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September 2002


"I really don't like costume parties. Never have! Never will!" Steve said to the young clerk at the Halloween store in the mall.

"Hottest costumes this year are Hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, and Legolas," pointing out the wall of costumes to Steve.

"No, no! At 6 foot 8 inches, I don't look like a hobbit, even with size 13 feet. Besides, I know what everyone else is wearing and we have too many Lord of the Rings characters. We have three short muscle-bound eighteen-year-olds as hobbits. I'm too old to compete with them and I don't want to be a giant," Steve replied and continued looking at the costumes.

"Then there are the old standards of vampires, werewolves, and gorillas? Or, how about Roman Centurions or Greek athletes? You're big as strong enough to look good in a skimpy outfit, as long as you don't go outside," the clerk said as he pulled out period costumes on a rack.

"Animals are too hot and sweaty. Greek and Roman costumes are nice if you want guys drooling over your body all night, but that grows old and tired after a while," Steve flexed quickly showing off his build to the clerk.

"Or you could go in drag," the clerk added holding up a slinky black Elvira costume complete with wig and fake boobs. Steve busted up laughing at the suggestion.

"I'd make a really ugly Elvira," Steve laughed, "Can you imagine me in a slinky black dress with these shoulders?" The clerk quickly returned the outfit to the rack. Steve took a good look at the clerk. The kid was thin and wiry, not quite as tall as Steve, but well proportioned beneath his baggy clothing. The kid had bleached blond, spiky hair cut short over his ears to show off several earrings. Swirling tribal tattoos on both biceps accentuated his slim build. As he stretched to get more costumes, other tattoos peaked out from beneath his clothing. He had a little pug nose and full face that Steve found attractive.

"How about a superhero like Spiderman, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wolverine?" the clerk exposed another rack that held the costumes.

"Been there, done that! I've been both Batman and Robin in black rubber and when the movie came out, Wolverine. The Batman costume almost castrated me. Robin was great, but I'm too tall to be convincing, and all the drunks wanted to fight Wolverine." Steve replied shaking his head in amused disapproval.

"How about uniforms? We have all sorts of soldiers, firemen, policemen, astronauts, and many more. You name it, I probably have it in the back room," The clerk pointed to the back of the store that was curtained off.

"No, last year I went as a motorcycle cop in leather and I don't want to repeat that again," Steve smiled at the clerk feeling a little ridiculous and embarrassed: "I'm sorry to be so choosy," Steve apologized.

"No, don't feel that way. Costumes are very individual. It's important to get the right one. I have some very special costumes for customers just like you. If you come back at closing time, I can show them to you and you can try them on. I guarantee that you will find one that suits you," the clerk put his hand on Steve's shoulder and lead him back to the front of the store.

Closing time

Steve returned to the costume shop just at closing and watched as the clerk locked the store and totaled the register. He locked the day's receipts in a safe and then turned his attention to Steve.

"Glad you came back. My name is Lukas, and you're?" the clerk asked.

"Steve! Let's see what you've got back here," he said as he walked into the back of the store. A rack of costumes stood on one side surrounded by mirrors for viewing the final effect. A small table and valet rack sat to the left of the rack.

"I had a few of our more unique costumes sent over from the warehouse. I really think you'll like one of them," Lukas said as he picked up a portable computer loaded with videos of the costumes.

"My company specializes in creating full-body, ultra-realistic, creature costumes for long term wear. We rent most of our costumes to movie companies. At Halloween, we create a limited number of our best fantasies for rent," Lukas clicked on the first icon and a still picture of a Centaur standing in a barnyard at night appeared.

"This was the prototype of a centaur we did for a TV show a few years ago. It takes two people to work it and they didn't want to devote the manpower. Last year we sold it to one of our better customers who wanted to be a centaur at Halloween. Watch this!" He clicked another icon and a video of the centaur played on the computer. A well muscled man, his dark olive-colored skin gleaming appeared. His black, curly hair covered his head and formed a mane that continued down his back and onto the horse's body. His horse body was well-muscled and fit. It looked real. During the short video, the centaur trotted around the barnyard, then reared, and displayed an erection worthy of any stallion. Steve found it difficult to believe that this creation was a just a costume.

"That's incredible! How does the costume work?" Steve asked.

"One person becomes the human part of the centaur and a second person becomes the horse section. I was the horse section for that sequence. Lukas paused for effect and added: "Can't you see the resemblance? I was a real horse's ass, wouldn't you say?" Both men laughed at the joke.

"Phenomenal, it must have been hard being in that for a week," Steve remarked.

"Yeah, but it had it's benefits, I got to be the horse's cock and balls," Lukas winked at Steve.

"What have you got for me?" Steve asked.

"Well, we have a demon," Lukas said as he activated another file in the computer. A demon appeared on the screen and posed for the camera. The demon was huge, muscular, and ugly. It was covered in red scales and horns. It's tail flicked and swished around.

"Whoa! That's an awfully ugly demon, even for Halloween. Imagine taking a subway in that costume. People would have heart attacks! I wouldn't wish that look on my worst enemy," Steve chuckled at his own joke. He was clearly displeased with the costume and as he looked at Lukas, the clerk, he realized just how rude his comment was: "I hope you didn't design that, I didn't mean to insult you if you did."

"Oh, I'm not offended. It's not my design. I have two special designs this year that I copied from a statue of the Greek god Pan teaching a young boy the panpipes," Lukas clicked an icon on the computer screen and two photos appeared. They were slightly different views of the statue appeared. Pan was horned and bearded, replete with cloven hooves and furry goat's legs. He sat next to a youth holding panpipes in his hands, obviously instructing him in how to play the pipes. Both figures were naked.

"I have both costumes here in the store. You would be great as Pan," Lukas said. "You're big and muscular. Pan was the god of sexuality and physical pleasure. I think that would suit your personality."

"Yeah, but without the youth, the effect might be wasted," Steve watched as the video of the model moved on the computer screen.

"I would be willing to be the youth to your Pan. After all, once you've been the rear end of a horse, being a youth is easy and fun by comparison," Lukas sounded enthusiastic about doing it. Steve wasn't sure if he was serious or just a good salesman.

"This is a party only for guys, are you sure you want to go looking like that?" Steve asked.

"Sure! I can handle myself!" Lukas replied, "Where's your sense of adventure? Appearing naked as a young boy in a costume party would be fun."

"OK! It's your ass. Let's try the costumes and see what we look like in the mirrors. What do we do first," Steve said.

"First, take off all your clothes. Then show you how to get into the costume," Lukas said as he kicked off his sandals and unbuckled his pants.

"You first, dude!" Steve decided to watch Lukas get naked before he disrobed. Lukas removed his shirt and T-shirt to reveal a slim, wiry physique; his body was nearly hairless and covered with swirling tattoos. He quickly dropped his pants and stood there stark naked. Even his cock and balls had tattoos on them. Steve liked what he saw. The kid had a nice, thick, uncut cock hanging over a pair of big round balls.

"What are all the tattoos for?" Steve asked.

"Oh, just part of the business. I spend lots of time in costume and these runes help me do the job. I fancy myself a magician. Now it's your turn to undress!" Lukas announced.

Steve yanked his T-shirt over his head to reveal a bodybuilder's physique with broad shoulders, thick chest, and impressive six pack. He undid his pants and pulled both his pants and underwear down to his feet and stepped out of them. He picked up his clothes and hung them on the valet rack. Steve's cock looked like a jumbo size hot dog, thick and short. His balls hung low in the warmth of the room.

"I just did some nude modeling for a friend and he had me shave my body," Steve blushed all over his body.

"That's OK. It doesn't matter to the costume," Lukas replied, "I'll get into my costume to show you how our costumes fit, then I'll get you into your costume as Pan."

Lukas took a costume from the clothes rack displayed it to Steve:

"This is the costume for the youth." Lukas stated: "Just like all our costumes, it cover the entire body, even the fingers and toes." Steve felt the costume. The inside of the costume was smooth and warm and the outside had a skin-like texture. The fabric was tough and stretchy. The design was anatomically identical to the statue of the Greek youth down to a little boy's hairless cock and bare ball sack.

"I wondered how you were going to hide those tattoos. Now I see. The costume feels like skin." Steve said as he helped Lukas step into the legs. His feet fit into the small and boyish feet of the costume. As Lukas pulled the costume up to his waist, Steve watched his legs slim down and gain a youthful layer of fat softening their appearance. Lukas held the costume at waist level.

"These things fit like a glove, even down here," Lukas said as he fit his balls into a built in sack and cinched a cord around them. Then he fiddled his cock into the smaller little boy cock of the costume.

"There, how does that look?" Lukas asked.

"You look like a kid just at puberty," Steve observed, adding: "It looks good as long as you don't mind that your cock and balls looking so small."

"Oh, I don't mind! I'll do anything that's essential for a realistic costume. Inappropriate human features ruin too many costumes." Lukas remarked.

"Inappropriate?" Steve asked.

"Oh sure! Hair in the wrong places or hands and feet too large, things like that. I've been in much more embarrassing costumes than this. I've been a zombie, a gutted corpse dripping intestines, an old man covered in scars, or the hapless idiot that gets chewed apart by the monster. Sometimes I even get to be the ugly creature doomed to die. Being an attractive young boy is kinda nice after all of that," Lukas said as Steve helped him pull the costume up over his shoulders and fit his arms into the sleeves. The costume hung open at the back. Lukas added: "Besides, once the mask is on, no one will know who I am." Lukas said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"OK!" Steve replied as he found the zipper on the back of the costume. It was like nothing Steve had ever seen; small and nearly invisible. He carefully pulled the zipper up the back of the costume past the shoulders and up Lukas's neck. The zipper slipped off the fabric leaving both edges of the fabric to mesh together.

"Shit! I lost the zipper!" Steve said as he fiddled with the fabric to try to find the edges. The costume fit snugly against the muscles on Lukas's back and shoulders. The young clerk's body looked smaller to Steve but he passed that off as an illusion.

"That's supposed to happen. The seam is well hidden and the zipper disappears so they can't spoil the illusion." Lukas said as he reached and covered the red tag at the neck of the costume: "By the way, leave the tags on, we only remove it when we sell the costume," Lukas remarked.

"OK! I'll leave the tags alone," Steve answered.

"Now to complete the illusion," Lukas said as he turned around and pulled the mask over his head. It fit and sealed itself around the neck of the bodysuit. Except for the red inventory tag sticking out at the back of his neck, the costume completely covered Lukas. He looked just like the statue in the picture.

Lukas modeled the costume. His hair was a sexy black mass of curls on his head. There was no sign of hair anywhere else on his body. His face and skin was all alabaster smoothness, pale white with blue and red veins. The youth had the soft, athletically youthful build of a young man. His cock was small and thin with a long foreskin that was pulled well beyond the head of his cock. His ballsack was tight and revealed the two smallish orbs that were just starting to turn the boy into the man. Lukas picked up the panpipes in small, delicate hands and blew into them. A soft sound filled the room. Steve just stared, mesmerized by the character standing in front of him.

"Wow! You look magnificent," Steve finally said as Lukas finished playing.

"Now let's get you into the Pan costume and see how you look," Lukas said in a soft and boyish voice. Steve picked up the other costume and looked at the details incorporated into it. It looked small for his build. The feet were large cloven hoofs and the knees were reversed to look just like a goat's legs. The calves and thighs were covered in heavy blond-brown fur up to the pelvis.

"How do you stand on those feet and legs? Steve asked.

"Your feet will fit the costume and once you're in it, those legs won't seem so odd. I'll help you get maintain your balance," the soft voice of the youth spoke to Steve. He sat on the chair and pulled the feet and legs of the costume onto his human legs. He was surprised as his big feet fit perfectly into the cloven hooves and his calves and knees seemed to function backwards as the goat-like joints fit over his knees. He stood up on cloven hoofs and balanced himself on Lukas's shoulder. Together they pulled the front of the costume up over his thighs.

The cock on the Pan costume was larger than Steve's human cock. It was a good eight inches long and covered with a dark brown, leathery skin. The costume's ballsack felt like black leather and the balls inside it were ovals the size of apples. Steve let Lukas reach in and manipulate his balls into the costume's sack and then cinch it shut. Lukas's costumed hands were warm and aroused Steve as he pushed Steve's cock into the sleeve-like penis of the costume. Steve thought his cock would be a little short, but then he felt an extension built into the costume and it fit perfectly.

"Hold the front of the costume up while I adjust your tail," Lukas ordered as he pulled the furry buttocks of the costume over Steve's backside and pushed Steve's buns apart. Steve felt a sharp pinch as Lukas positioned the tail above Steve's asshole.

"Ouch! What was that?" Steve asked.

"Sorry, I should have explained that a tail pinches," Lukas said.

"Feels like you spread my buns wide apart and my asshole is wide open and exposed," Steve tried to see his back in the mirror.

"Well that's what a tail does. In nature, a tail is an extension of the spine that covers the asshole for protection. I had to spread your buns to make it fit," Lukas explained.

"That's a real liability with the crowd at the Halloween party. I'd hate to get butt-fucked all night," Steve squirmed trying to get used to the tail.

"Uh, Yeah! I understand! Let me bend it closer to your body," Lukas adjusted the tail and again Steve felt sharp jabs at the base of his spine.

"How does that feel?" Lukas asked as he tightened a cord at Steve's waist holding the costume in place.

"That feels better. I don't feel so wide open and exposed," Steve and Lukas laughed about it and then Steve shrugged and added: "It's comfortable. My hips feel bigger, but that's OK." Steve moved around flexing his goat-like knees and banging his hooves on the ground. Lukas stopped him and found the sleeves. He held them out for Steve to insert his hands and arms.

"The arms and shoulders are going to be hard. You're physically bigger than the costume. It will stretch, just keep pulling. It can't tear." Lukas took Steve's hands and led them into the fabric of the arms. Steve struggled as he put his hands into the sleeves and pulled the body of the costume up over his shoulders. Lukas and Steve yanked at the fabric with him hard enough they both broke a sweat. Steve felt the material stick to his sweaty skin and mold to the contours of his body. He looked at his hands and arms. They were large and rough. He felt the costume stick to his sweaty chest and stomach. He pulled his shoulders back and straightened his back, but the costume pulled to make his shoulders rounder. Lukas slid the zipper on Steve's costume up his back to the neck where it slid off. Steve heard it hit the floor. Completely covered except for his head, Steve flexed and posed for the mirrors. The costume felt warm and comfortable as he moved.

"It certainly is a big change," Steve looked at the furry legs and rich, olive colored skin on his torso and arms. His pinkish face and spiky blond hair looked out of place with the look of the costume. As he turned sideways, he could see a red tag sticking out from the costume.

"The fabric feels like it's sticking to my skin," Steve remarked.

"That's normal. This material conforms to your skin so that your musculature shows through. It saves a lot of detail work. Just flex your muscles some for the costume to fit properly," Lukas instructed.

"It's strange to see my self in the mirror. It's like getting a new body and seeing it for the first time. I feel thicker through the middle, rounder at the shoulders, a little better proportioned," Steve turned and smiled at the costumed figure of Lukas. A gentle youth looked into his eyes. Steve fought down a sudden sexual urge to fondle Lukas.

"Before we put on the mask, I need to cement horns on your forehead. We found early in our costume making careers that horns have to be glued on the head because masks don't hold them on tight enough." Lukas applied a thin layer of cement to the base of two goat-like horns. He placed them on Steve's forehead and they held in place almost immediately.

"Cyanoacrylate glue?" Steve asked as he felt his new horns, "I'll get teased about being perpetually horny. It will be an adventure, you look too young and I look like a horned toad," Steve poked an elbow into Lukas's ribs. Lukas jerked away like a little boy and giggled.

"I have the release agent to remove the horns," Lukas reassured Steve as he picked up the mask and held it in front of Steve.

Steve took a deep breath and let it out slowly: "You have to forgive me, I'm a little claustrophobic and it takes a little thought for me to put on a mask," Steve said.

"I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer," Lukas said patiently. He leaned against Steve's body and put both hands on either side of Steve's face. His touch was warm and reassuring. The closeness calmed his nerves and settled his mind. He took the mask and looked at it. Pan's face was rough and animalistic with a thick jaw, broad nose, and full lips. Curly brown hair formed a goatee highlighting high, bony cheeks. The same curly hair covered the head. Pointed ears stuck out from the side and reminded Steve of a goat.

"Well, he's not the handsomest person I've ever seen, but he isn't the ugliest either," Steve said as he and Lukas carefully fitted the mask over his horns. He couldn't see for a few seconds, and then the mask slipped into place. He closed his eyelids as Lukas adjusted the holes to let him see, then he felt Lukas's hands pull and tugged the jaw into place. He rubbed his face with his hands amazed at the amount of feeling the costume let through. Steve moved his jaw and flexed his face. The mask clung to his skin and moved with his every expression. Lukas moved behind him and fastened the head to the rest of the costume. All evidence of seams disappeared.

Steve stared at himself in the mirror: "How do I look?" he asked Lukas startled that his voice sounded lower and hoarser in the mask.

"Like the great god Pan of ancient Greece," Lukas said as stepped from behind Steve and stood next to him to complete the image.

"I'm a little lost for words. When I look in the mirror, I expect to see my body, but now, there's another body standing there. The costume is so real, so precise, and so genuine." Steve moved his body and Pan looked back at him from the mirror. Steve shook his hips and he felt Pan's extra large cock and balls sway and rub against the fur on his legs. Whatever he did, it was like Pan moved in the mirror in unison with his slightest move. The hair on his head moved naturally, his new horns fit perfectly. As he flexed his muscles, each fiber stood out. He turned around, flexed his buns, and found he could make the tail move a few inches. He felt like he had a new body.

"OH! Wicked! I can move my tail!" Steve said gleefully.

"Walk around a little," Lukas prodded and Steve took a few steps on his goat-like legs. There were as sure footed as if he had grown up on them. All his movements looked normal in the mirror. He admired his massively muscled new thighs and the golden-brown hair covering them like a fur pelt. His walk became a swagger that accentuated the swing of his cock and balls. The only thing spoiling the illusion was the red inventory tag sticking out of the neck of his costume.

"I like this. I really like this. It's amazing how good it looks and feels," Steve said as he rubbed his hands over his new body and admired it. Lukas put the panpipes to his lips and blew a pleasant tune. Steve moved slightly behind him and guided the pipes with his right hand under the youth's lips. The tune grew even sweeter and more pleasing. As the youth leaned against Steve's body, primal urges surged through him. Steve felt his cock stiffen and let his left hand wander down the youth's body, caressing his smooth hips and well-rounded, marble-like buttocks. He felt his balls begin to burn as his cock poked it's red, slick head out of the black, leathery foreskin. Lukas stopped playing and the silence jolted Steve back to the reality of the costume shop.

"God that was scary! It felt like I really was Pan and I was aroused by your body," Steve looked down and realized that he was very erect both the inside and outside of the costume. His larger than life cock was erect and a pink head peaked out of the leather sheath.

"I'm sorry. I hardly know you and I should have more self-control." Steve apologized and put both hands in front of his cock and balls. Lukas rested his hands on either of Steve's shoulders and looked into his eyes. Steve saw a slim youth on the verge of manhood. His heart raced in his chest at the thought of possessing the youth's body.

"You only did what Pan would have done. The real question is do you want to buy the costume," Lukas asked in a soft boyish voice.

"I'm not sure. I'm afraid that it's too real and if I went to the party and got drunk, I would act out as Pan. That could really get us in trouble. Look at me, I'm already erect," Steve said as he stroked the costumes big cock. It felt just like his own.

"Well half the fun of Halloween is acting out the costume and raising a little hell, you sexy beast!" Lukas said seductively.

"I think I should wear something less realistic," Steve voiced his fears and decided that he should remove the costume. He felt around for the seam at his neck, but couldn't find it. The only thing he could find to pull was the inventory tag and he didn't want to do that.

"I can't find the seam. Where is the seam? I want to get the mask off." Steve said as Lukas put his hand over the inventory tag to prevent him from removing it.

"Don't fuss, you can't reach the hidden seam and if you accidently remove the tag, you'll have to keep the costume. Please just sit down, relax a minute, and listen to me. I have to tell you a few things about our costumes," Lukas's voice was stern and Steve obeyed. He sat down on the floor stretching one leg out and bending the other at the knee letting his oversized cock and balls rest between his legs. His cock twitched and throbbed. Lukas sat down and leaned against him. His body was hot and sexy against Steve's.

"When I told you that people could spend extended periods in our costumes, I didn't mean hours, I meant weeks and months," Lukas said.

"You mean they live in these costumes?" Steve asked.

"No, they become the character. Our costumes are enchanted, they're magic. They actually transform the wearer into the shape of the costume. When you pull the tag, you'll become Pan. Exactly as you look in the mirror. If I pull the tag, I'll become this youth," Lukas said.

"And what's the advantage?" Steve asked.

"Well, in movies it shortens shooting time. We did the entire army of monkeys and apes in 'Planet of the Apes' and they saved a small fortune on second unit costs," Lukas said.

"You mean those actors were turned into apes for the duration of filming?" Steve asked.

"They only looked like apes. Inside they were still human," Lukas half-explained.

"How about the centaur? The reason it looked so good was that two of you formed a real horse's body. That wasn't a simple external change, was it?" Steve's eyes drilled into Lukas.

"No, it wasn't. That's why I became the back end of the centaur. The runes protected my body while I was the horse. Without the runes, that complete a transformation might not reverse. That spell lasted for one week and it was a rough trip. However, with costumes like you and I have are wearing that can't happen." Lukas reached around and picked up a hand mirror. He held it close to Steve's face. "Look at your eyes and mouth. Do you see where the mask ends and your skin begins?" Lukas asked.

Steve studied the face of Pan and could find no indication that he wore a costume: "No, I don't!" he said: "So this costume is really a second skin and you're a magician controlling the changes?"

"Yes, I control the changes. The spell is activated when you pull the tag. After that, I can't reverse the change for a predetermined period of time. I can't pull the tag on your costume, you have to do it. You're in control of and change. The magician can't initiate the change, another person has to pull the tag," Lukas rambled a little. He was clearly nervous and worried that Steve didn't like the costume.

 "So I could just leave the tag stick out and wear the costume to the party?" Steve asked.

"Well, no, not really. Eventually the red tag will fall off or one of the other guests will pull the tag off. Then you and I will become Pan and youthful ward. To tell you the truth, that's what I really want. I want grow into manhood a second time with you as my big brother, so to speak. I want you as Pan to teach me the ways of manhood," Lukas's smile was so sweet that Steve could barely resist getting hard.

"And if we pull off the inventory tags, how long do we stay like this? Is the change permanent?" Steve asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

"No, never permanent in the sense that we grow like any other creature," Lukas let his body rub against Steve's body, "The spell will last one year and a day."

"You want me to be Pan for a year?" Steve caught himself rolling his balls in his hand as he watched the delicate and sensual movements of the youthful body in front of him, "What the hell for? What do I get out of it?"

"I'll make you into great magician," Lukas answered.

"What if I forget that I'm human? What If I don't want to change back?" Steve asked.

"There's no danger of that. My spells are foolproof. You'll return to human form both mentally and physically." Steve could see that this was Lukas talking and not the youth. Then Lukas put his arm around Steve and his body got hot. Steve could smell the sexiness exuding from the youth's body. The sensations made it hard for him to resist.

"But when you were the ass end of a horse, you didn't have a head. How did you survive?" Steve let his new, deeper voice rumble through his and Lukas's body. It felt good to talk in that voice.

"My body was absorbed into the structure of the centaur and I lost all my individuality and personality," Lukas replied, "That's a change so extreme that the average person can't return to human form. LIke I said, the runes on my body protected me from that fate."

Steve closed his eyes and held the youth in his arms. His new testicles throbbed and pumped powerful hormones into his body. He clacked his cloven hoofs nervously on the floor of the room.

"I can feel the changes in my body," Steve said hugging the youth, "My body feels like fire and only you seem to satisfy it."

Hearing this, Lukas urged him on: "Become the god Pan and be father to me for a year. Take me into manhood! Teach me how to please you with my body. You'll never regret it."

Steve closed his eyes trying to calm his racing heart. The youth leaned over and kissed him on his full lips. He resisted for only a few seconds and returned the kiss letting his long, thick tongue explore the boy's tender mouth and delicate features. He felt his cock rise in its sheath and poke the pointed head out for the world to see.

The youth broke the kiss and lowered his mouth onto the red cock. He sucked it for only a minute before Steve shot a load. The orgasm ripped through Steve's body like fire leaving him gasping for more. Sweat dripped off his arms and shoulders. His hair was matted with sweat and smelled of animal lust.

"Feed me and nourish me with your seed. I'm your faithful servant, oh great god Pan," Lukas said.

Low, guttural moans emanated from Steve's body. With one hand he held the youth tight and with the other, he yanked the inventory tag off Lukas's costume. The youth yelped softly and grew hot and sweaty as the transformation rushed through his body. Steve kept his tight grip on the youth as he reached around the back of his costume and grabbed the inventory tag. He paused for a second and then pulled it decisively. He felt it separate from the costume.

His body grew hot. A burning sensation started in his hands and feet. It spread quickly up to his torso. The burning sensation raged inside his body and then moved into his head. He shut his eyes and moaned as the magic transformed his human body into that of Pan. In a few seconds, it was complete. He was no longer Steve; he was Pan, the Greek god. He sucked a deep breath into his new body and indulged himself in its pleasures.

The youth's body reeked of budding masculinity, driving him into a sexual frenzy. He held the youth's head against his chest and ran his coarse fingers through the sexy black curls. He watched as the youth's eyes fluttered passionately.

Steve wanted to tell the youth how beautiful he was, but he couldn't. He could only feel another inside of him, taking control, driving his new body to even greater sexual capacity. He heard his own voice speak strange words:

"This cave is unsuitable, have you prepared a grotto for our pleasure?" Pan's voice was deep and resounding. It echoed through Lukas's body.

"Yes, Pan. We can travel to the grotto tonight." the youth said as Pan stood up and stretched.

"This body is excellent," Pan said as he got used to his new incarnation. He stopped suddenly, grabbed the youth, and held him tight. Lukas could see fire and anger in Pan's eyes.

"You incarnated me into this human without informing him of the sacrifice he was making?" Pan shook the youth.

"But he activated the spell of his own accord and caused the change to his body. He gave you his physical form," Lukas tried to mollify the minor deity in front of him.

"He did so without understanding. That was wrong of you, so I will reward him with the knowledge you hoped to gain and the awareness of how I use his body." Pan closed his eyes. Lukas tried to squirm out of his strong grip, but couldn't. His arms hurt under Pan's tight grip. After several long minutes, Pan opened his eyes and Steve's features appeared on Pan's face softening the harsh features.

"It's done! We are of one mind," Lukas stared at the new face as it spoke to him: "I'm not angry with you, just disappointed. Pan and I are both party animals, we're going to enjoy this new existence," Pan said using Steve's voice. With that statement, Pan hugged Lukas. Lukas's little boy cock was as hard as a rock up against Pan's furry legs. Pan's cock rubbed against Lukas's stomach. Its red, sticky head drooled precum down Lukas's stomach and onto his cock and balls.

"After you feed on my seed, we will go to this human's Halloween party. It will be an opportunity to enjoy more human flesh. Then we will go to the grotto and I will enjoy your body." Pan said as he pushed Lukas to his knees and waved his cock in his face. Lukas just opened wide and swallowed the cock. He would enjoy this meal.

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*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.