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February 2004

"What's their distance and speed?" Jake asked as he studied the vector charts in front of him.

"About three light years towards Alpha Aquilae and just approaching half light-speed," Captain Justin Bagwell pointed to a blinking dot on the display panel.

"And computer control of their ion-fusion drive is malfunctioning?" Jake studied the data. He frowned and turned to the Captain.

"We've launched eight Discovery-class platforms and they're all are working well. I programmed the last two personally. Why is this platform malfunctioning?" Jake Bourbon scratched his balls.

"Well, they rushed the launch and their automated computer systems weren't quite ready. They don't have a programmer who's good enough to reprogram their computer systems and they asked us to send someone and reprogram the entire system," the Captain replied.

The Discovery Class platforms were the largest space-faring structures ever built by Earth. Huge, metal boxes, ten kilometers on a side and five kilometers thick. The platforms were built in Earth's asteroid belt and were so large that they created their own gravity. A kilometer wide border held all the equipment used for space flight and mining asteroids. They had metal foundries, smelters, flight decks, and communications equipment. And at the back, a heavily shielded ion propulsion system. The center sections, recessed a half kilometer below the edge, held the chambers holding various environments containing plants, lakes and streams, cattle, sheep, birds, fowl, insects and an assortment of wildlife necessary to sustain the platform during the years of near-light speed travel. In the center of it all was the living quarters were small, sparse and bare. No comfort was wasted on the prisoners that manned the platform. This was a prison platform.

"Can't you just send the data disks? Surely any programmer or engineers could do the programming," Jake Bourbon observed. He gave the Captain a puzzled look.

"Normally, we would, but even their engineers aren't up to the job. We need a volunteer," the Captain let the cat out of the bag.

"And you're trolling for a sucker wiling to go on a one-way trip. I guess you'll use the Unification-Gate to get him there. That thing is evil and nasty," Jake Bourbon smiled at the discomfort that the remark caused the Captain.

"Hero, Jake, not a chump, a hero. You're the best programmer we have. You can reprogram their computer single-handed and from what I know of you, you'd make a fine addition to their crew," Captain Bagwell put his arm around Jake's shoulders. They had some history together.

"Aside from leaving this wonderful prison, you're not telling me something. What's the real story? What's really wrong with this platform?"

Back on earth, the powers that be emptied their overcrowded prisons into a series of space platforms. Each platform housed a half million male prisoners, all men, mostly sex offenders and gay men who violated the new strictures against sex of all kinds. Using the faster than light drive, the platforms were aimed at the Earth's nearest neighbors. Captain Bagwell was guiding this platform to Tau Ceti, about 12 light years from earth. Upon arrival, the platforms were supposed to colonize any habitable planets or terraform the uninhabitable. If the sun had no planets, then they were to harvest asteroids and build more platforms.

"Remember that the Halloween party when we first met? I dressed as Tarzan and you were an ape. You got your costume from a movie … 'Planet of the Apes' I think was the name, and you insisted on wearing it while we had sex," Captain Bagwell smiled as he talked.

"I used every dollar I had to buy General Thade's costume and wore it well. I didn't want you to see that I was just barely sixteen. As I recall, you enjoyed fucking my boyish ass more than once."

"I knew how young you were. You were infamous as the youngest pervert ever convicted and sentenced to a platform. As I remember, you really enjoyed acting the primate. You even created an apelike sheath for your cock and balls that let them hang out of the costume so you could have sex in it. Not only that, you wore that costume to meet me and other men for sex. I remember you refused to take it off," Captain Bagwell said. Jake Bourbon blushed.

"What's my fetish got to do with a bad computer program? I hope that the great "Bust-his-balls" Bagwell didn't call me in after fifteen years just to reminisce about ancient sexual encounters. Especially the sexual acts that got us both thrown in jail," Jake shrugged.

"But simians are the entire point. This bunch unleashed a genetic retrovirus on themselves. Before it went airborne, we sealed their platform and launched it, "Captain Bagwell answered.

"No shit! I remember. Yeah! I remember. I spent a month in a sexy black rubber suit jerking off while decontaminating a forest chamber. Oh, those were the days … hourly orgasms … willing tongues waiting to clean my body…" Jake closed his eyes and fondled himself. "I never did find out what the retrovirus was all about," Jake Bourbon added.

"We kept it secret. The retrovirus was administered in a pill and was supposed be safe. But it mutated and became airborne. By the time we got them into containment, over 2000 men caught the virus. We didn't want to admit how close we came to losing the entire population to that virus. That entire platform is a rainforest and they're all simians. When they sent the request for help, I thought you might be interested," Captain Bagwell said.

"You're serious? They're all Simians?" Jake Bourbon's entire demeanor perked up.

"Yes, all varieties of apes and all male. Your fetish come true; a society of intelligent primates. I'm offering you a chance to join them, be they're savior and in the process become your character of General Thade for real," Captain Bagwell added as he brought up a series of images on the computer screen.

"I just wanted to screw around as General Thade. He was a chimpanzee and a bad guy. I'd rather be a baboon or a monkey," Jake mused as he flipped through the photographs. His cock tented his pants: "I don't recognize several of these species."

"They say they have over two-hundred species of simian. The retrovirus acts in such a manner that they pick the end result; chimp, orangutan, bonobo, gorilla, silverback, a whole host of monkeys, and many, many more. Look close and you'll see that all of them have huge balls and large, uncut, human-like cocks. They planned life in the jungle and selectively engineered themselves for non-stop sex," Captain Bagwell pointed to the various body parts on the pictures. Jake's face lit up.

"When do I leave?" Jake sneered. He drooled over the pictures.

What no one knew or anticipated was that dark metallic asteroids were abundant in deep space. The Discovery platforms could harvest these on the fly. Rather than do nothing for 25 years, the prisoners began building more platforms and launching them. The required technology was passed from each platform through the Unification-Gate, the instantaneous transport of matter through space and time. They were only supposed to activate the Unification-Gate when they arrived at their destination, but when did convicts and political prisoners follow the rules?

Captain Bagwell and the transfer team sent computer memory modules and program through the Unification-Gate first. They heard Jake's Bon Voyage party before it arrived. Jake and his entourage of lovers showed up naked and odoriferous. Beer, spunk, drool, sweat and other bodily fluids cemented sparkling confetti and brightly-colored paper streamers to their bodies. Jake and his buddies spent the last week preparing the computer programs and screwing every swinging dick and willing asshole. His friends only knew he wasn't returning, they didn't know why and they didn't care. Jack Bourbon sported several new outrageous and garish tattoos of naked musclemen with huge cocks. The faces on the tattoos matched several men in the Bon Voyage party.

Jack walked up to Captain Bagwell, embraced him drunkenly. He planted a kiss on the Captain's lips. The Captain resisted for a moment and then returned the goodbye embrace. The technicians stood there, dumbfounded. Jake broke the embrace and took the plastic sheath that would protect his body during the transfer from the technician. His friends steadied him.

For a device that transports matter over large distances in mere seconds, a Unification-Gate is a small and unimpressive device. Identical units are placed at both locations. The transfer occurs between the gates. Atoms are dissembled in one gate, converted to energy and recreated at the other gate. The relative speed of both platforms away from each other and the available power from the ion propulsion drive governs the mass of an object that could be transferred at any one time.

"They tell me this body will die. Is this my shroud?" Jack said as pulled the plastic over his body. Several of the Bon Voyage party helped him. Jake's body was slim, muscular, slick and sordid. His friends helped him squeeze into the so-called shroud and stopped when it reached his chest they let the technicians position the automatic hypodermic system. His arms were crossed on his chest mummy-style and his dick was stiff and throbbing against the plastic material. The technicians let Jack's friends pull the plastic up to over his head and neck. One of Jake's friends shoved his stiff cock over Jake's mouth and blew a load of thick, white cum into Jake's waiting orifice before anyone could object. Disgusted, the technician shoved the mouth guard into Jake's cum-filled mouth with his fingertips and closed the plastic over Jack's head.

With the available power, it would take one minute to send the body through the gate. Jake couldn't move during the transfer. A radio signal activated the hypodermics. Paralytic drugs froze Jake Bourbon's body and stopped his heart. The technicians vacuumed the air out of the sheath and made it stiffen into a hard shell. They pushed his lifeless body into their Unification-Gate. On the malfunctioning platform Jake's body was recreated in exact detail.

From the oral history of Jake Bourbon

"They often ask me what it felt like when I went through the gate. Well, I'd like to say I didn't feel anything, but in all honesty, it hurt like hell. The paralytics stiffened my muscles and the plastic sheath stopped my heart and lungs. I really did start to die with all the mental trauma associated with death filling my mind. The blackness, the light tunnel, the helplessness, all that legendary stuff appeared. Panic, helplessness, death and then the Unification Gate starts to destroy your body, inch by inch, cell by cell while the other gate begins to reassemble you from the information stream. Another drawback of travel by the gate, by the way, you lose your voice for a while.

"Now my first view of my destination, the malfunctioning platform was startling: It was all bright and blue skyish, not dark and grayish. There was green -- bright, tropical green and light, really light. IT was a big difference to the abysmally dingy and dark illumination that existed on Discovery Platform Three. The bright yellow sunlight happily reminiscent of Earth. I felt sharp pains in my chest as drugs revived my heart. Rough hands pulled the plastic off my body and thumped my chest to get my heart restarted. Big, hairy, ape-like hands thumped my chest. A thick-lipped, hairy, sexy gorilla gave me mouth to mouth while a chimpanzee played with my cock and balls. Chimps are like that, you know. They're the sex fiends of the galaxy.

"I guess you know, but maybe you don't, so I should tell you: the human body is not made to have its atoms separated, destroyed, and recreated light years across the galaxy. It's done layer by layer, piece by piece, atom by atom. Worse than the pain of having every atom destroyed and recreated, as you revive, your body wants to thrash and batter everything. Four big, hairy apes held me down. A spider monkey with legs akimbo and a set of human-like genitals sat on my chest and removed the hypodermic device. He rode me like a bucking horse and let his cock dangle deliciously near my mouth. Two chimpanzees continued ripping the plastic shroud off my arms and legs. The blackness of their skin and the sexy touch of their fur made my dick stiff. Of course the chimpanzee was sucking on it at the time. It took a few minutes for my breathing and heart to settle down. The apes turned me over to a gang of chimps who stroked and licked my body. They made a big fuss about my tattoos.

"I caught glimpses of apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, all sort of simians in all shapes and sizes watching my resuscitation. The spider monkey returned and injected a hypodermic into my shoulder. I screamed and fought against the shot, but the chimps just screeched and chattered back at me. The shot made me hot and sweaty. After it, they carried me to a warm, tropical waterfall and washed the crud from my body. They let me float in the pool until I could stand. Then a silverback gorilla lifted me and set me on the edge of the pool. A troop of red-assed baboons danced around me making monkey noises in greeting. Their strength hidden in their smaller bodies and their red asses begging me to screw them. I was horny thanks to the transport and subsequent resuscitation and would have carried on with the baboons, but the silverback roared at them and they blended back into the jungle.

"I stood there in my pink, hairless splendor amidst dark, hairy bodies. My new tattoos, naked men with big dicks, would have attracted attention back on Station Three. Here, they paled in comparison to the extravagant coverings of fur and dark-hued colorations of simian skin that surrounded me. My gorilla escort rubbed his huge, black hands over my body to dry me. I reached out and felt the soft, luxurious fur covering his body. The spider monkey came over with a medical scanner. I recognized him as the on who was sitting in my chest. I marveled that this fine specimen of simian could have once been a man. He studied the instrument and in a clear tenor voice pronounced me 'fit and healthy' to the throng and the forest.

"I heard cheering, woofing, grunting, squawking, and other monkey-like sounds fill the jungle. I listened to primates calling my arrival through the jungle only to be returned by many more voices. Slowly, figures appeared from behind the greenery. I looked around at the primates. From the smallest to the largest, they were uniformly handsome, muscular and well hung. I looked at them in amazement.

"The spider monkey asked if I had my voice yet. I croaked a hoarse yes as he led me towards what appeared to be a huge tree. It was actually one of the metal pillars supporting the decks. Inside were the main controls of the Platform with my program discs. It took me only two hours to reprogram their entire system, a record time. Damn, I'm good, rally good. Afterward, we talked about the Platform and its history.

"He told me that not only did the retrovirus go airborne and out of control but the DNA, conversion went awry too. Some of the men lost the ability to do their jobs and remain human. There was a community of chimpanzees on the lower deck that descended into masturbation and coprophilia. As chimpanzees go, I told him I didn't think that it was a problem. Chimpanzees and otters love masturbating all day, day in and day out. I asked him about my change and he told me that the virus would act silently for about few days and then my skin would turn black and my body hair would grow out. He wanted me to explore a variety of primate communities on the Platform and decide which one I wanted to join. The trick of controlling the change was to suck off similar primates and consume as much sperm as possible when your bones started to change. The little rat bastard even told me that reports of my behavior preceded me and he thought I wouldn't have a hard time getting a massive dose of sperm.

"I told him that I was promiscuous but not wanton. Although I had a reputation it was no where near the reality of my sex life. The rumors of my once sucking off a three squads at once and swallowing without puking were false. It was only a half dozen or ten men from each squad and not all of them… Well, only one squad, now that you bring it up. But that's another story from another life.

"Over the first few days my skin grew progressively darker and fine, black fur sprouted all over my body. My skeleton didn't change, but outwardly my body changed. My hands and feet grew larger and tougher. My muscles grew thinner and stronger. It was like watching a wave building up offshore knowing that it would eventually crash over the beach transforming everything. I spent some time with the Silverbacks and other gorillas. They were pleasant, kind and gentle. Sexy in a big, strong way, but they only humped once or twice a year. I visited the forest of the spider monkeys. The small darling creatures carried on endless phenomenological and metaphysical discussions. Not my cup of Joe, java, latte, or Oolong. And that forest of chimpanzees was amazing aromatic and inviting, but it was all solo action. I also visited the baboons, orangutans, and gibbons.

"I won't bore you with al the details of my visits, I eventually ended up in a community of Bonobos who actually made a banner out of tree bark. To a simian, if I can use that word, they were small, powerfully built, and stocky. Each of them endowed with a thick, uncut cock and huge balls. Since I was a good six inches taller than any of them, I reckoned properly that they would be a perfect fit for a tight fuck and I was right. There were five hundred Bonobos and they promised that they all would donate some DNA to my transformation.

"That was a great day. Five hundred plus orgasms all directed at my already furry body. My bones changed in the middle of bathing in all that hot, white, monkey jism. The length of my arms and legs changed. My hips shifted shape. My face and jaw changed as my skull assumed its new shape. It might have hurt; I was too busy to notice. The party grew even bigger as they realized I joined them. We celebrated with a week of nonstop carousing in the jungle, swinging from trees, fucking on the lush lawns, sucking in the stream, eating fruits on the fly, and my favorite bunghole brachiation.

"Well that's my story, kiddies. I hope you enjoyed it. It's Bonobo, Bono-Boi, Stud muffin, and biggest swinging dick on the planet...

Jake Bourbon, signing off!

3200 words more or less

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