know how much of an honor it is to serve a centaur. It's thrilling to see a legend. Augusten knows how to fulfill dreams," Snap said. Snap was a fixture around the barn. He came to the ranch at the age of thirteen and was now in his early twenties. His enthusiasm was infectious and he had a beguiling and sexy southern drawl that made him easy to like.

"We want to do business with Augusten and he suggested this was good way to close the deal," the centaur replied.

"Well, I don't know anything about business deals. I'm only the stable boy. My name is Snap, by the way," Snap replied in his ever-cheerful manner. The centaur leaned down and shook hands with Snap.

"Snap is an odd name, how did you get it?" the centaur asked.

"Well, itsa tease, my last name is Post. One day, I'll be a resident in one of these stables. I'm going to be a mule," Snap grinned from ear to ear, as he brushed and groomed the giant animal.

"A donkey, isn't that a bit ordinary," the centaur asked.

"Yeah, I guess so, but I've always wanted to be a mule. Augusten says he'll breed me right away so I'll have my very own bloodline."

"Bloodline?" the centaur asked.

"Yes, my own line of offspring, the "Posti" line of mules. You have such a beautiful mane, it's a shame it's all oily and matted. I'm going to shampoo it. You'll look better tomorrow if I do," Snap climbed onto the back of the centaur and sat behind his human torso.

"Gosh! You sure are a big fella, strong too," he remarked as he struggled around to get the water hose. He wet the Centaurs mane, soaped it, then rinsed and dried it. He began to braid the mane and the centaur laughed.

"That feels so good. It tickles too," the centaur chuckled.

"I never had an animal talk to me. It's kinda fun. There, I'm finished. Now I gotta get off of you," Snap said.

"Here, let me help," the centaur said as he twisted his human torso completely around and picked up Snap in his hands. He twisted back and set him gently on the ground.

"How'd you do that?" Snap grinned in amazement and they both laughed.

Snap and the centaur talked through most of the night as Snap worked grooming the centaur's body. When Snap finished, the centaur asked him to stay in the barn with him. Snap took of his boots and fell asleep on a bail of hay, the centaur made sure he was warm and comfortable. The centaur ate until he was full and then slept a few hours standing upright.

The centaur woke as the sun broke over the horizon, ready to enjoy the day. The centaur opened his stall and the barn doors. He looked around and saw Snap was still sleeping on the hay bales, all curled up in an impossibly tight little bundle. The centaur leaned down, lifted him in his arms, trotted out of the barn towards the open pasture. Snap snuggled against the centaur for a moment and then opened his eyes. Startled, he grabbed the big arms and chest of the centaur and held on tight as they both reached a gallop.

"Whoa, horse! I ain't never been kidnapped by a centaur before!" Snap yelled as the centaur jumped the last fence leading to the pasture. A deep, rumbling laughter shook the centaur's chest. Without breaking stride, he pushed Snap up on his shoulder like a fireman's carry and let Snap climb onto his broad back. Snap wrapped his arms around the giant torso and held on as they galloped.

"Out at the foot of them thar hills, there's a cabin near a stream," Snap yelled into the centaur's ear pointing past his head. The centaur galloped off in that direction maintaining a full gallop for the better part of an hour. They spent most of the day near the cabin returning to the main compound near dark. We knew they were coming because they both were singing duets of those awful, old cowboy songs. Augusten greeted them at the barn. Snap sat astride the broad back of the centaur, his short legs barely reached halfway down the centaur's flanks.

"I hope you two enjoyed yourselves cavorting around the countryside," Augusten greeted them at the barn. I stood there with Billy-Ray and Scotty at my side. The centaur trotted around the track with Snap standing on his back/ He came to sudden stop and Snap, once gymnast, did a flip and dismounted the centaur landing squarely on both feet.

"And the crowd roars as he spike's the landing" yelled the centaur. We all enjoyed the display, even Billy-Ray and Scotty woofed and went over to Snap to congratulate him.

"The cabin only had dry biscuits and jerky and my stomach wants some real food. I'm going to git myself some beans and grits and hamhocks and collards," Snap said with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Spoken like a true gourmet," I teased.

"This from a man who eats dog food..." Snap retorted and he disappeared around the corner of the barn.

"Were you afraid I wouldn't return tonight?" the centaur asked Augusten.

"And have you remain a centaur? No, Snap would have undone the costume at midnight," Augusten answered.

"I thought as much. He's a nice kid. We had lots of fun today and I guess that you'll change us back in a few hours," the centaur remarked.

"Of course, I'll meet you here at midnight," Augusten said abruptly and then turned and left. The other stable hands guided the centaur into the barn where they fed and groomed him. Billy-Ray, Scotty and I went back to our doghouse and rested. We didn't tell the centaur that this was all deliberate. Augusten wanted the centaur to understand that notoriety was not the order of the day. For a few hours, the centaur would be alone in the barn. Augusten wanted the two men to understand that even as a centaur, they shouldn't expect to be waited on hand and foot or entertained constantly. A few hours alone before the centaur ceased to exist would be sufficient.

About 11:30 PM, Augusten went to the barn to talk to the centaur and let Kendall and Craig return to their human forms. He hummed Canadian Sunset as he walked.

There are two different endings to this story

Ending one: Short and sweet, Kendall and Craig get their just rewards

Ending two: Longer, Craig and Kendall see the error of their ways

9400 words more or less

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