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20 November, 2004

I remember the day this all started. It was just another routine day covering court-ordered executions and other proceedings by the hanging judge as we called him, an old cliché for a new menace to society.

"For the crime of sodomy," the presiding judge paused and took a deep breath. He voice deepened and face grew harder, more serious than before: "For the crime of sticking your foul, evil and pestilential penis up another man's rectum, you are sentenced to have your manhood removed first by metal and fire and then by surgeon. Following that, you are to spend the rest of your life in prison. That is the pronouncement of this court, for this we always pray." With that, the judge rapped his gavel on the bench and left the chamber. I hated afternoon sentencing because we had to carry the feed live without edits. Invariably some putz ended up being mutilated and then sentenced to life in prison. The prisoners always screamed and yelled when they removed whatever portion of his anatomy had violated the morality laws, old news in the words of my editor.

Darien wasn't any different. His screams gargled through his bloody mouth where they had already knocked out his teeth and cut his tongue out. He struggled against the chains confining his tall, muscular frame. The guards tightened the screws on the two pieces of steel plate crushing his cock and balls. Nearby, another guard lit an acetylene torch and adjusted the flame to cutting temperatures. Darien screamed louder, his voice rising in pitch. The guard ignored him and began to cut through the steel plates squashing his cock and balls. The rank smell of burning flesh filled the air. Darien's screams became shrill cries of hysteria as the cutting torch burnt into the steel plates and reduced his cock and balls to smoking cinders. The judge waved his hand imperiously signaling the guards who hauled Darien to the doctors who would finish the job of total emasculation while the court videographer got the pictures, more old news for my editor.

The prothonotary announced the next case - Darien's partner in the public sex act. The guards hauled a short, powerfully built young man in chains into the chamber. At first, I thought this was a child, but he wasn't. In this day and age, most men grow to over six and a half foot tall. This fellow was barely five foot two but massively muscled. I remember news stories from four or five years back when he won the college gymnastics championship. I interviewed him after the championships and admired his body. The guards towered over him as they hauled his body upright and shackled his arms above his head. His pale, olive-colored skin darkened down to a deep, rich brown on his surprisingly huge cock and balls. His body bore bruise and whip marks from the guard's mistreatment.

"Carlos D'Archangelo DeDiego, unlike your name you have behaved most foully. You have been found guilty of crimes against nature, crimes against your very humanness - sodomy, pederasty and in plain, god-fearing English, butt-fucking in public. In rejecting your humanity, in practicing sex against all natural laws, I have no other course... no other choice but to punish you. This court finds that you have rejected your alliance with the human race and this court condemns you to live with the primates - the apes, chimpanzees, and monkeys - that you so believe you descended and evolved from. There you may practice your deviate sexual behaviors for the rest of your natural life."

The judge paused for a drink of water. His hand shook as he lifted the glass. No one breathed. No one made a sound.

"This court recognizes that simple emasculation has not been an effective deterrent... nor has it been humane or in any way just to the miscreants. This court strives to be fair and merciful in its judgments. Rather than return you to a prison society bereft of your sexuality, this court has decided to turn you over to the animals you so want to emulate. You can live with them, eat with them, fornicate with them, and do whatever else you want with as a beast of the jungle. Carlos D'Archangelo DeDiego, you are hereby sentenced to de-evolution into a beast of the jungle... May god have mercy on your soul. That is the pronouncement of this court, for this we always pray… God bless this commonweatlth... Doctor, you may carry on with the sentence." The judge rapped his gavel twice and abruptly left the bench. The prothonotary and bailiffs scrambled in pursuit. The entire courtroom sat in stunned silence. Reporters, observers and guards expected routine sentence, another fiery mutilation. Chaos filled the courtroom. We were the only news crew with active cameras.

A doctor in the robes of one of the new mendicant medical orders came forward and took a syringe from his black medical bag. The guards held Carlos as the doctor injected him. His head lolled over and fell against his chest. My videographer caught all the action including the guards hauling the defendant's limp body from the courtroom.

The prothonotary motioned me aside. We met in a corridor between the courtrooms. He explained that Carlos D'Archangelo DeDiego was the judge's nephew by marriage and that the judge had personally intervened to prevent his mutilation. The hypodermic injection was a retrovirus containing simian DNA. The guards were taking him to the monkey house at the old Lowland Park Zoo. I buzzed my producer to explain and dashed with my videographer to the news truck. By breaking all known land speed records we could be at the Lowland Park Zoo before the wagon. Not only that, my producer bribed the zookeeper to close the area so we could have an exclusive story.

The monkey house at the old Lowland Park Zoo was notorious throughout the community. The old building contained about fifty male primates of various lineages in one room with steel climbing bars and small ledges. The building reeked of monkey shit, piss and cum. Teenage and pre-teen boys took bets on how they often could enter the building and remain unscathed by flying DNA and monkey droppings. The monkeys, chimpanzees, and orangutans for their part, mostly succeeded in marking all visitors with fresh and fragrant bodily fluids. The authorities refused to build a natural habitat and now apparently this old facility was going to be used as part of the criminal justice system.

Shortly after dark, we arrived at the Lowland Park Zoo and set up our cameras a safe distance from the monkey house. In full view of the primates, the guards yanked Carlos from the police van, threw him to the ground, and took turns kicking and beating him. The monkeys and chimpanzees went wild behind the bars. Eighty or ninety hands launched every bit of filth contained in the monkey house at the two guards beating Carlos. One of the student zookeepers braved the pungent missiles and opened the iron gate leading into the compound. Two silverback gorillas rushed towards the guards but Tasers stopped their advance. In retaliation, twelve streams of monkey urine rained down from the ceiling and fresh, steaming monkey turds carpet-bombed the trio. The guards threw Carlos into the cage and beat a quick retreat away from the monkey's cage.

I recognized both guards from the courthouse. They were prime examples of hot, hunky males. They joined the zookeeper in cutting off their soiled clothing and dropping it into a trash can. They stood naked in the courtyard. Their bodies stained with primate waste. The primates hooted and waved their asses and shook their genitals at the guards. The guards screamed and yelled at the monkeys. This was great news footage - humpy, good-looking, well-hung policemen stripped stark-staring, bare-ass naked and engaged in a shouting match with deviant simians. I'd have been thrown off the newspaper staff for even suggesting this could happen. But to have it a real footage was beyond priceless.

The student zookeeper retrieved a watering hose and started soaping up his lean, sinewy frame. The guards followed his lead. The trio looked sexy covered only in thick, white suds as they rubbed the monkey shit and piss from their bodies. My videographer had spare cameras and a microphones set up to record the action. I listened to the banter from the guards. It was hot and sexy talk, full of profanity and vulgarity. We'd never owe another traffic ticket again in our lives.

"Quit staring at the guards and look at this," the videographer pointed to the monkey house. The silverbacks carried Carlos to the waterfall and pool and a group of chimpanzees and orangutans were washing his body. They appeared to be massaging his hands and feet. Carlos looked scared.

At first he fought them, but they don't seem to be hostile. They seem gentle. Do you think they know about the injection? Maybe they sense it. What do you think?" the videographer asked. I shrugged and watched. I focused one of the cameras in on Carlo's hands and feet. His hands looked bigger and longer. His feet resembled hands with a large opposable big toe. The changes definitely weren't human.

"The injection is changing his body. That's what the judge meant when he said Carlos could de-evolve and live with the simians. They found a retrovirus that alters DNA… And we have an award-winning news story!"

The head zookeeper shooed the naked guards and his student away from the lights in front of the monkey house. The guards got back in their truck leaving their soiled clothing behind. The student caretaker walked over and sat on a bench near our cameras to watch the primates. He had a mass of strawberry blond curls on his head that waved with every move he made. He was a good lokking kid - well-built, well-hung, nice butt. The videographer and I refocused the cameras onto Carlos and the monkeys.

By this time, over a dozen orangutans surrounded Carlos and seemed to be stroking his body. The cameras revealed that in actuality, they were masturbating and rubbing their ejaculate all over his body. Carlos leaned against the largest orangutan. His muscular body, small for a human was taller and larger than any orangutan's body. His skin glistened and sparkled from the oily sweat and cum each orangutan rubbed into his flesh. The two largest orangutans supported Carlos as the bones in his legs shrank. His thick, muscular thighs and calves bulged. Carlos wobbled and leaned forward resting his weight on his fingertips. His face contorted in pain as his hips grew and stretched downward letting his legs bow outward. The muscles of Carlos's round and firm butt stretched flat to accommodate his enlarged hip bones. He tried to take a few steps, but his arms were still too short to accommodate his rolling gait. The videographer tightened a camera on Carlo's back and spinal column. Carlos screamed in pain as his spinal column transformed from bending forward to arching backward. A bony tail grew out from the base of his spine and bone spurs grew from each vertebra. Carlos grabbed his chest and nearly fell over as new ribs grew and old ribs reformed adapting to his new stance. His massive chest and shoulder muscles moved only slightly making Carlos's new body distinguishable from the other orangutans. He reached upwards extending his arms as his forearms lengthened making his arms longer than his legs. Carlos tried to stand upright, but his new and unfamiliar skeleton and musculature prevented him. Two orangutans braced him as he raised his head and howled at the sky. The rest of the orangutans and the primates joined him.

The night reverberated with the unearthly and inhuman call of the primates. The entire Lowland Park zoo and surroundings grew silent and listened. Carlos and the primates waited for the last echo to fade and howled again. This time, the animals in the zoo and the land surrounding it answered his howl. They howled not in sorrow, but in defiance and celebration. The videographer and I just looked at each other. Carlos jumped upwards, grasped one of the bars with his huge hand, and just hung there.

Still naked, the young caretaker leaned towards us; "Now that's something I never heard before. Normally the animals all make noise at night, but that had meaning and purpose… Spooky, really spooky, considering that Carlos is still half-human."

"Did you know Carlos?" I inquired. The three of us watched as Carlos let the other simians climb up and down his hairless body. His muscles rippled and contracted seductively. His strong arms and hands were more than capable of brachiation. He changed hands and eventually hung by his new feet lifting the monkeys and chimpanzees with his arms.

"We grew up together. WOW! The DNA stuff the doctor developed is dynamite. It's working better than anyone expected. Carlos didn't even seem in much pain as his body changed." He laughed heartily as he grabbed his cock and waved it at the videographer and me. We stood there stunned, our mouths open ready to catch the night bugs that flew around the zoo. The orangutans chased the other monkeys away and began masturbating themselves and Carlos.

"If you guys don't watch the orangutans, you'll miss the last part of the transformation. It's all DNA driven and semen is the good source of that DNA," the zookeeper pointed towards the monkey house. Carlos sucked off each of the orangutans and they, in turn, sucked his cock and rimmed his butt hole. The fetid smell of monkey sperm filled the air.

"How do you know about all of this?" I asked the zookeeper. I swiveled a small camera with sound at the young zookeeper.

"Carlos's Uncle, the Judge, always brought us here to the zoo. The masturbating monkeys were always a treat to watch. Our parents would never let us see that. That was his plan, of course. As we grew older, the Judge talked us first into masturbating him, then into blowing his dick, and finally into letting him butt-fuck us. It all occurred over behind that wall in full view of the simians. Those animals knew what was going on. They're not stupid. They know hypocrisy when they see it… The Judge deserves to burn in hell for what he did. Carlos and I were lovers. We've been lovers for years. We were going to come out of the closet and tell all about growing up with his Uncle, the Judge. However, the Judge set up Carlos with hustler and had him arrested. I knew about the research into animal DNA replication from my work here at the zoo and convinced the Doctors to do human trials. You should have seen the look of sheer fear and panic on the Judge's face when he was cheated out of emasculating Carlos…" He pointed towards Carlos. We could see thick, brownish-orange fur growing on the back of his hands and feet. The growth of fur moved slowly up his arms and legs.

"Focus on Carlos's head, dude, hurry up," the zookeeper said. The videographer adjusted the cameras and the framing. Carlos's forehead shrank and his eyes grew prominent. A bony ridge formed on top of his skull, his cheekbones thickened, and hollow appeared behind his ears. The middle of Carlo's face pulled forward as his teeth grew large and prominent and his jawbone thickened. Up until now, Carlos retained at least the semblance of being partially human, but as his face changed and fur grew all over his body, he lost whatever humanity remained in his appearance. Except for his muscular legs and well-developed chest and shoulders, he could easily pass as merely the largest orangutan in the monkey house. His fellow simians treated their new mate like a king.

The videographer tapped me and pointed to the caretaker. He sat spellbound, oblivious to the world around him, as he watched close-ups of Carlos's final transformation. One hand manipulated the repeat controls on our equipment and the other stroked his manhood.

"You're really excited about Carlos," I asked. We could see the orangutans playing with each other in the monkey house. I had to study them to find Carlos. His thick fur effectively hid his non-simian and very human-looking cock and balls.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, of course I am. I told you we're lovers and I worked hard to save Carlos from prison. If those stupid guards would have left Carlos to me as they were supposed to, I would have been in that cage with him right now… Those chickenshit bastards acted like a little monkey shit was radioactive. What a pair of pansies they were…"

"Well, why don't you just go walk into the monkey house and join Carlos? We're not going to stop you."

"I don't want to be on camera, simple as that."

"Why do you care? When it's all over, you're just another monkey in the zoo. Who cares if the world sees you change? Surely you know we're recording you now and we already have you on camera showering naked with the guards, jerking off and accusing the Judge of pedophilia," The young zookeeper turned a bright shade of red. He tried to hide his genitals with one hand.

"I guess...No one... well... I see what you mean," his voice cracked, "'ll get the story on the Judge, won't you? He's such a rotten bastard... and... and... please don't think bad things about me during my transformation. I love these primates, more than you can understand. I love everything about them," the young zookeeper asked. I assured him that we would pursue the story about the Judge. He took my cell phone and we waited about ten minutes for the Doctor, another one of the Judge's victims. He gave us not only dossiers about the Judge's sex life but also proof of bribery, jury tampering, and other corrupt practices.

"Now this is news my editor will go ape over, so to speak," I said trying to be funny, no one laughed.

"Didn't you ever daydream about becoming an animal?" the Doctor said as he prepared to shoot up the zookeeper. I didn't answer. The videographer owned up to having a recurring dream about being a donkey ever since he was a child. He said he grew up in the country and the farm nearby had a herd of donkeys. The Doctor merely shook his head as he listened to the videographer childhood story. I didn't notice his enthusiasm.

"Fast or slow?" the Doctor asked the zookeeper.

"Fast, really fast," the young zookeeper answered. He sat back on the bench and the Doctor readied four syringes each from separate bottles. He emptied one syringe into each testicle. The videographer and I winced and groaned but the young zookeeper didn't even flinch. The other two syringes went into a vein in each arm. The zookeeper stood and shook his body. He walked towards the Monkey house and told us to stay just outside the range of monkey droppings. The primates climbed all over the iron bars, hooted greetings, and prepared to squirt their DNA bombs. I could see Carlos waiting in the middle of the pack stroking his dick. The zookeeper unlocked the iron gate, went inside and locked the gate behind him. He threw the keys back to us and turned towards the primates. White knots of semen cascaded all over his body. His hands grew larger as he rubbed the semen all over his body.

The zookeeper knelt down in front of Carlos, now fully changed into an orangutan and sucked his red, drooling, simian cock. Carlos grabbed the caretaker's head with his long, furry arms and viciously face fucked the caretaker, ramming his cock down deep into the caretaker's throat. It took only seconds for the zookeeper's cheeks to bulge full of hot, steamy primate sperm. The zookeeper's still human body trembled as his skeleton started to transform from human to primate. Carlos pulled his cock out of the zookeeper's mouth, flipped around, and stuck his hairy monkey butt against the zookeeper's face who chowed down with enthusiasm.

"That's what he meant when he said he a bottom. I wouldn't get too close to that monkey house. Those monkeys are so horny," my videographer elbowed me. The zookeeper broke away from Carlos, his face smeared brown. He rubbed his hands over his face and then smeared the results onto his chest. His chest seemed to shrink as he bellowed at the primates. From every corner of the building brown material flew at the caretaker and splattered against his body. The group of orangutans came forward, grabbed the zookeeper's arms and legs, and stretched him out. His arms and legs changed as they pulled. A thick, coarse, golden-brown fur grew out on his arms and legs. His body thinned even more and elongated.

"He doesn't look like an orangutan," I remarked to the Doctor.

"He's turning into a gibbon, still one of the apes, but different. He's got those long arms and legs and a small body because he's a brachiator - a vine swinger. Carlos had innate natural strength and could handle being an orangutan. A gibbon is lighter and has more agility for his size," the Doctor explained. We watched as the zookeeper's human body developed a broad chest, his shoulders shifted to give him full rotation, a very short stubby tail appeared, and his arms grew longer than legs. His fingers and toes grew very long and curved like hooks. His big toes and thumbs moved well down his feet and hands to facilitate his ability to hang by his arms and feet. Finally, his skull changed, flattening his eyes and rounding his skull and giving him a short, simian snout. Long, dagger-like canine teeth grew out of his mouth.

"Gibbons have complex vocalization skills, good eyesight, color vision" the Doctor said. I looked stupidly at the Doctor. He explained that gibbons actually have a large vocabulary of sounds that could be considered words. I shrugged. This was more information than I needed to know. I watched the primates as both Carlos and the zookeeper started to swing through the monkey house followed by the other orangutans and gibbons. I counted about a dozen gibbons in there with the zookeeper.

"Well, Doctor, I got a big story to file about Carlos's life sentence as an orangutan and then, I have the Judge's malfeasance to research. Just to tie up ends of Carlos's life sentence, I presume this is a successful human trial. What's next for your research?" I asked.

"More success, the change is stable and complete. As for the future, it's obvious. I'll be introducing DNA from other species more disparate and genetically divergent from Homo Sapiens into volunteers."

"You mean like my donkey fantasy?" the videographer asked simplifying the Doctors course of action.

"Yes, of course. After primates and other mammals, I can try amphibians and lizards. I also want to try reverting men to Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, and other human ancestors. I think the physiology will be fascinating. Then maybe, to see just how far I can push the technique, I want to try creating mythical creatures like satyrs, centaurs, stuff like that."

After that, the Doctor certified to the guards that Carlos was no longer human and we left the zoo.

That was two years ago. My editor really liked the stories. The newspaper won the Pulitzer for its stories on the corruptness of the legal system. I wrote a best-selling book about it, made lots of money. Public opinion forced the Judge from office and he awaits trial as a pedophile. More men and boys came forward to accuse him than I ever thought possible. The guy really had the hots for little boys.

However, that's all behind me now. A week ago, I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and established a fund for the monkey house at the Lowland Park Zoo. Each day this week, I've been giving cart rides to sick and disabled kids at the zoo. The videographer pulls the cart, you see. A few months ago, he took the change from a man into the cute and adorable donkey of his dreams. I watched him change day by day over three months. He loved every minute of it. Now he pulls the cart for sick kids. Each morning they decorate him and his cart with flowers and he trots off to the hospitals. Now, I can be cruel and sarcastic with the best of them, but his transformation is touching, tender! heartwarming even. He has his new life. This is what he wanted. Some days he even lets me ride on his back, like I'm doing tonight as we walk through the Lowland Park Zoo.

Why am I hear? Well! I might sound a little fucked-up to say to say it, but! I love the smell of monkey shit, monkey sperm, and monkey sweat. Monkey, monkey, monkey! anything monkey. That day, that day two years ago, I watched Carlos and his lover turn into primates, that day still burns in my memory. I kept returning to the Lowland Park Zoo to watch them masturbate. The smell of fresh monkey sperm makes me hard. The sight of their cheesy, carrot-shaped cocks makes me so hot that my cock stiffens and drools. Watching them swing from the bars while butt-fucking each other just drives me wild. So, I gave in. I just gave in. I called the Doctor and made the arrangements.

That's how I find my riding a donkey into the zoo! biblical, ain't it! Nevertheless, I'm naked as a jaybird just like Lady Godiva riding through the streets. I sure as hell ain't Jesus. And the donkey, well, the donkey is, of course, my videographer. He such a cute, gray beast, his coarse fur feels so sexy on my bare legs and ass. We approach the Monkey House cautiously and open the iron gate without causing the primates to shriek and yell. The Doctor prepares the hypodermic syringes.

"You might feel a little dizzy," said the Doctor as he shoots nearly 50 cc's of something into my arm. The fluid feels hot as it courses through my body. A brief wave of nausea sweeps through my body and then dissipates. The skin on my hands and feet starts to itch and burn.

"And this won't hurt me at all, really, I wouldn't lie" the Doctor says as he plunges hypodermic needles into my balls and injects the simian DNA into them. It hurts like hell. I can feel the hormones and chemicals rushing through my body as I scream profanities at the Doctor. My testicles burn and ache. It activates a flood of hormones to change my body. The Doctor steps outside the gate and closes me inside the monkey house. He sets the hypodermics back into their case and put the case into in his black bag.

"Gee, sticks and stones and all that! but names just can't hurt me. I told you it wouldn't hurt me, I never said anything about hurting you," the Doctor's attitude pisses me off. I start to say something but bright spots cloud my vision. The world spins around me.

"Do you see spots? Is the world spinning?" the Doctor asks.

"Yeah!" I moan.

"Good, good, good, good, good. My last victim saw snakes, cockroaches and just one giant, talking dodo bird. I won't mention that the shots caused projectile vomiting and diarrhea. I never saw a human asshole launch shit that far across a room. It must be part of the simian DNA," the Doctor laughed and smiled adding, "Tell me what you feel."

"Ohhhhh! Fuck you, asshole! I burn! I hurt!"

"You moan..." the Doctor said sarcastically.

I writhe and contort in pain as my bones start to transform. They bend and grind. My hands and feet enlarge. My fingers lengthen and my thumbs twist out. My toes and feet grow and gain dexterity. I shudder and stagger as my legs contract. My spine burns as a new tail grows out my back. I try to stand up straight but my hips lengthen and twist making my legs roil outward. I have to walk in that simian gate with my knuckles trailing on the ground. I feel my chest expand making me top heavy. My arms ache and burn as they grow out from my body. My shoulders twist and hunch forward enabling full rotation so I can hang and swing.

I try to tell him what's happening but only barking, chirping, and squawking noises come out of my mouth. I look at myself and my pink skin turns grayish black. I feel my face with unfamiliar hands. My jaw thickens and pushes out. My lips grow huge and flexible. The bony ridge above my eyes thickens as my skull changes shape. I grab my head and roll on the ground. A painful itching consumes me as a new, thick pelt of black and brown fur grows all over my body.

The denizens of the monkey house, silent until now, greet me with earsplitting shrieks and jungle calls. Just as when Carlos transformed, the entire Lowland Park zoo and all the animals surroundings the zoo grow silent and listen. I call out into the silence and every animal in the zoo and many just outside the zoo shriek and howl their response. I jump up and down and somersault celebrating my new life as a young, virile chimpanzee.

I'm going to show these primates just what a sex-crazed monkey can do with a little shit and a big penis.

4900 words more or less

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