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15 January, 2006

Wanted Stunt Men / Extras: Opportunity for healthy and fit young men to act in new movie. Must be ginger boys, under 66 inches, athletic, willing to relocate for up to seven years, $58,395.37 per annum for the adventure of a lifetime. Contact: Steve @ Stunts Dot Inc

Part One - The Interviews

Steve set aside a week to interview the young men who responded to the advertisement. He converted his private studio into a makeshift interview room. He sat behind an institutional table piled high with application folders and spent three amazing days rejecting applicants. Aside from the usual actors and their personality defects, most of the rejections were for obvious reasons: too tall, too fat, too thin, too brunette, too swarthy, too blond, too dorky, and most of all just plain not talented. Some of them begged, some acted Shakespeare, some offered their bodies for sex, four showed up in gorilla suits, one sang 'it's not easy being green' in a frog costume, two men were pre-op transsexuals with tits, and one was really a woman. Steve rejected 200 applicants in three frustrating days.

Early on the fourth day, the three applicants insisted on one interview, schoolmates, they said. Steve yielded and had them shown into the studio. They introduced themselves as Kevin Logan Faddis, Craig Connaugh Davis, and Angus Andrew Bannockburn, who preferred to be called Dirk. They all had the pale skin tones, reddish complexions and red-to-auburn hair of Scots ancestry. In his discussion with them, Steve learned that each their respective families had emigrated from Scotland at different times. Quite by chance, they all settled in the same area thanks to a common interest in a university with a Scottish background.

"Are you gay, Dude?"

"Yeah, you ain't just looking for sex from cute and humpy redheadeds, huh?"

"We get propositioned all the time. We want to make it clear that we are only here to be stunt men," Dirk asked. They all laughed.

Dirk was the largest and tallest of the three young men at just 63 inches. Kevin and Craig stood just over 61 inches tall. They all towered over Steve who was the shortest at 58 inches tall. Kevin Craig and Dirk however, put him so shame in the muscle department. They had muscles built on muscles from being gymnasts and wrestlers in both high school and college. Steve really wanted these guys because they would make great stunt men for the new project. However, he had to lure them into the deal, make it seem like their idea. He geared up his best and most exciting sales pitch.

"My company provides the most realistic stunts in the business. Other companies use trick costumes and stage sets to create the stunts and then they augment the images with digital effects. We believe in doing it the old-fashioned way of physically planning and executing the stunts. It takes longer, but the results look real and the effects are just as stunning as anything that CGI can create," Steve said. Steve showed them his shop area where he kept a variety of recognizable costumes, statues, and artwork from action and horror films the company worked on. Steve created small displays of the creatures and anthropomorphic animals that he had created over the years. The three young men were awe struck by the realism of the displays.

"Along with the usual anthropomorphic creatures like werewolves, wolf men, apes, dragons, three legged aliens and dead mimes, we specialize in real men or women doing the nearly impossible. We have projects in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan. Our last project was set in Hawaii," Steve said. He wanted to gauge the reaction of the three men concerning travel. He turned the lights on various display cases showing creature costumes.

"Hawaii's a great place to do stunts. So is Japan," Kevin replied.

"And we all got passports," Dirk answered.

"This assignment is going to be filmed on a small island off the coast of Japan. It has mild winters and summers," Steve said. He showed them an outfit for an alien space creature with four legs and two heads. The three boys handled it reverently.

"Hey Dude, did you ever eat Gaki-Naki-Yaki in Japan?" Craig asked. Kevin rolled his eyes skyward.

"No, but I've eaten Fung Mei Har at a five star in Taiwan," Steve said.

"Is that like a whorehouse?" Craig asked puzzled.

"Behave! Fung Mei Har is Seven Stars, doofus," Dirk answered. He slapped the back of Craig's head. Kevin brought the subject back to stuntmen. He showed them a head from an amphibian creature. They oohed and awed as they handled the head. Then Steve showed the boys a futuristic military complete with neuro-cyborgian connections and mechanical implants. They fell in love with the outfit.

"Do you do any just plain human stunts?" Dirk asked.

"Sure, watch this MPEG of a stunt I finished last week." Steve clicked on an icon on his computer. It showed a tropical island where a short, well-built and well-hung naked man, obviously drunk and feeling no pain. He climbed a tall palm tree and slid down the rough trunk on his stomach landing on his ass at the bottom of the tree. The sharp stems and rough trunk ripped into the man's chest and stomach leaving a track of bright red stripes of blood and gore on the tree. The man lay on the ground, his torso gushing blood, his genitals ripped open and laughing as the police and paramedics surrounded him. Kevin, Craig, and Dirk gasped at the injuries.

"No way anyone could take that slide and not be ripped apart, no fucking way," Dirk muttered. The other two boys shook their heads and felt their bodies in sympathy for the man. Steve laughed the same laugh as the man in the MPEG.

"I did the stunt and I didn't get hurt. If you don't believe me, just look," Steve bragged. He and pulled his t-shirt over his head with one hand and slid the waistband of his basketball shorts down to knees. He stood there naked except for a mesh thong, his muscles flexed, and his stocky torso perfectly smooth and free from marks.

"Before I slid down the palm tree, we covered my body with a clear, plastic coating. Then we tricked out the tree with fake blood and gore. I can't heal that fast," Steve said. He threw the t-shirt over one shoulder and pulled his shorts up so he could walk over to the other side of the studio where he pulled a tarp aside. Under it was a robot duplicate of his body complete with bloody gouges, deep cuts and emasculated genitals. This was the figure they saw laying on the ground after the slide down the palm tree. Its injuries were just as fearful and nasty as depicted in the MPEG.

"The only real camera trickery you saw was the camera showing the robot squirming and writhing in agony," he said. Wide eyed, the three young men gave Steve admiring glances. They wanted to be this guy. They wanted his jobs, his muscles, his self-assuredness, and his raw sexiness.

"Oh, wow sir! Great stunt, Sir. Really neat and impressive, SIR! Really sweet, SIR. You da man. What kind of stunts will we be doing, sir," The three young men glorified over Steve now that he revealed himself to be a stuntman. Each 'sir' got more emphasis than the one before it. They behaved like little boys around their hero, naïve, innocent and hooked. All Steve had to do was reel them into a contract.

"That's a little premature, young man. I don't know if you three are good actors or even if you can devote the time to the project," Steve turned his back on the three young men and flipped the tarp back over the statue. He pulled his T-shirt back on and let the three boys beg and plead with him to use them in any project. They volunteered to undergo the most involved full body makeup, live in any strange country, devote all their energies to the work, and generally follow his orders like obedient puppy dogs.

"You know you'll only be paid fifty-eight thousand. You could make much more in the regular film industry," Steve said disparaging his own offer.

"Not for us, not with our lack of experience. I think that fifty-eight thousand big ones a year is a nice chunk of change," Kevin retorted. Craig and Dirk agreed with him. Steve let them protest and fuss for a few minutes. Steve sat down at his desk and took out three multi-page contracts. He shuffled the papers and stapled the contracts into sets. The three young men crowded around.

"Actually, that's not an outrageous amount of money for the dedication of the stuntmen we provide to the industry. We'll put the money in a stock account for the duration of the filming. This is at least a three year project. That's a lot time to dedicate to one job. Can any of you spare three years?" Steve replied. Kevin, Craig and Dirk agreed that they could devote the time.

"What about finishing your educations and getting good jobs?" Steve held the three contracts upright in his hands. Craig, Kevin and Dirk waited for him to hand them the contracts.

"We graduated last week. We want adventure before we settle into boring, everyday jobs," Kevin said.

"Big adventure, not little adventure, Dude… Being stunt men is exciting," Dirk said.

"Adventure? Stunt men? Well boys, I have three contracts here. The company will provide you with room, board, travel, all expenses, in essence everything you need. In return, you get to wear makeup, special costumes, work on the project for up to seven years. Maybe even live like a caveman," Steve handed them copies of the contract.

"It won't be much of a change. Our apartment looks like cavemen lived in it," Kevin joked. Craig searched his bag for a pen. Dirk read the document while shaking his head yes. He pulled a pen out of one of his pants pocket and scribbled a few lines. The pen didn’t work and Dirk threw it across the room into a waste bin.

"Take it to your parents or their lawyers to get their opinion. I can wait. Remember, these are binding contracts and you should get them reviewed," Steve told them.

"We don't need to ask no stinking lawyer," Dirk muttered.

"Yeah, dude. We're legal. WE can fuck. We can vote. We can die. We can drink. And we can fuck repeatedly. So we don't need no stinking lawyer," Kevin repeated his epithet.

"Even if it involves drastic changes to your lifestyles?" Steve asked. Star struck, the three young men agreed with Steve.

"Change sound exciting… Look, Steve, we're old enough. We definitely don't need to ask our parents. We're all adults, here. We'll just take the job," Dirk said. Kevin and Craig agreed and the three young men signed the contracts. Steve congratulated himself at the ease of manipulating the three young men.

Steve told them that they would leave in the day after tomorrow. He instructed them how and where to pack and ship their meager belongings. They quickly went back to their rooms and spent a frenzied twenty-four hours removing all evidence of their existence. Steve left detailed instructions for Nicole, his business partner, and then gave himself the first hypodermic shot to start his transformation.

...from the Internet Encyclopedia, June 2005

Neanderthal man, or Homo neanderthalensis, had a jutting nose set in a large face with massive brow ridges and a weak chin.

A study of 17 Neanderthals showed that they suffered 27 traumatic injuries. A comparison of these injuries with current lifestyles shows them to be most similar to the injuries of American rodeo riders. Their hunting, using eight foot long wooden lances, must have brought them in very close contact with their prey. Neck and head traumas suggested that they were often thrown off large prey.

Part Two - The Journey

The three of them showed up at the studio wearing only gym trunks and tank tops. Steve took their athletic shoes and socks and gave them sandals to wear during the flight. A helicopter arrived to take the boys to the airport.

"Next stop, our own private jet for a day. We're going halfway around the world," Steve said. The three young men stared out the windows enthralled by the adventure unfolding before them. Within the hour, they were traveling in a private jet high above the Pacific being served cocktails and gourmet food by three gorgeous stewardesses. The plane refueled in Hawaii and traveled onto Tokyo where they boarded a modern seaplane for the final leg of their flight - an isolated island off the western coast of Japan.

Steve opened a case of local beer for the young men and handed them each a bottle. They all drank. It was thick, bitter and icy cold. The three young men dismissed the funny taste as foreign. Steve sat with the three young men and discussed their assignment.

"We're not too far from the island, now. Here's the gig. The company is filming a documentary on how man evolved from the apes and chimpanzees into modern Homo Sapien. Eventually, the documentary will incorporate segments on the life of apes and chimpanzees, the Cro-Magnons, and early Homo Sapiens. First, however, this unit, I should say our unit, will film Neanderthal men as hunters and toolmakers. The four of us are going to recreate Neanderthal life for the documentary. We'll have about a month before the film crew arrives. We are to prepare shelters using only stone and bone tools, no metal," Steve told them. He showed them conceptual drawings of the Neanderthal village near a stream and waterfall. It was all basic construction.

After that, Steve showed them possible drawings of four male Neanderthals. The faces stared out at the pages with large, round eyes. The depictions weren't quite as primitive as illustrated in older textbooks. They definitely had a thick ridge over the eyes, heavy jaws, flattened noses and elongated skulls. Their bodies were short, muscle-bound, and hairy. Figure studies to the side of each full-figure drawing showed the Neanderthal's long arms, squat legs, enlarged hands and feet, and wide hips made for climbing rather than running.

"Wow, these characters are huge and muscular. Only Dirk's this strong," Craig asked. Dirk, the most athletic of the three young men, studied the drawings intently. The figures held him spellbound.

"How do we get all these muscles?" Craig asked.

"…And why are there four males here? There are only three of us," Kevin asked.

"Well, I'm the fourth male. I didn't think it was fair to leave you alone. I have a partner who will take care of the business. That way, the four of us are going to live like the Neanderthals. The film will seem more authentic. Hopefully, this will give the film validity and realism," Steve said.

"Why are there only men? What happened to Neanderthal women and children?" Craig said.

"Ah, there's a problem with the DNA conversion for women. Right now, we can only transform men," Steve answered. The three boys drank more of the funny-tasting foreign beer.

"Hey Steve, dude… these bodies don't have the same skeletons as we do," Dirk said suddenly.

"Yeah, a minor inconvenience for the film crew. They'll have to use odd angles to adjust for the differences," Steve answered. He handed them another beer and proposed a toast: "To the success of our project, an accurate representation of the lives of Neanderthal men." He raised his bottle and they drank to their success. They drank an awful lot of beer toasting everything, getting quite drunk. Dreamy-eyed and swaying, Craig tried to stand up while the plane hit some turbulence. A good bump jerked him back into his seat. Dirk stood and the plane dipped wildly knocking him flat on his ass. A loud fart ripped the room. Kevin laughed so hard he blew beer out through his nose. He pulled off his T-shirt and wiped his face with it. Then he threw his T-shirt on the metal floor of the plane and sat there bare-chested. The muscles of his chest and arms rippled as he struggled against the turbulence.

"Christ is I drunk. I won't remember a damn thing. You know, I've been wondering. You haven't said anything about makeup. How are we going to look like Neanderthals twenty-four seven?" Dirk asked. Steve looked and him and tried to be serious but he just double up laughing. It took a few minutes for the plane to reach calm air and the four men to stop laughing.

"Genetic transformation, it's all in your genes. I have to give you immunization shots. Roll up your sleeves and bare your arms," Steve announced and burst out laughing.

"Are you drunk already? Crap what a candy-ass you are," Dirk make fun of Steve. He tugged his gym shorts down and bared his butt.

"Shoot this!" Dirk said. The four laughed hard. Steve plunged a very large, disposable hypodermic into Dirk's firm, muscular butt.

"Nice looking ass you got there, boy. Be careful someone doesn't grab that ass and steal it from you. There are ass bandits in the world, you know, ass bandits," Steve said. The three young men hooted and hollered and acted silly. Steve gave them all shots in the backsides and packed the hypodermics and vials away. The seaplane hit turbulence and bounced Dirk out of his chair. He landed on his back and lay flat on the floor. He lifted an arm, beckoning to Steve. Drunk and silly, Steve lurched over to Dirk and knelt down straddling Dirk's waist with his knees. He clenched his thick thighs against Dirk's very muscular abdomen. Dirk laughed and just took a good look at Steve's uncut cock and big round balls through his shorts.

"What did you say earlier about genetics?" Dirk asked. Steve picked up another beer and drank from it.

"Well, the gene that gives you that red hair and fair complexion traces its origin back to Neanderthal man. A group of scientists in Japan extracted DNA from Neanderthal bones frozen in the Russian Tundra. They propagated it with a retrovirus and I just shot all of us up with it. The four of us won't need makeup to look like Neanderthals, we'll become Neanderthals.

"No shit?" Dirk flexed and tried to throw Steve off his body. Steve was surprisingly heavy and solid and just stayed on.

"I'm not done. There are chemicals in the beer that will activate and express the redhead gene. In a couple hours, the retroviral DNA will overtake our human DNA and modify our physical bodies. It's the best makeup we could possibly invent. In a few days, we'll be Neanderthals," Steve said. He shifted backwards. Dirk sat up balancing Steve on his legs. He pulled off Steve's jersey and sat against Steve, bare-chest to bare-chest, pectoral to pectoral, nipple to nipple. Startled, Steve just sat there getting hard. Dirk grabbed a bottle of beer and poured it over the both of them. They wrestled to a draw. At the end, they all toasted the retrovirus and drank until the plane landed.

...From the Malay Daily Gazette, January 2005

...Witnesses describe the scene of the wreck as blood-splattered carnage.
The trains were deliberately assigned to a single track over the bridge. The colision was so violent that the engines and six cars of each train were crushed and thrown from the tracks. The supports were weakened and engineers have closed the bridge to prevent its collapse. on a bootlegged internet site, international terror group A-O-13 claimed responsibility for the crash.

Part Three - The Island

Their destination was a small island off the coast of Japan about 1000 square miles in size and protected by a thick, circular reef and two military gunboats. The seaplane landed in a postcard-perfect lagoon with white sandy beaches and cool, crystal-clear, blue water. A thick growth of fertile green plants and blossoming flowers fringed the beach. Drunk and rowdy, the four men abandoned their gym shorts and dove off the seaplane's pontoon. They raced each other through the cobalt-blue water onto the beach. The sand was hot and inviting as they wrestled each other in the sand scaring the birds with their hooting and shouting at each other. A stack of crates holding non-refrigerated food and lots of the bitter-tasting beer sat at the edge of the beach.

Noise from the engine of the seaplane and its subsequent takeoff caught their attention. They looked at each other much in the same way that the early explorers might have - here they stood, unclothed and unconstrained by their previous lives, ready to assume a primeval existence in a contemporary world. The four young men cheered the seaplane's departure and celebrated a newly-discovered self-sufficiency on the island. They spent the rest of the day and most of the night horsing around on the beach and drinking beer. They fell asleep where they passed out on the soft sand.

Steve woke to a sunrise of unsurpassed beauty and color. Hundreds of bright, colorful birds squawked and greeted the sun's golden disc as it rose above the horizon. The bright colors of the dawn violated Steve's thumping head with each new chirp and tweet. A hundred imaginary elephants not only trumpeted him to awareness reverberating their morning wakeup call inside his skull, but also those selfsame elephants also shat and pissed in his mouth. Covered in sand, reeking of stale beer and sweat, Steve staggered into the cool water of the lagoon and washed away the dirt and crust of the day before.

He kicked at Kevin, Craig and Dirk and drove them moaning and whining into the lagoon. White sand boots formed on their feet and ankles. They all ate a breakfast of fruits and nuts to revive their aching minds. A few beers, hair of the dog so to speak, cured their hangovers. Dirk looked at the lagoon.

"Well, if we're going to be Neanderthals, I'd rather be a Neanderthal on this island," he said.

"My other choices weren't inviting. One was a remote and rather god-forsaken, desolate atoll in the South Pacific surrounded by sharks. The other was a postage stamp reservation on the Serengeti… This island's going to be like our own private Garden of Eden. The climate is temperate like Europe. We've stocked food and if we go inland, we even have a campsite," Steve said.

He took them on a brisk walk into the interior of the island to an elegant Japanese garden next to a stream and waterfall. A simple grass lean-to stood to one end of the garden. At the other end, a twenty foot high waterfall cascaded in gentle stages into a pool. A stream of fresh, clear water and meandered through the garden.

Steve looked at the three young men as they admired the camp. He could see thick, coarse stubble covering their cheeks and thin, wispy red hair beginning to grow all over their bodies. The hair didn't surprise him. Its color did. Craig rubbed his face.

"I need a shave."

"Must be that warm beer we've been drinking. It does that you know."

"Breakfast of champions."

"Puts hair on your chest, you know."

They all laughed.

"Hey, should we stay here on the beach? … Or should we live up in the hills by a fresh water stream and waterfall? What do you guys think?" Steve asked.

"I don't think Neanderthals fished very much. I think they hunted meat and ate fruits, berries and nuts," Dirk answered. Kevin and Craig woofed "hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt" in his support. Steve showed them how to wrap vines around their waists and between their legs like a thong to hold their cocks out of the way. Steve told them to get the supplies from the beach and carry them back to the garden. About midday, Kevin got itchy. Craig and Dirk also complained that their skin itched. He also noticed the increasing muscle definition in boy's arms, forearms and shoulders. At the end of the day, the four men showered in the waterfall and then fell asleep on the soft beds of moss that were built into the garden.

Steve woke with pain in every joint. The sun was barely up. The birds sang their strange songs. Quietly, he went to the stream and lay on his stomach to drink. He looked at his reflection in the water. His hair now thick and red was longer by a hand's span. His beard had grown nearly a half of an inch overnight. He lapped up the water and waited for it to be still. He rubbed his forehead and felt a bony ridge forming above his eyes. The middle of his face looked different; his nose was wider, his jaw was thicker and less prominent. He drank again and then sat up and leaned back up on his knees. He watched his reflection in the water. When he stretched and rotated his arms, he could see new muscles and an increased range of motion. His chest had puffed forward, more barrels-like and his waist felt thicker. He rubbed his hands together. His fingers felt odd; the bones in his fingers now curved toward his palms. He knew that there were more skeletal changes in his legs and hips but he couldn't characterize them. He stood up, walked into the waterfall and washed the dirt away.

He rousted the Dirk, Kevin, and Craig from their sleep and herded them into the waterfall. They moaned and whined about pains and stiffness. Steve blamed it on their lack of exercise. The cold water brought them to startling, eye-popping consciousness. They yelped, and splashed. The cold water shocked their bodies awake. Steve took a good look at their bodies. Their stance had changed due to the increased length of their thighs and shortened calves. They all had longer arms, broader shoulders and lots more hair. Their faces hadn't changed much, but he could see the start of bony ridges over their eyes. Without mirrors, they wouldn't notice their own change. It's one matter to look at your friend's face and rationalize the changes as insignificant but it's another matter entirely to look at your own face and not notice the changes. Still wet and dripping, Steve ate a breakfast of fruit and beer. He took them to the high plateau on the interior of the island. The climate changed from a hot, steamy, subtropical forest to warm and inviting temperate plains with small herds of cattle, sheep and other livestock.

Steve told Kevin, Craig and Dirk that if they wanted to eat meat, they had to kill the animal, butcher the carcass, and cook the meat for their dinner. He showed them how make clubs and stone knives and to harvest bamboo for spears and spikes. Steve watched the boys. Their new muscles flexed and strong tendons rippled under their skin as the three young men ripped bamboo out of the ground and cracked stones together to create tools.

Steve studied the changes in their increasingly less-than-human bodies; thick-set shoulders, expanded ribcages, hefty chests, thick thighs, massive arms and robust hands. The more they changed, the sexier they looked to his eyes. Steve kept his sex drive in check as he watched them. As the day progressed, more and more thick red hair grew all over their bodies. It served to pull the sweat away from their bodies. A rich, musky aroma emanated from each man. It was a concentrated aroma of male sexuality.

After making the tools in the morning and early afternoon, Steve had them hide in the trees. He drove some sheep past them. He knew it wouldn't be much of a hunt because sheep are so dumb and docile. However, Craig and Dirk pounced on the sheep and nearly ripped the poor beast in half with their bare hands. The primitive stone knives made the dismemberment a gory blood fest. Gripped with bloodlust, Steve insisted they all eat the still warm and very raw heart. Red blood glistened as they anointed their bodies. Afterward, they hauled the bloody carcass back to the camp where they spitted and roasted it over an open fire. They ate strips of meat with their fingers, tearing chunks off with their teeth. Satiated, the four men celebrated with bottles of warm beer and fell off into a drunken sleep.

Beijing Daily News and Weekly Commentary

April, 2005

Number of people infected jumps to 131 as officials try to contain swine flue outbreak in China

BEIJING - The number of people infected by what Chinese authorities believe is a pig-borne bacterial disease in the southwest has jumped by 14 to 131, state media said on Thursday as officials insisted the outbreak could be controlled.

Streptococcus suis, known in layman’s terms as swine flu, is endemic in swine in most pig-rearing countries in the world but human infections are rare. Although China’s state media has said no human-to-human infections have been found in Sichuan, the death toll is considered unusually high.

Swine flu is not known to have ever been passed between humans, but scientists fear it could mutate into a strain that could easily pass among people. The World Health Organization said it was watching developments closely, but a spokesman said the disease appeared to be localized and posed no threat internationally.

In one unconfirmed media report, the Chongqing Evening News said that police in nearby Jianyang city stopped meat dealer Chen Ping on July 21 when he cycled past with a sick pig and two dead ones on the back of his tricycle cart.

Chen was ordered to bury and disinfect the pigs he had just bought at a market, but the next day he returned to the burial site, dug out the carcasses and sold them at a market in another town for several times more than he had paid, the newspaper said.

“It could be another disease altogether, it need not be streptococcus suis because the presentation is so atypical,” said Samson Wong, a microbiology associate professor at the University of Hong Kong.

Provincial officials declined to comment, and one said they had been given instructions to only give out information on the outbreak through official news releases.

Part Four - Day Two

In the middle of the night, Stove woke to a full moon. Pain filled his body from the skeletal changes in his hips and legs. He sat up and rested his back against a tree to ease the pain. He stretched flexing tight muscles against each other. There was no mistaking that his genetic structure had changed. He rubbed his body and felt hair everywhere. An unfamiliar pelt of long reddish hair covered most of his body. He felt heavier, bulkier and stronger.

In the bright moonlight, he watched Kevin and Craig thrash about as their bodies changed. Steve wanted to reassure them that they were safe and that he would take care of them but he couldn't find the words. Then he turned and watched Dirk, he felt a sexual hunger stir in his body. Not just simple craving, but genuine, absolute animal lust. His bulky fingers moved to a thicker, fleshier cock at least twice the size of his former endowment. He could feel the large glans under a thick, furry, animal-like sheath. He felt his balls; they had grown half-again as large and pulled up against his body in a large, hairy sack. The changes down there pleased him on a primordial level. While he watched Dirk's chest expand and contract, Steve felt his will drain away. He wanted this man sexually. He wanted him in ways he never thought he could find any other man attractive. 'It must be the transformation' he thought.

Steve stretched his arms and legs out and twisted upward. He sprang onto his feet so fast that he startled himself. I'm not clumsy he thought. Neanderthals weren't clumsy. They had to be strong and agile, he thought. He went over to the stream to drink. His reflection startled him - the blood from yesterday's kill, the fully formed pelt of red hair, the thick beard, flattened face, sloped forehead and ridged eyes. The face was unmistakably human, but primitive, rugged, harsh. Only the eyes softened the expression. I make a handsome Neanderthal. I'm going to look good on film, he thought.

He pushed his head under the water and rubbed his big hands all over his skull to wash off the blood. His skull wasn't round. A bony extension protruded out the back of his skull. A hand grabbed the back of his head and held him underwater for a moment. The hand pulled Steve's head back. It was Dirk.

"Holy fucking horseshit, Steve, you've got fur. Everything but your ass is hairy," Dirk laughed. Steve shook head like a dog letting water splash all over. Dirk lay down next to him took a drink from the pool. Steve put a hand on Dirk's back and felt his massive shoulders. Dirk body had grown overnight. He had bulkier arms, strengthened back, robust ass, the thick legs, and heavy knees. Dirk wasn't furry yet. His hair was still short and fine. 'Damn, he must have gained thirty pounds of muscle in the past two days,' thought Steve. Dirk finished drinking and leaned on his elbows. He watched for his reflection as the water got still. He stared at his reflection in the water. His face was completely transformed. He touched his own face and explored the changes. Then he touched Steve's face.

"I hurt… I changed… My face… My body… I'm not circumcised anymore…" Dirk deep voice vibrated through his body.

"Yeah, I hurt too," Steve answered.

"Why?" Dirk asked.

"Safer, easier, cheaper for four men to become Neanderthal. For all of us all to become Neanderthals," Steve replied. Dirk pulled Steve to his feet and into the waterfall. Dirk's strength surprised Steve. His strong hands washed the dirt, dried blood and sweat from their bodies. He talked as they washed.

"I like my new muscles… don't like the hair… like big, strong body… like being stunt man… And I like you, Steve." Dirk grabbed Steve's crotch and pumped at his thick cock. Steve felt his cock grow hard and slide out of its new foreskin. The flared head was wide and red with blood. Dirk pushed Steve to his knees in the water. He pushed his cock towards Steve's mouth. Steve grabbed Dirk's hips. Dirk's body shuddered with pleasure. He hungrily gulped Dirk's cock into his bigger mouth. Dirk fucked Steve's throat for a couple minutes and then stiffened and came in thick white gobs. Steve swallowed it greedily. Breathing heavy, Steve knelt against Dirk's thick torso and let the water wash over them.

"Don't let us interrupt. You make a great couple of darling boys," Kevin tried to make his voice high pitched but he couldn't. Craig made obscene gestures. At first, Dirk snarled at both of them then he started and laughing himself.

"Did Kevin and Craig sleep well," Dirk's voice rumbled in his chest. He pulled Steve to his feet. They stepped out of the water. Dirk shook the water from his body. Steve brushed his new pelt down. He glistened in the sunlight. Kevin and Craig stared at them.

"Look at your reflections," Dirk pointed to their reflection in the water. Their transformation wasn't as advanced as Steve's or Dirk's transformation but they were well on the way.

"Oh shit. Look," Craig pointed to his reflection in the water and started flexing his new muscles. Kevin felt his face and body. They poked and probed at each other feeling their stronger and more powerful muscles and altered musculature.

"Steve, you rotten bastard, why didn’t you tell us how you were going to transform us? These bodies are so ripped and hunky. Why the sub, sub, sub, sub," Kevin stuttered. The thoughts flowed through his mind but the words didn't want to form in his throat and leave his mouth.

"Secret?" Craig finished Kevin's sentence.

"No, subterfuge, asshole… Why the sub, sub, sub… ah shit… trickery, Steve?" Kevin smacked Craig on the back of his head.

"The production company was afraid you would back out of being stuntmen. You three were perfect for the job... for the documentary and the transformation of your bodies' guaranteed good results," Steve pointed at each of the three young men. He shook his head as he struggled with the verbalization. He started to take a step away from Dirk but Dirk held him tight against his chest. Steve obeyed.

"You're mine. You guys understand?" Dirk said with considerable force and authority. Steve leaned against Dirk. His body was warm and sexy.

"You can have him, big boy," Kevin answered. He poked Craig and Craig elbowed him back.

"I'm crushed. No more late night discussions of Proust or Ayn Rand. Oh, the hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, MANITY," Craig yelled the last part of the word and hunched over in laughter.

"It's late. Moon set, sky dark, men sleep," Dirk ordered. Kevin and Craig laughed even harder.

"Is this what we have to look forward too, monosyllables?" Kevin and Craig descended into hysterics as they washed themselves off in the water.

"I don't think they care," Steve said. Dirk herded the two hysterical boys back to the camp. Craig and Kevin finally fell asleep on each other after taking turns mocking Dirk and Steve. Dirk and Steve ignored them and fell asleep. The next morning, Dirk and Steve woke at first light. Kevin and Craig slept in each other's arms.

"They sleep like brothers. There's more hair on their bodies, too. Sleep accentuates the conversion. The retroviral DNA changes are relentless…" Steve said. Dirk agreed. He ran his hands over his body and smoothed his newly grown fur.

"A few days ago I would have shaved all this off but now, it feels so natural," Dirk said. Steve took a good look at Dirk's body. The hair on Dirk's body thinned mid-thigh leaving his buns nearly hairless. The hair thinned out on his sides letting his still developing musculature show through. A vestigial tail extended an inch from the base of Dirk's spine and formed the base of an ever-thickening coat of fur spreading up Dirk's muscular back and over his shoulders. Both Steve and Dirk stood up. Dirk rubbed a hand down his stomach and over his crotch. His testicles had grown larger and rounder and they now sat up against his stomach in a fur-covered, thick-skinned scrotum. They didn't dangle like human testicles. They looked much like an ape's or a chimpanzee's testicles. Neither of them hunched over. They stood erect with broad shoulders and squared hips. Inside furry sheaths, their cocks hide from sight although the furry outlines created no doubt as to the size of their cocks and their state of arousal. Steve opened his next-to-last case of beer and offered a bottle to Dirk. Dirk took it and offered one of his bottles to Steve. After they ate and drank breakfast, Steve knew of a bush whose sap created soapy foam. They used it to groom each other.

Mid-morning, Kevin and Craig woke up moaning and whining, their bodies stiff and unfamiliar. They drank breakfast letting the alcohol acted like a painkiller. Half-drunk, they washed and played. Kevin made fun of everything they did. His words weren't quite eloquent. Craig tried to sing country western songs in the waterfall but his new mouth with its thicker jaw and heavy muscles wouldn't let him. He roared and grunted but it wasn't music. Drunk and silly, Kevin and Craig played in the water until midday. Abruptly, they grabbed the stone axes, knives, and walking sticks and decided to go hunting. Dirk and Steve joined them.

They found a small heard of cattle and began running the calves down with mixed success. Steve discovered that his new Neanderthal body was much more flexible and acrobatic than his former Homo Sapien body. He couldn't run worth shit, but he could jump and tumble. The others also discovered their enhanced gymnastic capabilities, too. They quit hunting and started stalking. They used the new strength in their legs to jump onto their prey and wrestle it to the ground. Their victims ranged from cattle to sheep to rabbits. Late in the day they killed four rabbits, skinned them and took them back to the garden to roast over an open fire. After dinner, Steve showed them how to stretch the rabbit skins.

Late that night, Dirk pointed to Kevin and Craig and held the fingers on one hand in a circle while he pushed his index finger through the hole. Kevin waved him off laughing, but Craig didn't. He reached over and grabbed Kevin's thick cock and stroked it. Kevin started to push him away. Dirk grunted a loud no at Kevin. Obediently, Kevin let Craig blow him. He came with loud grunts and cries. When they were done, Dirk pushed and poked at Kevin to blow Craig. Reluctantly, Kevin started slowly, his enthusiasm increasing as Craig neared orgasm. When Craig came, Dirk held Kevin's head down so he had to swallow Craig's load.

"Kevin doesn't want Craig?" Dirk asked. Both of them looked at him and shook their heads negatively.

"Not like you want Steve," Craig said.

"Yeah, an occasional blow job or a good fuck is one thing, but we aren't joined at the hip like you two," Kevin said.

"If we had five or six women then I'd gladly have non-stop sex," Kevin added. Dirk retreated and let them alone. The fire slowly died out and they fell asleep. While they slept, the retrovirus continued replacing their Homo Sapien DNA with older, more primitive Neanderthal DNA.


The postmodern sciences overthrow the static ontological categories and hierarchies characteristic of modernist science. In place of atomism and reductionism, the new sciences stress the dynamic web of relationships between the whole and the part; in place of fixed individual essences (e.g. Newtonian particles), they conceptualize interactions and flows (e.g. quantum fields). Intriguingly, these homologous features arise in numerous seemingly disparate areas of science, from quantum gravity to chaos theory to the biophysics of self-organizing systems. In this way, the postmodern sciences appear to be converging on a new epistemological paradigm, one that may be termed an ecological perspective, broadly understood as "…recogniz[ing] the fundamental interdependence of all phenomena and the embeddedness of individuals and societies in the cyclical patterns of nature."

Transgressing the Boundaries…
Alan D. Sokal, Social Text #46/47, pp. 217-252 (spring/summer 1996).

Part Five - The New Stone Age

A squawking parrot woke them at sunrise. There was no more beer, no more prepared food, and no more 'civilized anything' to eat or drink or live on. Today, they would have to hunt or go hungry. Fruits, nuts and berries wouldn't sustain them. The needed meat and protein. While Steve remained sexually subservient to Dirk, he still led them in almost all other matters. Once again, he showed them the stone and bone tools of the Neanderthal age. They fashioned rope swings and ladders to travel the distance between the camp and the high plateau where they could hunt and forage. Their new shoulders and arms gave them the ability to climb and their curved hands let them hang without losing strength. Kevin discovered that once his big toe grew out to the side of his foot, he could use it to grab branches and hang by one leg. They learned how to hunt, skin, and cook the game, build the shelters, make the tools and weapons, and live in the wilderness.

Each day the four new Neanderthals, not seen on the Earth in hundreds of thousands of years recreated a Stone Age lifestyle. They refined their acrobatic style of hunting. Two men would use the new strength and configuration in their arms and shoulders to hang from the trees. The other two would herd the prey toward them. What their short legs lost in speed, they made up for in strength. To capture the animal, they would jump down on the animals and hold tight with the increased strength of their legs. If the animal threw them off, they would simply curl into a tight ball of muscle and smack the ground. Their thicker bones and massive muscles prevented injury. Once astride an animal they used their stronger hands and forearms to strangle the animal. Craig tackled a ram and as he wrestled it to the ground he broke its neck with a loud crack.

Within days, their bodies transformed from Homo Sapien to Neanderthal. They retained their vibrant pink skins and red complexions. In spite of this, as if to compensate, coats of silky red fur covered most of their bodies and protected them from sunburn nettles, road rash, and insects. Their hair on their heads and faces grew to resemble a lion's mane while the fur on their bodies made them look similar to upright gorillas. With their squared shoulder gait and upright walk, they were unmistakably not apes, or gorillas, or baboons. Not only that, their thick cocks and bulging ball sacks made them obviously male.

Under the hair, the changes to their skulls took longer than the changes to the rest of their bodies. Slowly, over a two week period, the middle of their faces pulled forward, flattening their visage and pushing the center of their faces outward. Their jawbones thickened to support massive, flat molars and their canine teeth fell out. Strong muscles formed on the sides of their heads to support the thick jaws. At one meal they discovered that they could crack bones in their teeth. Their neck thickened to support the extra weight of bone and muscle. A ridge of bone arched over their foreheads strengthening their skulls. To balance the extra weight on the front of their skulls, the back grew out making their skulls slightly ovoid. With the new configuration of flat noses, heavier necks, thick jaws, fleshy lips, longer tongues and huge, square teeth made human speech and vocalization difficult. Loud grunts and rumbles were easy, but speech and controlled sound was awkward and deep. One evening Dirk used his new voice to imitate every simian squawk and yell he'd ever heard. The four men spent the evening creating their own sounds and making sense out of them.

In addition to the facial and cranial changes, the muscles and ligaments in their hands and feet continued to thicken and strengthen. Their lower legs shortened just as their thigh bones grew thicker, stronger to handle the stronger muscles. Heavy, thick kneecaps formed to protect the joints. Their hip bones adjusted to their short stature and increased strength. The shortness in their legs and torso made their arms feel extra long. Their spinal columns thickened and their rib cages bowed outward. Their barrel chests were surmounted by thick shoulders and broad pectorals.

Internally, their bodies adjusted to the new shape and appearance both physically and mentally. Although they thought in complex patterns, they stopped verbalizing them unless necessary. Their night vision improved dramatically and even the faintest sliver of moonlight lit their path at night. Their spatial tracking abilities increased. They remembered the contours of the landscape and the location of objects - trees, stones, tools. When they looked directly at each other they could read small body movements, eye movements and hand signs to coordinate their hunting. They found that any one of them could stare down an animal, holding it transfixed while the other attacked from the side for the kill.

One night, Dirk jostled Steve. "How far can we regress?" he asked Steve. His voice was guttural and rough.

"They told me that the last Neanderthals lived about 40 or 50 thousand years ago. But geneticists trace the gene for red hair back 300 or 400 thousand years. In essence we're experiencing about a quarter of a million to a half of a million years of reverse evolution. Our devolution is triggered through the gene for red hair," Steve said. The speech was an effort to say. Dirk poked him with an elbow and laughed with a deep, chest-vibrating rumble.

"Hope you enjoyed that. But it's too literal… Can we revert to apes?" Dirk asked. Steve sat quietly for a moment.

"Not possible. We're not using any Simian DNA. The only way we get simian DNA is if we have it hidden in our own genetic structure," Steve answered. The two men fell asleep.

chocolate cheescake ice cream sundae with cherries

A starving man on a deserted island found an old brass lamp and rubbed a bit of the corrosion off it.
A genie popped out of the lamp and told him, "You have three wishes."
"Oh, great now I won't starve!" said the man and before the genie could say another word he added: "For my first wish, make me a chocolate cheescake ice cream sundae with cherries on it," said the fellow.
"O.K.," said the genie and POOF turned him into a chocolate cheescake ice cream sundae with cherries.

Part Six - Visitors Arrive

None of them bothered to count the days or even keep a calendar. So the sound of the seaplane carrying Steve's partner surprised them. It flew around the island three times before landing in the lagoon. Steve and the three buddies hid in the tree line watching. They didn't want to spring out on Steve's partner and scare him. But to their surprise, three attractive young women in short-shorts and halter tops and goofy Hawaiian printed shorts rowed an inflatable raft toward the beach. A graduate student unloaded the helicopter into another raft.

"Oh, holy fucking horseshit! Your partner's a woman!" Dirk grumbled.

"This is not going to be easy, guys. I can tell you. It's not going to be easy," Steve said. Kevin and Craig leaned against the trees and stroked their joints.

"Do you think they let us fuck them? I don't know if Craig or I can hold it together," Kevin said. Both boys reached orgasm, grunting and moaning loudly.

"Those two? Those two are two hardcore lesbians. If you were the last man on earth, they'd sooner kill you than submit to sex. I'd rather fuck a wildebeest," Steve said.

"Sheep are real soft and squishy hot, dude once they quit kicking," Craig smart mouthed.

"And you know that from experience, Holmes?" Dirk asked.

"Yeah, once they start to enjoy it, it's easier to snap their necks. We ate Ingrid a few days ago. I'm saving Beulah for when she comes into heat. I can smell them a thousand yards away," Craig jerked his hips back and forth obscenely letting his half erect cock flap in the wind.

"Get it under control guys. Get it under control," Steve said. The three young Neanderthals shrugged and jostled each other.

"The blond woman is my business partner Nicole. She's supposed to be getting the financing together. The two brunettes are the doctor and scientist who devised the retroviral DNA therapy that caused our transformation. They're probably here to inspect us and check up on their handiwork. I'll go own and greet them. It might frighten them to see four of us at once," Steve said. The three young men just made grunts and monkey sounds. Steve gave them a nasty glance and they broke up in deep, rumbling laughter. Even the seaplane pilot heard the noise.

"Get it under control guys. Get it under control," Steve repeated. He watched as the three women walked up the beach toward past the tide line. Steve walked out of the trees and across the beach. They stared at the sight of a red-haired, muscular, naked, and virile male Neanderthal appearing before them.

"Steve? Steve? Wow, do you look amazing. I never thought the formula would be this successful…You're so hot, honey. I Want to fuck you right here on the beach, right now," Nicole waved and gushed. She ran up to him to give him a hug but stopped short. Steve could smell Nicole's hair conditioner, cologne, fabric softener and soap. More significant, He knew that she had just ovulated. He hadn't realized just how good his sense of smell had become or how much he now depended on it. He instinctively flexed his muscles and presented his body to her.

"It's the new and improved version Nicole. You like?" Steve voice rumbled through his new jaws. Nicole never had a chance to answer.

"Well! You're not what we expected to see. Your fair-skinned and with too much red fur. We thought you'd have stringy black hair and dark skin," Andrea the doctor said to Martina the scientist.

"Where's the film crew? Why aren't they here…" Steve said trying to avoid the stares from the Doctor and Scientist.

"Bad news, Steve, the financial backing won't be ready for another six months, maybe longer. We had a problem with some of the markets and the bankers want to get all the details tied up," Nicole answered. She hugged Steve. He got erect. His cock poking her crotch.% Nicole flushed a bright red and jumped out of his grip.

"I guess we should behave, shouldn't we?" Nicole said. Steve covered his crotch with his hand to hide his erection. His cock was stiff against the vines that kept it upright and out of the way. He smells unwashed but sexy, oh so sexy, she thought.

"I left you in charge of the finances. We were days away from signing contracts, what happened?" Steve asked trying to stay in control.

"Politics, another bombing by terrorists, nothing we could foresee. Just stuff. I'm sorry about this. I realize the sacrifice you're making," Nicole leaned against Steve and kissed his forehead. He felt his cock thicken again. So did Nicole. She wiggled her shorts against his manhood. He wanted to take her right there on the beach. He unconsciously growled softly. The vibrations excited Nicole. She looked right into Steve's eyes and felt the lust pouring out of his body. She felt a powerful, animalistic urge to mate with him. Her sanitary pad stuck to her moist, hot, wet vagina. Involuntarily she began to grind her hips against Steve's crotch. She felt his hands tug at the waistband of her shorts before he broke the embrace.

"We can't fuck, Nicole. You'll get pregnant and that would be bad," Steve said. He surprised Nicole with his bluntness. His chest heaved with passion but he pushed her away.

"How long do we wait for the film crew?" Steve asked. While she composed herself, Steve called the three younger Neanderthals out to the beach. Nicole introduced Martina the scientist and Andrea the doctor. The two women reeked of civilized smells. He wished he could deodorize them.

"It will be six months to a year before we can start filming. That's not too bad, is it? I mean… Look at you. You're strong and healthy. You seem well suited to life here. The retro-viral DNA seems to have worked without any adverse side effects. Martina, Andrea, and I will visit every few months to be sure that you're all OK." Nicole said.

"That's longer than we expected. Won't the transformations revert?" Steve asked.

"You all need some booster shots. Otherwise we might run into continuity problems. We figure that the four of you can live off the island," Andrea interrupted.

"The livestock here on the island can last several years. The military who own this island told us that there are more herds than you've seen. They're also going to patrol the coastline to keep the place private. No one's going to bother you or harm you out here." Martina injected.

"Military?" Steve reacted.

"Yes military," Martina answered. Steve shrugged. He couldn't object. He looked at Kevin, Craig, and Dirk. They didn't seem concerned. Something else is afoot, Steve thought.

They heard shouting from the student intern as he tried to land an overfilled inflatable raft on the beach single-handed. The waves threatened to take capsize it into the lagoon. Steve caught the eye of Kevin, Craig, and Dirk. He moved his head slightly and they responded. Four Neanderthals ran onto the beach and helped the intern pull the heavy raft onto the beach. They left him panting as they pulled the raft up to the tree line without effort.

The intern was a few years older than Dirk, Kevin and Craig and younger than Steve. A mass of thick, black, curly hair sat atop a classically Greek face. Steve noticed the intern didn't reek of artificial perfumes. His hairless body stood out against the Neanderthal's very hairy bodies. His muscles sparkled with sweat. He eyed the four red-haired Neanderthals cautiously then he introduced himself as Leonidas Talos, Leo for short.

"Steve, we're going to stay with you for three days. That's as long as we can stay. Then we have to get back to the mainland and finish negotiating the movie deal," Nicole announced. Before Steve could object, Nicole waved to the pilot and the seaplane revved up, rose into the air, circled the island once and flew away. They stowed the rubber rafts and carried the supplies back to the campsite.

Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals...

London - Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals, according to a new study by British scientists.

Researchers at the John Radcliffe Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford were quoted by The Times as saying the so-called "ginger gene" which gives people red hair, fair skin and freckles could be up to 100 000 years old.

They claim that their discovery points to the gene having originated in Neanderthal man who lived in Europe for 200,000 years before Homo Sapien Man arrived from Africa about 40 000 years ago.

…It is estimated that at least 10 percent of Scots have red hair and a further 40 percent carry the gene responsible...

Neanderthals have been characterized as migrant hunters .. They were stockier than Homo sapiens…

The two species overlapped… research… suggests that they must have successfully interbred for the "ginger gene" to survive.

Neanderthals became extinct about 28 000 years ago…

Planet - 1/14/05

Part Seven - Screaming and Yelling

Steve and Nicole had camped out since they were in high school. Andrea and Martina never camped out in their lives and they weren't comfortable outdoors. They complained there was no privacy in tents. They complained they had to sleep outside. They complained it was too hot. They complained about that the bugs would crawl on them. They sprayed bug repellant everywhere. They complained there was no toilet seat in the jungle. They complained about the cold water. Then they complained about all of it again. Kevin and Craig just about died laughing at all of their whining and moaning.

The four Neanderthals ate a light breakfast of fruits, berries and drank fresh spring water. Andrea and Martina complained that the fruit might contain parasites. They broke out portable stoves and cooked eggs and bacon.

Finally, they sat around on logs and moss mounds talking about their life on the island.

"How did your body react to the transformation?" Andrea asked.

"The change took a longer than you predicted. My body still aches from the transformation," Steve answered Kevin, Craig and Dirk nodded their agreement.

"Are things working out OK, Steve? Is there anything we forgot to put on the island?" Nicole asked.

"Everything is in place on the island. We hunt every day. Tell them that we need wilder animals to hunt. These beasts are too tame," Steve said. He pointed to the location of the bone pile well away from the camp. Nicole started aghast at the bones. Andrea and Martina squealed at the sight. Kevin, Craig and Dirk just woofed and grunted their approval.

"Your speech is different. Is that a result of the changes in your skull or is it a mental thing?" the intern asked.

"Yeah," Dirk grunted. "It's as big a change as the physical changes. We don't talk fast. Complex thoughts don't verbalize easily," Dirk replied. He sat up against Steve and put a beefy arm around his shoulder. Steve leaned against Dirk and got comfortable. Nicole didn't catch the body language. The student intern noticed the subtle sign and winked at Steve and Dirk.

Andrea and Martina started to examine Kevin and Craig. Andrea and Martina stood a half a head taller than the boys and tried to intimidate them. They both poked and prodded the young men delicately. They grimaced and squirmed at touching the boys' naked bodies. Kevin and Craig's horniness returned and both boys stood there with drooling, erect cocks. They joked and came on to the two women. Both women started to fuss and yell at Kevin and Craig. Dirk bristled at the collective stupidity.

"Do you have more than three active brain cells, lady?" Dirk's angry voice boomed across the jungle. He physically moved the doctor away from Kevin and Craig. She shrieked and screamed.

"All I wanted was a pulse. Tell him not to hurt me," Andrea screamed and wiggled and jiggled her body. Martina grabbed and hugged her. Kevin and Craig grunted and woofed while imitating the embrace of the two women.

"Honestly doc, I may be just a grad student, but these guys are so horny that you could take a pulse off the veins in their cocks…" Leo said. Andrea, the doctor, didn't like being argued with especially by a mere grad student.

"YOU smart-assed, little bastard! YOU take their pulse buy touching their dirty filthy cocks," Andrea screamed back at him. Kevin and Craig launched themselves into the argument harassing the women with obscene movements and catcalls. Both women shrieked and ran over to Nicole to defend them. Nicole looked at Steve who just turned his back and waved a hand for her to stay away.

"Leo, can you do the exams while Andrea and Martina supervise?" Nicole

"Sure, Nicole. You know, Doctor, you can be such a jerk," Leo smirked. He rarely got a chance to insult the Doctor.

"These guys aren't your typical patients that cower before your intellect and swoon at your beauty. These are just garden-variety, horny-as-hell, college guys that have been slightly devolved into Neanderthals. You're coming on to them just like you want to fuck. Shit, their testosterone levels are so high it almost spurts out of them." Immediately Leo, the intern, knew he said the wrong thing. Andrea gasped. Martina snarled. Steve buried his head in his hands.

"It almost spurts…" Kevin repeated. He laughed so hard he started to choke. Craig smacked his back so hard he almost fell on the ground.

"You want to see spurts, I'll show you spurts," Kevin pulled his cock out from the vines and started to stroke it at the three women. They shrieked and screeched at his masturbatory efforts.

"KEVIN! CRAIG! STOP THAT SHIT AND BEHAVE!" Dirk's voice roared across the campsite. Craig turned away and let his cock deflate. Kevin turned even redder beneath his furry pelt. Steve turned sideways and stifled his near-hysterical laughter, his massive shoulders heaving with the amusement.

"Now I see who's the boss around here," Leo said.

"I'm sorry Leo, but they're so disgusting, so hairy, so repulsive," Andrea whined in a soft and sexy voice. Both Kevin and Craig laughed at Andrea,

"Yeah, but we're all male, healthy, horny males! With big dicks just waiting for you to wrap your red, pouty lips around it," Craig grinned and grasped his hairy crotch.

"Aw calm down, Dude. Quit terrorizing the lesbians," Leo took the medical bag and charts from the doctor. He stood a full head and shoulders taller than either Kevin or Craig. He put both hands on either side of Craig's head and examined the changes he saw. The muscles on his nearly hairless body bulged and flexed.

"Nice supraorbital torus and mastoid crest you have there, dude. Hey, I'm sure that doesn't mean a lot to you, but the doctor here and I have to measure that magnificent new body of yours, all of it, down to the most sensitive parts of your anatomy. Now, don't take this personally, it's just measurements… It don't mean we'll be sharing a long hot shower tonight," Leo joked. Both men stared at each other for a few minutes broke out laughing. After that, the intern began to take all necessary measurements he needed off the Neanderthal's body. He began to joke his way through the measurements. Kevin and Craig settled down and cooperated. Leo, however, didn't let the doctor off the hook. He peppered the examination with snide comments.

"Hey doc, you call this guy disgusting? He's just hot and sweaty, nothing more. When I worked as a nurse in the emergency room we saw really disgusting people. How about draining a maggot-infected abscess on the vaginal wall of a 500 pound woman who hasn't bathed in a year and has explosive diarrhea," Leo remarked. Andrea lost it and started to puke. Craig and Kevin had a short discussion as to how far someone could actually throw a turd.

"I haven't treated patients in many years. I've just done research," Andrea explained in tears.

"Ah, Doc, you're a disgrace to the profession. These guys are just like my younger brothers during wrestling season," Leo snickered. "Believe me; you don't want to examine three rebellious teenagers hopped up on testosterone and other supplements. My brothers would break you in two and enjoy it. Besides Doc, these guys volunteered for this gig and you didn't. Have a little backbone and respect their sacrifice," the intern lectured. Steve let Leo examine his body first.

"Hey Doc, his body temperature is 100 F. I'll bet their metabolisms are high, too. Talk about warm blooded," Leo mused. He confirmed his guess on the other three Neanderthals. After that, he dictated a stream of numbers and medical terms to Martina who acted as scribe. She clearly despised being near the Neanderthals but she kept her mouth shut. As Leo finished documenting the changes in Steve's body, He charted the results with the Martina's help and assembled all the papers in a neat portfolio. They continued the exam with Dirk. Steve motioned to Nicole to follow him and they went around the far side of the campsite where the others couldn't see them.

"What's going on Nicole?" Steve asked. Nicole put on her best cute, sexy and adorable act.

"Aw pookie-kins, when this is all done, I'll be your sex slave for a month. That big, Neanderthal dick makes my pussy wet," Nicole said as she threw open her blouse and rubbed her rather ample tits against Steve's hirsute chest. He could barely hold himself back from ripping her shorts off and having sex with her on the ground. A deep, animal lust burned in his body. Nicole knew it too. He started to pull her head down to kiss her. Nicole wiggled away. She could smell his lust, an animal aroma that made her pussy drip and itch. Steve stood there with his cock erect and throbbing in the warm air. She slipped out of her clothes and ran to the waterfall. As she did, her tits flounced and jiggled. She let Steve catch her in the water.

"No, no, dear, movie first, and sex later. All this talking has me plain tired out," she said, but she underestimated Steve's strength. He picked her up off the ground and let her slide down his hairy chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist. The water intensified her lust. Whatever the transformation had done to Steve, she couldn't resist. She kissed Steve's strange new face and felt his rock hard against her stomach. She turned her back to him and bent over.

"Take me doggy style, Steve. It's been so long. I've missed you so bad," she cooed. Steve slid his cock deep into her pulsing, drooling vagina. Nicole gasped its size. Its huge flared head massaged her clitoris as his hips drove his manhood in and out of her body. Both woman and her Neanderthal lover screamed and yelled and howled their lust as each drove the other to orgasm. Nicole felt Steve become rigid as her body throbbed in passion. His cock thickened and began to fill her with his white hot spunk. His balls throbbed and pulsed in their heavy, hairy sack. It was over in a few minutes. They held each other in the water as their bodies settled down from the physical efforts of their lovemaking. When they looked up, the three younger Neanderthals, Leo, Andrea and Martina stared at them from outside the waterfall. The four men applauded and woofed their approval. Nicole ran from the waterfall and grabbed her cloths. Andrea tried to shield Nicole's body from the four men, but she really couldn't.

Martina went back to the camp and retrieved a metal medical case from the larger marine container. She checked the bottles in the medical case and switched it with one from the marine container. She brought the case back to the waterfall and tossed it to Leo. Then she went back to the beach with Nicole and Andrea. The four Neanderthals and Leo went back to the campsite.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed that little public exhibition," Dirk reproached Steve.

Look, guy, you know that you're a better fuck than she is but her pussy just reached out and grabbed my cock. It wouldn't let go," Steve said. Dirk hauled off and smacked the back of Steve's head.

"Her pussy reached out? How much older are you than me?" Dirk asked. Steve just looked back with a guilty grin.

"All I've got to say Steve is that both Martina and Andrea wanted Nicole sexually and you just ruined their vision of lesbianianic ecstasy. We heard you two screaming a half-kilometer away. Talk about loud fucking." Leo offered.

"What can I say? A stiff dick has no conscience," Steve mumbled. Kevin and Craig laughed and giggled. They mocked Steve's answer.

"Kevin and I specialized in oral sloppy seconds on frat ladies. We left them screaming in the aisles, so to speak," Craig leered in a most obscene manner.

"You guys deserve to be Neanderthals… Well, we got other things to do. Maybe emotions will settle down by dinner time," Leo said. He set the case on a tree stump and opened it.

"You guys are a real trip. Our resident mad scientist and the fraidy-cat doctor want to give you a two-day course of vitamin and antibiotic shots. They, we, all of us… want to be sure that converting your bodies didn't cause some unforeseen vitamin deficiency. It's only routine stuff, nothing to worry about. The shots have things like calcium, B-vitamins and lots of other medical stuff to take care of anything might have gone wrong during the transformation. We need to make sure all the changes aren't causing trouble," Leo explained.

"More shots, more vitamins, more healthy. What else could we want, a disease?" Steve said. They all laughed. Leo just shook his head.

"Naw! Not bloody likely as the Brits say. You guys can't get sick. It's a consequence of the DNA transformation. In all of our tests, Neanderthal DNA gave protection against homo Sapien disease."

"And we still need these shots?" Dirk asked.

"Yes, you do," Leo answered. He filled four syringes from a bottle.

"It' must be hard being pussy whipped by two lesbians," Craig teased.

"They aren't that bad. I not weaponless," Leo responded. He took one of the syringes and plunged it into his chest just under the collar bone. He walked around displaying the filled syringe then he had Craig pushed the plunger.

"Damn! That's just wicked," Craig gushed. The three young Neanderthals just ate that tough crap up like little boys.

"That's called a subclavian, Dudes. It takes a real man to sink a needle into his chest," Leo bragged. Or a real showoff, thought Dirk. Leo gave the four Neanderthals their shots in their forearms. The sun was high in the sky. They decide to get lunch and go hunting. Steve and Leo went to the beach to tell the three women about their plans. The men ate yesterday's roasted meat. Andrea, Nicole and Martina ate prepackaged food and whined about the heat. Steve told them about a cool cave behind the waterfall and that he would come for them after they slaughtered the meat and cooked it. None of the three women wanted to be involved in the hunt.

The Way

A wheel has spokes, but it rotates around a hollow center.
A pot is made out of clay or glass, but you keep things in the space inside.
A house is made of wood or brick, but you live between the walls.
We work with something, but we use nothing.

Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching

Part Eight - The Hunt

"We have four extra mouths to feed. Let's get something big," Steve suggested. Leo pulled his sleeveless t-shirt off over his head. His body was harder and more muscular than he appeared in clothing.

"And you're going hunting dressed like we are," Dirk said to Leo. He grabbed the intern's shoulders and lifted him off the ground high into the air. Kevin and Craig pulled his shorts and jockstrap off leaving him dressed only in his hiking boots. Leo rubbed his hands over a large, uncircumsized cock and low hanging balls. Steve tied vines around Leo's torso to hold his cock and balls safe. Then they all set out from the camp at a moderate run. Leo followed them.

The four Neanderthals split into pairs when they reached the Highlands. They circled a small herd of cattle and started to run down calves. Leo the intern was fast but the Neanderthals were stronger and more agile. They could leap away when the cattle ran at them and if they grabbed hold, their increased strength and stronger bones let then hang on and not let go. They had their own rodeo of cattle wrestling as they hunted.

Being young and strong, Leo grabbed one of the larger calves and pulled his body onto it. As the calf bucked, Leo's arms tired out and he slipped off the back of a calf. The little beast kicked away and Leo took a hoof in his groin. He groaned and curled tight. One of the larger bulls caught sight of him lying on the ground and charged with its horns down. Leo froze.

Kevin and Craig jumped onto the back charging bull and grabbed the horns. They yanked its head back twisting its neck sideways. The bull tried to buck them oof and stopped short as it tryied to throw the two Neanderthals off its back. Instead, they held on and rolled the bull forward. As they they did the Bull's neck twisted backwards at an impossible angle. The bull gave a loud roar and then crumpled as its neck broke with a loud snap.

Kevin and Craig made sure that Leo was safe nearby and then snapped the horns off the bull with their bare hands. They waved them over their heads as trophies. Amazed at their strength, Leo lay on the ground massaging aching testicles. When Steve and Dirk reached Leo, they picked him up and carried him over to a tree stump.

"Well, kid, you ain't got no broken bones. Looks like the only injury is to your family jewels," Steve said. Leo stood and let his ball sack hang down. Anyway he moved made them swing and hurt more. His nuts had turned bright red and were starting to swell.

"That calf stepped on both my little boys. I guess this is why your nut sacks are up high and tight," Leo struggled to walk.

"Maybe you can talk Doctor Andrea into rubbing an ointment into them. May she'll even see if they still work," Kevin teased.

"Oh yeah, sure… That woman hates men so bad she'd enjoy ripping them off my body," Leo's voice trailed off.

Craig wrapped both his thick, meaty arms around Leo's shoulders and bear hugged him high off the ground.

"Oh you poor boy! We do the hard work and you whine. Want me to kiss your balls and make them better?" Craig remarked snidely. His face was only inches from Craig's face and he puckered up his lips and made kissy noises at Leo. Leo laughed and tried to push away but Craig held tight. Leo's heart raced. He leaned his head forward and kissed Craig's thick lips and heavy jaws. Surprised, Craig opened his mouth and returned the kiss. Craig relaxed and let his body drape over Craig's thick, fur-covered body. The furry pelt felt soft, warm and sexy against Leo's bare skin. Steve and Dirk pulled two men apart.

"Hey lovers, we have to butcher this beast and carry it back to the camp and cook it," Dirk's voice commanded. "Hey, guys, I never did anything like that before. I don't know what came over me," Leo blushed and tried to excuse his behavior.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… Talk to the hand, guy. You've wanted out bodies ever since you examined us back at the campsite. Tonight you and Craig can be the floor show. Hell, we already had Steve and Nicole screwing in the waterfall," Dirk interrupted them. Steve handed them the stone tools to begin butchering the dead bull. Puzzled, Leo examined the implements. Before he could say anything, Steve spoke.

"What else would stone age Neanderthals use?" Steve showed the intern how to use the stone implements to gut and dismember the bull. As they split open the bull's ribcage and removed its heart, they made Leo drink hot blood and eat raw heart meat. Then they anointed Leo's body from head to toe in bright, red bull's blood. The blood dried brick red on Leo's skin.

"Tonight, we roast the bull's testicles and let you eat them," Dirk said to Leo. He snapped a leg off the carcass.

"Does this mean I'm one of the tribe?" Leo asked. He felt a growing kinship with the Neanderthals.

"Tribe? What tribe?" Steve asked. He returned to butchering the Bull.

"You know, those three women will scream like banshees when they see you covered in blood like that," Craig said. They ripped bamboo poles out of the ground and broke them to carry the meat back to the campsite. Halfway there, a timer beeped on the medical case he had carried with him. Leo told them to stop and opened the small hypo kit he carried with him. He gave the Neanderthals their second shots of the supposed vitamin boosters. He repeated his stunt of a subclavian injection into his chest.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Kevin asked. Leo shook his head negatively.

"Not any more than a regular injection. The trick is not to get dizzy and pass out as the drugs reach your heart so fast."

he blood-soaked hunters descended on the campsite woofing and hooting the success of the hunt. The noise disturbed Andrea and Martina. Nicole at least made a show of enjoying their bloody spectacle. The men stoked the campfire and roasted the beef over the open fire. The three women ate their prepared meals rather than the charred and rather rare meat.

The Neanderthals ripped the meat off the bones with their hands and chewed it between heavy molars. In the middle of the feast, Leo pulled Craig's head over and forced his jaws open. He examined the inside of Craig's mouth. There he discovered that the four men lacked canine incisors and had a retro-molar gap just like real Neanderthal men of thousands of years ago. He told Craig to stay there with his mouth open.

"Andrea, look at this," he called to the Doctor. She walked over near Craig and Leo still wary of their bloody anointment. Cautiously, she looked inside Craig's mouth and immediately saw the lack of incisors and retro-molar gap.

"Son of a bitch, bastard. We never expected that… Martina, you have got to see this," she called out and Martina came over. Leo pulled Craig's head back and opened his mouth wide.

"God damn that retrovirus is good. I didn’t think that we had enough Neanderthal DNA to cause changes this extensive," Martina observed proudly.

Craig removed their hands from his mouth and wiped the drool off his face. Give me my mouth back. What do you think I am a museum exhibit? What's so fucking special about my mouth?"" Craig massaged the heavy muscles on the sides of his jaw.

Andrea and Martina explained the differences to the four Neanderthals. In essence, the retrovirus had completely changed their DNA structure. Rather than just being cosmetic changes, the changes spread through their bodies down to the smallest level. Steve and Dirk asked exactly what that meant. Andrea explained.

"Well, we were never really sure how authentic the changes would be. You four started out as Homo Sapien and there was always a chance that your genetic structure would underlay the changes. That would make you a non-authentic chimera. But with this change, we can tell that the retroviral therapy went well beyond overlaying your existing genetic structure to replacing it. You four are true, authentic Neanderthals. Now we know that when the Neanderthal man we found frozen in the one hundred thousaqnd year old ice walked the earth, he looked like the four of you." Andrea smiled at the four men.

"And that's great news for the documentary, I guess?" Steve asked. Andrea and Martina agreed.

"Absolutely," Martina and Andrea said in unison much to their surprise.

If only you knew what I know. What silly creatures men are! After this set of booster shots, you'll never be a Homo Sapien again. You'll live in that ugly distorted body forever. Serves you right you walking dickhead. Serves you right, Andrea thought to herself.

A Private Office in a Black Building at an Undisclosed Location

The office was modern - dark woods, sharp steel edges, shiny glass surfaces, and black vinyl upholstery. The walls were covered with nearly black sound- and spy- -proofing material that made the office feel small even though the room itself was twenty-five by twenty-five with fifteen foot ceilings. Tiny halogen lights punctuated the ceiling and filled the room with stark beams of unfriendly illumination. At one end of the room, A gray-haired man in a black suit and tie sat behind a wooden desk reading reports. A pair of black half-frame reading glasses hung on his nose. He lifted only his eyes to see who entered the room and then he finished reading the page of a report before closing the heavy cover on the portfolio. The portfolio bore the symbol of Def-Con Five Code Omega, the highest level alert possible.

"Cadel Williams, I presume," the man behind the desk barely moved.

"Yes sir. At your service sir," Cadel Williams answered.

"It wasn't too many years ago I watched you compete at university. You were a fine, fit teenager and you've grown into an outstanding fit young man," the man barely move his hand indicating that Cadel should sit opposite him.

"We have a problem," he said. A flat computer screen slid up from the desktop. On the screen sat a lone icon. The man tapped it. The screen filled with orange and red images announcing that Cadel was watching a case file named Omega Seven. The images paused with the words: Top Secret, Authorized Personnel Only.

"This was recorded 24 hours ago. The time code started just after the flight took off. Sorry for the picture and sound quality," the man said as he triggered the file.

The grainy video image opened on the interior of a airplane showing two aisles flanked by outer rows of three seats and an inner row of five seats. The plane was filled. Passengers and stewardesses moved through the two aisles randomly. An audio file filled with bland and muted noises almost followed the action on the screen. Obviously, the recording technology was merely basic. Monotony filled the screen. A sudden movement of a woman in a white dress attracted his attention. She ran down the aisle and attempted to enter one of the lavatories. It was occupied. You could hear here frantic pleadings to be let into the room. As an indignant man appeared in the door, she screamed and turned towards the camera. Red stains spread over her white dress. Not even the bad sound could diminish the screams of the other passengers and the anxiety that spread through the cabin. The woman flailed and fought as a stewardess and several men tried to calm her. Blood gushed from every surface of her body. Red spread everywhere. It seemed to jump off her body and splatter on walls, passengers, seats and floor. Her movements grew more frenzied and violent. The woman lost all coherence as her body flung itself at the people around her.

Her final convulsions lasted thirty seconds. Then the woman's body collapsed into a lifeless heap. The cabin went quiet for a long moment as three men and two stewardesses lowered the woman's body to the floor of the cabin. Cadel could see a blood stain spreading beneath her body. The screen froze and several enhanced photos appeared from different section of the cabin. The enhancements showed the extent of blood splatters on the passengers. When the video started again, the time stamp showed indicated that only fifteen minutes had past. The woman lay wrapped in a navy blue blanket and propped up in the open lavatory. A red stain marked the floor where she had fallen. Passengers sat in their seats, sullen and apprehensive. One of the passengers nearest to the previous carnage started to rub his skin. Even on the poor video Cadel could see the panic on the man's face. In short order, blood appeared and started to stain the man's clothing. A second passenger began to act the same way. Whatever the woman had was spreading through the passengers. Shouting. Panic. Terror. The disease spread quickly through the plane in about 20 minutes. The entire cabin, several hundred passengers lay convulsing, bleeding, screaming and dieing. Ten minutes later, they all were dead. The video stopped and the screen sank back into the desk. Cadel stared at the empty space left by the screen. The older man broke the silence.

"Only the pilot, copilot and navigator survived thanks to the lock on the cockpit door. We extricated them through the cockpit window. We lost a hot team just opening the cockpit door. We sealed the airplane and it will be burnt within the hour. What you saw in action was a genetically engineered pathogen, a viral agent; amazingly virulent, one hundred percent fatal, airborne, blood borne, present on the skin, able to penetrate through clothing. The initial incubation time is roughly sixty minutes and it manifests with flu-like symptoms before the infected body just explodes and hemorrhages profusely. The time stamp indicates that the passengers were infected before the bloody display we witnessed on the video. We traced the virus to a white powder left on a toilet seat at the airport. Two other women used the toilet. One was on a nonstop to Capetown, South Africa and the other to New Delhi, India. The Capetown officials immediately isolated the plane and sealed the area. New Delhi was different. The virus is spreading across India as we speak," the older man fell silent.

"What is my assignment?" Cadel Williams asked.

"Luckily, Cardinal Regiment has planes on call; Take Cardinal Regiment and hide them from this abomination. Fly Cardinal Regiment and their families to Japan. There we'll have helicopters waiting to take you to your final destination. Don't stop for anything or anyone. Just take the clothes on your back. Nothing else will be any use to you or to Cardinal Regiment. Just get them to their destination. Once in the air, you're to give inoculations to yourself and every member of Cardinal Regiment," the man said with some urgency.

"So we have a cure… an antiviral agent?"

"Such as it is. It's the only solution we know. The terrorist virus attacks the basis of genetic basis of Homo Sapien. We may have an agent that protects you from the virus. There's ample agent there to take care of the flight crews you encounter," the man's head sank. He paused at a loss for words. Clearly the solution troubled him and he didn't have the words to describe it.

"IT," he said emphatically, "will have to suffice… Yes, IT will have to suffice if any man, woman or child is to survive." The man answered. Cadel Williams picked up the portfolio rose to leave the room.

"Can I use Cardinal Regiment's fighters as escort?" Cadel asked.

"You have Carte Blanche, Cadel Williams. Don’t hesitate. Stop for no one. Stop for nothing. If you delay I fear that mankind will not survive the end of civilization as we know it."

As he left the room, Cadel Williams began making phone calls to Cardinal Regiment.

Part Nine - The Truth About Leo

After dinner, the men and women split apart. The women took tents to the beach and set them up. There, they would spend their two nights on the island. Steve told the women to go take showers and he would keep his fellow Neanderthals a safe distance away. The men stayed at the campsite where they cut the meat into strips, salted it, and hung it to dry. After that, they packed extra tents, tools, short-wave radio, satellite phones, solar batteries, and medical supplies into a nearby cave to protect the equipment from the elements.

"At least you'll have communication in case of emergencies," Leo said as they finished stacking the cases containing the radios.

"Hopefully we'll never have to use it," Steve said.

"Well, I'd still want to know what's going on in the outside world," Leo answered.

"It's not good for authenticity. It's better that we assume the roles of Neanderthals and stay out of communication with the other world, your world, the world of Homo Sapiens," Steve explained.

"So you're willing to remain incognito for as long as it takes?" Leo pushed at Steve.

"It's important to the film that as few people as possible know what we're doing. Otherwise you'd see a half dozen cheap imitations being made for release just around the time we finish. Trust us Leo… Nicole and I know the business," Steve said. Leo was surprised at his lack of concern.

"You da boss, Steve… Uh, from the looks of things around here, you guys have formed your own little tribe of furry Neanderthals. Now, I don't mind spending the night with you guys but I really don't want to go completely native. I need a shower, a drink and a nice bed. Do you think that the women have left the camp and are at the beach?" Leo asked. Steve looked up and closed his eyes for a moment.

"Yes, they're at the beach nibbling sweets… dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and cherries," Steve said. He smiled. Kevin, Craig, and Dirk agreed and chuckled. Leo's eyes opened wide.

"Chocolates, they snuck chocolates along in their luggage?" Leo said. He thought about chocolates. He could almost taste them.

"Yup, they did… and really good chocolates, too," Steve laughed. How the hell does he know that? thought Leo. The memory of the chocolates grew more vivid in his mind. Leo wiped a little drool from his mouth.

"…and they didn't even offer me any," Leo lamented. The four Neanderthals just laughed at him and made rude noises. Leo tried to change the subject.

"By the way, don't you have to consult with Nicole about your business every so often?"

"No. Nicole and I agreed have an agreement that we won't discuss business while one of us is working. Besides, she'll be too busy having our baby to carry on very much," Steve said. Leo almost laughed at the statement.

"And of course, you know that for sure," Leo joked. Steve stopped and stared at Leo.

"Yes, of course she is. I can tell. Hell, we all can tell," Steve said.

"Ah, come on," Leo doubted him again. Craig slapped Leo on the back and laughed.

"Ah come on my ass. I knew you were going to kiss me before I put my arms around you. Kevin and I knew the bull was going to charge you when you hit the ground. That's how we got to the bull so fast," Craig said. He pushed his shoulder against Leo's chest. Leo let Craig's furry shoulder tickled his chest. He looked down at the fur-covered proto-man standing in front of him. He stood a head taller than Craig but Craig's muscularity made up for his lack of height and Leo's taller frame.

"We can see, for the lack of a good word, see things that you can't. How do you think we knew you only got your chimes rung?" Steve asked. Leo didn't understand. He shook his head and put an arm around Craig's shoulder. Craig wrapped a long arm around Leo's waist. Leo felt a warm, comfortable feeling fill his mind and body.

"You're not going to let me get away with that kiss, are you?" Craig said as they walked back toward the campsite. He realized that Craig's differed from his body - his arms were longer, his legs a little shorter and his torso was proportionately thicker and heavier. He really was different after all. It really wasn't just a cosmetic change.

"You know, I never kissed a man before I kissed you," Leo said tentatively. He wanted to justify his behavior. The four Neanderthals laughed and giggled.

"Yeah, right sure. You were lusting after our bodies every minute you examined us. Come on, admit it. You really want to kiss one of us. You really want to fuck one of us. You're desperate to find out just how our male bodies stack up to yours," Craig pulled him closer. Leo's heart beat wildly. He wondered if Craig could feel it.

"Let me tell ya - you're well built, well hung, good looking and fascinated by my furry pelt, aren't you? Don't you really want to know what all this fur feels like?" Craig said. Leo just shook his head affirmatively. How the hell does he know that, Leo thought.

"Don't worry! Craig will take good care of you tonight. Tomorrow morning you'll wake up a new man," Steve said. Leo laughed and hugged Craig tight against his body.

"Tomorrow morning I'll walk bow-legged," Leo joked as he pulled away from Craig and motioned his head and shoulders toward the campsite. Both men took off running.

Leo beat Craig into the waterfall. The water felt cool and refreshing. Craig crushed some leaves and used the sap as soap. They eagerly explored as they washed the sweat, dried blood, and dirt from each other's bodies. Craig's strong, thick hands and curved fingers aroused Leo as they deftly found the most sensitive and sexy spots on his anatomy. Leo rubbed foam all over Craig's furry body making him into a mound of warm and fuzzy suds. Craig's pink, hairless body stood out in stark contrast to Craig's red pelt. Leo let Craig guide his hands over the unfamiliar territory of his Neanderthal body. Leo found more muscles than he imagined. Craig's shoulders were stronger and shaped different. He remembered that they had showed him how to hang from branches and vines and that his arms and shoulders tired out. He started to understand why Craig didn't need his strength to hang, the skeletal alterations let him just hang. He felt Craig's leathery scrotum and found the large, soft testicles inside. They throbbed in his hand.

Craig finally pushed Leo's head down to his cock. Leo pushed the fur of Craig's crotch aside with both hands and sucked the head of Craig's thick cock into his mouth. He stuck his tongue under Craig's foreskin. It was a sharp and cheesy taste that excited him. He ran his tongue around the huge glans. It felt hot and silky. The Neanderthal's body temperature was a full degree centigrade higher than that of Homo Sapien's temperature. Craig's furry body shivered as Leo sucked the cock deep into his mouth. It filled his throat. He drove his face forward letting the cock open his throat and sink deep inside him. He wrapped his arms around Craig's hips and pulled his face tight against Craig's flat, muscular stomach. Craig's flexed his hips driving his cock deeper into Leo. They stayed coupled like that for several minutes until Leo broke for air. AS he gasped, Craig spun him around and shoved his flat, broad face into Leo's hairless buns. His furry face aroused Leo's sensitive buns. Craig's tongue quickly opened Leo's ass and found its mark deep inside. Leo thrashed as Craig's tongue moved faster and faster over his sensitive glands.

Kevin grabbed Leo's curly black hair and lifter his head. His cock stuck out of his ruddy hair and bobbed before Leo's eyes. Kevin's eyes met Leo's eyes. Leo begged to suck Kevin's cock. Kevin put his large, curved hands around the back of Leo's head and let him chow down on his cock. Behind him, Craig stopped his rimming and sank his own, hot and very hard cock into Leo's pink body. Impaled on by the two, furry red men, Craig felt waves of pleasure flowing through his body. He felt Craig's big, hairy hand stroking his cock and then he just surrendered his mind to the sexual pleasure he experience. They might have fucked for hours as far as Leo was concerned. The rest of the world disappeared fro his mind. All he felt was the sexual pleasure coursing through their three bodies. They all reached orgasm at one time, stiffening, seizing, balls-contracting, cock pumping, brains burning into one orgasm.

Leo let his body go limp between their cocks. He was their toy. He wanted them to use his body. He wanted to feel them fuck and assail every orifice in his body. He felt them lift him and switch positions. He tasted thick, rich cum and ripe, tart shit on Craig's cock and felt Kevin's cock slide into his well lubricated ass. Once inside him it grew to immense proportions and filled him completely. He felt the waves of sexual pleasure enfold his mind and confound his senses. Again he didn't know how long they fucked his body. He did remember that the three of them reached orgasm together.

Leo felt water splashing him and became aware that he was floating with in the pool beneath the waterfall. Kevin and Craig supported his body. Their body hair moved seductively with the ebb and flow of the shallow water around their bodies. Craig pulled Leo to him and set him down on a rock. He sucked Leo's cock into his mouth. Craig's long tongue, heavy molars and thick jaw felt different than any blowjob he ever had. Leo grabbed the red-haired Neanderthal and guided his head up and down on his cock. He imagined he could feel his cock in Craig's large and exceedingly hot and sexy mouth. He only lasted a few minutes before his ball erupted and unleashed a flood of sperm. Leo felt as thought he could taste his hot, steamy cum in Craig's mouth. Again the orgasm seemed to last for hours and hours.

When Leo woke, he found he lay between Kevin and Craig. Their hot, furry bodies pressed tight against his. He let his eyes wander around. He looked straight at Craig's sleeping face with its muscular jowls, its bony forehead, the broad nose and the abundance of facial hair. He could feel Kevin's breathing on his neck. He felt his heart beat. He leaned his head forward and kissed Craig's lips. Almost instantaneously, Craig opened his eyes and returned the kiss. Both Craig and Kevin pulled themselves even tighter against Leo's body. Leo felt three heartbeats and heard three sets of lungs breathing. He thought about both his heart rate and his breathing and in a moment synchronized his heart and breathing with Craig's and Kevin's. The three men fell back to sleep as if their bodies were one.

Flight: to run away; to flee; to move away from danger.

Cadel Williams assembled the one hundred men of Cardinal Regiment in less than four hours. A third of the men were married and showed up with their wives. Six of the men had children ranging from four years old to eleven years old. Another dozen and a half men showed up with their brother or sister. They completely filled the assembly area. He had one passenger jet, a private jet and six fully armed fighter aircraft.

He knew this ground crew, good people, solid people. Only one was married and upon questioning, he admitted it was to one of the female mechanics. This was against the rules but Williams didn't care anymore. He needed the mechanics for the last leg of their flight. Not only that, the mechanics knew something was wrong, something was in the wind, something big was about to happen. They all knew Cardinal Regiment never assembled this fast unless there was an emergency and doubly so, Cardinal regiment never assembled civilians before. Williams told the mechanics to board the sleek, ultra-fast private jet. He knew what would lay behind them. No one could be that pitiless.

The navigators filed a flight plan designed to confuse anyone attempting to track them. Their real course took them to somewhere else. This would hide their trail for a few hours anyway. Two planes and six fighter jets took off on a mad dash westward, chasing the sun, avoiding the night. Two fighters guarded the private plane as it flew faster than sound, like an arrow to its target. The larger passenger jet took a less frantic route, refueling from the great blimps. They needed two refuels to span the continent and the vast ocean. Each refueling exposed their risky escape to danger. They had to reach a far refuge, a small island at the ends of the earth. An island holding a secret, a secret known by barely a dozen people worldwide, a secret entrusted to Cadel Williams and Cardinal Regiment.

Part Ten - Good Morning Boys

Dirk and Steve woke to bright sunshine and screeching birds. They rolled over onto their backs and leaned against a tree. On the opposite side of the camp lay Kevin, Craig and Leo entwined together in one large lump of man flesh.

"Aw, Angelic, ain't they?" Steve chuckled.

"Nothing angelic about them… at least not after all that fucking and sucking last night. They look like a sandwich, two furry red guys holding on one awfully pink and skinny dude," Dirk chuckled.

"Well, he won't be pink for much longer. Maybe we ought to let them sleep. After all, we won't have peace and quiet once they wake up," Steve remarked. He put an arm around Dirk's shoulder. They leaned against each other.

"I know. I know. They fucked and sucked royally last night. I felt Leo's mind as they fucked and sucked and fucked and sucked. I'm guessing that those vitamin shots are not merely vitamins," Dirk answered.

"Look at his hands and feet. They're bigger and the bones have curled," Steve said in a soft whisper.

"And I'll bet he freaks out when he finds out that someone, most likely the doctor and the scientist, have lied about the contents. They're screwing with us for sure," Dirk sighed. There wasn't much they could do.

"Yes, that they are, that they are… We better not explain what happened to him last night. We don't want that doctor and scientist to find out. We don't need those two lesbians getting out of control again. Especially if they find out how we communicate," Steve answered. Dirk agreed. They both stared at Kevin, Craig. Both men opened their eyes and stared back at Steve and Dirk without moving a muscle. Leo remained sleeping crammed between them. Wordlessly, they listened to Steve and Dirk's analysis and agreed to stay quiet.

They slowly and carefully unwound their limbs from Leo's and let him lay all alone on the soft moss. The cool morning air did its job quickly on his hairless skin. Leo awoke cold and lonely.

"Where's my fucking blanket?" he called out in a sleepy voice. He sat upright rubbing his arms. It took Leo a moment to remember where he was. He playfully shook a finger at them. The four Neanderthals laughed.

"You guys are cruel. I need a blanket at night," he said as he stood up and brushed moss from his body. They all laughed even harder. Leo stood up stretched his aching muscles. Kevin and Craig fanned the air at Leo as if to cool him off. Leo flipped the bird at them.

"Poor boy, did you miss your two furry blankets?" Dirk asked. Leo stumbled when he went to walk forward. Kevin and Craig grabbed either arm and supported him. Leo excused his clumsiness as plain old aches and pains from over-exercising. He didn't realize his legs and hips had started to change.

"Furry blankets? More like human fuck machines. I never had a night like that. How many times did we fuck?" Leo asked. He moved to touch or hold Craig but hesitated. Both Kevin and Craig hugged and fondled Leo's body. He did feel cold. Leo liked the feeling of their warm fur against his cold, bare skin.

"Don't know... Don't count..." Craig answered. Craig wrapped both his arms around Leo and let Kevin free to get some shorts for the intern in the supplies. Leo stroked Craig's fur and held him tight.

"You like our fur, don't you? You want a coat of fur just like us? You want your own pelt?" Craig teased. Leo smiled. He wanted to kiss Craig good morning. He didn't understand why. Dirk and Steve concentrated their attention on Leo.

"I envy you guys this movie gig. You're getting paid to camp out and live off the land and you get to wear some really neat clothing, so to speak," Leo answered.

"Kiss me you stupid man," Craig said. He leaned up and embraced Leo. Kevin nibbled his neck from behind. Leo moaned with pleasure.

"How many times did we fuck last night?" Leo repeated. Their fur against his body felt silky and sexy. Their bodies were physically hot and passionate. They broke the embrace.

"Too many and too loud. You know we've never found the limit of these new testicles. And believe me, Steve and I have tried to find the limit," Dirk added. Leo pointed from Dirk to Steve and back again surprised by the admission.

"Yes, we're lovers. Kevin and Craig are just fuck buddies," Steve said.

"But you fucked Nicole in the waterfall, didn't you?" Leo said in a puzzled tone. Don't worry about that, Dirk thought. Kevin showed up with a pair of military shorts and t-shirt. Leo moaned about his aching muscles as he pulled the clothing onto his body. The t-shirt stretched across his back. The short sleeves pulled tight over his biceps.

"What the fuck size is this, a small? I haven't worn small since I was thirteen" He asked. He got a scissors and with the help of Craig cut the sleeves off and made the neck into a V shape. He thought he heard Kevin say it was an XL but he didn't really hear him and he thought that it really didn't matter.

"You've had quite a day and night what with the hunting and then the marathon sex. Maybe you should relax today," Steve suggested. You won't notice the skeletal changes until tomorrow, he thought.

"Do we need another booster shot? You said we had three days, didn't you?" Dirk reminded Leo.

"Yes, you do. Thanks for reminding me," Leo looked around and found the medical case. He opened if and prepared five hypodermics. Before Steve could stop him he plunged a needle into his chest near the clavicle. Steve looked to the far end of the camp where Nicole came back just in time to see Leo with the syringe sticking out of his chest like a dart.

"What the hell are you doing?" Nicole asked. He smiled and shrugged. Leo's body was still hairless, but his black, curly hair had grown into a thick mane that hung down to his shoulders.

"I guess I'm just a showoff," Leo said. Craig obligingly pushed the plunger and finished Leo's injection. He let Leo give him a shot in the chest. The other Neanderthals got their shot in their arms.

"Uh, guys, can I talk to Leo alone, please" Nicole asked. She shook the young intern to the far side of the camp. Craig and Kevin snuck around them and listened into the conversation.

"…Just being macho. It's a stunt Nicole and it's a better stunt than your public display of fucking with your boyfriend Steve. Besides, it's just vitamins, steroids, HGH and mineral supplements. I mixed it myself. Nothing to worry about. And in case you're wondering, I learned how to give myself subclavian shots years ago. It looks ugly, but it's really harmless," Leo said.

"What vitamin shot? Andrea told me she added primary Neanderthal DNA formula to the boosters. We were afraid that the Homo Sapien DNA in their bodies would express itself over the prolonged period before we could make the movie. That's why we came here. The additional retrovirus was to guarantee a good movie. It was a condition of getting the money," she paused. Leo stood there stunned.

"She what?" Leo tried to understand what she was carrying on about.

"Andrea told me she put enough primary DNA formula into one shot to convert an army of men. Your stunt, your stupid macho stunt, is a one way trip into the past. You don't even have the proper genes for the conversion to work correctly. Who knows what it's going to do when the retrovirus starts messing with your DNA. You'll be lucky to have any Homo Sapien DNA left in your body."

"Naw, that can't be right. I barely let this case out of my hands after I mixed the formula," Leo said as he picked up one of the bottles and studied it. He found his mark violated. He realized that he was doomed to change into a Neanderthal. He shook his head from side to side in anger and kicked his bare foot at the ground. His rage frightened Nicole. He saluted Nicole with his middle finger on each hand.

"Oh shit! That bitch Martina really did bugger the formulation." The intern raged: "I'm fried… I'm cooked… I'll be half changed by tomorrow morning. What kind of greedy assholes are you? Why are you idiots so secretive and so devious… These four men will eventually figure out you lied. Why don't you just tell the truth and be done with it," the intern leaned against a tree holding his head. Steve's partner stared at the ground and shuffled her feet pretending to be guilt and grief ridden.

"Sorry kid! They only told me last night. Chalk it up to the fortunes of war," Nicole shrugged. Nicole tried to comfort him but he pushed her away.

"Bastard! Asshole! Bitch!" he replied. He suddenly sat down and sighed. All his anger and emotion seemed to drain out of his body.

"No sense in not continuing the treatment, now," he said. "Whatever happens to me, however much I change or don't change, it's best I stay here on the island. At least these guys won't treat me like a lab specimen. I don't trust Martina and Andrea not to gas me in my sleep and dissect me. Your movie will have five Neanderthals instead of four."

"Well I only control the movie and the stuntmen. I'll give you the same monetary deal as the others… plus when you return to being human, I guess I should say Homo Sapien; I'll get you placed at the hospital of your choice. I'll make up an excuse to keep Martina and Andrea down at the beach all of today. Tomorrow morning the seaplane will be here and I'll get Steve to make up an excuse for you to stay," Nicole sincerely tried to be sympathetic.

"Do I have a choice? Sure, I'll take the deal and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to hold you if my genetic structure reverts to Homo Sapien. That could take seven, eight or ten years before we know if this treatment is even going to reverse. Or didn't they tell you that. You might have condemned your lover Steve to life as a Neanderthal. It depends on the specific retrovirus. You go back to the beach. I'll go tell," Leo paused and then added sarcastically "…the other men." He turned away from Nicole and sat down. Kevin beat a quick path back to the campsite to tell Steve and Dirk the news.

"You! … Someday, you'll pay for deceiving us," he said so she could hear.

Before Nicole could get out of the campsite and go back to the beach, Craig caught her and gave her some carved meat from the previous day's hunt - calf's tongue and shoulder. He thought he was hilarious. Nicole didn't think so but she thanked him for the meat. Nicole discovered that Andrea and Martina had cooked and were eating raw eggs, pork rinds and tofu. Nicole never understood their style of vegetarian food. She discussed the "Leo" matter with Andrea and Martina and told them it was advisable for them to remain on the beach and out of contact with the men. Martina and Andrea expressed their pleasure at Leo staying on the island. The Research Center had forced them to take Leo and they hated him. Nicole Left them to their bitchy discussions of their fellow researchers. She put on a bikini, lots of sun tan lotion and lay out on the beach.

Kevin, Steve and Dirk found Leo leaning on Craig's shoulder moaning and crying. He explained his predicament to the Neanderthals in vulgar and profane terms. Leo's biggest problem was the fact that his anger made his body transform faster. Every riff of obscenity-laced tantrum caused Leo's body to change. They watched as one of his rather fiery tantrums caused the development of an occipital ridge and another tantrum changed his jaw. The pitch of Leo's voice dropped and his language skills went to shit. That didn't stop his ranting and raving. Steve and Dirk just watched and let him shout. Kevin and Craig, however, took it as an opportunity to have a little fun. They started to imitate Leo's troubles with his voice. The noises that came out of their mouths were anything but speech. They grunted and groaned adding rude imitations of the Leo's profanity and ungainly movements. Leo cursed and swore at the two which made them giggle and snicker even harder.

Each jerky movement and awkward gesture caused Kevin or Craig to devise a new imitation. They called him "screamer" and "hissy-fit" and blight-blaby-blue-bluggy-bumpers. Leo only got angrier and angrier. The changes continued. When he tried to stand up, he discovered that his mind hadn't quite figured out how to move his new muscles and skeleton. His face became unmistakably Neanderthal, His torso thickened, his shoulders became round and the muscles of his shoulders grew thick and strong. His arms grew longer and the muscles strengthened. As his thighs thickened, his short got tight. Kevin and Craig cut Leo out of his shorts and t-shirt. He stood there naked, half-transformed. They could see fine black hairs growing on his exposed arms and legs. His testicles were already larger and stored comfortably in a tight, leathery sack and his circumcised cock wore a new foreskin.

After a couple hours shouting and screaming Leo's testosterone level fell far enough for his anger to turn to fear. He sat sullenly and silent, almost in tears. His body trembled. Craig sat next to Leo and held him. He could feel the intern's sorrow and despair when their eyes met.

"I'm going to change too much. I'll never be normal again," Leo garbled his words. His body trembled with despair.

"Don't worry, Leo, we'll take care of you no matter what happens. You'll always have a home with us," Craig said. Dirk and Steve began to focus their minds on Leo to snap him out of his black mood. Kevin moved alongside of Leo to make sure he didn't bolt. They wanted him under control. They forced him to eat and drink. Steve visited Nicole asking if they had any alcohol. Surprisingly, Andrea had a bottle of single malt whisky that she less than happily gave up so the Neanderthals could help Leo. Steve let Kevin and Craig get Leo drunk. The two Neanderthals knew they had to remain in physical contact with Leo for the rest of the day and into the night. As Leo's body changed, so did his mind. Neanderthals had a brain than Homo Sapiens. That difference manifested itself as an increased empathic ability bordering on telepathy. Again, Steve and Dirk focused their minds on Leo. Wordlessly, they slowly brought him out of his despair and into an acceptance of his transformation.

The four Neanderthals took their newly transformed companion hunting again. Rather quickly, Leo learned to swing on the vines and hunt for small game. At one of the cold mountain streams, they discovered that his reactions made him a natural fisherman. He was lightening fast and could grab fish right out of the water. He caught enough trout to feed them dinner. As the day progressed, Leo's hair grew out all over his body covering him in a thick, black furry pelt. The blackness of his fur stood in stark contrast to the reddish coloration on the would-be stuntmen. Leo's new muscles filled out expanding his chest and shoulders. His bones thickened and his tendon got like steel cables. As they moved through the forest, Steve noticed that Leo's physique differed from his and the other red-headed Neanderthals. Although he stood six to ten inches taller than any of the original four stuntmen, Leo didn't care to stand upright when he stopped moving. Instead, he hunched forward and rested on his knuckles. Leo's gait rolled more than Steve's gait when he walked. His hips and thighs were thicker and broader, too. Another anomaly was that instead of smooth, beefy butt cheeks, Leo developed ass pads like a gorilla. This is going to make life interesting for Craig, thought Steve.

That night, Nicole visited them to administer the last and most potent of the injections. She told Martina and Andrea that it was best they not visit the Neanderthals again. Even this short contact with Nicole caused Leo to launch into a screaming and yelling shit fit. Leo's mind was still human even though his body had been transformed by the retrovirus. Leo didn't have a clue that his anger spread into the minds of the Neanderthals. Steve noted that there was enough retroviral agent to transform an army.

They carried Leo to the waterfall and all four Neanderthal's began to soap his furry body and clean him up. Dripping water from their sleek fur, they each had their turn at making Leo orgasm. While one had sex, the others concentrated on reducing Leo's anger so he could accept his fate. They kept Leo in an orgasmic state for half the night. After that, Kevin and Craig carried him back to the campsite and let him sleep between their warm bodies. Steve and Dirk took turns staying awake and pushing acceptance into Leo's mind. By morning, they had to eliminate his anger and make him a happy camper. Slowly, inexorably, Leo's brain altered its shape and configuration. It grew larger as it changed from Homo Sapien to Neanderthal.

The Airbase

By the time the airplane with Cardinal Regiment reached the mainland, commercial and passenger flights had been grounded. Military aircraft were patrolling the skies. The virus had spread from India outward like a black stain to all the continents. The first wave of airplanes crash and infected the first-responders, the hospitals and the police forces near the airports. The second wave of airplanes reached their destinations and landed. Their passengers and cargo spread the virus to the airports personnel and other passengers. Again, as the disease took hold, the emergency crews, hospitals and police were the first to die. The virus spread in busses, automobiles and taxis contaminating everyone that encountered it. As a dozen cities across the globe descended into bloody chaos, the doctors and public health officers struggled to explain what was happening. Military everywhere went on high-level alerts and in desperation, they shut down all airline travel and when the planes wouldn't stop, they shot them out of the air. People panicked and tried to leave the infected areas. This only served to carry the disease farther and farther.

Cadel Williams and the officers of Cardinal Regiment monitored the spread of the disease. They had sufficient military clout to stay in the air without harassment. They hid both their destination and the fact that they had some sort of protection from the disease from everyone. Even though the doctors of Cardinal Regiment had administered the "cure" for the disease, they could not be certain how fast the immunization would take effect. Their orders were to hide out on a remote island west of Japan.

It was midday when they landed at a remote military base and then take helicopters to the island. Two trucks filled with well-armed men with mounted machine guns and grenade launchers greeted the fighter escorts and private plane as they landed. They guided the planes to the end of the runway. The men on the trucks hid under helmets and vests. Cadel considered just gunning them down with the fighters machine guns but they weren't too snap-to-attention ready and wiling to be as ruthless as they pretended.

"What the meaning of this? We have all the clearances we need to land and take the helicopters," Williams radioed to the Control Tower. Sitting inside his fighter jet, Cadel Williams could see dead bodies hanging from barbed wire strung around the airstrip. The virus had made its mark and was lingering. It waited for a false move from its next victims.

"That was yesterday. Today, no one has any authority to tell us what to do. We can blow you out of those pretty little jets… The only reason we are alive today is that we started shooting anyone outside the fences," a man answered on the Control Tower's frequency. There was a hesitation in the voice. It bothered Cadel.

"That will only work until you run out of food," Cadel Williams said.

"And how do we know you're disease free? We've seen how it kills," the control tower answered. This guy's scared shitless. I need a bargaining chip so he can accept my deal, Cadel thought.

"We're not infected. That's why we're taking the helicopters. We know of a safe haven," Cadel said. He tried the truth, not all the truth just part of the truth.

"A safe haven you say," the voice answered.

"We just need the helicopters that you're not using. Then we'll be on our way and leave you alone," Cadel wondered what he would hear next.

"You need mechanics to use the helicopters," the man answered skeptically.

"I brought mechanics with me," Cadel answered.

"And this safe haven, is it big enough for me, for us, I mean?" the voice in the control tower asked. He sounded nervous and unsure.

"It has to be. I'm under orders not to leave the living behind," Cadel answered. He heard a sigh through his earphone. Whoever was on the other end of the conversation had just let the cat out of the bag. They found the deal.

"Cover my back. Just in case," Cadel said over the intercom. The other fighter pilot swiveled his guns around. Cadel turned the power off in his fighter, opened the canopy, and climbed down.

"We need to shake on the deal," he said loud enough for all the men on the trucks to hear him. One of the men stepped out from behind the truck and walked over to Cadel. He held out his hand for Cadel to shake. He was younger than his voice and not what he seemed.

"The Mongrels Air Club at your service, Sir. My name is Izquerdo Gorgamopophilis. Og for short," he said proudly. He took off the helmet and goggles. The rest of the "men" followed his lead and introduced themselves with their nicknames: Boppy Bong, Boom-Boom Bam, Chico, Tito, Pran-Pran, and Wesley. They were a group of college freshmen who fancied themselves flyboys. They each had built their own single-passenger ultralight aircraft and when the virus landed at the airport, they were flying their ultralight planes. Every single one of them was a nerd, a group of college boys laughing and playing tough with guns and flak jackets.

"Og, did any of you ever shoot anything besides your mouth or a load of spunk in the shower before you tried this bluff? The only reason I asked is that I had six missiles and two mother-fucking big machine guns aimed and ready to blow your scrawny asses away if you moved wrong," Cadel swaggered.

"Hey man, we shot lotsa loads into the girls at school, we're the hottest guys on campus," Og bragged. He grabbed his crotch and shook it. Cadel smiled and signaled his men. They emptied out of the passenger jet and the fighters.

"Where are your Parents, your families?" Cadel asked. They all shrugged.

"We don't know. The phones don't work anymore," Og's voice wavered. They're scared little boys. They're acting big and tough but they're scared, thought Cadel. He made eye contact with his copilot who moved his head down once in silent agreement. Cadel and his copilot disarmed the college kids just to be sure they didn't shoot anyone by accident. The kids were uniformly slender and well-developed. The flak jackets made them look older, thickened their stature. I used to look like that, then I got old, Cadel thought.

"Which hanger has the helo's?" Cadel asked. Og pointed to a lone Hanger. Og grabbed Cadel's shoulder in near panic. Cadel turned sharply and faced him. Fear played across his face.

"Don't go near the tower or the terminal. It's a bloody mess of dead bodies. Stay away from the dead. The helo's are in that hanger," Og pointed to the other side of the runway. Cadel had the soldiers with them to set up a surveillance perimeter.

SUrpriseingly, he paired the college boys with the mechanics and sent the group to to get the helo's ready to fly. The college guys gleefully trooped along with the mechanics after a medic gave them their inoculations against the virus.

With the mechanics settled, Cadel pulled Og aside and questioned why he was there. He explained that his father was half-Greek, half Spanish and his mother was half-Filipino, half-Thai. All of the members of the flying club were Mongrels. That is, kids with four or more nationalities in their background. They learned early in life to fight back and act brave regardless of the situation. They were flying their ultralights when the virus struck. They landed just in time to see the bloody deaths inside the terminal. They took up guns and hid out in the hanger with their planes. When Cadel's jets and passenger craft landed, they took a chance that whoever flew them wasn't infected. They dressed in fatigues. Flack jackets and helmets to hide their youthfulness and played tough guys.

Og showed Cadel their ultralight airplanes. The things were barely more than hang gliders with lawn mower motors. Cadel consulted the mechanics about taking the ultralight aircraft. Since they could land on small plots, the mechanics suggested that they fly the ultralights to the island. Cadel agreed and made arrangements with Og and his mates. He would get a map to show them where to land. Just before they left, Cadel would get a message to his counterpart on the island to have a welcoming party meet the ultralights. Cadel suggested that the young men pair up with his mechanics and take lessons in helicopter maintenance. The mechanics and the young men agreed. It would be a special night for all of them.

Late that night when the passenger jet arrived with the rest of Cardinal Regiment, the mechanics had half the helicopters serviced, fueled and ready to fly. The other half would be ready at dawn, roughly six hours. They didn't want to reveal their presence, so they hunkered down and waited. In a day, It would be a short flight of two, maybe three hours. They set guards in shifts to keep the facilities safe. Most of the airport was infected and only the two hangers, fueling facilities and runways were safe.

Late that night, Cadel had a conversation with Og.

"Hey boss man, none of you has any luggage. Can we ask why?" Og inquired.

"That was my orders. I just follow orders. Right now, I'm too tired to even care about luggage. I just want to sleep. My bones ache. By the way, have the doctors given you the antiviral agent yet?" Cadel asked.

"Yes, that sucker hurt like hell. What was in that shot?" Og asked.

"All I know is that it's an antiviral agent that's supposed to protect us from the virus," Cadel answered.

"And that's it? That shot and this island you're so hot to get to is supposed to save mankind?" Og asked. Cadel hadn't thought about it in those terms before. He was a good soldier and seldom analyzed his orders. However, this time, this kid beat him to the ultimate question that no one else had asked: What kind of antiviral could combat a virus engineered to attack the genetic basis of Homo Sapiens? No one else had asked the question.

"You know, Cadel, all you guys are in need of a razor. Man you are the hairiest bunch of dudes, I've ever seen."

"Hey Spud, Izquerdo Gorgamopophilis, Og for short,I saw the fear in your eyes when we landed. We might be the hairiest bunch of guys you've seen, but we saved your scrawny, fucking asses." Cadel laughed. This kid had balls. Cadel liked Og. He was a good kid; bright, loyal, rugged and willing to take a risk. He let himself relax for the first time since he left Control's office with the news of the disease.

"Who else knows about this island? What if we get there and there's already guys with guns there," Og asked. He Liked Cadel's quiet and commanding demeanor.

"Only Control knew about this place. Not even his staff knew it existed. I left his office with the only evidence he had, so unless they were the guys who stocked the island with animals, I doubt anyone will know what's happening there."

Cadel said before he thought about it. Og's head popped up. He gave Cadel a surprised look. Cadel's mind snapped shut. He didn't show it but he mentally kicked himself. He was too tired and he let a crucial bit of information slip. He looked around to see if anyone could have overheard them. No one was near them. He realized that he was now privy to a secret. Only Cadel's ease with him had made that possible.

Best not fuck this up, Og thought.

"So this Control was your boss and he told you what to expect on the island?" Og asked. Cadel put on his best face for lying.

"No, he didn't," Cadel lied boldly.

"Ok, ok, I'm cool. I'm cool. I won't ask anything else until we get to the island," Og replied. He sat next to Cadel.

"Thanks, kid," Cadel put his arm around Og and patted his shoulder in a reassuring manner. They both relaxed against each other's bodies; Og leaning his head against Cadel's shoulder and in turn, Cadel stroked the boy's hair. As if on cue, Og snuggled against Cadel like a child would hold onto a parent. This solid, reassured man comforted Og, calmed his mind. Og ceased being the tough kid keeping his buddies safe and let Cadel's strength flow into his mind. Cadel smiled and pulled Og onto his chest. This is the kid I would have liked to have had as my son, he thought before he fell into a deep and comforting sleep. Little did he know that by morning they would be permanently bonded together.

Part Eleven - Aegis Class

In the last few hours of night, all of the Neanderthals finally fell asleep. Kevin, Craig and Leo lay in a tangled heap of furry arms and legs. Leo's outward transformation from Homo Sapien to Neanderthal was nearly complete. He would continue to experience small changes over the next week to ten days. Steve and Dirk slept in each other's arms. They succeeded in calming Leo's anger over his transformation. Mid-morning, Steve woke. He felt Nicole's mind. He left Dirk sleep and took to the tall trees. He could see Nicole running up the path to the campsite. He slid down a vine to meet her halfway through the jungle.

"Steve, there's a battleship out there and they're sending a boat full of men to the island," Nicole said pointing towards the sea. She was out of breath from running. Without saying much, Steve climbed one of the trees to gain sight of the lagoon. There he recognized an Aegis Class destroyer anchored across the lagoon's entrance. He could see four men rowing an inflatable raft towards the island. A fifth man stood on the prow like a figure out of a poor pirate novel. He sensed the urgency, the anxiety, the fear, that drove these men towards the island. He climbed down the vine to where Nicole stood.

"I didn't know you could climb like that. I mean I knew you were stronger than before but you climb like you were born in the trees," Nicole said.

"Nicole, you need to put on your best business face and find out what those men want with the island. Don't reveal our existence. That will only cause us trouble. Just get them to go away and leave us alone. Andrea and Martina can help. Wake them and tell them what we have to do. And hurry, it won't take them long to reach the beach. We'll hide in the trees and cover your backs," Steve said. Nicole nodded her agreement. She composed the business side of her personality.

"What if I can't change their minds? What if they insist on staying?" Nicole asked.

"We'll make sure that they go away. We can influence them from the tree line," Steve answered. He started to climb one of the nearby trees so he could swing back to the camp.

"I don't understand," Nicole said. Steve extended his mind to hers and boosted her confidence. Nicole's eyes popped wide open when she realized what he did.

"We gained more than just hair and muscle in our transformation, Nicole. We'll all be working with you," Steve said. Nicole left him and hurried to the beach. She woke Martina and Andrea and enlisted their help. They constructed a story about being three women on vacation. They hid all the science equipment and put on bikinis to look the part.

Steve used the vines and trees to get back to the campsite. He woke Dirk, Kevin and Craig mentally. As quickly as he could, he explained their situation. Kevin and Craig shook Leo awake. He woke with a start, pulling away from them and jumping against the nearest tree trunk.

"Can't sleep on the ground. I have to sleep in the trees. Can't sleep on the ground, had to sleep in trees," Leo almost chanted the two phrases like a mantra. He stood half-asleep. Craig grabbed him and held him tight. The differences between the two Neanderthals were startling. Leo stood a head taller than any one else. His body covered with a coal-black, fur. He wasn't the rich, deep, auburn red of the original four Neanderthals. He was also thinner and less muscular but Steve expected that would change with exercise.

"Stop, stop, stop," Craig said. Leo grabbed him and held tight. He shook his head to wake up and when he went to rub his face with his new, hands and fingers, he stopped. Leo stared at the changes and then felt his face. The totality of his change astounded him.

"I want to sleep up in the trees, you know. I don't know why, but I do," Leo said. Then he broke Craig's hold and tried to walk. His body swayed on unfamiliar hips and legs. Leo squatted down and sat on his butt with his knees high up in front of him. His new body had ass pads just like a mountain gorilla. His long arms parted his knees and rested in front of him. Steve and Dirk reached out mentally and let Leo discover his new abilities. He smiled broadly through his new, thick jaw and flat, hairy face.

"Now I understand. Now I understand," Leo's mind started to find medical explanations for all his changes. Steve stopped him.

"We have an Aegis Class destroyer anchored off the island and we need to keep our existence a secret," Steve said. The five men quickly formulated a plan so they could exert maximum influence on the strangers and still remain hidden. They took to the vines and trees moving quickly and silently down to the beach where they hid in the trees.

Nicole, Martina and Andrea stood on the beach in very wearing skimpy bikinis wearing eye shadow, lipstick and sparkly things on their breasts.

"It's been a long time since I tried to seduce a man," Martina the scientist said as she tugged her bikini up to expose her butt cheeks.

"They all look so young and healthy," Andrea the doctor said as she adjusted her hair. She wasn't satisfied with the way it fell on her shoulders.

"God, I hate being a sex object for men!" Martina said. Andrea giggled.

"No you don't Martina, you enjoy playing the slut and having men drool over you," Andrea answered. She blew kisses at the men in the raft. They cheered her.

"Good work, Nicole," Steve directed his thoughts to Nicole. She turned sharply and looked in his direction.

"What's wrong Nicole? It's just the bird and animals back there," Andrea said. She brushed her hair outward and shook it free. One of the sailors on the raft leaned over so far he almost fell into the water. The officer on board the inflatable smacked him playfully and laughed with the rest of the men.

"Steve's in place. He going to help us convince them they have to leave," Nicole said as she posed seductively. She could see the men in the raft staring at her. Martina turned around and bent over to pick up a seashell. She wiggled her ass towards the boat. When she stood up, she looked at the tree line to see if Steve or the other Neanderthals were there. She saw nothing.

"I didn't see anyone up there. Are you sure Steve's there," Martina turned around and smiled at the boat.

"Oh yes, he's there. More than just his body changed, Martina. Sometimes, Steve talks to me without words. I'll tell you all about it later," Nicole said. The inflatable boat landed on the beach. Four, twenty-something sailors jumped out of the raft and guided it onto the beach. Their wet clothing stuck to their muscular bodies. The officer climbed out of the raft and walked up to the three women.

"Oh captain, my captain, how nice of you to visit out little vacation island. Why, you're the highlight of the day," Nicole cooed and wiggled her breasts. Martina and Andrea acted the part of floosies. Steve and the Neanderthals weren't the only ones impressed by their display. The sailors on the beach were visibly aroused. They hooted and catcalled to encourage the women. The officer looked backward and without words, the sailors stood at ease. He turned back to Nicole.

"No Ma'am, not captain, Lieutenant Commander Amarante Mondragon, Ma'am. Is Steve Morrison or Nicole Spaulding here?"

"I'm Nicole Spaulding, Lieutenant Commander Amarante Mondragon. How can I help you and all your fine, fit, young men," Nicole gushed. Lieutenant Mondragon glanced at the other women.

"Are you two Andrea Worstinowicz and Martina Eggers?" he added. Martina and Andrea turned on the sex appeal. Sweat appeared on Mondragon's forehead. He held his cap in front of his crotch to hide a growing bulge.

"Why yes, captain," they both cooed and whispered. The seamen behind him squirmed and shifted. They tried to hide their stiffening cocks. They itched, scratched, fidgeted, and squirmed.

"Ma'am, Ladies, it's Lieutenant Commander Mondragon, and please stop the… whatever it is you're doing… you're making my men uncomfortable," he said. The three women sighed and let their breasts heave and wiggle. Martina dropped her sunglasses. When she bent over to pick them up, she turned around and flashed her butt at the sailors. Lieutenant Commander Mondragon looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.

"Not to be rude, ladies, but I delivered the livestock to this island and I know that Stunts, Inc is working on a documentary about Neanderthal men. So quit playing stupid with me. Where is Steve Morrison," Lieutenant Commander Mondragon demanded. Nicole stepped towards him.

"But I'm his business partner… you deal with me, Can't you?" Nicole pushed her tits up against his chest.

"Lady… Miss Spaulding… I need to talk to you and Steve Morrison. It's a matter of life and death. Now where is he?" Lieutenant Commander Mondragon bellowed. He was visibly angry and visibly erect. Nicole held her ground. Andrea and Martina took each other's hands and declared their intentions to sunbath without the tops of their bikinis. One of the four sailors announced his intention to join them. Lieutenant Commander Mondragon's face turned red. He turned away from the three women and barked out an order to the sailors.

"All of you, behave! Behave like you have some self-control." They snapped to attention. He turned to Nicole. Anger blazed in his eyes and across his face. Martina and Andrea ignored Mondragon's outburst. They enjoyed making the four sailors uncomfortable.

"You stupid women. Tell your business partner that Control has declared Def Con Omega," he roared. Nicole stepped back and turned her head towards where Steve was hiding in the trees. Mondragon followed her eyes. He couldn't anyone on the beach. In fact, the beach looked deserted. Mondragon walked half the distance to where Nicole had looked. He put his hands to his mouth and yelled.

"Control has declared Def Con Omega." He stood there, waiting. Suddenly, he heard Steve's voice say "Campsite." He turned back and realized that only Nicole was paying any attention to him or to Steve' he said.

"Come with me, Lieutenant Commander Mondragon, I'll take you to Steve. Everyone else will stay here," Nicole said. She walked up the beach to where he stood.

"What about my men and these two women?" he asked.

"We'll be OK; you two go and take care of business. We'll keep these seamen in line," Andrea said. She winked and wiggled.

"Oh yes, Nicole, we'll take care of these boys," Martina pushed her breasts up from underneath. The four sailors just melted in the heat. Nicole didn't say anything. She just walked quickly up the beach and into the forest. Lieutenant Commander Mondragon followed. He cringed as flying bugs dove at him.

"Aren't you worried about mosquitoes or insects?" he asked as they walked through a narrow path in the thick jungle.

"They don't bother me. Ever heard of bug repellent, Lieutenant Commander?" Nicole answered. Mondragon waved at the leaves and insects.

"I can hear the mosquitoes dive bombing my body. For some reason they want my," Mondragon never finished his sentence. Out of the blue Steve dropped down on a vine and held himself in front in Mondragon's path. Mondragon jumped out of the way stunned by the appearance of a living and breathing caveman.

"Bugs are the least of your worries, Lieutenant Commander Mondragon," Steve hung by one handhold just high enough to be face-to-face with Mondragon. Steve's muscles rippled and gleamed through his fur. Nicole smiled at the contrast. Mondragon stood six foot six inches and if they stood toe-to-toe, he would tower over Steve by a foot and a half.

"Holy fucking horseshit Batman! What the hell are you?" Mondragon backed up against a tree and had to brush the ants off his back.

"Didn't Control tell you?" Steve glared at Lieutenant Commander Mondragon.

"No, Control just said: get back to the island and get inoculations. He didn't say anything about… you…," Mondragon leaned against a tree for a moment and then jumped away as the ants tried to eat him alive. Steve dropped to the ground, ripped Mondragon's shirt off his body exposing a strapping, well-muscled and rather hairy chest. He brushed the ants away.

"You'll get used to the bugs. Tell me your pass codes for Def Con Omega." Steve demanded. Mondragon, Steve and Nicole traded pass codes and security clearances. Satisfied, Steve listened while Mondragon passed on Control's instructions. Mondragon studied Steve's body with care. The hairy caveman had muscles on top of his muscles. Even at his height, he must weigh in at two hundred pounds, thought Mondragon. Along with his misshapen head and face, his hands and feet were larger and damn near identical to each other. Moreover, he was naked under all that fur, unashamedly naked. Steve could feel the scrutiny but didn't react to it.

"We heard about the virus on the news. Control just ordered us away from port and to proceed to this island. He said that the doctors on the island had a medical solution to the virus. I'm to let them inoculated the entire crew. He told me that you were the boss. He didn't warn me of your appearance."

"Are you the only group Control reached?" Steve asked.

"No, he dispatched Cardinal Regiment with a deputy. I don't know who that is or when and how they'll get here," Mondragon said.

"I'll contact them," Steve replied. Nicole and Mondragon waited for Steve to add more but he didn't.

"You're one of a group of stunt men doing a movie? That doesn't look like makeup," Mondragon observed.

"It's not. It's a DNA conversion. We use it instead of makeup. It's much more realistic on screen than costumed stunt men are. By the way, we are not cavemen. We're Neanderthals. Properly we're reincarnations of Homo Neanderthalensis, a cousin to Homo Sapien. I started out with three other men and then an intern with Nicole's party accidentally converted his body. So we are five. How many crew do you have onboard the destroyer?" Steve asked.

"Twenty five officers and three hundred enlisted… roughly fifty women, two hundred fifty men," Mondragon answered. Steve whistled.

"That's not a good ratio," he said. He gave Nicole and Mondragon a puzzled look. Then he stood up and took a deep breath of the air.

"You should get back to the beach. I smell sex," Steve said. He grabbed a vine and climbed it with an ease that amazed Mondragon.

"Sex? The two ladies are safe with my men. They might act like love struck little boys but they'll behave," Mondragon said. Steve hung by one hand and twisted his feet well up above his head. He grabbed the vine with one foot and braced the other leg. Twisting in a circle, he grabbed a higher vine and swung up towards the top of the trees. His facility with his feet took Nicole and Mondragon by surprise. Once again, Mondragon marveled at his strength.

"Who are you kidding; your men are screwing the women as we speak. They are having a six-way orgy with Martina and Andrea. I can smell them all the way up here. Half of the animals in the jungle know what's going on by now," Steve swung himself away from the tree and grabbed another vine. He moved quickly out towards the beach.

"But Andrea and Martina are devout lesbians," Nicole squealed.

"Not any more, call it Leo's revenge," Steve yelled as he brachiated away. Mentally he added, "Bye for now." Both Nicole and Mondragon heard it in their minds and not their ears. Mondragon never realized that it was a thought and not a voice he had just heard. Nicole led Mondragon back down the path. He noticed that the insects quit bothering him. Before they came out of the undergrowth and onto the beach, they could hear the sounds of lust and passion from the beach. They came out of the low shrubs and saw the four sailors and two women, naked and fucking madly and passionately. Martina was bouncing her vagina on one of the sailor's face while another sailor fucked his buddy's ass and fondled Martina's tits. Andrea stood there impaled front and back between the other two sailors. They all moaned and grunted in raw animal lust and screaming, slutty passion.

"I guess Steve was right. I'm amazed he could smell sex that far away. I can't smell it from here. But this is out of line. These guys are going to pay for this," Mondragon said as he watched. Andrea and Martina bodies were shaved completely bare. The sweat glistened on their bodies. He shoved his cock down the leg of his pants trying to hide his growing hard-on.

"No, stop, just stop! Don't interrupt. Let them finish," Nicole said. Mondragon looked at her for an explanation. Nicole's body is hot, he thought. He tried to ignore his emotions.

"Martina and Andrea are lesbians. They wouldn't have sex with men unless they were under someone's influence. I'm sure that the four Neanderthals are responsible for this," Nicole added. She watched them screwing with wild abandon.

"I don't understand," Mondragon said. The sailors started groaning in orgasmic pleasure. He could see their hips shake and their bodies stiffen.

"That's part of Def Con Omega. No monogamous partners, all surviving women have to get pregnant by different men to repopulate the world. You know that, don't you?" Nicole said. Mondragon made a silent O with his lips.

"Sorry, I didn't know that," Mondragon answered. He looked back to the beach. All was quiet. The women's faces were buried in each other's sex while the men stood proudly sucking each other's cocks. They flagrantly and unashamedly displayed their manhood. Fuck me, those guys are hung like horses, he mumbled to himself.

"None of this sex makes sense to me. What gotten into those men?" Mondragon asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you… You'll find out soon enough," Nicole sat down on a mossy mound and struck a mermaid-like pose.

"You're Steve's lover, aren't you?" he asked as he sat down beside her.

"Well, we both enjoy good times but we're not seriously attached," Nicole answered. She watched the muscles in his chest expand and contract with each breath. She removed the top of her bikini. He stared approvingly at her breasts. Men are so simple-minded, Nicole thought.

"When I first saw Steve in his Neanderthal incarnation, I couldn't resist him. We did it in the waterfall up at the camp," Nicole leaned forward. She wondered why she was being so open with this man. Not that Mondragon wasn't attractive. He stood tall, broad-shouldered, well muscled. A big, brawny hunk of a man, she thought. Somethin's spooky about this. Another outburst of shrieks and squeals drew his attention away from her and to the beach. He just caught sight of his sailors and the two women grunting and groaning as they exchanged bodily fluids. In a moment, the quartet sank onto the sand, physically spent and cum-covered.

"Sorry, Ma'am, I have to take care of business first," Mondragon said as he got up and walked out onto the beach. The four sailors never noticed him until he was right up on them. They scrambled to get their clothes and tried to get dressed. Martina and Andrea fled to Nicole's side. The sailors started to excuse their sexual antics but Mondragon stopped them.

"At ease, sailor! At ease!" he barked. "Stay as you are." The four sailors stood at ease. Their nakedness seemed natural on the sunny beach. Their sandy bodies were knots of muscle - sinewy, firm, hard, young and virile muscle. No wonder Martina and Andrea succumbed to them, thought Mondragon. His thoughts confused, Mondragon returned to his military training. He had a job to do.

"Andrea, Martina, you are to inoculate everyone on the boat and yourselves," Mondragon ordered.

"Us too?" Andrea asked.

"Yes, you too. There's a deadly virus spreading around the world. Whatever cure you have, it's the only protection against this disease. It's inoculated or die," Mondragon said.

"Are you sure, Nicole," Andrea said, "after all, you know the results." Andrea asked. Nicole got the medical case holding the retrovirus.

"Yes, there's no doubt about it. We'll die if we aren't inoculated," Nicole answered. Martina and Andrea pulled her aside. They had a fairly long discussion. When they finished, Martina and Andrea gave each other injections. Then they had Nicole remove her bikini bottoms and injected her. Mondragon's cock stiffened in his pants at the sight of Nicole's naked womanhood. He caught himself leering and drooling. She's so pink and luscious. I want to bury my face in her wondrous love canal, he thought. He stood silent, enthralled by her body.

"Commander, Commander, what do you want us to do," the sailors shook him out of his daydream. Mondragon ordered the four sailors to attention. They snapped to and let their cocks' wave in the breeze. Andrea gave the four sailors their shots. Nicole filled a hypodermic and approached Mondragon.

"Drop your pants, Commander," she imitated Mondragon's order. He hesitated. The sailors hid their laughs and giggles.

"Call me Amarante, it was my grandfather's name," He said. He removed his shoes and belt and then stopped. "Hell, we don't need clothes anymore, do we?" he said yanking his pants and boxers down in one movement to reveal a thick cock, low-hanging balls, muscular buttocks and heavy thighs. Nicole caught herself thinking that his cock would only get bigger as he changed. She imagined how his cock would feel inside her. It's hot, slick length plumbing the depths of my juicy love canal. She looked back up the beach to where she knew the Neanderthals were hiding and waved a fist in pretend anger. Hot and slick love canal? What adolescent, immature stupidity is that, she thought. It's not me, Steve thought back as he filled her mind with images of her tender nipples rubbing against Mondragon's hairy chest.

Nicole turned and walked right into the naked body of Lieutenant Commander Mondragon. His cock is so stiff and so hard and oh, so hot against my skin, she thought. She let his long, thick cock slide deep into her love canal. She could feel his heart throbbing through the veins as they rubbed her clitoris. She closed her eyes as he slowly lowered her onto the warm sand. Nicole abandoned herself to Mondragon's thick, hot cock. He quickly drove her to a mind-bending orgasm. Following their lead, the sailors and the other women joined them in sexual union. They didn't stop at one orgasm. An hour later the five sailors and three women collapsed on the sand. Nicole felt the mental influence of the Neanderthals lessen. She got up, collected her bikini, and quickly walked up the beach to where she knew Steve was watching.

"That wasn't fair, Steve. I wouldn't have done that to you," She sobbed softly. Steve avoided her eyes.

"You know Plan Omega, Nicole. Hell, we wrote plan Omega - you, me and Control. Mondragon will make you a better mate. I have my own love problems. Mondargon's a good man for you," Steve answered. Nicole sobbed a little more but she knew he was right. She was the technique. Mondragon was the tool.

"Look, you have to go back to the Destroyer with them and make sure that they all get inoculated with the retrovirus. Then get them to come ashore in groups. They have to get off that boat tonight," Steve ordered. She knew very well that he had the mental power to implant the task in her mind in such a way that she couldn't resist doing it. However, he hadn't done that, this time he asked.

"I'll miss you Steve," Nicole said. Steve thanked her as she put her bikini bottom and top on and joined the group on the beach. The sailors wore only their pants slung low on their hips. Andrea and Martina wore bikinis. Steve had programmed Mondragon and his four sailors to organize the personnel on the Destroyer. They all piled into the inflatable raft and headed out to the Destroyer.

Steve and the four other Neanderthals left the jungle and walked onto the beach.

"I guess we lost the movie deal. I'll never see my face on the big screen in Technicolor and super Panavision," Craig said sarcastically. Steve laughed.

"The sad fact is that all that movie stuff was true. You guys would have made good stunt men," Steve said.

"So some bastard finally went and did it. Unleashed a killer virus onto the unsuspecting public and public health authorities are completely unprepared for it. If it weren't for us, humanity would become extinct. Medical researchers have been warning about this for years," Leo said. He still had some anger left in him. Maybe that's good. We need a little passion, Steve thought quietly to himself.

"We're going to be busy over the next few days. This boatful of people isn't prepared to be transformed into Neanderthals," Steve said.

"How do we prepare them for that?" Dirk asked.

"Well, I'll teach you and you can teach them. Right now, all you know is how to link your mind to another person during sex or in Leo's case, during a temper tantrum. But that is only one aspect of your mental capabilities."

"We know that we have enhanced spatial perception and positional orientation while we hunt. That doesn't help us. It didn't help the Neanderthals in preventing their extinction," Kevin blurted out.

"No, it didn't. However, we aren't merely throwbacks to Homo Neanderthalensis. That's not the way the retrovirus works. We're both more and less than Homo Neanderthalensis. The ability to communicate in art, music, images and words is inherently Homo Sapien. We've retained that ability. I've used the retroviral transformation a half-dozen times and each time I gained more facility communicating thoughts and desires. I can teach all of you how to use that ability."

"And what does all that mean?" Dirk asked.

"For starters, we can calm that boatload of people out there into accepting their physical transformation and not abusing their latent mental abilities. The plan will be to reveal on their mental ability to enjoy sexual pleasure. That will give us time to determine who can handle the other abilities," "

"Aren't we fighting a losing battle? Do fifty-some women and five times that of men have enough genetic diversity?" Dirk asked.

"There's a second group at least as big as this one on its way here. That should be enough genetic diversity," Steve reassured them.

"And they are as unsuspecting as the people on the Destroyer?" Craig asked.

"No, thankfully. Mondragon just heard Control say there was another group. He didn't listen to what control said. Control told him was that he sent an operative with Cardinal Regiment and the cure to this island. That's different from Mondragon's orders. Def Con Omega is just a protocol to seek sanctuary, you see," Steve said. Dirk and Kevin caught the distinction at once. Craig and Leo looked puzzled.

"Cardinal Regiment already has the DNA retrovirus and they've administered it. They'll be pairing off before they arrive. That will make it easier for us," Steve said.

"Paring off?" Leo asked.

"Yes, we all need to find a buddy to sleep with and pal around with… That is unless you, Kevin and Craig want to be a threesome all the time," Steve said. The three men looked at each other.

"I don't know. I need some time to get used to the physicality of this and then I can deal with the emotional. You guys have lived together. It's too much too fast," Leo answered. They all nodded their agreement. Leo was not finished. He had other doubts.

"What are you saying? We're going to make this entire boatload of guys have sex with each other?" Leo said. Steve looked at him slightly perplexed. He closed his eyes and thought: That's the whole idea. Leo's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"I heard that." Leo said in amazement.

"Of course you did. We all had that revelation a day or two after we transformed," Dirk said.

"Eventually you'll learn how to communicate that way and you come to realize just how unsatisfying plain speach is. It lacks richness and diversity. The ability to enjoy the other person's orgasm is relatively simple everyone develops that ability. All it really needs is a gentle nudge and the person's emotions take over. Sex and reproduction, after all, is the first priority of any living organism," Steve said.

"Oh, Mondragon's cock is so big and so thick; I want it in my love canal…" Dirk said. He tried to raise the pitch of his voice but didn't succeed. Steve stared at him and he shut up fast. Kevin and Craig hid their faces. Leo again looked puzzled.

"You said we're not Neanderthal or Homo Sapien but something in between. Explain that to me," Leo asked.

"Well, as I understand the mechanism of retroviral transformation, all it's supposed to change is outward appearance and that because it works through a particular gene. We are all redheads. You aren't. Therefore, you're mostly Neanderthal. Now, because you have those gorilla-like ass pads, I suspect that something else happened genetically. You weren't a redhead to start with and so the retrovirus manifested itself differently," Steve said. He hoped the explanation would suffice. He knew who had the real answer to Leo's question.

"That much science makes my head hurt," Dirk said. He mugged a smile but no one else laughed.

"And I want to sleep in trees rather than on the ground. Interesting ain't it. I'll find out what happened someday. There's not enough time now," Leo shrugged. He tried to hide his insight into his transformation. Dirk, Craig and Kevin never noticed. Steve, however, did notice. He could read it all over Leo's face. I have to teach that boy a little discretion, he thought. Steve felt something else happening. He pointed towards the beach. Craig climbed a tree and sighted two inflatable rafts filled with a dozen sailors each.

"We got a raft filled with sailors coming ashore. Should we go and make them feel good?" Craig asked.

"Oh Lads and Lassies, are you in for a surprise," Kevin tried to resurrect his brogue with much success. The five Neanderthals climbed high into the trees and waited for the rafts to land so they could work their mischief.


All four elderly men limped into the room naked, shivering with expectation, flushed with heated lust. They took out their plates so they could suck without biting. It was an evening of frantic Viagra pill popping as the droplets of watery, impotent sperm dribbled down various chins and sweat flowed over their wrinkled and leathery flesh. Each sex animal plowed the others for hours and hours sweating like ditch diggers in hardpan with nothing but pickaxes. Afterwards, the men took a bubble bath together in a large therapy pool and then sat around drinking their protein shakes, eating their soft foods, taking their vitamins and growth hormone. When they finished, they rang for their attendants who helped them back to their geriatric wards where they capped off the night by touching the hot, humpy ass of the young nurses aid. They fell asleep and dreamed of their first group sex in their over seventy-six years certain that, once again, their gayness safely hid in its closet.

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