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10 November, 2005

Author's note: This story follows the fate of "Danny" from a previous story -- "The Bonobo" which is #10 in the Furry Folder.

"Hi, I'm Rodian Danilovitch Fodor - Danny for short and y'all are the Senior Class that won for best website, I guess. I'll be your counselor for your internship here in Africa," he said. He stood taller than he actually measured. Danny was only five foot, two inches. He had broad-shoulders, a thick chest, tightly muscled arms and legs, a bubble butt, and a load of self-assurance. Today, to talk to the latest group of student volunteers, he wore oversized khaki shorts that just barely hung on his hips, an open shirt that only highlighted his torso, thickly soled sandals and a pair of dark glasses. His silvery blond hair stood in stark contrast to his deep tan. Danny was an instant heartthrob for all the girls.

"I grew up in Russia in a traveling circus. My family had two acts; we were either acrobats or animal trainers. We used mostly chimpanzees, Bonobos, and near the end, the only silverback gorilla in the circus. My Mother died in a railroad accident when I was eighteen months old and the primates kind of adopted me as a baby. At three years old, my father made me perform as a young Tarzan. I wore a skimpy loincloth and ordered the primates to do tricks with me. The Bonobos loved it. They became my surrogate brothers and sisters. When I was eight or nine years old, the Soviet government fell and Russia rose in its ashes, my father fell in with a bad crowd and he couldn't take care of the primates. So at that age, I took over the training of the primates and that was my life for the next seven or eight years, I trained our primates, ate with them, slept with them and took care of them. The Bonobos, both females and males, even helped me cope with puberty. At fifteen or sixteen, I really don't know my exact age. My father brought me here to the game preserve. Ever since then, I've been working to keep the primates from extinction."

"But enough about me, your class is the first that we've flown over here to work with the primates. We'll pair you with one of our professional guides who will lead you through a week of observations. When they feel you are ready, they'll let you observe alone," Danny explained. He stopped to drink water from a gourd. A couple hands went up from a group of five jocks.

"Hi, I'm Zachary and you say that the Bonobos helped you through puberty? Like, what does that mean, Dude?" Danny laughed at the question.

"The Bonobos are the kindest, gentlest and most playful creatures on God's green earth. When you watch them for a few days you'll find out," He threw a yellow marker to the kid. Hands went up. He pointed to one of the other boys with a wrestler's height and build who was standing with a group of skinny nerds.

"I'm Gregory Samson the webmaster. Will we be studying the silverbacks? I'd love to observe the large gorillas," the kid asked.

"Well, you've got to remember, the silverbacks are generals. A Silverback Gorilla demands obedience and they don't readily accept outsiders. The Bonobos, chimpanzees, gibbons and baboons are much more democratic. That's roughly the primate pecking order. You'll all have to learn the social habits of the primates you are observing," Danny said. One of the girls raised her hand. She was plain and had braces.

"What primate groups will we be studying?" she asked.

"Initially, your class will study Bonobos and chimpanzees. I only have one assignment with a family of Gorillas and I'm not sure if we will place any of you with them. You will, however, get a chance to study two groups of primates," Danny answered. Danny winked at her just for fun. One of the cheerleader types raised her hand. Danny pointed to her.

"What do we do if the primates want sex?" she asked and batted her eyelashes at Danny.

"Don't do it. Move away from the primates and they'll understand. Let me say that sex is not the same for our evolutionary cousins. They don't have the human drive for sex in the way you're asking. Just back away and they'll let you be." Danny answered. The same girl popped up again.

"What about poo poo and pee pee?" she asked. The class giggled and smirked. Danny smiled. Every class he worked with asked that question.

"Like bears, dear, in the woods, in the woods, and big leaves work best. You'll get used to all the smells of the jungle," Danny answered. The tallest kid on the basketball team raised his hand.

"How about height? Some of us seem too tall to be good observers," he asked.

"The suits you will be wearing do a great job of hiding and camouflaging your height. You'll have an advantage in the trees and on the vines with those long arms and legs," Danny said. The kid's eyes lit up and he pretended to pound his chest like Tarzan. The muscular little nerd raised his hand again, Danny pointed to him.

"What about food?" Gregory asked.

"Gregory, I think you said your name was. You can come back to camp each morning and night to eat or you can eat the nuts, berries, fruits, leaves and such. It's vegetarian fare so you meat eaters are out of luck if you want to stay out in the field. This goes back to the poo poo question, too. All of the animals will know you're a carnivore if you eat meat during your stay here. The guides will help you with this," Danny could see some puzzled looks but he wanted to get these kids into the woods. One of the girls raised her hand and he pointed to her.

"Hi, I'm Sarah and I wanted to know if you had a favorite among the primates?"

"Easily, the Bonobos are my favorites. I grew up with them." Danny beamed. The guides signaled they were ready.

"The guides will answer the rest of you questions. The girls should follow Sally and Beth. They'll get you settled into your costumes," he pointed to two young Africans and the girls obediently followed. "And the guys can follow M'Tombe' and me to get your camouflage suits. He took the dozen male students to a fenced area where furry costumes lay one set of tables and large plastic storage bags on another table. At the far end of the area, a single showerhead powered by a hand pump and a 55-gallon drum stood in stark relief to the grassy floor. A pair of young male chimpanzees wrestled in the clearing. They ran up and greeted Danny by jumping on him and trying to wrestle him to the ground. He squawked at them in what sounded like chimpanzee talk and they left him alone. Rumpled, he turned his attention to the students.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but all of you stink of humanity. You couldn't get within five miles of a primate even with our camouflage suits. So here's the drill, pack all of your clothes, everything into the plastic bags. That includes jewelry and piercing, too. Animals in the jungle don't have pierced anything. Then take a quick shower. It stinks, but it'll remove civilization from your bodies. Especially that vile odor of baby powder that some sick and diseased mind thought smelled like petunias," Danny winked at the boys. They laughed courteously at his joke. Then he continued. M'tombe' and his brother will pass out your camouflage suits and help you get into them. After that, we'll take you into the jungle and let you begin your observations. Got that?" Danny asked.

Some of the boys answered yes and other stayed quiet. They all took plastic bags and began to undress. The chimpanzees helped pack the plastic bags into storage crates. Most of them had the current crop of teen-fashionable tattoos. The pretty-boys were muscular, buffed and shaved. One, a rather handsome blond with just eyebrows and a close-cropped hair, came over to Danny. The kid's build was beautiful. He looked like an ancient Greek god.

"You do know that baby powder keeps you from itching and the girls don't like all that hair when they give you blow jobs," he said. Danny's eyes opened wide at the brazen revelation. He stood silent for a minute and then laughed.

"Young man, hair was put on your body to keep you from stinking and itching." The kids laughed and poked at the blond teen. He blushed all over his body. Danny thought about making a really snide remark but then the two chimpanzees jumped onto his back and wrapped their arms around his head and neck. This time Danny had to wrestle them to the ground. The blond boy tried to remove one of the chimpanzees and found that they were much stronger than they looked. Danny let them wrestle the blond teen into submission. Then he pointed to the other boys and like the little kids they were, the chimps began to wrestle the other boys in the class. At first, they shied from the chimps, but eventually, they all accepted the touch of the primates. Laughing and tired, the chimps ran off and up a tree. Danny reorganized the naked high school boys so they could take their shower.

Gregory, the webmaster, took the initiative and started to crank the pump on the shower. Gregory was strong and somewhat muscle-bound for his height. His arms were thicker than Danny's neck and his shoulders hunched forward being slightly muscle-bound. The rest of his body was similarly proportioned. One of the chimps returned and helped him crank. He grabbed Gregory's hand in his furry mitt and cranked with him. The chimp cranked with one arm and climbed all over Gregory's body with the other arm and both legs touching the boy in the most intimate places.

The water was cold, greenish and smelled like road kill. It effectively removed colognes, aftershaves, hair gels, foot powders, crotch rot ointments and that other particularly vile petunia-like odor from pink fabric softeners. The boys shook the water off their bodies and wrestled with each other and two odd chimpanzees in the clearing. After the air dried their bodies, the boys went over to M'Tombe' and his brother who handed them either one of two types of costumes. The tallest boys got chimpanzee camouflage due to their longer arms and legs, and the shorter boys got the more compact Bonobo camouflage. M'Tombe' and his brother told them not to put the masks on until they had the rest of the camouflage on properly. Then they showed them how to fit the camouflage to their bodies. It was a long and tedious process.

Danny pumped the water for Gregory and drenched him. Still wet, he pulled him away from the rest of the group.

"So you're the webmaster who did all that work, huh?" Danny asked. He motioned for the chimps to play with the other boys.

"Everyone helped, I just guided them," Gregory said modestly.

"And the judges tell me that you want to study biology and anthropology in college," Danny said.

"Yeah, I want to make this my career. That's why I asked you about the Silverbacks. I'd really like to study them while I'm here," Gregory said.

"The problem with Silverbacks is that you have to start out as a young gorilla and wait for the dominant silverback to trust you. It might take years before a silverback trusts you and then you have to stay a long time before you get wives and start to live alone. You're only going to be here a short time, "Danny explained. Gregory looked depressed.

"The only way I could let you do it would be with a longer commitment. What would your family say if you told them you weren't coming back for a few years?" Danny asked.

"Nothing, only my Father's alive and he's in jail for making and selling crystal meth. I went to court when I turned eighteen to disown him. I'm on my own. How long do you think it would take for a young gorilla to get a family?" Gregory said. The chimpanzees showed up again. They climbed up onto Danny and Gregory's shoulders. Gregory put his arm onto Danny's shoulder and let the two chimps swing from his arm. Two of his classmates came over in their chimpanzee suits without their masks. That let Danny get away from the chimps so he could pick out a camouflage suit for a young gorilla. Gregory looked at it with awe and respect.

"Do you think you can handle five to ten of steady observation?" Danny asked. Gregory could only shake his head affirmatively.

"Hey Gregory, you got your gorilla assignment?" one asked. They helped him put it on. The chest was huge and the arms long. The thick legs fit Gregory like a glove. Danny helped him tighten the internal ties to fit his body. His buddies showed him where his cock fit inside the costume and the little trapdoor in the back. They laughed at all of this. Danny looked at them amused. One of the chimpanzees climbed up over his back and shoulders. He put his arm under its rump and let it sit against his side. The young chimp was tiring out. It kissed him on the side of the face.

"In a few days you just won't care about where you shit or piss. You'll swing your asses out over a branch and drop a load on the ground just like you were born to do it that way," Danny said. He brushed his hand down the head of the chimpanzee playfully and kissed it back. It leaned its head on his shoulder as if it wanted to sleep.

"Are all chimps that affectionate?" the basketball player asked. Danny blushed through his tan. The other chimp came over and clung to his leg.

"Aw, these two are special. By the way, they're Bonobos. It's hard to tell the young ones of the two species apart. Poachers shot their mother just after they were born. I bottle-fed them as babies and raised them for the past couple years. They're like my children," Danny said. The chimps began to tug at his clothing, opening the buttons, lowering the zipper on his pants, unfastening the buckles on his sandals. The boys laughed as Danny let the chimps undress him.

"They don't like clothes. They want Daddy naked," one of the kids said. Danny blushed.

"No, not naked, they just want Daddy in his camouflage suit," Danny said as he passed the two young chimps to M'Tombe' and quickly fitted one of the camouflage suits onto his body. When he finished, Danny had the boys sit on a log. Their human heads stuck out the furry black shoulders like pink flowers. He passed out plastic bottles of a sports drink sorting the flavors by species.

"Drink these and then put the masks on. I'll tie the masks tight and then you'll be ready to start," Danny pulled his own mask over his head and let it sit there. The suit created the illusion of him being a Bonobo. The boys drank their sports drink and pulled on their masks. Danny walked behind them and tied the hidden latches tight. As he tied the knots, each boy turned into a primate. The transform was fast, painless, and complete. Gregory watched, as the suits changed his former classmates into Chimpanzees and Bonobos. One by one, M'Tombe' and his brother collected the transformed boys and got them ready to go meet the female members of their class. Gregory waited for Danny with his Gorilla mask in his hands.

"These suits transform the wearer not just camouflage the body. Am I correct? I saw their eyes change from human to primate as you fastened their masks. I'm right, huh?" Gregory asked. Danny shrugged his shoulders in a typically simian movement.

"It's not only the best way for them to observe but also live and propagate. When they revert to humans, they'll remember their actions as if they only observed them. They won't remember actually being primates.

"And let me guess, they won't return to their human forms until you untie their masks," Gregory asked.

"You're a smart kid, that's true. Chimps and Bonobos have incredibly inquisitive minds and we don't want any of our human observer's suddenly changing back in the middle of the jungle." Danny explained.

"You're going to let me stay a gorilla until I get gorilla females as wives and have gorilla children, aren't you? You'll let me stay a gorilla even if that takes ten, fifteen years, or twenty years, won't you?" Gregory asked. He was nervous. Danny couldn't tell if he wanted him to answer yes or no.

"That's what you asked me to do, isn't it?" Danny replied. Gregory smiled and nodded his approval.

"And those two Bonobo chimps are really your children, aren't they?" Gregory asked.

"Yes, they're my offspring. What I told you was true. Poachers shot their Mother and I really did take care of them with bottles, baby food, and all that. I'm their real father and like all little boys, they need a parent," Danny explained. Gregory's face softened.

"Will my human body grow old?" Gregory asked. Danny realized that Gregory was just being a nerdy and asking too many questions. He lifted Gregory's gorilla mask and helped him fit it over his head.

"I grew older because I was still a child. You're nearly an adult so you'll grow some, maybe two or three years, and then after that your human age will hold steady. However, you'll age just like any gorilla. You will grow to four hundred pounds and eventually your hair will turn silver. Gorillas have been tough for us because of their strength and weight. You're already strong, that helps and you can start young," Danny said. Gregory shook his head in understanding.

"Are you going to send my classmates back without me" Gregory could barely talk through the mouth of the mask but he did manage to ask one last question. Danny fastened all but one of the latches on the gorilla mask. He came around to look Danny in the eyes and held his hand on the final latch.

"I'll tell you the truth. In the next three weeks, we are going to process nearly one thousand volunteers. They'll all be transformed. After that, there's going to be an airplane accident that destroys all of our records. With that, the entire staff will just become primates and disappear into the jungle for a few months. Your class will be a great addition to the breeding stock of the primates. Others are helping us. We already emptied half dozen Russian orphanages and those kids are now living healthier lives in the jungle. When your work is complete, I'll explain everything to you. Enjoy your new life," Danny said as he fastened the last latch one-handed. He saw Gregory's face transform before his eyes.

Danny pulled his own mask over his head. He reached back and fastened the latches so he could reopen them. He took the young male gorilla standing next to him into the jungle. They traveled through the trees for a few kilometers until Danny located a Silverback. He deposited the young gorilla in the middle of the clearing. The silverback roared and charged. The young gorilla became submissive and obedient. Danny waited a few hours until the old Silverback accepted the young gorilla as his offspring. Then Danny returned to the camp. He wanted to spend the night with his two Bonobo offspring. He wished he could make them his human children, but that was impossible. In the morning, he would find M'tombe' and his brother and introduce a new group of students into the wild.

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