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May 2005

Before Dinner

The locker room was small and sparse, an afterthought to a multi-million dollar soccer stadium. One locker, a tiny, elbow-shattering shower, a warped mirror, a toilet from the twelfth century designed for Quasimodo, and thanks to the jokers who opened the stadium a dozen years ago - a kotex dispenser. It was the kind of toilet that could give a gay bar a bad name. Luckily, only one person used it - Tighe Mac Tierney - mascot for the Sirius City Retrievers.

Tighe's anthropomorphic Retriever costume had the typical canine face sitting atop golden-yellow, furry shoulders and beefy, highly muscled arms. Tighe was lean, well-muscled and strong. His body was covered with wispy, blond hair. When he took over as mascot, Tighe made sure his costume flattered his form and let him bounce and cavort on the field. He created a hot, sexually-charged routine that left the crowd damp, excited and screaming for the home team. Inspired, the team won back-to-back Division titles. Tighe talked the entire team into tight fitting and revealing outfits delighting their fans and reviving attendance. Now, after five more championship seasons, Tighe wanted to retire. Tonight, the Sirius City Franchise and the League would honor Tighe for his work.

Soccer Score Box

Sirius City Retrievers 9 - London Lapdogs 4
Tokyo Toto' 2 - Deneb Dobermans 1
Kansas Canines - Petersburg Pinschers 5
Hairless Mexicans 0 - Piedmont Poodles 37
Ankara Akitas - Frisco-Angeles Schnauzers - night
Yorktown Yorkshires 5 - Southern Cross Whippets 4
Canton Willies - Venus Airedales - night

All the teams in the Canis Major soccer league were named after canine breeds from old Earth: the Sirius City Retrievers, Deneb Dobermans, New Tokyo Toto's, Kansas Canines, Frisco-Angeles Schnauzers, Venus Airedales, Yorktown Yorkshires, London Lapdogs, Greater Petersburg Pinschers, Canis Canton Willies, Southern Cross Whippets, Ankara Akitas, Piedmont Poodles, and to fracture an old bromide - last, and most definitely least - the Nova Fuentes Hairless Mexicans.

Tighe finished showering and started putting his socks on when Zack kicked the door.

"Hey monkey butt, hurray and get dressed before I drag you to your award dinner naked," bellowed Zachary Frederick von Echering, part-time player and majority partner of the team. Nicknamed Zip-Fuck Zack because of a) his initials and b) his ability to intimidate the opposition. He stood 2.1 meter tall and weighed in at 136 kilo of solid muscle - no fat, just pure aggression. He had the speed of a cheetah, the strength of a lion, and the viciousness of a barracuda.

Laughing, Tighe yelled back: "You and who else, big boy? And is naked the new formal? IF it is, I'm up for it." He unlatched the door. Cold air rushed into the room.

"That'll shrink your sorry-ass little dick," Zack's deep voice echoed through the hallways. Tighe opened his arms and shook his hips from side to side making his thick, uncut cock and jumbo-sized balls wave in the breeze. His tanned body glowed with a golden honey hue. Zack grabbed Tighe in his giant arms and nearly smothered him in a giant bear hug. Tighe talked between kisses.

"Zip-Fuck, so you're my blue and gold escort... nice of you to come and escort me and my sorry-ass dick to the party... My dick wasn't so sorry-ass small last night when I plowed your ass. I expected you to be walkin' bow-legged," Tighe smiled. He broke away and pulled on a pair of the team's custom-made, thongs - dark blue with gold trim. He arranged his package and then stepped into his tuxedo trousers. He winked at Zack.

"Regimental jockstrap night?" Zack smiled. "Good! You got a dinner, an award, and... and... I got some... uh, some special entertainment." Zack blushed and stuttered.

"Special?" Tighe asked buttoning his shirt and struggling with the bowtie.

"Just for you," Zack's hard exterior melted into little-boyish puppy-love. Tighe tweaked Zack's cheek and looked at himself in the mirror. He adjusted the gold and blue pocket handkerchiefs - the only color on their black tuxedos. They made a good looking couple he thought as they turned and left for the limousine to take them to dinner.

The Day Before

"Konichiwa, Mama-San. How is Mei Li today," Shane said in a loud and clear voice. Startled, Sam looked around. Anger flashed across his face as he smacked the back of Shane's head with an open palm.

"Gimme that fucking phone... you fucking asshole... Did you fucking call my sister in New Tokyo again?" He grabbed the cell phone from Shane's hand.

"If my sister answers this phone, you're dead... If some fucking bimbo slut answers this phone, I'm going to rip your head off and shit down your fucking neck..." he bellowed the last part as a joke. Then he listened to the little voice coming out of the phone.

Blue and Gold Fight Song

Fight for the glory of Sirius, Fight for the crown and victory
Let your eye be ever on the goal so bright, let your heart be faithful to our fight
Fight for the glorious game of Soccer, Fight for the crown and victory
The Mac Tierney's won't ever save the clan, the drunkards might drink all our beer tonight
But we'll fight for the glorious name of Sirius
Fight for the glory of Sirius, Fight for the crown and victory
Let your eye be ever on the goal so bright, let your heart be faithful to our fight
Fight for the honor of our Retrievers, fight for the laurel wreath to gain
And we'll toast our brilliant star's victory

"...The high tomorrow will be 85 degrees ... and the low tomorrow night will be in the mid 60's..." Trevor slammed the phone shut. Shane just danced away, laughing, chuckling, and snickering. His held his hand to the side of his face with his thumb to his ear and his little finger as a mouthpiece. He mocked the phone call in a high falsetto voice.

"oooh! Suckie suckie, fie doll-ah, papa-san! You think-ie I phone gull-flend? No! No! Papa-san. I phone your sista. She fuckie, fuckie, suckie, suckie all night for fie dollah...Two dollah more, she swallow..." Shane ground his hips and made his half-erect cock flap up against his stomach to punctuate his little speech.

"Cocksucking bastard! Your mother was a crack whore and your father's a syphilitic degenerate from a Jovian psych ward." Trevor slapped Shane's cock with one hand and threw the phone into the toilet with the other. It sizzled and hissed as the battery fried itself. Trevor flushed and waved goodbye. Fifty light years away, on the other side of the known galaxy, the voice continued "and in New Tokyo the weather is..." Trevor wrestled Shane into the shower cubicle and drenched him in cold water.

"Wash those evil thoughts out of your mind, ass-wipe," Trevor snarled. Both men laughed and shivered as cold water splashed across their strong, muscular bodies.

"Come to think of it, I'll wash out that nasty mouth of yours with my tongue," Trevor grabbed Shane and kissed him, shoving his tongue deep down Shane's throat. Their hips flexed, crotches ground together, and dicks stiffened. As good as it felt, they broke apart and stumbled out of the shower. Four large, naked feet stood on a tiny bathmat. Shane grabbed two small towels and the boys laughed as they dried each other. They pampered their bodies with a bronzing oil.

Tonight - in the grand tradition of combining diplomacy, business deals and sex - Shane and Trevor would entertain a group of businessmen with twenty-four hours of alcohol-enhanced, hot, scorching, incandescent, animalistic, sport-fucking. Or so they thought.

"Your costume, princess," Shane joked as he opened a gold and blue wrapped box and handed Trevor a dark brown, almost black costume sealed in a vacuum packer. He removed a second vacuum packer that held up a golden yellow version of the costume.

"Doo, fucking, doo-doo! PJ Shapey's outfits again..." Shane said. PJ Shapey's was the costume creator to the rich and powerful. His spectacular costumes transformed the wearer into an anthromorphic version of the animal it represented.

Trevor spoke up: "The fucking first time I fucking wore a PJ Shapey's costume I was a satyr. I couldn't stop fucking everything in sight while I wore that costume. Fucking got old after a week," Shane mused.

"You've heard the rumors, the owners are making big changes tonight. We're part of that. This could be a long assignment. A few years ago, I got stuck in a gorilla costume for two months. Luckily, the jerk's credit ran out and the company retrieved me. My reward was a bad case of jungle crotch rot," Trevor observed.

"Itchy penis, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Itchy penis, uh-huh! Uh-huh!" Shane danced and sang, mocking Trevor's complaint. He broke off the lyrics when he discovered the sexual equipment on the costume.

"Hey, hey, hey, fuckin' all right! Tonight, you can lick your itchy penis because 'wee-bee' dogs. You get to be a Doberman...And, uh... I get to be a big, brown... golden retriever," The outside of each costume was all fur and soft skin. Shane's passion betrayed his love of dogs. Trevor frowned. He was a cat person.

"How original of PJ. Dogs! Furry, hairy mutts in two different colors. We're the best in the business. You think he could come up with better ideas," Trevor said examining the inside of the costume. The glutinous coating would bond to his skin and feel real.

"Doggies. I like doggies. Look, we always fucking entertain fucking weirdo perverts. I fucking wonder if they'll use fucking rolled up newspapers to spank our fucking asses," Shane flipped the bird at Trevor.

"Maybe they'll just fucking fuck your fucking doggie asshole. Maybe they'll make you a breeder female," Trevor shrugged. Shane wiggled his naked butt cheeks seductively then farted a response to Trevor's concerns.

"Oh, a kiss for Father Murphy..." Shane puckered his lips and made kissy noises at Trevor.

"You know, sleeping next to you at night is a cheap thrill. I get to listen to the crickets echoing in your empty head," Trevor grumped, and then added: "Look at this! I got an even bigger fucking doggie dick," He fondled the giant canine genitals.

Shane searched his costume and found similar equipment. "So you finally get more than five inches of skippy to whip, huh!" Shane slapped Trevor's ass. Both men had thick, nine-inch cocks with substantial foreskins.

"That's four inches more than you got, shit-for-brains," Trevor answered ignoring the slap. He examined the costume's nearly invisible and very rugged ties and cinches.

"I'm thinking..." Shane mused. "I'm thinking about the menu for tonight's dinner. It's sushi again, you know... Well, you know... You know how sushi makes you toot, toot-tootie-toot... Don't ya? Chef and I have thought about this long and hard and as we both know sushi toots, just like lunacy, not only run in your family, they veritably gallop." Shane said. Trevor took a few seconds to react.

"You bastard! Bite me! Bite me hard," Trevor scowled. Shane ducked to avoid a punch from Trevor. He grabbed the bigger man around the waist and wrestled him to the floor. He twisted Trevor's arm behind his back and shoved a knee into the back of his shoulder. Most men would have begged at the pain. Trevor didn't. He just laughed aloud. Shane turned red and jammed him harder against the floor.

"Say it: Trevor Meachum has menstrual cramps! Say it! Trevor Meachum has menstrual cramps! Say it now!" Shane pounded on Trevor's back trying to push his head into the floor.

"You silly fool," Trevor chuckled as he jerked the muscles in the pinned arm sharply and threw Shane off his back. Shane thumped against the wall getting the wind knocked out of him.

"They don't call me two guns for nothing," Trevor flexed his massive biceps and triceps: "You'll always be the little brother I never had, Shane, my little fuck buddy. Shane, my own personal, private pussy-boy," Trevor's eyes gleamed as he shaped the fingers of his left hand into a circle and thrust the middle finger of his right hand through the hole. Shane winced as he pulled away from the wall. Trevor walked over to the box with his costume.

"Yeah, but I got a cute ass that you love," Shane rubbed his aching body. "Crap, I forgot just how strong you are."

"Quit fooling around and get dressed before I squash you. These costumes are hard enough to get into without one of us fucking moping around like a silly, lovesick schoolboy," Trevor said as he pulled paw-shaped boots onto his feet. Golden-brown fur covered his lower legs and ankles. The boots bent his feet and ankles out of shape. Shane pulled on a glove and waved at Trevor.

"Don't put the gloves on first, butt-munch. I ain't goin' to dress you," Trevor said as he pulled a pair of tight fitting pants up his legs and over his hips. Soft, golden fur covered his legs. He fished his cock and balls through a hole in the costume. He pulled up the cinches on the pants and felt the material snug up. The costume twisted his legs into a stand up version of canine legs. He stood up and flexed. It wasn't much of a change in his stance, just like tiptoes. Then Trevor tightened the costume at his hips making them narrower and changing the proportions of this thick calves and thighs. He twisted a cinch tight at his back and felt his butt cheeks open wide. He attached the dog-like tail to cover his exposed asshole. It bit into the bones just above his asshole. Shane pulled on a black, tight-fitting, sleeveless shirt making his chest and torso look canine.

"I like dogs. We'll make a nice pair of anthropomorphic dogs," Shane said admiring himself in the mirror.

"I don't like dogs. I'm a cat person," Trevor grumbled.

"Well, I really like dogs, they're warm, obedient, and cuddly. I once got fucked by a Doberman. The hottest part was lying around tied together. I'm going to enjoy a dog costume. Pull me tight, really tight. Make me as doglike as you can," Shane said. Trevor twisted the bindings that bent Shane's hips outward and pulled his at right angles to his torso. Shane groaned and leaned forward. He smiled at the chance to walk on four legs. A second set of cinches pulled Shane's hips and ass into a well-rounded rump. Trevor continued tightening the costume until Shane's waist and stomach shrank smaller than humanly possible. Shane gasped as the costume forced his internal organs into new positions. The costume shortened his thighs, lengthened his toes, reoriented his ankles, and made it possible for Shane to stand on four legs. Trevor fastened Shane's new tail. Shane yelped as the tail attached itself to the bones in his spinal column and then he wagged it from side to side.

"Well, you're turning into a fit, lean dog," Trevor remarked as he tightened more cinches pulling Shane's rib cage up and out, barreling his chest, and forcing his shoulders forward. Shane sat back on his once-human and now altered haunches with his knees held up and wide to catch his breath. His human genitals flopped on the floor. Trevor threw the costume's furry cock and balls to Shane who eagerly put them onto his own human genitals. Trevor quickly tightened the ties that pulled Shane's human equipment inside the dog-shaped genitals. Shane felt his balls hang low and away from his body, dangling between his legs. His cock attached itself to his stomach and hid inside a thick, furry sheath. With one hand Trevor rubbed Shane's big furry ball sack and with the other he rubbed Shane's furry stomach. Shane's new blood-red, blue-veined, dog cock poked out from its furry home. It's girth surprised both men.

"Do you like the transform so far?" Trevor asked.

"Great! Feels real good," Shane said enthusiastically. Trevor just smiled.

"You're going to be more dog than man, you sure you want that? We can back out, you know," Trevor asked.

"Whatever the customer wants, I want. I'm willing. As long as they don't name me Liberace. Spot, Rex, Pooch, mutt, even dogbreath, just not Liberace..." they laughed.

"Hey, dude, Your doggie cock and balls look different. Put them on so we can see," Shane tried to stand on all fours, but his human hands got in the way. Trevor pulled the costume's genitals over his human unit. The fur was black tinged with blue reflections. He fit a huge ball sack over his human testicles and slid a slimy red dog-cock over his human cock. His new cock rested in a sheath of black fur instead of a foreskin. Rather than cling to his stomach, it hung down like his human cock. Trevor's anthromorphic dog could stand and walk upright. He pulled on what appeared to be coal-black shoulder pads that extended halfway down his arms. Then he fitted the back half of the mask over his head. Trevor flexed his muscles as Shane tightened the ties and cinches. Unlike Shane, Trevor could stand upright in his costume. His already massive shoulders and arms looked canine. Only Trevor's face and hands remained human.

"Let's complete your costume. OK?" Trevor asked.

"Sure," Shane eagerly agreed.

"You know, you can't talk wearing these masks. We'll only growl, woof, and bark like dogs," Trevor said.

"Oh, that's OK. I guess... I'm not good at conversation with a client anyway. How about food and stuff like that?" Shane asked. Trevor held up the paw-like gloves and shoved them on Shane's hands.

"You'll have to lap up water. Otherwise, dogs are carnivores and have teeth to eat meat," Trevor answered. Trevor pulled the ties extra tight transforming Shane's hands into paws. Shane sat back on his haunches and supported himself on his new front legs. Trevor fitted the shoulder pads on Shane and pulled the ties that transformed Shane shoulders and arms into their new positions - down and forward so he could stand on his front legs. Then he tightened the cinches that pulled Shane's neck back and up. Shane groaned as he felt his bones in his neck change. Trevor paused for a moment and then began tightening the ties and cinches on Shane's body even tighter. Shane felt his fingers and toes completely blend into his paws. His skeleton changed even more to accommodate his new limbs. The muscles that held his tail grew thicker and stronger as did the tail itself. Thick golden-yellow fur grew on his body. What was once a well-built, handsomely male, human body was now a large, partially human-shaped dog resembling a beautiful, yellow-gold Retriever. Only Shane's human face remained of his former self. Trevor patted Shane's shoulders and stroked his back. Shane leaned against Trevor enjoying the petting.

"Just the face mask and I'll be completely changed. Huh?" Shane tried to rub himself with his paws. He moved awkwardly for a moment and then scratched like a dog. "Quite a change, too," Shane added scratching with a back leg. The immensity of the change confronted him. Once the mask went on, he would almost cease being human. Even now, Shane could smell the rich, musky odor of both his and Trevor's new furriness. He sniffed at Trevor's dog-like crotch. The smells excited him. He felt his new equipment stir inside its sheath and poke out. Laughing, he stood up and begged like a dog.

"You're still horny as hell," Trevor laughed as he petted the top of Shane's head. Shane dropped to all fours and shook his head and shoulders in dog-like fashion. "You're going to have lots of fun with that new doggie dick. Just think of it - day after day of sniffing crotches, licking balls and ass, fucking your master, you're going to love it,"

"Enough fooling around, put on my mask and make me a dog," Shane pawed at Trevor. Mentally, he abandoned all his human fears about the transformation. Trevor took the mask and fitted it over Shane's head. The inside of the mask sucked itself tight against Shane's face. For a few seconds he couldn't breath. Then he felt his new snout and jaws grow out from the middle of his face. New teeth filled his mouth and just as quickly, a big tongue. Then he felt cool air against his tongue and new smells in his nose.

Trevor tightened even more making Shane's ears move to the top of his head and elongating his skull. His snout and jowls grow thicker and longer, enhancing his senses of smell and hearing and causing him to lose the color in his vision. His forehead sloped back and his eyes set wider. Shane whined softly as the bones of his skull narrowed turning his human skull into that of a dog. Shane tried to talk but could only bark. Trevor pulled one final time causing Shane's thoughts to shift from abstract ideas to thoughts of sex, smells, food, sex, food, sex and more sex.

The transformation complete, Trevor knelt in front of Shane and petted him while letting him lick his face. Still obviously part-man, Shane bounced and played like a puppy. His paws found places on Trevor's body that no dog understood as sexual. Shane's golden hair gleamed in the light. His eyes betrayed his intelligence and his human face showed through the canine features. After a few minutes, Trevor broke away with a sigh. Shane lay down with his head down on his paws and stared at him.

Trevor pulled his mask over his face fitted it into position. He felt the mask grab onto his skin and start to pull at his face. He couldn't breathe for a few seconds as the bones of his jaws lengthened into a snout. His skin itched as his lips grew into jowls. Trevor opened his eyes and looked down a long, furry black nose. He felt his ears growing points and moving up to the top of his head as his forehead sloped back. He tugged on the cinches and felt his skull reshape itself from its human roundness to a canine oval shape. He took a couple deep breaths through his new nose enjoying the richness of the smells and the coolness of the air. He let his new tongue lick his nose and dog-like lips. Then he the shoved his hands into the paw-shaped gloves and before his fingers began to change, pulled the ties fast and sealed himself into his costume.

He pawed open the closet door and admired his reflection in a mirror. His big, muscular, athletic, figure was covered in soft black fur, a dog-like face rested on his shoulders complete with a lolling tongue and big, round eyes, and sharp teeth. Shane came and sat next to him just like a real dog would, but his form was bigger and more humanoid than a real dog,

Both Shane and Trevor heard their keepers as they came to the door of the room. Shane barked and jumped greeting the men.

"Hey doggie! Good doggie! How's my good boy." One of the men produced a leather chew toy and let Shane grab it. They wrestled with it. When they tired out, the keeper put a blue and gold, jeweled collar around Shane's neck. With it, they loaded Shane into a dog cage. Shane obeyed and stared out of the cage looking sad and droopy. He wanted to play.

Trevor towered over the two men even in his anthropomorphic form. He flexed his well-defined muscles beneath his soft fur, instinctively growling. The aggressiveness felt good. After all, he was the lead dog. The keepers carefully placed a thick, gold and blue, bejeweled collar around Trevor's neck and pulled him into a sitting position. One of the men stood behind him with his legs astride Trevor's broad back. The other man knelt in from of Trevor and rubbed both sides of his snout with his hands.

"Zack says to make sure you're calm and gentle," the stockier of the two men said. Trevor started to say yes, but his throat only produced a loud bark.

The man behind him grabbed the ties and cinches of Trevor's mask and pulled them tight reshaping Trevor's skull even more. Held in place and unprepared, Trevor felt his humanity drain away as his brain cavity shrank. He lost his alpha-dog aggressiveness. His feelings became simpler and less complex. He cared more about sexual pleasure and the obediently pleasing others than domination. One of the men whistled and he obeyed quickly and quietly entering his own dog cage where he lay down and waited.

Hugh's Dirty Ditty

Do your Balls hang low?
Do they swing to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Do they make a rustic clamor
When you hit them with a hammer?
Do your Balls hang low?

After Dinner Party

The limo snaked its way from the heart of the city and out to the suburbs.

"Great food and good speech," Zack loosened his cummerbund and belt. He opened his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Zack's bulk seemed to fill the cabin of the limo, pressing against Tighe.

"Too much food, too much wine, too much party. You'd think the old blue and gold couldn't exist without me," Tighe lay back on the well-padded limo seat, his eyes closed, faced flushed, and breathing heavy. His finely muscled chest showed through the opened lace of his shirt. He rubbed his hand across the golden-blond hair on his chest and reached down underneath his cummerbund. His cock strained against the thong.

"I need relief, Zack. Get me out of this monkey suit," Tighe tugged at his clothing. The limo slowed and left the highway.

"You know, dude, as athletic as you are in that mascot costume, you're a real fumble-fuck in a tuxedo." Zack removed Tighe's shirt, shoes and socks. He pushed the blue and gold thong off Tighe's cock letting it spring out erect and throbbing.

"Jerk me off! Do me! Do me now," Tighe's body writhed sexually. Zack snapped a finger against Tighe's ragingly hard cock. Tighe yelped as his cock deflated irretrievably.

"Oh no! You deflated my weenie," Tighe teased in a high-pitched voice.

"You are so fucking drunk... We're only a few minutes away from the after-party. I don't want to show up there with your spunk on my hands," Zack shoved Tighe's cock back inside his thong and zipped his pants. He splashed an odd smelling cologne over Tighe's bare chest.

"What's that? Essence of dog?" Tighe sniffed. and rubbed his body against an impassive Zack. The limo slowed and turned. The tires crunched on gravel.

Three Cheers

Elevator, Elevator
We got da shaft!

Potato Chip, Potato Chip
Munch! Munch! Munch!
Someone go get the Referee Lunch!
Eat it, Ref, Eat it!

Kick them in their asses
Smite them on their balls
Rip their fucking dicks off
Pound the corn holing bastards into the dirt
Tear their Poncy hair out
Rip their eyes right out of their heads

Party time

Zack pulled Tighe out of the limo and into their private club. Indoor-outdoor carpeting crinkled under their bare feet. A gold and blue theme dominated the bar, the stools, the cushions, and the neon lights. Even the mats, ropes, slings, leather harnesses, and latex goods had gold and blue accents. A couple team members and the two new mascots stood behind of the bar. The anthromorphs sat quietly in their cages. They all wore skimpy outfits of dark blue and gold.

"Well, as usual, we're the first ones to arrive... and... it's a party for ME!" Tighe collapsed in laughter on Zack's arm. Clearly, he felt no pain. A chorus of "surprise" and "congratulations" greeted them.

"Party boy here is hot and horny. Did the special gifts get here? " Zack asked. The group parted to reveal two cages holding the two anthropomorphic dogs. One, a beautiful golden brown retriever with human features. The other, a man covered in black-as-night fur with Doberman features.

"My own canine... dog morphs... Oh fucking A. Just what I wanted," Tighe wiped drunken tears from his eyes.

"Meet Hunter the Retriever ..." Zack said.

"Oh, fuck ME! Can I play with him NOW? Oh, well, it's my party, just fuck you, I AM going to play right now!" Tighe dropped his pants freed his throbbing cock,

Zack opened the first cage to let the big golden-yellow retriever out.

Tighe knelt to greet the anthromorph. Hunter just bowled him over and began licking and rubbing his furry body against Tighe. Tighe guided the dog's tongue to various parts of his anatomy as he explored the anthromorph's soft fur overlying human muscles. He rolled around on the floor with the dog, wrestling. The soft fur aroused Tighe even more as the dog licked his cock and balls. Tighe shot a load into the anthromorphs mouth. Then he got on his hands and knees and let Hunter the Retriever mount his back. Hunter's back legs were huge compared to those of a real dog but still canine in shape. His chest and forelegs were much more human and Tighe found that Hunter could actually grab around him and hold on tight. He marveled that Hunter's paws were so dog-like, no sigh of human fingers but real pads and claws.

"You guys just going to watch?" Tighe said as the Retriever's long, red cock poked around his asshole missing the bull's eye.

"Not only watch, but jerk off, too," Cameron, the mascot for the Nova Fuentes Hairless Mexicans, stroked his thick, uncircumcised cock along with the others. On the padded floor in front of them Tighe held his torso up on one arm and with the free hand guided Hunter's bright red prong into the middle of his ass.

Tighe yelled as Hunter's huge, anthropomorphic cock slid into his asshole. The man-like dog on his back raised his head and howled as it began to hump Tighe's ass.

Zack studied the anthromorph as it fucked Tighe. He recognized Shane's musculature and movements. He knew Shane's body. PJ Shapey's costume did an excellent job of changing well-muscled, humpy, young hustler into a hot, sexual, furry fantasy.

The other anthromorph, the black Doberman, he guessed was Trevor. PJ said they were a pair and wouldn't split them up. As much as Zack loved his team the Golden Retrievers, he had this secret longing for sleek black Dobermans. As he watched Tighe get fucked, he imagined his after-party sexual encounter with Blitz the Doberman. He felt his balls pull up and his already hard cock grow harder, steel-like. He splattered a load of steaming spunk onto Tighe's face. Tighe raised his head and howled like the dog on his back. The dog-man's hips were pressed tightly against Tighe's buttocks as the dog-man's knot grew and locked the two bodies together.

"Oh, crap! His cock is SO hot in me," Tighe moaned as the front legs of Hunter pulled him closer. Tighe felt hot cum fill his guts as Hunter the Retriever rabbit-fucked his ass with short, fast strokes. Tighe yelped and barked then suddenly, he stiffened as his orgasm hit. His body jerked violently as orgasmic convulsions racked his frame. A load of white-hot jism shot out of his cock and onto the floor. On his back, Hunter bayed as Tighe's asshole tightened around his huge cock. Tighe froze in orgasmic rigor for a minute and then collapsed onto his stomach writhing and twitching - smearing his puddle of spunk on his chest and stomach. The men watching cheered their approval as they stroked themselves to orgasm. Hunter twisted until they were ass-to-ass. The fur on Hunter's rump excited Tighe. Tighe rubbed the outline of Hunter's huge cock on his stomach and feel the sperm squish around in his guts. He touched and tasted each man's spunk spreading their jism all over his sweaty body. Hunter the Retriever lifted his head and started licking Tighe's body. The hot tongue felt so good, Tighe's cock stiffened a second time.

"You'll be walking bowlegged for a week from this fuck. Another fuck and you'll be bowlegged for a month," Zack said. It took about ten minutes for Hunter's knot to shrink and release his cock from Tighe's ass. A gush of white dog sperm and funky ass juices poured out of his aching gut. Tighe lay back with his legs in the air and let Hunter lick his body clean. The rest of the men watched and jerked off. After a time, Tighe told his new pet to lay next to the whirlpool bath. He slowly lowered his red, drooling and stretched asshole into the hot water.

"Oh, god! Thank you Zip-Fuck, my ass will never be the same," Tighe sighed as the hot water relaxed his body.

"Your ass will never be the same? Look here, lover-boy - This anthromorph can fuck you three, maybe four times a day. You'll be lucky if you can sit on a barstool without it sliding up your ass," Zack laughed and petted Tighe's head.

Gaudeamus Igitur
(with apologies)

Let up now be happy and gay singing praises of the gold
While we're young and able to, let us raise our glasses to the blue
When we're old and wrinkled and gray, we may sing the praises too
But most likely all we'll do, is sit around an fart out old war tunes.
Fuck my ass and call me stupid but never let me lose faith in the great dog star

Kevin and Sean

"I have a surprise for Kevin and Sean. Do you want me to reveal it now? Or you want make friends with other anthromorph, the Doberman?" Zack asked.

"My ass needs a rest. Surprise Kevin and Sean," Tighe splashed warm water at Zack. He sat in a hot tub resting after being fucked by Hunter the Retriever anthromorph. His entire body tingled from the fucking and the hot, steamy water felt good. Most of that feeling was hyperactive anthropomorphic dog sperm infecting his body

With Tighe's retirement came the inevitable search for a replacement mascot. Zack and the search committee found Kevin and Sean, twenty-year-old twins. They idolized the Sirius City Retrievers from the age of six. After Tighe joined the Franchise as mascot, Kevin and Sean learned Tighe's athletic routines and cheers and invented a few of their own. Young, strong, good-looking, well built and sexually hot they won the competition hands down. Zack got to announce them as winners at his retirement dinner.

The Sirius City franchise wanted to up the ante for the rest of the teams in the soccer league. They designed a new promotional campaign for the two new mascots complete with sexier uniforms, cheaper tickets, and lower food prices, However, Kevin and Sean had one problem - with their blond hair, their robust bodies, their lust filled routines, their tumbling and jumping - Kevin and Sean were stud chipmunks. Not little cocks but short, beer-can fat, six inch cocks with walk-in foreskins hanging over egg-sized testicles. Cocks like that however great in person, just didn't cut it on the playing field. So the Franchise developed a new, anthropomorphic look for the mascots with dog-like masks with lots of new teeth, big floppy ears, furry manes, furry tails, paw-like hands, and new sexual equipment - twelve inch cocks hiding in thick, furry sheaths. Zack showed the new uniforms to Kevin and Sean.

"Wow! Furry uniforms, just like real dogs. We won't need clothes in these outfits," Kevin gasped in joy.

"Uh not completely naked! You'll still have to wear the sexy, new, skin-tight team uniforms. I gotta tell you, the Franchise wants you morphed all the time during the season. They want you on the job 24/7 for promotions," Zack said.

"Morphed all season, you say?" Kevin said. Sean added "On display 24/7?" Sean asked.

"The entire team is going to be morphed all season. They're going to get retriever masks, tails, and huge, dog-like genitals in addition to new, skintight uniforms," Zack said. The other players at the party paid close attention his announcement.

"Cool, dude... We love the new dinky-doodles." Kevin smiled and fondled the costumes genitals.

"Can we talk with these new teeth?" Sean added without missing a beat.

"Does this hair grow?" Kevin added holding the mask to his face.

"Why do we have four fingers on our paws? Is it true you can't pick up checks with four fingers?" Sean asked.

"And is that only true for a mouse? Will the furry tails work?" Kevin said so fast that Zack did a double take. Kevin and Sean's ability to synchronize their conversation and movements seriously creeped out Zack. Both boys looked at each other and then back at Zack. It was like watching mirror images of the same kid. Zack swore they could communicate telepathically.

"No talk, you'll just woof, howl, and bay during the games. That's the trade off for the new cocks," Zack said

"Go for it!" Kevin said giving a surfer hand sign.

"Radical in a tubular fashion..." Sean mugged a silly face.

"Look, Zack, our Team represents an entire planet of 15 million humans and eight different alien species. It's the least we can do as good citizens." Kevin added.

"Not to mention horny bastards," Sean said.

"Wannabee anthromorphs," Kevin barely let his brother finish.

"Yeah, We'll leave here as anthromorphs," Sean agreed. He grabbed his brother's cock and stroked it hard.

"Dream come true... Mascots AND morphs," Kevin added, Taking his brother's cock in hand and stroking it to hardness.

"New tubesteaks..." Sean added. The boys shoved their cockheads together and jerked off.

"All in one day..." Kevin mused pumping his brother's cock against his cock. Laughing, they pumped their hips in a victory dance. The other's in attendance nearly doubled over in an effort to grab thier cocks. Jaws dropped and saliva drooled down their chins. These two kids were nothing but pure animal magnetism.

"Celebration!" Both boys said at once as they came. They pumped the com out of their cocks and then licked it off their hands.

Kevin and Sean picked up the boots and set them on the floor in nearly identical gestures. Their ankles and feet disappeared and became fur-covered paws with soft pads and dark claws. They took a few steps to gain their balance on new canine feet and then they each attached the strip of fur that covered their shins and another strip of fur up the back of their legs almost to their buttocks. They gave the team's signature high-fisted wave and woofed. The group of men joined them.

Enjoying the adulation, Kevin and Sean took the canine dentures and inserted them into their mouths. Their new teeth stretched their lips. Turning to each other, they growled and snarled. Then, using each other as a mirror, they put on their masks. They carefully fitted the eye and nose holes and then the jowls to each other's face. Their movements became doglike. Finally, the boys closed the back of the masks and fitted the big, flowing manes over each other's broad shoulders and down their muscular backs. Being showoffs, they stopped and made silly curtsy movements and guttural barking sounds. Encouraging at the transformations, the group cheered and applauded.

Kevin and Sean woofed, yipped, barked, and growled. They tried to talk, but their tongues weren't long enough for their new teeth. They pantomimed their amazement at their new genitals. With a familiarity unknown to even cocksuckers, they fit their new genitals onto each other's bodies. Their actions left the group very erect and gasping. Even Tighe whose ass was resting in the hot tub stood up and watched.

Kevin and Sean now had furry sheaths that held thick, long cocks up against their stomachs. When erect, their cocks would dangle, but flaccid, they rested upright. A strip of golden brown fur ran up their washboard abs, circled their navels and stopped at the solar plexus. It matched the fine blond hair that grew naturally on their chests. Rather than pulling their balls close against their lower abdomen, the fur-covered ball sacks hung low below their cocks. They looked damn sexy and showed off their new equipment in coordinated movements. They set their masks on their faces.

"I guess you guys will have to lean over and lift your legs to piss," Zack laughed, "unless of course, you want to piss straight up into the air. It's a small price to pay for looking that good," Zack remarked. Both Kevin and Sean smiled through the masks raised their heads and howled as they grabbed their new equipment. Zack and the rest of the guys ducked for cover. Twin yellow fountains of hot boy piss sprayed up to the ceiling and showered little droplets all over the group. Kevin and Sean barked like hyenas at their stunt. Without letting anyone recover, the boys shoved their hands into the mittens of the outfit and wiggled their fingers into place. Their new four-fingered paws made them look animalistic. They punched their new paws together and then scratched each other's ribs pretending to find the ticklish spot. Laughing, the other players helped them extend the gloves up their forearms. They stood at attention waiting for Zack's inspection.

Zack's cock thickened and drooled visibly as he inspected Kevin and Sean in their new costumes. Soft, golden-blond fur covered the realistic canine masks. The fur sinuously wrapped their shoulders and flowed down the middle of their backs. It matched the fur on their legs and hands. Their sheathed cocks and leathery ball sacks were hotter still, hiding their cocks inside a sheath while revealing the shape to the viewer. The small dark spot at the opening of the sheath teased the viewer with every movement of Kevin and Sean's bodies.

Zack looked at their butts and realized they hadn't attached the tails of the costume. The tails were only about a foot long but thick with golden blond hair that matched the hair extending down each boys spine from the mane on their shoulders. Zack picked up the tails and motioned to Kevin and Sean to bend over. Both boys turned around, bent over and spread their butt-cheeks wide. Zack's cock sprang to attention at the sight. He grabbed Kevin's hips and held him tight.

"I just can't pass this up," Zack said as he plunged his cock deep into Kevin's asshole in one stroke. Kevin arched his back and pushed hard against Zack's assault. Zack pumped for about thirty seconds and pulled out of Kevin with a slurping, popping sound. Breathing heavy, he grabbed Sean's hips and plunged his cock into the second brother. He pumped deep and hard in boy butt. Zack stiffened in the white hot embrace of his orgasm as he blew a load into Sean. His cock dripped cum as he pulled out.

Both Kevin and Sean still stood bent over, asses exposed in front of Zack. With both hands, he fingered the bones above their assholes.

"I've wanted to do that for so many years. Your cute, blond asses begged to be fucked..." Zack sighed as he picked up the tails to their costumes.

"This might hurt a bit. These tails are like snakes; they bite through the flesh and attach to the bones at the bottom of the spinal column. That'll give you feeling and control... If you're ready, shake those mutt-like heads of yours." Not only did Kevin and Sean shake their heads, they wiggled their asses in approval. Zack's cock rose thick and hard in response. It liked where it has been just a few moments before. With a big sigh, he took the base of each tail and pressed it onto the bones just above the boy's assholes. He felt the hooks snap through flesh and burrow into the coccyx bones of each boy's spine. Both Sean and Kevin jerked and yelped. Zack held the tails in place for 30 seconds and let go. He smacked both their asses at the same time and gave them the high sign that their new bushy tails looked good.

"If you still want this 24/7, stand in front of me," Zack said and both Kevin and Sean jockeyed to be first. The smell from their fur made him even hornier.

Zack grabbed the ties and cinches that sealed Sean's costume and pulled them tighter and tighter until the ties broke off making it impossible to remove the costume. Almost immediately, Sean's head and body transformed from that of a healthy, athletic young man in a mask into an anthromorphic dog-man. He pulled the same bindings for Kevin's costume initiating his transformation. Just like his brother, his body permanently transformed into an anthromorphic dog-man. Nothing could reverse the changes or remove the costumes now.

Zack could feel heat pouring off of Kevin and Sean as the transformation moved through their bodies. The bones in their skulls flattened and their foreheads and brows became doglike. Their human noses stretched into snouts, and their jaws reshaped to match. Their fingers and hands dissolved into furry stubs. Their feet stretched and their toes lengthened. Ankles and knees reoriented. Their hips spread to accommodate their tails. Long, thin snouts filled with teeth and inside their throats, their tongues grew to match their jaws. New teeth formed in their mouths. Their cocks and testicles changed and became larger and doglike in both appearance and function. The fur stripes on their arms, legs and torsos grew onto their skin changing its texture. The transform moved through their bodies and reached into their brains. Their senses shifted, eyesight lost some color, smell enhanced, taste got tangy, and touch became sexual stimulation. The change wasn't just physical, mentally the boys outgoing nature and desire to please an audience increased. A dog-like subservience transcended human initiative. Kevin and Sean leaned against each other as the changes occurred.

"Meet our new Mascots!" Zack said. Kevin and Sean did a few of their newer gymnastics stunts and wowed the rest of the players in the room. Zack wound up like a sportscaster and pretended to hold a microphone.

"Your first assignment as the new mascots of the Sirius Retrievers is to sport fuck the brains out of the old mascot - Tighe!"

Kevin and Sean's doglike faces smiled broadly. Before Tighe could say a word, Kevin and Sean jumped into the bubbling hot tub and hauled Tighe to his feet. Sean shoved his long, thick cock down Tighe's throat as he bent him over. Kevin unleashed his new cock from its sheath and pressed it against Tighe's asshole. He slowly sank his new cock into Tighe's willing and hot asshole savoring the newness of having a long cock. Kevin and Sean tried to kiss over Tighe's body. Their new dog-like snouts and jowls made kissing awkward. The new configuration of their cock sheaths made their new cocks pull up high. Only Tighe's weight pulled them straight and their increased length plunged deep into his body. So much so, that Kevin and Sean could lift his body off the ground and still keep their cocks at ninety degrees. Both cocks started to develop knots. Embedded deep into Tighe's asshole, Kevin's knot served to anchor Tighe's ass and hips tight against his stomach. Once tied together, Kevin's augmented testicles began to pour hot, hyperactive sperm into Tighe's body. His testicles throbbed with each stroke of his cock.

The knot on Sean's cock forced Tighe's jaws open inhumanly wide while the head of Sean's cock plunged deep into Tighe's throat. Oblivious to Tighe's fate, Sean shoved his cock deeper and deeper into Tighe. Zack heard the crack as Tighe's jaw dislocated and Sean's knot filled his mouth like a melon. He watched as Tighe's face first turned red, then purple, and then to several shades toward deep purplish blue. Chemicals delivered into both Sean and Kevin's young and virile bodies drove them into unstoppable orgasms. Zack took a long, thick needle and carefully inserted it into Tighe's chest opening an airway to his lungs. Tighe's normal color returned. The two anthromorphs continued to fuck and tie with him for the better part of a half an hour. The animalistic savagery of the fucking startled most of the men. No one in the group spoke much of anything during Tighe's fucking by the two anthromorphs.

When they finished, Tighe's body was filled with their enhanced sperm. Kevin and Sean walked over to a warm corner of the room and fell asleep together. Tighe moaned and held his jaw with both hands. Zack held up a Retriever mask that looked similar to the mask on Hunter the anthromorphs. Tighe shook his head yes trying not to move his jaw.

"Those boys will sleep for two to three hours because of their transformation. But Tighe is pretty wrecked... Help me get him into this costume. It will heal him," Zack asked. Cody and Billy, two big, bear-like midfielders came over to help. Together, the three of them pulled a sleek, skin-tight and leathery body suit on Tighe's body. It had rich, thick golden-yellow fur just like on Hunter, TIghe's anthropomorphic doppleganger. Within seconds of Zack sealing the costume, Tighe could talk. The mask made his face doglike, but unlike the other masks, it didn't remove his ability to speak. His face looked doglike along with his hands and feet looking like paws. The costume had a thong-like pounch that held Tighe's genitals close to his body. Cody, Billy and Zack lowered him into the hot tub.

"What a fuck that was. I've dreamed about cocks so big that you die sucking them... What a way to go - impaled on two huge cocks. I wanna do it again. I wanna do it again," Tighe moved slowly. His cum-filled body hurt so much that he didn't want to move to fast.

"You just relax for a little while. All that dog sperm they injected you with needs to settle itself." Zack said. Puzzled, Tighe stared at him. Meanwhile, Cody and Billy as team members had other questions.

"What's this about the players being morphed?" Cody asked. His 375 pounds of muscle belied his speed and agility on the field.

"Yeah, fucker. Will our costumes look like the mascots?" Billy the other midfielder asked.

"No, your masks are much more human and you'll have human hands and feet. The tails are mandatory," Zack said in a monotone.

"What about the cock and balls? Jackass! We don't give a flying fuck about our faces," the other midfielder, Billy growled. Billy was a rugged, mountain of a man, somewhat taller and thinner than Cody. His body was covered with bulging muscles and his testosterone level ran on overdrive. Several scars from a childhood accident covered his face and neck.

"Oh, you're more worried about your penis than your face?" Zack cracked.

"Damn right. we'll take big dicks over a pretty faces any day," Billy snarled and Cody backed him up. Zack winked at Tighe.

"All the team members get the big doglike genitals and tails. They aren't just for appearance."

"What?" Several voices asked in near unison. Both Cody and Billy's eyes opened wide silently questioning Zack about this revelation.

"Well, they each hold a supply of performance enhancing drugs. The new genitals and tails will hop up the team's metabolism and make us unbeatable. The drugs responsible for your physical transformation mask the performance enhancers." Zack blushed. No one spoke for a long and tense minute. Over in the corner, Sean and Kevin broke the somber mood with exuberant woofing. Cody and Billy stared at each other and started to giggle.

"No fucking way, man! They finally found a way around all that drug testing," Cody remarked.

"You mean we can piss in those little cups without fear?" Billy's face lit up in joyous glee. He let loose a whoop of glee. Suddenly, he stopped mid-cheer and raised his hand for everyone to shut up. With a sudden move, he grabbed Cameron in his huge arms and held him tight.

"What do we do about Cameron? After all, he's the mascot for the Nova Fuentes Hairless Mexicans and you just told him our big secret."

"Hey guys, I'll never tell. I promise. I'll be quiet," Cameron said. His voice squeaked from the tight grip that Billy had on him.

"Aha! Surprise. Surprise. Surprise! I'm like the boy scouts of old, I'm prepared" Zack answered.


All Hail Sirius U, our hearts and minds belongs to you
Succor of our faith and bringer of our fame
Our sons fill your ranks and our loins
Birthplace of our beloved gold and blue
Keeper of the great soccer ball, the holy stadium, and the winning score
May you always bring us glory as the brightest star in the firmament

Cameron the Bulldog

"I'll never reveal your secrets as long as you keep pumping me up with great gobs of your hot, steaming man-juice," Cameron, the mascot for the Nova Fuentes Hairless Mexicans yelled as he pretended to struggle against Billy's massive arms.

"And we aim to keep stuffing our cocks down your punk throat and up that hot, tight ass of yours," Billy's voice rumbled through Cameron's torso. Cameron's cock stiffened and Billy cupped it in his big hand and started to rub it. Billy let his stiffening cock rub against Cameron's nearly-hairless butt crack. Cameron stood on his toes and let Billy's cock slide against his asshole. He teased Billy by squeezing his buns together and holding his asshole tight. The other midfielder, Cody pressed his cock against Cameron's cock and let Billy masturbate both. Precum dripped from his fingers and dribbled on the floor. Tighe floated contentedly in the hot tub waiting for the usual Billy, Cody and Cameron sex show. His body tingled from the two fuckings he received and the warmth of the water.

"Before you guys get too involved in your little S&M sex games, I have a surprise for Cameron. We won't have to imprison him as your personal sex slave just to keep our secrets," Zack said.

"WHAT?" Three voices said almost in unison followed by random fuck-offs, eat shit, and other expletives. The three looked at Zack like the world just ended. Billy and Cody relaxed their grip on Cameron.

"Lotta 'whats' today... But, you guys can wait until you're done, are't you?" Zack teased. Cody and Billy growled. Cameron laughed so hard that he let Billy's cock slide into his ass. He twisted his head around and kissed Billy's lips.

"As usual, warm as toast and big as a post," Cameron said between kisses. Billy made his cock twist and stir inside Cameron's guts. Eventually they stopped to give Zack a chance to reveal the surprise.

"Well, the League is buying out the Nova Fuentes Franchise. The commissioner's going to announce it tomorrow. The press release will say that 'you can't polish a turd' and the league apologizes for the mismanagement and malfeasance of the Nova Fuentes investment group. They got tired of the embarrassing antics of the Nova Fuentes consortium..." Zack paused letting the news sink. "The players, the announcers, the equipment, the cheerleaders, the mascot, the hot dogs, the bathrooms, even the condom dispensers and the hidden glory holes - everything - including that monstrously ugly orbiting stadium will be sold to the New Brunswick Investors Group."

"No shit! ... You're jerking our weenies! ... No fucking way! ..." echoed through the building.

"Yes! Big fucking way. The last straw was charging their season subscribers extra for the "Lusty Month of May" promotion," Zack paused to take a drink from the hot tub's wet bar. Tighe lapped a drink from a margarita glass.

"You mean people didn't like all us hot, horny studs deflowering a dozen virgins live and onstage?" Cody demanded.

"Personally, I loved the up close and personal camera angles and interviews of the virgins. They sounded like such sweet sluts and whores... Ohmigosh! did I say that?" Cameron laughed and wiggled his ass around Billy's cock. Billy twisted his hips and made his cock rotate inside Cameron.

"Those weren't virgins, at least not after the first or second rehearsal. And, they definitely weren't virgins after we got done with them after the game in the locker rooms," Cody blurted his indignance. Everyone laughed. Billy spread his legs and drove his cock deeper into Cameron. Zack offered even more news.

"Well, virginity being relative, the Nova Fuentes Owners were the cheapest bastards in the known universe. They abused their patrons with high prices. They treated their players like morons. They've had four winless seasons, not just losing, but absolutely fucking zero wins... Next season, they planned the first pan-galactic sheep fucking contest as an opening event... And if that wasn't bad enough, they were going to double subscription prices... What did they expect to happen? Tonight, the League paid off the Franchise and sold it to New Brunswick as the Bulldogs. Never again will the Nova Fuentes Mexican Hairless Owners embarrass the League and offend the sensibilities of the common man," Zack ended his diatribe by rolling his eyeballs.

They all knew his level of cynicism. Offending the sensibilities of the common man was a time-honored marketing tradition in the soccer league. The real crime of Nova Fuentes was doubling the price of tickets and making suckers and laughingstocks of the season subscribers. An absolute "no-no" in the business.

He continued: "Tomorrow, the league will introduce the Brunswick Bulldogs," Zack punctuated the statement with an affirmative shake of his head. Cameron let out a loud whoop.

"You mean I'm going to be a virile, hunky bulldog instead of a hairless, wimpy Chihuahua Wannabee with a cheesy goatee?" Cameron tried to jump up and down but he just impaled himself harder on Billy's cock.

"And tomorrow you can use your real name rather than the fake Latino name that Fuentes forced you..." Zack said. He was interrupted by Billy.

"Right now, you're my cute, little fuck-toy... bitch," Billy bent Cameron over and began to fuck him with long, slow movements of his hips. Cody reached underneath Cameron and jerked on his cock.

"Oh, that feels so good. Just to let you know, Billy, I lied to you, I never suffered from constipation," Cameron groaned as Billy fucked him even harder for being a smartass.

"Cody! Plug his mouth with your dick," Billy ordered. Cody shoved his cock into Cameron's hungry mouth. Zack watched the three men reach orgasm. Billy came first in Cameron's ass. Cody blew a load into Cameron's mouth and Cameron left a large white puddle on the floor. Cameron leaned on the side hot tub as reeking, oozing, offal mixed with cum drooled out of his asshole and dribbled down his legs. Cody knelt in front of Billy and licked his brown-tinged cock to pink, shiny clean. Cody got behind Cameron and cleaned his ass of any secretions. This was their scene and Zack only tolerated it because they were teammates.

Zack waited until he finished. "Here's your new costume from PJ Shapey. It's a stud bulldog with a big dick rather than a Chihuahua with a skimpy, rinky-dinky doodle dandy," Zack tossed a package to Cameron who eagerly ripped open the package. He pulled furry boots over his feet and a bulldog looking mask on his face. His new genitals consisted of a thick cock with a furry sheath and huge balls in a short, fur-covered sack. Rather than rest up against his stomach, his cock dangled down. In a jockstrap it would create a huge basket. Cameron handed a short, cropped tail to Zack who affixed it to the bone just above his asshole. Cameron pulled on furry gloves with four fingers like a cartoon character. Zack adjusted the mask and tightened the cinches. Then he watched as Cameron's body transformed. His skin toughened and turned to hide. His hair turned onto soft brown and white fur. His face pulled itself out and back into a bulldog shape with the pug nose and squashed snout. His ears pointed and pulled up to the top of his head as his skull changed shape.

Cameron gasped and lost a heartbeat due to the rapidity of the change. He looked at his new body and did a few somersaults and gymnastics moves. His body twisted and turned faster now that when it was human. When he tried to talk, half-human woofing and growling noises came out of his mouth. His bark was deep and resonant. Compared to the new mascots for the Sirius Retrievers, he had much less hair and looked almost human. His bulldog face and head set the tone of his look. The costume's barrel chest, thick thighs and biceps along with thin calves and forearms gave him a bulldog-like appearance.

"And now Cameron, your first duty as a new mascot is ... Sport fucking the birthday boy. The louder, the better," Zack yelled like a TV announcer. Cameron woofed his excitement. His new, slick, red cock poked its thick head out of its brown, furry sheath.

"Again? Dammit, dammit, dammit! My ass will never be the same after tonight," Tighe moaned as he stepped out of the hot tub and dripped water all over the floor. He leaned against the tub and pushed his ass out towards Cameron.

"Go ahead, you bloody bastard. Christen that new cock on my asshole," he said as Cameron licked at his ass and balls with his new, longer tongue. Tighe moaned loudly as the tongue slurped its way around and into his asshole. Cameron's new doglike cock slithered out of its sheath like a giant red snake and steamed in the cold air for mere seconds before he plunged it deep into Tighe's ass. Tighe arched his back and pretended to howl in pain as Cameron pumped his cock in frantic strokes. Cameron wrapped his funky, four-fingered hands around Tighe and pulled his ass up against his stomach. So close, his new, furry ball sack smacked against Tighe's balls. It only took a few minutes of stroking for Cameron's knot to start to grow inside Tighe.

Cameron howled as his knot grew to the size of a grapefruit and locked the two men together, He continued to fuck Tighe with short, quick strokes. Zack could see Tighe's gut expanding with the load of cum being pumped inside his body. As quickly as he started, Tighe whined and stopped fucking and started to jerk off Tighe. He jerked him from behind until he blew a load onto the side of the hot tub. Locked together, both men stood there dripping sweat and panting.

"Oh man, do I feel full of your spunk. It so hot, my insides are on fire," Tighe moaned to Cameron who kept licking the back of his neck and shoulders with his new doglike tongue and nibbling his ears with his teeth. Cody and Billy stood there with their mouths hanging.

"Well, looks like you two are ass-buddies for about a half hour," Zack said. Cameron yipped his approval and leaned against Tighe. For his part, Tighe just groaned and figured out a way to lie down without Cameron's knot ripping his insides out of his body.

"What's next, party boy? Surely you're not down with your surprises. Don't you have new costumes for Cody and Billy?" Tighe said. He felt his stomach shrink a little as it absorbed Cameron's load of sperm.

The Nova Fuentes Fight Song

first verse
The jolly old Bishop of Squirmingham,
He buggered 3 boys while confirming 'em,
As they knelt seeking God,
He excited his rod,
And pumped his episcopal sperm on'em.

Aye, yi, Yi, Yi,
In Paris they never serve Chile'
So let's have another verse
That's worse than the first,
And waltz me around by my willy.

Billy and Cody

Still tied to Cameron, Tighe felt his stomach squirm and shrink a little as Cameron's huge dog-like cock began to deflate inside him. Cameron, now looking like an anthromorph bulldog, leaned around to lick and nibble at Tighe's cock and balls with his new canine teeth and tongue.

"I got all of the new team outfits here to... But," Zack said as he took two more packages from the boxes. Cody and Billy's faces light up at the news.

"What's the 'but'?" Cody asked.

"I'll bet he can't give them to us right now because he's just a cheesy-little, wanker snot," Billy growled. Zack got a hurt look on his face.

"I can only give them to the entire team tomorrow at the Blue Moon Festival. The Franchise wants the sports reporters and our new mascots in the locker room when the transformations occur. They've planned expensive booze, overpriced wine, fancy hors d'oeuvres, all-male cheerleading squad, drugs, viagra, and cialis," Zack winked. Billy looked up in amazement and rolled his eyes. Cody shook his head. The press announcement would be an orgy of food, naked bodies and sex.

"They want us to put on the new, anthropomorphic uniforms in front of the press? They want us to put on dog masks, tails and cocks with all those drugs in them and display ourselves? Then they want us to make happy-happy, nice-nice, and talky-talky to a bunch of starved, horny sports writers? And in front of our own sex-crazed group of cheerleaders who just can't suck enough dick to ever be satisfied?" Cody put a hand on his head to illustrate his point. Cameron and Tighe lay still tied together listening.

"The cheerleaders have new costumes too," Zack cringed and waited for the reply.

"Do the words 'Mongolian cluster fuck' mean anything too you?" Cody asked.

"Some of those sports writers haven't been laid in thirty years. They better have medics on hand just in case they have heart attacks with their orgasms," Billy shrugged. Zack shrugged back. He looked guilty -like the cat that ate the canary or the little boy with his hand in a cookie jar.

"I take back all the times I called you an impotent, little wiener-dog... Or a dick-less wonder ...Or even a rotten, stinky, little turd. You're a real liar and a weasel. What are you planning that you haven't told us," Cody's cynicism oozed into the room like an oily fog.

"We aren't doing it in the locker rooms, we doing it in the middle of the stadium and there's going to be 250,000 screaming fans in attendance representing every fan club on Sirius Prime and the outer planets. We're going to give away more tails and masks, free. Just as long as the fans wear them out of the stadium," Zack shuffled from side to side. Cody burst out laughing.

"No way!" Billy yelled.

"Yes way. When the introduction ceremony is over, we're going to have 250,000 plus anthromorphs. Not to mention a stadium splattered and stinking with their DNA. And we're going to send each of them home with at least ten more kits for the club members who couldn't make it. They're also using overnight delivery to get tails to the soccer clubs at all the high schools so the teenage boys can try them on." A silence filled the room.

"So we're taking over the planetary system, aren't we?" Cody remarked. He might have said more but Cameron, the new bulldog anthromorph pulled his cock out of Tighe with a loud, sloppy pop releasing a large puddle of dog cum onto the floor. He immediately knelt on all fours and started to lap up the puddle. Tighe lay on his back with his legs in the air exposing his red, well-fucked asshole.

Zack, Cody and Billy tiptoed around the mess on the floor.

"Oh, god that feels good to be free. It's never going to close up tight again, is it? My ass is so stretched; it's never going to be the same, huh?" Tighe said. He touched his open asshole and felt it twitch and spasm. Cody looked at Tighe's bright-red, lubricated his arm and sunk his closed fist deep into Tighe's palpating asshole. Cody didn't stop until sank in past his elbow. Tighe let out a high, wolf-like howl. Cody howled along with him.

"I love the feel of your insides. You're so warm inside, so soft," Cody said as he fisted Tighe.

"I love being fucked. I loved being fucked. Push that arm into me as deep as it can go," Tighe's voice was soft and low. Billy held a vial of chemical relaxant under Tighe's nose and let him suck the vapors deep into his lungs. As he let his breathe out, Cody's arm slid into Tighe's body right up to the shoulder. Tighe moaned in ecstacy.

Cody deep fucked Tighe without realizing that the flexibility of Tighe's body was due to all the chemically adjusted sperm from the anthromorphs. When Tighe's cock squirted sperm all over his chest, Cody pulled out and they both lay on the ground exhausted. Zack and Billy played with each other's cocks at the far end of the room. They could hear Cody and Tighe talking like two little kids.

"How'd you like to get fucked by a big, doggy dick every day?" Zack yelled across the room to Tighe.

"Isn't that why you got me the anthromorphs?" Tighe asked.

"No. I only rented the anthros. They go back in a few days. My question is for you and Cody. Would you like Cody to fuck you every day and Cody, would you like to have Tighe with you all the time?"

"Hell yes. Sure. We'd do that in a heartbeat if we could figure out how. How sweet would that be," Tighe said and Cody hugged him in agreement.

"I have the perfect gift for you two," Zack said. He had Billy bring up two wooden "X" shapes with gold discs on each end. He opened a box and dumped out four pair of paws. Cody and Tighe picked up the pairs and sorted them out between them. Both men were excited about what they represented.

"Put those paws on your hands and feet and then step onto the gold discs." Tighe and Cody quickly pulled the cloth paws on their hands and feet. The spots on the X-frames required they crouch like dogs to reach the spots. Their asses held up high, their shoulders at the same level, their cocks and balls dangled between their legs. Zack looked at both men marveling at how completely unsuited the human body was to move on four limbs. Tighe and Cody each stood on their respective four spots wiggling and jerking in excited anticipation.

"You ready," Zack said holding what looked like the remote control for a cheap radio-remote car. He pushed a button on it and slid a lever forward. The artificial paws immediately stuck to the gold spots on the X-frames. Tighe and Cody tried to pull away but couldn't. They looked up at each other and Zack as they yanked their hands and feet and twisted their bodies trying to get free.

"Hey, what the fuck is up? Why can't we move," Cody yelled. A mild electric jolt went through their bodies making their flesh and bones maleable. Both men yelped startled and frightened at what was beginning to happen to them.

"The final retirement gift for both of you... a complete DNA change. You'll be beautiful golden retriever pets for the team... Sorry for the surprise, Cody. We'll tell the press you retired to some island paradise with lots of virgins eagerly bestowing their blessings on you..." Zack pushed another button and the pads of the X-frames glowed with an eerie yellow light. The flesh on Tighe's and Cody's hands and feet became transparent revealing the bones in their hands and feet as they transformed. Their digits extended and their ankles warped up to the knees from human into canine bone structures, larger than any dog, but still canine. The X-frames grew longer stretching Cody and Tighe torsos into longer more doglike shapes, their waists thinned and stomachs shrank. The stretching also increased the roundness of their rib cages.

Both men dripped sweat and groaned as their spinal columns bent out of human shape to support their new horizontal stature. The yellow glow from the platform moved through each body slowly transforming them. Their hands and feet up to the elbows and knees ceased being human and assumed a canine form. Still affixed to the platform, the energy of the transformation flowed up their limbs and into their thighs, hips, and shoulders.

"Stop it. Turn us back," Tighe yelled. Cody did the same. Zack just stood there and ignored the cries. The transformations moved from Cody and Tighe's legs into their hips, skewing and altering the orientation so that butts and hind legs formed around the new structures. Bony tails grew out of the ends of their spines. Their shoulders adjusted so that new, heavily muscled forelegs suitable for standing could form. The transformation moved into Cody and Tighe's chest and rearranged the bony structures within. Their necks lengthened to support an other-than-human head.

"Zack, please, restore our human forms before it's too late," Tighe begged. Tears of pain rolled down his still human face. Cody grimaced taking it like the man he thought he was. Both men stood there on all fours, their bodies still pink, still human skin and internal organs, but with partially-canine skeletons up to their necks. Only the bones in their heads remained purely human in appearance.

"But this is what you wanted. What you wished for. I'm only the agent of change. You were thrilled when I told of the all the men we're going to transform into canine anthromorphs. Now you're not thrilled at becoming golden retrievers?" Zack said in cold tones.

"Why didn't you use a costume for us? We would have retained our human genes and you could have relocated us to another world..." Cody's voice trailed off as the pain of his slowly changing bones got too much for him to talk. Tighe turned his human face towards Cody and then back to Zack. A ten inch long bony tail grew out of his spinal column pulling his butt cheeks wide apart and hiking his asshole up high like a dog's.

"What's he talking about?" Cody asked. He struggled to release his new paws from the X-frame.

"PJ Shapey's costumes just alter the form and not the genetic structure when it transforms a body. These X-Frames will completely resequence your DNA when you reach your final forms. It's an irreversible change. You'll never be able to return to your human physical forms. You'll always be dogs, big dogs and somewhat anthropomorphic in appearance to be sure, but completely canine. In fact, a matched pair of golden retrievers. One last thing, you'll retain all of your human memories but you won't be able to act on them," Zack pushed another button on the remote control and the energy flowing through Tighe's and Cody's bodies increased. Their internal organs began to reshape and realign to accommodate their new canine skeletons. Both men started to beg for their human existences. Zack ignored them. Billy turned to him:

"Why are you doing this?" Billy asked.

"Secrecy, dude. No one knows exactly what is going to happen tomorrow and Tighe was a liability. And really, Billy, if you can't shut up and behave, you can join Cody and Tighe," Zack said. Billy just shook his head in submission and stood silent. Zack turned his attention to Cody and Tighe.

"Now which of you wants to be a sire and which of you want to be a bitch?" Zack pushed a button and Tighe felt his cock and balls twitch. He yanked and pulled at his new limbs but he couldn't free himself or stop the change. He screamed and cursed at Zack who just chuckled.

"You begged to be fucked everyday, day in and day out. I'm just fulfilling that wish," Zack watched as Tighe's cock stiffened, engorged with blood and his balls turned bloody red. Tighe's unit moved back between his canine legs and shrank into his rump just below his asshole. He screamed a lot as his insides distended to accommodate the new female structures. Tighe felt the soft tissues form inside him and start pumping out female canine hormones into his body. Only his bone structure had changed so far, but now, he felt his flesh begin to change.

Cody felt a burning in his cock and balls. He's seen Tighe's changes, now he assumed he was going to change in same way.

"Please let me stay male. Please don't change me into a female," Cody begged. The base of Cody's cock grew round and large like as a grapefruit. His dick grew long and thick. His balls dropped down in their sack and grew larger. He felt a rush of canine hormone course through his body and with it, the soft flesh of his body started to turn from human to canine. Zack laughed and twisted the control again. A muzzle formed out of the middle of Cody's face. Teeth grew out of his new jaw and his eyes sank back and under a thick brow. Cody felt his neck thicken and transform. His skull pressed back and flattened changing its shape and remolding his brain. He tried to talk but couldn't. He felt the ability to talk slip away from him both physically and mentally.

My DNA must be changing, he thought abstractly and then he felt his muscles and internal organs shift one last time. His eyesight changed to accommodate looking down his long nose. His entire body itched. His skin seemed to crawl as hair sprouted all over his body. Rather than hands and feet, he felt paws, big floppy ears rather than small human ears, hindquarters and rump rather than ass and thighs, forelegs rather than arms, and a new soft stomach rather than rock-hard abs. He shook his new body from side to side. It felt good to him. He thought about soccer and remembered his life as a champion midfielder. He remembered his once human life of football, fucking, and fun without nostalgia, without regret. All that was past, a different existence. He put all those memories aside and thought about the present. He barked and struggled to move, but his paws were fixed to the floor. He stood and waited, panting with his big tongue lolling out of his mouth. Zack petted him on the head and Cody sniffed his crotch in return. This man smelled good to him.

Still mostly human, Tighe watched Cody's final transformation into a dog. He knew he was next.

"Please, Zack! Please don't do this to me. Stop now. Don't do this to me," Tighe begged. His voice sounded deeper in tone because his throat had just started to change from human to canine.

"Take it like a man, Tighe. We're too far gone in the plans to stop now. Besides, you're too far gone to return to human form. You just need a little hair, a new face and you'll be Cody's bitch. I programmed both of you horny. He'll screw you two, three, maybe four times a day and you'll like it."

"I thought you and I were..." Tighe couldn't finish the statement as his sentence ended in a bark. He felt his skin itch and burn as hair sprouted from his body. Tighe's skull pulled back and changed from its human shape to a canine shape. His face pulled outward, teeth grew, tongue enlarged, ears grew, and his mind began to change. Zack pushed at the control box and caused Tighe's DNA to change in mere seconds blotting out his memories of being human. The slower the change, the more the subject retained his memory. Tighe didn't get the chance to realize how drastically his mind changed from a human male to a canine female.

"Sorry Tighe, but yours and my duty to the Blue and Gold of the Retrievers requires a different type of sacrifice," Zack said as he released the two new dogs from the X-frames. He guided them to a large cage and locked them in. The male sniffed the female and their animal urges began to take hold of their minds.

"I thought you two were an item, Zip-Fuck... I thought you two would be living together," Billy remarked.

"Yeah, so did I. But Tighe, Tighe the silly fool, Tighe didn't believe in the revolution. We couldn't leave a witness to our plans. And Cody, let's just say that Cody got unlucky. I regret having to transform him. He was a good and loyal player," Zack said.

"At least Cody is the male of the two. That's a consolation, ain't it," Billy sighed.

"Tomorrow, I need you to walk into the team meeting wearing the new uniform. I need you bright, cheery, animated - I need you to be the leader," Zack explained.

"I understand. As long as I play soccer, I don't care what I look like - man, dog, tails. It's all secondary to soccer," Billy admitted.

"You know it's a one way trip in the new team uniform. I can guarantee that your performance will increase 10-fold and your sex drive several times that. So ... what do you say to getting into your new uniform, I'll get the other anthromorph, the big, black Doberman, and we'll fuck the living shit out of each other until the press conference," Zack handed Billy a box with his uniform in it. Without words Billy put on the dog-like genitals and the dog-like face mask. He leaned over and let Zack attach his new tail to the base of his spine. He felt a rush from the performance enhancing drugs enter his body. He stood up and woofed a few times. He had a low and groovy bark. Zack opened the cage and let the big, black, humanoid doberman out of his cage.

"Tomorrow, Sirius, the Dog Star will have a suitable population of dog-men," Zack said. Billy and the black Dobie woofed a reply.

"But that's tomorrow, tonight we fuck!" Zack pumped his cock erect and got ready to plunge it into Billy's hot, anxious ass.

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