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July 15, 2002


A report to Caesar Augustus Pontinella the First, Emperor of the Nine Systems, Ruler of the Knowenn Empire, Heir of the Divine Auric Augustus the III, Commander of the Praetorian Guard, High Priest of the Great Lord Mithras, Defender of the Faithful and Father of the Nations. Incident Status Report: Fifth midweek of Jupiter of the Second Cicaydian Cycle, in the year 5,141 from the first Roman Empire of Earth.

Two months ago we became aware of an assassination plot disguised as a gift from the New Hunn Commune of Aldebaran VII against the body of your Highness and his Court. The assassination was to occur during the Saturnalia Athletic Games that were completed last week. We are happy to report to your Highness that this plot has been successfully thwarted and there is no longer any threat to the royal presence or to the members of the Royal Court.

We wish to acquaint your Highness with the details of this plot and the methods used to neutralize it.

When the New Hunn Commune of Aldebaran VII announced that they were sending a gift to Your Highness for the Saturnalia Athletic Games, we were suspicious and alerted our spies in the New Hunn Commune government to determine the nature of the gift. Within forty-eight hours, they determined that the gift was not only part of an assassination plot but also the means of its execution.

Three weeks before the games, we learned that the "gift" was to be a life-sized replica of an Ancient Roman chariot being pulled by four horses and driver. The New Hunn Commune made clear that the statue was to be fabricated of duranium-inconel alloy and then plated with gold and platinum. This combination of metals while stunning to the eye is impervious to most sensor systems. You are thus assured that they have no knowledge of our new trans-elemental sensors

Five Hunn shock-troops were to be hidden within the statue in sleep-stasis. One assassin in each of the four horses and a fifth in the statue of the driver. At a given moment, electronics hidden in the base of the statue would awaken the assassins and open the statues. The assassins would then proceed to kill whoever they encountered.

When the statue was delivered, We used the Trans-mutational Duplicator to make a substitute and the original was spirited away to our special operations laboratory and surrounded by force-shields to prevent escape of the assassins in case of an early release. The statue that your Highness saw at the Saturnalia Athletic Games was the duplicate.

As soon as the statue reached the lab we removed the statues from the chariot and the base. The Chariot was a fully functional duplicate of a real chariots used on earth over 5000 years ago. We have kept it for your majesty to use in the next Games.

With the new technology in crystal structure transformations, we were able to turn the duranium-inconel alloy transparent and see inside the statues. Each statue was hollow and held a Hunn Commune assassin in stasis within the shell. All five statues had individual power units that maintained the sleep-stasis and served to open the statue's metal body to free the soldiers inside. We woke all five assassins from sleep-stasis, but prevented the statues from opening and freeing their occupants. The assassins were able to see out, but could not escape the metallic shells. This confirms our belief that we have the technical advantage over the Hunn Commune.

Each soldier in the horse statues lay with their feet and lower legs in the hind legs of the horse statue and their torso leaning into the belly of the horse. If they wanted to rest, they had to extend their arms into the front legs of the horses. It was an awkward position to be placed in, but the only position which would accommodate a human body and weapons. We visually examined these soldiers and all five seemed in excellent physical condition, well muscled, well endowed, obviously genetically adjusted to be bigger and stronger than most humans. We were able to enter the horse statue bodies through a power cable connection and extracted blood samples from each of the soldiers.

We were planning to dispose of these spies using the Trans-mutation Irradiation Technology to change them into exotic animals to populate the Royal Zoo. But, as your majesty should recall, the horse statues were magnificent representations of horse flesh and we felt that four new brood mares in the image of the statues would be of greater service to your majesty. You stables would benefit from the genetic addition of human DNA to the already spectacular bloodlines.

We interrogated all five soldiers, but they were intractable and silent. Rather than waste time, we set about applying our Trans-mutation Irradiation Technology. We would do one horse at a time and the centurion driver last.

The process was simple. In the first step, horse DNA was introduced to each of the assassins by filling the inside of each horse statues with clear, oxygen-laden, amniotic DNA fluid through the power connection. We had adjusted the DNA fluid to match the DNA pattern of the assassin it contained. Within the confines of the statue, the soldiers were forced breathe the oxygenated liquid. This is always a tricky part of forced transformations because some subjects cannot breathe liquid and die. Each of the assassins struggled through the physical difficulties in breathing liquid successfully.

We waited for the genetic fluid to penetrate their bodies and begin to adjust their DNA patterns. The DNA fluid causes soft tissue to swell and take on the form of the animal it is coded for. The first change the assassins experienced was increased genital size to the approximate size of a real horse, sexual arousal and finally multiple, involuntary ejaculations. It is the sperm in the ejaculate that causes the subsequent changes in the body and as you are aware, we over-stimulate the males testicles to produce sufficient sperm to penetrate each cell of the body. We watched closely as the process spread through their bodies and each assassins began to take on characteristics of the horses they would become. The first change was in skin color and texture which became darker and more horse-like. The assassins' arms and legs shortened and their hands and feet elongated. Their faces started to form muzzles. Their ears moved to the tops of their heads. We watched as each of the assassins writhed and twisted as these changes occurred. When all of their DNA had been adjusted, we were able to observe four humanoid half-horse creatures that could walk erect, but were unmistakably equine.

The next step in the transformation was the incorporation of the duranium-inonel alloy in the statue shells into their bodies using the Transformation Adjustment Irradiation Machine.

The Transformation Adjustment Irradiation Machine was programmed to initiate the transformation from the feet to the head of the horse. As the assassins were irradiated, they were not prepared for what was going to happen and each, in his own time, struggled as his toes and feet began to elongate and bond with the metal statue at the rear of the horse. Metal and flesh flowed together, bonded and became horse flesh. Each of the assassins experience a sudden twisting and reformation of the hip as they were oriented from standing upright to standing on all fours. The irradiation then turned the hind legs and rump of the statue into living horse flesh. Their new horses legs and buttocks formed, we watched as the assassins enlarged sexual equipment inverted itself and was transformed into a mare's vagina. Your Majesty will enjoy a more detailed description of this.

First, the penis and testicles would rotate and point rearward as if point outward from the mares vaginal opening and then, the penis flowed into itself from the head and the entire unit was turned inside out forming the vaginal cavity and womb. The testicles then were changed to ovaries and fallopian tubes. Your Majesty will note that this emasculation caused much mental anguish and physical discomfort to each of the assassins, but as your majesty knows, transgender transmutations are more stable than same sex transmutations. After the sexual equipment was completely transformed, the irradiation move up the body. We watched as the assassins spinal column was elongated, the intestinal system expanded to fill the horse's belly and the human rib cage enlarged to fill the appropriate portions of the horse.

The transmutation beams then moved up the body each soldier's chest, shoulders and arms. The assassins' chest expanded out and forward to form the horse chest. Arms, hands and fingers coalesced, merged with the metal fore legs and reformed into forelegs and hooves.

Then the transformation ray proceeded to the head and neck of the horse and we watched as the assassins neck elongated and forced their heads into the metallic head of the horse statue where it merged with the metal horse head and finally sat atop the newly formed horse.

We did this for each of the four horses and we have visual recordings of it.

NMR and positron encephalograms indicated that the horse DNA dominated the human DNA and that the resulting brain activity was completely dominated by horse mental activity. Additionally, we triggered estrus by means of hormone injections and had the new mares taken to the stables where they will be serviced by your prime stallions. When they mate, the resulting orgasm will subjugate the assassins human consciousness to the horse consciousness and prevent their human minds from surfacing. The new mares were lead out to your stables by your guards and we have visual recordings of their mating.

We then turned our attention to the assassin disguised as the centurion driver. He had watched as each of his compatriots was transformed into a brood mare. The armor covering his body was a form fitted, three cm thick coating of duranium-inconel alloy bonded directly to his skin. Armored in such a fashion, he would have been invulnerable to most weapons. A truly deadly assassin deserving of a truly unique fate.

We wanted to use the Trans-mutation Irradiation Technology to change him into another brood mare. Encased in duranium-inconel alloy his genitals would not have been able to grow and the initial transformational sperm production would have caused exquisite pain and punishment in that it would have ripped through his flesh in a very painful transformation. But we were unable to introduce horse DNA into his body. We considered transforming him into another human form, but we could not be assured that his psyche would not surface and turn him violent and dangerous. The only safe transformation that could be performed was to convert the centurion driver to a solid metal statue.

However, even as metal, the human psyche can be resurrected into consciousness. To prevent this, we used an Ultrasonic Dismemberator to burst the membranes of the cells in his brain and spinal column. He was aware of what was happening and he died a most painful death as the ultrasonic waves destroyed his nervous system. When NMR and positron encephalograms indicated no brain activity of any kind. then used the Transformation Adjustment Irradiation Machine to convert him into a statue of gold and silver alloy. The new statue will make a splendid addition to the fountain at your stables.

Our task being completed, we remain your humble servants, desiring only to serve your orders and fulfill your wishes. It is for your greater glory that we live and breath. You humble slaves and servants

Antonius Marcus Aurelius Fortunata
Special Operations and Anti-Insurrection Squad

>>Command Mode
>>Save and transmit, Emperor, eyes only, top secret.
>>Surveillance off, record complete

Had the world been able to see Antonius Marcus Aurelius Fortunata finish typing the report, he would have seemed nervous and jittery. In fact, each of the other four men in the room were similarly nervous and twitchy as they read the report and approved it. He leaned back and, looked upon his companions and said: "Reports of our deaths are greatly exaggerated!" And as he read the report aloud to the others, they listened and nodded in agreement. All the while stretching and poking and squirming, slowly growing accustomed to unfamiliar bodies.

The report was true to a point, but it did not tell the complete story. The Hunn Commune assassins were still in the room, safe and well in new bodies. The assassins had gambled big and won.

They had been sealed in metal statues, put in stasis for space flight, captured, interrogated and then, transformed into horses complete with a sex change. They had been only minutes from completely losing their humanity and being lost forever. But they had a secret weapon and a plan to use it. And the plan had worked.

When four of the Knowenn guards were placing bridles on each mare/assassin to lead them away to the stables for mating, the commander initiated the ultimate Trans-mutation sequence.

The Knowenn technology knew of machines that caused flesh and bone to transform. But the Hunn Commune had discovered that the transmutation machines were also capable of complete mind transfers without physical change. Rather than transform flesh and bone, they could exchange conscious minds. No physical trauma or memory of a harsh and painful change. Just a sudden and quick mental change. In that instant, the assassins became the Knowenn soldiers and the soldiers had become the mares. No surveillance cameras could record an event the eye could not see. The Hunn Commune soldiers were prepared for this change and upon returning to human bodies suffered only a couple seconds of disorientation.

The Knowenn guards however, were unprepared and suddenly found themselves in the bodies of mares in heat. Confused and disoriented, they let themselves be led away and were quickly mated with the best of the Emperor's stallions. They would remain mares for the rest of their lives, their human identities lost forever.

Assured that his fellow assassins were safe, it was a simple matter for the commander to exchange minds with his mind with that of his captor, Antonius Marcus Aurelius Fortunata. He had no choice but destroy Antonius Marcus Aurelius Fortunata's mind with ultrasonics and then to transmute his old body into a statue. The commander's old body was not viable. His internal organs had been replaced with the Trans-mutation Mind Exchange apparatus and a stasis unit to keep him alive and a power supply. Without the stasis unit, he would have died in a few hours. Even if he had been able to survive, his skin had been bonded to a duranium-inconel alloy shell that could not be removed and forever doomed him to feel the world through a metallic skin.

The commander sighed, looked upon the statue of his old body, shrugged unfamiliar shoulders and rubbed his new body. It felt good to be whole, even in a strange body. In a few moments, the five assassins would take up their weapons and the Hunn Commune would begin the invasion of the Knowenn Empire.

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