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Second Ending

About 11:30 PM, Augusten went to the barn to talk to the centaur and let Kendall and Craig return to their human forms. He hummed Canadian Sunset as he walked.

"So I'm to return to human form?" the centaur said, his large hoof clomping on the floor of the stall.

"Why yes, of course," Augusten replied.

"Are you so sure of yourself?" the centaur asked as he swished his tail.

"No, but I'll take my chances," Augusten answered.

"Well, you can rest a little easier, my human forms won't be using the primate suits in Africa, And they won't be starting a transform business based on your costumes," the centaur said trying to be casual. It was strange to hear him speak of Craig and Kendall that way.

"Sure they will, once or twice. They'll enjoy the experience. Not only that, but I know people who will happily use the costumes to study the primates and report back to you. They want to stay in Africa when you're done and repopulate the various species," Augusten said.

"Even the lesser species of primates?" the Centaur asked.

"Yes, even the lesser species. In fact, there are more people who want to become lesser primates than the giant gorillas," Augusten said.

"I'm surprised. But then, you realize, that we could grow used to being a centaur," the centaur replied, flexing its arms and showing off its musculature.

"You can't remain a centaur for two reasons: One, because neither Kendall nor Craig really understood the nature of what they would become or who you are," Augusten paused and continued: "And two, a centaur would be a sideshow freak. The only way you could stay in that form is to go all the way and I would hate to turn two able young men into a draft horse on a whim. No, gentlemen, the days of centaurs are gone. I tried to create them in ancient Greece, but I didn't succeed."

"It was selfish of you to suggest this," the centaur said.

"And brave of you to accept the offer," Augusten patted the shoulder of the centaur. Before the centaur could answer, the clock in the hall struck midnight.

"Goodbye, my magnificent centaur," Augusten said as he released the ties holding the costume together. The body of the centaur shook, wobbled, and then collapsed over the two human forms. Augusten removed the cloth and undid the screws from the bony framework that held the two men together as one body. Kendall and Craig stumbled around as they got used to their human bodies once again. Augusten led them out of the barn and back up to the house.

"We can talk in the morning, right now, get washed and go to sleep," Augusten made it sound like an order, both Craig and Kendall nodded in agreement. Once inside he showed them to the guest bedroom and bath.

Once inside, they stepped into the hot shower and started to wash each other's naked bodies and explore the changes that the centaur transformation left behind. Fine, black hair covered lean and muscular bodies, fingers and toes had grown longer, the skin on their genitals was a dark olive color, new foreskins grew, their testicles were larger, rounder and low hung beneath thicker and longer cocks.

. As they washed themselves. Slowly, muscle pains and the horse-like smell left their bodies. Kendall pulled Craig against his wet body and kissed him. They hadn't made love in a long time.

"I never realized how far we grew apart," Kendall said as he kissed Craig's face and neck and ground his erect cock into Craig's crotch.

"It's been a tough time for both of us," Craig said as nibbled and licked Kendall's shoulders.

"I can't tell you how horny I am, my cock is so hard for you," Kendall said.

"I know! I'm just as horny. My blood burns for your lips on my cock. I want to feel you deep in my throat," Craig gasped as Kendall squeezed his nipple and twisted it. He humped his cock against Kendall's stomach. They sat on a bench that ran across the back of the shower and found a suitable position for sucking each other's cocks. Both hungrily gobbled down the other man's cock. In a few minutes, they reached orgasm and filled each other's mouths with white-hot jism. They lay in the warm shower, letting their bodies cool down from the heat of passion.

"I wonder how that compares to the centaur having sex," Craig asked as he wiped cum from his face. Kendall got up and turned off the shower. He grabbed two towels and threw one at Craig.

"Two orgasms have to be better than one. Besides, you really didn't want to spend the rest of your life as a centaur hiding out from the tabloids," Kendall replied as he dried himself off.

"Yeah! I know! Completely unrealistic, I got the impression from Augusten when we were talking that he would have forced us to become a horse to save all that trouble. I don't know if I'd enjoyed being a horse," Craig nodded his agreement with Kendall. He took a good long look at his new physique in the mirror. He was bigger, more muscular, and infinitely sexier. Being near Kendall made his blood rush and thoughts race.

"Not that I didn't want to try out that giant, horse-like cock. There were a few times that I would have gladly stayed the ass-end of a horse just to sink that monster into a hot set of buns," Kendall leered obscenely.

"Me too, I wanted that gymnast, Snap. Every time he wrapped his arms around me as we galloped I wanted to rape his hot, little body." Craig replied.

"I knew what you were thinking. I don't know how you resisted when he rode us naked as a jaybird. I could feel his ass on my back and his cock and balls bounce on my withers. I'd love to spit fuck the guy between our two cocks," Kendall said while jutting out his hips and stroking his cock.

"Oh, you naughty boy," Craig giggled and snapped a towel at Kendall and added "He said he's going to be a donkey. Now that's an interesting fantasy," They both fell into each other's arms again and embraced.

"He's a hot little boy-toy and he knows it," Kendall remarked as he nibbled on one of Craig's nipples.

"Did you notice we've gained weight and muscle?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah! And how about the other changes: our new foreskins, our body hair, and the size of our testicles?" Craig sat down on the bed with his legs spread wide, his cock and balls resting comfortably on the mattress. He pulled Kendall over on top of him.

"I'm beginning to understand just how tricky those costumes are. I thought Zeke and his doggies were just a bad accident. I suspect that it wouldn't take much time to change completely into a centaur not to mention some of those primates we'll be studying. Imagine being a female ape, or a chimpanzee, or even a Bonobo?" Kendall sat on the bed next to Craig and pulled him against his body. He felt warm and sexy.

"I only want you, Kenny-boy," Craig replied and returned Kendall's hugs.

"I'm tired, let's get under the blankets and go to sleep, tomorrow is another day," Kendall said as he got up and started pulling down the bedspread and blankets. He chuckled at what he saw.

"Hey, this bed has a waterproof mattress on it. I guess some of Augusten's guests must get a little wet at times," Kendall and Craig both laughed at the thought as they lay down and snuggled against each other under the warm blankets. They quickly fell asleep in each other's arms and slept soundly through the night.

Most of the farm woke when the sun rose at six am. Craig and Kendall slept late.

Author's note: There is more to this story, but I have a case of writer's block that is stopping me from writing it. Essentially, I want to have Craig and Kendall screw around with Snap and then stay until he turns into a donkey. That's another complete story that I will return to it this summer.

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