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10 September, 2008

An effluvium of barnyard smells danced in their noses, clung to their shoes, stuck to their shoes. Zack Mitchell's barn rested on the low ground near a stream at the back of his property. The laughter floated out of the barn doors accompanied by the whinny of horses and bray of donkeys.

"The pony boys," Blaylock said, gesturing for Talbott to enter first. Talbott stepped gingerly through the door. A well-built kid, late teens maybe twenty, coal-black hoofs for feet, horse-like ankles and a foot long mane growing up his spine, picked up a steaming lump of manure and chucked it at the Detectives. They dodged. "Afraid of the road cakes? You shouldn't wear Ghillie Brogues to horse around in a stable filled with young stallions." Horse-like genitals hung between his legs. The massive tool counterbalanced by a bushy tail hanging from between his buttocks. Next to him stood his partner, a horse-headed young man, his shoulders and upper body covered with coal-black horsehair, thickly muscled, his hands formed into hooves, his arms half-changed into forelegs. Talbott counted eight young men paired off into fronts and backs; four horses in browns, auburns and creams.

At the other end of the barn stood two blond boys, heavily muscled gymnastic types in the process of becoming a donkey. Coarse, straw-colored hair covered his body from hips down. Oversized gray genitalia hung between his misshapen legs. A coarse tail to match his new fur hung from his a still, boyishly slim butt. Talbott noticed two doses of the transformation drug. He put them into his pocket without comment. The muscle-bound blond boy smiled at Talbott.

"They're so high, they'll never give you a straight answer." His donkey-headed partner pantomimed a toke with half-transformed arms and hands, his chest and upper torso already one mass of donkeyfied muscle. The blond picked up a thick doobie, took a deep drag and puffed blue smoke into this partner's equine nose.

"I'm Detective Talbott, this is Detective Blaylock and we're here for information about Zack Mitchell's party last night." Talbott put both hands on his hips.

"Party? You mean the Wedding of Tyrell the stud and Shawna his blushing bride? What did they do, serve bad chicken salad at the reception and forget to invite the neighbors? That little old lady living in the house across the way complained a few times. She's the neighborhood moaner, kvetches about everything. They lied and said they wanted to join us in becoming donkeys but it's too late now, we'll be transformed by dawn." He stopped and took another drag, held it and then blew the smoke into the donkey's head. He wobbled on donkey-like legs. "I guess Tyrell and Shawn settled into being the Rocky Mountain Canaries of the gay marriage set. Well, we'll enjoy the transformation and they won't. It's too late now." The half man spoke in a soft and gentle voice. His half-formed partner balanced on hooves and stood behind his partner, resting his donkey-shaped head on his back half's shoulder.

"And you are?" Blaylock asked.

The boy laughed. "I'm Jack and he's Jenny. We're the jackass brothers." The pair shared a hearty human laugh and a raucous bray. The donkey-headed boy nuzzled against his brother and winked at Talbott. Blaylock snapped several pictures with his phone and emailed them off to police headquarters. Talbott waved him away. He took out his notebook and faced the half transformed young men.

Jenny pantomimed something with shrinking arms. His torso rippled as it changed. His genitals disappeared into his abdomen as it formed the chest of a donkey. Jack laughed and petted Jenny's head.

"I hope it isn't too disconcerting to watch us change? Jenny wants to know if you intend to join us. We saw you pick up our second dose."

"It's evidence."

"Evidence? What did Zack do, import another pound or so of drugs again? What's the juicy gossip now? Tell us, we're all ears." He flapped his buddy's donkey-shaped ears and rubbed the elongated snout. The donkey head laughed and happy danced. Talbott tried not to smile. He noted that Jenny, the donkey's front half, had a circular scar on his buttocks with a double "m" inside.

"Branded? You've done this before?"

"Yeah, some damn fool branded us by accident. We get rented by the week and the idiot forgot we weren't one of his animals. It hurt like hell but it looks so cool on a human. You ever thought about renting yourself out, detective? I'd enjoy putting my brand on you, human or animal." Jack licked his still-human lips as part of his come on.

"Never crossed my mind... So you two were at the wedding at Mitchell's house?" Talbott asked, fascinated by the changes in their bodies. He wondered what being branded felt like to a donkey. Jack's torso stretched out. He positioned his body behind the other boy's half-changed body. His legs grew shorter and his hips spread. Only his buttocks seemed to retain human form.

"A beautiful ceremony in the garden amid the posies. It was sweet, silly and stupid rice, flowers and lots of fake sobs and tears. Boy weds boy, nothing more. The best thing was the food. Zack insisted we eat in at that new grill of his and steaks, rubs, chicken and all sorts of spicy barbecue."

"And what happened after the meal?" Talbott liked this kid with his charming, innocent, garrulous act. He bent forward as the bones of his hips twisted and crackled.

"After dinner, we all planned to transform. The college studs wanted to be horses but we like being a donkey. We drove out here to the barn, smoked a couple bags of weed and took the drugs. We all thought Tyrell and Shawn would be a zebra. They talked about it. I guess the settled for the honeymoon suite. Surely Zack must have told you all of this, didn't he?" Jenny brayed when Jack finished.

"Talkative? Speak for yourself if you can," he said to the donkey-headed boy.

"What time did you two leave the mansion?" Talbott asked.

"Around nine-ish or nine thirty-ish, shortly after dark-ish. We had to be here before we started the metamorphosis. Can't drive with feet like this. Been here ever since-ish. Won't be long before we completely change-ish!" The kid trembled as his body filled out a barrel shape. He leaned on his partner and grimaced as his spine thickened into a sway. When the spasm finished, he couldn't stand upright. He shuffled on his back hooves and hugged his partner's hairy back.

"You say that Tyrell and Shawn were supposed to join you in becoming farm animals?" Talbott asked.

"Maybe, Zack was hot for two jacks. We were hot for a Jenny. It's more fun when we have a Jenny to keep us company. I guess they wanted a honeymoon. Being a donkey is fun but it isn't a honeymoon. You can still join us. Take both those doses and you'll be our Jenny. The people expect two donkeys and you'll be back to being a detective in a couple days. We'll have fun with you, big boy. All that muscle you got will make you a really fine, superb Jenny." The donkey's head brayed softly at his partner's proposition.

"I never thought of jack-assery that way before," Talbott said.

"Last time we morphed, Miguel and Miguelito, two farmers we know, took one look at us and announced that their family back in Guatemala owned a burro just like us. He harnessed us to his cart and took us to a kid's birthday party for rides. It was fun. This time, he says he's going to make us earn our feed. We get to act like a real donkey, like a real beast of burden. He's got logs to haul, feed to carry and hinnies. We get to mate with other donkeys and have little donkeys. It's going to be lots of fun. Our Dad hates it when we act like asses, but then, we're at that rebellious age and horrifying Dad is fun." He paused to let his body change. The other boy, now nearly all donkey, nudged him and nipped his half-human shoulder.

"I know, I'll ask..." He turned his head to face Talbott. "My brother wants you to join us, Detective Talbott. He thinks you're sexy and wants as a donkey and as a man. Think about it. Didn't you get at least a little hard when you read about the bad boys on Pleasure Island? Ever since Pinocchio, we dreamed of being donkeys."

"I never read the fairy tale that way. Don't you worry that Zack might strand you?"

"Zack never strands his customers. Financially stupid. He makes too much money every time we transform. Besides, Dad would have Zack's testicles slow roasted while still attached to his body if he tried. Jenny and I talked about making the change permanent, remaining a donkey. Last month I was the head. This time, I'm the tail. Jenny and I tried. He wasn't good as the tail. Zack rented us to a nice man last time. He didn't work us too hard. That's who we thought drove up when we heard your car. You can change and no one will know but two cute donkeys." The donkey headed boy nuzzled Talbott's crotch. He grew hard at the thought of a three-foot long cock hanging between baseball-sized testicles.

"I don't think so. How would we revert? What if Zack wasn't around to cause the reverse transformation? I wouldn't want to be a beast of burden forever."

"Nah, Miguel would return us to human form. And, you're such a stud, Detective. You'd look good with big floppy ears and long nose. I'll bet your human butt is already hairy and you already have a big cock and balls. Think about it, you, me and three or four hinnies."

"That's more than a few days, kid. That's a few months."

"At worst, your chest and stomach stay hairy. Your cock says thick and long."

"I'll pass kid. I got a case to solve."

"Shame. Us animal lovers deserve fur. Come back in a few days and I'll tell you what about being the ass end of a donkey. You got big balls, detective? Mine are going to be the size of apples." Talbott didn't need to look too hard to see the truth of the last statement. The young man's genitals were already huge and animalistic. The kid kicked his hind legs and swished his tail, an equine movement.

"Do you know if Zack Mitchell had a trip last night?" Talbott asked. A cloud of worry passed over the kid's face and eyes. His body rippled.

"This isn't a drug bust, is it?"

"No sir, Zack died in a car crash last night."

"Gimme your pad," the kid wobbled. With shaky hands, he grabbed Talbott's notebook. Talbott felt heat pouring out of the kid. His muscles quivered and twitched while he wrote a phone number.

"Damn fool. Call that guy. Tell him I gave you the number. Tell him we're at the farm and he should come get us. I don't have time to play twenty questions. I can't resist transforming any longer." He grabbed his partner's back with both hands and bent down. Talbott heard the bones of the kid's spine crackle as a bony ridge grew out of his back forming withers and loins.

"Only one problem with being the ass-end of a jackass... You've got to manually align both digestive systems. I pretend that 10,000 flies ain't wrong." The kid's flesh twisted and quivered. He buried his face between his partner's buttocks, mouth wide open. The torsos of both men rippled and contorted as their flesh and bone merged together. Two young men turned into one donkey.

Talbott recorded the transform and led the straw colored donkey outside. It nuzzled his crotch again, making him erect. He leaned down and whispered into the donkey's ears.

"Yesterday I might have joined you. Today I can't," Talbott said and slapped the donkey's rump. It danced away from him and discovered a bail of hay. Whinnies and kicks caught his attention at the other end of the barn. He found Blaylock hugging the walls to avoid four stallions trying to get out of their stalls. Talbott opened the gates and let them run.

"Find out anything worthwhile?"

"Nah! Not from that gang. They're so drugged out they didn't even know their names. All they talked about was horse, horse, horse. Rich kids. I'll never understand them. They told me that they wanted to be horses and mate with mares. They bragged about how great it was being an animal and they laughed when they bagged up their belongings for me -- clothing, car keys, credit cards and contracts. They treated humanity as a joke." Blaylock said. The four black ponies jumped the fence at the far end of the corral.

"They're good jumpers. Who knows, they might have a better life as show horses." Talbott said.

"What's the word on your ass?"

"Much the same -- two guys, one donkey. The one I talked to seemed almost sensible. At least up until he quite literally stuck his head up his brother's ass and transformed into the ass end of a donkey. They wanted me to join them."

"You date outside your species?"

"Not in this lifetime, maybe the next." Talbott answered. Blaylock took the evidence bags to the car and began the paperwork.

As they waited for the crime scene squad to come and collect evidence, an old pickup truck, hauling a horse van behind it with circle-M&M stenciled on the side, drove down the gravel road and stopped in front of the barn.

"What's this?" Talbott asked. A well-tanned man wearing cowboy hat, vest, bare chest and jeans stepped out. The blond donkey came to the fence and brayed.

"Anything wrong Senor?"

"Nothing's wrong. We're just standing here enjoying the scenery," Blaylock answered.

"I'm Miguelito. My father Miguel and I take care of Zack Mitchell's animals." Sweat plastered Miguelito's hair to his chest. He went to the corral and put a harness on the little donkey.

"I take donkey and horses to Mister Zack's other ranch," Miguelito said in a heavy accent. He led the donkey toward his van. It pulled away and nuzzled against Talbott. Talbot petted its head and shoulders.

"Amarante likes you. Mister Mitchell got veterinarian to look at him yesterday. Phone this morning and said he's fine. Today we take him to breed with our hinnies." Miguelito said.

"I doubt Mister Mitchell did anything of the kind. He had a wedding yesterday and was busy all day." Talbott flashed his badge. He stood a head and a half taller and outweighed the young man.

"But senor, Amarante got our brand on his rump," Miguelito said. He turned the donkey around but the brand wasn't there. Now Talbott understood how and why anyone might "accidentally" brand a donkey. He didn't know that the boys would switch places.

"I don't see a brand, do you? Did it suddenly go away? Or did you just lie to me about owning this donkey?" Talbott took the reins and lead the donkey back to the corral. The animal pawed the ground and shook its head up and down, braying for all to hear.

"But senor."

"No buts. I watched two boys transform into this donkey a few minutes ago. They spoke to me."

"But senor," Miguelito objected again.

"Look, I can take you downtown for questioning or you can tell me the truth. I'm guessing that you and Mitchell have a scheme. He turns drug-heads into animals and you sell them into slavery. Slick. No one left behind to talk." Talbott threatened.

Miguel grabbed Talbott's arm and held tight, his eyes wide with panic. "No, no, no, senor, we make slaves. The two boys, they want to be donkey we take then to our farm, let them screw our herd of hinnies. They enjoy. Next week, we bring them back to Mister Zack all happy. The boys, they get a little hairier and their ears look a little funny but we not make them slaves."

"How many hinnies you got on your farm? Tell me the truth or I take you and your family to jail. If I find anything wrong, one wrong green card, one bad ID and I'll confiscate everything you own." Talbott blustered. Blaylock agreed.

"On my farm?" Miguel asked.

"On your farm. I want to know the truth." Talbott demanded. Miguelito shuffled and kicked the ground. He turned to Talbott.

"We have six herds lined up, Ten to fifteen females in each. The vets drug the females into heat and we let Amarante here do his thing. When they give birth, we sell the yearlings." Miguelito sighed. Blaylock whistled in amazement.

"It takes more than a few days to screw six herds of hinnies, doesn't it?" Blaylock asked. He poked Miguelito's bare arm.

"Two, maybe three months."

"And then?

"And then what, senor?" Miguelito asked.

"Cunning stupidity doesn't cut it. What happens to Amarante, as you call him? What use is he after you run out of hinnies?" Talbott poked Miguel.

"We geld him and give him to the zoo. Mister Mitchell won't permit the reversal after that long and that many females. He tried last year. The two boys remained chimeras, half-human, half animal, furry all over, misshapen bodies, hooves instead of hands or feet, pulled out faces, equine genitals and the sex drive to match. They beg be animals." Miguelito almost had tears in his eyes.

"So six to eight weeks of sex and Jack the donkey will not revert to human form. Did they know your plan before they transformed? Or have you lied to them like you're lying to us right now?"

"But these boys no want to change back. The older boy, the one with the brand, he ruin his life with accident. You saw the scars. He not even talk right now. His brain half gone."

"No. I talked to an over-muscled gymnast, nice smile, articulate, witty..." Talbott showed Miguelito the picture on his phone.

"He's the ass end of the animal? We warned him not to change places. We told him he might not be human again. He might have hooves not feet and worse. They transform too many times, these two. The brother, the older one, he no care if he stay human. He's too brain damaged to make sense. The old one say the young one caused motorcycle wreck. He try jumping a car with motorcycle. His brother not even around. He never accepted brain injury. I guess the young one agreed to let him be the head." Miguelito cursed in Spanish.

"What's the difference?"

"Two people, they transform and one must dominate. The body makes the choice. This boy, the one who is head of donkey, he take advantage of brother." Miguelito stepped back and leaned on his pickup.

"Mister Mitchell's enterprise is at an end. I'm confiscating this donkey as evidence. I'll make arrangements for his care." Talbott looked at Blaylock who just shrugged his agreement.

"What about the horses, Miguel?" Blaylock drew the name out into one long syllable.

"They agree to become horses. They take equine steroids and horse drugs before change to make their new bodies bigger, stronger, more virile. They already in the field with mares. They going to run them mares ragged, screwing like crazy men. Nothing will change them back." Miguelito rubbed his hands over his body. Blaylock pulled out his handcuffs and watched Miguelito squirm and fidget as he slipped them onto his wrists and put him into the back of the squad car.

"Look partner, I don't care what happened to the boy-horses or the blond donkey. So you make those arrangements. I'll stand by whatever you do. I just want to solve the murder. This horseshit is going to make us look like fools if we report it," Blaylock said. Talbott moved out of Miguelito's hearing. He phoned his friend Alex and explained about the blondish-gray donkey. Alex agreed to pick up the donkey and take him to his farm in the country. Talbott and Blaylock's report on the investigation did not mention the donkey or the fact that the missing young men were stallions cavorting in a field with mares.

*** *** ***

Talbott and Alex retransformed the blond donkey a week later in Alex's barn. Talbott didn't want them to completely return to human form. He counted on their bodies retaining mule-like characteristics. He remembered Talbott.

"Ah detective. I had a feeling that you caused the reversion. Where's my brother?" the young man spoke in a soft, almost breathless voice. Talbott sat on the hay next to him wearing only jeans, no shirtless, no boots.

"Alex pumped him full of tranquilizers before he realized what happened. He's sleeping in the far stall. Talbott pointed to the other end of the barn. They could see shadows of a man sitting on some hay bales and holding the older brother several hay bales. The older boy retained an elongated face and floppy ears. His hands remained without fingers, nearly fused to hooves.


"My friend. This is his barn." The blond boy examined his body. His feet and ankles remained equine along with his oversized genitals. A thick tail hung between his buttocks and coarse straw-colored hair covered most of his body.

"Did you know that Morgan and Miguelito sold you into stud service? They had a half dozen herds of hinnies lined up and waiting for service."

"Bastard, did he kill Zack?"

"Yeah. I used my influence to have you brought here rater than explain what the hell I saw." Talbot explained.

"How long ago was it?"

"Long enough to make sure you'd turn into the donkey boy of my dreams," Talbott admitted. He stroked the boy's hairy chest and stomach ending with one hand on the donkey-like cock and the other on the apple-sized testicles.

"Donkey boy of your dreams? I tried to get you to join us that day. Miguelito would have been happy with two studs donkeys. Two male donkeys can screw you know. Where's Miguelito in jail?" He sighed as Talbott manipulated his member. It lengthened.

"I couldn't arrest him for breeding animals and Blaylock and I didn't want to explain equine transformations. Miguelito's here. He helped Alex and I when we bred you to a couple hinnies. He has no qualms about getting down and dirty. He's going to stay here. I thought we should talk alone." Talbott straddled the young man holding the donkey-like member between them.

"I remember those matings. We used to help Miguelito around his farm. He never flinched at the rankest of chores or disgusting veterinary stuff." He grabbed Talbott's hands and stopped him from stroking his member. "Don't start anything you can't finish. I'll hurt you in my animal form."

"Not if I want to be animal too. You were a charming rascal back there in the barn -- made me fall in love. I'm a sucker for blond muscle boys with hooves and floppy ears." Talbott continued with his manipulations. The half-man, half-donkey responded with animal grunts enjoying Talbott's masturbatory efforts. "The only question you have to answer is do you want me as a stud or do you want me to have your offspring?" Talbott pulled the young man tight and kissed him. The donkey parts quivered against his chest. They broke breathless, flushed and horny.

"Wow, our offspring? We're in a barn that smells of donkey shit and you propose a marriage? I'm speechless." Their bodies moved together.

"It's your donkey shit. Am I Isabella to your Ferdinand or Sundance to your Butch?" Talbott felt the young man's throbbing donkey cock and the large equine heart in that furry chest beating harder. The young man laughed and leaned back as his body tensed and his animal parts spurted white hot gobs of pleasure between man and half-beast.

"Isabella! Please be my Isabella." He groaned as the spasms of sex reverberated through his body. "For years, I've dreamed of siring a line of donkeys. I never thought I'd find a partner."

Talbott held out two sets of color-coded pills. He took the female pills and the boy took the male pills. Talbott pulled his jeans off and sat naked, his chest slick with donkey splooge. The donkey-boy leaned over and licked at his chest. Talbott giggled at his touch. He felt the chemicals in his body. His hands and feet tingled and his face burned. He heard crackly noises as his bones began to change.

"Stuff's fast," Talbott said. His fingers stiffened and his toenails grew thick. He turned slightly as a tail poked out between his butt cheeks.

"It's better if you're high on pot." The donkey boy rubbed his hoof-like hand on Talbott's head. Talbott's ears grew out and move up toward the top of his head. His nose and mouth pushed forward an inch with a pop that made his eyes open wide. He lost some of his binocular vision as each eye stayed on the sides of his widening snout. His teeth grew tight in his mouth.

"You're going to look good with a muzzle. Where'd you get the transformation drug?"

"Police lockup. Single doses for us and a double formulation for Miguelito and your brother." His voice changed with the shape of his mouth.

"Really. Miguelito's one of us?"

"He's in another stall becoming the ass-end of your brother. He said he wanted to make up for Morgan's crimes." Talbott felt the bones in his wrists and ankles stretching, moving, forming into hooves with retrograde twists and turns. His calves reformed over fetlocks and hoofs.

"I always thought being the ass end of any equine was better than the head. The ass-end gets to do all the good things in the life of a jackass -- shit, piss and fuck. He won't regret it." The donkey-boy's transformation continued. His face bulged as his nasal bone pushed out and squared itself into a snout. A broad forehead pushed his eyes apart and to the sides. He opened bigger lips but no words came out.

"But you'll enjoy being my stud, won't you?" The words came out garbled as Talbot's neck stretched, the bars of his jaw thickened and his back hunched over to form withers. He felt his hips pull apart and twist his torso into a bent position. His shoulders moved down and thickened over each arm. He took a deep breath as his chest and stomach rounded into a barrel shape and his backbone bent and swayed to support internal organs on four legs. Fur grew all over his body. A mane grew down his back.

The blond donkey-boy stood on four legs. His transformation finished. He brayed to announce his presence in the barn. A couple of the mares nickered and called back. He nuzzled the partially formed donkey at his feet. Talbott's moan turned into a bray as the bones of his head crackled and grew into the face of a donkey. A long tongue filled his mouth and felt thick, wide teeth. Words wouldn't form, neither would his arms gesture. His new lips played splatter and finally a soft bray formed in his throat. He stood on his fingertips and his toes, wobbling and unsure, knees shaky. After a few steps, he gained his balance. Ears twitched over the top of his mule-ish and tail swishing between his buttocks.

Talbott's internal organs shifted and rearranged themselves as they transformed inside his hairy body. A pressure grew between his legs and moved suddenly inside his read. New and unfamiliar organs formed inside his body. He knew what they were. His lower body felt empty and sleek. He wasn't a man anymore but a breeding female donkey. He leaned against the donkey standing next to him; the touch created waves of pleasure through his new body.

A human stood in front of him. He recognized his friend Alex. He held two halters in one hand.

"Ah my new miniatures. I hope you enjoy your lives on the farm. You're going to be my prize miniature donkeys. In a few years, I might even make your story into a documentary with Morgan Freeman narrating -- the epic story of a new Tara. Tonight, you can eat and drink. Tomorrow, you'll learn to mate." He put the halter on Talbott first. Even it's loose fit caused Talbott to resist but Alex stood firm and got his former friend under control. The blond donkey didn't even flinch.

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