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March 2003

The Congo is supposed to be "darkest Africa;" but our expedition was wired to the hilt with GPS, satellite radio, TV, broadband, cell phones, and electronic tracking gadgets. Craig and Kendall's Great Ape Project consisted of six scientists, two anthropologists, and at various times as many as two dozen volunteers. That's not including the local natives; there were about a dozen of them showing up at any one time to act as guides for the volunteers.

Kendall insisted on setting up camp in the Masisi highlands (east central Congo) near the northwestern corner of Lake Kivu. The camp was an easy drive in a sturdy four-wheel truck from Goma and only a few hours by foot for our guides and volunteers to go and observe social life of primates. The volunteers agree to work for us for six months before they either returned to society or underwent their final transformations. Craig counseled the volunteers to be sure they understood the consequences of the transformation and the lives they would lead afterward.

Every other Tuesday Craig and Kendall meet the courier at the international airport in Goma with Augusten's latest shipment of costumes. This Tuesday, Ray Raleigh, the courier arrived with two people in tow. Craig, Kendall, and the courier met alone in a private room at a hotel near the airport.

"Augusten sends his greetings, he trusts you and the project are well," the courier said.

"Very well, Very well indeed! And how are you doing, Ray-Ray?" Craig always called the courier Ray-Ray. It was a private nickname between Craig and the courier. The briefcases sat on the table.

"Three cases? We were only expecting one," Craig said as Kendall examined the cases.

"They're authentic and unopened," Kendall remarked.

"What are the codes?" Craig asked the courier. Due to the distance from Augusten's farm and the political situation in Africa, complex codes protected the secrets of the costumes and the instructions for their use. The courier carried a key but not the message. Craig knew the message but not the key and if the codes weren't used to open the cases, the costumes would not work.

The three men joked about being a top-secret operation and shared a laugh. Kendall removed the instructions for these costumes from the first case. These three costumes consisted of only glove-like, simian hands and feet.

"This says the hands and feet are enough for three new Bonobos," Kendall said as he read the instruction sheet.

"Oh yeah," Craig mumbled as he took the instruction sheet from Kendall and read it.

"Interesting," Craig's forehead furrowed as he read the sheet: "Apparently, you don't need a full costume. That's a new twist to the change."

"And two sets are for those two travelers you brought with you," Kendall said as he looked through the window at the two newcomers standing outside the window. Ray shook his head affirmatively. The two were dressed in baggy, olive-green camouflage outfits that hid them from prying eyes.

"And the third is for you. The instruction sheet says you've completed your work for Augusten and are finally getting you're reward. Congratulations, Ray-Ray, how many trips have you made for Augusten?" Craig shook his hand and hugged him. Kendall patted his shoulder.

"Six years, a trip each week, that's over 300 trips. Lots of frequent flier miles," Ray replied.

"I didn't realize you were with Augusten that long," Kendall remarked.

"Who are those two?" Craig asked indicating the two travelers outside the window.

"Friends of mine, they need help," Ray Raleigh answered.

"Good! Let's get back to the base camp where we can talk in private," Kendall ordered as he shut and locked the cases and gathered them up in his arms. The three men went outside to the half-track. Ray brought his friends along. It was roomy enough for them all to fit inside. The ride to the compound was long, hot, and rough. It was early afternoon and the equatorial sun was blisteringly hot. No one talked very much.

When they arrived at the camp, Craig and Kendall directed Ray and his friend to the volunteers' tent to rest explaining that it was too hot for anything but a siesta, the Spanish custom everyone adopted as their own in hot climates. Craig and Kendall went to their own tent to read and rest. It was nearly four PM when Craig collected them for tea. Ray wore a pair of baggy shorts. His body was fit and tanned. His friends still wore their baggy camouflage gear as if they needed to hide.

"We aren't British, but we find the custom of tea time refreshing. Dinner is served late around here and an afternoon snack will hold you over until then," Craig said as they walked over to a tent whose sides were raised up. A half dozen natives dressed only in skimpy loincloths were lounging around on benches. Craig and the three men went over and sat with Kendall who introduced himself.

"We know Ray, he's been our courier since we started, but we don't know you two fellows. I'm Kendall Jones and this is Craig Seacraft. We're the operating partners for Great Ape Project and we are here to study the primates of the Congo. I don't know if Ray told you, but our researchers wear very realistic costumes that let them become the primates they want to study. That way, they can live among the primates and observe them without destroying the habitat," Kendall explained.

"I'm Fyodor Fyodorovitch Danilov. Please call me Fyodor. This is my son, Rodian Danilovitch. We're circus people and we understand animals and how to handle them," Fyodor shook hands with Craig and Kendall.

"Call me Danny," Rodian Danilovitch said as he shook hands. Hidden underneath the clothes, he was younger than they thought.

"I need to know something about all of you," Craig asked. Ray started by telling his story:

"Fyodor was the Great Flying Fyodor of the trapeze when we met. I was about twelve years old, abandoned, starving, and desperate. Fyodor took me in and raised me until I finished high school. The Navy paid for my college degree and after I served them for five years, I found a job at a zoo taking care of the primates for about a year and then I met Augusten. Eventually, I signed on as his courier and the rest you know. I've been traveling around the world for him and now I want to settle down in the jungle with the primates," Ray finished by imitating a monkey.

"You'll be joining our project to repopulate the bonobos. Have you ever handled any of them?" Craig asked.

"Yes, a few. They're a gentle and fun loving species. That's the type of life I want," Ray answered.

"What's your story, Fyodor Fyodorovitch. Why do you want to join us?" Craig asked.

"I wasn't a solo trapeze act; I trained Bonobos to be my partners because of their reach and their temperament. One night I found this scrawny little boy creeping around the circus and I took him in. It was Ray, and as you can see, he turned out to be a fine surrogate son. Eventually, I became the leader of the circus and unexpectedly, a woman left her little boy with me. I had raised Ray, so I assumed I could raise another boy. Rodian came to me at the age of three. He is now a fine young man of seventeen and a credit to the Danilovitch name," Fyodor paused to drink and eat. Craig and Kendall looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"Two years ago, Danny's mother contacted me to try to get custody of him. He didn't want to return and we fought her for two years in the court systems. Six months ago, she tried to kidnap Danny. It seems she's joined a cult and they want her son with her. I don't really understand it all. I contacted Ray and he helped us leave the circus and relocate. However, the woman is relentless and every time we move, she finds us. I don't have any more money to escape this woman. We've talked this over, Danny and I, and if being together means living with the primates, then that's what we want," Fyodor finished his story.

"Your turn, Danny," Craig turned his attention to Rodian Danilovitch, AKA Danny.

"I don't remember my real mother and father at all. As longas I remember, I lived with the animals in the circus act. we used mostly Bonobos, a couple chimpanzees, and the only silverback gorillas ever in a circus. They became my brothers and sisters as I grew up and they treated me the same way. I've slept with them, ate with them, and worked with them. That's what made our act so successful. Bonobos are kind and gentle creatures. They gave me the love and affectionate I never had with humans. When I went through puberty, both females and males made me a man. I'm tired of living with humans and their schemes to get rich and gain power," Danny smiled.

"I'm surprised. You're an exception. We don't usually get teenage volunteers," Kendall said.

"You don't usually find teenagers who grew up eating, sleeping, training, and performing with primates," Danny said bluntly adding; "I did that for a dozen years before my Mother came around and demanded I leave that lifestyle. Those Bonobos were my family. They treated me better than most humans I've known. There wasn't a mean bone in their bodies. It's not fair that we have to justify becoming one of them," Danny's face turned red with anger.

"Slow down, young man, slow down! We're just trying to determine your background. Remember that both Kendall and I have used the costumes and know how seductive the desire to be something other than human can be. We're on your side. We just have to know you understand what you're giving up," Craig answered.

"So you've both lived with primates?" Danny asked defiantly.

"Yes! In fact, we've been gorillas, Bonobos, orangutans, and baboons for a day. We've both been primates. So we understand what's going to happen. Before that, Augusten turned us both into one centaur. I was the horse's body and Craig was the human torso. If Augusten hadn't removed the costume, we would have happily stayed a centaur. That's why we ask why people want to be transformed. We don't want to make a mistake. Most transforms occur slowly and once someone is half-animal, half-human in appearance, it's too late to revert to human form if you regret the changes," Craig said adding to his previous lecture. Danny calmed down and sat in a typical teenage, pissed-off, sullen lump.

"We'll let you try the costumes tomorrow, that will give us time to talk more tonight," Kendall said in authoritative tones adding: "Meanwhile, give Craig all of your luggage, passports, airline tickets, and any identification or material possession you're carrying. We need to destroy all traceable material. That includes the clothing off your backs, all of it. We'll get you something else to wear."

"What are you going to do with all of it? How do you dispose of it?" Ray asked.

"There's an active volcano not too far; we'll send a helicopter over the lava with a package. Nothing will be left and no one can even try to find it," Craig remarked.

The three men handed over their luggage, wallets, ID's, passports, and after prodding, every bit of clothing they were wearing, including socks and shoes. They stood there completely naked, without a possession in the world. A half dozen Africans studied the three men. Fyodor and Ray didn't mind, but Danny blushed bright red all over his body.

For his age, Fyodor was solid muscle. He stood about six foot tall and weighed in at 250 pounds. A thick, six-inch, uncircumcised cock hung over a set of low hanging testicles. Gray hair covered his body. Circus tattoos covered half his body.

Ray was a short, stocky, spark plug of a man; solid muscle, somewhat hairy, and endowed with a stubby, circumcised cock and extra large balls. He obvious spent many hours in the gym because his well-defined muscles looked too large for his five foot, four inch height. He wore large, gold rings in his nipples and his cock. These caused a stir among the tall, thin African natives.

"You can't have jewelry or piercings in the jungle. It's not safe. They catch on things and attract the wrong insects," Craig said.

"I'll need a warm bath to take them off,"Ray said. The Africans just laughed. One of them went to a shed and got a large bolt cutter. Ray tried to hide behind Fyodor.

"You're not going to use that on me?" Ray said.

"Hold still and it will not hurt at all! We use this tool all the time and on even more delicate parts of anatomy. We promise to mot to take more than half," the African said as a pair of his buddies grabbed Ray and held him tight. The African deftly cut the rings without harming Ray. They all laughed when they finished.

Danny wore an earring and the tall African turned to him and smiled: "We can take that earring from you, boy. Everyone wants to hold you; you are pretty, pretty, white-skinned boy, desired by all of us. If you don't go become Bonobo, we will take you home and keep you. We know how to love pretty boys like you. How to make you love us," All the other Africans mumbled their agreement.

Danny blushed, his body turning a bright red. He was short and boyish for his age, obviously athletic, but not overly muscled. He stood slightly taller than Ray and his thin, lithe body had no fat on it. He was sweating from the heat and every move he made showed off his glistening, round body. His skin was smooth and had a red, ruddy look that deepened to a copper color around his genitals. His testicles although small, hung very low and an eight-inch long cock flopped from side to side as he moved. The Africans laughed at his embarrassment. One of them brought loincloths and sandals for the trio to wear. They also brought the native version of sunblock that not only prevented sunburn but also kept the bugs away. Craig watched as the natives spread it over the bodies of the three visitors.

"The natives will show you around before dinner. They'll get you back in time for dinner. You won't miss the evening meal," Craig said. The Africans fussed in their native language and used the dispute to separate Fyodor, Ray, and Danny.

Dinner was ready just about the time the sun was setting. The Africans brought their guests back one-by-one. A wildebeest roasted over a large campfire. The table was set with lots of fruits and vegetables. Three Bonobos came out of the jungle and joined the meal. After the meal, they sat around the fire and talked. The three Bonobos stayed close to the guests. Ray and Fyodor were polite, but Danny played and wrestled gently with them.

"Are these some of your work?" Fyodor asked.

"Yes, they're our researchers coming home for debriefing," Kendall replied.

"There're one male and two females," Danny observed, "I thought you only had male observers at this camp." One of the male Bonobos flipped Danny and pinned to the ground in an expert wrestling hold. Danny puffed a little trying to gain his breath.

"All of our human researchers are male, but the animals they become can be male or female. It depends on the attitude of the researcher," Kendall answered. The Bonobo shrieked as Danny flipped around and pinned him to the ground. Kendall continued:

"In fact, we would like on of you to become a female. It would balance out the male-female population," Kendall said. He didn't know if Augusten had prepared them for this request. Danny stopped wrestling and sat up; the Bonobo began to remove the twigs and dirt from his shoulders. Fyodor looked troubled at Danny's behavior .

Ray took a deep breath and spoke up: "Augusten and I talked this over for a long time. I'll try being a female Bonobo. That will balance out your numbers."

"But why?" Fyodor asked.

"It's my way to retire from the world. I want a drastic change and human male to primate female is about as drastic as it's going to get," Ray said.

"I can understand that," Danny replied as he groomed the bonobo sitting next to him. One of the females came over and started to groom Danny. He shivered at her hot, sexual touch and stroked her coarse black fur. Danny continued his statement about Ray's upcoming sex change: "After all, who says you have to remain one sex all your life if you can change your species?"

The female Bonobo pulled his loincloth off and chattered loudly. Danny turned to the female and imitated the high-pitched squawks of the Bonobos. The female bonobo bounced up and down in agreement and pulled Danny over on his back. She straddled him and rubbed her large, red genitals on his cock shrieking in pleasure as she did. They could see Danny's cock thicken and stiffen.

"Wow, the natives are sure restless tonight. I think Danny has a friend," Ray remarked, as the female broke free and dashed back behind a tent. Startled, Danny lay on his back and stroked his cock erect. It was long and thin. He could smell the scent of the female on his body. He sat up and laughed.

"Is it safe to chase her into the jungle and screw around? I mean, I can't get her pregnant, can I?" Danny asked. His eyes gleamed playfully.

"It's not safe with the lions and tigers out there. This is Africa and it does have carnivores. Stay within the perimeter and you'll be OK and no, you can't get her pregnant, not yet, at least," Craig told him. Danny ran after the Bonobo and made grunting noises as he searched around the tents.

"Is he safe out there?" Fyodor asked looking around. They could hear Danny and the Bonobo yelling at each other. They caught each other on the far side of the camp and wrestled to the ground. The female's genitals were bright red.

"Oh yes, she's one of our guys," Kendall said.

"Guys?" Ray asked.

"We let our observers stick around a few days after their final report. He completed his last report a couple days ago. He wants to stay a female and have a few babies to help repopulate the species. We were going to relocate her to the wild tomorrow. She's in heat and she should have mated and bonded with the first male bonobo she met. I'm guessing that Danny will be that bonobo," Craig explained.

"So that's what's in store for me?" Ray shook his head in understanding as he thought about being a female bonobo. They all glanced up at another set of whoops and shrieks rose from Danny and the female bonobo. His pale, thin boyish hips and her dark, hairy hips pumped against each other in sexual union.

"Well, he's not going to have a hard time adjusting," Kendall smiled as he watched the pair on the other side of the camp. He saw the pair stiffen in orgasm and collapse on the ground next to each other. Danny lay on his back, his still stiff cock pointing skyward like a sundial.

"Give him a few minutes and he'll be ready to go again. The young never get tired," Fyodor said as he flexed his arms and chest pretending he was young.

Craig and Kendall engaged both Ray and Fyodor in prolonged conversations about their upcoming transformations. By the end of the night hey were satisfied that both men would accept their transforms.

Danny and the female Bonobo were still going strong just before midnight. They found him performing oral sex on the female's huge, red vagina. Danny was covered in dirt, grass, cum and sweat. Craig and Kendall shooed the female away and banished Danny to his tent. He fell asleep on a mat and wouldn't awake until the morning.

Late in the night, shortly before sunrise, a small alarm started blinking its pale, gold glow and chiming a subtle bell in Kendall and Craig's bedroom. It was an emergency message from Augusten that woke the pair. Craig and Kendall quickly rose, listened to the message, and then went out to wake their three guests. The east horizon glowed with the light of the sun. They were hustled into a tent on the edge of the compound. Ray and Fyodor wore only the loincloths the natives provided and Danny was naked and dirty from the previous night.

"You guys are hot! Interpol will be here by midday to arrest you on an international warrant," Kendall told them. Ray and Fyodor looked distressed and panicked. Danny got angry and screamed at them:

"I told you they would find us, you can't escape and you're ruining my life." Danny stalked around screaming vulgar and rude names at them. Both Ray and Fyodor started into hysterical explanations at the same time.Kendall let the fuss is go on for a few minutes and then stood and silenced the trio.

"I really don't want to know and I really don't care. Whatever the reason they want you, It's between you and someone I don't want to know," Kendall paused and the three men sat down. He continued: "Augusten thought they wouldn't find you for at least a month, maybe two. By then, you would be living as Bonobos and beyond apprehension. He really wanted you to get counseling and advice on the transformation and we really wanted to get some research observations out of you. Now, we don't have the luxury of time. You have only one course of action aside from being arrested, before sunrise, you have to put on the costumes be transformed. It's as simple as that," Kendall looked at his watch they had about 30 minutes of night left.

"Of course, that's the solution. Once we're primates they can't touch us," Fyodor said anxiously looking at the ever-brightening sky. Craig opened the briefcases to reveal three sets of gloves and shoes in the shape of primate hands and feet.

"There is a catch, however. You won't be able to hang around the camp while Interpol is here. We'll have to relocate you to a jungle habitat before they arrive. That means you'll be living with the Bonobos in the jungle for as long as Interpol is here. If they stay long enough, you might not be able to return to human form," Craig spoke placed the appropriate four pieces on the table in front of each man.

"I never intended to return to human form," Danny said quickly and assuredly. Ray and Fyodor knew better.

"It's a one way trip, no counseling, no late night reversions," Craig started to warn them again.

Danny interrupted Craig: "No deposit, no return, no guarantees, no jail. I've lived too long with humans. I'll take my chances with the jungle," Danny picked up the boots, leaned on the table, and pulled them onto his feet. They made his feet larger and his toes finger-like. He happily wiggled them.

"This is so fast!" Fyodor whined, "Are you sure that Interpol will be here today?"

"Come on, what are you afraid of? Put the hands and feet and be done with it," Danny barked as he pulled on one glove and then the other. The gloves covered his hands, wrists, and extended halfway up his forearms. They enlarged his hands to ape-like proportions. He put his hands on his hips and stood there. His human body made even sexier by simian hands and feet. He started to speak, but all that came out was the characteristic squawks and high-pitched shouts of a Bonobo. Danny ripped the last glove off as quickly as he could. He gasped for breath and spoke:

"Holy Fuck! That's scary!" Danny said still breathing hard, "Totally awesome."

"Since we don't have much time to help you adjust. I've had the scouts get the female you played with last night. She came from a well-adjusted observer. In his human form he was a very practical and cautious researcher and now, in her primate form, she'll help you adjust to the jungle. Put the glove back on and I'll trigger the complete transform." Craig handed the glove back to Danny and held an arm on his shoulder.

"As the dentists say, this will only hurt a little bit," Danny remarked. Craig pointed to the flap of the tent where the Africans held the female Bonobo Danny cavorted with the night before. She chattered loudly and shook her bright red vagina seductively. Danny's cock stiffened and rose. He blushed.

"A stiff dick never lies, you little sex maniac. The love of your life awaits your transformation," Craig said to red-faced Danny.

"Aw shucks Pilgrim! I guess you call it love at first sight, pardner!" Danny smiled as he put the glove back on his hand. He grunted and held both hands out towards Craig who pulled a tab off each glove. Danny's body jerked as the changes started. The bones in his arms and legs grew longer and the muscles stronger, thicker and more sinewy. Danny bent over and lay on the floor, holding his body. His shoulders slimmed down and his chest puffed out like a barrel and grew longer. His thighs and hips adjusted themselves for a simian, quadrupedal gate making his waist thin and flexible. He rolled over onto his haunches with his legs bent. He reached down with his new hands and felt his genitals change. His balls tripled in size and bunched up against his body. His cock grew thinner and longer. It resembled a twelve-inch long carrot, broad at the base and narrow at the head. Danny's new hands grabbed his head as his skull started to change shape; his jaws elongated and his lips grew out. His forehead shrank as a thick ridge grew over his eyes. His ears moved up on his head as his skull rounded itself out and flattened itself. His neck thickened and created the characteristic simian humpback. He lay on the ground, breathing heavily, a hairless pink-skinned bonobo. Ray and Fyodor stared for a few seconds as Danny's skin toughened and darkened to black. Coarse black hair grew out and covered his body. The transformation was complete. Craig signaled the Africans and they let the female Bonobo embrace Danny. They chattered at each other and then Danny, the new, male Bonobo, stood and let the Africans lead them out of the tent. The Africans had a jeep ready to take them deep into the jungle.

Kendall turned to Ray and Fyodor: "you have only a few minutes. I won't stand here and let you jeopardize our entire study by hiding you from Interpol. Either you transform now, or I turn you over to the Inspectors when they arrive."

Both men hesitated and expressed doubts. Craig spoke up: "Look, it's not that great of a change. Humans and Bonobos are genetic twins that share 98.4% of each other's DNA. We only need to go to a 99% equivalent for you to appear to be a Bonobo."

Kendall motioned to one of the Africans who brought a small medical kit inside the tent. He opened it to reveal two sets of five small rods, a medicine bottle, disposable syringes, and applicators.

"We usually don't do this, but there is a way to make the transform reversible for a few months. If you let me insert these into the calf muscle, the drug will enable you to revert to human form. That's the best I can do right now. The alternative is to be turned over to Interpol. Do it now! Times getting short!"

Ray and Fyodor both agreed to take the chance. Kendall had them kneel on the table as he pushed the five short rods into the back of their calves. Then he injected both of them with the drug. Ray and Fyodor both put on their simian feet and started to pull on the gloves.

"See you on the other side," Ray said to Fyodor just before he pulled on the second glove. Fyodor could only grunted and held his hands out to Craig to pull the tabs off. Kendall activated Ray's change a nearly the same time.

Both men grabbed their bodies as their skeletons started to change. Their arms and legs grew longer stretching the existing muscles, making them stronger and thicker. Fyodor's skeleton had to shrink because of his height that caused his chest and ribs to barrel out. Ray doubled over and lay on the floor holding his body. His shoulders slimmed down and his chest puffed out like a barrel. His spine lengthened and changed his center of gravity. He groaned as his pelvis became simian to accommodate a quadrupedal gate. His hips narrowed making his waist thin and flexible. Fyodor rolled onto the ground as his internal organs changed. He doubled over in pain. His head and shoulders were next to change, his skull elongated and shrank as a thick, bony ridge grew over his eyes, then his jaw grew out. At the same time as his head change, Fyodor's cock and balls shrank into his body and female simian genitals appeared. Characteristic of a Bonobo, a large red vagina formed at his crotch. Hair sprouted all over his body. He lay there moaning and writhing as the final changes coursed through his body. Ray's change was somewhat different and his genitals changed to female before his skull changed. His human eyes were watching as this happened. He reached down with his new hands and felt his cock and balls shrink and the vagina form. He clawed at his new equipment. Ray's new hands grabbed his head as his skull started to change shape; his jaws elongated and his lips grew out. His forehead shrank as a thick ridge grew over his eyes. His ears moved up on his head as his skull rounded itself out and flattened itself. His neck thickened and created the characteristic simian humpback. His coat of thick, black hair took only seconds to grow out. Both of them lay on the floor stunned by the rapidity of the change.

Craig and Kendall signaled to the Africans who came in, picked up the two new female Bonobos, and placed them in comfortable wooden crates. They loaded them onto the back of a halftrack and headed out into the jungle. Craig looked at his watch and sighed.

"Just minutes to spare!" he said to Kendall.

"How did Augusten get involved with that trio? The kid, Danny, was the most sensible and he was just a perveted, little sex fiend." Craig shrugged.

"After the display he put on last night, his mate will be lucky he doesn't screw her to death in the first week," Kendall laughed heartily.

"Did you see who I had drive Ray and Fyodor into the jungle?" Craig did a little "success" dance.

"No, who?"

"Mobutu and Amin," Craig grinned artificially wide.

"Amin and Mobutu! Those two maniacs! You know how much they like to mate with animals. They'll take advantage of Ray and Fyodor. Oh crap, those two will screw them silly before the male Bonobos even get to them," Kendall gasped out a laugh.

"Well, you pumped them full of female hormones with that story about being able to change back. I almost shit my pants when I saw what you were doing. They're going to be horny as hell," Craig thought about the female Mastiff's Billy-Ray and Scotty and how they had used female hormones to become dogs.

"Well, let's report back to Augusten that everything is safe and then wait for Interpol," Kendall cleaned up the tent and they started putting everything in order again. It would be a long day of questions without answers.

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