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March 21, 2009

The first day of spring, tra la, tra la!

"Fired at nine, vacationing by noon." Buckley Kidd sat in his BMW, cruising along a poplar-lined lane.

"Not fired. Let go. All computer programmers get let go. I might never go back. I might stay here in East Dogpatch, become a naked, tree-hugging, forest ranger," Gideon Ellery chuckled.

"That's what you get for asking T. Halsey Innis, managing partner of Gilhooley, Barnes, Halsey and Throckmorton if his high school nickname was ballsey-boy."

"Hey sparky, you're my drinking buddy, not my confessor," Gideon laughed. Buckley gunned the car. The tires left the ground as he topped a hill. Their stomachs gurgled in weightless delight. Hills rolled past the car window.

"Halsey's father bought off a high school in Inverness just for Halsey. They called him Prince Hal the wastrel from Shakespeare and nicknamed him ballsey-boy. I found out when GBH&T built that CD plant there." At the speed Buckley drove around the turns, snakes could get motion sickness dizzy.

"The wastrel boy-king. That nails his ass... I need a night under the silvery night sky will do me good," Gideon said without bravado. Buckley interrupted, shifting.

"Hold on! Time to start your heart Dude." He drove the wheels against the momentum of the car. It drifted around a broad turn, tires smoking. Gideon braced as rubber squealed and the car smoked a hairpin. They headed up the one-lane macadam leading toward an isolated peak in the Allegheny Mountains.

"You come here often?"

"Family cabin, my dad drove here so fast I used to fudge my boxers. I love this drive... Grab your stickshift and hold on for dear life." Buckley twisted the steering wheel and shifted. The car did a 360 in the narrow lane. Gideon covered his head in both arms. A quarter mile after, the sky disappeared in a grove. Buckley gunned the engine and dodged the trees as the road twisted and turned.

"Did you ever consider a career in formula one?" Gideon's voice cracked to schoolgirl shriek. Rabbits freaked. The car did a 360 and missed two trees by hairs.

"The Brickyard don't look like this." Buckley said as the BMW broke out of the trees and skidded to a stop beside a small cabin next to a circular pond. The noonday sun lit a waterfall that cascaded down granite rocks at the far side of the pond, almost a natural fountain. Tall grasses and trees rimmed the 50-foot diameter of the pool. Soft, mossy grass grew along the carved granite stones of the walls. Large, flat stones paved the floor of the pond. Whoever built this pond created the appearance of a natural basin and they filled it with clear blue water dotted with water lilies. A dozen trout swam between the cattails. Frogs croaked from behind the waterfall. Wildflowers filled the ground between the forest and the strand. Gideon's eyes settled on a cast iron plaque with raised letters and faded paint affixed to a stone cairn. It had two lines of text: KIDD FAMILY POND, NO SWIMMING NAKED.

"Deja vu all over again. I used to dream of a sign just like this and the pond next to it."

"You had an exciting childhood dreaming of signs?" Buckley pulled his T-shirt over his head exposing a hairy, bodybuilder's chest and arms, a trim waist and six pack abs.

"It's night, I dream about a night with the moon high in the sky, all silver and grinning down at me and I feel immense pleasure. Then the golden sunrise and a yellow green day, it's all hot and ambrosial, I drink the nectar of the gods. A feral day that leads to a night wrapped in indigo wildness, savagery and unbridled wantoness. Cycles of pleasure and release. This is familiar and yet, I know I've never been here." Gideon stuttered.

"My great, great, great grandfather and his seven sons built this. It's my inheritance." Buckley opened a briefcase holding several bottles of very old scotch whiskey and brandy. He poured two shots and raised one to Gideon as a toast or greeting. Gideon raised his glass.

"To your lake! That's kicks ass so fine, Dude." They drank.

"Smooth. You got brothers? I thought you were an only child and lived alone. Family reunions must be a real beast of a gathering. What's their names?"

"Jimmy, Willy, Bobby, Ricky, Artie, Benny and Mikey and me, Buckley. " Buckley rattled off the names without pause, slurring them all together. "I'm the youngest. I have seven uncles, fourteen nephews and a multitude of cousins. All boys, all of us."

"To an excess of testosterone. " He poured another shot of scotch and drank it. The squirrels ran up and down the trees.

"I never thought of it that way... Go get a swimsuit from the cabin so you can enjoy the pond. The water's relaxing this time of year." Buckley dropped his cargo shorts and stood in a pair of flesh colored Speedos. He tied the drawstring of his swim trunks tight to his washboard abs and dove into the water. Gideon watched as Buckley swam to the far end of the pond near the waterfall, then he pulled his jersey off, kicked his sandals aside and stood naked ready to jump into the water.

"STOP!" Buckley yelled. Gideon stood frozen like a cartoon character in mid-jump. Buckley swam the diameter of the pond as fast as Olympic champions and then hefted himself up on the side of the pool. Still draining water, he yanked the naked Gideon into the cabin. Dozens of flesh-toned swim trunks lay in stacks around the cabin.

"This pond is special. Never swim naked. If you won't obey, we can leave right now." He shuffled the piles of swimsuits, looking for a particular style.

"How about a thong?"

"Tonight, you will meet the most gorgeous ladies you've ever seen. You can't have vaginal intercourse with them. These ladies are fertile and you will sire babies."

"Not to worry. I had a vasectomy three years ago."

"Doesn't count. They get pregnant anyway." Buckley blocked the door. "Believe me, these ladies will beg you for sex. There is no love, just pure lust and raw sex. Men are hairy meat to them. You're what? Thirty, forty pounds of muscle larger than me, six inches taller, you got big broad shoulders and you're hung like a horse. You're prime meat. They'll do anything to get your uncut dick inside them and have your kids. They'll change you and keep you for stud service." Gideon took deep breath and flexed. His muscles rippled and tightened.

"You're really serious, aren't you?" Gideon casually scratched his chest and shifted his weight to one leg. "I promise not to take the trunks off."

"You're too well hung for a thong or even low cut trunks. Wear these squarecuts." Buckley winked. He handed Gideon a pair of high-waisted, flesh-toned squarecuts. Gideon pulled the squarecuts over his hips and tucked his manhood inside. They left the cabin. Buckley shooed a goose and her duckling so he could spread a couple of blankets on the grass. The men drank their scotch and lounged in the warm water for the remainder of the day.

In the deepening shadows of sunset, Gideon lay on the blanket watching the ripples from the waterfall spread across the pond and Buckley floated on an inner tube. A blond of exquisite beauty clothed in clingy vines appeared from under the waterfall. Gideon looked around for a car or any hint at where she came from but he could find none. She swam to Buckley.

"Mandy my beloved, I've missed you." Buckley slid into the water and they embraced. Gideon watched their hips hump in unison. He sat on the wall of the pond and splashed water with his feet. Mandy shook her hair back and pressed her breasts against Buckley's chest.

"This is Gideon. He's my friend," Buckley said between kisses.

"The nymphs have been watching, Buck." Mandy looked into the waterfall. A pair of well-endowed ladies stepped through the water, their bodies glistening in the failing light. If anything, they were even more gorgeous than Mandy.

"Adriana and Daphne will leave at moonrise, Hester and Hyacinth will take their place. If he is a true man among men, Nina and Calliope will share themselves at sunrise. Most men hit the wall at six nymphs."

"Not me. I'm an unstoppable love machine." Gideon embraced Adriana and Daphne and the trio fell back onto the grass. He took Adriana's breasts in his hands and let Daphne rest her womanhood on his face. Mandy and Buckley continued their solo lovemaking in the pond. Time passed and the men entertained the three women.

The moon rose near midnight and the three women left.

"That was fantastic. Those girls are insatiable. I didn't know I had so many erogenous zones." Gideon splashed water over his chest and shoulders and then down his shorts. He grimaced. "I got to get a clean pair of trunks."

"We can wash off. Nina and Calliope won't be out for a few minutes. This is the only time we can be naked in the water." Buckley tugged his shorts off and washed his manhood in the pond. Gideon did likewise. They went into the cabin where Buckley found a wrestling unitard with narrow shoulder straps and Gideon put on another pair of the high-waisted squarecuts. They went back to the pond and waited. Gideon lay on top of the wall around the pond and Buckley sat with his feet dangling in the water.

"I owe you big time for this vacation. Are you and Mandy a thing."

"We're betrothed. My father did it when he claimed his birthright. I was just a newborn baby."


"Part of the family legacy."

Gideon sat up and faced Buckley. "Mandy called the other girls nymphs. Is that like nymphs from ancient Greece or nymphomaniacs like sex-crazed women?"

"Hester and Hyacinth hear that and you won't live to see the twins."


"Yeah, Nina and Calliope are identical twins, every man's fantasy."

"If my balls don't explode."

"I got great faith in your abilities tiger." Buckley pointed to the waterfall and three young ladies with firm breasts and exquisite proportions. "Enjoy yourself. I got a hot one," Buckley said. He dove into the water, and took met his new girl into the cattails and began worshipping her body. Gideon waved to Hester and Hyacinth. They swam to the side of the pool and stepped out, letting the water dripping off their naked bodies glisten in the moonlight. Gideon knelt immediately and buried his tongue deep inside the nymph nearest him. Hester and Hyacinth played with his body in ways he couldn't even imagine. He lost himself in the bodies of these two women as they each reached orgasm. Hours later, he only knew the moonset when the night grew dark and mysterious. He felt the crickets wandering over the blanket and scampering away as he made love time and again. He could hear Buckley splashing and laughing in the water. He pulled Hyacinth close and wrapped his legs around her. They humped away but the fabric of the squarecuts scraped at the tender parts of his anatomy. Hester slid her hot and wet love canal over his lips and wrapped her legs tight around his head. She squealed as his tongue found the g-spot and rode his face until she screamed in pleasure. She startled Gideon. Hyacinth still humping on his cloth-covered manhood but the fabric hurt.

"I promised Buckley that I wouldn't take the trunks off. I didn't promise that you couldn't pull the leg aside and expose my cock," he said softly, Hyacinth stopped and stared for a moment, slid backward and pulled his package from under the squarecuts. The head of his panis barely poked out of the over-large foreskin. She skinned if back and let her love canal swallow his erection. She was hot, tight and strong, pulling at his equipment as she rode him for what seemed to Gideon to be hours, keeping him at the edge or orgasm. When he finally reached orgasm and pumped her full, she switched positions and let his tongue drive her to a second orgasm. When they stopped writhing and jerking in pleasure, Hester took his manhood in her mouth and brought him to another raging orgasm. This went on until sunrise when the two women left.

Gideon woke to the birds singing and a rosy red sky as the sun just barely broke the horizon. He looked around and didn't see Buckley. Alone, he picked himself off the grass, pulled his swimtrunks off and washed the night from his body. Then went to the cabin. He found a mesh thong that let his half-erection stand out from his body and peeking through the mesh. When he came out of the cabin, the first sidelong rays of the sun turned the waterfall into a thousand sparkling droplets. Mist rainbows glimmered over the pond. Buckley emerged from behind the waterfall still wearing still wearing a wrestling singlet with a marbleized pattern on it. Gideon watched him swim to the cabin side of the pond. He carried a round glass flask.

"I wondered where you went."

"This oil will cure the chafing and stop you from puckering up in the water." He handed Gideon the flask. "It's scented with roses for the ladies. After you impregnated Hester and Hyacinth, I had to speak with their brothers."

"You're not angry?" Gideon asked. His dick stiffened to rock hard as he rubbed oil over his body.

"You're part of the family now. I had to stop our brothers from coming out to shall we say celebrate the man who impregnated their sisters."

"More like beat me up or get shotguns and haul my ass to a magistrate, huh?" Gideon juked and raised his fists pretending to shadow box. Buckley laughed out loud and adjusted the shoulder straps on his singlet.

"Nope, they're lovers not fighters," Buckley said. Gideon gave him a puzzled look.

"Is that good or bad?"

"Good. They're taking bets on how many nymphs you can bring to screaming, wild-assed, monkey-sex orgasms before you drain your balls and peter out. Best betting action they've had in years. They're betting that your balls are crap right now and you'll wimp out fast. Your manhood's at stake on that bet." Buckley put his hands on his hips and waited. Gideon grabbed hold of his erection and pointed it at Buckley.

"Man enough? I've got the damnedest case of blueballs. I'd even let you chow down on this."

"Blueballs and morning wood. I'm not part of the bet but Nina and Calliope are." He pointed to two women standing at the edge of the cabin. They sighed and gave Gideon puppy-dog, adoring eyes. His manhood jerked upwards causing him to grimace. Gideon blushed and squeezed his erection.

"Oh what sweet lovely ladies. Let's say I do those two and you get me something to eat. Right now, I'm starving," The closer the two girls came, the more aroused Gideon became. Buckley pointed to a pitcher and glasses on the porch table.

"Drink some Honey-mead." It looked like milk but had an alcoholic kick and tasted of honey, thyme and rosemary. Gideon felt the world spin. He shook his head clear. His manhood stood straight up, rock hard and ready for action.

"Potent. Tell those boys hiding back there that a real man is taking up their challenge and when I'm done, I might just pound some nails." Gideon flexed his upper torso. Nina and Calliope didn't waste time. He picked up Nina and plunged his manhood deep inside her. She wrapped he legs around him and bounced rhythmically.

"The contest begins." Buckley took up a ram's horn and sounded a blast. Gideon barely heard the cheering from behind the waterfall as he reached bounced Nina on his erection. They slipped to the ground moaning in orgasmic pleasure, humped and jerked and finally, stiffened in orgasm. They lay there for a moment and then rolled apart. Gideon got up and drank more honey-mead. As soon as he touched his dick and thought about Calliope, he stiffened. He bent her over a log and entered her from behind. She bucked back against him, screaming and yelling, scaring the bird and small animals. Gideon reached orgasm in about ten minutes before he pushed inside calliope and stood statue-like, his buttocks clenched tight and his heart beating wildly. When they separated, Calliope dove into the water and swam to the waterfall. Two more nymphs appeared from under the water. Their breasts like ripe melons, their hips wide and begging for sex.

"What's back there? A nymphomaniac factory?" Gideon rubbed more oil over his thighs and butt. His manhood rose thick and rock hard. He took longer but there was no hesitation in his body as he drove both women to orgasm. As they swam to the waterfall, Gideon rubbed his body down with oil and drank the honey-mead. Another pair of nymphs, just as beautiful and well endowed, appeared from under the splashing water. Gideon screwed like a machine. He didn't look at Buckley, the water, the car, the noonday of the sun, or anything else but the nymphs who stepped forward and impaled themselves on his prong. A continuous stream of nymphs kept him busy until the sun slipped below the horizon. No more swam out from under the waterfall.

Buckley relaxed on the porch in the dim light of a single candle burning in a hurricane lamp. He was naked. Gideon washed the dirt form his body and sat on a stump as high as a bar stool with his legs spread. His manhood still pointed up, not hard, just thick and red. He wanted it to hang down.

"I can't stop. I'm ready for more. Why did they stop?" Buckley didn't answer. Gideon hefted his testicles in one hand. They felt huge and round like billiard balls. His uncircumcised cock looked thicker, longer and it wanted to hug his stomach not stay down between his legs.

"Let me fix that for you. The Greeks and Romans invented this," Buckley explained. He pinched Gideon's foreskin and slipped one end of a leather thong tight around it. He fed the other end around Gideon's waist and tied it. Gideon's manhood rested snug in the foreskin and tight against his stomach. His scrotum hung down underneath. Gideon moved around and shook his head in approval.

"Smart guys." Gideon sat back down on the stump. Buckley tied his foreskin with a leather thong and secured it around his waist. He handed Gideon a glass of honey-mead. Gideon drank it. Gideon squirmed. His buttocks felt exposed and he rubbed his thighs and hips against the chill of the night.

"You only won half of the bet. You impregnated more nymphs than any other man on his first day."

"But that wasn't enough?" Gideon fidgeted on the stump. His tailbone ached.

"No, eighty-four isn't a hundred-sixty. Giles the Elder retains the record. Grandfather Greg is still second with a hundred. They're big guys like you. Most of the boys are short like me impregnated only fifty, sixty nymphs. He poured Gideon more honey-mead. When Gideon reached out, the stump poked at the middle of his buttocks and he shifted his weight again.

"I feel like my balls are going to explode. They want action." He hefted his balls and leaned bent his head down to them. "Did'ja hear that guys, you did good today. You didn't let me down and your still humming away." His balls twitched as he talked. Gideon looked at Buckley, blushed and laughed a thin, nervous laugh.

"If they ever talk back, you can name them Mike and Ike." Buckley's smirk made Gideon turn redder.

"Sorry, I'm feelin' drunk. How am I going to show my face downtown with 80 children? I mean, it's a great story for the bar guys -- I impregnated 80 women in one night -- but damn, how could I have been so stupid," Gideon ran a hand through his hair. It felt longer than usual and there were bumps on either side of his forehead.

"Driving up here you said you might like living in the middle of nowhere and you wanted to become a professional camper."

"I lost my job. I'm got evicted two days ago and now, I got more kids than I know what to do with. I may as well become a forest ranger." Gideon sounded pitiful, sitting there bent over, head near his crotch and whimpering about life. Buckley stifled a laugh and tried to look serious.

"Leaving would be difficult. The bet ran until sundown and the boys want to meet you. It's their turn." Soft laughter came from the pond.

"The boys?" Buckley stood and blew out the lantern. The darkness consumed everything. Gideon tried to stand up. His foot slipped and he sat down. "Whoa, Bambi legs. Blame the honey-mead." He tried to stand up again but his feet slid on the grass.

"Bambi for sure. Pretend you're walking on your toes. Don't think about feet, just think tiptoes. I'll guide you to the pond." Gideon stood and took a few steps. It felt natural to walk on his toes. Buckley wrapped his arm around Gideon's shoulders and led him to the sand. Gideon felt the wall of the pond and wobbled against it.

"I never get falling-over drunk, that honey-mead is..." Gideon heard stifled laughter all around him and stopped talking.

"You met the girls of my family, now meet the boys," Buckley said. The light of a butane lighter partially illuminated Buckley as he lit a brazier. Others lit more braziers and the pond reflecting the golden flames. A crowd of musclebound men -- young, beardless faces, curly hair of various length, ram's horns arching out from their foreheads, torsos slick and glistening with oil, goat-like hairy legs, enlarged fur-covered scrotums and sheaths rather than foreskins that held their tools upright against their lower stomachs. They stared at Gideon and Gideon stared back, studying each other's bodies. Some of the satyrs were more goatish than others -- longer horns, more fur, pointed ears and long tails. They waited for Gideon to break the silence.

"Nymphs and satyrs... From ancient Greece." He looked down to see his own feet replaced by hoofs, his feet and ankles all goofy, thick fur growing over his stretched out ankles, a furry sheath grown halfway up his penis, and black hair growing on the back of his hands and forearms. He felt his butt and found a stubby tail growing from the base of his spine.

"I'm changing into a satyr? Why am I so accepting of this?"

"Magic. Great, great, great grandfather created an enchantment, a magic spell that seduces men. He was the seventh son of a seventh son to whom much power is given. You wouldn't have believed me if I tried to tell you. Either that, or I spiked the honey-mead got you so drunk you don't care." A chuckle rippled through the group. Gideon looked at their eager, horny faces and round, fur-covered butts.

"Gee whiz guys, I know that you wanted me to beat the record. Hell, if I can't be a success in the human world, I know I can hold the record for screwing the most nymphs." The satyrs laughed hard.

The shortest Satyr, a figure with ears high on an elongated head, pulled out nose, ram's horns circling his head twice, elongated neck, narrow shoulders blending into a swayed back and fur-covered rump. Thick brown fur flowed up his abdomen onto his pectorals. He gestured with hoof-like hands and spoke with a deep, chest-rumbling voice. "We're always ready for a good bet and a good screw. That's why we stay drunk; honey-mead increases virility and stamina. I am Giles the Elder, the strongest and most prolific satyr in the herd. I've impregnated more nymphs than any other satyr here. Are you man enough to go beyond and beat my record for the first night? Take a good look at the extent of my transformation before you say yes." Giles folded his arms and waited. Gideon put his chin on his fist, crossed the other arm over his chest and studied Giles.

"I get it. If you live long enough, you break the records. I want to be the best there ever was, the best there will be," Gideon said. Buckley stood on the wall next to a brazier to announce the decision.

"He accepts the challenge! He will be known as Gideon the Strong" Buckley waved his hand over Gideon's head. The satyrs cheered.

"And he needs a goatherd to tend after his needs, to bring him honey-mead."

"A goatherd?" Gideon laughed so hard he choked. He ran his hand over his head and felt his horns. They spanned more than the length of his palm. His ears extended out from his head twice as far. The satyrs jostled a young man, more faun than satyr -- boyish, lanky body, peachfuzz face, thick lips, stubs for horns, narrow shoulders, thin waist and fur just above his knees towards Gideon. The young satyr blushed and stammered.

"I am Andy the Boychild. I wandered into the wood and got lost on my fourteenth birthday. I was barely a out of childhood when I joined the herd." His body wanted to hump this young satyr.

"You got a cute rump, kiddo. A little hairy but cute." Gideon wrapped his big arm around Andy and tousled the kid's hair.

"I dreamt of becoming like Giles, of having big horns, pointy ears and a long tail but youth robbed me of that chance. I will be your goatherd until I can become your companion." Gideon kissed the young satyr. Gideon felt his heart pump faster and erection stiffen.

"Tonight I'll reward your eagerness," he whispered, then he yelled loud enough for the satyrs to hear. "When do we start?" The satyrs hooted, cheered and clapped as they made a path to a mossy sand mound. A nymph waited for him, her breasts pointed up and her legs wide. Gideon wasted no time. He plunged his manhood deep inside her body. The satyrs spread out around the pond and watched as the nymphs came out one-by-one. He impregnated a dozen women without slowing but eventually, even drinking honey-mead between each act of intercourse, didn't help. He slowed. The time between each orgasm doubled by the time the moon rose to its zenith. Gideon broke for a rest.

"Time out for you Andy the Boychild," Gideon said. He reached around the young satyr's waist and cupped his furry buns. The musky smell of Andy's body excited him. This was different than the nymphs, an electric maleness that made his mind reel in anticipation of Andy's white-hot ecstasy. He brought Andy's crotch to his face and sucked the red and glistening prong into his mouth. Andy writhed in his arms as Gideon's mouth and throat drove him to orgasm. He kept the boychild there for several minutes as he screamed and thrashed in the grips of an orgasm. When Gideon felt Andy's heart flutter and skip a beat, he stopped and set him on the wall of the pond. Andy lay there his body twitching and jerking, his prong throbbing and dripping, his chest heaving from the exertions.

"You guys are tough." Gideon brought honey-mead and made Andy drink. He rubbed stiff hands over furry thighs and admired the shaggy tail hanging between his buttocks. He felt fur growing halfway up his back and down his thickening neck.

"What's my score?" Gideon asked.

"One hundred forty," Andy gasped out the number.

"I don't just want to break Giles' record, I want to smash it. I want the all-time record number that no one else can beat," Gideon said loud enough for the satyrs to hear. He let the murmurs and gasps of amazement fuel his strength and determination.

"I'll make it happen. Just concentrate on impregnating the females." Andy stood. His legs wobbled and nearly buckled. He called some of the younger satyrs and gave them directions. The nymphs lay in a circular pattern. Gideon began with one and when he finished, moved to his right, drank honey-mead fortified with brandy and plunged into the next nymph. He shut all else from his mind. Andy and the other satyrs didn't stop Gideon as he passed Giles' record of one hundred sixty, nor did they stop when Gideon passed two hundred. They stopped at sunrise and left Gideon sprawled on his back on a blanket, resting. Buckley and Andy sat with their legs crossed next to Gideon. Giles and the satyrs stood away but watched the trio intently.

"What a night. I didn't think I'd make it." Gideon leaned up and grabbed his manhood with stiff fingers. He waved it around for all to see. "Let's get a cheer for Little Gideon here and his two pals," he paused, "Mike and Ike." The satyrs cheered.

"You broke every record, beat every satyr standing around us." Andy said. He braced himself against Gideon's body as more changes shifted Gideon's torso.

"I'm the first to reach this record," Gideon held his hands up and tried to bend his stiff fingers. His legs wouldn't straighten and furry knees pointed up to the sky. He stretched his arms and shoulders trying to work out the stiffness and changes happening in his body. "I did so many women last night, my body wants to be on its hands and knees." Gideon rolled away from Andy. Buckley grabbed his body and twisted him over onto his hands and hind legs. Gideon looked down at his fingers and hands turning to hooves, his goat-like hind legs and a furry sheath completely covering his manhood. He tensed up and then relaxed. His arms and shoulders rippled as they changed.

"I thought Uncle Giles was merely old. I thought satyrs grew more goatish as they aged. Now I understand my dream, the silvery night and the bright sunny day. That all exists behind that waterfall, doesn't it." Gideon shook his head as his neck stretched out from his body.

"Only a dream, only a dream," Buckley said.

"Each act of intercourse with a nymph brings any of us closer to Capricorn purity and continues our transformation from human to Capricorn. You did it all in one night. It will take me years to join you," Andy the Boychild explained. Buckley stroked Gideon's mane.

"We will remember and acclaim you as a hero, almost a god. That's more than what was waiting for you back at GBH&T." Buckley said. Andy grabbed Gideon's horns and held tight. Gideon's face pulled out and stretched into a snout. His eyes and ears shifted as the bones in his skull grew long and narrow. Fur grew up his neck and over his face. Buckley waited for Gideon's body to complete its transformation.

"Gentlemen and Satyrs, meet our newest brother!" Buckley yelled and the satyrs cheered.

They led Gideon the Strong into the magic world behind the waterfall and left Buckley, their brother-in-arms, in the real world -- if any world be real -- alone by the pond. He swam and sunbathed until noon. Then he fired up the Beemer and pushed it to its limits on the roads and highways that lead back to the city. He would collect Gideon's earthly possessions and donate them to charity in Gideon's name. After all, Gideon didn't have any use for earthly possessions, not anymore. And some day in the next few decades, when human life satisfied Buckley and he sired his seventh son, betrothed him to a nymph and deflowered his first nymph, Buckley would join his brothers and cousins in the world behind the waterfall, the pleasure world of nymphs and satyrs.

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