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5 October 2004

"Wow, what a dump," Carter mugged a big grin. I shook my head at his smart-assed antics.

"Carter, don't be such a smart-ass, behave. All we have to do is put on our costumes for the homecoming harvest party." I said. We looked around at all the odd artifacts in this part of the storeroom, everything from suits of armor for men and horses to American Indian headdresses to fighting implements form many wars.

"It's amazing that anyone ever collected all this junk in one place. Where's the keeper of this junk. I want to get this over and done with," Carter moaned. A rich Daddy, privilege, money, and an indulgent Mother - all worked to produce Carter, as he liked to be called, smart-mouthed, unpleasant, two-faced, little snot that tormented anyone close enough to be his acquaintance. Carter defined the phrase spoiled brat. The floor creaked behind us. We both turned. Smoke from a thin pipe curled around the caretaker's head. He seemed ancient, wrinkled, tea-stained, and just a little desiccated.

"Gentlemen, I'm the caretaker for the apparatus of Tau Chapter."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever! We're here to pick up our Halloween costumes," Carter answered.

"Hardly costume pieces, young man. Everything in my warehouse is authentic. These are original leather harnesses used by the Romans centuries ago to celebrate the Saturnalia." The caretaker pointed to two ornate wooden crates sitting on a bench. He puffed his pipe creating a heavy cloud smoke from a very-British blend of Latakia tobacco.

"What is that shit you're smoking - compressed cow manure with rotting seaweed?" Carter rolled his eyes and grimaced.

"Ignore him," I blurted out and smacked Carter on the back of his head. The caretaker smiled and chuckled.

"Each to his own vice, Mister Cottington. By the way, I knew your Mother - the Lady Cottington very well when she attend school here. You must give her my regards… My instructions were that you gentlemen should put on the boots and harnesses before you leave here." The caretaker sneered through his pipe and gave out bodies the once-over. I watched his eyes go up-and-down.

"Oh, fuck no! I ain't getting undressed in front of no shriveled-up prune of a rent-a-cop, caretaker, pervert like you," Carter paced the floor.

"You have no choice Mister Lance Carter Cottington the Third. Neither do you, Mister Nelson St. John Abington. If either of you want into Tau Chapter then you must do as I say. If not, I will reveal your secrets to the rest of the membership and most assuredly you will be rejected."

Carter wasn't please and neither was I with the caretaker's threat. But I wasn't pissing and moaning like Carter. I removed of my jacket, lay it carefully on the back of a chair, and started on my shirt and tie.

"Are you going to go through with this, Sinjin?" Carter asked. I stepped out of my shoes and undid my belt.

"Of course I am. Unlike you, my father isn't rich. I need this and you aren't going to screw it up for me." My comment deflated Carter's sarcastic attitude. He began to undress. When he got his shirt off revealing his wonderful, muscular chest, he apologized.

"I'm sorry Sinjin. I can be a right, proper bitch at times." Carter leaned over and said to me. He really was my butt-boy if I were so inclined to take advantage of him.

I dropped my shorts and stood in the middle of the warehouse naked. So did Carter. The first wooden crate contained what I could only describe as moccasins with leather straps that wrapped up around our calves. The result looked very Roman and quite historical. The caretaker opened the second wooden crate and handed each of us a set of well-worn leather harnesses. We helped each other fit the harnesses around our necks, shoulders, and waists.

The fastenings consisted of wood plugs and leather thongs. We looked hot and sexy in the harnesses. The cock rings and butt pieces were made of beaten gold and silver. They were embossed with ancient symbols. The cock rings were tight and we could only push one testicle at a time through them. Carter had a harder time that I did because his balls are bigger and rounder. The caretaker showed us how to push our cocks back into our stomachs so they could fit the ring. We stood there in the ancient harnesses - our half-erect cocks protruding from our bodies, our shoulders pulled back, our bodies glistening with sweat. The caretaker fastened leather bands around our wrists and biceps. The caretaker examined us for what he said was authenticity. He pulled a sheet off a full length mirror so we could see the outfits. Carter and I posed and flexed.

"These things are going to be hard to take off," I said to Carter, He agreed.

"You could spend the rest of your life with in a semi-erect state,"

"In the many years I have been caretaker of these artifacts, I've never seen men so suited to be our mascots. You are magnificent examples of man-flesh," the caretaker puffed at a new load of tobacco in a different pipe. This tobacco smelled like church incense.

"I'll bet you say that to all the boys, old man. You hang around here to get dick from helpless college kids? Or do you pay for it on the side, like all the other dirty old letches," Carter mouthed off. I clenched a fist to hit him but the caretaker stopped me.

"Please don't. I thought much the same years ago when I was one of the two mascots. In fact, I said much worse to the caretaker who dressed me in the ceremonial outfits… Now you have to put on the masks." He opened the other wooden box to reveal two masks in the shape of horses heads about eighteen inches long and nearly a foot high. Carter and I each picked one up. The mask weighed more than I expected. The caretaker noticed my concern.

"It's balances on your head so it doesn't feel heavy. Once I fasten it you won't be able to remove the mask or talk," he said indicating a thick, six inch wide strap that fastened in the back of the neck. "Great, wonderful! Fasten this thing onto my head," Carter said. He pulled the mask over his head and moved it around to get his eyes, nose and mouth into the proper places. Carter mumbled something through the mask. I leaned against the horse-like nose of the mask to listen.

"It stinks of sweat and horsehide in here," he said. I sniffed at the inside of my mask. It did smell of sweat and horses. I pulled Carter to face me.

"Yeah, it does. What do you want it to smell like? Roses?" I shrugged and stepped back from Carter. The caretaker carefully pulled the back of Carter's mask together and started to lace it up. I watched closely because I was next. The mask required a neck longer than human necks. Carter struggled a little but didn't fuss as much as I thought he would. As the caretaker fastened the the thick leather strap, Carter's neck stretched by about two inches. The strap rested on his shoulders and pulled his horse-like head upright.

I looked into the face of Carter's mask and realized that it merged with his face. Instead of Carter's eyes, I saw big, round horses eyes. They were blue just like Carter's though. The caretaker blew smoke from his pipe into Carter's horse-like nostrils. Carter sneezed and shook his head just like a horse. I watched as the harness merged with his skin. The ring around his cock and balls thickened and merged with a new, horse-like phallus grow down from his crotch. IT nearly reached his knees and had a horsy appearance - long, blunt head, the smooth sides with a veined sheath two-thirds back down the length. Carter's balls grew in size to match the horse cock. He flicked his new tail. I looked back there and his butt-cheeks and ass looked equine.

"As you can see, the mask has magical properties. Your head becomes the Stallion's head, your cock becomes that of a stallion, and your ass joins the fun. In a few minutes, your friend's mind and body will completely adjust to being one of our Saturnalia Taurus's… Now, it's you're turn, Sinjin."

"Yes, of course," I said as I took a deep breath and pulled the mask over my head. It felt strange as it stuck to my flesh.

"I'll see that you keep the Taurus's balls when the ceremony's over," the caretaker patted my shoulder. Then he fastened the back of the mask and I felt my neck stretch as the mask transformed my head into that of a horse. The caretaker blew smoke up my nose. I sneezed it out and whinnied like a horse. I felt the rest of the costume merging with my body - changing it, transforming it, filling me with desire. My cock thickened and grew to gigantic proportions. A horse cock that hung down below my knees and was thicker than my arm. My balls started to churn in their new, thick sack. I could scarecely believe their size. I felt my horsy tail form and my asshole open wide. It twitched. I knew I'd never resist getting plowed by every man at the Saturnalia.

Lust filled my body as my equine features took over. The caretaker herded the two of us into a wagon to take us to the ceremony. It would be a grand orgy and when it was done, all the brothers would have tasted our seed, partaken of our bodies, and fucked our eager asses. After the Saturnalia, Carter and I would return to our human forms and our time as stud stallions would be written in the history of Tau Chapter.

1665 words more or less

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