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July 8, 2001

The short, chubby, middle aged slave escorted a young, new recruit into the room. "You can wait here. This is the last test you have to pass to serve the Master. You can eat the fruit and drink the water. But, don't open the box. It belongs to the Master." He said. His voice was a shrill nag. He added: "One more thing: don't make any mess on the chaise lounge. It's a very special fur." He said as he slammed the door and left the room.

Suddenly alone, the new recruit stood there, naked, a little stunned, and quite puzzled. He looked around the room. Opposite the room entrance was a small washroom in plain, white tile. In the center of the room, an overstuffed chaise chair and a small table oval-shaped table sat on a plain brown carpet. On the table was a bowl filled with fruit and next to it, stood a water pitcher and a small wooden box. The room was comfortably warm. The rest of the compound had been cold.

He sat down on the chaise lounge and lifted his feet onto it. The lounge was covered in a soft, sensuous, animal fur. It both warmed and excited his naked flesh. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and squirmed his back deep into the fur pile. It felt luxurious. The lounge was long and narrow. He could lie on it like a bed if he didn't roll from side to side. He was tired. He wanted to sleep.

But his stomach prevented him from sleeping. His body wanted food and nourishment. The bowl of fruit was like a living presence in the room that said "Eat me!" He plucked the grapes, ate a plum, a banana, and then started an orange. His body felt better as his stomach filled with food.

His hunger satisfied, his attention wandered to the table and the box. The young slave picked up the box. It was light. No rattle! He set the box down. Intending to fall asleep.

And yet, the box fascinated him. Don't open the box. That was it. Don't open the box. It was just a plain wooden box. The box belonged to the Master. It was the Master's property. Just like he was the Master's property. A slave was merely property.

What was so special about this box that he couldn't open the box? The box was made from a reddish wood, too light for mahogany and to dark for teak. The box had no markings on the outside. The box didn't even have a lock. The box had only a simple brass latch. He was not going to open the box.

He lay back on the chaise lounge and closed his eyes, only to realize that one eye refused to close because it had to watch the box. The box was like a living breathing person. Annoyed, he rolled over on his other side so he couldn't see the box. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep only to wake suddenly, his heart beating madly in his chest. He looked around the room. Nothing had changed, The lounge was the same, the wallpaper the same, the table the same, and the box was the same. The box was where he had set it. Just a silly little box.

Again, he lay back down, curled up and fell asleep, only to wake a second time, heart beating wildly, breath panting, a tight feeling of anxiety spreading through his body. He turned over and faced the table. The box was right in front of him. If it had a tongue it would have given him a Bronx cheer. It was an arrogant little box. A spiteful little box. An annoying little box. The box's antics were impolite, rude, and inexcusable.

Irate, disturbed, and exasperated he picked up the box and quickly opened it. The only thing in the box was a small piece of paper with an exclamation point on it. That was it. Just a small piece of paper, nothing else. Nada! What a waste of time he thought. He stared at it for a moment and then closed the box and set it down on the table.

Disgusted by his affair with the box, he turned out the light, rolled over on his side, curled up with his hands between his knees, and tried to sleep. But sleep was not to be. His cock was standing at full attention demanding a little service. It rubbed and tickled his arms and stomach as it twitched and throbbed against them. He reached down and grabbed it, sliding the foreskin off the cock head and rubbing the sensitive glans in his fingers. It was moist with precum. He stroked his cock feeling it throb and harden. He took his time masterbating in long, slow strokes up and down the complete length of his shaft. The muscles of his torso flexed, lifting his hips up and down in rhythm with his hands. It didn't take too long for him to shoot long, thick strings of sticky cum all over his stomach and chest. He licked it off his fingers and rubbed it into his stomach and chest.

Exhausted and spent from the exertion, he wanted to fall asleep. He reached up, turned out the light. Without thought, he rolled over onto his stomach and carelessly rubbed the cum off his body and onto the chaise lounge. The animal fur absorbed the wetness quickly. Warm and comfortable he fell into a sound asleep, his face and body buried in the deep pile of the fur.

He woke in a body not his own. He was all hot, sweaty, and funky feeling. Drops of sweat rolled off his neck and shoulders and onto the fur. He could feel the rivulets of sweat running down his back, down between his buttocks and over his crotch. He could feel his wetness soaking into the fur underneath him. He lifted his arm and smelled himself. It was a strange and funky animal odor that permeated him and the chaise lounge. He rolled over onto his back, but his body didn't behave the way he remembered. It was different somehow.

He rubbed his moist stomach, adjusted his cock and balls and spread his arms and legs wide. His balls hung low in the heat and rested gingerly on the fur of the chaise lounge. The fur tickled his balls and back. He liked that furry feeling. It was warm and pleasant. All his life he had been nearly hairless. He was always cold because of it, he thought. He had theorized that hair would have kept him warmer. He rubbed his back into the damp fur again, it felt so nice and warm. His cock, limp from the heat, flopped from side to side on his stomach and finally came to rest like the spout of a teapot, poking out over his balls. He stretched his legs out and his hips let his feet swivel out and touch the floor on either side of the chaise lounge. A strange but comfortable feeling. Again, he rubbed his ass and back deep into the fur. His ass felt funny, like there were two pads of smooth flesh forming cushions for him to sit upon.

Trying to cool himself, he let his hands flop down on the sides of the lounge and his fingers touch the floor. His chest arched upwards, barrel-like and his spine stayed flat on the chaise lounge. He reached out and grabbed his feet with his hands. Gee! My feet feel big in the dark, he thought. His mind came more awake. The room was still dark. The heat still oppressive. Sweat poured off his face. It beaded around his forehead and all over his eyebrows.

He brought his hands up to wipe his face and found that large and thick hands wiped his face. These aren't my hands he thought, they're too big. He let his arms dangle at his sides as he thought about his hands. His fingers touched the floor again and he twisted his hands so that his palms rested on the floor. My arms aren't this long he thought. This isn't my body. THIS ISN'T MY BODY.

With this thought, he sat bolt upright, wide awake and aware of the strangeness of his body. The room was still dark as his hands ran over his body. His hands were twice the size of what they had been. His legs were shorter and bowed out from his body. He reached down and let his new hands grip his cock and balls. Well at least these are OK, he thought. But what's going on with the rest of me. Fear started to creep into his mind.

Alarmed and apprehensive, he reached out and turned on the lamp. The light blinded him for several seconds and then he saw the changes. Not only were his hands were bigger, they were webbed. His feet had grown larger and the big toe was as movable as the thumbs on his hands. His chest was now barrel-shaped and his shoulders were easily eight inches broader than before. He flexed his new muscles and tried to stand up. His hips and backbone had changed and standing upright was uncomfortable. He leaned forward and rested his weight on his closed fists. His knuckles carried his weight. This position felt natural to him. He balanced himself on all fours and looked around at his new body. His stomach was now bowed out underneath him and swung beneath his broad back. His hips had grown larger and stronger and swayed from side to side on his short legs.

His back felt hot and tingly and he realized that his spinal column was not done rearranging itself. He could feel new bones growing up and out of his neck. His shoulders widened and drooped. His neck thickened to support his head in its' new position.

Frightened, he wondered what he was changing into.

He sat back on the chaise lounge and as he did, he brought his legs up to his sides. Pads on his ass rested comfortably on the flat surface. His head grew hot and started to change. The bony ridge of his eyebrows thickened and protruded, forming a thick brow over his eyes. His skull grew upwards and form a crown high above his eyes. The features of his face flattened as his nostrils grew large and prominent. His upper and lower jaws thickened, lengthened and squared off, protruding outward from his face. New teeth grew larger and thicker.

Frightened, He looked down at his body. The texture of his skin began to change before his eyes. It turned from a soft and pinkish color to a dark gray and black. There was nothing he could do to prevent the change. He sat terrified as his new skin itched. Fur started to grow all over his body. Long silky, black fur that stood out from his body and accentuated his new size and shape. It was the same fur that the Chaise lounge was covered with. As more hair grew on his new body, he got up and walked around the room using his knuckles to support the front of his body. He felt strong and powerful as he ambled around the room in the characteristic knuckle-walk of a gorilla.

He felt portions of his human psyche fade and dissolve. His mind was changing just as his body changed. A Gorilla! He thought. That's what I am becoming both mentally and physically.

He felt his legs and hips get stronger and larger. His arms and shoulders broadened to accentuate his new body. His head sat upon new shoulders. A great bony ridge and furry crown extended above his head and down his broad back. He turned his head back and could see his wide hips and massive thighs. The fur on his back had turned into a silvery-gray saddle.

He sat on his haunches with his knees up against his round stomach. Their shortness helped balance his new body. He stretched his arms out and beat his chest twice with his new hands. He was proud of his new, black, furry body. He had become a silverback gorilla and would obviously serve the Master as part of his zoo.

Then he noticed his cock and balls had also changed. His balls had shrunk to the size of grapes and all that was left of his once ten-inch cock was a stub just over an inch and a half long. It looked like a little boy's pink pee-pee in size and shape.

Before he could react to this change, the door of the room opened and the Master stood framed in the light. He entered the room and closed the door.

"So you looked into the box, my young slave?" He asked.

The young slave, now a gorilla tried to talk, but his new tongue and throat could not form speech. Only loud gorilla grunts and squeals. He shook his head in agreement and grunted.

"You can serve me as a magnificent gorilla as well as the human sex slave. Isn't that what you wanted? To serve me under any circumstances?" he paused, and not waiting for a reply answered himself: "You don't really have a choice. I can let the transformation completely blot out your human personality and then you would be completely animal. But I want you to remain part human, I want your aggressiveness and intellect to remain." The Master asked

The young slave turned gorilla nodded in agreement and then turned and stood upright, roaring and beating his chest as a challenge to the Master. The Master stood there unafraid. The gorilla looked to be about 350 pounds and was magnificent in all aspects. Again, the gorilla roared and beat his chest. Then, just a quickly, the gorilla sat down and pointed his giant finger at his small cock. He whimpered softly to the Master.

"A yes! I see!" said the Master. "You miss your cock and balls, Don't you. It's a shame that male gorillas are not well hung and reach sexual maturity much later than humans. If you had become a chimpanzee, you would be over-sexed and flexible enough to give yourself blow jobs. But I didn't want a sexually active chimpanzee. I wanted the largest of bipeds for my pleasure. I wanted a silverback gorilla. I will restore you cock and balls, but the price is that you will become a hostage to your new sex drive. Only human males and gorilla females will satisfy your lust."

The new gorilla shook his head and grunted in agreement. The idea of becoming a sex-crazed gorilla thrilled the slave. He had secretly admired gorilla's and this sudden change satisfied that long-held, but seemingly impossible dream.

The Master took out a small device from his pocket, punched some keys and changed some dials. The gorilla felt his new sexual equipment growing. His new testicles grew to the size of billiard balls while his fur-covered, scrotum remained tight against his stomach and stood out in their own furry pouch. from his furry stomach. A new cock grew straight out from his body. A nice, thick, uncircumcised, gray-black stub stuck out about 6 inches from his crotch. The young slave could feel the steroids and other chemicals that his testicles were now pumping into his new body. The effect began to overwhelm his mind and thoughts. His new gorilla body fixed itself in his mind as he forgot his old human body and its concerns. Parts of his human psyche remained stable, but the new slave ceased thinking in human terms and began to feel gorilla-like in his movements, mannerisms, and actions. Most overwhelming of all was that sex dominated his desires.

Where a young slave had once been, a silverback gorilla now jumped and bounded with glee. Excited, he walked around the room on all fours. Silently the Master admired the strength of the gorilla's massive body.

"Now let's try out your new body. Let's see how you can perform and how much pleasure you can give to me." The Master said as he offered his body to the gorilla.

The silverback gorilla wrapped his big hairy arms around the Master's body. He squeezed the Master in a show of strength that nearly broke ribs. One gorilla hand and arm was long enough to wrap around the Master's body and hold him tight. The Master felt the other huge hand grab the back of his head and rub it into his broad, black chest. The gorilla's chest was over four-feet across and the Master's tongue worked over every inch of it. Satisfied, the gorilla pointed the Master's head up towards the gorilla's face.

The gorilla's broad lips and large mouth tried to kiss the Master. It was an uneven match. Half the Master's face fit inside the gorilla's mouth as the gorilla licked and sucked on his face. The gorilla's tongue was so large that it completely filled the Master's mouth when they kissed. The Master smelled the musky gorilla fragrance and his cock stiffened. The gorilla roared in his ear and in one strong motion lifted the Master into the air and thrust his open jaws onto the Master's crotch, completely engulfing the Master's cock and balls. The gorilla's hot mouth sucked the Master's crotch until thrashing and twisting, the Master's orgasm filled the gorillas mouth with cum.

With white threads of his Master's cum dripping off his jaws, the gorilla dropped the Master down to the ground and turned him quickly around. The gorilla's extra strong and large hands grasped the Master's waist from the back and ground the Master's ass into his furry crotch. The feeling was electric. Suddenly the gorilla's stubby cock found the Master's ass and plunged in. The Master cried out in pain. He felt the gorilla's hips rotating and thrusting the stubby cock around his tight and virginal ass. He could feel the cock being twisted and turned inside him as the Gorilla's grip held him close. The gorilla's cock began growing inside him, it was growing larger and nearly doubled in size as the gorilla pumped it savagely into the Master's body. The air was filled with the sounds and smells of ass-fucking.

The gorilla's leaned his head next to the Master's and let out an astounding yell. The massive body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. Strong hands and arms squeezed the Master tightly to he gorilla's body impaling him on the throbbing cock. Hot cum filled the Master ass. The Master could feel the gorilla's great heart beating as the large cock delivered its load deep in his stomach.

The gorilla surprised the Master by stretching his large arms out beating his chest with a loud and terrifying roar. The massive fists had landed on either side of the Master's head. The gorilla hugged the Master tightly to his body, holding him impaled on his cock. Slowly The Master felt the gorilla's cock shrink to its normal stubby six inch size. Still large enough and long enough to stay in his body. The gorilla rested for a few minutes.

The gorilla was not yet satisfied, with one arm he spun the Master around and covered the back of the Master's head with the other hand, he shoved the Masters face down to lick his cock clean. The Master made quick work of the gorilla cum that covered the great beast's cock. And then licked the gorilla's fur clean.

As he did this, the Master's cock grew erect and hard. The gorilla grabbed him and laid him on his back on the Chaise lounge, his hard cock pointing in the air. Slowly, the gorilla impaled himself on the Master's 12-inch pole. The Master watched as the huge beast towered over him and sucked his cock up the hot virgin ass. The gorilla stuck a huge index finger into the Master's mouth and let him suck on it as he rode up and down on the Master's cock,. Each time the gorilla came down on the Master's cock, he drove the Master's cock deeper into his body. The Master's body thrashed and flailed with the pleasure. His orgasm took longer this time, but was just as strong as before. The Master arched his back as he came in the gorillas hot and tight ass. The orgasm seemed to last forever. The Master lay there, spent of cum, eyes closed, body shaking with the aftereffects. The gorilla stood above him, panting loudly, moving slowly around his body. Its soft fur tickled and excited him.

The gorilla grunted loudly. The Master opened his eyes and saw the massive, gray-skinned ass of the gorilla poised above his face. The gray asshole that his cock had just violated was flanked by gray pads that the gorilla sat on. His hands reached up and grasped the wide hips as the gorilla's ass lips reached his waiting lips and face. He opened his mouth as wide as possible and started to suck on the animal's ass. The gorilla opened his asshole and the Master's own cum and funky ass juices poured out into the Master's mouth. He sucked like a baby at a breast, consuming the gorilla's insides, wanting to consume what he could not become. In a few minutes, the gorilla rose off him, turned around, pushed him back on the couch, and pointed his stubby cock at the Master's face. The Master could see the gorilla look up and shut his eyes. Quickly he took the cock in his mouth. Hot, strong-tasting piss began to flow into his mouth. He tried to swallow it, but couldn't keep up. He let it wash over his body. It burned and stung as it washed over him. The master wished that the stream could go on forever, but it ended as quickly as it started.

Sated, the Gorilla sat down on the floor and pulled the Master to him. He held him in his arms. The Master stroked the gorilla's fur. They stayed that way for several hours. Enjoying the feel of another creature. Eventually the gorilla fell asleep and the Master retrieved his remote control.

He tapped a few controls and the room opened onto an outdoor grotto. The grotto was filled with lush, green plants and extravagant tropical flowers. A small waterfall fell into a still pond and formed a stream that meandered through the grotto. This would be a fine place to raise a new bloodline of gorillas to repopulate the species. And this newly-created gorilla was more than just a fine example of an endangered species. The Master had left sufficient human intellect and DNA to improve the species. More than that, he had increased the sexual appetite of the new bloodline so that the higher birth rate would guarantee a thriving population.

On a small beach lay two more of the Master's slaves. Naked and hairless, their slim, muscular bodies gleamed of sweat. They had told the Master that they loved the great apes more than they loved any humans and they wanted to help the Master rebuild the gorilla population in the rainforest.

The Master had created this Gorilla for them as a gift. They were to take care of the Gorilla, to groom it, to feed it, and to live with it. What they hadn't anticipated was that this gorilla had a human appetite for sex. The young slave who had become this Silverback Gorilla had been an aggressive, testosterone-driven top. By endowing his new gorilla body with human size cock and testicles, this Silverback Gorilla would be sexually active morning and night and these two slaves would be his companions and sexual play toys.

With each sexual act, the two human slaves would be gradually transformed into gorillas. They didn't know this yet, but locked in this grotto with a sex-crazed silverback, being pumped full of gorilla semen, their bodies would slowly change. In about a month, they would start to notice the changes. By then, it would be too late to turn back. Their transformation would be slow and gradual. In just over two years, the threesome would be a silverback and two pregnant female gorillas ready for introduction into the African rainforest. By that time the Master would have more volunteers who wanted to help restore the rainforest.

4000 words.

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