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December 2000

Chapter 1: Farewell to Tarawathie

The full moon shimmered over the small tropical island, glistening off the beach and sparkling off the tops of waves that crashed in single-minded rhythm on the beach. One after the other, beating out a steady pattern. All water, it seemed to Tony, all water, flowed to the sea given enough time. Heavy, ponderous waves crashed the outer rocks and small, silver-topped, delicate waves swept gently against the shore of the beach. Barely the length of a football field, this beach was part of a small island. A sanctuary of calm water in the larger sea. The rocks and coral protected the beach from storms and the gentle waves scrubbed its surface to a gleaming white dotted here and there with lush green seaweed.

This tiny island, barely more than an atoll really, this little bit of paradise was part of the vast South Pacific chain of islands. Little more than a few square miles of hilly rock and palm trees, covered with lush green vegetation, surrounded by coral reefs, hardly large enough to support a few small animals, migrating birds, tropical fruit trees, and lots of fish, this tiny island was Tony's home for the past fortnight.

He had watched the moon wax to fullness during his stay. The moonlit nights were clear and peaceful. He spent those nights without a care, laying on the beach with waves lapping softly at his feet. Transfixed by the beauty of the moonlit ocean, Tony barely even breathed. Statue-like, only his eyes moved as they tracked the night creatures and studied the breaking waves until the moon traversed the sky and set in the ocean. Land crabs wandered back and forth in their constant sideways shuffle, and when night and sleep finally closed upon him, he rolled over on his side and curled up, with his arms and legs tucked up against his torso and fell asleep. In the morning, when the warm sun woke him, small sand creatures had curled up in the curves of his arms and legs for warmth. As Tony stirred, they scampered away. The nights were most marvelous on this beach. Nowhere else on earth had nights quite like this.

But for every night, there is a day, and if the nights on the island were transcendent in their beauty and splendor, the days on the island were bright, sensual and steamy. Each day, like Debussy's faun, Tony explored this tiny island as the tropical sun traversed the blue sky. On it, he found fresh tropical fruits, milk from coconuts, exotic insects, and fish in great numbers. When he finished these activities, he lounged in the shade of the coconut palms and swam in the cove where his boat was docked.

One lucky day, visitors came to call. A school of dolphins surrounded the island to play and cavort. Tony took to the water and swam with them. He envied their ease in the water and wished he could follow them. But alas, neither his muscles, nor his boat could keep pace with the dolphins.

It is hard to decide if Tony was the visitor to the Dolphin's ocean, or if the dolphins were visitors to Tony's small island. The dolphins enjoyed him and encouraged him to swim with them. They let him ride their backs and rubbed their slick bodies against his. He even witnessed several pairs of dolphins mating and tried to couple with a female dolphin. After a few tries, he succeeded in penetrating her genital slit and in turn, the female dolphin responded, gripped his manhood in a vise-like hold and dove into the water. Holding on for the ride of his life, Tony was pulled into the deep water. He held his breath and let himself be carried along for the ride as the walls of her vagina pumped on his manhood and her powerful tail drove them deeper into the water. He was pulled tight against her belly as her powerful muscles stroked and massaged Tony's cock. The other dolphins started to play bump and run with each other.

The female dolphin was nearly 400 pounds. Bump-and-run with the other dolphins was merely a game. Tony, however, was human and was fastened to the female by his cock, feared that he could be crushed between her and another dolphin. Worse yet, a dolphin could successfully knock him away from the female, whose tight grip would rip his manhood from his body. Tony curled his arms and legs tightly around female dolphin and watched anxiously as several male dolphins approached them. One male dolphin in particular seemed intent upon ramming them and just barely missed smashing Tony as he bumped the female. As the male dolphin passed, Tony saw that it was sporting an erection that extended over a foot from its body. As it circled for another pass, the male dolphin took aim for Tony's exposed backside. Fear swept through Tony, if the male dolphin succeeded in penetrating Tony's ass, he would be split up the middle and crushed between the two dolphin bodies. But, just at the last minute, the male dolphin turned and swam away.

Relieved, Tony felt an orgasm build in him and the female dolphin, as they both achieved sexual satisfaction, the female dolphin released him and he quickly swam to the surface to breathe while she dove deeper into the ocean. Exhausted, he swam to the island and hauled himself onto the beach. There he lay at the water's edge, half in the water and half out of the water. Regaining his strength and wondering what it would be like to be a dolphin and live in the deep waters of the ocean.

That night, the mating act filled his dreams and in those dreams, he was able to remain underwater to bump and splash with the female dolphin. He could synchronize his swimming with her and at the right moment would penetrate her hot and throbbing sex organs. Once inside of her, the water rushing around them, they would dive deeper and deeper into the ocean until their orgasms exploded in white hot fire. Then they would slowly return to the surface, still coupled together, to the greetings of the rest of the dolphins leaping and splashing in the water. It was a warm and comforting dream.

The next morning, he awoke to trumpeting dolphins and quickly was lured back into the water. The dolphins splashed around him and pulled him on wild rides around the island. He would hold the lead dolphin's dorsal fin as it raced through the water and then release the fin when the dolphin dove deep into the ocean. Sometimes he would let the dolphin carry him under the surface. As he let go and surfaced, another dolphin would swim underneath him and lift him out of the water. Tony was their play-toy for the day. And they bounced him around like a beach ball.

Had there been any person to see this sight, they would have marveled at the blond Adonis who seemed to be one with the fish. But, by noon, Tony was tired out and needed to rest and replenish his strength. The dolphins seemed to say goodbye one by one and Tony was left alone on the beach. Tony ate and fell asleep on the beach in the warm afternoon sun.

Chapter 2: Adieu Normandy

Long ago, Tony decided that his real calling was sailing the oceans and visiting small islands. He bought a sailboat, learned the seas, and began to travel. Like that old film he had seen one night long ago in an all but forgotten life, he succeeded in making an "endless summer" for himself. I was in the south pacific that the endless summer existed.

The South Seas are a paradise. Money, clothes, time, and civilization are not necessary and don't intrude on the South Seas. Food is plentiful and the ocean creatures become your companions. Once or twice a year Tony would sail into a port and rejoin the rest of the world. But after a few days, the pressures of civilization would become too much and he would set sail to find another island free from mankind's corruption.

Clothing even became optional, During the first two years at sea, Tony used to wear thongs and Speedo's, but as he tanned and found the warmer sea routes, he had forsaken clothes altogether. He retained his athletic build. Broad shoulders, strong torso, heavily muscled arms and legs served him well on a sailboat. His smooth skin and nearly hairless body seemed suited for sea life. Tony looked like he had been created to wander the beach naked.

Life was a succession of hot tropical islands, warm summer beaches, coral reefs of vast and indescribable color and beauty, and lagoons of inner calm and transcendent peace. The ocean had become his second home and Tony quietly wished to live his life out here and never to live in the world of humans again. It was not that life had been too hard or circumstances so unfair, far from it. Civilization had treated him well and left him happy. But here, in the ocean, on the islands, in the lagoons, and on the beaches, Tony became one with the forces of nature.

Nature, however, does not exist only for man's pleasure. While Tony slept, other forces, wrought by both man and nature were conspiring to change his life in a dramatic way. 

Chapter 3: Death and Transfiguration

Tony had slept most of the night after cavorting with the dolphins. He awoke about 2 hours before sunrise to the gentle pinching and poking of a half dozen little red crabs. They were only about four inches across, but their pincers were an effective alarm clock for Tony. Something was wrong. THe land crabs never pinched him unless they were disturbed by something. He sat bolt upright on the beach and listened. He listened and watched. He could hear the call of dolphins over the waves. Perhaps another boat was landing on the island.

He rose, brushed the sand off his body and walked across the still moonlight beach looking for a boat. He noticed the dolphins kept leaping for him to join them. Then he felt it; the telltale vibration of a far off earthquake. Somewhere in the vast expanse of the Pacific, the earth was quaking and that meant danger.

He quickly moved to get his boat out to sea and was threading his way through the coral reef when he saw the wave. It was a big wave, a very big wave; he could see it forming on the horizon. A great wall of water was moving inexorably towards him. It was like no other wave he had ever seen. Indeed, the wave not caused by anything normal. It was the result of a man-made event halfway around the world. Far away some madman had tested a new power source. Earthquakes and Tidal waves were the first effects of this test.

He had read about waves like this. Only a few boats and men ever lived to describe such a phenomenon. Tony had to get the boat out to open sea or it would be crushed against the rocks. The island was not big enough to shield him from the wave but the boat was light and buoyant enough to ride to the top of the wave. And so, he raced against time to get to the far side of the island.

But this didn't much matter to Tony now. He sail directly into the wave and tried to climb the growing wall of water before it crested. He watched as the wave lifted his small boat higher and higher and finally, broke over his head. Tony and the boat were flung end over end and onto the coral reef. He felt his body tumble through the water and then crash into the coral reef and the tocks beneath it. Bones and limbs crushed and broke as he landed on his back. Sharp coral spikes stabbed him like nails. The water rushed around and engulfed him. Before he could try to move, a second wave smashed onto the reef and crushed him, he felt ribs crack. The wter level rose and lifted him off the reef. It carried him out into the sea. Broken and torn where he sank beneath the water.

Had Tony been able to hyperventilate, he could have stayed underwater for two, maybe three minutes. But crushed and in pain, he only lasted the better part of a minute before hitting the break point where his brain forced his body to breathe.

The human brain refuses to accept that his body was drowning. It was trying torush oxygen to his broken body. In doing so, it only hastening Tony's death. His brain demanded his mouth open and his lungs breath. But no air entered Tony's lung, only water rushed into his throat and filled his lungs. Weighted down, Tony sank deeper into the ocean. Darkness was closing in on him, and Tony realized he was dying.

"So this is the way it ends!" he thought, as he felt his heart beat irregularly and finally stop. Silence and darkness surrounded him. There was no heartbeat, no blood rushing through his ears. Silence. His body was clinically dead.

Tony was unaware that the dolphins took hold of his body with their mouths and dove deep into the south pacific. Quickly they dove with Tony's lifeless body until they found a colony of small plankton-like creatures. Tony's brain could only live a few minutes without his heart beating and his lungs supplying oxygen and the dolphins knew that they raced against brain death.

These tiny plankton-like creatures knew secrets of life that had yet to be discovered by mankind. These creatures had been living in earth's ocean since for millions of years and were instrumental in the development of the Cetaceans.

Quickly the plankton attached themselves to Tony's lifeless body. Some penetrated his flooded lungs and began enter his blood stream with needed oxygen. Others stayed in his lungs to restore their chemical balance. Still more penetrated to his heart and started it beating again. On the outside, more plankton entered the bloody gashes that the coral had inflicted to heal them and mend his broken bones. Still more attached themselves to Tony's neck and began to form gills. Within a few crucial moments, they were able to restore his breathing, start his heart, bind his broken bones, and heal his cuts.

The cloud of plankton was pleased with its work because Tony was regaining consciousness. At first Tony could see only dark shapes in the cold water surrounding him. Slowly, he realized that his lungs were not supplying oxygen and he felt his new gills working. He also became aware that his broken bones were being healed. He could hear the pinging of dolphins in the ocean around him and somehow knew to trust what was happening. Something was reassuring him that all was safe, that he would live, that they had a reason for saving him.

The plankton had known man for many years. They had watched as the humans crossed the great oceans and land bridges and spread themselves to all corners of the earth. They had seen countless civilizations rise and fall. They had watched as the people of Atlantis destroyed themselves. They had watched mankind dump more and more poison into the sea. And hours earlier, the plankton had felt the radiation burst from the test that had caused the tidal wave. The test was vastly more destructive than anyone knew. The madmen who had triggered the radiation burst would not know what they had done for many months.

The plankton needed Tony to rebuild both the human race and the cetaceans. They knew this creature, this fragile human, could not survive the coming crisis with only a set of gills. They needed Tony's DNA to create a new species.

The plankton had to change Tony, to transform him, not merely to heal him, but to transform him. So they began to adjust Tony's human body. Tony's skin was too soft for life in the ocean, so they altered Tony's skin, hardening it, making it more rubbery and dolphin-like. The pink coloration of his skin changed to grayish white over his belly and a darker greenish gray on his arms and legs. Two stripes like suspenders appeared on his back.

Human hands and feet were not suited to the plow the water, so the plankton created a webbing on his hands and thickened the muscles and tendons in his arms. Tony's feet grew thicker and wider and elongated into flippers. Tendons, calves and ankles grew larger and stronger to propel his body through the water. Small fins appeared on the back of his calves. He would still be able to walk, but somewhat clumsily.

More plankton penetrated Tony's body and began to alter his internal organs. He felt a mild discomfort as they released the energy to strengthen his bones and change their shape. Tony arched his back as he felt the bones thicken and new muscles grow to control its arching movements in while swimming in the water. He felt his leg bones thicken and his thigh muscles become stronger to help power his finlike feet. Tony's hips became stronger to permit more powerful kicks and the muscles around his stomach and sides became stronger so that he could twist and turn.

The transformations moved up his torso. He felt a burning sensation at the small of his back as his spinal column grew to create a dorsal fin. Continuing up his body, Tony felt his ribs expand and his chest bow outward into a barrel-like form.

Dolphins have fins for arms, but a dolphin-man needed to propel himself with his arms and hands. The plankton increased the strength and size of Tony's pectoral and deltoid muscles so that he could swim better.

Tony flexed his new muscles and imagined he was one of those overdeveloped bodybuilders posing with his arms together and his shoulders and neck flexed. And if he could have seen himself in a mirror, he would have seen that his chest and shoulders were now thicker from front-to-back than a normal human chest and shoulders.

Tony's neck already felt bigger than before due to his new the gills that had formed on each side at the base of his neck. Now, Tony felt a hump growing on the back of his neck and forming a blowhole. He was delighted with the prospect of a blowhole and could not wait to return to the surface and try it out. His lungs had moved higher into his chest due to its increased size and the need to accommodate his gills. Passages for the blowhole formed. Tony's diaphragm altered itself to meet the new shape of his ribs.

The human head had many features unsuited for aquatic life. Not the least was that there were too many holes in this body and the plankton set about correcting that. They grew a clear lens to cover Tony's eyes that permitted sight under water. His nose became a slightly pointed snout with the ability to seal his air-breathing lungs against water. His ears were transformed into slits with fins that protected the small bones required for understanding human speech.

The plankton caused the internal structures of Tony's mouth and throat to change so he could breathe water through his mouth and out his gills. When he felt his jaw, he discovered that it had grown forward a bit to match his nose and his human teeth had rounded like a dolphin's so he could feed on fish. He wondered if he could still talk and what it would sound like. But then he wondered why he would want to talk underwater.

A warm sensation spread over the top of Tony's head and he reached up and felt a sonar melon growing on his forehead. Tony was surprised when he could use his sonar to ping signals to the dolphins and visualize the deep around him.

Tony could feel the plankton working deep inside his body, transforming his internal organs so they could deal with the ocean. His stomach and intestines changed so that they could digest raw fish, fish bones and seawater. His anus became a slit covered by tough skin. His kidneys were rebuilt, protected by tough muscle and sinew and now able to recycle water.

He became aware of a layer of insulating fat forming just under his new skin. This fat would keep him warm in the cold water.

Now, the plankton now set about making it possible for Tony to mate with dolphins. His human testicles were hanging outside body and would not produce much sperm in the coldness of the water. Tony felt his testicles draw up into his body where they would remain warm and be protected. He felt his testicles growing in size as several million plankton-creatures took up residence in them to ensure his mission was successful.

Tony watched as the plankton rebuilt his human penis into a dolphin-like penis. His new tool still remained outside his body and was growing to nearly 24 inches in length. He felt strong tendons form within his body and grow though the length of his penis making stronger and thicker. When the tendons reached the end of his new penis, it nearly reached his chin. Tony thought that his new 24 inch penis would act like a rudder or a keel-board in the water, but then he felt the base of it retract into his stomach, attached itself to his hips and the remaining length curled its length inside his lower stomach. A slit formed to close his new penis within his stomach and protect it from harm.

Something instinctively told Tony that this new penis was under his conscious control and he tried extending it in and out of his body. He tugged and pulled, testing the new tendons and muscles that were going to prevent his penis from being torn off his body. Tony's dream of the previous night filled his head. He knew it was on a matter of time before that dream would come true and he would fulfill his attempt to mate with a female dolphin.

The plankton wanted Tony's external appearance to be as human as possible. So they gave him a "basket." They created two streamlined pouch-like reservoirs for several million more of their kind in the shape of human testicles and scrotum and they bulged his lower stomach to make it look like a cock in a jock.

Tony's new body made him look like a well-hung man in a wet suit. Only on close examination would anyone notice that his "wet suit" was flesh and the fins were real. And no one could doubt that he was male and virile with the basket he carried.

The plankton's work was now complete and they called the dolphins to return. Tony could see the approach of the dolphins and slowly swam towards them. He not only could feel them ping him, but he could now sense what they were thinking. He sensed that they had saved him and had brought him here. But he still had to work on learning the new language that filled his head. He looked around for the plankton and could not find them.

Tony and the dolphins swam slowly toward the surface so that Tony could get used to his new body. There were small voices within him that were telling him things that he could do. He had to learn how to be a fish and those small voices, sometimes many at once, sometimes one alone, would suddenly tell him what to do.

As Tony and the dolphin swam back towards the atoll a small, wiggling, squid floated past his face. A little voice told him to grab it, which he did. Surprised, he took one look at it shoved it into his mouth chewed it and swallowed it. And that act of feeding surprised him even more.

Chapter 4: Aftermath

Tony returned to the small island that he had stayed before the tidal wave. He looked across the lagoon at the devastation caused by the wave. The place where he had spent most of his time had disappeared. Most of the trees were washed away and the coral had been disturbed. The remains of his boat were a few planks embedded in the coral reef. Tony wondered how many ports were devastated by the wave that had swept over this island.

Cautiously, he left the water and walked on the beach. His flipper-like feet were awkward and his body was strange. His new shape was designed more for use in water than on land, and Tony had to relearn how to walk. After a few minutes on the beach, he tried running. As a human, he had been very fast, but as dolphin-man, his running was slow and awkward.

He discovered that his rebuilt lungs worked better than his old ones. Plus, he could breathe through his mouth and his blowhole. He tried to speak but discovered that he had to consciously close the blowhole in order to talk. The timbre of his voice was close to what it had been when he was human, but he could detect a sibilance that had not existed before.

Try as he might to open them, his gills remained tightly closed out of the water.

His hearing was odd, but that, he suspected, was due to membranes that now protected his inner ear from the effects of seawater. He found a puddle of still water where he could see his reflection. His face look similar to what it had been before. His nose was now a short snout and his jaw had extended.

His hair was long and it concealed the sonar melon on his head and covered the hump of his blowhole.

He liked his new build and new muscles. His waist and hips seemed slimmer and his thighs and calves seemed over-muscled. But these changes were a matter of perspective.

He looked carefully at all these changes in his reflection and all in all was happy with the results.

He tried to lay on the beach and soak up the sun as he had before. But, his green-gray skin was not able to tan or sweat and the sun was uncomfortably hot. His new skin insulated him from the cold of the deep, but did not protect him from the heat of the surface. Tony came to the realization that he would have to spend most of his daytime life in the water.

Satisfied that he could still be on land, Tony decided to seek out the dolphins again. It was only when he returned to the water that he realized just how much more suited he had become to life in the ocean than on the land.

Once in the water he was not awkward, but became graceful and powerful. He swam away from the island an out beyond the coral reef. There he began to ping for the dolphins. They heard his call and pinged back.

Once he could see the dolphins, he realized that he could identify the individual dolphins by their pings. He tried to determine if they had names for themselves. But there was too many of them.

He quickly encountered a female dolphin that rubbed him sensuously and provocatively. He dodged, but she kept brushing and rubbing him. Her underbelly was turned red. Almost without thought, Tony willed his penis erect and plunged it into her. The coupled for about thirty second before orgasm and he withdrew. Tony was a little startled by his aggressive behavior, but when another female dolphin presented herself, he extended his penis and coupled a second time. The tightness of her grip made him more excited and they both dove into the watery depths and remained joined for several minutes as Tony achieved orgasm several times. They uncoupled and headed for the surface.

After he breached the surface for air, he found another female dolphin at the surface poking and rubbing him. He swam alongside her, plunged his new unit deep into her, and unloaded.

In the midst of all this, he was gradually learning that he could stay underwater with his gills and the dolphins could not. So, when the female breached the surface to breathe, he remained coupled with her belly under the water.

As they finished, a fourth female dolphin came over to him and began to chase and play with him. Tony again coupled with her, and then a fifth, and a sixth, and a seventh. Tony lost count of the number of female dolphins that day. Finally, when no more females came to him, he went to the surface and discovered that it was night.

He was puzzled by his performance. In his previous life, he had not been a sex machine, but now, in his new life, he seemed inexhaustible. He did not completely understand why this was happening. He worried that he was going to harm to the dolphins. He pinged the waters for dolphins, but none came. He went back to the island alone to think about what had happened today.

The night was cool and clear. As he lay on the beach, the crabs came wandering around him. He felt hungry and looked for a crayfish. When he found one, he caught it with his flipper-like hands and ate it; head first, crunching the fish with his new teeth. He was pleased that the webbing on his hands and the heavier bones and tendons were still as agile as his previous human form. His success however, did not escape the attention of other crayfish and shellfish and they made a point not to be so easy to catch. He played with the creatures like a cat with a mouse. During that night, He tasted other species of crabs and found that he liked them too. He ate till he felt full and satisfied.

Tony spent the night awake, contemplating his new life. He had enjoyed living alone on these islands for so many years. Before the wave, he had deserted the world and all of its problems and as dolphin-man, he felt further removed from the world of man. He thought himself fortunate that his life would now be in the water with creatures as good-hearted as the dolphins.

He wondered what caused the wave that killed him. He wondered what had caused such a disaster to be visited on the world.

Through the hours after midnight, he watched the waves hit the shore and became as one with the sand and sea. This was his form of meditation. He thought about the times he spent on land and sea as a human. The memories were fresh and clear. Dying had not damaged his brain and resurrection had improved his body. He became comfortable with himself as dolphin-man. He fell asleep and slept the last few hours before dawn.

He awoke to the sun shining down on his body. From its position in the sky, he estimated it had been up about two hours. He felt warm and uncomfortable and so he returned to the water. Swimming hard, he exercised his body from its night's rest. He was gradually learning how to leap out of the water, how to dive, and how to pace his swimming. He swam for several hours, practicing and trying out new techniques. He was learning how to manage in the water.

During this time he came upon a school of sardines and wondered if he could catch them and eat them underwater. His flipper-like hands worked well enough to grab the fish and put them into his mouth. But he wanted to eat like a dolphin and swim behind the fish and scoop it into his mouth. At first, he was awkward at this, but after a time, he caught a few of the sardines. Tony found that he actually enjoyed eating the whole fish and decided this was the lazy way to eat. That day, he tasted lots of fish because he was hungry. The best tasting were the cod. The worst were the little green ones. Tony was slowly becoming fish-like in his attitudes and feelings.

He had spent the entire day out of contact with other dolphins and became lonely. He pinged the waters, but got no answers. He watched his first ocean sunset without land.

He needed to rest, but no land in sight so he had to learn how to sleep like a fish. Dolphins sleep by shutting down half their brain at a time. One side of a dolphin's brain remained awake to monitor breathing and floating. Tony found that he could travel some distance while half asleep. It was very strange and disorienting at first. The sleeping half of his brain went into a dream state and he could remember his dreams vividly.

The dreams were particularly vivid. A world filled with dead bodies, rusted cars and empty buildings, barren and desolate. In another, he was a dolphin being pursued by fishermen with nets. And in a third, he saw some small underwater creatures that resembled fireflies that covered his both his new and old body. In this dream, the creatures spoke to him about the coming apocalypse and the need to populate the world with a new race of half-human, half-dolphin creatures.

The sun rose on his third morning of being half dolphin and half man and very quickly met a large school of dolphin. He swam through them and estimated their number to be about two hundred. He had never witnessed a sight like this from his boat and stared in wonder. While he floated in amazement, an amorous female bumped into him and began the dolphin equivalent of foreplay. Bump, touch, rub, jump together. He felt a fire begin to burn inside him as his new equipment began to manufacture sperm and without much though, he bumped back and readied himself to enter her. They coupled and she held his member with more force that he thought possible. Their orgasm was quick and all consuming. As he separated from this female, another female came to him. And he plunged into her and satisfied himself. When he finished another replaced her, and another, and another and another. This day he calculated that he had coupled with nearly a hundred females.

He felt driven to mate with the females and wondered if this was going to be part of the dolphin side of his personality. He realized that as long as female dolphins came to him, he would have the urge to couple with them. He had become an undersea satyr. And although this puzzled him, he accepted it as a part of his transformation.

He swam slowly through a school of cod and ate because he was hungry. He judged from the size and amount the fish that he had been eating that he needed about ten percent of his weight in fish a day. And he estimated that he now weighed about 350 pounds. That night and for many nights after that, he dreamt of female dolphins and orgasms. Occasionally, the firefly like creatures returned and he dreamed about his children as a race of both fish and men and all sorts of combinations in between.

He spent his days and nights traveling the oceans. This is what his life had become. Just as before, in human form, he traveled between islands, now he traveled the seas and he felt good about it.

Tony traveled around the south pacific for several months, meeting schools of dolphins and mating with the females. The days and nights of land time were lost on him in the ocean. But the temperature of the sea was changing and he knew that cycle took place about every six months. He decided that he would chance going ashore and finding out what had happened in the world. He had no idea what the reaction to his new shape and coloration would be. But he was willing to find out. And so he traveled north through the pacific towards Hawaii and Tim's cove. It had been a long time since he thought of Tim and he felt compelled to visit Tim, his best friend.

Chapter 5: The Return to the Land

Tim Paleo built a house in a small, private cove on Oahu when he transferred to Hawaii. It was a big house with three stories of spacious rooms overlooking a cove with a clean white beach. Lush tropical forests covered the hills surrounding the cove effectively cutting it off from any civilization. The house contained an office where Tim worked as a stock broker-in-residence, a boat dock, and a tropical paradise of a beach with some specialized equipment boating adapted for Tim's paraplegia. Since Tony had left, Tim lived there with Eddie Hawkins, chief surgical resident at a local hospital. Tim and Eddie had met about 10 years ago when Tim needed some surgery and they had formed a deep and lasting relationship. They were a well-known and happy couple in Hawaii.

Tony and Tim had known each other since Tim was 15 years old. Tony had befriended Tim while visiting Children's Hospital. Tim was in rehab from a broken back and severed spine as a result of a car accident that killed his parents and siblings. The only other relatives refused to help Tim.

Tony was 22 years old when they met and just out of his rookie year in pro football. The Franchise owners thought it helped the public image of the team to visit the hospital. Tony and Tim became good friends and before he turned 18, Tony adopted Tim as his son.

Tony was able to guide Tim through his anger at becoming paraplegic financed Tim's college. When Tim was graduating from college, Tony left football and joined professional wrestling due to a knee injury. Four years of wrestling was enough to burn out Tony. At about the same time, Tim was working on his second million in stock trading. They both decided to move Hawaii. Once there, Tony fell in love with sailing and decided to sail the seven seas in his own boat. Now Tony was returning to see his old friend and tell him what had happened.

Tony arrived in the cove about an hour before sunrise. He saw the glow of a TV in Tim's bedroom and decided to see if Tim was awake. He left large flipper-shaped footprints on the path leading to the house. He remembered the combination to the electronic locks, after struggling with his flipper-like hands, punched the code, and entered the house. Two dogs and three cats bounded to greet him with loud barking and meowing. Tony was surprised that the animals recognized him because of the transformation, but they were happy to see him. All that barking was definitely going to wake Tim.

Tony walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled so the whole house could hear. "Timmy, Daddy's home! Is Eddie up there with you?" The sound of his voice was the same as before except for sibilance that tinged his S's. It was near a hiss, but more resonant.

Tim had built his bedroom on the third floor of the house so he could see the sea. It had been a joke between the three of them that Tim could not race up or down the stairs naked in his wheelchair while Tony and Eddie could. Tony went to the bottom of the staircase and yelled again.

"Timmy, I'm back! Wake up Sleeping Beauty! The Flying Dutchman has come back to his true love."

Sleepily Tim yelled back down: "Well, if it isn't the Fleeing Dutchman come home from his voyage. To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit? Did you run out of squid, octopus, crabs or little brown boys?" Tim was awake enough for his wit and sarcasm to surface.

Tony yelled back upstairs: "Now don't be snide with your superiors, you young fart. Are you going to get up and greet me? Or should I come up there and throw your sorry ass into the sea? I really want to see your ugly deformed face on top of your ugly deformed body. I came back because I couldn't resist your fatal beauty any more."

"Give me ten minutes dude. The sun's not up yet and neither am I. And if you're up in anticipation, you ought to be ashamed! You filthy pervert. Now, how about being a good boy and making me a breakfast like you used to. You do remember how to cook. Donít you? It's been a long time since you were last here and I hope you haven't forgotten how to cook. What is that I hear in your voice, your S's sound all wrong."

Tony yelled back: "Well I missed you too, Smart ass! Hurry up, I have something special to show you."

"Where's the little boat, I don't see it out in the cove? I hope you aren't paying those ridiculous docking fees." Tim yelled with a mouthful of toothpaste.

"The boat sank." Yelled Tony.

"The boat sank?" Asked Tim.

"Yes, Tim, the boat sank." Replied Tony.

"Where'd the boat sink? In our lagoon? In the sea? Who rescued you? The Coast Guard? A tramp steamer? A steaming tramp? Or did you swim the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean to get here?" Tim yelled down the stairs.

"Something like that," the words had jumped out of Tony's mouth. He regretted being that sarcastic and flip. He had a sudden case of nerves.

Tim's kitchen was a room near one side of the house. It was not large, but it faced floor-to-ceiling windows that opened out to a deck and looked out to the sea. Tony discovered that his new webbed hands were ill suited to frying pans. Not that sticky bacon and little round eggs were any better suited to his hands either. His webbed hands were big and awkward and he fumbled around the hot stove, burning himself twice.

The smell of cooking food was only a memory to his human side and completely new to his dolphin side. Dolphins had no sense of smell. Tony was happy that he could smell even if part of him thought it was strange and new.

Tim resumed the long-range conversation:

"Hey Tony! What does "swim here" mean? That's like the old comedy routine: The dog died. Why'd the dog die? He ate the dead horsemeat. Let's not play twenty questions. If the boat sank, how did you get here?" Asked Tim not letting Tony get too much of a chance to reply.

"Well, that's the truth, I swam here." Replied Tony. As he heard the elevator start its trip up to the third floor to pick up Tim. Before the elevator started down, Tony finished cooking a poor substitute of bacon and eggs and burnt toast. He set Tim's food on the one end of the kitchen table and sat at the far side of the kitchen facing the sea and keeping his back to the table. He could hear Tim come in the room and stop at the bacon and eggs.

"Boy, what a conversation. One Fish! Two Fish! Me Fish! You Fish! Like Dr. Suess. Or are we doing old movies? Where Fish! There Fish. It's nice to know that lack of human companionship hasn't affected your skills as an orator. I mean, I hate to think with your fine classical education and your reputation as a great thespian that all of a sudden you are tongue-tied and can't talk?" Tim was gleefully and abusively glib as he turned his attention to the breakfast.

"Mother Mary of God! Look at those eggs! I've seen better looking fried eggs on a Victoria's Secret model. And that bacon, it looks like you flogged it on burning coals that went out last night. Those long ocean voyages sure have destroyed your cooking skills! What do you call these lumpy yellow things? Eggs over backward? You burnt the toast! You burnt the toast. Can I say it again? You burnt the toast! They ought to make that an untalented rock group out of Hollywood. You burnt the toast! You burnt the toast! You burnt the toast! You burnt the toast! You burnt the toast! " Tim chanted effusively and unendingly. He was enjoying the abuse he was spreading around and fussed with the silverware as he started to wolf down the eggs and bacon. Tony sat still with his back to Tim and said:

"And I'm glad to see you too! What a greeting! I haven't seen you in over a year and you heap this silly abuse on me. Can't you be serious for a few minutes? Please, calm yourself. Gather your wits. I have important things to discuss with you." Tony whined at Tim. Taking in the role of the hurt child, trying to gain the upper hand through sympathy. But Tim was not about to lose this argument.

"More news! Oh goodie! Nixon was elected president? Dewey Defeats Truman! You can't cook anymore. Now what other news could possibly be more important? Oh! Wait! Monica Lewinsky invited you to her apartment! That's it. You need to buy a new tuxedo in order to attend?" Tim said in mockery while his mouth was full of egg and toast. He continued:

"Don't whine at me. It's not silly abuse; it's snappy repartee! Never give a sucker an even break is the rule! A good offense is the best defense. In for a penny, in for a pound. Now quickly, what do you want to tell me? Quick! Quick! I'll give you 60 seconds starting now!" Tim made a show of looking at his bare wrist like a watch was there and started yelling out five second intervals like a marine sergeant.

"It must have been your beauty sleep I disrupted. Did you take nasty pills this morning?" Tony said, laughing at the shtick. At about 30 seconds, Tim rolled to the refrigerator to get some milk. As he did, he took a good look at Tony's back and noticed what he thought was a wet suit. He grabbed a fly swatter and asked:

"Why don't you take that wet suit off? Gee! Golly! Whizzies! Last time you came home you didn't wear clothes and stayed stark naked for your entire visit. Parading your bare butt and flopping wiener all around the house. This time, you are all covered up in a wet suit. I know you think you have the sexiest body in the world, but a wet suit. I gave up my rubber fetish years ago, darling. What's the occasion? Let me guess, you met a hermit wet suit designer who just happened to custom design you a suit?" All the while he was sneaking up behind Tony. He waited for Tony to reply.

Tony shook his head and said: "It's not a wet suit. That's what I've been trying to tell you." Said Tony.

"Well, If it isn't a wet suit, what the hell is it? Tattoos? Athletes foot fungus gone nuclear? You probably dripped water everywhere on the floors and the maid will have to re-wax tomorrow. Shame, she was going to show me how to wax my legs! You shouldn't wear that stuff in the house, drippy, wet, and strange clothing. I really did want to see your butt this time. I missed you." Tim was close enough to reach Tony with the fly-swatter:

"Now what's so important that you have to wake me from my beauty sleep?" asked Tim and with that started to whack the back of Tony's head with fly-swatter while yelling with each hit.

Without turning, Tony grabbed the fly-swatter and screamed at the top of his lungs:

"Cut the crap out! I'm trying to tell you, I died and came back from the dead."

The bluntness of the statement stopped Tim up short.

"Died and came back from the dead!" Tim's temper blew sky high. As silly and sarcastic as he had been before, now, smoke and fire pour out of him. "What the hell kind of a joke is that?" He said angrily. "Don't ever make a joke about your death to me." Tim said angrily.

"It's not a joke. I drowned in that tidal wave about six or eight months ago and then something brought me back." Tony forced his anger down and spoke in a measured and sincere voice. All the while he had remained seated with his back to Tim.

"Came back as what? Shirley Maclaine? The Queen of Sheba? Aunt Mary's fanny? Cut the crap and tell the truth." Tim said getting silly again.

Tony let out a deep sigh. Still facing away from Tim, he spoke out:

"You always were a drama queen, incorrigible, aggravating, obnoxious, and constantly babbling whatever entered that brain of yours." Tony paused and then continued: "Timmy, I am not wearing a wet suit. The boat really sank, I really died, something brought me back from the dead as a merman." Tony said as he stood up and turned to let Tim see him from the front. Tony watched the shock on Tim's face as he saw the new Tony for the first time. Tony could feel Tim's gaze as he examined the changes that had occurred.

"What are you? Who are you? Where's Tony? What did you do to Tony?" Asked Tim, shocked by the site of the transformed Tony.

"I told you, a tidal wave wrecked my boat and I drowned. Then I remember being changed into this. I'm half man, half dolphin." By this time, Tony had moved around the table and knelt on one knee so that he could look directly into Tim's eyes.

Tim stared at Tony for a moment and then said:

"This is not real, tell me I'm dreaming! It's an elaborate hoax. You're a hoax. You're not the person I knew. I don't believe this could happen." His voice tinged in fright.

"Tim, it really is me. Something gave me a second chance. Something healed me and changed me." Tony said in sincere tones. He sat bolt upright in his chair and stared at Tony for several very long and very silent minutes.

"Tell me what we said the last time you were here?" demanded Tim with doubt and fear in his voice. "We were alone and no one else but the real Tony would know what that conversation was about."

"We argued about my leaving in the boat. You accused me of not loving you any more and I told you: 'Never doubt the stars are fire, never doubt the sun moves, doubt truth if you must, but never doubt I love you.' And you relented in your opposition and said: 'If it be not now, then it is to come. If it be not to come, then it be now.' On that, we parted." Tony said quietly. Tim stared at Tony and remained silent for a long time. Tony could see the difficult process of acceptance going on in Tim's mind reflected in his posture and movements. Finally Tim spoke:

"I never quoted Shakespeare to anyone but you. There wasn't a living soul around for miles. It really is you. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Should I be afraid? Are you going to harm me?" Tim's voice quavered with apprehension and fear. Tony looked directly into his eyes and spoke:

"I don't understand it myself. I remember trying to escape the tidal wave and being thrown on the rocks. I heard my bones break. I felt the pain. I remember a second wave and being thrown into the water. Then, I was surrounded by dolphins and little lights and all these changes. Now, I am a creature of the sea. It is my home. I really am half fish, half man."

"But something did this. Why? And what brought you back to me?" Asked Tim, still in awe of the changed man he was looking at.

"Right now, Tim, How is not important. You are why I'm here. I came back for you. I came back to give you a second chance. These lights, this force, what ever it is that changed me, can change you. Tim, come back to the sea with me. You might be a merman and not completely human, but you would be whole. I want that wheelchair out of your life and more than that, I want to be with you." Tony said passionately.

"Can I touch?" Tim asked in a quiet voice.

"Sure, we were never shy with each other. Don't be afraid now." Tim touched a finger to Tony's arm and slid it over the tough skin. He reached up and felt Tony's neck and gill slits and he took Tony's hands and examined them.

"This isn't a costume. It isn't a fake. It's real." Said Tim as he tried to hug Tony, but the wheelchair was in the way.

Tony stood and gently picked Tim in his arms and held him, cradled like a baby. His flipper-like hands gently caressing Tim. Tony could see tears forming in Tim's eyes.

"You're the first and only person in the world to see me like this. I could have stayed out there, in the ocean, healthy and happy. I didn't have to reveal myself to anyone. But I would know that I left you here on land living life a cripple. I had to come back, not only to show you what happened, but also to offer you a new life. You don't have to stay here. You don't have to stay a paraplegic. You can live in the ocean with me." Tony said giving Tim a hug with his big arms.

Tim grabbed Tony's face and kissed him on his lips. Tony's mouth felt different to Tim due to the increased jaw length, the dolphin skin and new teeth, but it was still Tony. They kissed for a few minutes then Tim said:

"I missed you so much these last few months. You were father and mother to me after the accident. A lot has happened since you left on the boat and I don't want to stay here anymore. My kidneys are failing, my bones break easily and my liver hates me. Nothing could keep me from joining you. I don't care if I have to live in the sea. I am tired of being the head cripple on Oahu." Tim said as he lay his head on Tim's shoulder.

Tony rubbed a big flipper-like hand over the back of Tim's head and tousled his hair affectionately. Tim reached up and held the hand. His eyes lit up and the imp in him took control. He smiled and said in a light-hearted voice:

"You know, dude, you are a lot bigger and stronger that you were when you were human. All that swimming has really added bulk and muscle to your frame. It looks good. Your body is so streamlined and sexy, especially the stripes down your back. But these flipper things you have on your hands and feet, how do you get around with them?"

"Well, they're more suited to the sea than the land. You saw how they worked for cooking breakfast. Don't ask me to do that again. I'll stick with sushi on the run from now on." Tony replied.

Tim kissed Tony again and said: "Sushi on the run sounds vaguely obscene. I'm glad you came back."

Tony carried Tim out of the kitchen and into the living room. There he sat down on the sofa where they would have a clear view of the cove. It was a clear moonlight night. Tony spoke first:

"To tell the truth, I haven't been out of the water too much. My feet are bigger than they used to be and my back and neck are aligned for swimming. Walking makes me tired. I'm more suited to water than land now that I have changed."

"And you eat raw fish?" Asked Tim. "And breathe through gills like a fish?"

"Yes, I have gills and a blowhole and lungs. Watch this." Tony said and opened and closed his gills as Tim looked on. Then Tony closed his mouth and collapsed his nose so he could blow air out the blowhole on the back of his neck. Tim was astonished and amused by this feat. He reached around Tony's neck and felt the blowhole on his back.

"Can you spout water like a whale?" Asked Tim.

"I think I can, never consciously tried it. Maybe I have and never realized it." Tony said as he smiled a big human smile through his dolphin-like jaw. As he smiled, Tony's new rounded teeth fascinated Tim. He examined Tony's jaw like he was checking out a prize racehorse. He teased Tony by pulling his tongue and pinching his face. Tony chuckled and bounced Tim in his arms like he was a kid. They both laughed.

"I am glad you are here. I don't care what you are. I want to be just like you, like you and nobody else, like you!" Tim half said and half sang the words. Tony smiled again and replied:

"You really are incapable of being serious. I missed your humor. Maybe we can teach the dolphins how to laugh."

Tim began exploring Tony's body. His hands touched the newer parts of Tony's new body and Tony flexed his muscles as Tim felt them. He explored the changes to Tony's head and neck. Tony sat sideways because of the dorsal fin that came out from his back at waist level. Tim petted the new dorsal fin like he was petting a puppy dog.

"Look at you! It's wonderful. Whoever or what ever did this did a magnificent job. If it weren't for the color change you could pass for a human. You even carry a nice basket! At least they didn't take your balls. Where's your cock hiding?" Tim asked. His hands checking out Tony's basket.

"Still the sex fiend, I see. You always were preoccupied with my dick. It's still there, but it hides inside me. You can't have a cock flapping around like a rudder while you swim. And when aren't looking, another fish might take a nibble a piece out of it."

"Ouch! That would hurt. Hey, remember that girl in Tijuana who scrapped you raw? Now she was a real barracuda!" Tim said and they both laughed. Then Tim added: "Does it still look the same?"

"No, it's bigger and longer. Do you want to look at it." Tony said as he let the penile slit on his stomach open and his cock slide out to its fifteen-inch length. Tim stared at the monster that rose before his eyes.

"Oh my god! What a tool!" Tim said in astonishment.

"It's got some serious muscle and tendon built into it to handle female dolphins. Some of those fish are over 400 pounds and once inside them, they grab and hold tight. A human cock isn't big enough or strong enough. And without muscle and tendons, it could be ripped off at the roots. This new penis is a lot stronger and more powerful. Plus, it's got a faster turn around time. I can cum about every two minutes if I want. No more waiting long times between ejaculations."

Tony made his cock throb and thicken. Tim just stared at it.

Tony continued: "This is part of the offer. You can have similar equipment as a merman. Wait until a big, four hundred-pound female dolphin grabs you and drags you down into the deep demanding to be satisfied. Or the two of you leap out of the water while coupled together. It's a sexual paradise out there. There's no lack of female dolphins that want to do it. I think that I have spent half my time on the water coupling with female dolphins. It's like they line up for me. They have this synchronized swimming thing as foreplay. Sometimes they fluke the water with their tails. It's a thrilling experience."

"I barely remember sex before my accident. Can I touch it?" Asked Tim.

"Sure you can, but be careful. It's like a magic wand, If you touch it, you will turn into a merman." Tony said in a half serious tone of voice. Then he added: "Are you prepared to change like I did?" Asked Tony.

"Yes. Of Course! I will follow you anywhere." Tim replied as he reached over and wrapped both hands around Tony's huge penis. It was the thickness of a baseball bat and felt slick and wet to the touch. Tim could feel the muscles and tendons within it as he moved his hands up and down the length..

"Wow! What a tool! It isn't vascular is it?" Asked Tim.

"No, does that bother you?" replied Tony.

"No. Nothing will bother me as long as we stay together." Said Tim as he smiled at Tony.

"Then it's time to begin." Said Tony.

Tony grabbed Tim's wrists and held them so his hands were at the head of his penis. Thick white cum spurted out of his cock and flowed over Tim's hands. Tim struggled a little against the fluid, but Tony held him still.

"Oh, yuck! Have a little self control, dude." Tim muttered and watched the sticky goo cover his hands and be quickly absorbed by his skin. There was no trace of it left on his hands. Tony let go of Tim and let him examine his hands.

"That's the agent of change, Tim. There is no turning back now." Said Tony. "In a few hours, you will become part dolphin like me." Tony said.

"It's that simple? I don't have to be in the water?" Asked Tim.

"That's it. Now we just relax and wait. I'll get you to the water when the time is right." Said Tony.

"Why did this happen to you? To us? Do you know the purpose of the change?" asked Tim

"A little late to ask. Ain't it? I have these recurring dreams about that why. It's like the little light creatures can talk to me in dreams. I know they are live inside me. It's that tidal wave that happened months ago. What ever cause it sterilized the male dolphins. I'm the only potent male dolphin left in the world. So, you and I will be the Adam of a new breed of cetacean, half-human and half dolphin. We'll be the fathers of a race of mermen." Tony finished.

Tim laughed and hooted: "I never thought I was going to have kids, let alone raising a gang of baby dolphins. And you have been busy out there 'making' bacon" as they say. As I recall the gestation period of a dolphin is 12 months. In two months there will be lots of little Tony-dolphins yelling 'daddy' and wanting diaper changes." Tim said as he poked Tony in the ribs. Tony was amazed by how quickly Tim accepted this idea. He answered:

"No diapers, doofus, you don't need them in the sea. Think of it Tim, you are going become a merman. Half-man, Half fish and all that means."

"A merman!" He exclaimed. "Like you? And will I get to be big and strong like you? And do I get a giant dick like you? And do I get cute little gills like you? " Tim chattered away, in the back of his mind Tim still doubted what Tony had told him. He wouldn't really understand until there were substantial changes.

"Timmy, be serious! Yes, you get muscles, gills, sex, fins, and green skin. The whole works. Just like me. And no, I don't know how long it will take. A couple hours I guess, maybe a day." Said Tony.

Tony got up and went to the kitchen where he had seen a large package of energy snack bars. He brought these back to Tim.

"Eat these, the calories will help make the change easier." Said Tony. He picked Tim up again and carried him up the three floors to Tim's bedroom. There, he lay Tim down on the bed and took a place next to Tim. The two of them lay there on the bed holding each other. One, a dolphin-man, the other, a skinny paraplegic destined to be a merman. Both watched the sun rise over the cove. It was a new day, clear and fair and full of hope.

Their thoughts were disturbed by a series of motor noises and loud yells from the drive leading down into the cove.

Chapter 6: All The News That's Fit To Print

Nestled in Tony's arms, secure in the knowledge that his partner had returned and they would be staying together, Tim fell asleep. Tony pulled the sheet over Tim to keep him warm and watched the sky lighten as sunrise approached. But the softness of the bed and the comfort of holding Tim gently eased Tony to sleep.

As a dolphin, only half of Tony's brain slept at one time. But here, in bed with Tim, Tony slept soundly and deeply. It was a rare and most human sleep with dreams of his old life with Tim and how they enjoyed each other during the years they were together. As always, Tim walked and ran in Tony's dreams.

A persistent tapping woke Tony with a start. Tony's sleep blurred eyes focused on a kid standing next to him.

"Hey Mister, You going to pay for Timmy's paper?" asked the kid as he flopped two newspapers on the foot of the bed.

"Who the hell are you?" demanded a startled Tony.

"I'm little Timmy, the paper boy! I bring big Timmy's newspapers every weekend." replied the kid and quickly added "And who the hell are you? Big, green and ugly?" The kid moved closer to Tony just to get in his face. He was wearing only baggy shorts and battered sneakers. He was a skinny kid, only thirteen or fourteen, slight build, lithe, a little leggy, not a hair on his body. He was a rich cocoa color.

"I'm Tony, Tim's friend." replied Tony cautiously, hoping that the kid wouldn't be too started at his appearance.

"Well, Tony Tim's friend, are you going to cough up five bucks for the weekend editions or should I wake Big Timmy from his much needed beauty sleep? Huh? Huh? I like that name "Tony Tim's friend" I think I'll name my first born after. But what I really want to see is how you haul five bucks out of that funky green wet suit. I mean, I knew Timmy was kinky for guys, but I never thought he liked the rubber scene." The kid sneered and put both hands out from his side with his arms bent and shook his skinny body to punctuate his chatter. What a little actor, thought Tony.

"Uh, I don't have any money on me. When Tim wakes up, I'll get him to leave the money for you." Tony replied hoping the kid would go away.

"Well, big, green and ugly as a cheapskate. I didn't haul my ass ten miles with two newspapers to leave empty handed. Cough up the cash or I start to yell: "Tony Tim's friend is a cheapskate." You know how grumpy and nasty Big Timmy is when he's denied his beauty sleep. Let's wake him up." replied the kid and he raised both shoulders to take a deep breath and wake Tim. But, Tony's hand was faster and he grabbed the kid's mouth and jaw and held tight. Tony could see the kid's eyes bulge as he stared at the hand. For a long moment the kid did not move and then he grabbed the big hand and broke free. He held Tony's hand and arm in his little hands and studied them.

"Oh! Shit! It's not a wet suit. It's you. Just what the hell are you? Tony Tim's Friend? Some alien out to abduct our poor Timmy here? Am I going to be the savior of the world, or just another one of those Midwestern dorks who walk around saying: "Ow my ass hurts! "Ow my ass hurts! "Ow my ass hurts! All the while saying their pregnant with the alien's baby?" asked the kid.

"I'm half-dolphin and half man. I came back to visit Tim. We used to live together up until a few years ago and I missed him." Tony offered to the kid. Hoping he wouldn't ask for too much more information. The kid put a knee on the bed and grabbed Tony's head and shoulders. He examined the dolphin-like head and the blowhole on his back. He remained silent as he examined Tony's gills.

"You are really real. Son-of-a-bitch! I find a real live merman and he's a fucking cheapskate. Now cough up my money or I scream rape! " The kid said arrogantly.

With this, Tim, who had been faking sleep during most of the conversation broke out laughing at Tony's predicament and said: "Eee-par! Eee-par! Eee-par! Just like that twitty little mouse in the old cartoons. You rotten little bastard! He thinks you mean it." Tim was quaking with laughter. He continued "Tony, meet Timmy. Timmy, meet Tony. And yes, he really means it. Pay him. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Tony! Reach into that front pocket and haul out five bucks. Come-on show him your wallet." Tim continued laughing at Tony's expense.

Tony jostled Tim in his arms. "What pocket? You know I don't have any money and who the hell is this smart-mouthed little bastard to talk that way! He can't be more than about twelve years old."

"Hey dude, I turn fourteen in a week! Now cough up some cash like the man says. Ain't there any pockets in that outfit? If I was Da Law, I would strip search you! Who knows what you're hiding beneath that wet suit." With that, Tim collapsed into loud laughter. Tony just sat and fumed between his two tormentors. Tim stopped laughing enough to add to insult to this injury. "That's it! I want to see a true balls-to-the-wall strip search. Show the kid what's under that suit." With that, Tim pulled the sheet of Tony and tried to push him out of bed. But he was laughing so hard, he could barely breath. Little Timmy, as much as his slim build and light weight would let him, tried to twist Tony's arm behind him and push him into the wall. It was not a fair fight. Tony towered over the kid by 18 inches and about two-hundred pounds and merely stood up while the kid tried to move him. All Little Timmy succeeded in doing was fondling Tony's butt cheeks and try to wrap his hands around Tony's waste to fondle his package.

"Now stop that!" demanded Tony. "You can't handle anything I have there. No matter how badly Tim warped your rotten little mind. I leave for a few years, and what happens: Big Timmy and Little Timmy the perverts." All the while both Timmys were laughing at Tony's consternation. Tony gave in, stood up with his massive arms outstretched and let Little Timmy explore his transformed body. Little Timmy poked and prodded all over Tony's body. He tried his best to cause the penile slit to open or to arouse Tony, but that wouldn't happen. He even tried licking and sucking Tony's chest and nipples, but that didn't seem to have any effect. Tony finally spoke: "OK! Little man, are you satisfied with what you found? I told you before, I am half-man, half dolphin. Now does that satisfy you?"

The kid's manner changed from happy to sad. In a soft voice he asked: "Are you and Timmy going to leave? And if you do, will I have to find another place to live?" He said plaintively.

"No, you won't!" Tim announced. "We will take you with us." Evoking surprise in Tony and puzzlement in Little Tim.

"And just how do we do that?" asked Tony?

"Same way you're going to take me. What do you say to that? I'm not going to leave him here. He has no where else to stay." answered Tim.

"He lives here?" asked Tony?

"Ever since I bought him from slave traders." replied Tim. "To make a long story short, a few months after you left, I got wind of a slave auction. Timmy was the only slave I was able to buy and he has lived here ever since."

The kid continued the story: "Tim was the first man who didn't want sex from me. My parents sold me to drug dealers when I was four or five. After that, I was a sex toy for both men and women. The last one decided that I would be sold at auction. They didn't want me to go through puberty, they wanted to castrate me so that I stayed a kid and didn't grow. I thought I was done, and when Timmy bought me, he made sure they didn't cut me. I've been staying here ever since. First place I could call home without being molested. If Timmy goes, I go with him. So make up your mind Tony Tim's friend."

"Take a good look at me and tell me this is what you want to become. I'm half fish and I live in the ocean. As you can see, I'm no longer human. Do you really want this? You won't be able to change your mind." Tony said sternly to Little Timmy.

"Man, I was 5 minutes away from them chopping off my cock and balls and becoming Miss Midnight to some fat, rich white guy for the rest of my life. I was strapped down and they were hovering over me with the knives. The only hold-up was waiting for a video camera so that the world to see how a cute little black boy acted when he was castrated. Timmy stopped them and brought me here. I would follow him to hell if I have to. I ain't ever going back to that." The kid stood there, defiant and determined.

Tony looked at Tim and just shrugged his shoulders. "You're so young and so small. Have you at least started puberty by this time?"

The kid dropped his baggy shorts and showed off an exceptionally large endowment for his age. Puberty had definitely begun for the kid. His cock was seven inches in its flaccid state and his balls were the size of billiard balls. There was a nice hairy bush growing around them. But that was it. The rest of the kid's physique was small and waif-like.

"I only want to deal with one transformation at a time. Tim's already started, you can see it in his hands. When he is finished changing, then we will take you out in the ocean and transform you there. That's my deal, take it or leave it!" Tony's demeanor was gruff and stern with both of them and they all remained silent for a moment.

Little Timmy rocked his head and shoulders from side to side causing his over-developed cock to flop from thigh to thigh. He knew that Tony was watching his antics and said "Well, big, green and ugly, I guess that I have to take you at your word, Tony Tim's friend. Don't I even get a peak at your unit?"

Tony just stood there and shook his head at the audacity of the kid. Big Timmy laughed at Tony's consternation and said: "Quite the sarcastic little bastard, ain't he?"

Before Tony had a chance to answer, they were disturbed by a series of motor noises and loud yells from the drive leading down into the cove.

"Now what?" Tony asked in a disgusted tone.

Chapter 7: The Marines Hit the Beach

"Who or what is that?" asked Tony as he listened to the racket out in the yard.

"Great God in heaven. What a racket!"

"Oh that's probably my marine buddies." Tim replied as he grabbed the handset of the phone and activated an outdoor PA system. The system squawked, feedback came and went and Tim's voice echoed over the stillness of the cove:

"Hey Jarheads!! Cut the noise! I'm, still trying to get my beauty sleep! And besides, the sun is just rising." Tim yelled to the group outside. They replied with a barrage of foul language and rank abuse followed by loud laughter, catcalls, and whistles.

"OK you guys! Cut the abuse out. Tony, the prodigal son sailed in last night and we need some time together.

"Tim yelled back through the PA system only to be answered by more verbal abuse, woofing and noises to vulgar to mention.

Startled by Tim's acknowledgment of his existence, Tony grabbed the handset from Tim and hung it up.

"What are you doing? Who are you talking to?" asked Tony in a stunned voice.

"Oh, that's only my unit of Marines. I adopted them about a year ago."

"Adopted a unit of marines? What the hell for?" asked Tim in a puzzled voice.

"The Marine Corps pays me to let them train and workout in my cove. It's more private than the old training ground at the Marine base. There are four of them and Gunny Rogers. You'll like them after you meet them all," said Tim.

The breeze carried more loud banging noises and obscenities from the yard. Apparently the marines were banging anything metal together in an effort to draw Tim out of the house.

"I can't meet them. Timmy, look at me!" Tony exclaimed safely hidden from view.

"Sure you can, they're a special ocean going outfit. Top secret, hush, hush, and quiet, quiet stuff and all that jazz. But, they're good swimmers and divers. You will like them. Besides, you can out-swim them? Can't you?"

Tony smiled at both Timmy's: "Sure I can out-swim them! But I really didn't intend to reveal myself to anyone but you. Now I got your young charge here and you want me to take on six marines?"

Tim acted like Tony had given his willing approval. He reached around Tim, grabbed the phone again and announced over the PA system.

"Hey guys! My buddy Tony, the Flipper-man is here in my bed and he challenges you to a swim contest. He says you're only little-girlie-men and he can swim you under the table, around the dock, in all the seven seas and a few oceans to boot! Is it a challenge?" Tim yelled into the microphone laughing at Tony's attempt to seize the handset again.

"Stop that! Stop that! Stop that! Just what do you think they are going to do with a man-sized fish like me? Adopt me? They'll turn me into the government and then the doctors will dissect Me!" cried Tony.

"No they won't. They aren't like that. I won't let them. Besides, they are great swimmers and divers with big strong bodies. You might even find some recruits to join us." Tim replied.

"I couldn't expect that of them. Do they love the sea that much? Don't they have families?" asked Tony.

"Very good swimmers and they are good guys, at least they try hard to be good guys. They have been after me to join them out there. They have a soft spot for poor cripples like me. " Said Tim.

"Soft spot! You probably seduced the lot of them." Tony said scornfully. But Tim was ready: "I know how those marine types like to follow orders. Well, lets give this thing a try!" Tim said winking at Tony.

A voice from below interrupted their conversation: "Hey Tiny Tim!" A voice bellowed from the beach. "It's Snow White and the four horsemen. Get your ass out of bed and join us!" Tim recognized Big Bob's voice.

Before Tim could respond, one of them yelled something in Spanish that caused the bunch to roar and hoot in amusement and Tim to blush a deep shade of red. Little Tim, who had been standing and just watching, broke out in belly laughs. Tony didn't understand Spanish, and neither Tim would translate. Tony figured it was very vulgar.

A third voice rose out of the crowd. It was a deep, rich, black voice like Paul Robeson when he sang 'Ole Man River.

"Hey Massa Tim! Massa Tim! I's done come to see what you done look like in the new wet suit. We made it to match the blues of your eyes." A series of raucous and obscene cheers, hoots and woofs followed this statement. Tim waited for the carousing to die down before he replied.

"Give me a few minutes. I have put on the wet-suit. I didn't sleep in it, you know. And I have to send Little Tim to school." Tim broadcast to the marines out in the yard. Then he turned to Tony and little Tim.

"Tim, make sure you bring the other boys when you come back from school. If all goes as planned, we will be ready for you and them when you get home this afternoon."

"I understand, I'll have them here around 2:00 PM." The kid answered and ran out of the room.

Tim then turned his attention to Tony: "These marines all came from broken homes. They were runaways, malcontents, bad boys, and Gunny Rogers took them from the streets and made them into Marines. They are a special operations unit and I know I can convince them to follow us into the sea. They made me a wet-suit for me so I could stay out there in the water with them. I promised that I would join them today. Help me get into the wet-suit and then carry me out."

"And how do we explain me, Bright eyes? Are you forgetting what I look like?" said Tony.

"We don't explain you. Once you get into the water, they won't be able to tell what you are unless they get very close. Just stay away unless you are under the water. They will all be dressed in wet suits and they won't look to closely at you. Besides, you look like you're wearing a wet suit. Just don't get right in their faces and they won't be able to tell what's up. You will have time to play in the water. And when we break for lunch, you will spike the food." Tim explained.

"Uh, I'm not sure this is a good idea." said Tony.

"Please do it for me. I can't refuse them today. Tonight we will all be mermen." Tim pleaded.

Tony shrugged and agreed saying:

"Well in that case, I think we can arrange a real workout for them! Let's see how they stack up to a man with gills." Tony punctuated this sentence with a blast of air out his blowhole.

Tim directed Tony to a cooler in the kitchen that held thermos bottles of orange juice. He had Tony add his own special formula to the thermos bottles and then filled them with orange juice. When they broke for lunch, anyone drinking the juice would ultimately become a merman. When they were done, Tony picked up Tim and headed to the deckhouse.

Chapter 8: Tony and Tim Hit the Beach

The wet suit that the Marines had designed and built for Tony was laying on a bench in the deckhouse. Tony helped Tim powder himself and pull the wet-suit on his body. The wet suit was one piece and the marines had fitted it to Tim's slender body. The suit fastened with Velcro straps and held Tony's legs so they wouldn't flop around in the water. The flippers for both Tim's feet were molded into one piece and formed a single fin. The coincidence was not lost on Tony.

"Just think, by the time you take this off, you will be well on your way to being transformed into a real merman." Tony observed as he helped Tim fit his arms and shoulders up into the rubber suit.

Before they zipped the suit up, Tony removed the external plumbing from Tim's penis and positioned it into a sleeve built in the suit to hold it in position. This way Tim wouldn't urinate inside the wet-suit. Being paraplegic, Tim was incontinent.

When they were done, Tony looked at Tim and observed: "They put a lot of work into this suit for you. You already look to be half fish. Do you want the hood on?"

"Yeah, I get cold in water." was Tim's answer.

Tony pulled the hood over Tim's head and studied his friend who was now clad in slick black rubber.

"I like what I see. I can't wait for you to change." Tony said to Tim. Tim smiled back and hugged Tony.

"If you are as good as I think you are in the water, maybe Gunny Rogers and his unit will want to join you. Otherwise, you and I will spike their lunch." said Tim. Tony nodded in agreement with this statement. He picked up a pair of gloves that went with the wet suit.

"Here's a face mask to protect your eyes. This suit is so well built, it's a shame that this will be the first and last time you ever wear it. You ARE going to stay in this suit, I hope, or they will see you're changing."

"What do you mean?" asked Tim.

"Look at your hands." said Tony.

Tim looked at his hands and not only was the skin changing color, but the webbing was halfway up his fingers. The reality of the transformation started to set in.

"Hurry up! Put the gloves on so they can't see it. It's not going to stop." Said Tony as he got ready to pick Tim's off the table.

"But what if I change in front of the Marines? They might panic." Tim said apprehensively.

"You won't change that fast. It took millions of plankton creatures to transform me in minutes, and I was cut open, bleeding and unconscious. I only gave about a thousand plankton to you and they have to start from your skin and work inward. Chances are against a sudden transformation to Tim the merman."

With that, Tony picked Tim up by the waist, bounced him around and held him on his hip like a child.

"Hey, don't be so rough. I'm fragile. You know!" Joked Tim.

"Feels like old times? Huh? Or shouldn't I remind you of your promiscuous youth and that trapeze act we used to have? Remember all those private parties we used go throw? Where are all those strange bondage people we used to know? Or was that you r act in Tijuana with the mule?" Said Tony mockingly while he bounced Tim up and down, holding him firmly in his big hands.

"OK! OK! OK! Carry me to the water and get me out to the float." Tim replied laughing. Tony took a loop of rope and fastened it around his shoulders and threaded it through the harness of Tim's wet suit. He tossed Tim up and over one shoulder in a fireman's carry. Tim laughed at the position and proceeded to smack Tony's back with his fists in mockery. The duo moved out of the cabana and toward the water.

The Marines were watching the cabana and began hooting and woofing when Tony appeared carrying Tim on his shoulder. Tony picked up a small cooler filled with snack bars and the adulterated orange juice with his free hand. He tethered the cooler to his waist and walked out into the water until it was chest deep. Tim and the cooler floated in the water. The Marines were watching from the float in the middle of the lagoon.

"Hey flipper-man, you bringing the food?" Yelled one of the Marines.

"You need help? Ladies." Another Marine yelled insultingly.

"We dare you to beat the record to the float! 45 seconds! Are you man enough?" dared a third Marine.

Tony said to Tim: "Do these guys really like you? Or are they just plain-old crazy marines?"

"This is the first time I ever agreed to go in the water and they are going to rub it in and make a fuss about it. But, you'll like them. Honest Tony, I wouldn't lie about this." Tim said laughingly.

Tony decided to start things with a bang and beat their time to swim to the float. Even with Tim and the cooler tied to his back, Tony's flipper-like hands and feet made short work of the swim to the float. He cut their time by a good 10 seconds and as he broke the surface with a splash, he released Tim and the cooler and then swam underneath the float. Tim's was unable to stop and smacked the side of the float spluttering water out his mouth. The Marines laughed and all jumped in the water in pursuit of Tony. Gunny Rogers stayed behind to help Tim out of the water while pounding his back to get the water out of him.

"And you thought you could breathe underwater! How do you like the wet suit?" Said Gunny.

"Hey, it's really great. Almost, like I belong to the sea. I feel like a fish. I appreciate it." Tim said to Gunny Rogers.

"Our pleasure." Said Gunny Rogers. "Nice to see you out of the house and enjoying yourself." Gunny Rogers grabbed a small cylinder out of his bag and handed it to Tim. It had a mouthpiece in the middle of it.

"We use these little air bottles to stay underwater for a longer time. It's a trade secret. It contains about 4 minutes of oxygen. Just bite hard on it to start it and you can stay underwater without drowning." Gunny Rogers said.

"Mum, neef, morph, mnn!" said Tim while holding the device in his teeth. Gunny Rogers just laughed and tumbled Tim into the water. He jumped in himself and hauled Tim under the surface.

Gunny and the marines had wanted Tim to get out of his chair and into the water for a long time. Now that they succeeded, they weren't going to give him a chance to get out of the water.

Gunny Rogers was a typical marine sergeant with short dark hair, taller than average, broad shoulders and muscular chest, narrow waist and powerfully built legs. He was of German/Austrian origin. He was the father figure of the marines.

Tim could see the marines under the water. He guessed that they all were using the small oxygen bottles. Gunny Rogers passed Tim a motorized propeller device to move through the water. Then took off in hot pursuit of Tony.

The water of the cove was clear and blue. The floor of the cove was 50 feet deep which gave Tony and the marines lots of room to maneuver. Tony broke the surface about 100 feet from the Float; the marines were closing in on his position. Tony let them get about 25 feet away before he dove back under the surface and swam toward them. Closing in very fast, as he reached them, he swam down and under the marines. The marines had to make a swift reversal.

Tony played the endurance game with the marines. He would come behind them and drag them under water. Using his gills, he would stay underwater five or ten seconds longer than any of the Marines could stay there. They would come up gasping for air and Tony would push them head over heels out of the water. It was a game of bump and run.

The marines could not get near enough to Tony to grab him because of his speed and strength. One by one, he smacked them and hauled them deeper into the water. He would knock them out of breath, knock off their gear, tug them backwards, and even drove them to the surface to breathe. If they got too close, he would dive into the depths to get away.

Each time one of the Marines would be ready to stop and rest, Tony would bump them sideways and swim away. When they got near him with scuba gear, He would hit them so hard under water that he knocked the wind out of them. When they had the electric propellers to chase him, Tony would ram them so that they would drop the device they were holding. In a flat out race, he would swim slow enough to beat them by just a body length when he could have left them far behind.

Tony was amazed at the swimming strength of the marines. All of them were fast and powerful in their own way. And even without the breathing devices, they were able to stay underwater for longer times than Tony thought possible.

To make the game more interesting for the marines and Tim, Tony would drag Tim along with him every ten or fifteen minutes just for fun. He would sneak up near the Float or where Tim was swimming and snatch him into the deeper water. The marines would them try to retrieve Tim like he as if he was the flag in a game of King of the Hill. A couple times Tony dove deep with Tim and stayed long enough to leave Tim sputtering and breathless. The marines possessed Tim, "the prize," about as often as Tony possessed Tim, "the prize." Every few minutes, one side or the other side would carry Tim off through the water. Tim enjoyed not being chair-bound and kept screaming and carrying on at the marines and Tony. He had not felt this happy in a long time. All through the morning, Tim was aware of a warm, tingly sensation that was slowly spreading all over his body under the wet suit.

It was about noon that the fun and games were called for lunch.

Chapter 9: First Revelations

About noon, everyone was getting tired and hungry. Gunny Rogers called the marines to the float and Tony swam far enough away so they couldn't see him clearly, surfaced and yelled:

"Time out for food, guys. Maybe a good meal will make you stronger." Tim recognized that strange fishy accent that Tony had developed.

The marines woofed and chanted back: "Food! Food! Food!"

The marines grabbed Tim and returned to the Float. There, they had coolers filled with food and drink and began by passing out sports drinks to replenish the water they had lost through all the exercise that morning. They bombarded Tim with questions.

"Who is that guy?" They asked.

"He's an old friend of mine and my stepfather. He went out into the Pacific to live on a sailboat about five years ago. He told me he spent the last few months playing with the dolphins.

"Now wonder he can swim like a fish, he's had practice." Said Gunny Rogers.

"Where did he get that wet suit. I want to duplicate the design of those webbed gloves and flippers. They give him an advantage." Asked one of the marines.

"I think it's his own private design. It fits him like it was his skin." Said Tim chuckling under his breath." He continued.

"He got in late last night for a visit." Said Tim.

"Your stepfather? You never told us that you were adopted? We thought you parents died in a car wreck." Said Gunny Rogers. Before Tim could answer, Tony popped his head out of the water about 50 feet from the Float and yelled:

"I'm going to get fresh Bonita tuna for lunch. I'll be back in a little while." And with that, Tony took a small net from the dock and swam quickly out the mouth of the cove.

The marines just looked at each other in amazement. It did not seem humanly possibly for someone to swim out to get Bonita tuna.

"Tony likes his fish fresh." Tim said defensively. "Really fresh! Like, just barely dead or very nearly alive." Tim added.

"To each his own." Said Gunny Rogers a little puzzled. "Let's get out of these wet-suits while we eat.

"You want to get out of that wet suit?" Gunny Rogers asked of Tim?

"Uh, no. I'll get too cold." Was Tim's nervous reply. He remembered the change had started. HE wondered what else was happening to his body.

The four marines were busy removing their wet suits and getting comfortable in just Speedo swimsuits.. They were going to lay in the sun while they ate. Tim positioned himself to watch the marines.

Meanwhile, Tony found a school of Bonita tuna nearby and caught five about the size of a man's arm in the net. He quickly returned to the cove. There, he stunned the Bonita by smacking them together and took them with him to the float. He approached the float underwater at fairly high speed. When there, he swung net containing Bonita over the side of the float making it hit the decking with a loud bang, startling the Marines. The net broke open and five tuna rolled over the deck. The Marines scrambled to grab the squirming fish so they could kill them and carve them into usable steaks.

To end his show, Tony did a front double flip in front of the Float and landed back in the water with a splash. Water rained all over the float. The Marines and Tim were speechless at the display.

Hungry and pleased with his performance, Tony climbed onto the deck and picked up one of the tuna and bit into the meat just behind a gill. He stood in the shade of a canopy that the Marines had raised to shield the food from the tropical sun. The marines took a good look at the man they had been swimming with all morning and realized that he was not wearing a wet suit. They stared at the half-man, half-dolphin person standing in front of them.

Tony took the opportunity for a good look at each of the Marines. They were as physically impressive on land as in the water. Any one of them could have won a body-building contest.

Tim was the first to speak: "Uh, guys, meet my best friend and step-father, Tony. He just spent a few years in the south pacific bumming around and only recently became part dolphin. Don't be shy. Say hello!"

The Marines just continued to stare. They seemed transfixed by the sight of Tony who they had been swimming with all morning.

Tim continued as if nothing was unusual: "Tony, this is Gunny Roger, Hydrant Bob, Dave, and Big Bill."

"You guys are great in the water. I had a good workout and lots of fun this morning. Even Tim seemed to enjoy it," said Tony.

Chapter 10: Second Revelations

Gunny Rogers was the first to break the silence.

"No wonder my men couldn't beat you, you're half fish!" he declared.

"Yup! Half dolphin to be precise." Tony said between bites of tuna. "Come on Guys, eat up! You have to be hungry. I know I am. I didn't think mere men could keep up with me. But you guys are really good! You impressed me."

"What are you?" asked Gunny Rogers, "Some military experiment gone awry?"

Tony merely laughed. "No, I'm not the result of an experiment. I started out human just like you guys."

"What could change a human halfway into a fish?" Asked Gunny Rogers.

"Well, I had been staying on a island in the south pacific and it had a large coral reef surrounding it. The island was a hermit's dream. I loafed in the water, played with the dolphins and land crabs and just enjoyed myself. I woke one day to see the tidal wave approaching and although I tried to get away from land, I couldn't get out of the coral reef and into deep water. The first wave threw me out of the boat and onto a coral reef. I felt the bones in my legs and back crack and break and the coral cut me like a knife through butter. The second rush of water swept me out to sea and I thought that I was going to drown. I remember breathing water into my lungs and my heart stopping and then silence. I guess you can't get deader than that." Tony paused in his narrative.

"The next thing I remember is being surrounded by a cloud of glowing plankton-like creatures and being able to breathe through gills. These plankton like creatures were rebuilding my body to survive in the ocean. When they were done, the body you see was the result. I spent the last ten months swimming in the Pacific Ocean. And that, as they say, is all she wrote." Tony had finished his description at this point. He looked around at the four marines and Tim.

"And that's all the explanation you have? Some strange plankton saved you from drowning?" asked Gunny Rogers.

"That's it. Short and simple." answered Tony.

Tony was hoping that they would believe the story of his transformation.

"And you are Tim's stepfather? You're not that old, how did that happen? " asked Gunny Rogers.

"I thought Tim might have told you how we met and why I adopted him. The certificate is framed on the wall of his study." Said Tony.

"I never had the chance to tell them Tony. I didn't know how to tell them." Tim said in a soft and shy tone.

Tony began the story:

"Back about 15 years ago, I was still playing football in the pro's when I met Tim. It was the off season and I was driving through the country coming back to Los Angeles through the mountains when I saw a van wrecked on the side of the road. It belonged to Tim and his parents. They had lost control of the van and smashed into a tree. Tim was thrown clear and was alive. But, his parents were dead in the van. I had a CB and summoned an ambulance. The accident shattered Tim's spine from the tenth through the twelfth thoracic vertebrae. That's from about the level of the solar plexus to the level of the navel. He was sixteen years old at the time." Tony paused.

Tim made like he was not listening to Tony and kept eating power bars. Gunny Rogers and the marines listened intently. Tony continued:

"The football team was so pleased with the PR aspects of my saving someone, that they encouraged me to visit Tim. He was a loud, obnoxious, arrogant, and angry little bastard. But all the time I was helping him through rehabilitation, I was falling in love with him. About a year after his accident, I had a lawyer file papers to formally adopt him and I made my house accessible so we could live together. The Team Owners and the Press thought I was wonderful. In their eyes I was helping a poor crippled kid get on with his life. In reality Tim and I were kinky lovers. We lived together for about ten years, all through the rest of my football career and my wrestling career. No one ever suspected what the truth was."

"Gee, did you have to tell them all that stuff?" Tim said in an embarrassed tone of voice. Tony quickly responded:

"They have the right to know the truth and you and I have nothing to lose." Said Tony abruptly. "I have to get wet. It's dry on this float." Tony dove into the water to get wet. He quickly returned to the Float.

"I thought Eddie lived with Tim? I never knew there was someone else." Said Gunny Rogers.

Tim responded: "Tony and I met Eddie at about the time I graduated college. He was one of the Rehab doctors and we got to know him so well that he became part of the family."

Tony added: "I was satisfied that Tim had a career in stocks and a lover when I set sail into the South Pacific. Every few years, I promised to return to make sure everything was OK and sign any legal papers. This time I came back to take Tim with me. Tim never told me he made friends with a group of marines. How do you know him?"

Gunny Rogers answered:

"You weren't gone more than a year when the Corp made a contract with Tim for use of the Cove. I used to bring an entire platoon out here for water exercises. But about two years ago, I got the assignment to organize this unit and found these men to fill it. I have known Tim for four years and this is the happiest I've ever seen him. SO he is going back to the sea with you? How? If I can ask.

Tony noticed that Tim was uncomfortable and was struggling to open his wet suit. He guessed that Tim was overheating from staying in the wet suit. Tony went over and pulled off the flippers and gloves from Tim's hands and feet and removed the hood. He started to open the jacket on the suit, but Tim stopped him. The skin on Tim's chest and stomach was already gray-green and Tim's exposed hands were completely webbed. The transformation had begun and Tim didn't want it revealed to the marines. Tony picked Tim up and dunked him in the water to cool him off and then set him back on the dock. The display of strength was not lost on the marines.

 Gunny Rogers spoke again:

"Well, I think we would like to have a closer look at you. We saw what you did when you were in action. Now I think we would like to see you up close. I want to know just what type of creature you have become."

"I don't have anything to hide. Look away." Said Tony.

The marines started their examination of Tony's hands and feet. They felt the webbing and the alterations that made his swim better. Two of them, Hydrant Bob and Big Bill, were taller than Tony at six eight and six nine respectively. Both of them weighed 350 plus pounds and were solid muscle. They felt his biceps, examined his arms and shoulders, and compared theirs to his. Bob pointed out Tony's extra large forearms and the powerful shoulders that helped drive his flipper-like hands through the water. Bill was equally impressed by the size of Tony's shoulders and arms. "What a set of guns, dude." Bob observed.

Dave and Gunny Rogers were examining Tony's back. They had felt Tony's dorsal fin and discovered the extra shielding it gave the kidneys and lower back. Gunny Rogers felt Tim's spinal column up and down to find any changes in it and gently touched the blowhole on the back of Tony's neck. Dave's hands were a little bolder and he poked at Tony's new asshole causing Tony to jump in surprise.

"I didn't say you could give me a proctology exam!" exclaimed Tony.

"Dave wants to get engaged, he likes those big, green, fishy types." Tim added in a high-pitched voice. Dave blushed and the other marines laughed at this remark.

"Why do they call you "Hydrant Bob?" asked Tony.

It was Gunny Rogers who answered: "Bob used to get drunk out of his mind on beer on Saturday nights and always had to piss on all the hydrants. Bob thinks he's a dog when he gets drunk, and when the ladies see that killer dick of his, they scream in fear and call the police. More than once he nearly get us arrested by some skinny little cop with an inferiority complex."

Bob blushed as the rest of the marines laughed at his expense. The marines resumed their poking and probing. Bill took hold of one of Tony's feet.

"Hey dude, these flippers work better than my flippers, can I borrow this set? Asked Bob. Tim laughed.

Dave had set about examining Tony's gills and blowhole.

"You used these gills to breathe. That's why you could stay underwater for so long. The blowhole works like a dolphin's blowhole? Asked Dave.

"I have both lungs and gills. My gills handle only water and the lungs handle only air. It takes a little time to learn how to change between the two. When I use the gills, I can stay underwater a long time but I can't talk. My lungs connect to both my mouth and my blowhole. I can swim on the surface without bringing my head out of the water and I can blow like a dolphin or whale when I breach the surface after a deep dive. But to talk like this, I have to channel air through my throat." Tony said and he showed them how he could puff air out the blowhole. The marines were very attentive and were becoming more comfortable with Tony's changes as dolphin man.

Dave was the stealth inquisitor among the marines. Dave was only 6 foot tall and had a solid build. He had put one hand on either side of Tony's body and let his fingers probe over Tony's chest and back.

"You're much rounder and thicker than we humans are. There has to be more internal differences." Said Dave letting his hands travel down Tony's back and stomach to rest one hand on his backside and one hand on Tony's penile slit.

"Hey! Now that's getting personal, Dave." Remarked Tony. Dave tried twisting Tony's arm to take him down on the deck, but Tony was too strong and merely hauled Dave off the platform and held him high in the air, trapped in the grip of his extra strong flipper-like hands. Dave struggled to get down, but did not relent in his interest in Tony's sex organs.

 "Well we are all dying to know if you're still capable of getting it up, dude." Dave said from high in the air.

"If you wanted to check out the equipment, all you had to do is ask." Tony said as he set Dave down on the deck and the two stood facing each other.

"You can look but don't touch." said Tony.

"Yeah! Seeing is believing. I want to see if you got a big dolphin-dick or still have your little human-dick. You talk a good game, now show us the goods" said Dave.

Tony stepped back and let his cock uncoil and slide out of the pouch on his slower stomach that protected it. He extended it to its full sixteen inch length. Four jaws dropped in amazement. Tony let all of them see it, and quickly retracted it into its protective retreat.

"Satisfied!" Tony asked.

Chapter 11: Tim's Transformation

Tony withdrew his immense dolphin penis and stood silent. He was waiting for the marines to ask more questions.

Tim broke the silence. "Tony, I feel strange. Too much is happening."

Tony turned his attention to Tim.

"Let's get you out of that wet suit. You're probably too hot." Said Gunny Rogers and he started to help Tim but stopped when he saw Tim's skin had changed in color.

"That's what you meant when you said you came back for Tim." Gunny Rogers said angrily.

"You started the change process on Tim and you two have been hiding it under his wet suit." Tim nodded in agreement and said:

"Yes! I came here to take Tim back with me. I was given a second chance at life and I wanted Tim to have that chance too."

Tony moved Gunny Rogers aside and quickly removed Tim's wet suit. He threw it on the deck and sat Tim on it. Tim lay naked for all of them to see.

Tim stared at his changing body. The change had progressed up his arms and shoulders and was moving down Tim's torso. The skin on his arms and shoulders was no longer pink but had become a gray-green color. His stomach was white and his sides had gray-green strips on them. Two white "suspender" stripes were appearing down his back. Tim's hands were completely webbed. The tendons and muscles in his forearms were thicker and stronger to move the new flippers.

Gunny Rogers and the marines watched in amazement. Tim spoke:

"How long is this going to take? All morning I felt my skin changing. But now, my back and stomach hurts." Tim sounded nervous.

Tony knelt next to Tim and held him.

"I don't know how long. I had thought a day or so. But it looks like its only going to be a few hours." Tony said as he examined Tim's body with his flipper-like hands.

"The back of my neck's hot Tony. It burns." Tim whimpered.

"Well, the outline of the blowhole is starting to form on the back or your neck and a dorsal fin is beginning to grow out your back." Said Tony.

He had turned Tim on his side and was flexing his useless legs.

"Your legs feel odd to me. And your feet look smaller than before." Said Tony.

"My feet and legs have been useless for years, But now I can feel them. The plankton must be countering the paralysis. It's so strange." Observed Tim.

Tim moved around trying to examine at his body. He ran his hands over his torso and felt his body. He could feel his internal organs moving and changing.

"I can feel my insides moving and rearranging. My hips are twisting inside me, I can feel them move and change. My stomach never had this much muscle tone.

Tony moved around Tim's body too watch what was happening. The marines were equally attentive.

"My spine hurts. Down at the lumbar vertebrae. It's like I'm sitting on something. What's happen on my butt?" Tim asked.

Tony rolled Tim over on his stomach and traced his spinal column down his back over the new dorsal fin and lower. Tim's spinal column was extending itself into a tail. Tony thought he could see it grow slightly. The tail was only about four inches long.

"Uh, Tim, you got a tail." Tony said as he pulled Tim's legs apart gently.

"And your hemorrhoids have disappeared and your asshole is moving, uh north, toward the front of your body. I guess that you can't be a pain in the ass anymore. What irony, Tim Puleo can't be a pain in the ass anymore." Tony joked trying to calm him.

"A tail! What's a tail doing there? And why is my asshole moving? I was happy with it where it was. " Demanded Tim.

"Dolphins have tails, you know, dude. And you are turning into a merman. I told you that you would be a merman. You are going to have a big tail. And mermen have slits on their abdomen to take care of that stuff. As for internal organs, I can't be certain. Hell, I only went through this once and most of it I was unaware of. What are you feeling now?"

"Everything feels hot and painful. I'm beginning to feel all the changes. It's like a fever. I can feel the energy being pumped into the bones and tissues. My legs and feet are really hot now." Tim paused and looked at his feet and spoke again.

"They're smaller. They're shrinking. They hurt Tony. They hurt."

Tim was getting nervous.

"You're changing!" Tony said. "Just relax. Everything is going to be OK."

But Tim was getting more and more nervous.

"Tony! Tony! Please don't let me go through this alone I'm scared. Hold me, Help me!" Tim's was definitely getting hysterical.

The marines piled around to comfort Tim. They could only watch the transformation happen.

Tim broke the silence. He was crying. "I can feel my legs shrinking now. They hurt, my back hurts, it all hurts. Oh guys, help me, hold me. I don't know if I can do this alone." Tim was panicking.

"Let's get him in the water." Said Tony. And the marines lifted Tim and walked to the lower platform where the water was waist deep. They held him gently. This seemed to calm Tim.

"Why did you cause this?" Asked Gunny Rogers.

"Why are you putting him through this?" Bill demanded. But it was Tim that answered:

"Gunny, Bill, I wanted it. I agreed to it." Said Tim. "But It's scaring me now. I thought I would look like Tony and Tony doesn't have a tail. I don't know what is happening. I can feel my tail now. I even think I can wave it."

Gunny Rogers said: "Your feet and legs have shrunk to half their size and the tail is now about two foot long and growing longer. You will be a merman with a tail, not a dolphin-man like Tony."

Big Bill was holding Tim's back and Bob was cradling his head. The other supported various parts of him.

"I guess so!" said Tony. "I never thought about it, Tim, I just assumed that you would have legs like me." Tim squirmed and groaned and the transformation continued unabated.

"Look at his neck and shoulders!" exclaimed Dave as he called the group's attention to Tim's neck.

"It's thicker and gill slits are forming on each side." Dave narrated the changes as Tim's shoulders grew to support gills.

Bill turned Tim gently in the water and they all saw Tim's blowhole bulge out from his back and become functional. The signs of transformation moved down Tim's back as the backbone thickened and strengthened to support Tim's new body and tail. His dorsal fin had grown out twelve inches. Bill felt the new dorsal fin.

"It feels like cartilage. Flexible but strong. I felt Tim's spine thicken and grow stronger guys." Said Bill.

They turned Tim on his back in the water and watched as Tim's feet and legs were completely absorbed into his body as his new tail grew about four feet in length.

"Gunny Rogers spoke: "It looks like he's keeping his human form from the waist up and becoming a fish from the crotch down. He'll be longer. Tim was short, but now he's going to would be about seven feet from head to tail."

Tony added: "His flukes are forming at the end of his tail. Hold tight because he can really move water with them. I know how hard dolphin can smack with them."

Each time Tim thrashed in the water, His new body would knock them off balance.

They watched the changes to Tim's head. Tim's ears retracted and slits formed. He had lost all his hair and his bare skull made him look like more dolphin-like. The marines watched closely as Tim's nose and upper jaw grew outward by about two inches and became bottle shaped. Tim's lower jaw extended to match it. Several rows of round teeth formed in his mouth.

The startled Marines watched as Tim's new eyelids grew. A dolphin-like head was now perched on Tim's shoulders. Tim's body twisted and turned as the transformation continued. His forehead pulsed and throbbed and the sonar melon bulged from the top of his head. This so startled the Marines that they dropped Tim completely. They all were splashing and thrashing around in the water trying to regain their hold of him.

"This is just amazing, how can this happen this quick?" asked Big Bob.

"Look at his arms and chest!" said Hydrant Bill.

And as they watched, Tim's ribcage expanded and bowed out and his chest got rounder to match the roundness of his tail. Strong muscles were growing within Tim to permit the tail to become the main engine of motion in the water. Tim's lower body and back had become dolphin-like while his chest and shoulders had retained their roughly human appearance. He thrashed the water and kept the marines and Tony off-balance.

Tim rolled over on one side to expose his belly and grabbed Bill and Bob with his flipper-like hands and arms and held them tight. The marines watched the final stages of his transformation occuer on his lower abdomen. Tim's testicles retracted into his body and his scrotum was replaced by a fatty pouch like Tony had. Tim felt his testicles move internally from his lower stomach to up near his kidneys grow larger. The marines watched as Tim's still human cock grew to its new length of twenty-four inches, thickened as strong tendons and muscles grew along its length. Tim could feel the internal changes that altered his cock from a vascular structure to a muscular structure and he was aware of new muscles being formed within his abdomen to keep his penis from being ripped out of his body. He felt a new prostate-like gland form that would pressurize his sperm through the long penis. When this was done, the entire length of the penis slid back into a new slit on his stomach. Although his lower body was now round like a dolphin's, there was still a set of bulges where the human cock and balls would have been.

The transformation complete, Tim shook off the marines and floated free in the water. They watched as he started to learn to swim with his new tail and his webbed hands.

"Did you see the size of that cock!" said Dave, "No wonder you wouldn't let me touch it. That's a monster hiding under that slit. I wouldn't mind strutting that giant through a shower room." The other Marines mumbled their agreement..

Tony's attention was drawn back to Tim.

Tim was trying to talk. But, Tim's new mouth was not well suited to human speech. And his first attempts were awkward and strange. Slowly as he learned to close the blowhole and push air out through his human voice box, his speech became clearer and more distinct. It took a few tries to get used to his new tongue and mouth in order to articulate words.

"I think its over." Tim said loudly amidst a series of squeaks and whistles. Tony could tell that Tim was trying to project sonar when he spoke.

Tim tried again: "I could feel all the changes happening and I didn't expect some of them. Sorry to scare you guys that way. Look! I can control everything. The paralysis is gone! This body feels so good."

Chapter 12: What the Hell Happened Here?

The newly transformed Tim was swimming around the marines and Tony. He now had strong arms, a powerful tail and the ability to swim underwater and he was silly with joy over trying to learn how to use them.

For years, Time had lived with paralysis and muscle spasms in his torso and legs, and less and less strength in his arms and shoulders. Now, not only did any pain disappear, but his body was stronger than it had ever been. The major difference was that rather than having new legs to walk on, he had a new tail that he could flex. He quickly learned how to use that tail. Two of the marines, Dave and Bill, were holding his tail during the transformation and were the first to feel its power. The first smack caught Bill squarely on the chest and threw him backwards into the water and second smack caught Dave's legs and forced him to dive over the Tim's tail and into the water.

The other two marines, Gunny Rogers and Bob weren't as lucky. Tim's new arms and hands were immensely strong and Gunny Rogers and Bob both suffered. Tim grabbed them around the waist or by an arm and twisted them into the water. His new body's natural buoyancy kept him afloat, but the marines feet were sliding all over the lower platform where they were standing. The worst of it was to get drug under the water by Tim during one of his rather violent changes and held there unable to breathe while Tim's gills let him stay submerged.

But now, the change was complete. Tim was so excited with the changes that he began grab anything around and test his news strength. The Marines tried to dodge Tim. But he swam around them like a cat around its owner's legs, nudging, bumping and feeling his way around their bodies. Waist-deep in water, the Marines were vulnerable to Tim's wildness. At 250 pounds, Tim was taking advantage of his new size, strength, and swimming ability by yanking the Speedo's off the marines or goosing them as he passed. Surprised cries of "Timmy! Stop that!" echoed over the water scaring the birds.

That wasn't the only noise. Tim discovered that he could rise out of the water as high as his victims head and unleash a variety of ear-splitting whistles. As he tired of that maneuver, Tim discovered how to slap the water with his new tail and the marines, bare ass naked and vulnerable, became his targets. Eventually, the four marines found a rhythm to avoid Tim's tail. However, that only prompted Tim to try more outrageous stunts.

Tim discovered that his tail was so strong that he could grab any of the marines around their ribs and lift them out of the water rising high on his tail. Dave, the shortest and most muscular of the marines was the first one grabbed. He promptly tried to bear hug Tim. Tim countered by sinking into the water and taking Dave with him. While under water, Tim spun Dave around and held his back against his chest and lifted them both part of the way out of the water. Dave was pinned to Tim and thrashed around, pinned by Tim's extra strong arms. The thrashing aroused Tim and his new cock slid out of its sheath and through Dave's legs. There is stuck out like a baseball bat. Tim let Dave get his arms free and Dave grabbed Tim's cock and started jacking it.

"Wow!" Dave yelled, "Look at this monster. Tim's finally got a tool to match his ego."

The other marines laughed and watched as Dave wrapped both his hands around Tim's cock and brought him to a quick orgasm that filled the water with white jism. Tim dropped Dave as his cock retracted and then swam away into the deeper water.

Tony and the Marines were left standing there with nothing to do. It was the first quiet time that they had since Tim's transformation had begun. The four marines looked at each other and Tony and tried to cope with what had just happened.

There was an uneasy silence. Tony was the first to speak: "I'm really sorry about this." He said in sincere tones, continuing: "I know that meeting me must have been hard, but. And, uh, having Tim change in front of your eyes, could have unnerved anyone. I mean, I'm not even used to myself yet. But, uh, thanks for not freaking out and running away."

"Thank you for not freaking out! Just what the hell happened here?" Dave yelled. Tony had no answer, Dave continued: "Are you going to tell us? Or are we going to guess?" Again, a pause with no answer and Dave continued: "Part of me wants to run like hell from here. Part of me doesn't believe what we just witnessed! How do you think we should react to what you've done? Tim was our friend! And now he's a fish? Look at me, I just jacked-off a merman. What should I make of that?"

Tony just stood in silence as the marines moved out of the water and back to the floating platform. Bob spoke:

"Look Tony, or whatever your name is, this is a lot to absorb at one time. You appear out of nowhere, half man, half fish, and a nightmare of creation. You dupe us all morning and then, when Tim changes into a fish before our eyes, you ask us not to notice. What do you expect us to do? Pretend nothing happened?"

Tony just stood there, speechless, and shrugged his shoulders.

Gunny Rogers turned to Tony and said: "Look fellow, you owe us an explanation. You might be Tim's friend. But that doesn't excuse your lack of candor. You've been less than honest with us. So I suggest that we all have a sit down here while you and Tim describe what is really going on. Then we will make a decision of what we will do or won't do!" With that statement he and the other marines sat down on the float.

Chapter 13: The Fate of the Dolphins

Tony had trouble getting Tim to come back to the float and be still and quiet. Tim found that if he dangled his wide tail into the water that he could approximate a sitting position that didn't crush his dorsal fin. The four marines just sat on some cheap inflatable furniture and ate lunch while they were waiting. it was a strange sight anywhere in the United States but Hawaii. Four well-built, butt-naked marines listening intently to the creature from the black lagoon as Bob had started to call Tony. Tony sat quietly for a moment and decided that he would have to risk losing these guys to the truth. He began to tell his story:

"I was transformed about 10 months ago. I'm still not sure exactly who or what caused the transformation. I've only seen them underwater and they look like plankton. I can assure you, they aren't plankton. Somehow they are able to channel energy from another dimension and cause changes to occur in our dimension." Tony paused to catch his breath and then continued:

"As I understand what they tell me, we exist in only four dimensions, they exist in maybe ten or eleven dimensions. They are friends and protectors of the dolphins and the other Cetaceans. Tim and I resemble the dusky dolphin and all told, there are thirty-some species of dolphins along with the two mammalian whale species, the killer and pilot whales."

Gunny Rogers broke into Tony's dissertation: "This isn't a biology lecture. Why did you transform Tim and what are you doing here?"

Tony took a deep breath and exhaled out his blowhole.

"To be blunt, I am the last sexually active male dolphin. Tim is the next-to-last. Somewhere in the world, someone tested a piece of equipment that sterilized all the dolphins. They are all still out there in the ocean, but they are all impotent." He paused and looked around. All eyes were fixed on him. Tony continued:

"I first thought the tidal wave was a natural occurrence. But, I have since come to understand that the event was caused by something man-made." Tony looked at the marines for some understanding of what he said.

"Is this what he told you?" Dave asked at Tim.

"No, Tony came back to fix my paralysis. I don't care about any other reasons. Tony and I love each other and now we can be together. Besides, I now have a working cock that you helped jack-off." Tim answered as he let his new cock slide out of its pouch and then waved it at Dave. The marines and Tony laughed nervously at Tim's joke.

Tony continued: "The plankton creatures were able to protect the dolphins against most disasters, but event took them by surprise. It came without warning. All the male dolphins are sterile. Every last one of them. It's all mathematics from now on. The dolphin gestation period is one year. Pups stay with their mothers for three or four years, and male dolphins don't mature sexually for five to fifteen years. If nothing is done, all of the dolphin will be dead in one lifetime and that's about twenty years."

"So if you were transformed to save the dolphins, why are you part human?" asked Gunny Rogers.

"I guess because they didn't really have a choice. When the tidal wave hit, I was thrown onto the reef. My back was broken, both legs and my hips. If two dolphins hadn't carried me into the deep water to where the plankton creatures were living, I would be dead. I remember breathing water into my lungs and feeling my heart stop. I remember the silence of being dead. I guess that they had so little time to change me, that they left me part human."

" So you are their Adam, their sperm bank. It's your duty to create a race of half human sea creatures. Is that the price of resurrection?" Asked Gunny Rogers.

Tony cleared his blowhole and jumped into the water to get wet. He quickly returned to the deck.

"All these past ten months I have been impregnating any and all the female dolphins that came into contact with me. Each load of sperm I shoot contains about a hundred little plankton creatures. These plankton creatures are mating my DNA with the dolphin DNA and causing new offspring to be conceived. None have been born yet."

Bob interrupted and asked: "And the other male dolphins let you do this?"

"Yes, it's like any other mammal becoming a eunuch. After a few weeks, they lost all sex drive. Now I'm the only male able to mate with the female dolphins. My genetic structure has about 30 percent dolphin DNA. I think that Tim has about 50 percent dolphin DNA because of his tail. The plankton creatures have let me understand that at about 70 percent dolphin DNA, a human would look completely like a dolphin but, it would have a voice box so it could talk." Tony watched the surprised looks on their faces.

"Hey, you mean I'm more dolphin than you are?" asked Tim.

"Yes, and that's a good thing. Some of the dolphin females are unable to conceive with me as the father because I have too much human DNA left. You will be able to impregnate female dolphins that I can't." Tony took a breath.

Tim interrupted: "So I'm just a sperm bank to a bunch of females. I'm just a stud in the ocean. I want them to love me for my mind and not my body!"

The marines and Tim laughed at the joke.

"Can't resist being a smart-ass can you?" Tony said to Tim and then quickly turning to the marines:

"That's not the only differences. I have lungs, a blowhole and gills. Dolphins don't have gills. That's a new addition to dolphin physiology. Regardless, we need a broader base of genetic stock than just mine. So I guess that this is a recruiting opportunity. You guys drove into the yard just after sunrise, woofing and hoo-rahing the daylights out of the joint. I never expected anyone to be at Tim's, let alone marines on exercises. When you were able to keep pace with me, it became an opportunity. You guys are really good in the water for mere humans. Strong, healthy, virile. In fact, astonishingly good breeding stock. And even better, you know what it takes to commit to a cause and dedicate your life to its success. I would hate to pass you up and get some others who are merely adequate or worse, less than adequate." Said Tony.

"So you can initiate the change?" Asked Gunny Rogers.

"Yes, I carry enough plankton within me to initiate the change in any human and I have some control over what a human will become when he is transformed." Replied Tony.

"You haven't transformed any human females?" asked Gunny Rogers.

"No, There's no reason to do that. There aren't any male dolphins to mate with. All the female dolphins are OK. They were unaffected by the event.

"And you want us to join you in fathering a new race?" asked Bill.

"And we might transform beyond mermen to look completely like a dolphin?" asked Dave as he crossed his legs to hide his semi-hard cock. The idea of becoming part dolphin was turning him on.

"Yes, that's the way it is, and time is short. With Tim's transformation complete, we can't stay here long. I have to take him out to the open sea so I can teach him how to live out there. Remember that you have to live with this decision for a long time. You can't change back. So be sure about what you want."

Earnest glances were exchanged between the marines.

"Come back at twelve noon, that's about an hour. We need time to discuss this among ourselves." Said Gunny Rogers.

Tim and Tony dove in the water and swam out towards the ocean. The five men watched the two dolphin-men shrink into the horizon, leaping and playing with each other.

Chapter 14: The Marine Discussions

The four marines sat on inflatable chairs soaking up the sun. Tony and Tim had swum out to sea and the conversation turned to what the marines were going to do.

Bob spoke first: "Now what about the Tidal Wave? What caused it? Gunny. Was it really as bad as he makes it? What was the test that caused so much trouble?"

Gunny Rogers answered: "The Air Force tested a hush-hush, secret, nuclear-powered drive for rockets in outer space. It's supposed to bend space and time and make faster-than-light travel possible. They call it a "warp" type drive after the sci-fi show Star Trek. The test sent an object around the earth just seconds. It worked. But it worked too well. It caused all sorts of troubles, from earthquakes to volcanoes, to bizarre storms."

"Well, that explains why the effects were so worldwide, it was the object that caused them. Right?" asked Bob.

Gunny Rogers replied: "Yes, sort-of, apparently the warp field can't be engaged that close to earth without causing serious disruptions. It also causes a major league EMP and that is what caused electrical blackouts in four states."

"That's not enough to sterilize fish? Is it?" said Bill.

"No, The second effect was more complicated. The drive sets up a field about a half kilometer in diameter that causes hyper-sexuality. Anyone near the drive gets really, really horny. It produces a sexual frenzy so intense that anyone within the field who can't get sexual release goes crazy and dies. The Air Force had a hard time admitting that the surviving guards and Airmen closest to the drive were either screwing each other's ass or blowing each other's cock to stay alive. Don't ask, don't tell is how they put it."

"So the Air Force finally discovered unit cohesion." joked Dave.

"It's a wonder those Air Force virgins figured out what to do!" added Bill.

"Well what have we got? A faster-than-light space drive, but it takes two men screwing each other to pilot the spaceship. What a thought. Imagine a whole platoon of men being sent to Alpha Centauri with nothing to do on the way but have sex with each other." Said Bob.

It was Dave who returned to the dolphins. "But all this is just a big 'so what' Gunny. We're all grown men and know the psychological and physical issues involved with sex between guys. Hell, Timmy was one of the best lovers I ever went to bed with. What does all this have to do with the dolphins?" asked Dave.

"It was the radiation from the space drive that sterilized the dolphins. It altered the DNA of all living things, mostly harmless changes, but everything on earth changed that day, including man."

answered Gunny Rogers.

"Well I don't feel different." remarked Dave.

"No, you shouldn't. In humans the radiation enabled a genetic change that made possible cloning at an accelerated rate. From conception until birth is three months and then from birth to maturity is only twenty-one or twenty-two weeks, not years, weeks. The military doctors pump the clones with steroids, growth hormones and subliminal learning. And in six months, they turn out a soldier. Imagine a 20 year old killers with no social experience, three or four times stronger than any of us, bred to be lean, mean fighters just waiting to go to war."

"You've got to be joking! They don't have families to bury the dead, no grieving widows and orphans, and I'll bet they have no civil rights. The wars will never end!" said Bob.

"No, No joke. In about two years, the first regiment will be ready. Once the other nations realize we have clones, World War Three will begin. The battle over the cloning technology will start. " The Gunny said this with dread and doom in his voice.

"No shit. You really think so?" asked Dave.

"It won't be too hard to justify the war. After all, Reagan lost an embassy, Clinton had Kobar Towers and Somalia, we lost the Federal Building in Oklahoma, the World Trade Center was bombed, who knows what's next. Once the appropriate terrorist event happens, an unscrupulous President tells the grieving families that he could have saved their dead young men and women by replacing them with clones but congress wouldn't give him the money. If the President doesn't pull that kind of crap, then some congressional hot-shot will leak the cloning information to embarrass the President. In both cases, the public goes goofy. And we will have an all-clone army." Gunny Rogers stood up and opened another cooler of beer.

"I ain't sticking around for this world to be taken over by a bunch of idiots too lazy to fight for themselves." Said Bob. "The stupid Russians are killing and eating each other. The Japanese have let their economy go into recession because they won't spend any of their money. And the Chinese are going to have so many people that they will eat the world out of house and home. It might be better to be a fish in the sea where at least we stand a chance."

"That's easy for you to say, but we have kids. I don't want to leave them behind?" said Dave.

Gunny Rogers nodded in agreement. "My wife is dead. Andy is my step son. Willie has lived with us since his parents died. I wonder if we could find one of the Officers to finish raising them. They start college next year and will need room and board and tuition. I don't have that kind of money to turn over to him. I would hate to leave him alone at this time. Hell, he might join us. What do you guys think? Would Stan join us? How about Bill Junior?" Said Gunny Rogers.

"Stan's only thirteen and he's at that geeky, awkward stage. I don't know if he would understand being alone. He might be willing to become a merman." Said Dave.

"Bill Junior wants to be an oceanographer. He's seventeen years old and can make his own decision. I worry that Tony or Tim won't want kids. I think that we can be sure that Tim will back whatever Tony wants, regardless of what arguments we present. Of course it you lived your life a cripple like Tim, I guess you would do the same." Said Bill Senior

"Real sensitive, Bill. That wasn't a very nice thing to say about Tim. Tim would have followed Tony no matter what had happened past or present. But our kids are a different matter, they're old enough to make their own choice. Tony and Tim can wait a few years for me to join them if my kid needs settling." Said Big Bob.

"Well then, we agree? It's a deal-breaker if we can't take the kids along" Said Dave.

Gunny Rogers and Bill nodded in agreement.

The four men sat in silence for a moment and then Gunny Rogers took the opportunity to speak:

"Will we regret our decision? Five, ten, or twenty years down the road, will we regret becoming part dolphin? I want to hear from all of you, one by one."

Dave was the first to speak: "I think it's an opportunity to be something special. That's one of the reasons I joined the Marines was to become something more than just another ordinary guy." Said David. "And Stan can grow up where there ain't no drugs or sexually transmitted diseases or body piercing or any of that crap. The ocean will be an easier place to raise a kid."

"I don't think about it that way." said Bill, "I think we all make our own way in the world and when an opportunity comes knocking we either take it or leave and not look back. If Bill Junior wants to join, that's fine. If not, too bad. I think I want the transformation to be as complete as possible. That's what I'll ask Tony to do. I have a suspicion that those plankton creatures are going to keep us healthy and happy for a long time." Bill didn't seem to be the least concerned about his son.

Bob, the only bachelor had a completely different outlook: "I don't have anyone to keep me here or anything worth worrying about. I was trying to think of a reason or a thing or a person who I would miss. And there aren't any. There are no girlfriends, no pets, no possessions, nothing to hold me. Raising a few hundred baby dolphins can't be that hard. I'll tell you, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Tim transform. What a rush that must have been. I'm really kind-of excited about the entire thing. No, there won't be any regrets for me."

"Well then," the Gunny started, "I guess that settles that. We join Tony and Tim if the kids are willing. School ends early today. I told Andy and Willie to meet me here at the cove. Maybe they can pick up Stan and Bill at the same time. Dave, you want to see if you can get Stan, Bill, get in touch with Bill Junior. Use the House phone or the cellular phone in my car. We will see what the kids have to say and go from there."

Chapter 15: The Four Teenagers

The phone calls telling the kids to come to Tim's cove after school didn't seem unusual. The three families often met meet at Tim's cove. More over, Several times a year, Tim would have a cookout or a party. And for the kids, his house was equipped with all the latest cool, new electronic toys and games. Andy and Willie picked the others in his jeep. Besides Andy and Willie, there was Stan, and Bill Junior. The four of them filled the jeep with boys, backpacks, gym bags, boogie boards, and other assorted gear.

Willie and Andy were seniors in high school and the de-facto leaders. Willie was Polynesian. Gunny Rogers and Andy had adopted him after the death of his parents died in a plane accident over the ocean two years earlier. Gunny Rogers had known Willie's family from before Willie was birth, and had been named his guardian in their last will and testament. Willie was dark skinned, with jet-black hair, black eyes and the typically stocky Polynesian build.

Andy had been adopted by Gunny Rogers about seven years earlier. He had been sold into slavery by his prostitute mother as a young child. He rarely talked about his past. What little the marines knew about his prior life had been gleaned from off-hand remarks and unintended admissions. His readjustment to family life had taken a few years of persistence by Gunny Rogers. In that time, Andy had turned his bad fortune around and was admired as a good, dependable, studious kid at school. Andy was built like Michaelangelo's statue of David with marble white skin, deep blue eyes and two patches of fiery red hair, one on his head and the other at his crotch. During the endless summer of Hawaii, he didn't tan to a nice brown shade, he just turned a deeper shade of red. Black bands tattooed on his biceps and swirling black curves tattooed on his thighs and buttocks made Andy a distinctive sight on the beaches and around the island. Gunny Rogers had blown a gasket about the first tattoo, but Andy had worked extra hard to get grades in school that Gunny calmed down and let Andy get the rest of his body tattoos.

The third member of the foursome, Bill Junior at eighteen, was a taller, thinner version of his Father. Two inches taller at six foot nine and seventy-five pounds lighter, he was the image of his father. They both had brown hair, hazel eyes, and the same tightly muscled, hairy chest and abdomen. Bill Junior's frame was still youthfully, lithe and supple, while Bill Senior's movements showed his age. Bill Junior was an excellent basketball player and a good student. However, he had somehow earned the wrath of the school's bullies and seemed always to be fighting his way out of trouble. Bill Senior had paid for the best martial arts training in the hope that the fighting at school would end, but all it succeeded in doing was to let Bill Junior fight even harder. There was bad blood between the two. None of the marines knew why, but Bill Junior and his father fought constantly. Nothing seemed to be right between them. Andy and Willie kept an eye on Bill Junior.

The fourth kid was David's thirteen year-old son Stan. He was at that "geeky" age. Big shoulders, small arms, legs like stilts, chubby butt, and still boyishly plump in the face. He was in the middle stages of puberty. Half man, half child with hairy legs, peach-fuzz on his balls, three hairs on his chest and a wispy-thin trace of a beard on his chin. He had just turned the corner from boyhood to manhood and was not quite ready for it. He was only shoulder height to his Dad at 5 foot 5 inches, and had a naturally athletic build. He wore his straight brown hair stubble-short to reveal his skull beneath. He had an engaging and warm personality that endeared him to most adults. The other boys treated him as their little brother.

The jeep rolled along the highway and stopped at the crest of the ridge that formed Tim's Cove. From their vantage point, they could see what their father's were doing. It was part of the game of "gotcha" that teenage boys play with their Dads. Usually, their fathers were doing something in the water. Today, they saw their fathers sitting on the Float naked. They drove to the back of the house and into the garage as quietly as they could.

Once in the house, they discovered that Tim was gone. Crestfallen, they all went out to the dock and waited to be seen from the float. Gunny Rogers and Dave saw them first and yelled to them. Stan, the youngest, was first to comment:

"Gee guys, I never saw them out there naked before. I wonder what's going on?"

"Well, they're not smiling, that's for sure. I wonder what we did wrong?" said Andy.

Bill Junior yelled to his Dad on the float: "Hey Pop, why y'all sitting around with the long faces?"

"We all want to talk to you, boys. Swim out to the float." Yelled Bill Senior

"What ya want to talk about? How cute your gray-haired, naked, wrinkled, old butt looks today? Well! We're not those kind of boys, Dad. Didn't the Gunny tell you we gave sex up for lent? And where's Tim?" Bill Junior smart-assed back. The four boys high-fived each other at scoring a point in the game of "getting his goat." The other three Marines woofed and blustered at Bill Senior.

"Get your sorry ass up here! Now! Or I'll kick it so hard it will be Tuesday before you find it again!" Bill Senior yelled angrily at the dock.

"That warmed him up!" Bill said to his companions.

"I don't think you should aggravate him that way. He sounds serious. It's rare we have a big group meeting like this." Andy observed.

"Let's swim out there naked. That always pisses them off." Suggested Bill.

In seconds, four sets of baggy teenage clothes hit the ground as the boys stretched their legs and shook out their hands and arms preparing for the swim. They all looked at each other's bodies as teenagers look, wondering how their bodies would change again. They jockeyed for position and elbow-poked each other getting ready for the dive into the water.

"Last one to the float's a geek!" Andy yelled and the four boys dove into the water and raced each other to the float.

Once at the Float, they started splashing and wrestling the older men. When they finished, nothing on the float was dry. There was more water on the float than around it. Tired and winded, the boys sprawled out on the deck in postures that only teenage bodies could be twisted into.

"I guess you are the instigator of this nakedness?" Bill Senior said accusingly to his son.

"Yeah! We wanted to hang out with you." Smart-mouthed Bill Junior as he shook his cock at his Dad. "Whatcha want to do about it?" he added in anger. Gunny Rogers put a hand on Bill Seniors shoulder to keep him from exploding. Bill Senior just stood and steamed at his son's disobedience.

"Hey Dad, what's all this about?" asked Andy.

"Why y'all got long faces?" asked Stan.

"Where's Tim?" asked Willie.

It was Gunny Rogers who spoke first. "Tim has a friend named Tony who offered all of us a job at sea. We won't take it unless you guys want to go along. It means a drastic change in the way we live."

"Yeah, a huge change. It's hard to explain." Said Dave as he put his arm around Stan's shoulders and tried to hug his son. Stan promptly squirmed out of the hug.

"Gee Dad, not like this." said Stan bashfully.

Gunny was facing his two step-sons. But Bill Senior and Bill Junior glared at each other from opposites sides of the Float. Dave continued: "The long and short of it is that he wants us to turn into mermen so that we can go out in the ocean and repopulate the dolphins."

Bill Junior screwed up his face, went to the side of the Float and said:

"Cripes, Dave, how the hell you expect us to believe a story like that. You gotta come up with a bigger shaggy dog tale than that. Imagine, turning us into fish! Saving the dolphins! We aren't that gullible. Here! Hold my dick while I pee!" He said pulling Stan along with him. Bill stood at the edge of the Float, hips thrust toward the water and cock pointed out to urinate. Stan tried to imitate his motions, but only succeeded in looking silly and awkward. Andy and Willie joined the other boys just to play the game.

Before anyone could speak, Dave poked Gunny and pointed out to the sea. Two shapes were plowing the water at record speed towards the float.

"The floor show's about to start!" said Dave.

All four boys had stood and were attempting to empty their bladders from the edge of the float, but being teenagers and a little shy about their bodies, especially around their naked fathers, not much happened in a hurry. Dave, Gunny Rogers and Bob realized what Tony and Tim were going to do and started to laugh. This merely angered Bill Junior who had intended his watery act to be punctuation of his sarcastic and defiant treatment of his father. The four boys had their eyes closed and were busy draining the trouser snake when Tony and Tim broke the water's surface nearly in front of them. Tim did a flip and landed on his dolphin-shaped back with a giant splash, and Tony cause a wave to smack into the dock and splash the boys. Caught holding their dicks, the four boys tumbled over onto each other on the Float. Before anyone could make a noise, Tim's now dolphin-like head rose out of the water and he yelled:

"No pissing in the swimming pool!" He then swam his bulk onto the Float and bent his torso as upright as a merman could.

"Hey guys, the water's great, come in for a swim. It's like I was born for it. It's a rush. I haven't felt this free since before I broke my back. Y'all going to join us in the deep ocean? Have you decided yet? And don't pee in the pool. You gotta teach these boys some manners."

Tony climbed onto the float and went over to the jumble of boys laying on the float. He started to pick them up on their feet again. The four just stared in amazement at the two men's transformations.

"Oh crap, it's true. You really did become a dolphin." Said Andy in a startled voice as he recognized Tim and wiped the water off his body with his hands.

Tony went to help Bill Junior, but he was terrified of the half-man, half-dolphin.

"How? Why? What are you? Get away from me, you freak!" Bill Junior screamed as he shied away from Tony's touch, genuinely afraid of what he saw.

Stan, the youngest, was not afraid. "Radical and gnarly!" He said while exploring Tim's new tail.

"Are we gonna become dolphins, Dad? That would be neat! How does it happen! When do we start? Can we live in the ocean? Can we visit Seaworld and do stunts? Can I touch your tail? What does it feel like?" Stan said breathlessly. He was completely and utterly captivated by the changes in Tim and Tony. Tim playfully shook Stan who tried to hold on, but the merman's skin slippery. Stan tried wrestling Tim's to the ground, but the only succeeded in rolling around the Float with Tim and laughing.

Meanwhile, Willie, who had fallen in the water, had climbed back on the Float and was standing next to Andy. He was awestruck. As Tony turned towards him, he knelt and said: "On my island we have legends of righteous men chosen by the gods to become fish. I thought this to be a childish legend. But now I see the truth. I beg you to find me worthy enough to join you. I pray that you find my honored brother and father worthy enough to join me." Tony looked at the stout Polynesian in front of him and knew that he had at least one recruit. Willie's thick arms and torso would easily translate into the dolphin form.

Andy pulled Willie to his feet and said: "Hey, Willie! He's not a god."

"My legends come alive and stand before me. How can I behave like nothing happened, Andy." Willie scolded and knelt again: "I am ready to follow you to the ends of the earth. I am your servant for as long as I live." Tony put both his hands on Willie shoulders and stood him up. His body was strong and sturdy. He would make a good recruit. ""I'm sure you will." Replied Tony. Then he turned his attention to Gunny Rogers and Andy. They each had an arm wrapped around the others shoulders. With his free hand, Gunny caressed Andy's young face and spoke to his adopted son in a soft voice:

"Andy, I know this is sudden, but I want to join Tim and Tony. Will you come with us? I think it will be a better life than any we can have on the land." Tony watched as Andy hugged his stepfather and replied:

"I don't want to go anywhere without you and Willie. I was alone too long. You and Willie are the best thing that ever happened to me. I grew up with whores, hustlers and criminals. None of them worth the gunpowder to shoot them to hell. Of course I'll join you." With that, Andy stepped forward and extended his hand to shake Tony's. Tony used the opportunity to embrace the kid and run his hands over Andy's firm and well-muscled body exploring the tattoos that swirled around his torso. Tony held the redhead close to him and ran his flipper-like hands over his back and buttocks just to see how he would react. Andy was not afraid and returned Tony's embrace. Gunny Rogers and Willie hugged both of them.

"So you want to be a merman?" asked Tony.

"Yes!" Andy replied, "Just like Tim."

"Well, when the group gets settled, you will be the first to be transformed." replied Tony. Tony could feel Andy's cock becoming stiff and contemplated unleashing his cock. But he knew that would cause the boy's trasnformation and most likely lots of chaos within the group. THe four of them were disturbed by the wrestling duo, Tim and Stan, who nearly knocked them off the float. Tony released Andy, Gunny Rogers and Willie and turned to face Tim and Stan.

"Well I see you two are becoming wrestling buddies." said Tony. Stan bounced off Tim and smacked squarely into his Dad's chest he was so excited. Stan was out of breathe from his exertions but he still managed to find his voice:

"Dad, can we be dolphins? I want to look like the dolphins we watch swimming while fishing in the ocean. I don't want to be a merman. I want to change into a real dolphin."

Tony caught the disapproval on Dave's face.

"Well, I wanted to stay partially human. I really wanted to be like Tony here, able to walk around on land." Dave replied.

"That's no fun, Dad!" replied Stan. "Let's change all the way. Let's become fish in the sea and raise a school of fish out there. I don't want arms or legs, I want fins and flippers." While saying this, Stan hugged him and lay his head on his Dad's shoulder.

Dave let out a big sigh and caressed the back of Stan's head and said: "But Stan, I don't want to change that completely and you're not old enough to swim around alone. I still want to watch over you. I'm afraid to change that much. Can't you see becoming just merman like Tim? You would have a tail."

"No way! Dude! I want to go all the way or not at all." Said Stan stubbornly. "I want fins. I want a tail. I love the shape of a dolphin and I want to really become one."

"But what if you miss being human? You can't change back again?" Asked Dave.

"But Dad, Every day I wake up and something else is different about my body. I won't regret it. I want to swim with the dolphins and whales. I want to see the oceans." Replied Stan.

Dave thought for a moment, then replied: "But Stan, I can't. I'm too afraid to become a dolphin."

Stan pouted for a second and then offered: "Dad, are you afraid that I'm too young and still a virgin? That I don't understand the birds and the bees? Well don't let that bother you."

The three other kids turned at once and nearly in unison yelled "Shut up!" to Stan. It was clear that Andy, Willie and Bill Junior wanted Stan to shut up. But, the kid was determined and blurted out:

"I am not a virgin, I've been screwing Cindy, the prom queen, for three months. She say's I'm a better lay than most of the football and soccer teams. And my dick is bigger too!" All movement ceased. Everyone was standing very still listening to the precocious thirteen year old.

"You! You and Cindy the Prom Queen? Cindy the mattress, Cindy the human sperm bank?" Said Dave in surprise.

"Yeah, dad! But donít worry the guys have kept me supplied with rubbers and she's on the pill! So we couldn't have a baby. I just use her for sex." Stan volunteered in an embarrassed tone. He stood away from his father and turned to face the others. His manhood was half erect and sticking straight out from his body. It was impressive. Tony estimated that it would be 10 inches hard and quite thick. His father was astonished by the revelation:

"I don't whether I should be mad at you or proud of you." He reached down and gave his son's cock and squeeze and shake with his hand: "So this is the tool that tamed Cindy the insatiable." Embarrassed by his Father's grip, and getting harder by the second, Stan squeezed out of his Dad's grip. But Bob came up and stood behind Stan blocking his escape. Bob reached around Stan, pinned Stan's arms and cupped his big hands over Stan's now erect cock. Stan's back was held tightly against Bob's chest.

"So you're the big, bad stud that Cindy's been talking about? She told the guys on the football team that her current lover was hung like a horse and could do it for hours. You're going to have to give us lessons. Stud!" Said Bob as he rubbed his crotch into Stan's bare bottom causing him to squirm against the older mans grip. Tim, who was not standing and had a lower point of view would later tell Tony that Bob's cock was sneaking up Stan's butt.

"I wondered why your acne went away." Bob said with a laugh and quickly added:

"I have a solution for you and your Dad. I would be willing to become a complete dolphin and watch over You. It's not like we're going to be completely separated. Besides, I feel like you. The more complete the change the better." Bob explained. Stan squirmed some more and was ready to refuse, but realized that he was being offered a good deal. He twisted his head around and looked at Bob's face nearly up against his. Then he turned his attention to his father:

"Is that OK with you Dad? Can Bob be my dolphin partner?"

Dave took the opportunity to satisfy both his doubts and Stan's desires.

"Yes, I think that would work. You two as dolphins..." his voice trailed off.

"All the way to dolphin, Bob?" asked Stan still in Bob's grip.

"Yup! All the way to dolphin. Let's go talk about the changes." Bob replied. Then, still keeping Stan's back pinned to his chest, he lifted the teenager off the ground and jumped into the water with him. They came to the surface with Bob and Stan still holding each other, but Stan but now faced Bob. In the water, they each ground their crotches together. Tony and Tim just looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Gunny Rogers and Dave, however, had turned their attention elsewhere and either didn't notice, or didn't care. They both were glaring at Andy and Willie:

"You two supplied a thirteen year old with rubbers?" He said sternly. Both boys stuttered their agreement. Gunny smiled and laughed out loud. Andy and Willie just stared in surprise. When Gunny Rogers caught his breath, he said:

"How ironic. Here we are preparing our kids to be fathers to a new race of half-dolphin, half-human creatures, and you guys are trying to hide your sexual shenanigans. Well, each of you is going to get more than his fair share of dolphin sex. I think it's ironic that Stan lost his virginity before you guys." Andy and Willie almost contradicted their step-father, but then realized that ignorance is bliss and silence really is the better part of valor. And so they just shut up and blushed obligingly.

Tony thought to himself, six down and two to go. Andy, Willie and Gunny Rogers would become mermen. Stan and Bob would become dolphins and Dave would become a dolphin-man. Now he had to deal with Bill Junior and Bill Senior.

Chapter 16: Junior and Senior

Bill Junior and Bill Senior were going to be problems. By the time Tony and the marines turned their attention to them, they were screaming and cursing at each other. Gunny Rogers, Dave and Bob did not know the source of Bill Junior's anger, but they were going to find out. Gunny barked out an order to get the two to stop the verbal abuse.

"That's enough the two of you! Now stop this nonsense and talk in a civil tone of voice."

"He's a damn liar. He never told the truth in his life." said Bill Junior angrily.

"You don't want to hear the truth, you just want to hear what you think is the truth!" yelled Bill Senior back at his kid.

"You just want to take your Mother's side. Ever since you met her you've done nothing but give me trouble and fight everybody in the world. I raised your sorry ass and I deserve some respect."

"You did nothing but lie to me all my life. Now you want me to trust you? You want respect. What respect did you show anybody all these years. Not to her. Not to me. Not even to your friends. You're whole life's a lie." Bill Junior screamed at his father.

"What's this about a mother? I thought you were a widower." bellowed Tim in a voice that even surprised him. Bill Senior gave him an evil look and responded:

"As far as I 'm concerned my wife died in childbirth. What's it to you, Tim? How could you possibly know what's going on in anyone else's life." Tim looked startled at the anger directed at him. Bill Junior was quick to add:

"My mother's still alive. I met her three years ago. She left him because he beat her. Now, he wants everyone to believe she's dead and think that he did such a wonderful job raising me alone. He raised me alone because he's a wife beater." Bill Senior took a swing at Bill Junior and the marines and Tony grabbed the two and physically restrained them. Gunny Rogers again tried to gain control of the situation.

"What's the truth, Bill. Tell us. That's an order!" It took a moment for Bill Senior to compose himself.

"We were only dating when she got pregnant. I had to marry her. After Bill came. She started going out with other men. Flaunting her infidelity in my face. I was hurt and jealous. When Bill was six months old, I took him and left. She never stopped trying to find us. About three years ago, she found us and spoiled everything with her lies and silliness." He stopped and stared at the decking.

"Did you beat her? Did you beat Bill Junior?" asked Tim.

"Yes. I did. They both deserved it. It made them better." Bill Senior replied.

"And you declared war on your father?" Tim asked Bill Junior.

"Yes. He deserved it. For fifteen years I thought my mother was dead and one day she shows up at the door and tells the truth. The truth about me, about him, and about all the lies he told to keep her away. I wanted to make life miserable for him." replied Bill Junior.

"You ungrateful little bastard. I ought to break your face in for doing that." screamed Bill Senior and with that, he lunged at his son, but was quickly restrained by the others. Tim knew he had to take control.

"Tony, you take the father and the grownups, I'll take the kids. Let's separate these two so we can straighten them out." Said Tim. The adults took Bill Senior to the shore to talk sense in to his head. Andy and Willie stayed with Tim and Bill Junior on the Float. Stan and Bob went off by themselves to the far side of the cove to get better acquainted.

Tim took a few minutes to get settled because his tail and dorsal fin wouldn't let him sit. When comfortable , Tim started the questions:

"You guys got naked just to piss of your fathers. Didn't you? Whose idea was that?"

"It was mine, Tim." replied Bill Junior. "I wanted to start a fight. He always gets angry when we get naked. He's not comfortable with his body and I knew he would go postal. I think he hates me."

"That's not true, Bill. He doesn't hate you. And I think you know that, you can't live with this anger. Your dad was wrong not to tell you about your mother, but he hasn't been abusing you. He hasn't beat you, we would know."

"How the hell do you know what's abusive? Tim!" Bill Junior nearly spat the words at Tim.

"Bill, my father beat my mother and he beat me. He was a violent drunk. I know what abuse is. I ran away from home and was hustling on the streets at your age. There is something else wrong. Why are you so defensive? " Said Tim.

"Your father might have beat you, but he never lied about it and never forced you to tell the world how wonderful he was. At least you knew your Mother." Bill Junior said avoiding the question and trying to change the subject. But Tony had more experience with lies like this.

Andy quickly added: "Bill, I was sold into slavery. At the age of five and six I was having sex with men for money. That never happened to you. You had a good upbringing. There is something else bothering you."

Tim didn't give Bill a chance to dismiss Andy's statements: "Bill, I once told you that I broke my back when my father took a seizure and wrecked the van. Well, That wasn't the truth. He was beating my mother while I was driving and I lost my temper and tried to beat him off her. I lost control of the van and wrecked. The accident killed both of them and crippled me. I know what lies are. What is troubling you?" Tim paused to take a breath. Bill and the other boys were surprised at his revelation. Tim continued:

"Look, I was as angry at my father and even angrier at myself for not stopping him. I know what abuse is and I know that your Dad is not abusing you. You just can't live with this anger. Look at all the trouble its causing you.." He could see the anger in Bill Junior's eyes soften.

"I used to think about what my mother would have been if she was alive. Then I found out. He beat her and she left him. Then he took me and disappeared. It took 15 years for her to find me. Who is he to decide that my mother is worthless?" Said Bill Junior softly.

"He's still the man who raised you. And he did what he thought was best. It might look wrong in hindsight. But you can't change the past. You have to forgive your father and start living in the future." Tim told Bill.

"I thought that I could hurt him by killing myself. That was stupid. But I was so obsessed and angry that I couldn't see how stupid that was." Bill replied.

Andy interrupted: "Bill tried to commit suicide twice. Once he flooded his house with natural gas and another time he bought a gun. Willie and I were lucky to stop him."

"Did this happen recently?" Asked Tim.

"No. It was about two years ago. We tried to keep him out of trouble." Andy said.

"Did you try again?" asked Tim. Bill just shrugged, but Tony persisted:

"Did you try again?"

"Yes, Twice. I tried hanging myself at school, but I was stopped both times. I never told anyone." Bill offered. Tim had got him to open up just a little. Andy sighed:

"We didn't know. We should have watched you closer. Who stopped you?"

"I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone. Especially my dad. It's too hard? He wouldn't understand." Replied Bill Junior.

"Billy, please tell me what you're keeping secret. There is nothing that you can say that will surprise me. Believe me, I've been through depression. I've had the same problems." Said Tim.

"Did you take a male lover?" asked Bill Junior. The other kids looked at each other in surprise.

"Oh, Billy, Tony and I were lovers for years. That's why we lived together. Doctor Ed shares my bed when he's in town. You're not the first guy to take another man as a lover." Tim said comfortingly. He didn't want to tell the boy that he had had his father and the other marines too. That revelation would have been unwise. Bill shrugged. He started to take an attitude and say something, but then he shrugged again and slouched over in defeat. Tim pressed on, determined to get an answer to Bill's problems.

"Tell me the story from the beginning." Tim said as he put his arm around Billy and held him close. Bill sat silent with his head resting on Tony's chest. He rubbed Tim's chest with his hands: Your skin's so different now that you are a dolphin, rubbery and hard." Bill said quietly, and before Tim could reply, he launched into his story:

"After I met my mother, I started thinking about all the things I missed not having her around. I resented not being raised normal. I guess that's when the depression started. I began looking and treating the world as a bad place. I was only sixteen and just starting my third year in high school. I had no one to talk to. I couldn't talk to Andy and Willie. I didn't know how to bring up the subject. I didn't know the words." Bill reached a hand out and placed it on Andy's shoulder, pulling him towards Tim's chest. He continued:

"How could I tell you that I grew up without a mother when your mother raised you in a whorehouse, raised you like a sex slave. All those drunks and perverts. You never talked about your past and I didn't know how to talk about my troubles. Willie had just lost his parents and I couldn't burden him with it. They caught the first two suicide attempts." Bill paused.

"We stayed with him for a couple weeks and he seemed to come out of the depression." Said Andy.

"Yes, you did your best. I won't ever forget that." Bill said raking a deep breath.

"I guess I was OK for a time. But my depression was only put aside, not cured. School had begun and for a month or so, everything was great. But little-by-little, the anger, the darkness, and the depression returned. Dad couldn't understand my depression. He thought I was just being stubborn. He would order me to act differently and think that was the solution. My only release was basketball. I could stay at basketball practice five nights a week and avoid my Dad. I stayed with you guys on weekends and avoided my Dad. Even little Timmy kept me a night or so a month." Bill paused again in his story.

"We build our own private hell and then stock it with demons. But Bill, someone unlocked yours. Who was it?" asked Tim realizing where Bill was leading the discussion. "Tell me, please."

It was Gregory Smith, we first got together when he was a freshman. He was like a puppy dog giving me big, moony, love-struck eyes. Following me faithfully all over. I thought it was just that silly type of athletic hero worship. He was a bright kid, dark black hair, cute face, good build, a natural at basketball. I really like him and since I didn't want to go home, I started to coach and drill him. No one was left at the school when we finished practicing and we had the locker rooms and showers all to ourselves. I could see bruises and scars all over his body. His father was an alcoholic." Bill Junior stopped to open and drink a soda.

"I met Gregory, he's a good kid. I never knew his father beat him." remarked Andy. Bill Junior spoke again, but this time, more slowly.

"We spent hours talking about how bad our parents were. I think I was his only friend at school. He always seemed to be just around the corner and always physically close to me. As I think back now, he was constantly watching me. It was a month or so, and I had another bout with depression. A really deep and dark episode and I was determined to end it all. We finished basketball practice and showered up and I made some excuses about leaving after him. After he left, I threw a rope over one of the pipes and hung myself." Bill paused and took a drink.

"But it was not to be. Gregory came back and found getting ready to jump off the stool. I couldn't do it in front of him. That was attempt that Gregory stopped. That night I we talked and I thought things were OK. But, About three weeks later, the dark clouds closed in again, and I tried the same thing. But this time, I made sure he was well away from the building. I did the rope, kicked the stool out from under me and blacked out. Gregory came back, found me unconscious and cut me down. He didn't leave my side for three days after that. He fed me, took care of me, and made me act as if nothing was wrong. I was a psychological zombie. I did what he said, and nothing else. He kept me going through those three days in some semblance of normality. When we finished our nightly basketball practices, he would take me to the showers and wash me. His hands on my body felt good. On the third day, he told me that he wanted me. I let him kiss me. It felt good to have someone that physically close, someone I could trust, someone to talk to. I returned his physical attentions. We didn't go farther than jerking off that first time, but the dark clouds began to part." Bill paused to let this all sink in before he went on. No one else spoke.

"He told me about his father. How he was beaten almost daily. How he avoided doing anything more than sleeping at his home. I told him about my dad and how he lied about my mother. It was a psychological release for both of us. He would listen to my depressed ranting and I would help him fix his bruises and cuts after his beatings. We've been spending our time keeping each other stable and sane." Bill Junior stopped and was quiet. Tim held him gently. After a time he continued:

"A few months ago, his dad was fired from his job and he beat Gregory savagely. I had to get him to a hospital to get fixed up. I couldn't send him home, so I took him to my place to stay. He had done the same for me when I was depressed. We weren't shy about touching each other and I licked and sucked every inch of his battered body. That was my first real sex with another human. Gregory returned the affection. I think for the first time in each of our lives, we each found someone we could trust and who we could love. No conditions, and no strings. After that, whenever we were alone, we would get naked and explore each others bodies." Bill Junior paused, uncertain about continuing, trying to gauge the reaction of Tim, Andy and Willie. He continued:

"I know Gregory inside out and he knows me. We know all the places where we hurt, and we know what gives each of us the most pleasure. The more I pour myself into him. The more I seem to get back from him. I've never had that type of unconditional relationship with anyone, especially my father. I guess we fulfill his need for a man in each others life. We both have matured in many ways and I want to take care of him. It's not easy for me to talk about this. It's hard for me to tell anyone else how much you love someone else." Bill stopped talking.

"It's not uncommon for boys at your age to develop deep and lasting friendships with each other. If you are lucky, it lasts a lifetime. Generally, it doesn't become sexual. But, yours did and there is nothing to be ashamed of in that." Said Tim.

Andy put a hand on Bill's shoulder and said: "I'm glad you didn't kill yourself and I 'm sorry I didn't see all this happening?"

"You couldn't be there all the time. And you and Willie had your own lives to live." Bill said to Andy, then he turned to Tim and said: "I need to talk to Gregory before I make a decision."

"So there's more. Why do you need to talk to him?" Tim asked, then continued.

"I told you everything. I just want to talk to him." Bill shrugged his shoulders refusing to say any more. Tim prodded him for the truth:

"I have three guesses: You really don't want to change and you want to stay with Gregory. You want to stay with Gregory and won't leave without him, or, you want Gregory to come with us. Are those the three choices?" Tim asked.

"Is it that obvious? Gregory and I planned to run away this weekend. I'd like Gregory to come with us. I'd really like being a dolphin-man like Tony. But I have to ask Gregory before I make a decision like that. We planned to start a life together. I don't know what he will think of becoming a merman. And I can't bear the thought of abandoning him to his father. Not after what we've meant to each other." Said Bill wiping his face and settling himself. Tim held him tightly.

"Are you sure that becoming part dolphin isn't just running away? If that's the case, then you shouldn't do it," said Tim.

"No Tim, it's not running away. There's too much baggage here in paradise. We were going to leave and make a new start anyway. It's the nature of the change at question. I can't speak for Gregory. I just hope he will join you. If not, I will stay with him. I know he will leave his father. But I don't know if he wants to become part fish. Thanks for listening and not judging."

"I understand. Tony and I will tell your father. He's going to freak out if you tell him. And speaking of being part fish, I need to get wet." Tim shook the boys away, dove in the water and splashed around. He surfaced and said to the boys.

"I guess that you should tell Gregory what is going on out here. But give him a choice. Don't demand he follow you. I can set you and him set up in my apartment on the mainland if it doesn't work out," said Tim. Bill hugged the merman and felt the power in his muscles, the extra roundness of his shoulders and the blowhole on the top of Tim's back. Rather than get emotional, Bill joked:

"You're an old softy, Tim. That entrance you pulled on us was a little over the top. Splashing all that water while we were pissing. Damn near stopped my heart. I don't know if I ever can pee again." Bill Junior joked.

"What till you see what grows between your legs when you become a dolphin-man. Boy! Are you guys in for a thrill." Tim said teasingly. "And don't ask me to show you mine!" Tim grabbed Bill in his arms and dove into the water. They both came up sputtering and splashing.

"OK guys. Round up Stan and go talk to Gregory. I will see you later." and Tim swam away from them towards the adults.

Chapter 17: Adult Matters

[note from author - this chapter will only be discussed in a rough outline. I will finish it someday, but not today or tomorrow. If this part of the story doesn't want to write itself and I can't force it. And that is still true years later.]

 While Tim was listening to Bill Junior's story, Gunny Rogers and Dave had taken Bill Senior to the shore to get him settled down and find out what was happening.

"Taking your ex-wife out on your kid?" asked Gunny Rogers.

"I wanted to protect him from her. She's a rotten, vicious bitch. Look at how she messed him up?"

"He only met her once or twice, sounds like you're taking out your issues on your kid." Replied Gunny Rogers.

"Well, she's still to blame! I raised a good kid." ranted Bill Senior, still angry.

Tony stays out of this discussion. Gunny Rogers and Dave will be able to talk quietly with Bill Senior about his son and his ex-wife. They will get Bill Senior to admit his errors in lying to his son and then ignoring and battling him for the past two years. Dave, whose son Stan, insisted on being completely transformed into a dolphin, will bring Bill Senior to a more reasonable position concerning his son, Bill Junior.

In the course of their discussions, Gunny Rogers and Dave will realize that the father and son could not function as a pair and should be separated, and they will convince Bill Senior to accept the complete transformation to dolphin. Tony and Dave will take care of Bill Junior to keep him from harm. Bill Senior, Bob and Stan will become nearly complete dolphins and can form a pod. Tony, Bill Junior and Dave will form another pod. Bill Junior and Bill Senior will have less chance to renew their conflict.

A pod is typically three, maybe four dolphins who roam together.

Chapter 18: Willie Gets His Wish

Tim herded the four teenage boys to the shore so they could get their clothes and use Andyís Jeep to get Gregory, Bill's friend. But Willie refused to leave the cove. In fact, he refused to leave Timís or Tonyís presence. He knelt by Tony and began kneel and chanted softly in an obscure Polynesian dialect. Tony, who had been trying to help an unrepentant Bill Senior, decided to leave Bill Senior to Gunny Rogers and Dave while he turned his attention to Willie.

"Willie, please come with me. I will give you your wish to be a merman." Tony said as they swam to a secluded section of the cove. Tony set a fast pace in the water to see if Willie could keep up. The kid was big, like most Polynesians, but strong and hearty. His arms and legs were extra powerful, moving him through the water with relative ease. As they reached the shore, Tony's big flipper-like hands were feeling the young Polynesian's body, examining the strength and size of his muscles. When they were on the beach, Tony stopped Willie and held the boy close. Willie returned the embraces and ran his hands over Tony's body. Tony's skin was slick and smooth. Willie's body was hairy, a thick black fur covered his soft brown skin, and Tony took his time feeling the youngster's body. As his hands lingered on the more sensitive parts of Willie's body, the teenager shivered and blushed as his uncut tool rose quickly to full erection..

"This is a dream come true for me. My family came from a small island in the western part of the Pacific. There we believed that man began in the sea, that all life began in the sea."

"That may be so, but in a little while you will be changed into a merman like Tim. And that's going to be real change. Remember, your body has to change a lot to become a merman. It's not a gentle process. Once it is done, your entire life will change, you won't be spending much time out of the sea. You will be living, feeding, having sex and raising little mermen in the sea. Are you prepared to do that for the rest of your life?" asked Tony.

"Yes!" Willie replied emphatically, "What do you want me to do?"

"Cup your hands together and rub what I give you on your legs." Tony ordered as he let his cock slide out of its sheath. Willie's eyes grew large at the sight of it and he cupped his hands as told. Tony closed his eyes as a large stream of white cum filled Willie's hands. Willie caught every drop and quickly rubbed it onto his legs from his waist and buttocks down to his feet. It was thick and sticky like a glue. The hair on Willie's legs seemed to be plastered to his legs. Willie stood there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do next. It was an interesting sight, Tony thought, what with Willie's hard-on still sticking out of his body, the black mane surrounding his cock and balls plastered slick with goo.

"Put your legs together and spread your feet out to either side, Willie." Tony said in a soft voice and Willie complied. He stood like this waiting for something to happen.

"What do you feel?" asked Tony.

"My legs and hands feel warm and they tingle." Willie said rubbing his hands together.

"Hold your hands up" said Tony. Willie lifted his hands. The skin was turning a dark green shade and its texture was turning smooth and slick like a dolphinís skin. Willie went to move, but lurched. He would have fallen, except Tony caught and steadied him.

"My legs are stuck together. I can't get them apart. And my feet don't want to hold me steady." said Willie. Tony held the kid upright. Willie's legs had fused together where the flesh of one leg had touched the flesh of the other. As his legs fused, the skin became tough, and slick. Willie's feet thinned and spread and were rapidly becoming flippers. His feet no longer supported him. Tony lifted the boy in his arms and walked slowly towards the deeper water. Tony could feel the heat of the transformation coursing through Willie's body. Willie grimaced as the changes continued.

"Tony, I can feel the bones in my legs growing together. They burn! They hurt. And the bones are moving and changing." Willie reached around Tony's shoulders and buried his head on Tonyís muscular chest. Tony could feel the teenís body shake and strain with the changes that were occurring. Willie tried to rub his face with his hands and found they had grown webbing and had turned gray color. His forearms throbbed and grew more muscle to help drive his hands through the water.

"Put your arms around my shoulders. I will hold you." Tony said. He felt Willie's human hips begin to dissolve and his spine reform, thickening and extending down his new tail. He sobbed softly on Tonyís shoulder. "It's only growing pains, I can feel my back growing. Itís like a fire burning out the old skeleton and replacing it with new. It burns." Willie's grip tightened around Tony as new muscles grew to power the tail that would drive him through the water.

Willie's torso grew new muscles. His waistline, although ample for a human, became rounded and torpedo-like. Willie's elbows, upper arms, and shoulders grew stronger and bulked up.

Suddenly Willie let you a loud yell: "It's inside me now. The changes, I can feel my insides moving, my entire body is starting to burn." Willie said as Tony stepped into deeper water of the cove. These changes were faster than he had anticipated.

"It's in my chest! Itís too fast, Tony! It hurts." cried Willie gasping for breath as his lungs grew to accommodate gills and blowhole. Tony held onto the half-merman, half-human and watched the blowhole form on Willie's back. Gills filled Willie's now thickening neck. Tony saw fear in Willieís eyes as his head began to change. The jaw elongated slightly, the sonar melon grew out the top of his head. Tony could hear the bones grating and moving inside Willieís scull. Tony let Willie float in the water, he looked down the newly transformed body and watched the finishing touches of Willieís transformation. His human washboard abs now neatly joined a fish-like tail. His great muscular chest and shoulders, were now barreled and stronger than ever. His skin was a greenish tan color. A new merman floated in the water next to Tony. Tony lifted Willie's newly transformed head out of the water and looked him squarely in the eyes:

"What do you feel now?" he asked.

"Itís over? I'm a merman?" Willie asked, his voice strange through his new jaw. Instead of answering, Tony put his hand on Willie's head and pushed him under water. Willie's eyes grew large as his human reflex was to hold his breath, but the gills on his neck took over his breathing. Floating gently in the water, Willie examined his body, the arms, the tail, his head, his flippers and finally, his new and improved penis. Tony marveled at the powerful musculature that the plankton creature had grown on this boy. Willie moved his tail and smacked Tony. Tony pushed him deeper in the water to encourage him to swim.

At first Willie used only his massive arms to swim, but then he flicked his tail and moved forward. It was only a small movement and was quickly replaced with graceful, powerful strokes. Tony motioned him to the surface and when they surfaced, the youngster was smiling.

"This is wonderful, I feel whole, like this is what I should have been all my life. Itís wonderful." said Willie.

"There's more than you know." said Tony as he wrapped his legs around Willie's torso and started to stroke at his new penile slit. In short order, Willie's new cock slid out of his body. Fully extended it was 16 inches long and two inches around. It had retained a fat human head. Tony rubbed it between his and Willie's torso, using his body to masturbate the new merman. It only took about 30 seconds before Tony could sense the impending orgasm. He quickly took the head into his mouth and sucked out the emerging cum as Willie's new body exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Happy and satisfied, Willie and Tony surfaced and swam to the shore. Andy, Bill Junior and Stan swam out to meet them.

"You were watching?" asked Willie. "Isn't it wonderful? Look at this new creature I've become." asked Willie. The other boys dove in the water and circled around them. They felt Willie's new body and tail.

"Wow! You're massive!" was Andy's comment to his step brother. They both embraced. Andy was almost lost in massiveness of Willie's arms and chest.

"You're crushing my ribs! Not so hard." Andy gasped. Willie relaxed his grip and held Andy next to his new body as his new tail gently supported them in the water.

"You feel so good, so different, so powerful. I can't wait to join you." Andy said as he tried to plant a kiss on Willie's new jaw and only half succeeded. In a display of strength, Willie lifted Andy high out of the water and guided Andy's erect cock into his mouth. There he licked it with a new and longer tongue. In about fifteen seconds Andy's body shuddered in an orgasm.

"Well, we now know what you guys did on camping trips." Stan smart-mouthed. Bill Junior took the remark a little too seriously.

"It won't matter once we are all transformed, dolphin males have sex with each other all the time. They're naturally bisexual." replied Bill. Willie, the merman rose out of the water far enough to expose his abdomen and slid his new dolphin cock out of its sheath. He began to lower Andy's ass onto it.

"Oh, god thatís going to split me in two." Andy cried out struggling and wiggling. But Willie was too strong for him to break free.

"No, I won't! I never did before." Willie said as his new cock touched Andy's pucker and oozed precum to lubricate its entry. Andy shuddered and tried to relax as the monster tool entered him and stretched him wide open. Slowly Willie impaled Andyís body on the full sixteen inches of Willieís cock.

Bill and Stan watched it disappear into Andy's body. When Andy's buttocks came to rest on Willie's abdomen both Bill and Stan felt the bulge it made in Andyís stomach near his navel.

"Wow, thatís a deep fuck!" Was the remark. Willie started to rock in the water. Andy just moaned and held onto Willie. After about two minutes of rocking, Willie stiffened and began to pulse with each shot of cum he pumped deep into Andyís body. Andy slumped onto Willie's shoulder. Willie slowly withdrew his cock from Andy so he wouldnít hurt him. Once out, Willie sank into the water. Bill Junior and Stan grabbed Andy to keep him from going underwater. Andy was gasping at the plowing he had just received.

"You all right dude?" Bill asked.

"Yeah, sore, but OK."

"Man, that must feel good, Andy. Do you think Willie would do me." Stan asked.

"Woah!" Cried Andy as he felt Willie's face pushing up between his legs toward his ass. He instinctively brought both his legs up high in the water and felt Willie's new tongue searched his crotch for his still throbbing ass. Willieís new tongue was much longer than a humanís tongue and he quickly entered Andyís ass and started to give him a deep rim job.

"Oh, man! His mouth's like a vacuum and his tongue is so deep inside me." Andy's body jerked as Willie's tongue massaged his prostate.

"I'm going to shoot guys!" Andy moaned. Tony took the opportunity to go down on Andy's thick red cock and suck down its load. Exhausted, Andy slumped in the water and let the others support him. Tony and Willie surfaced and held the three still human boys from sinking.

"What a fuck! I canít wait till I can do that. And the ream job afterward, that felt so good." Andy said as he massaged his ass.

"You like that action?" Tony remarked.

"Yeah, man. Willie and I are asshole buddies. Gunny doesnít know. But we have been doing that since we met. Hell, even these guys didnít know." replied Andy.

"Well, you guys better go get Gregory. How long will that take you?" asked Tony.

"About 45 minutes, dude, why?" Bill replied.

"Andyís going to start changing in about thirty minutes. A gift from Willie the merman! Willieís hot. He can change people now. The ability is part of the transformation." Tony said with a smile.

"Will I look like you? Or Look like Willie?" Andy asked in a worried tone.

"Like Willie, a merman. But you better hurry, you are going to change from the inside out and you donít want to be caught away from water. Get Bill and Stan in gear and get going."

"What should I do?" asked Willie, "I canít ride in a jeep anymore."

"You and I are have a date with Billís dad. Heís going to argue with Dave and Gunny Rogers forever. I think me, you, and Tim should grab him, drag him to the float, cover him with cum and watch him change." Tony and Willie stayed in the water as the others went to the jeep and their clothes.

"Nice plan! Smack him one for me!" Bill Junior yelled back sarcastically as he picked his clothes up and said to Andy and Stan: "Baggie's and Tís or Speedoís? What sort of fashion statement should we make?"

"I donít want to be seen in those Speedoís. That would seriously harm my reputation as a cool dude and a lover." Stan said very seriously and caused the other two boys to bust out laughing.

"Itís hot out here." Andy replied as he pulled on a pair of Speedoís and arranged his cock and balls into the tight pouch of the swim trunks. Bill and Stan put on loose, baggy shorts and no shirt. The three of them got into the car and drove away.

Chapter 19: Meet State Trooper Hunter

They had just finished watching Willie being transformed into a Merman and they were heading out to Gregory's House to see if he wanted to change with Bill Junior.

Andy was driving, Bill Junior sat next to him, and Stan rode shotgun. They set off towards the neighborhood where Gregory Smith lived. Andy spoke first:

"Gee, my ass still burns from that screwing. I never thought Tony would do that in public. I never thought I'd ever get screwed like that? What a feeling."

"You could feel his cock poking out your stomach. I think I want to have Willie do that to me," Stan said with feigned assurance.

"You don't know what screwing is, half-pint," said Andy.

"Aw! Andy, I'm not that innocent, I know what screwing is," Stan replied.

"You do? You're only fifteen how do you know? I thought you were only screwing Cindy the mattress-back?" asked Andy. Bill Junior laughed loudly at that remark

"Didn't you see what happened when Bob picked held him?" Bob asked.

"Yeah! Bob just covered his erection with his hands. The little guy's got a big weenie," Andy said assuredly. Bill Junior laughed again and poked Stan on the shoulder causing him to blush.

"Aw Bill, Bob and I are just friends. We only went away to talk alone," stammered Stan, fidgeting nervously.

Bill Junior gasped and laughed at the lie. "I was standing next to you and saw it all. Bob slipped his cock up your ass when he put his arms around you. You enjoyed it, you little perv. Gunny and Tony were paying attention to my Dad and didn't see. But I did, don't ya get enough sex from Cindy the mattress-back?"

"That's different. I like Bob inside me. We've been doing it for a long time. I always stayed with Bob when my Dad was out of town and we always messed around. Now that I'm big, I've been doing it to him. He likes it," Stan replied.

"You're screwing Bob? Big Bob takes it up the ass? And from a squirt like you?" asked Andy.

"I ain't little squirt, My dick is bigger than yours!" Stan whined, defending himself.

"I wonder if Gunny Rogers, Dave, and your Dad have figured out just how much sex we are going to get into? I mean aside from the transformation, it's going to be a sex party all the time," Andy said. "I was surprised at Willie coming on to me that way so publicly. I mean, We're lovers, but, but... I suppose that's obvious now."

"My Dad will freak when he hears it," Bill replied. "Right now, I just want to talk to Gregory,"

"If he doesn't want to change are you going to stay with him?" Andy asked.

"Yeah! I didn't want to tell you guys, but we were going to leave town and strike out on our own. His Dad's a drunk and my Dad's a bastard."

"Well, never having had a father, I might even settle for a drunken bastard. I don't understand your fight with your father," Andy remarked.

"Weren't there any men in your life? I know your mom was a whore, but there must have been someone," Bill Junior asked.

"Oh, lots of men wanted me, but not as a father, only as a sex tool. I was a cute young love slave, good only for fucking and sucking. I can't tell you how many times I was 'given' to some creepy older guy who just wanted me to ride his pathetic little weenie. What we just watched was a thousand times more genuine than any sex I had as a child," replied Andy.

"Gee, I can't imagine having sex with some fat old troll," offered Stan.

"I didn't have a choice. It was sex or starve. Worse, be sold to the S&M crowd to be beaten and eventually carved up. You should talk to Little Timmy once in a while," mused Andy.

"I think that Tony has a soft spot for you. He likes that red hair and fair complexion you have. You ought to take advantage of that," Bill said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"I guess so. I'm going to be like Willie and you're going to be like Tony. I'd rather be a merman than the creature from the black lagoon," Andy replied.

"Well, I want to become as much like a dolphin as I can get," said Stan. "I think it will be cool. They are sleek and sexy."

"Well, to each his own, Stan. Hey! Here's Gregory's driveway," Bill said, pointing to a long, narrow stone path with tire ruts.

"Let's keep our mouths shut up here. We're only taking Gregory for dinner. No one else needs to know what is going on. OK!" Andy said in an authoritative voice.

"I know when to shut up! You don't have to pick on me!" Stan whined. The jeep made the last turn before a decrepit house.

Old Man Smith, as his neighbors knew him, was a drunkard and a junk collector. His yard was filled with junked cars, old appliances, and other trash. Nearby was a chicken coop full of dead and rotting chicken carcasses, victims of a drunken binge that ended with a shotgun two nights before. The yard was a weed-covered pigsty.

As they drove up the driveway, Gregory's father sped away from the back of the house in his pickup truck. A police car sat next to the mobile home with its lights flashing. Trooper Hunter and a rookie the kids didn't know stood in the door of the house. Trooper Hunter was the local cop. Andy, Bill, and Stan piled out of their jeep and went to the front door of the trailer.

"What's happened?" Bill Junior asked.

"Gregory's father discovered that he was running away," Trooper Hunter said to Bill. "I suppose he was running away with you?"

"Yeah, he was," answered Bill Junior shaking his head. He continued: "What's happened to Gregory?

"Gregory's OK. Pretty badly beaten, but he's OK. As I piece it together, Gregory's father confronted him as he left the shower. Gregory told him that you two were lovers and were going to run away. Old Man Smith started screaming and yelling that no son of his would shame him that way and that he would rather he was dead than gay," The other boys were shocked at the bluntness of Trooper Hunter's response.

"That old drunken Bastard!" said Bill Junior. Trooper Hunter continued: "Gregory's a tough kid. He took a bad beating and he's going to hurt for a week or two. Joe and I stopped the bleeding and patched him up. Right now. I'd like to get him checked out at the hospital. I think there might be internal injuries. After I take him to the hospital, you two can go to your place and do whatever you two want."

"I want to talk to him. You don't have to do that, I'll keep him safe tonight," Bill said waving off the protests, he continued: "Let me inside the trailer, there's something important I need to talk to him about," Bill moved to the house. Trooper Hunter looked around at the other boys, then said to Bill:

"Go in and talk. But your best bet is to see if you can get him to go to the hospital and get checked out. There might be a concussion. Joe, go inside and help Bill get Gregory into one of the cars."

Trooper Hunter's turned his attention to Andy and Stan.

"Where did all of you come from?" Trooper Hunter asked and the boys just shrugged. Trooper Hunter was not pleased at the events of the day.

"Did you forget to change after swim class? Trooper Hunter poked his finger into Andy's bare chest, Andy was uncomfortable under Trooper Hunter's stare. He put on his best stupid look and shrugged.

"When did all of you get involved in Gregory and Bill's runaway scheme?" The Trooper felt heat radiating off Andy's body. Andy didn't realize that the transformation was starting.

Trooper Hunter stood closer to Andy and got in his face: "Tell me what's happening!"

The heat from Andy's body startled and excited the Trooper. Andy was uncomfortable being that close to the patrolman. The Trooper's cheap cologne and garlic-onion-burrito breath sickened him. Andy, determined not to reveal anything, just shrugged and said: "Whatever, dude! I don't have to tell you nothing,"

Trooper hunter held his hand to Andy's chest. He felt the heat pouring out of Andy's body.

"Damn-it boy, why are you so hot? You're like a furnace! I can feel the heat radiating from your body and your skin is all red and flushed. Are you sick?" Trooper Hunter demanded. Andy's flexed new muscles and stood their defiant. He realized that he was changing. He felt his internal organs moving. The heat of the transformation reflected back from Trooper Hunter's body. Andy stood up against the Trooper, face to face, chest to chest and defied him. He felt stronger and more self-assured than before, every muscle in his body was bulging and growing bigger. He was determined not to answer the Trooper.

"Tell me what's up or you're under arrest," threatened Trooper Hunter as he grabbed both of Andy's shoulders and spun him around. His hands moved quickly over the boy's body and yanked his arms behind him as if to handcuff him. Andy wasn't frightened and didn't resist. He could feel the muscles in the teen's arms growing stronger.

Stan however, was scared and spoke out: "We didn't know Bill and Gregory were running away. Andy and I only found out a little while ago. We were at all at Tim's cove, when Bill told us about leaving. We only came here to get Gregory. Andy didn't do anything wrong. Don't arrest him? We have to get back to the cove in a hurry," Stan was clearly rattled.

Andy glared at Stan in anger. He pulled away from Trooper Hunter's tight grip and swatted Stan on the back of the head. "Shut up! Doofus. Don't tell Trooper Hunter anything," he barked.

"But Andy!" whined Stan, as he ducked another swat from Andy. Trooper Hunter tired to grab Andy again, but Andy turned around and grabbed Trooper Hunter. His grip was so strong it caused Trooper Hunter pain.

"Stan has an overactive imagination," Andy lied to him. "I think you should let us go." Anger flashed through his eyes.

Trooper Hunter pushed Andy's arms away and said: "Don't try to bullshit me, Andy. Cut the cute act. I know you too well. I've had you in my custody too many times for you to think you can lie to me. Now what is the truth," Again, Andy shut up as the changes tugged at his insides again. Trooper Hunter fixed his glare to Stan.

"What do you have to say? Short stuff!" growled Trooper Hunter.

"Don't scare the poor kid. That harassment!" Andy barked.

"I can arrest the two of you and throw your asses in jail for days, alone and in solitary," Trooper Hunter bluffed as he walked towards Stan.

"But Trooper Hunter, that's the truth," Stammered Stan, nervously continuing: "Tim's old friend Tony came back last night and looks like the creature from the black lagoon with gills and fins and green skin. He turned Tim and Willie into mermen. We came to get Gregory so he could join us. We gotta hurry back to the cove. It's important!"

Trooper Hunter raised his hands over his head, lifted his hat, and brushed his short-cropped hair in disbelief.

"What the hell sort of lie is that! You better not be playing silly horse-shit games with me today," he demanded. Stan was shaking, but Andy tried to bluff again.

"Well maybe Stan can tell you about the squirrels and chipmunks he's importing to Hawaii to prevent their extinction on the mainland,"

Trooper Hunter went ballistic. "Squirrels my ass!" he screamed, then he turned his attention to the house trailer and yelled into it.

"Hey Billy, has Tim turned into a dolphin? Answer me truthfully!"

Bill appeared in the doorway and answered angrily: "Yes, he is! And the black helicopters are coming to get you too," Bill and Trooper Hunter exchanged stares and smiled at each other. Then Bill went back inside to Gregory.

"You kids never cease to amaze me!" answered Trooper Hunter. "One day you're bored, the next you're suicidal, another you're saving the world. What's this story about dolphins?"

"Quit flapping your gums and hold this door open," Bill said as he opened the screen door of the trailer. Trooper Hunter grabbed the door to hold it for Gregory. Bill continued:

"It's only half garbage. Something sterilized the male dolphins and we're going repopulate them with human sperm and artificial insemination. One of Tim's friends is a marine biologist. We are going to spend tonight donating sperm to Flipper," Bill reached around to support Gregory. Trooper Hunter saw the confusion in Andy and Stan's faces. He sensed Bill was lying.

"What the hell are you guys up to?" demanded Trooper Hunter, his attention turning to Bill and Gregory on the small stoop. Gregory moved slowly and deliberately. Joe, the rookie cop was searching the house behind them.

"Why would we lie about getting away from this hell hole?" Bill asked as he helped Gregory down the steps of the mobile home. Gregory was tall and well built. He had a dark complexion, buzzed black hair and deep black eyes. His body was covered with a fine black hair that seemed to cover him like fur. He had always joked that his body hair was great at hiding scars from his dad's abuse. Gregory wore only a pair of baggy white shorts. Large crimson welts and dark red-colored bruises covered his body. Some of them oozed blood. His walk was stiff and awkward with pain and he limped.

Bill spoke again: "You can come and watch us collect sperm if you want. I know how much you like to watching viral young guys jack off. I want to see the look of amazement on your ugly mug when you finally realize that we're leaving this sorry little homestead and going away!"

Trooper Hunter turned beet-red and steam seemed to pour out of his ears. Stan thought he was going to stroke out any minute. But before Trooper Hunter could say anything Gregory spoke: "Having a father like mine is enough to turn anyone against the world. Is that enough reason to want to get away?"

"Yeah! I guess so. However, I want you to get medical treatment and file charges against your father," Said Trooper Hunter.

"I just want to go with Bill and get away from here before my old man returns. All this talk about filing charges is making my head hurt. Bill and I will spend the night at Tim's place. Bring the complaint out there tonight at 9pm. We'll be waiting for you," Said Gregory.

As Andy and Bill helped Gregory into the jeep, Trooper Hunter talked to the Central Police Station, and started the arrangements for an arrest warrant. Bill Junior and Gregory sat together in the passenger front seat.

"Joe and I will make sure that your father won't disrupt anything tonight. I'll bring the papers when I get off duty. I want to make sure you're OK. If you're not, then I'm hauling your ass to a hospital," Trooper Hunter was standing up against Bill Junior as he sat in the jeep. Gregory leaned over top of Bill.

"Don't worry, I'll be there waiting for you. I want to see you again," Gregory added and he pulled the Trooper close and kissed him on the lips. Bill put his hands around Trooper Hunter's shoulders and hugged him. The rookie trooper, Andy, and Stan stared at each other in surprise. Trooper Hunter blushed and then got into his patrol car with the Rookie. The two cars drove off in different directions. Trooper Hunter toward the city and the kids toward the sea.

Chapter 20: Back to the Cove

Bill Junior and Gregory sat together in the front passenger seat, Stan rode shotgun, and Andy was in the drivers seat to take them back to Tim's Cove. Andy was still puzzled about Trooper Hunter. Gregory had just kissed the Trooper and Bill gave him a hug for a goodbye.

"Did I miss something? Wasn't that just a little stupid to invite him to come over to Tim's Cove?

"Uh! No, why do you ask?" Gregory answered.

"What are we going to do with Trooper Hunter when he sees Tim and Tony?" asked Andy.

"He's cool! He's one of the good guys. He might even join Tony and Tim," Bill said as he and Gregory smiled back at Andy.

"He's one of us? One what?" Andy paused and stared at Bill and Gregory. They looked guilty.

"What don't I know? What have you guys done?" asked Andy.

Stan's head bounced up between the two seats to hear the explanation. Bill started to tell the story in a very quiet voice:

"About three months ago, we couldn't make out at school or home, so we drove to the nude beach in Dad's car. It was late and dark, we were tired. We fell asleep on the beach in a sixty-nine position. Both of us sound asleep sucking each other's cocks."

Andy interjected: "Falling asleep was stupid. You know the nude beach is off-limits after dark. Very indiscreet, guys! Dangerous too, if you grit your teeth. So Trooper Hunter found you?"

Clearly enjoying his story Bill continued: "Trooper Hunter was on patrol and yes, he found us. He was so pissed. Hopping around screaming and yelling and lecturing us about how awful we were to do such things like that in public. We couldn't deny the truth. He caught us in the act."

Gregory chimed in: "He patrols the nude beach wearing only his big, thick gun belt slung over his hips. His dick swings next to his gun and his balls are big and hang below it. Hunter is really cute in a homely way, wiry, muscular coarse, stubby hair all over his body."

Bill interrupted: "He's screaming at us and he's got on nothing but his gun belt. What would you do if you woke up to a big cock and balls hanging next to a policeman?"

"OK, what happened next?" asked Andy. He was fidgeting in his seat and driving a little rough.

Gregory and Bill poked each other in the ribs like little kids and laughed at each other.

"Remember, he's the youngest cop and has the lowest seniority on our cheesy little police force. He gets all the shit details like the nude beach. You know, he's only about 25 years old. The rest of the police force is 40 and 50 years old. None of the others are fit enough to make an appearance on the nude beach."

"What does this have to do with you inviting Trooper Hunter to Tim's cove tonight? He's not blackmailing you? Is he?" asked Andy. Again, the jeep lurched and jerked around a curve. He stretched and twisted each arm separately. Andy's driving was terrible.

"Not Exactly. The night we got caught, we started playing grab-ass while he was walking us up the beach toward our car. It was dark; no one was around, so we grabbed his ass. The more we poked and pushed him, the angrier he got. He just kept on screaming and yelling and carrying on. All of a sudden, Gregory here kisses the poor guy and I grab his butt. We thought he was going to start beating us with his nightstick or something even worse, but he doesn't break it off. He pops a boner," Bill answered.

"Oh god. How shameless can you get? Don't we get in enough trouble without raping cops? What's going to happen if our parents find out about this?" Asked Andy while holding his head. Gregory continued the story:

"He not going to talk about it. How's a cop going to admit to sex with minors?"

Andy groaned. "Sex with a cop. Are you nuts?" He jerked and lurched the jeep again.

"There's more. It gets better! A couple weeks after that, we were finishing our basketball practice and we found him in the locker room, completely naked and waiting for us. It seems that he liked what happened. He told us how nice our bodies looked and how much he wanted to have sex with us. We took him into the shower and screwed him silly that night," Bill and Gregory were laughing so hard at the last line that they couldn't talk.

"Now that's disgusting!" Said Stan from the back seat.

"Hush up, little boy! Stick to screwing the prom queen and 'uncle' Bob. You're too young to think about cops!" Bill admonished. Andy just shook his head in amazement.

"Hey Stan! What's on my shoulders? They feel stiff and sore," Andy yelled.

"Uh, nothing but lots of muscle. You look like the hunchback of Notre Dame!" said Stan.

Andy braked the car to a rough stop. He doubled over in pain.

"I don't think I should drive the rest of the way. There's only a mile or so left. I'm changing too much to continue. Look at me," Andy held his hands up and they could see the webbing that had already formed in them. Then he picked up his feet and they had become thin and flipper-like.

"This dolphin thing is for real then?" asked Gregory. "And you guys are really going through with it. I mean, the change and rebuilding the dolphin population?" Andy started to move to the back seat, but he had trouble moving with the internal changes going on in his body.

"Yes it is, and we do," Said Andy in a strained voice. "I wanted to be a merman with a tail. I can finally get away from the land and all I despise about it. Tim and Willie are already mermen," Stan and Bill Junior got up to help Andy change seats. Andy was moving very slowly.

He talked to Gregory as he moved. "Bill wants to be a dolphin-man like Tony. You get a choice. I'm going to be a Merman," Andy said and curled up in pain. Stan kept him from falling. Andy resumed moving and talking. He sounded nervous.

"If you don't want to change, Tim promised to help us get away from your father. He has an apartment on the mainland and will set up there. You can make up your mind when you see Tim and Tony."

Bill and Stan nearly had to lift Andy onto the back seat. Andy's new dorsal fin started to bulge out of his back. His feet were just flippers. Bill knew that he and Stan would have to hold Andy. He not longer fit a regular seat. Gregory was too sore from his father's beating to hold Andy.

Greg, please drive! Hurry!" Bill said in a tone he hoped wouldn't cause panic. "There's no way to stop this change and we need to get him to water," Bill and Stan held Andy as his legs and spine started their slow changes. With all his bruises and sprains from the beating, Greg moved just as slowly as Andy had to the drivers seat. As he was about to turn the ignition, he heard another car coming on the road. It was the police cruiser with Trooper Hunter and his partner. Hunter quickly got out of the cruiser and went to the side of the jeep. Gregory spoke first.

"Don't ask what's happening, just help get Andy to Tim's cove!"

Trooper Hunter picked Gregory from the driver's seat like he weighed nothing and handed him to his partner. Then he got in the jeep and backed the jeep out and speed off to the cove.

"I could see something was happening to him. He was growing muscles back at the trailer. What's wrong with him?" demanded Trooper Hunter.

"He's changing into a merman. We didn't lie to you, we just told half the truth," said Bill Junior as the jeep bounced and swerved. They topped the hill and could see the cove below them. Trooper Hunter handed Bill a pocketknife.

"Cut those Speedo's off of him and hold on! We're going to break a land speed record," yelled Trooper Hunter as he aimed the jeep down the steep hill. Bill and Stan held Andy tight to the seat. They both quickly realized that Andy had nearly doubled his weight in just muscle growth. It had only been about a month that Bill and Andy had been weightlifting and comparing muscular development. Their arms and shoulders were both about 17 inches. Now, Bill realized that Andy's new arms were easily twenty-two inches. Stan had cut the Speedo's off Andy and saw the transformation occurring below Andy's waist. Andy's testicles had retreated into his body and his cock was enlarged to a twenty-inch erection. It flopped at Stan's face as he was held both of Andy's legs. Stan changes his grip as both Andy's legs were changing in size and shape. Andy's hips had narrowed and his spine was pushing his asshole towards the front of his body while growing to form his tail.

"Faster, we need to get there now!" yelled Bill to Trooper Hunter. Trooper Hunter looked at the road and saw a short-cut to the beach appear through the trees. The jeep lurched suddenly and left the road as it headed onto the nearest section of the beach. It bounced once into the air it cleared the top of a small sand dune. Troopers Hunter brought the jeep to a sudden halt near the tide line. Before Bill and Stan got out of the jeep, Trooper Hunter was halfway out of his clothes. Shoes, shirt, gun belt, handcuffs, bulletproof vest, pants, shoulder holster, and ankle holster all hit the ground in fifteen seconds. Hunter grabbed Andy from the two boys and raced him into the deeper water yelling back to them:

"Get another merman out here, I don't want to drown. And hurry about it!"

Stan ran down the beach towards the house and kept calling for Willie or Tim. Tim had seen the jeep careening down the hill and was already swimming towards Andy and Trooper Hunter. Willie was close behind. They reached the two men quickly, but Andy's thrashing about was drowning Trooper Hunter. Tim let Willie hold Andy while he supported Trooper Hunter. They moved out to deep water. Andy's internal organs were rearranging themselves and he kept thrashing about. Willie held him tightly but gently. Trooper Hunter watched in amazement as Andy's neck grew gills and his head changed to match the other mermen. The big surprise was that Andy's skin did not turn the grayish-green color that the other mermen had. He retained his red hair and coloring. His new skin had turned a deep brick-red color with dark green markings along his sides. His red hair was a startling contrast to Willie and Tim's dark black, green and gray colorings. The change was over as quickly as it hard started. Andy surfaced with Willie.

"I'm glad you made it back in time," said Willie as Andy tried to speak.

It took a few seconds, but Andy finally got his voice. "I thought I wouldn't make it. I owe Trooper Hunter a big thanks," replied Andy said as he swam over and bear-hugged the policeman. Hunter could feel the new strength in Andy's grip.

"Get me back to land, please, this is just too much for me to deal with at once," Trooper Hunter squeaked out through Andy's grip.

"Hold onto my dorsal fin," said Tim and they swam to a small dock just below the house. There Stan, Bill Junior, Gregory, and the other Trooper waited for them.

"Where's Tony and the others?" yelled Bill Junior as they approached the dock.

"Your Dad and Dave went to pick up Little Timmy. He was in some sort of trouble and called for help Gunny Rogers is making arrangements help us disappear.

Trooper Hunter climbed out of the water and was stripping off his wet T-shirt and shorts revealing a well-muscled physique built by hard work. Gregory and Bill had been right; the man was attractive in a rough way. Bill and Gregory went over to him and help him dry off and warm him. He obviously felt comfortable with their hands on his naked body. The three of them kissed and hugged each other.

In the water however, the three mermen, Tim, Willie, and Andy took note of Trooper Hunter's equipment. His cock was long and his balls were large and low hanging. He had a thick bush of coarse black hair at his crotch and all over his body. "I took your clothes and equipment and put them in the trunk of the cruiser. Do you want me to get them?" The rookie cop said.

"Uh, I'll get them later, we're among friends. Thanks for picking up after me,"

"Hey Hunter! Who's the Rookie?" asked Tim.

"He's my stepbrother from back on the mainland. Just got out of college and needed a job."

"I graduated top of my class from Grove College. I'm Josey W. Hunter. My friends call me Joe. My Dad named me after the outlaw Josey Wales. Howdy Boys!" He said as he shook the hands of Bill, Gregory, and then the mermen Tim, Andy, and Willie. "I never met a merman before. I never believed you guys existed,"

"We didn't know either. This all just happened today," Tim remarked and then he went on to explain to Trooper Hunter and Joe about the dolphins, space travel and Tony. When he was done, Joe spoke up: "So, y'all are going to take up life in the sea as mermen. You certainly look strong enough. And this Tony fellow is at the center of all this?" The group nodded in agreement.

Joe faced Gregory and said: "You're the only person I know here besides my brother, why do you want to change?"

Gregory thought for short time and then said: "I think the change will be good for me. I'd probably end up a drunk like my Dad if I didn't. The booze gene runs in my family. Plus, having a bastard father, sleazy mother, and lousy education, I don't think I have a chance at a decent relationship with anyone else but Bill. I'm sticking with Bill," replied Gregory looking at Bill and caressing him affectionately. Bill Junior blushed.

"We want you to join us, Hunter. We know you like us and we like you and thought you might like to join us," Bill rambled.

"And give up this wonderful job I have guarding Hawaii's smallest town? Why that means I would have to give up those wonderful patrols on the nude beach! The free donuts and coffee! The drunken brawls on weekends at all those cheap nightclubs," Trooper Hunter said sarcastically. Then he asked: "Why am I the only naked person here? I fell like I'm on display,"

Gregory and Bill both shed their shorts and stood close to Trooper Hunter.

"This make you feel better? Now Joe is the odd one out, he's dressed," Said Bill.

"Whatcha think Joe? Stay here, eat donuts, and get fat? Or turn halfway to a fish and breed a New World?"

"You know me Dave, if it involves sex, I want in. And from what I see, these boys and mermen are certainly worth the sex. Shucks, I'm game for anything. I've been trying to figure out how to get these guys into bed since I saw them this morning. These are the two guys you've been having orgies in the locker room, I reckon," Replied Joe.

"Well we can arrange that!" replied Tony who had quietly came in from the back of the house. With him were Gunny Rogers, a young lieutenant, and a Corpsman. The latter three in crisp, fresh uniforms.

"I saw the police car and decided to make a quiet entrance," Said Tony as he sized up Bill, Gregory, and Trooper Hunter standing there all naked and inviting. Tim introduced the stranger to Tony.

"Well Bill, are you and your friend going to join us? Are you and your buddy ready?" asked Tony.

"You talked to my Dad and he's OK with this?" asked Bill.

"Gunny and I helped him work through the situation. He understands the harm he caused to you. You guys can talk after the change," Tony patted Bill's shoulder, His big flipper-like hand lingered on Bill Junior's shoulder. The boy was going to make a fine dolphin-man. Tony turned his attention to Gregory.

"You look a little worse for the wear, Gregory. I guess that your Father beat you again this morning. Tim told me the situation,"

"He discovered I was going to leave and he was going to kill me for it. But Trooper Hunter here turned up to give him a citation about the drunken trouble he caused the night before and stopped him. I don't think he broke anything. But it still hurts. You are certainly an imposing sight. I never thought creatures like you were possible until Andy started to change. It's been a shock," Gregory hung back a little from Tony. Not known for being shy, Trooper Hunter spoke up.

"Same here! I mean, I held Andy in the water as he was changing. Strangest things I've ever had happen, even as a cop. Exciting too."

"Everyone else has felt me up to see what I am. You guys can have a turn at feeling me up," said Tony as he presented himself in the middle of the floor and held his arms out from his side. Trooper Hunter, Gregory and Joe cautiously approached Tony. Their hands explored his body, the slick skin, the blowhole, his flipper-like hands and feet, and the extra muscles.

"If we join you, will we look like you or like Andy and his buddies out there?" asked Joe.

"That's up to you. Bill wants to look like me. Andy wanted to look like Tim. It's up to you."

"And I want to follow Gregory and Bill. We have been having threesomes and I want that to continue," said Trooper Hunter.

"I'd like to tag along with you, brother, but I want to be a merman like Andy and Willie and Tim out there in the water," Joe said. "I was watching from the shore and I've been looking at them now. I want to be as big and muscular as they are. And I'd like to be a blond merman the way Andy is a red head merman."

"Great, we can start now. Joe, why don't you undress?"

The stepbrothers looked at each other and then at the mermen. Hunter spoke up: "Well, we should take the cruiser back, turn in all our equipment and resign. That will keep them from hunting us. I can give them some bullshit story about going back to the mainland."

Joe interrupted: "I can do that, It'll only take me fifteen minutes and I can come back on my motorcycle,"

Tony shook his head no. "No need to do that. Gunny Rogers is going to arrange all this through his contacts. No one will be missed and if anyone searches, there will be plausible answers. So, nothing is holding you back. It's time to get the show on the road."

"Yee-Hah!" yelled Joe loudly as he started removing his clothes. "I guess I better get out of these clothes then. Kinda hard to swim with them and kinda hard to have a tail in trousers, to!" He had already removed his gun and utility belt, his shoes, and was working on his shirt. Gunny Rogers was taking the belongings and putting them in a box. Joe unstrapped his bulletproof vest and then whipped his T-shirt off over his head. He was a big strapping blond man with muscles on muscles. He opened the waistband of his trouser, shoved them and his shorts to the floor, and stepped out of them. His body was magnificent. He stood there and struck several poses.

"You guys never saw a professional bodybuilder before?" asked Joe. He did a few more poses and then went over to the side of the dock and jumped into the water. "How do you do this?" he asked the three mermen. "How do I become a merman?"

"Have fun with him," Tony said to Tim, Andy, and Willie. The water next to the dock was clear and everyone could see what was happening. Willie moved first. He grabbed the big bodybuilder around the waist, spun him around, and held him tight. Tim moved in front of Joe and extended his cock. Obligingly Joe took a deep breath, leaned down, and started to suck on it. Willie put his hand on the back of Joe's head and held him, They could see Tim sink twelve inches of his cock deep into Joe's throat. Joe's eyes bulged out with the strain. Tim quickly delivered the goods deep into Joe's throat. Joe's cheeks bulged and Tim's load drooled from the corners of his mouth, but he managed to swallow most of it. Not that he had much choice with Willie holding him. Tim withdrew and Willie released him, he was choking and gasping for air.

"What was that for?" Joe angrily blurted out between his coughs.

"Gills," answered Andy.

"Gills? All I can taste is cum and my neck burns," Joe said disturbed. The he realized that new gills were forming along his neck. He reached up, felt them, and smiled. He sank into the water to try them out. The three mermen followed him and hauled him out into the deeper water of the cove. Tony and the others could see them out in the water. It only took about 10 minutes before Joe was completely transformed into a merman. He greeted the others by jumping out of the water and doing flips. He had retained his blond shadings. His body was a rich golden brown with deep blue markings on the side. The four mermen swam out to see.

Tony, Gunny Rogers, Trooper Hunter, and the two teenage boys they turned their attention back to the dock. Gunny Rogers was giving orders to the Lieutenant and the Corpsman as to how to dispose of the Police Cruiser and their belongings.

"Who are those two?" Bill Junior asked Gunny Rogers when he was done talking.

"I have some friends in the marines that can help us disappear without question. The Lieutenant here will take care of all that. He and the Corpsman will return here in a few weeks to join us. It's merely a matter of being declared a national security project and being placed in a black budget. No one will ever wonder where we are," Gunny removed his military shirt and trousers with care and handed them to the Lieutenant. He stood there clothed only in a well-worn marine green jock strap. "Thank you for taking care of these matters. I will meet you in two weeks to check on your progress. If the task is complete you can join us," He said and saluted the Lieutenant.

"Yes Sir!" the Lieutenant saluted back.

"One more thing, Lieutenant, "We can't have secrets anymore. I believe this is yours," Gunny Rogers said as he pulled the sweaty jockstrap off his body and carefully placed it on his head with the cup on the lieutenant's face. The Lieutenant snorted the sweaty cup, filling his lungs with the older man's aroma.

"Thank you Sir!" he said when took the jock strap off.

"You take good care of my Corpsman and he will take care of you. I will see both of you in two weeks," With that, they saluted, turned around, and marched out. Bill and Gregory were startled by what they saw. Both of them looked at the older man in a new light. They had never seen this sexual side of Gunny Rogers.

Naked, Gunny Rogers was am impressive figure. He turned to the others: "Now, Let's get this show on the road."

Chapter 21: But He Snorted Your Jock Strap

Gunny Rogers turned and faced Tony, Bill Junior, Gregory, and Trooper Hunter. He had just handed over all their earth-bound affairs and the jock strap he was wearing to the young lieutenant.

"The Lieutenant will do a good job for us. He's quite thorough and trustworthy in all matters. And the Corpsman will follow us anywhere. He's a good man," Gunny said with confidence.

"But, he snorted your sweaty jock strap!" Bill Junior said, amazed at what he just saw.

"But, it was his jock strap. He wanted me to use it for a week. I did and now I gave it back," asked Gunny Rogers.

"But, why were you wearing his jock?" asked Bill.

"But! Because he wanted me to. Now 'but' yourself out of the subject," replied Gunny Rogers in a stern commanding voice. Gregory and Trooper Hunter couldn't restrain themselves and started to laugh. They knew the games that real men played with jock straps.

"Bill's a little innocent yet. He's never thought of you as a sex object," Gregory explained as he tried to give Bill a hard hug, but only succeeded in aggravating the bruises that he had received in the beating from his father.

"I have something that will make those bruises fell better," Tony said as he let his cock come out of its sheath. "Here rub this all over each other," Tony pressed his cock against Gregory started to spurt a thick stream of white cum. Gunny Rogers, Bill and Trooper Hunter scooped it up and spread it all over Gregory. Tony moved his cock around to each of them. The four guys were quickly covered in sticky, gooey cum and raging hard-ons. Trooper Hunter had dropped to his knees and sucking off Gregory. Gunny Rogers took the opportunity to sink his long thin cock into Bill Junior.

Tony came around the back of Gregory and started to sink his cock into Gregory's tight ass. He could only get about 6 inches inside Gregory, but that was enough for him to unload another load in the cute young butt. He then had Gregory squat over Trooper Hunter's face while he gave him a rim job.

Gunny Rogers had finished screwing Bill and was on his knees giving Bill a blowjob. Tony went over to Bill, bent him over, and started to screw him. Bill's ass was open and dripping cum from Gunny's efforts. Tony sank his cock in about 12 inches before Bill moaned loudly then said:

"Man, that cock's on fire. My insides are starting to burn,"

"That's the plankton, they are starting to change you," replied Tony as he pushed hard and drove his eighteen inch long cock into Bill. He then grabbed Bill around his ribs lifted him into the air. Bill was impaled on Tony's mighty tool. Tony reached orgasm twice more before he lifted Bill off his cock. When he set Bill down, large areas of Bill's skin were changing color and a dorsal fin poked its way out of Bill's back. Webbing had already formed on his hands and feet.

Tony turned his attention to Trooper Hunter. He was still rimming Gregory. Tony pulled him to his knees and started to feed his cock into Trooper Hunter's mouth. It looked like an impossible task, but Gregory and Gunny could see Trooper Hunter's throat enlarge and accept the cock. They watched as the cock sunk deeper and deeper into Trooper Hunter's chest. It was like watching the sword swallower at the circus sideshow, but this wasn't a sword, it was a baseball bat sized cock. Deep inside Trooper Hunter, Tony achieved orgasm and as he slowly pulled out of Trooper Hunter's throat, he filled the passage with white hot cum again. The trooper was left with his mouth filled with cum. Gregory grabbed Trooper Hunter and sucked cum out of his mouth so he could breath. As they did, Gunny watched their skin color change and the transformation move down their bodies.

Gunny Rogers look at Tony and bent over inviting Tony to screw him. Tony took careful aim and entered the Gunny in one stroke. He reached around the man and could feel his cock poking out the man's stomach at the navel. There he unloaded another big load and slowly pulled out. Gunny felt his insides moving and rearranging as he was being transformed. His hands and feet were already webbed flippers

Tony just stood and waited for the transformations to take effect. All four, Gunny Rogers, Bill Junior, Gregory, and Trooper Hunter were laying on the dock writhing and jerking in various stages of transformation. He watched as arms and legs changed color, grew in size and strength, and became suitable for life in the water. Bill Junior's transformation was the farthest along. Tony watched as the transformation crept up Bill's back and chest towards his head. He could see the hump form on Bill's back and the blowhole form. He went over and held Bill as his gills formed and his head changed and grew the sonar bulge. Bill was ready for the water and Tony threw him off the dock. Bill floated for a moment, stunned by all the changes.

Trooper Hunter was the next one to undergo the final stages of transformation. Tony again held him as his face and jaw changed and the sonar melon grew. Trooper Hunter had nearly tripled his body weight. His already beefy body was enhanced by the transformation. Tony threw him in the water near Bill who was now swimming around getting used to his gills.

Gunny Rogers tried to stagger to his feet but couldn't. Tony lifted him and held him in his arms as he went through the final stages of transformation. Changing the head and face was disorienting and painful. When the changes to Gunny Rogers finished, Tony dumped him in the water with Bill and Trooper Hunter.

Gregory was the slowest to change. The damage he suffered earlier that day was considerable and had to be repaired before he could be changed. Gregory was lying on the dock; his skin had turned to a silvery white color with gold and green markings down his sides. Both his hands and feet were already flipper-like and Tony could see his arms and legs bulging with their new muscles. But the transformation was proceeding slowly up his chest towards his head. Tony picked the boy up in both arms and cradled him.

"Only a little more Gregory," Tony said softly.

"It hurts. It stops and fixes something and then moves on to the next repair. Put me in the water with Bill, please. Tony. Put me in the water with Bill,"

Tony stood with the boy in his arms and stepped into the water. He landed with a splash and did his best to keep Gregory's head above water. Bill Junior came over and took Gregory from Tony. He let him float in the water. The blowhole and dorsal fin were just forming. Gregory stretched painfully as his spine realigned to accommodate the changes. Gills started to form on his neck and his jaw grew outward. The sonar melon was growing on his head. As the outward changes finished, Bill Junior pulled Gregory under water. He watched as Gregory held his breathe for a while and then struggled to breathe. It only took a second for him to realize that he had gills and didn't need to breathe. Then he moved away from the Tony and Bill. He swam a little ways through the water and then flexed and stretched his new limbs and muscles.

Tony, Gunny Rogers, and Trooper Hunter were waiting at the surface when Gregory and Bill Junior came out of the water.

"I feel so good!" said Gregory. With that, the five new dolphin-men dove and swam out to deeper water to learn about their new lives. Tony knew he had to return to transform the rest of the gang into dolphins. He would need these dolphin-men and the mermen to accomplish this task.

Chapter 22: Learning How to be a Dolphin

Tony led his newly transformed cohort out to the open sea to meet a school of dolphin swimming around the entrance to the cove. The four mermen, Tim, Andy the redhead, Josiah the rookie cop, and Willie the Hawaiian learned to swim and handle the water without much difficulty. With their sleek forms and dolphin-like tails, they were fast and powerful swimmers in the water. Tony left them and turned his attention to the four dolphin-men.

The four dolphin-men, Gunny Rogers, Bill Junior, Gregory, and Trooper Hunter took longer to get used to the water. It seemed to Tony that they lacked his ease in the water. At first they were clumsy and tried to swim as they once walked. Eventually, the four discovered that they were part fish and began to use the webbing on their hands and feet in combination with their new musculature.

Communication was another learning experience for all of them. Tony understood the instinctively dolphins as they whistled and squawked. He guessed that had been a gift from the plankton as they transformed him. Now, his new buddies couldn't even recognize the noises as communication. Not only that, they were silent underwater. The female dolphins in the ocean were a noisy bunch. They didn't realize that the new group of males didn't know how to speak yet. Tony got the gang on the surface and screamed at them in good, plain English. Then they began bobbing up and down. First, with their heads out of the water then, in the water using their new sonar abilities, the mermen bobbed up and down learning the new language. The female dolphins swimming around them thought it was merely silly play and joined the up and down motion by jumping out of the water and smacking the sea with their tails. Every few minutes one of the new mermen or dolphin-men would disappear into the deep and mate with a female dolphin. The lucky man would return to on-the-surface hoots and hollers or underwater whistles and screeches.

When the sun got towards late afternoon, early evening, Tony rounded up the gang and brought them back into the cove. Three of the mermen, Tim, Andy, and Willie rested in the calm water near the float. The other merman, Josiah, and his brother, Trooper Hunter, stayed in deeper water to wrestle each other. Their wet torsos gleamed in the sunlight as they grappled. Every now and again, Josiah's tail or Hunter's flipper-shaped feet would smack the splash the water.

Tony and the dolphin-men went onto land to get Stan and Bob, who he suspected were doing more than playing video games in Tim's game room. Dave the marine and Bill Senior had left to get to get Little Tim.

Chapter 23: Wench Jacking Was A Big Crime In The Middle Ages!

"All we have to do is follow the loud music and we'll find Stan and Bob. They like playing games together," Gunny Rogers said as they entered the house and followed the loud noise downstairs. Tony was amazed at the electronic equipment in the room. Several televisions, radios, and a four video games blared from TV screens and speakers. Bob and Stan were asleep on a big leather couch with Stan's head rested on Bob 's cock and balls and his cock still in Bob's mouth. Obviously they had gone from video games to other games and afterwards fallen asleep.

"How can they sleep through this noise?" asked Gunny Rogers. Bill Junior and Gregory laughed out loud and searched for the controllers to one of the video games.

"What noise?" Gregory asked.

"Hey! Timmy has an advance copy of Turok!" Bill Junior said as he and Gregory restarted the game on one of the monitors.

Tony took a close look at Bob and Stan: "Look at that! Bob's still got the kid's cock in his mouth. I hope he doesn't grind his teeth in his sleep." Tony looked around the room for a bowl.

"Oh! Bob has false teeth. They have to be sitting in a glass around here." Gunny Rogers said in a matter-of-fact voice as he started turning off the noisemakers. Soon the room was quiet and Bob and Stan woke up.

"Who's that? What's going on?" Bob mumbled around Stan's cock as he opened his eyes and saw the four dolphin-men. He spit Stan's cock out of mouth.

"Who are you?" he blurted out in surprise. Stan moaned softly and nuzzled his face into Bob's cock and balls as he hugged him tighter.

"Quite a few changes since the last time!" Gunny Rogers said laughing at the surprise.

"Gunny? Is that you?" Bob's eyes grew wide as his face turned red. He tried shaking Stan awake.

"Stan! Stan! Wake up! They're back!" Bob blurted out as he shook Stan's limp body.

"I think we fell asleep." Bob said, embarrassed at being caught asleep with a cock in his mouth. He looked at the tall, gray and green creature. Gunny smiled and held his arms out to each side showing off his new body. "Time to change, Bob," Gunny Rogers said.

"Let me sleep!" muttered Stan as he opened his eyes. The lights made him squint.

"Hey Stan!" Gregory called, "It's your turn to change. Wake up, dude!"

"We can let you sleep through the change!" Gregory added. Stan looked up with an angry expression his face. The first thing Stan saw was Bill Junior and Gregory playing one of the video games. Their new hands were awkward at the buttons.

"Holy shit!" Stan said, his voice thick with sleep, he moved slowly trying not to fall off Bob.

"You're red! He's silver! He's green!" Stan elbowed and kneed Bob as he bounced to his feet. Gunny and Tony smiled as Bob defended his balls and stomach from the bony assault. Stan was so excited he didn't pay attention to his lack of clothes. His precocious cock flopped around at half-staff and pointed at Bill Junior and Gregory.

"Like what you see?" Bill Junior dropped the control on his lap and flexed his arms and shoulders. Muscles popped up underneath the smooth, waterproof skin. Gregory mirrored Bill's pose. Stan touched and stroked their new skin. Bill continued: "How about it, Squirt! Ya ready to be changed forever?"

"I can't wait to be a dolphin. It's going to be SO sweet!" Stan said as he admired the changes in his two friends. Bob stood behind Stan and wrapped his big arms across the front of Stan's scrawny body covering Stan's cock with his big hands. The warmth of Bob's hands got Stan's cock rock hard.

"Your excitement is showing, Stan." Bob said as he hugged the boy against his chest.

"Nothing like being young and always hot." Gunny Rogers remarked.

"Aw Bob!" Stan blushed and wiggled his arms free and pulled Bob's arms away from his body. His stiff cock bounced up and down.

"Can I touch you guys? Can I feel what it's like," Stan bubbled over with excitement. He reached out and touched the new, waterproof skin on Bill and Gregory. They obliging rubbed up against his body. He shivered at the coolness of their touch.

"That's so smooth and slick. I can't wait!" Stan murmured. Tony interrupted and handed Bob and Stan a bowl of liquid.

"I thought you might like to rub this all over your bodies. Do your hands and feet and then your arms and legs." Tony set the bowl on a small side table. Bob looked at the bowl for a very long minute as Stan happily smeared the stuff all over his body. Finally, Bob dipped his hands into the bowl. It felt warm and sticky as he rubbed it on his hands and feet. Stan rubbed his hands all over into Bob's body, Bob's cock got hard and stood erect.

"So that's all it takes? It felt like a liniment, cold at first and then hot." Bob said.

"How long will it take?" Stan asked giving Bob a big hug.

"Not long." Tony answered, "You two will change fairly rapidly. I think you should go out and get into the water."

"Yeah, if we're going to turn into dolphins, water would be a nice touch." Stan smart-mouthed. Stan and Bob and the four dolphin-men walked out of the house and onto the dock. The greeted the four mermen, Tim, Andy the redhead, Josiah the rookie cop, and Willie the Hawaiian swam over to lend their support. Stan fidgeted and fussed as they stood there.

"What's wrong?" Bob asked, sensing the boy wanted to do something more than waiting.

"Well, uh!" Stan stammered. "I wannaÖ I wanna change while we do it. " Stan blurted out the request..

"I think I know what to do. How about a vertical sixty-nine?" Bob grabbed Stan, who was all of 150 pounds, lifted his body, and turned him upside down so that Stan's mouth was even with his crotch. Stan quickly sucked up Bob's erect cock and started sucking him off. Stan's cock flopped front of Bob's face and he maneuvered Stan's legs on top of his shoulders and started sucking the cock. Stan's arms and legs wiggled in sexual heat. As he sucked off Stan's cock, Bob said:

"I'll do anything for the little bugger!"

Gunny Rogers, Tony, and the others just looked in amazement at the spectacle of strength and sex unfolding in front of them. Bob's arms were propped on his sides as he held Stan's body upside down.

Stan started to change. The skin on Stan's hands and arms turned gray and green as his fingers shrank to form flippers. Stan kept his arms wrapped tightly around Bob's legs as he continued to suck. A bright green stripe moved up Stan's arms, across his back, and down his spine. A dorsal fin stared to form on Stan's back and his body became thicker and rounder. His arms shrank down to flippers while his shoulders and back grew to meet his head. Bob's set Stan down onto the dock as his fingers and hands started to change.

"I can feel my bones changing. This is so fast!" Stan gasped as he lay on the dock, "I feel thicker and heavier." Stan's chest rounded out as his abdomen and hips were smoothing themselves into the contours of a dolphin. His head was still human, but it was perched on a dolphin's neck as the upper half of his torso took the shape of a dolphin. All the bones in his shoulders and chest became thinner and lighter. His shoulders rounded and the back of his neck thickened. His face was still human and looked out from a dolphin's body.

"Your tail's growing," Bob remarked as he watched Stan's feet and legs being absorbed into his body at the same time as his spine was growing out into a tail.

"I can feel it. You like my flukes?" Stan waved the twelve inch long fluke at the end of his tail. "Did you start to change?" He asked Bob.

"I ain't going to pick my nose anymore!" Bob said as he held up flipper-shaped hands for Stan to see. A bright green coloration crept up his arms and shoulders as his skin turned waterproof. He twisted around to show Stan the dorsal fin growing from his spine.

"Wow! I knew it was a fin, but I didn't know what it looked like," Stan's body grew rounder and he rolled on his side. He moved his legs to stop his roll and they were barely long enough.

"What do your legs feel like as they shrink?" Bob asked. He watched his feet shrink. He looked around for Tony and when their eyes met, he mouthed silently: "I'm afraid!" Tony just nodded and motioned to Gunny Rogers to help Bob. They sat down on either side of him.

"I can feel my body is growing longer. It's hot and tingling. My legs feel cold." Stan said and he smacked his flippers around and tried to stabilize himself with his legs. His body had grown so round that the stubs of his legs wouldn't work. Bob tried to grab him, but his arms had shrunk to flippers and he lost his balance as his tail started to protrude from his back. The dolphin-men grabbed Stan and rolled him into the water and the mermen held him in place. Stan's tail grew longer and thicker. Changes were creeping up towards his face. His ears were already gone and a blowhole had formed behind his head. The mermen turned him sideways so everyone could see Stan's large cock and balls change into a giant, well-muscled tool and sink into his body along with his balls. Stan's body was smooth and sleek, long and lanky, just like Stan used to be when he was human, but much more powerful.

"Meet me in the water!" Stan called as the transformation moved onto his face. His nose, mouth, and jaw grew out from his face and formed the familiar dolphin snout. His eyes moved to either side of his head and the melon formed over the bridge of his brow. Stan, now almost completely a dolphin, moved away from the mermen and started to swim around. He poked his head above water and made dolphin noises at Bob. Then he submerged with Willie and Andy and swam a little ways off.

Bob's transformation was taking longer. His shoulders and chest became barrel-shaped and rounded as his neck disappeared.

"I wouldn't have done this for anyone but Stan. He's been quite a handful. Don't tell Dave all the stuff we were doing, he doesn't know." Bob's human face looked silly on the front of his new body. His legs disappeared completely inside his body. His hips and tail grew proportionately round as it lengthened and formed flukes.

"How's it feel, Bob?" Gunny asked.

"I can feel the bones in my spine growing and thickening to support me. There's lots more muscle to control back there." Bob said waving his tail. His human face still perched on the front of his new dolphin's body.

"My insides are moving and rearranging. It's kinda scary, almost everything human is gone. This new body is all dolphin." Bob grimaced as the changes made his body rounder and sleeker.

"Gunny, Tony, help me. I'm having doubts about the change. Will anything human be left?" Bob asked. He tried to reach out to Tony, but his flippers were too short.

"Your brain will always be human, but your body will be that of a dolphin. Once the change is complete, it will seem perfectly normal to you. The plankton will take care of all of that. Even the mental stuff. You and Stan will bring language to the dolphins. Eventually, we'll all be able to talk a dolphin language." Tony said to reassure Bob.

"You want to be in the water?" Gunny asked.

"Not till the end. Let me lay on the dock. The ground underneath me is reassuring." Bob gasped out. He smacked his flukes on the deck and twisted his new body. He arched himself on his stomach so that his head and tail were up in the air. His human cock and balls dangled just below his flukes and the gang watched as its shape changed. Tendons and muscles grew around his cock and it slithered deep into his body.

"Your cock is so big now. It was about four inches in diameter and 15 inches long before it went inside." Bill Junior said to Bob. Stan the dolphin "stood" high in the water watching the changes occur. Every few seconds he squeaked.

"Goood!" Bob's face started to change and the sound just stretched out. His forehead broadened and grew into a sonar melon. His jaw and nose grew into a dolphin snout. And with that, a bright green dolphin with gray markings lay on the dock before them. They gently rolled Bob the dolphin into the water and watched as he and Stan the dolphin swam around each other.

"Tim! Andy! Josiah! Willie! Take Stan and Bob out into the deep water. Let them learn how to swim and eat. We'll wait for the rest of the gang," he turned toward Bill Junior and Gregory who were still sitting on the dock:

"You can go with them if you want to," Tony made it clear he wanted to be alone with Gunny Rogers. Bill and Gregory looked at each other and took a few seconds to decide:

"We're going to go play those video games. It'll be our last fling. Once we're out at sea, we won't be able to do that stuff."

Tony and Gunny nodded their approval.

Chapter 24: Corpsmen Snake-boy and Lizardo

Tony and Gunny Rogers sat in silence watching the gentle waves in the cove and observing the dolphins out in the sea beyond the cove.

"We aren't going to have regrets, are we?" Gunny Rogers asked as he flexed the new muscles in his arms, shoulders, and back. He felt more changes in his body.

"No, none of us will, not even those like Bob and Stan who become all dolphin." Tony replied.

"It makes sense," Gunny Rogers continued, "How could the plankton, whatever they are, create a new form of life and then let if be destroyed by regrets and doubt?"

"Well, they aren't insidious about it. You and I can have doubts, but we won't dwell on those doubts. A total change as drastic as Stan and Bob just went through is mentally jarring. Their brains will adapt to their new bodies. I sent them out into the deep water so they wouldn't notice all the mental changes. They'll think it's part of learning how to survive at sea," Tony rubbed some water on his skin.

"I didn't know they were that sexually involved. I don't think Stan's father knew either," Gunny Rogers shook his head back and forth in disapproval. "If I had known, I would have stopped it. No man should have a fourteen-year-old lover."

"All that energy is going to get channeled to language," Tony smiled through his dolphin-like features: "Eventually, we'll all speak dolphin. Think of all those part human dolphins that are going to be born in a month or so."

"Well, language distinguished us from the apes, I guess that language will distinguish us from the dolphins. How will we talk underwater?" Gunny Rogers asked?

"Dolphins use their sonar ability for echolocation, we will use our sonar ability to talk underwater. I know how to talk to other dolphins right now. But it's not a language like we have. Bob and Stan will take care of that. Anyone else who becomes a full-fledged dolphin will help them." Tony splashed some more water on his skin and lay on his back.

"Bill Senior and little Timmy want to become dolphins as I recall." Gunny flexed his arms and shoulders. He leaned back on his arms and bent his knees into the air. It was a comfortable way to sit. His new body felt different:

"Am I getting bigger? Am I still changing?" Gunny asked.

"Yes, you're gaining a layer of fat for insulation," Tony replied, "That's part of what you feel happening. You need to stay warm. The water out in the deep ocean is 40 degrees. Humans can't survive that. We can."

"Oh! I never thought about that!" Gunny said thoughtfully as he shook his head in agreement.

"I'd like to kick Bill senior in the ass once before he changes. He's a real ball-buster, lying to his kid that way," Tony said.

"He's a control freak, a great detail man. But really, really slow to admit he's wrong. Bill Junior will be better off with Gregory," Gunny Rogers paused and then asked: "Can those two still have sex? Or should I ask can we could have sex? As dolphin-men, I mean!" Gunny wondered. He blushed at the question.

"Sure we can, so can they. Be careful, if you have sex with a human, he'll change," Tony warned, "And speaking of those two, I can hear the video games out here."

"I can't hear that well," Gunny Rogers strained to hear any noise form the house.

"In time you will. Your hearing will improve as you develop your sonar abilities," Tony smiled at Gunny. There was so much for these new dolphin men and mermen to learn. Tony reached over the edge of the dock and splashed water on himself and Gunny Rogers.

"Stay wet! I learned the hard way. Your skin can dry out and crack, stay wet," Tony said.

"Did you plan this all along?" Gunny Rogers asked.

"No, I only came back for Tim. I thought about hauling him out to sea when you guys arrived, but he had lost so much weight, I thought it best to stay close to the house as he changed. I never expected he would invite the world to help." Tony chuckled and continued: "Opportunity presented itself and I took it."

Gunny Rogers nodded and sat up. He pointed to the top of the hill overlooking the cove. A military truck crested the hill and was heading their way.

"I'll bet it's Lieutenant Michaelson being his usual thorough self," Gunny Rogers remarked, "I hope he doesn't have a platoon with him. We should hide just in case."

"Ah! Lieutenant Michaelson, He's hot! I nearly lost it when I saw him. He seems so earnest and meticulous. That business with the jock strap was over the top." Tony watched the truck wind it's way slowly down the hill.

"Bill Junior's reaction to the jock strap just left me speechless with laughter. I could tell by the look of shock on his face what was wandering through his mind. I'm sure Michaelson struggled to keep it together." Gunny laughed.

"Where did you find Michaelson?" Tony asked.

"To tell the truth, he found me and seduced me. We've been lovers ever since." Gunny answered.

"He's like an apple pie! I could eat him up!" Tony felt his libido stir at the thought.

"He's quite a wild man beneath that hard exterior of his. He's the youngest of six big, strapping, southern rednecks, each and every one screwed his ass for fun. He thought that was the way brothers grew up in the world. The jock strap was fun. I wanted to see the kid's reaction to it." Gunny shrugged and looked at Tony with a gleam in his eyes. Gunny continued: "A year and a half ago, he showed up with that corpsman. He said he found him at a boarding school for wayward boys in Georgia. I think the name was shady something."

"And you three have been an item ever since?" Tony asked.

"Yeah! We were definitely a hot trio before today. That corpsman is a real muscle monster. Everything about him is oversized, including his cock and balls." Gunny licked his lips as he remembered the sex and then splashed water on his body.

"Wait until they take off their clothes. We nicknamed them 'snake-boy and his faithful companion Lizardo' for all the tattoos on their bodies." Gunny stood up. The truck was going to arrive in a few minutes.

"Tattoos?" Tony asked as he stood and faced Gunny Rogers.

"They both have this bizarre snake fetish and their bodies are completely covered with tattooed scales. You can't see it when they're in uniform, but it's there." Gunny Rogers patted the dorsal fin on Tony's back as they walked to the house.

"Snake scales all over? You mean they look green like us?" Tony asked.

"Green and yellow, even the bottoms of their feet, toes, cocks and balls, assholes and even the really tender skin like under their arms." Gunny winced at the thought. He opened the door of Tim's basement and the noise of the video games and TV's blasted their ears.

"Now that noise could wake the dead! Let's get those boys and hide," Tony said.

[note from author - The story ended here. That's it, that's all I wrote. I never did figure out what all those new creatures were going to do in the sea. Remember that when they had sex with all the surviving female dolphins, the numbers of intelligent sea creatures would rise spectacularly.

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