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May 2003

A Dog's Life

The swim championship was our last function at college. In two days of competition, our swim team won first place. I got a bronze medal in the breaststroke and Billy-Ray got a gold medal in the freestyle event. Now, swim meet behind us, we faced every Twenty year-old's dream: spending summer vacation alone with a friend. We avoided the after-meet beer bash, loaded our luggage in Billy-Ray's SUV, and headed to his house. Billy-Ray lived in the last house in a rich and very gated section of the ever-so-fashionable suburbs, an overpriced, backwater, cul-de-sac of ambitiously large homes for families with ambiguous pedigrees. We arrived a few minutes before eleven p.m.

"You sure we have the house to ourselves all summer?" I asked as he fumbled for the remote control to open the gate.

"Oh yeah! Except for the cook, maid, and butler, we'll be alone," Billy-Ray said as he drove up the long drive and into a carport.

"Cook, maid, and butler!" You call that alone. Where are your parents?" I asked retrieving my backpack from the back of the SUV.

"Well, Mother is skiing in Aspen with her latest humpy, young instructor AKA boyfriend, Pierre Froutond l'Rouge. If you don't know, skiing being her new euphemism for screwing like a mink in heat. She'll be too busy porking he boyfriend to think about coming home," Billy-Ray's hands gestured around and finally landed on his hips as they swiveled around, his eyes fluttered in mock modesty. I laughed. He continued: "Dad, on the other hand, has taken up semi-permanent residence on the French Riviera with his semi-permanent mistress, Miss Fifi la Bom-Bom-Bom, and her S&M buddies. He's playing the abused French maid this month. They keep threatening to castrate him but they never really do it," Billy-Ray sighed loudly, spanking his backside and swishing around imitating a maid. His green eyes glittered as he laughed. I rolled my eyes in mock disbelief.

"You're so bad," I said. Billy-Ray wasn't done, he did an imitation of Scarlet O'Hare: "And I! Oh, lordy! I, your host for the summer," he paused and gestured extravagantly, "I gave the maid and butler two weeks off. We'll have the house all to ourselves! I hope, sir, you're an honorable man and won't take advantage of a poor mixed up southern boy of mixed parentage, like me. I'm not the type of boy who foocks on the first date," Billy-Ray smiled and batted his eyelashes then he broke into loud laughter.

"Foocks?" I asked.

"Foocks! It's my accent, don'tcha know!" he said.

"Last one in the house worries too much!" he yelled and ran towards the house. I ran after him carrying my backpack past Audis, Volvos, and a lone Hummer parked in the courtyard. We both dashed down into the basement of the house, barged through the door, and landed on a large, padded couch in a well-furnished game room.

"The cook, what are you going to do about the cook?" I asked puffing at the exertion. I grabbed Billy-Ray in a headlock and rubbed my knuckles on his head. "You know we got to be alone for a couple days!" I was angry with him for telling our secrets.

Billy-Ray twisted free from my grip. "He's cool! He's just as gay as we are and he promised to help us. You worry too much about someone discovering us."

"If both your Mom and Pop were fundamentalist preachers, you'd worry too! How much does this gay cook know about us?" I asked.

"Everything, I told him everything. I told him that I love you and you love me and we fuck like minks and he's jiggy with it." Billy-Ray gave smacked my shoulder and put on his boyish "aw shucks" smile. I got up and set my backpack on a table next to the couch. I puffed and pouted for a few seconds and then gave in.

"All right! All right! I forgive you! But you owe me for breaking a promise!" I grabbed him around the waist and tried wrestling him to the floor. I loved the feel of his body. He squirmed away.

"Hey, before we get started on anything, get that stuff I put in your backpack and put it over on the bar," Billy-Roy asked. I looked in my backpack and there were several pieces of silverware.

"What's this for?" It was the fork, knife and spoon from the restaurant we ate at one the drive home. I was puzzled, I knew he didn't need to steal it, but he had.

"It's for my Mother. She insists that I steal silverware and bring it home. If I don't she makes life miserable." He sounded like a naughty little boy.

"You're mother makes you steal silverware from restaurants?" I asked pondering the total incongruity that confronted me.

"Yeah dude! Ain't that a pisser! She can buy anything and everything her greedy, little heart desires and she insists we steal silverware," He shrugged his big shoulders.

"What for? You guys are rich." This was a side of Billy-Ray I hadn't seen.

"The perils of being rich, dude. She's a nut case. Aside from playing hump-hump with the hired help, she's a kleptomaniac. She steals place settings and tries to give it away as wedding gifts. The servants intercept any outgoing packages to prevent her from giving away stolen silverware. We have nearly ten complete sets of service for 12 in restaurant-ware." Billy-Ray was laughing.

"OH! You're kidding!" I said as we laughed together.

"Naw!" he drawled the word out, "Once, she tried to steal the dinner plates, but the manager of the restaurant caught her and threw such a hissy fit that she never dared do it again." He laughed even harder and kept laughing as he watched the look of surprise on my face.

"The dinner plates! That must have been embarrassing," We both snickered at each other.

"Of course! Imagine being stared at by everyone in a high-class french restaurant while the manager screams obscenities at your mother for stealing the plates. That's one of the reasons I grew up so well adjusted. I grew up with it, so it doesn't bother me," he pulled his sweatshirt off over his head revealing the tanned, well muscled, and nearly hairless body.

"Holy, fucking horse shit, Batman! I thought my family was screwed up!" I took my jersey off and we stood there, naked to our waists. I stood about two inches taller and twenty pounds heavier than Billy-Ray did.

"You don't know the half of it," he said as we embraced and let our hands wander all over each other's body. We kissed for a long time before Billy-Ray broke it off.

"We can use the big bathroom to shave. No one's here to say we can't," Billy-Ray was fumbling to open my belt. I slid my hand down the back of his pants and grabbed his butt with both hands. I ground my crotch into his crotch and felt his cock rise in his pants.

"Amazing! To get furry we gotta shave!" I remarked and then added, "You mean we get to use the fancy bathroom! I'm honored. I never sucked cock in a $50,000, Italian marble bathroom with gold fixtures before. Do people actually shit and piss in it? Or do you have another bathroom devoted only to that."

"You snotty little upstart! Ungrateful bastard!" Billy-Ray replied laughing at my joke. The he added:

"Last man naked loses all his hair!" He said as he kicked off his shoes. We both stripped in record time, but he was faster. My shorts were still around my ankles when he finished.

"Looks like I lose all my hair," I said shrugging. I didn't mind, it would feel good to be smooth for a little while. We grappled and wrestled Greco-Roman style, our naked bodies straining and sweating. I let Billy-Ray put a bear hug on me. Our cocks rubbed each other at half-mast.

"That stubble excites me! You hairy guys think that it's fun without body hair. I'd rather have grown up hairy than smooth. You smell better when you're hairy," Billy-Ray paused and thought of another challenge:

"Race you upstairs!" We both took off up the stairs and onto the first floor. We grabbed and wrestled as we went, careful not to break anything. The house was empty and echoed our laughter; the floors were warm, thickly carpeted, and inviting. We both made it up to the second floor, down the hallway and into the master bathroom in record time.

Sliding to a stop on the throw rugs, I yelled: "I won! I won!" as I stopped to catch my breath. My elation at beating Billy-Ray into the room disappeared as I gazed at the extravagent bathroom. This bath was the size of most living rooms, but living rooms are not made of pink marble and outfitted with original artwork. There were two water closets, two showers, a bidet, a large soaking tub, a Jacuzzi for six, an entertainment center, two sinks, and enough floor space to hold a square dance. Several towels and two cans of shaving cream were sitting on the counter.

"I see you told the Cook what we're planning," I pouted and stood there like an angry little boy.

"Look, I feel more secure with him knowing what's happening. Just in case anything goes wrong," Billy-Ray put his arms around me and held me. He was right. We did need another person to keep us safe. I put my finger in my mouth and did the shoulder shake thing that little kids do.

He started the water in the shower. When it was warm, he stepped in and lathered his body with shaving cream. We shaved each other finishing at the bottom of the hour.

"I feel so naked," I remarked. There wasn't a hair left on my body anywhere. What little hair Billy-Ray had was gone.

"I can't wait to put the costume on and become all furry," he added smiling at me.

"Hey, Billy-Ray, what's on the back of your calves?" There were five red marks on the back of each his calves.

"Nothing you need to worry about. Medicine for my allergies," Billy-Ray remarked.

"OK! Where are the costumes?" I asked taking him at his word.

"I had the cook put the costumes in that cabinet," Billy-Ray said pointing to the cabinet under one of the sinks. I took out two large, antique boxes and handed the one marked with the male symbol to Billy-Ray. My box was marked with a female symbol.

"No, no, no," Billy-Ray exchanged the boxes giving me the box with the male marking and taking the one with the female marking. "I'll take the female costume," he added. His hands shook in nervous anticipation.

"You sure?" I asked setting my box on the counter and removing the top.

"Yes! Absolutely sure! Tonight and tomorrow, to be crude about it, I'll be your bitch," Billy-Ray said as he opened his box. Inside the boxes were dog costumes of rich, tawny-brown fur. These costumes were a one of a kind set: a matched pair of male and female Mastiffs, big-boned, solid, square-chested, powerful dogs. Whoever wore them would turn into a mastiff.

"OK! But you know what that means; I get to hump your ass tonight and tomorrow," I said as we both shook out the costumes.

"Whoever made these put a lot of time and thought into them," Billy-Ray said as he lay on his back and started to pull the arms and legs onto his hands and feet. As he struggled, I sat down on the water closet and gathered the material together to put my feet into the legs. Soft pads covered my feet and turned them into paws. When I got the costume up to my thighs, I stood up and pulled the back of the costume over my butt. Then I got very personal with the costume and fit my genitals into appropriate folds, shaking my hips. I felt my cock and balls slip into soft fur. A light brown fur covered my stomach and hid my cock in a dark-brown fur sheath. My balls were all furry and smooth. I stopped and watched Billy-Ray squirming as he tried to get the costume up over his back.

"You need a hand fastening up the back?" I asked. The soft broad paws of the costume covered his hands.

"Sure could!" he answered and rolled over onto his stomach. I pulled both ends of the costume together and twisted the cords that held it together. As the cords came together, the costume sealed itself shut. I stopped at Billy-Ray's neck and let him stand up. The stomach of his costume was smooth, creamy fur. The massive headpiece lay on his chest. Billy-Ray was breathing heavy from exertion and anticipation.

"Where's your cock hiding, Dude?" I asked being a wiseass. Billy-Ray smiled and rubbed his hairy, doggy paw on my head.

"Down boy! Down boy! I tucked it between my legs. It will be there when we take the costumes off," Billy-Ray answered. He held up his hands to show me the new shape of his paw-like hands he asked: "I think I can fasten your costume, these new paws are awkward."

"Good, last time you fumbled for ten minutes with your paws," I said as I put my hands into the sleeves and pulled my costume up over my arms and shoulders. I felt him fumble with the ties up my back as the costume pulled itself tight against my skin. It felt warm and sexy. Billy-Ray stopped at my neck and asked:

"Any last words before you put on the head of the costume?" My hands shook nervously as I got ready to push the head into position.

"How close are we to midnight?" I asked. The costumes only worked if you were in them at the stroke of midnight.

"Only a minute or two," he answered and tugged the head of my costume onto my head. The snout of the costume was short and blunt. It pushed my face up and squashed my nose. As Billy-Ray manipulated the ties with his paws, I felt the costume pull my head back and shorten my neck. The mask was tight against my skull.

I turned around and helped him pull the head of his costume up and over his face. He turned around and I started to fasten the last ties. The mask pulled his neck being, thickening his shoulders, and expanding his jaw and jowls. Both of us looked like giant anthropomorphic dogs. Rich, golden-brown fur covered our bodies. I crawled over to him and held him close.

We waited until the clock in the hallway chimed midnight.

The costume shrank and grew tight. My body got hot. I began to sweat. My feet and legs felt very hot, and I tried to sit down on the floor, but couldn't. I lay on my side and watched as my feet shrank and twisted into paws. I felt my thighs and calves shorten as my hips broadened and bent my spine forward. I rolled onto my hands and supported my hips on two new hind legs. I looked down beneath my back and felt my hips and legs thicken and bend. My stomach thinned and my genitals thickened, hanging comfortably between my legs. I felt a sharp stab of pain as the costume's tail fused to my spine and attached to new muscles. The transformation crept up my spine as it twisted and bowed to accommodate my four legs. I felt my ribs bow outward and expand pulling my arms and chest muscles out to the side. My hands shrank and formed paws and my wrists thickened and bent to support my weight. Both of my arms pulled up either side of my barrel-like chest. I felt my neck thicken and back arch. My neck thickened and bent as the changes progressed up into my head. My jaw thickened and pushed outward and my nose grew on the end of my snout. I felt my ears grow long and floppy and suddenly I no longer saw color, just shades of gray. I felt a sudden rush of heat and grew dizzy. I tried to stand on my legs, but I just flopped around. Finally, I was able to stand up on four legs and face the mirror.

I could see my new body in the mirror. I had become a large mastiff about 30 inches to the shoulder, tall enough that my doggy head cleared the counter. I watched in awe as my huge tongue slid out of my mouth and licked the counter. I sat on my haunches and rubbed my nose with my large paw. Just like the first time that we used these costumes, my new body overwhelmed me. I could hear all sorts of small noises I never noticed as a human and I could smell everything. I sniffed at my body. My balls smelled wonderful to me and I licked at them. My fur tasted clean against my new tongue. A thick red cock poked out of its sheath and then hid itself away. My balls had grown bigger and dangled against my stomach. I lifted my leg and sniffed at my butt. I could smell my scent coming from it.

I felt a nudge from behind and I turned to see another dog that I knew to be Billy-Ray. His transformation must have finished just like mine. He was nuzzling his snout against me. I pawed and nipped at him and then sniffed where dogs always sniff. Billy-Ray was definitely a female. We tumbled and wrestled a little in the giant bathroom. Billy-Ray was about 40 pounds smaller and a few inches shorter. I nipped at the back of his neck and he returned the gesture. I felt the urge to merge rising within me and decided to mount him. I got behind him and lapped at his doggy cunt. His doggy butt was as tasty as his human butt was. I heard him moan in anticipation. The only other time we used these costumes, I had become the female. I remembered the only thing I wanted was to mate with the male of the species. I knew that was what Billy-Ray was experiencing now. New and different hormones were rushing through his body making it impossible for him to resist. I licked him for a few minutes and could taste when he was ready for me to mount him. He whimpered like the bitch he was for me. I felt my cock poke out of it's sheath and I jumped on his back flexing my hips. It took a few tries to get in, but I felt the hot warmth of his body surround my cock. I crawled up his back and pushed tighter as my knot sank deep into his butt. I felt the knot get larger and larger, tighter and tighter and finally we tied together. My balls throbbed with pleasure as they pumped load after load of cum into his body. It lasted a few minutes and then stopped. We remained tied together, butt to butt, lying on the floor for a long time. When I shrank enough to release us, I used my large tongue to clean him, reveling in the new and exciting taste. Exhausted, we lay against each other and fell asleep on the bathroom floor.

I woke. Someone else was in the house. I could hear locks turning and doors opening. I stood up and barked. My deep, resonant bark resounded through the empty house. Billy-Ray stood next to me. It was morning, the sun streamed in through the windows of the bathroom.

"Here, doggy! Here doggy, doggy!" a deep, pleasant male voice called. Billy-Ray ran downstairs to meet the man. I followed.

"Whoa! Big doggy!" he said as BIlly-Ray bowled him over and licked his face and neck. He pushed Billy-Ray off and stood up. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts. It felt good when he petted me. He smelled of the night before and his skin was salty when I licked it. He tasted good.

"You didn't tell me you were going to be this big," he said as he dug into the pockets of his shorts for dog biscuits. Billy-Ray and I ate them as he tossed them. I guessed he was the cook. He was a big, strong man, all muscle, about 250 pounds, in his late 30's, early 40's. He made his way to the kitchen with us sniffing him and opened two cans of dog rich, meaty food. Both Billy-Ray and I ate quickly. We drank from a large bowl of water.

"Outside you two! Can't have you watering the house," he said as he opened the door and we ran outside. Billy-Ray and I played in the back yard, running after rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels for a while before we came back inside. The cook was playing solitaire on the kitchen table. I had other pastimes on my mind.

I lapped at the water and when my snout and jowls were wet enough, splattered the cook as I shook the water off.

"Bad doggy!" he said in a stern voice and shook a finger at me. I lowered my ears and drew my tail between my legs in mock contrition. As he got up and went over to get a paper towel, Billy Ray nuzzled his large snout into the cook's crotch while I bite the back of his shorts and tugged at them.

"You guys want to play?" he said as he dropped his shorts to the floor. Billy-Ray licked the cook's larger-than-life cock. It must have been nine inches long and thick as a soda can.

"I never had sex with two doggies before," the cook said as he scratched and petted us both. Billy-Ray licked furiously at his cock. His big, wet, and warm doggie tongue making the cook's cock harder and harder. He walked behind Billy-Ray, grabbed the dog's wide hips, and plunged his cock deep into Billy-Ray. I licked his ass as he pumped Billy-Ray's ass. He must have liked my hot tongue because he spread his legs wide and gave me an opening. I jumped on his back and thrust my hard, red doggie cock against his back portal. After a few tries, I found the right spot and felt my cock sink into his bowels.

He moaned as I pulled against him and pushed my cock deeper making sure the knot, which was still small, slid into his butt. I fucked him furiously with short stokes. I felt my balls begin to churn out sperm, as my knot grew large and tied us together. He yelled, but I used my weight to hold him against Billy-Ray. I felt his body stiffen in orgasm as he pumped deep into Billy-Ray and unleashed his load. Spent, he lay on top of Billy-Ray who sat down and rolled us all onto the floor.

I rolled to the side making my cock twist in his body and positioning us ass to ass. Billy-Ray stood over us licking cum off the cook's body. The cook lay there moaning, unable to release me. It took time for my knot to shrink, but when it did, we separated and Billy-Ray and I licked the cook clean. He hugged and petted both of us.

The three of us went to the TV room where we lay and dozed until shortly before midnight. At least six alarm clocks throughout the house rang, dinged, buzzed, chimed, or cuckooed. Just at midnight, the ties on our costumes became visible and the cook undid them. Both Billy-Ray and I used our paws to pull the masks forward and off our faces. We returned to human form. The cook watched us in amazement. We slowly stripped the costumes from our bodies.

"Billy-Ray, I thought you were the male dog. If I knew you were the female, I wouldn't have screwed you," he apologized.

"Oh, that's OK! We were dogs. You couldn't know," Billy-Ray said and then added:

"I want you to meet Zeke, my college roommate." The cook and I shook hands; he said his name was Scott. He reminded me of a big Irish footballer I had seen on ESPN. I peeled the costume from my body. I noticed that my hands and feet felt awkward.

"What's it like being a bitch?" the cook asked.

"Exciting, the orgasm is stronger than the male orgasm and the sensations are all different," Billy-Ray said.

"Sounds like fun. Why all the alarm clocks?" Scotty the cook asked.

I answered: "Well, it's easy to forget you're human. The last time we did this, we were alone and stayed in the costumes for three days." I looked at my face in the mirror as I talked. I noticed my canine teeth had grown a little. They felt slightly longer than before.

"So it's tough to return to human form?" Scotty asked.

"It's tough to remember to turn back into human form. The sensations of being a dog becomes so natural, so secondhand, so comfortable," I replied.

Billy-Ray added: "Yeah! Zeke and I want to spend the summer as Mastiff's, but we're afraid that we won't remember to remove the costumes in time to return to college. That's why I asked you to be here. We need a third person as a safety." He had a glint in his eye that I didn't trust.

"I would be interested in spending the day as a dog," the cook said in soft and low tones. Billy-Ray immediately noticed the statement.

"Tomorrow night, I'll give you your wish. You can become a dog. Do you want to be male or female?" Billy-Ray asked the cook.

"Oh, Billy-Ray! I couldn't be the male with you. I'm even embarrassed that I screwed you last night. I thought you were the male dog and well, I'm sorry. I've watched you ever since I've been here and just worshipped you as you grew up. I'll be the female for you for Zeke. He's already had my ass," the cook said. I was a little surprised at his submissive attitude.

"Good, we'll do it tomorrow. You'll be the female and Zeke will be the male. I'll wait the to join Zeke. Now, go wash up and cook us a decent meal. Not that dog food you gave us yesterday," Billy-Ray ordered. The cook got up and went downstairs. We were alone.

"I enjoyed being stud for a day, thanks for taking the female costume," I put my arm around Billy-Ray's shoulders and asked: "By the way, what's going on?" I looked closely at BIlly-Ray's wrists: like mine, they were slightly altered.

"I found another female costume. If we let the cook use it, we can have company this summer. What do you think?" Billy-Ray said.

"You found a third costume! That means two females and one male. That sounds like twice the fun for the stud," I said. A thousand questions entered my mind.

"And good news, you're going to be the stud again. I want to be the female for the summer. I'll tell the Cook about the third costume and the three of us can be transformed tonight. You just humped his human ass, he'll love you even more when you make him your bitch," Billy-Ray and hugged me.

"What if we forget to get out of the costumes? After all, summer vacation is over three months, that's almost one hundred days as a dog," I was concerned that we would end up living our lives as Mastiffs.

Billy-Ray was quick to respond: "I arranged for the collector who sold the costume to visit at the end of the summer. He'll know what to do. Look, I thought this out; all we have to do is tell Scotty it's for one night and then, don't change back until the end of the summer," Billy-Ray leaned against me. He smelled like a dog and that made me horny.

"What about food?" I asked.

"We do the same as we planned for the two of us, but I'll add another feeding station. There will be three stations back in the far shed filled with 120 days of dog food, more than enough for June, July and August. Then, I'll leave a message for the maid and butler that we decided to vacation in Mexico and they should look after our dogs. We're covered from all sides, nothing's going to go wrong," Billy-Ray said passionately.

"OK! OK! We'll do it your way," I said as we climbed into the shower. Afterward, we dressed in casual clothes not wanting to eat naked or half-naked.

Part Two

It nearly noon when the meal was ready, Billy-Ray made sure the cook sat at the table and ate with us. He was thrilled. He served a three-course meal of steak, fish, and salad. Before dessert, Billy-Ray retrieved a pill bottle from a pocket in his pants.

"Vitamin time, guys! Just take them and swallow them down. You'll need them late tonight," Billy-Ray ordered. I watched Billy-Ray as he casually but carefully separated the pills he gave us to take. I suspected they were male and female hormones. Scotty the cook was oblivious to this and just swallowed the pills.

We spent the rest of the day lounging and watching television. As it got dark, Scotty cooked a gourmet meal. We ate heartily. Again, Billy-Ray distributed what he called vitamin pills. I said nothing, but I could feel aggression building in my body as the pills took effect. The three of us played games and watched DVD's in the basement game room at ten-thirty; Billy-Ray stopped the games and told us to get ready. He took the chance to tell Scotty about the third costume.

"Scotty, one thing I didn't tell you yesterday is that we found a third costume. Tonight, the three of us can become dogs, then tomorrow at midnight, we'll undo your costume and you can return to being human. How does that sound?" Billy-Ray said. Scotty looked around with a big, dumb grin on his face and slapped me on the shoulder.

"You lucky dog! You got two bitches all to yourself for a day. Take those vitamin pills to keep that big cock of yours working overtime for the two of us," Scotty said. he seemed thrilled at the idea of the three of us changing together. Billy-Ray retrieved more so-called vitamin pills for the three of us. Scotty swallowed them without looking. Billy-Ray caught my hesitation.

"Take them, Zeke. You'll need them before the day is over," Billy-Ray said to me. I shrugged and just swallowed the pills. Billy-Ray and I started to shave Scotty. I noticed he had red streaks on his calves similar to those on Billy-Ray's legs. I assumed he went to the same allergist.

The cook was thrilled to have the two of us fondling his body. His cock stood at half-mast all the time. When we were done, Billy-Ray opened the cabinet and got out the two costumes we wore the night before and took out a box containing the third.

We walked downstairs to the living room. It opened onto a deck that would let us get outside when the transformation was complete. Once outside, all we had to do was push the door shut for it to lock. The three of us tugged, yanked, and squirmed into the costumes. Billy-Ray helped Scotty position his cock and balls inside the costume. I watched them try to get Scotty's half-erect cock into the right place, but in the end, they simply had to let if lay flat against his stomach. Billy-Ray pretended it was right and left his cock in the same position. I blushed as Scotty watched me fit my cock and balls into the costume. I could see he wanted to make sure it was as big as yesterday when I humped his ass while he was human.

Since I still had my arms outside of the costume, I fastened the ties on the back of Billy-Ray and Scotty's costumes leaving their masks undone. I could feel my heart race in anticipation even though we still had lots of time.

"Hey Billy-Ray, you got six nipples," Scottie pointed a paw-covered hand at Billy-Ray and laughed.

"So do you, sweet thing! So do you," Billy-Ray answered.

"What does it feel like, when you change? You and Zeke really did look like dogs, what happens in the change?" Scotty asked.

"It doesn't hurt but you do get hot and sweaty. First, your hands and feet turn into paws and then your arms and legs shrink. Your hips change and your spine adjusts so you can walk on four legs. Your chest gets bigger and you can feel your mouth change into a dog's snout. You'll feel your cock and balls as they shrink into your body. All your sexual sensation turns inwards. Lastly, you'll see lose color perception, and your senses of smell and hearing will improve," Billy-Ray answered.

"OK! Seal me up," Scotty the cook replied satisfied with the explanation. I pushed his mask up over his face and went around the back to fasten the ties. Completely covered, Scotty fumbled around and I opened the French doors and let him wander out onto the deck.

"Any last words?" I asked Billy-Ray, my hands trembled.

"Not for me," Billy-Ray answered.

"Were all those vitamin pills you fed us really vitamins or were they hormones?" I asked.

"You caught that. I fed the cook and myself enough hormones to grow tits. You got a ton of testosterone flowing in your body. You'll love me for it when you bang me and Scotty three or four times a day for the next week," Billy Ray smiled and winked at me.

"You're really dangerous, you know," I said shaking my head. Billy-Ray shrugged and smiled back.

"You know, I thought my wrists, ankles, and teeth changed a little earlier today when we got out of the costumes. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" I asked.

"Sure I know. Yours did change and so did mine. They'll be more changes after 90 days, but they won't be a large enough for anyone other than us to notice. If we stayed in the costumes a long time, we all could change into dogs. But that takes years," Billy-Ray lied as he pushed the head of the costume up over his face ending the conversation. I fastened the ties at the back of his neck and then pulled my costume up over my arms and let him fumble with the ties on my back. He finished about ten minutes to midnight and we joined Scotty on the deck. I closed the door to the house and noticed that there were three dog dishes filled with food and laced with pills sitting on the deck. Two were marked with female symbols and one was marked with a male symbol. Billy-Ray struck again!

Scotty the cook, was so anxious, he couldn't stay still. He paced nervously and awkwardly around the deck. Billy-Ray and I just lay on the deck and waited. My costume was hot and sweaty. I saw the digital clock inside the house turn to all zeroes and I felt the changes start. This time the change went faster, my hands and feet changed first and my arms and legs shrank up and reformed. I felt my hips and spine become dog-like followed by my stomach thinning and narrowing while my chest bow outward and thickened. The change hit my head like a punch. Everything happened at once and I lay on the deck a little stunned.

I raised my floppy ears and heard moaning. I could see Scotty and Billy-Ray twisting and writhing in as they changed. Months ago, my change into a female was soft and gentle. Their change was not soft or gentle. I guessed it was due do Billy-Ray's hormonal treatment or the placement of their cock and balls in the costume. I got up on all fours and went over to Billy-Ray and Scotty. I sniffed and poked my nose at them. They smelled half-human and half-dog. I stood there and guarded them for a few minutes while they finished changing. When I could only smell dog, I went over to the dog food bowls and ate the dish marked with the male symbol. Billy-Ray spiked the food with more hormones. As I lapped up some water, I felt the urge to merge, as they say.

Billy-Ray and Scotty were wolfing down their bowls of food. We sniffed each other's butts and poked around as they finished and drank water. Billy-Ray smelled different from yesterday, but I didn't care. All I wanted to do was mount him. Billy-Ray turned his rump towards me and let me lick him until he was ready. Then I mounted him and humped like a demon. I felt my knot slip inside Billy-Ray and tie us together. I pumped harder as my balls went into overdrive and delivered squirt after squirt of cum. Finished, we lay on the deck with my cock tied into his body waiting for release. Scotty lay nearby watching and waiting.

Dogs have no sense of time, so when things happen, they just happen. Eventually, my cock slipped out of Billy-Ray and we licked each other clean. I went over to lap up some water and felt Scotty against my side. I could smell his readiness, and after a good licking, I mounted him and humped away. He whimpered softly. I remembered my first time as a female and the conflicting sensations. However, with all the hormones raging though our bodies, there was no stopping the inevitable fucking. My humping grew faster as my knot grew larger and tied us together. I began pumping cum deep into him and didn't stop for a long time. After we separated, I was exhausted and fell asleep on the deck.

I woke in the warm sun the next morning and stretched. I put my paws way out in front of my body and pulled my torso up through to my hind legs letting my rump slowly lower to the ground as my chest rose up. I lapped up some water and went out into the yard to mark the bushes. Billy-Ray and Scotty were still asleep on the deck as I explored the yard. I found back shed and explored the food bins. Then I went to the back of the yard where there was high grass and dumped a load. I trotted back to the deck and woofed Billy-Ray and Scotty awake. They too made the rounds of the water and the yard except they squatted to relieve themselves where I lifted a leg to mark my territory. I followed them sniffing around. We played and ran in the yard all day, returning to the deck or the back shed only for water. We humped in the hot afternoon heat enjoying our doggie bodies and sensations. Afterward, we ate our fill of the solid food in the shed. An artificial stream flowed past the shed. Its water was cold and clear. As the sun slowly set, we returned to the deck to sleep. I woke shortly before midnight and watched to see what Billy-Ray and Scotty would do. If either Billy-Ray or Scotty woke, I would open the ties that held their suit together and let their bodies revert to human form. However, Scotty stayed asleep and didn't stir. I waited until well after midnight to fall back asleep.

The next day was much like the day before. We woke, we ate, we played in the yard, and we coupled in the afternoon sun. I realized that my sense of time only permitted yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The concept of a counting eluded me. I wondered if Billy-Ray and Scotty experienced the same inability to plan. I had no way of knowing. I remembered that the maid and butler were due back in two weeks, but I had no way of counting the days until then. Our routine was wake, eat, fuck, and sleep together. The June days were pleasant and halcyon, not too hot that we couldn't get comfortable by laying in the shade during the day and not so cold that we couldn't be comfortable by sleeping against each other's bodiesat night . Anyone seeing us in the back yard would think that three big dogs lived there and they would never suspect that we were three men changed into dogs. The truth was, except for certain times in the day when Billy-Ray and Scotty slept, or late at night, I thought of myself as a dog and I am sure that Billy-Ray and Scotty felt the same. In my mind, the sensations of living as a dog replaced the sensations of being a human. I thought of Billy-Ray and Scotty as my bitches, I was their protector and their master. I guided them through the days and made sure they were safe.

One day, I noticed a change in Billy-Ray, he was hotter, he tasted and smelled different, his fucking was more intense, even frenzied. Scotty held back and let me hump Billy-Ray several times. The next day, Scotty's body grew hotter and he too smelled and tasted different. Both of them wanted humped all the time and we coupled several times that day. The next day, Billy-Ray didn't want to hump. I tried but he didn't respond. Scotty let me mount him three times that day. The next day, Scotty refused my attention. I was puzzled, but it didn't seem to bother me. Some part of me accepted that the humping was over with and I didn't desire it. That night, I thought about opening our suits and returning to human form, but part of me so enjoyed being a dog that I put all the worries out of my mind and let one more day pass. The next day arrive with our routine of eating, drinking, and playing in the warm sun. After that, we had rain for a day or two. The deck had a roof, so the three of us could stay dry at night. Once it stopped raining, we settled back into our routine.

The arrival of the maid and butler changed our routine. They put water out for us and fed us table scraps and doggie treats. We found that if we did certain things, we got more treats. We learned tricks and we learned the human's desires. Sometimes they would let us into the house and break the routine of outdoor living. The warm days blended into each other. I completely lost track of time. The routine of my existence blended one day into the next, into the next, and into the next. What little desire I had to return to my human form left my mind and I was satisfied being a dog, living here with my two companions.

I don't remember what triggered my understanding of it, but one day, the same day that we heard loud and scary bangs, explosions while the humans looked up at the sky when it got dark, I realized that Billy-Ray and Scotty were pregnant and going to deliver puppies. When they did, I would be the sire of two litters of puppies. I became more protective of them. In the back of my mind, human thoughts began to intrude: How was this possible? These are men, and not women. No, these are female dogs, my females; I left my human form long ago. I was content to fulfill my role as guardian and companion.

On two consecutive days, Scotty and Billy-Ray delivered their litters of six puppies each. It was hectic with the maid and butler scurrying around, another human poking and prodding. The next day we got started into a routine of feeding and caring for a dozen puppies. Scotty and Billy-Ray suckled the puppies.

One night while I watched over the puppies to prevent them from wandering away, an odd thought crossed my mind. My attention turned to Scotty and Billy-Ray sleeping soundly on the deck. I thought if ironic that they were suckling puppies, after all, at least Billy-Ray never wanted near a baby. Pleasant thoughts of our sexual escapades filled my mind and lulled me into a light and comforting sleep.

Time passed again as the sun grew hotter and the pace slower. The puppies grew bigger and more adventuresome. Strange humans visited us every day to pet and play mostly with the puppies. Occasionally a small child would climb onto my back and want a ride. Adults seldom paid any attention to grown dogs. They were interested in our puppies. However, one man in particular devoted more time to the three of us. He seemed familiar and he tried talking to us. We returned his affection.

Part Three

Late that night, he returned. I heard his car in the driveway, his footsteps on the walkway. I heard his breathing and his heartbeat. He smelled safe and he brought treats. I ate one and pawed his leg. He petted the sides of my head and scratched my ears gently and affectionately. I sat at his side and let him continue for a long time. It felt good and I liked being the center of attention. Suddenly, his watch beeped and he grabbed the back of my neck and undid the ties on the costume. I felt my body grow hot and begin to change. It took several minutes for me to revert to my human form. I lay there moaning softly as my body transformed. I lay on the deck. My body on fire, my lungs burning, and my heart racing as I once again became human.

He spoke before I had a chance to say anything: "You're lucky I realized what was going on. If I hadn't, you might have remained a mastiff for the rest of your life. Which one are you?" he asked.

I trembled, and involuntary shiver ran through my body. I tried to speak but my throat wasn't used to forming words. It took some time for me to remember how to talk.

Eventually, the words formed in my mind and came out of my throat in hoarse and rough monotones: "What day?" I asked.

"It's the first of September," the stranger replied. He paused to let this fact register in my mind.

"How long?" I asked a little puzzled.

"My best guess is that you've been a dog for just over three months," the stranger added as he released the fastenings down the back of the costume. I felt the cool air on my back.

"Water," I said, my voice still ragged and rasping. My insides burned and ached. The stranger handed me a bottle of water he was carrying: "Drink slowly, it'll soothe your throat," he said as I he held the bottle to my lips and let me drink a few mouthfuls. He waited for me to finish and then scolded: "You're silly, foolish boys. What did you think was going to happen if you stayed in the costumes for a prolonged period?"

"Who are you?" I asked. I didn't understand why he blamed me for wanting to be a dog.

"I'm Augusten Saint-Roi, the collector who sent you the costumes, Billy-Ray Dial. Don't you remember me?" he looked concerned.

"I'm not Billy-Ray. I'm Zeke Mueller. Billy-Ray is over there sleeping with his puppies," my voice was still soft and husky, but my body had stopped hurting. I peeled the costume off my shoulders and arms and let it rest on my waist.

"So, Billy-Ray used one of the female costumes. I'm surprised. Tell me what happened?" he asked gently helping me sit up with the costume around my waist. The cool air felt good on my bare back and chest. I couldn't make out much of him in the dark, but he was younger and more muscular than I expected a collector to be. I told him about those days back in May when Billy-Ray and I arrived from home from college. He listened intently, absorbing every word. I told him of our one-day change earlier in the school year when I was female and Billy-Ray was the male. Then I related the events of when we arrived home in mid-May and we exchanged sexes with Billy-Ray as the female and me as the male. I spoke of meeting Scotty the cook while still dogs and the sex we had. I finished the story with the three of us: Billy-Ray, Scotty, and I, the last night we were together as humans, and Billy-Ray's strange vitamin pills. When I finished, he sat in silence for a little while.

"that's a lot to think about. But, I have to tell you: Tomorrow, they will miss you. They might recognize you in human form," the collector said. I sensed his distress and guessed at the reason.

"Are you afraid that Billy-Ray and Scotty won't want to return to human form? Do you think they'll want to remain dogs?" I asked.

"The question is not whether they want to change back, but can they change back to human form. What Billy-Ray did and the length of time you three have spent as dogs, there are bound to be permanent changes," the collector replied.

I shivered, not from cold, but from fear. I was afraid of what changes I might find on my body. I stood up and nearly fell over. Augusten, helped me over to the door. I told him the code for the electronic key and we entered the house. Ever so slowly, I walked through the house and climbed up the stairs to the huge marble bathroom. Every movement was strange and unusual, like my human body forgot how to move. Once there, I let Augusten help me remove the costume from my legs. He folded the costume carefully. I told him where the boxes were and he slipped it into the box. In the stark light of the bathroom, I examined the changes to my body in the mirror.

A fine, soft fur covered my body. It changed in color from a creamy white on my stomach to a light umber around my genitals and under my armpits. Even the hair on my head was a vivid golden color. The fur ended at my neckline, my face was still smooth and pink. I looked stronger and more muscular. My hands and feet were broader and flatter with short, stubby fingers that ended in soft pads and claws. I felt my jaw, it was longer, and my teeth were more canine than I would have liked. My ears had grown about an inch and flopped slightly. The biggest change was the addition of a tail. It was about a foot long and I could wag it. My cock and balls had changed, too. My testicles were big as billiard balls, fur covered, and low hanging in a soft, leathery sack. My new foreskin had grown over a bright red glans. The shaft of my cock was a deep coppery color. I hefted it in my hand it was definitely thicker and heavier. I sniffed at my body and realized that I smelled like a wet dog. The collector smiled at my reaction.

"Are these changes permanent? Or will they fade in time?" I asked. I reached into the shower stall and started the water.

"Permanent! These costumes date back thousands of years. In past era's they were used to punish prisoners. The longer the prisoner stayed in the costume, the more he or she changed into the animal the costume represented. There are reports of prisoners who never took the costumes off living as a variety of animals and there are reports of half-human, half-animal creatures chained in dungeons unable to live life as one or the other."

I stepped into the warm water and began to soap up my furry body. It felt good to wash. The collector never took his eyes off me. When I was done, I used a hair dryer to dry my fur. I could feel it get fluffy and unruly. As I did this, I took a good look at the collector. He wore a tight, black outfit that hid more of his body than it revealed. He was tall and well built with straight black hair and piercing black eyes.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked wondering what he would answer.

"No, not particularly! I don't share your fascination with canines. My interests lie elsewhere in the animal kingdom," he replied quickly adding:

"You should be hungry, let's go down to the kitchen and we can talk while you eat. I want you to tell me all about your life as a dog. Maybe that will help us in our efforts to bring Billy-Ray and Scotty back to human forms."

We made the trip downstairs to the kitchen. I was still shaky on the stairs and let him help me. The kitchen chairs had open back, so my new tail stuck out and wagged. Wearing pants would be uncomfortable from now on. I told him about my life as a dog, about perception of days, the copulating that resulted in Billy-Ray and Scotty becoming pregnant, the puppies, our general existence. He questioned my relentlessly about the day we changed, if I knew the type and quantity of pills Billy-Ray used, if he spiked the food in the shed, what our fantasies about being dogs was, why hadn't I released us like I was supposed to, all of that information. I told him what I could. He stopped when he was satisfied that he couldn't find out any more information that was important. Finally, he asked for my opinion: "Do you think Billy-Ray knew the consequences of what he asked you to do?"

"I think he did. I think originally, he just wanted to spend the summer as a dog, but something changed his mind. Maybe he was afraid that one of use would chicken out, so he used the hormones to make us more receptive. That begs the question of why did he use the drugs himself," I told the collector. I really didn't know the answer to the question.

"Tomorrow, they will discover you've changed back and that will trigger their memory of being human. Those puppies are only five weeks old and they need another week or two of care before we can safely sell them. We can't change Billy-Ray and Scotty back until then. Their maternal instinct is too strong to let them return if that's still possible," the collector shook his head clearly troubled.

"Oh, can the costumes work that fast?" I asked

"In given circumstances they do. The ancient Romans had several sure fire methods to make the change permanent. The Emperor Caligula's horse, Incitatus, was actually a Centurion in the Royal Guard who swore unconditional allegiance to the emperor. Caligula tested his allegiance by insisting he use a horse costume, once transformed, Caligula gave orders that the Centurion remain a horse. No one dared to remove the costume. When they finally assassinated Caligula years later, some of the soldiers tried to remove the costume, but by that time, the Centurion was all horse and out of pity, they killed him with Caligula."

"I didn't know these costumes existed back then. I only found references to these costumes back as far as the Enlightenment. I guess we should have looked harder. How extensive will their changes be?" I asked.

"Look at your body, it's covered with fur, your jaw and ears have become dog-like, you have a tail, and your genitals resemble a dog's. Billy-Ray and Scotty will have at least those changes. And since they went from male to female, I fear they've changed irreversibly," the collector made it sounds dismally bad.

I suddenly remembered the odd marks on the back of Billy-Ray's calves that he said was due to allergy medicine. I told the collector about this. His black eyes opened so wide, I thought that they would pop out of his head.

"That's very important, it wasn't allergy medicine. I found the receipt for it, but I couldn't make sense out of it until now. Tell me, were there five marks in the shape of a fan," the collector replied.

"Why yes! What was it?" I asked.

"It was a very powerful dose of female hormones. I don't think that Billy-Ray and Scotty ever intended to return to human shape. I think he intended for the three of you to remain as Mastiffs forever," the collector replied.

"But he told me he arranged for you to come out and release us just like you did," I didn't want to believe that Billy-Ray was lying to me.

"No, our arrangement was that he would return the costumes by the Fourth of July. When he didn't return them, I investigated and finally ended up here. He almost completely covered his tracks, but I found him. No one can hide from me. I've been at this too long," the collector replied.

"I guess we'll find out after we get sell the puppies," I said to the curator. I knew deep inside that his suspicions were justified, but I wanted to hold out the possibility that it wasn't what it seemed.

Two weeks passed quickly, ten of the puppies sold for $1500 each. They would have sold for more, but we didn't have a pedigree going back three generations. We kept the two best female puppies for breeding purposes. Those two weeks were the loneliest I ever spent. I tried sleeping in the house, but it felt hollow. I eventually slept on the deck with the dogs. My fur kept me warm.

It was a cool, September's night when Augusten and I waited until midnight to determine how far Billy-Ray and Scotty's transformation had progressed. At midnight, with both dogs asleep, Augusten opened the fastenings that held the costumes in place. Neither Billy-Ray nor Scotty reverted to human form. They retained the physical form of a Mastiff. He quickly refastened the ties that held the suit together and petted both dogs gently.

"Come back into the house with me. You have a serious decision to make," Augusten said. We sat at the kitchen table looking out at my two companions.

"I suspect that once the hormones caused them to go into heat and get pregnant, the change was irreversible. At that point, there was no turning back. That means they completely transformed in the first two weeks you were dogs. From what you said and I found out, Billy-Ray tripled the amount of hormone used for a human sex reassignment. I suspect that even if they had not got pregnant that all the humping you three did would have been enough to cause a complete transformation."

"Billy-Ray and I were intent upon staying together after this summer. He never hinted at this," I replied.

"He didn't have to. Remember, the two of you had a one-night stint as mastiffs earlier. I think he decided to go all the way and never told you. I also think that he didn't like being the stud in that first change. He gave me that excuse for getting the other female costume. He said he wanted didn't like being the dominant dog." Augusten gestured in his exasperation.

"That puzzles, me, because he dominated our relationship. I did everything he asked and served his will," I sat there puzzled by Billy-Ray's actions.

"That makes sense, doesn't it? Logically, you had to be the only dog capable of reverting to human form. You wouldn't leave him no matter what happened. You've been sleeping out here with them because of the way you feel," Augusten's analysis satisfied my consternation. I thought about it and remembered something BIlly-Ray said. I told Augusten:

"He even reminded me how forgetful I was the first time we change months before. He said that he had to get us out because I so enjoyed being a dog, I forgot to release the ties," the details of Billy-Ray's plans fell into place in my head. Augusten waited a little then said: "You know, Zeke, It's not as terrible as you think. I think that you should be Billy-Ray and Scotty's keeper at my farm. After all, you three can't stay here. Then each year, you can become a dog, impregnate Billy-Roy and Scottie, and sire puppies." Augusten's proposal surprised me.

"But, wouldn't I change a little more every time I used the costume?" I asked.

"Yes, each time the changes would be more pronounced, but what else can you do? It's too late now to live a normal life. Covered in fur makes you stand out. It makes sense for you to live with Billy-Ray and Scotty as their keeper. You can live with them, pamper them, care for them, and be their mate. Each year you'll spend a day or two as a Mastiff and breed with Billy-Ray and Scotty," the collector sounded sincere.

"And in a few years, when I completely changed, I could stay with them?" I asked.

"Yes! Absolutely! Nothing can reverse the changes, but why not proceed with them in a controlled fashion," the collector replied.

The reality of the change in my life hit me. The only reason I didn't question Billy-Ray that last night was my love for him. I knew he was fooling around with the hormone pills, I knew he was planning something peculiar and I had the chance to stop it, but I didn't stop it. I stayed and did as he asked. I was the one who should have released the costumes after the first night and I didn't. I liked being a dog. I didn't even want to get out of the costume the first time. Deep in the back of my mind, I knew Augusten was right in this assessment. I decided to accept his proposal.

"I've been thinking about this while we've been selling the puppies over the past two weeks. You're right about my completing the change and becoming a mastiff. I miss Billy-Ray and I enjoyed having Him and Scotty as companions for the last few months." I paused.

"Yes," Augusten said.

"I'll do it," I responded and we shook hands and sealed the deal.

It took another week for us to move to the collector's farm. It was a pleasant place. I had a bunkhouse near Billy-Ray and Scotty's doghouse.

We weren't the only animals at the ranch. There were several horses, a couple donkeys, some cattle, and a few pigs. I was certain that all of these started out life as human beings. Near midnight the second night at the ranch, Augusten brought my dog suit to my room.

"Tomorrow, Billy-Ray and Scotty will be in heat. They'll be eager to copulate. I'll see you tomorrow night," he said. I pulled the suit onto my arms and legs and let him fasten it up the back. He reached around me from the back and pulled the mask up onto my face. I felt him fasten the ties. I walked outside and lay on the small porch. At midnight, I felt my body heat up and change into my dog form. I got up on all fours and walked around the yard. I felt good and my doggy body felt perfectly normal. Augusten was standing at the door to the dog kennel and I trotted through it. I fell asleep next to Billy-Ray and Scotty.

The next morning, Billy-Ray, Scotty and I romped around the kennel happy to see each other. I coupled with each of them once that morning. In the hot afternoon sun, we coupled a twice. Augusten brought a special meal of steak and chicken out to us and we stuffed ourselves. Before we fell asleep that night, we coupled again. Each orgasm burned through my body. Once again, I felt like these were my females and there were going to have my puppies. I woke suddenly in the middle of the night just as Augusten released the ties that kept me a dog. The change was slower than last time. I didn't try to rush it. Augusten pulled me out of the costume, guided me to a bed of straw in the kennel, and covered me with a blanket. I slept through the night and woke near sunrise with Billy-Ray and Scotty licking my face. Augusten was standing over the three of us.

"How do you like your alarm clock?" Augusten asked.

I laughed and shook each of the dogs. They let me sit up and catch my breath. "I like it! I like it!" I said as I hugged and petted my two companions. Dog-like pads replaced my fingers making my hands look like paws. The fur on my body was thicker and a creamy gold color. It felt soft and warm to the touch as I pulled a tail out from under my butt and wagged it. I brushed my paw-like hands across my face and head. My ears flopped about two inches of loose, dark skin and my jaw had squared itself out. I didn't have a snout, but that would happen the next time I used the costume. I looked down my body and my foreskin completely covered a large, oversized cock. Flaccid, it hung down about ten inches over a large furry sack holding two billiard-size balls. I couldn't help but think it would be easier to cope with my cock if it was held against my stomach in a sheath. Augusten noticed my self-examination. Scotty and Billy-Ray sat at my side, their tongues lolling out of their mouths.

"Did our coupling work?" My speech was slurred and garbled because tongue had grown big and long.

"Absolutely, we'll have two litters of puppies in about sixty days. How do you feel, Poppa?" he asked.

"Excellent! Fantastic!" I replied trying to control my larger tongue.

"You need to get used to the changes. Why don't you spend the day with the dogs? They'll like that and you'll feel better," Augusten suggested. I shook my head in affirmation and let the dogs lay down on the bed with me. In the days that followed, I spent most of my time living with Scotty and Billy-Ray, my two dogs. My fur kept me warm and comfortable. I enjoyed my half-human, half-dog life reassured that eventually, I would join my companions as a stud mastiff.

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