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June 1, 2003

Do you want to be high for a month? Do you want to be an animal for a week? Do you want unlimited sexual pleasure? That's the promise of Scrim, the latest designer narcotic. It's a potent blend of human and animal DNA that alters both the mind by providing a nearly month long high and the body by making it take on the shape and form of the animal. The more distant the DNA from human DNA, the greater the high, thus the animals of choice among addicts were lions, tigers, horses, and donkeys. Only the most daring ventured into the realm of fish or lizards, and only the hardest addict tried insects. Most addicts avoided Scrim considering messing around with their DNA as too dangerous. However, there are those who enjoy changing their bodies, becoming animals, and desire bizarre sex. For those people, Scrim is a blessing, not from heaven, but from hell. Scrim has its price; repeated use overpowers human DNA and the user's body can't return to its proper shape. Then there is bad Scrim, the cheap stuff, so powerful that even one indiscriminate session can result in permanent change.

"You got it?" asked Boomer, his hands shaking, sweat dripping from his body. His running shorts stuck to his body.

"Yeah, I got it. Took some tough talking, but I finally got it." Keith lied too ashamed to admit he begged the drug dealer on his knees for the drugs.

"I hope you weren't stupid enough to use my name," Boomer growled. His entire body trembled as he grabbed and held the Scrim reverently. He held two shimmering, orbs the size of apples.

"I know better than that. He wouldn't sell me any of the Gold or Blue or Red Scrims, so I argued him for a cheap price on a Green Scrim." Keith shrugged.

"Green Scrim! Green Scrims are experimental! We could change into anything," Boomer whined. He drank some beer to settle his nerves. All Boomer cared about was that he had Scrim. He didn't care about anything else.

"So? I can handle anything," Keith said as he popped open a can of beer and swilled it down. His terse response annoyed Boomer, but they had a deal. Keith would get the Scrim from the dealer and they would use it together. They sealed the deal with a night of drunken sex. Boomer opened a beer and drank it quickly and purposefully. Scrim users drank beer; Alcohol settled the nerves, the carbohydrates fed the body, and the fluids kept the user from dehydrating.

"I gotta pee," Keith giggled like a silly drunk as he belched and farted.

"No you're not. You're ready. Get naked," ordered Boomer as he dropped his shorts. The muscles on his lean body rippled as he moved.

"But, I" Keith stammered. The alcohol made him wobbly and silly.

"No butt's about it kid," Boomer ripped Keith's T-shirt off his body and then yanked his shorts down and off his legs. Keith yelped at the rough handling. The smell of Keith's thick, muscular body aroused Boomer, his cock thickened as he pulled Keith onto what looked like a tanning bed.

"Last chance to back out kid, it might be a rough trip," Boomer didn't know why he said that.

"Take me, I'm yours," Keith giggled and hugged Boomer. Then he cracked the seal on an orb and sucked the contents into his mouth. He shivered as the fluid entered his body. Boomer did the same. He felt the familiar dizziness of Scrim entering his blood stream. The lid of the chamber closed and blackness surround them. The heating elements immediately turned dull red and lit up their bodies. In mere seconds, the temperature was over one hundred degrees.

"Wow, it's hot in here," Keith whispered. The heating elements in the chamber turned bright red. Sweat evaporated from their bodies.

"All part of the transform, Keith. Just relax and go with the flow. Think about the best sex you've ever had and imagine sex 100 times better," Boomer said. The temperature in the chamber rose above the boiling point of water. Their skin started to sizzle as the walls of the chamber grew even hotter.

"How hot does this get?" Keith asked.

"Real hot," Boomer wrapped his arms and legs around Keith holding him tight to prevent him from freaking out. There were stories about fake Scrim that let the user burn to ash, the final seconds of life spent being roasted alive. Abruptly, energy beams from either end of the cylinder zapped their bodies preventing combustion, distorting and altering their molecular structure, and combining their DNA with whatever DNA was in the Scrim. As the temperature reached the critical point of water (that's 700 degrees F), their bodies transformed. In a fraction of a second, all of the water in their bodies exploded into vapor.

Boomer felt his arms and legs go soft and floppy as his bones disappeared. His legs merged together as his body and spine extended down his new tubular torso. His body grew longer than he imagined possible. He felt his head narrow and flatten. His shoulders broadened and his arms and hands became all sinew and muscle. Another burst of energy filled his mind with orgasmic-like energy, solidifying his new body, and filling his mind with a drug-induced euphoria. The cylinder cooled quickly and the door opened. Keith and Boomer tumbled out onto the ground all tangled around each other.

"We're done!" Boomer said lying on the floor enjoying the high. There were no pains, no aches, and no hunger, only pleasure and happiness.

"It was so fast," Keith said and he slowly opened his eyes to view his new body for the first time. His legs were gone, replaced by a long and snake-like torso covered in mottled green and brown scales. Keith flexed his arms and discovered they were flexible tentacles. His shoulders seemed broader and hooded like a cobra shoulders. He looked at Boomer; from his pecs up, he was partly human and from his pecs down, he was a snake. His head was covered scales and his ears were gone. Keith slithered and twisted, excited by the physical power of his new body.

"Boomer, Boomer, open your eyes, Boomer, we're snakes," Keith said. He watched as Boomer rubbed the flat end of his tentacle over his reptilian face and held it there.

"Snakes, you say, snakes," Boomer said uncurling his long body from Keith's. Keith stared at the nearly human shape of his new, thicker penis and the bulge holding his new larger testicles. He thought about it and found he was able to withdraw his penis completely inside his new body hiding it under his scales. He thought about it again and discovered his penis was prehensile, like the trunk of an elephant. He wrapped his cock around Boomer's cock and balls then coiled his body around Boomer's body. Their touch, sexually charged by the Scrim.

"Oh, god, that feels good!" Boomer said as he opened his eyes and looked at Keith. Spontaneously, he wrapped his tentacles around Keith's shoulders and held him tight. Everything about his and Keith's new body excited him. He wanted to see and he extended his eyes three inches out of his head and rotated them around to see where he lay. Keith's entire body jerked in surprise:

"You're eyes are on stalks," Keith blurted in amazement. He felt his eyes pop out on their stalks and rotate around. "Holy fuck, both OUR eyes are on stalks. Wow!"

He wrapped his tentacles around Boomer and started to hump what was once his crotch against Boomer's body. Waves of pleasure filled his mind. Boomer's foreskin covered the head of Keith's cock and seemed to suck it in. They kissed and let their new, forked tongues probe nearly toothless mouths. They humped each other until they reached orgasm. Then they lay there and enjoyed their new bodies and the powerful euphoria of Scrim. Again and again, they humped and it was well after dark when they finally stopped.

"Food, I want fresh meat, bloody meat. There's none in the refrigerator," Boomer remarked, his pronunciation of the letter "S" was sibilant and flute-like.

"Yes-sss, fresssssh meat," Keith said holding his S's too long and creating a hissing noise. He curled around Boomer and held him tight.

"I have this friend, an animal lover, I always call him in when I use Scrim. He's cute and humpy, works at the supermarket. I'll get him to deliver some fresh meat. A dozen chickens sounds good to me," Boomer said with a glint in his eyes.

"Sssssss-so he won't mind it I sss-sink my cock into his-sssss butt." Drool dribbled over Keith's lips into puddles on the floor.

"Down, boy! Down boy!" Boomer said. Slithering to a small table, He knocked the phone off the table and pushed a single button. An electronic voice said asked 'who are you calling' and Boomer replied GROCERY. The phone dialed the number and connected to the delivery boy on the first ring. The voice-activated speakerphone eliminated the need for hands and fingers.

"Seth Boy, Boomer here, I need a ss-special order of a dozen raw chickens-ss for my pet ss-snakes-ss. When can you deliver?" Boomer asked.

"Well, dude, just after I get off work at 11pm, can you hold out?" the delivery boy answered.

"Yes-ss," Boomer answered deliberately holding the "S" sound. The delivery boy hung up and the phone disconnected itself.

"Ssss-so Ssssss-seth is his name? Fressssssssh human flesssssssh for ssssss-sex," Keith hissed and flicked his tongue out. His snake-like voice and mannerisms surprised Boomer. He tried to express concern about Keith not retaining human behavior but the Scrim blotted that thought out of his mind. All he could do was ask in as human a voice as possible:

"Did you do make those hissing sounds deliberately?"

"I enjoy hiss-sssssss-ing. It's-ssssss my new voice," Keith said as he slithered over and sucked Boomer's scaly cock into his mouth. Boomer forgot all his concerns at the touch. He bent his flexible body around and sucked Keith's cock in return. His tongue not only tasted and felt, but also smelled. Smelling with your tongue added a new dimension to oral sex. Boomer realized he breathed through holes on the top of his head. His smooth mouth and long, straight throat made him a perfect sucking machine. Boomer and Keith sucked for nearly an hour before blowing off nearly simultaneous orgasms into each other. As they rested, the doorbell rang.

Boomer slithered over to the door and squinted through the peephole. It was Seth the delivery boy with a couple grocery bags. Boomer motioned for Keith to hide and flicked off the light. He unlocked the door and let Seth walk into the room lit only by the dim light from the hallway. Seth walked straight into the dark kitchen and set the bags on the table. This was Boomer and Seth's personal game, anonymous sex in the dark.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," Seth called as he shucked his clothes and stood naked, his stiff cock ready for action. He felt Keith's cock pressing against his ass and Boomer's sucked the head of Seth's cock into his mouth. Seth jumped and Keith and Boomer clutched him with their tentacles.

"Yikes, there's two of you," Seth said. Keith sank his cock into the delivery boy's ass, massaging his prostate. His body undulating to the pace of his fucking. Boomer sucked Seth's cock into his mouth and sucked hard.

"And you're snakes by the feel of it," Seth said and abandoned his body for use as their sex toy. It took a few minutes for them to bring Seth to an orgasm. He grunted and groaned as they milked a load out of his balls, but they didn't stop at just one orgasm. They curled themselves around his body and plunged both their cocks deep into Seth's ass driving him into another orgasm. They hardly gave Seth time to rest when they changed and face-fucked him. Finally, the two snake-men reached orgasms and released Seth. He collapsed into a heap. Keith and Boomer kept slithering against his body. Seth's heart beat wildly from the nearly non-stop fuckings. He gasped, still a little breathless:

"I've died and gone to heaven. You're nothing but fucking sex machines. All I can feel are scales and tentacles. How about turning on a light so I can see what you are." Seth asked.

"Are you s-sure you want to s-see us-s?" Boomer hissed his voice now higher and the hiss more pronounced.

"Yes-ssssssss, it might sssssssss-scare you, sssssssss-seeing sssssss-snakes-ssssss caress-ssssss your body," Keith hissed. He moved abruptly, weaving and curling in sudden, swift patterns.

"Don't worry, I don't scare easily," Seth replied. Keith and Boomer slithered away from him rising up to greet him face-to-face. Seth clicked on the lights and blinked as his eyes adjusted to the brightness. He stared in amazement.

"Wowie, Zowie!" You're snake-men," Seth stated the obvious. He recognized Boomer's features in the snake-like face, but he didn't recognize Keith.

They each were about fifteen feet long with another six feet of tail. They looked human down to their rib cages and below that, they were snakes. Internally, they had several dozen pairs of ribs to protect their elongated internal organs. Most of their bodies were muscles. They flexed, slithered, and coiled. They stood like King Cobra's and looked at Seth with yellow, serpent eyes. They had broad shoulders and thick waists. Waist is a relative term since their waist started just under their pectorals and tapered down to a tail. Their tentacle-like arms were prehensile and with a little thought performed most necessary functions without fingers. Their heads retained a round, human shape, but they lacked hair, ears, noses. Their toothless mouths extended outward and they had flat brows covering deep-set, yellow-gold, snake-like eyes. The eyes on stalks were atypical of any snake. Their tongues were thicker than a snake but just as forked at the ends. Their cocks were still human in appearance and about eighteen inches long.

"You like?" Boomer said. Both he and Keith struck poses and displayed their new bodies to Seth. Boomer noticed that his snake-like torso was longer than before. He might have cared about this observation, but the effect of the Scrim wiped all worry from the user's mind.

"You're so hot and sexy. I thought you were going to wait awhile before using Scrim again?" Seth said examining their bodies.

"Couldn't wait, had to have it, had to change. You know the routine, had to get a fix-sssss," Boomer hissed at Seth and bugged out his eyes. Surprised, Seth stuttered and then laughed.

"Cool trick with the eyes, Dude," Seth rubbed his body; the room was a little cold for him, so he raised the thermostat a few degrees.

"How about these tentacles-sss" Boomer said as he wrapped his tentacles around Seth's naked body and lifted him off the ground. He carried him across the room and into the kitchen. Keith followed and sniffed at the grocery bags.

"Food! Hunger! Feed me, boy, feed me," Keith said and he knocked over the grocery bags with his tentacles trying to open the packages of chicken. Seth removed the wrapping and tossed a couple of whole chickens to the floor. Both Keith and Boomer slithered over, unhinged their jaws, and swallowed the chicken carcasses.

"You guys are big enough to swallow me," Seth muttered.

"Then I hope you brought enough chickens-sssssssssss, otherwise we might just eat you." Keith hissed menacingly at Seth as he threw more carcasses his way. After they finished eating, Seth could see a visible lump in their snake-like bodies where the chicken stopped at their stomachs. He put the rest of the chicken in the refrigerator.

They returned to the living room. Boomer and Keith pushed Seth onto the couch and coiled around his body. The room was now warm and languid. Seth and Boomer kissed. The forked tongue tickled the inside of Seth's mouth. They kissed for a few minutes before Keith tugged them both off the couch and coiled his body around Seth's torso letting his snake-like cock suck Seth's cock.

Boomer slithered the other way and fed his cock into Seth's waiting mouth. Seth sucked gently and began to deep-throat Boomer's extra long cock. Held in their coils, Seth relaxed and let the two snake-men fall asleep. He lay awake and experienced three orgasms as Keith's hot mouth kept him hard and erect while they slept. Boomer's cock propelled its way deep down his throat preventing him from talking. The mass of muscles kept his body warm. Sometime near sunrise, he too fell asleep.

The hot sun streaming through the window woke the two snake-men late the next morning. Seth woke as they rearranged themselves. Keith and Boomer coiled all around Seth's limbs and stretched him out, spread-eagled to remove the kinks from his body. They sould pull hard enough to dislocate Seth's joints if they want to and their coils could crush. They hissed softly at him, licking him with their tongues.

"I'm hungry, can I get some food and water?" Seth asked and one of Boomer's tentacles grabbed a can of beer, crushed it open, and poured it into Seth's mouth, a second, third, and fourth can followed.

"Don't sssssss-stop. Ssssssss-sex... Pleasssssssure..." Keith's voice was faint and whistled, sounding thin, and reedy. He kissed Seth as he coiled around his body, lifting and caressing him with his long tentacles. He broke the kiss. Seth watched his the determined expression on his face as he formed a new sentence. Talking was a chore:

"Your body is-ssssssss hot, ssss-so hot and ssssss-sexy," Keith struggled to say the words plainly. Before he could form another sentence, Boomer spoke:

"Do you like our new bodies-ssssssss? Do you like sssssss-sex? I have a ssssssss-surprise for you. Sssssss-suck hard," Boomer said. His voice was somewhat deeper than Keith's voice but he too had difficulty getting the words out. His desire for pleasure overcame any concern that formed in his mind. He moved into a sixty-nine position with Seth. Seth immediately sucked on Boomer's cock and felt it grow large and thick in his mouth.

"Just remember I gotta breathe, guys," Seth said around Boomer's scaly cock as it plunged in and out of his mouth.

"Sssss-sex! Ass-sssssss" Keith hissed as he coiled around Seth's body. He positioned his cock against Seth's asshole and started to push. Seth relaxed his ass and let him inside. His cock felt thicker, opening Seth's asshole wider than he ever thought possible.

"Sssssssss-spit fuck, impalement on two cocks," Boomer said and Keith agreed. Seth was their human sex toy, their human fuck hole.

The two snake-men's cocks thrust deep into Seth's willing body. Their tentacles wrapped around Seth's limbs and probed his erogenous zones. They held Seth's body in the muscular coils, wrapping and unwrapped, twisting, and turning, over and over. All the time, their cocks continued their inward assault. When he wanted Seth to reach orgasm, Boomer would stick his forked tongue into the head of Seth's cock. Every time Seth reached orgasm, Boomer and Keith pushed their cocks deeper into his body. Hot, sexual fire consumed his body as the sperm from the snake men lubricated his insides. He knew that eventually, the cocks would meet, completely impaling him between the two snake-men. He didn't know if he would survive that meeting, but it was going to be one helluva ride getting there. He lay there wrapped in the coils of two hot, horny snake-men as they used his body, each of his orgasms stronger than the previous one and each of their orgasms more violent than before.

Suddenly, Seth heard noises at the door. He poked and tugged at Boomer and Keith, but the two snake-men ignored him, wrapping him tighter in their tentacles and coils. The door slowly opened and Boomer's drug dealer came in with two bodyguards. Seth tried desperately to disengage Boomer and Keith, but they just ignored him. He grunted with Boomer's cock shoved down his throat he couldn't talk.

"Oh, I see the two wonder boys found a willing accomplice. If you like snake cock that much, young man, I'll let you join them," the drug dealer said to Seth and motioned to his bodyguards: "Shoot them up, give them all a double dose of the snake solution."

Seth struggled against the grip of the two snake-men, but they ignored him. The bodyguard stuck a needle into Seth's neck and injected green Scrim into his juggular vein. He felt it course through his body. The drug dealer and the other bodyguard plunged needles into Boomer and Keith and emptied more green Scrim into them. The snake-men reached orgasm immediately and poured hot cum into Seth's body. Their cocks plunged into and through his body causing waves of pain to course through Seth's helpless body. His arms and legs grew weak as his bone structure softened. His skin itched. Without the energy from the chamber, it would take months for his body to complete the transformation.

Because of the injections, Keith and Boomer fucked Seth even harder. Their cocks growing longer and thicker and thrusting deeper and deeper inside his body. Freed from its' human DNA structure, Seth's body adjusted to their sexual imperative to impale his body. Pain turned to pleasure as the snake-men's bodies tightened and constricted around him, kneading his flesh like a ball of bread dough. Oblivious to the drug dealer and driven by the Scrim, Keith and Boomer fucked Seth until well after dark. Their sexual desires finally sated, they pulled out of Seth's body.

Unable to move, Seth watched as the bodyguards threw chickens at Boomer and Keith and let them eat. Both snake-men swallowed several whole chickens. The bodyguards teasing them by throwing the carcasses into thier mouths. They baited the two snake-men with live hamsters and guinea pigs. Boomer and Seth greedily devoured the small critters. Stuffed with food, they became lethargic and slow.

Seth tried to stand, but he was too weak. His skin was a pale green. The bodyguards brought him cans of liquid food and made him drink it.

"Why did you do this?" Seth asked. The room was hot and the drug dealer and his henchmen were covered in sweat.

"Boomer cheated me and I needed to make him an example. His young friend was stupid enough to buy green Scrim and you, you were just in the wrong place at the right time. You can join these two as my pet snakes," the drug dealer laughed viciously. He kicked at the somnolent snake-men. His boot making loud thudding noises.

"I'll keep the three of you in a large glass case in my office anyone that tries to cheat me will become your food. Imagine the horror of a deadbeat who gets eaten alive. No one wil cheat me after that," The drug dealer laughed again and kicked at Keith. Nearly asleep, Keith just hissed back. He was completely lost in his new incarnation as a giant, sex-crazed snake. The drug dealer kicked Boomer several times and Boomer lashed out, his fangs bit deep into the drug dealer's leg. His venom caused immediate and severe pain. Boomer's tail knocked the two stunned bodyguards off their feet. His tentacles knocked the guns away before they could kill him.

"Take your boss-sssssss to the hos-ssssssss-pital if you want him to live," he roared in snake-like hisses. Frightened, the two bodyguards grabbed their boss and left. Boomer slithered over to the phone and activated it. He said one word -- travertine -- but the voice-activation didn't understand his voice. He looked to Seth who repeated the word -- travertine -- and the phone dialed the number. It rang a long time before someone answered. Boomer again hissed the word -- travertine -- and the voice replied -- ten minutes. Then Boomer lay down with his head on Seth's lap.

"Who's Travertine?" Seth asked poking Boomer's elongated head, determined to get an answer before the heat, food, and drug caused Boomer to fall asleep.

"Friend! Trussssss-t," Boomer said and fell asleep. Seth struggled for a short time and heard a knock. A man entered and looked at the two snake-men and the partially changed body of Seth.

"Who are you? Seth asked.

"My name's Tyler Travertine. I run Travertine Circus and Zoo Company. You just phoned me. From what I see, something went wrong, and you need help." His manner reassured Seth, at least he wasn't police or more of the drug dealer's henchmen.

"Very wrong, Boomer's drug dealer sold him bad Scrim. He was just here and shot more Scrim into all of us. He wants to put us on display in his office as snakes, punishment for Boomer's cheating ways. He's at the hospital being treated for Boomer's bite." Seth could barely believe what he said. A day ago he was merely a delivery boy at the supermarket.

Tyler acknowledged all this with a quick shake of his head. He went out the door and returned quickly with two burly men. They placed Boomer and Keith into large sacks and carried them out of the room. Tyler looked at Boomer's transformation chamber and then back at Seth:

"We can load you into the chamber and change you completely into a snake. It will be over in seconds rather than months. Maybe you'll change back to human in a few weeks. It's your choice." Tyler looked to Seth for an answer.

"No, no chamber, I know this is a one way trip. I'll stay as human as possible for as long as I can." Seth said as the two men lifted him and carried him out and into a van. Boomer and Keith were sleeping in the back of the truck. They put Seth into a padded seat and strapped him down. Tyler and his crew emptied the house of any evidence of what happened. When done, they drove off. Tyler rode with Seth.

"How did you get involved?" Tyler asked.

"I deliver food when Boomer uses Scrim. He tips well and we have great sex," Seth answered. The coolness of the truck felt good after the sweltering heat of Boomer's house.

"So, you like sex with animals and let Boomer use you as a sex toy? That's not uncommon," Tyler elaborated. Embarrassed, Seth started to sob. Tyler sat in silence and let him cry.

"I never used Scrim because I was afraid I wouldn't return to human form. Having sex with a half-human, half-animal Scrim addict was my chicken-shit idea. I tried to have it both ways. Now, I guess I'm going to become a snake. I'll probably end up a circus freak or living in a zoo," Seth cried uncontrollably. Tyler shook his head. Scrim had a manic-depressive effect during the change. Tyler put his arm around Seth and let him cry on his shoulder.

"Now, we're not going to let you become a circus freak or live in a zoo. I own twenty-five thousand acres of game preserve in southern Mexico. I use it for Scrim addicts who want to remain animals or addicts who've had bad trips. We'll create a nice habitat for the three of you and make you live comfortably."

"I guess I have no choice. According to the Dealer, this isn't reversible," Seth said. Tyler wiped the tears off Seth's face and chest. Seth was in his early twenties; tall, attractive, well built, and nicely hung. Tyler's cell phone rang and he listened to the call.

"Good news, we caught the drug dealer and found his laboratory; the chemists will analyze the Scrim they found there. We may find out how to reverse the effect on your body." Tyler flipped into his pocket. The van sped up as they got on the highway.

"Not much consolation, what are you going to do with the dealer?" Seth asked and started to cry again. Tyler let him rest against his shoulder.

"We're taking him and his two henchmen to the ranch. They'll make good meals for Boomer and Keith. I'm sure they'll appreciate the irony." Tyler chuckled and smiled at Seth. SEth wasn't cheered by the idea of revenge. Tyler cradled Seth's head against his shoulder and made him comfortable.

"I think you should sleep for a few hours. If anything important comes up, I'll wake you," Tyler replied and he covered Seth with a blanket. Seth leaned back; he could feel the skin on his abs forming scales as he fell into a fitful sleep. He didn't wake until they reached the Travertine game preserve.

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