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10 October, 2003

"You're late. I'll bet you didn't get the costume either. If personal assistants and drivers weren't so hard to get, I'd have fired you long ago," Geoff Hammer the Fourth (that's Geoff with a "g" not Jeff with a "j" he insisted. And don't forget the GD Fourth - that's part of my name!) - - - - Geoff Hammer the Fourth sat behind his desk with his back to his personal assistant.

"Well talk to me, monkey butt! Talk to me," Goeff said in rather sarcastic tones.

"The only critter costume in the shop was Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Underworld. There are instructions in the box. I have to get the car ready for tonight," his driver set a thin box on the desk. It was about eighteen inches wide and three foot long. He waited until the driver left the room and opened it. He read the instructions and sat there disgusted.

Anubis was the dog-headed god of the underworld. Well, god is dog spelled backwards, he thought. The costume was made entirely out of black and gold latex. The biggest draw back was the dog's head mask that would completely cover his head. He sighed. Politically, he had to attend this party in costume. There was no way to get out of the party if he wanted to continue being the power behind the scenes.

Geoff undressed. His was tall, wiry and nicely built with powerful legs and torso. He picked up the lower portion of the outfit, and pulled it over his feet and up his legs. It was made like a pair of coveralls. As he pulled the outfit over his hips, he discovered that it contained special compartments for his cock and balls. His balls fit into a pouch that held them against his lower stomach and made them look larger. His cock was held up against his stomach in what appeared to be a sheath. He fished his gear into the proper place and pulled the costume up over his torso and back. Nearly invisible clamps fastened the shoulder straps.

He pulled the strings and bindings to fit the costume tight against his body. The suit fit tight against his legs and accentuated his quadriceps. It seemed to narrow and smooth his hips and waist. The muscles of his abdomen stood out, all cut and buff. The outer skin of the costume was soft and pliable, more like flesh than rubber. He wrapped the Egyptian loincloth around his waist to hide his genitals. The black boots made his feet small and narrow. Geoff looked at himself in the mirror and admired the thin sleek look the black latex gave his body.

The latex shirt was padded and accentuated his chest with thick, fleshy pectorals. It padded his shoulders making them round and smooth flowing into large biceps and triceps. Geoff always wanted big guns and this costume endowed him in spades. He pulled the fastenings tight to accentuate the muscularity. The shirt ended in a high neck that pushed his chin up and accentuated the muscularity of his shoulders.

The full-head mask was a work of art, a handsome, anthropomorphic hound's face. The ears were long and pointed upward; the snout was long and narrow.

He tried to pull it on but it seemed too small. He put on the gloves while he waited for his driver. After a few minutes, he thought his hands looked smaller and narrower. But he dismissed such a silly thought when the door opened and the driver entered. He gave him a good look over.

"Hey Mr. Hammer, you look great, nice outfit. Looks like the costume shop saved the best for lastů Your car's ready," the driver said.

"I must admit the costume is worth it. I like the muscular look. I always wanted muscles that ripple when I flex. But I need help getting the mask over my head. It's small and tight," Geoff said posing and flexing.

"Yeah, the old man at the costume shop warned about that. He told me what to do. There's a tricky fastener in the neck," the driver said as he lifted the latex creation and tugged at the neck. The mask was nearly eighteen inches tall from the neck to the ears. Suddenly, it opened wide at the base and the driver pulled it over the top of Geoff's head. He tugged and yanked at the mask to get it to fit. Geoff felt the mask pull tight as it formed itself to his head. Satisfied that the mask was on tight, the chauffeur pulled the neck tight and tugged at the fasteners. Inside the mask, Geoff felt his neck being stretched longer and thinner. The mask seemed to pull his face out and into the dog's snout. At first it was uncomfortably tight, but in a few minutes he got used to it. He tried to talk but only soft garbled sounds came out of the dog-like snout.

"Let me tighten all the fasteners on the costume," the drive said as he pulled and tightened the costume from top to bottom. When he was done, Geoff added an elaborate cape, sword and amulet to complete the image of Anubis. The more he moved, the more comfortable the costume became. They both got in the limousine and drove to the party.

Even silent, Geoff was the hit of the party. He found he could lap up drinks like a dog. He never thought his tongue could be that long. When pressure from the beer got too much, he discovered how to lift his leg and let fly. He could hit the wall twenty feet away. Of course that wasn't the only thing he used his new-found tongue for. The tongue also tasted more and as Geoff visited the bedroom with various women, he found oral sex left the women screaming in pleasure as his tongue lapped up their private parts. The women went wild with pleasure. As the night went on, Geoff thought his hands and feet grew smaller, but the fun and excitement of the party kept distracting him from taking it seriously. At one point, he realized he could smell people's cologne and more importantly, he could smell the food before they delivered it. Between the food, the Halloween antics, sex, and booze, Geoff didn't think about much else until the party broke up about two in the morning.

He made his way back to the curb and the limousine. Once inside, Geoff curled up on the seat and waited for them to get home. The costume felt tight, warm, and cozy. Geoff fell asleep. He didn't wake up until the next morning when the sun warmed his body.

At first, he was angry that the driver left the car in the driveway with him in it. He looked around and tried to open the door, but his hands were small, black, and paws. He had no thumbs. That's when Geoff realized he was still in the costume. He must be. He looked down at himself. His arms and legs were impossibly thin. He had no hands or feet, but paws. He jumped up and looked in the mirror to see himself. There, in the light of day, he was a dog, a large, pointy-eared, brown-coated hound. He bounced around the limousine trying to let himself out, but he couldn't. He barked loudly to attract attention.

It only took a few minutes for the driver to return and open the car door. Once outside, Geoff pranced and leapt around trying to convince the driver what had gone wrong. The driver calmly put a collar and leash on Geoff and led him into the house. Once inside he offered food and water and Geoff ate and drank greedily and quickly. When he was done, the driver picked him up and set him in a transport cage. Geoff clawed and bit the bars to try to get out. After a while he stopped and lay still. The driver spoke to him:

"The old man at the costume shop said that you'll lose your humanity in a day or so. You'll understand what you were and although you might think like a human now, after you mate a few times you'll be all dog. You'll be happier as a dog. You never were happy as a human being and I'll make sure you get a good home," the driver said. Geoff whimpered and moaned as he lay in the cage. The driver picked the cage up and took it out to the limousine.

They drove about an hour out into the country and finally stopped at a farm house. Geoff fully intended to run away, but then he smelled the female in heat. Instinct took over his life and after the two dogs did the deed and tied together, Geoff returned to the familiar side of his master. He lived a long life for a dog and sired an excellent line of offspring. His driver and personal secretary lived a good life too.

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