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28 December, 2004

Part 1

"You want me to wear a rat costume to your office Christmas party? Why not Santa or an elf?" Slieve Culleton asked.

"Yeah, sure, definately a lab rat. An elf or Santa wouldn't be any fun. Come on, it's not a filthy street rat; it's just a cute, furry lab rat costume… It'll be fun… You get to deliver the gag gifts to the head researchers…" Eno Ekundayo sighed, and continued: "It's a tradition here - each year we get the Santa Rat to deliver the gag gifts. Oh, please, please, please…" Eno Ekundayo's deep, base voice nearly caused the room to vibrate. He appealed to Slieve Culleton's innate sense of how to ass-kiss and suck-up to the bosses.

"How about you join me for that ski weekend at my cabin in the woods and I might do it," Slieve Culleton asked. He'd had the hots for Eno Ekundayo ever since he saw him naked in the shower after a basketball game. Eno Ekundayo stood nearly seven feet tall, incredibly well built, and a rich, deep chocolate color. Slieve Culleton, a pudgy Irish blond with red, freckled skin lusted after the near-ebony giant.

"Ski weekend? You know, us inner city types don't ski very well," Eno Ekundayo tried to get out of the ski trip that he knew was an excuse to get him alone for sex. The word from Slieve's girlfriends was that he was hung like a stud chipmunk and shot his load in seconds. Slieve Culleton pouted and put on his best-dejected face.

"But you're asking me to be a lab rat," Slieve Culleton frowned. He ran his hand through his reddish-blond hair. Eno Ekundayo really didn't want to have sex with Slieve Culleton. He wanted Slieve Culleton at the office party

"And you just want to get me alone in your bed. Be honest now, Culleton, You're after my body," Eno coaxed. Slieve laughed. A better man might have blushed, but not Slieve Culleton. .

"Well, let's make a deal, Eno. I'll make your office party a success, and you make my ski weekend a success. I'm big as a post and warm as toast! Satisfaction guaranteed," Slieve Culleton suggested shamelessly.

Eno Ekundayo slumped over and pretended to give in completely. He put a thick arm around Slieve Culleton's shoulder.

"I'll agree to a trip only if you do a good job as the lab rat," he lied.

"The lab rat again. You gotta promise me sumthin' better than that," Slieve answered.

"I'll tell you what, Culleton. You do this for me and you do a good job of it, I'll buy the condoms so you can fuck me into oblivion at any ski resort in the world," Eno Ekundayo answered.

"You've got yourself a big lab rat," Slieve Culleton replied as he tried to bear hug Eno Ekundayo. Being a head-and-a-half taller, Eno Ekundayo pushed himself out of the bear hug and pulled a business card from his pocket.

"Great, the party's going to be a big success. You can pick up your costume at this shop and I'll pick you up at 7:00 pm." Eno Ekundayo smiled at Slieve Culleton.

Part 2

Eno Ekundayo's car pulled up outside of Slieve Culleton's apartment building at precisely 6:50 pm. Just to be sure that Slieve Culleton showed up at the party, Eno Ekundayo figured that he'd better meet Slieve Culleton in his apartment. Besides, two men walking in trench coats with costumed feet attracted less attention than one man did and Slieve Culleton might be a little shy. He knocked on Slieve Culleton's door and announced himself. Slieve answered.

"Eno, I'm having fucking trouble getting into this fucking costume, come on in and help me with it," He fussed and opened the door. Slieve stood in the doorway mostly naked with parts of the costume half on and half off. His barrel chest had a growth of red hair that set off his pectorals. The red hair thinned pout as it traveled down his stomach and then thickened again around his cock and balls. Eno Ekundayo took a good look. Slieve Culleton had muscles on muscles and a thick, uncut Irish potato for a cock. Eno Ekundayo mused that it was only Slieve Culleton's personality that gave him such a bad reputation with his partners. Culleton had a hot and sexy body. Eno Ekundayo spotted his trouble with the costume right away. He had socks on his feet and the costume would work with clothing underneath.

"Take off those socks and then pull the leggings up," Eno Ekundayo suggested. Slieve Culleton did as he said and the furry leggings fit easily up over his feet and legs.

"Hey, not bad," Slieve Culleton said feeling the soft, gray fur of the costume. He looked at his feet and legs in one of the three full-length mirrors that occupied various corners of the living room. His thighs and calves bulged and appeared thicker under the costume. The boots made Slieve Culleton's feet look like mouse paws. Slieve Culleton pulled the torso of the costume over his head like a long-sleeved jersey. It puffed his chest, rounded his shoulders, and made the muscles of his upper arms bulge. He fastened the belt holding the rat's tail and looked at the effect in the mirrors.

"Kinda makes my ass look fat having that thick tail stick out that way, doesn't it?" he asked. He wiggled his hips and found he could make the tail curl and sway.

"Nice haunches for a lab rat, though. Sexy even," Eno Ekundayo answered stroking Slieve Culleton's ego. He greedily watched as Slieve Culleton fastened the codpiece. His unit fit nicely inside a well-defined pouch and a thick sheath. Slieve Culleton sat down on his new, mouse-like haunches and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Hey, I think I make a good-looking lab rat," he said.

"You're almost perfect for the part. All you need are the gloves and mask to be complete. I have a trench coat for you to wear until you get to the car," Eno Ekundayo handed Slieve Culleton the gloves and mask. He pulled the mask over his head and adjusted the eyeholes and breathing holes. The mask had an elongated snout that fit tight against his lips and jaws. Then he pulled on the gloves and his hands looked just like the forefeet of a rat. He admired himself in the mirror, stroking his pointed ears with his front paws.

"Damn this costume is good. I almost don't believe I'm inside it. There's no seams, no zippers, and it moves with my body… Damn, if this mask doesn't look like the real thing with ears and whiskers. Look at the teeth in this mouth, I'm amazed," Slieve Culleton noticed his voice squeaked a little, but he just put that off to the effect of the mask. As he took the trench coat from Eno Ekundayo, he noticed that Eno Ekundayo was covered in black fur.

"What are you dressed as?" He asked Eno Ekundayo. His voice seemed even higher pitched.

"I'm a black cat. We make a pair, you and I. A cat and mouse," Eno Ekundayo replied. He pulled a cat mask over his head and black paws on his hands. He opened his coat to let Slieve Culleton see his furry black body.

"Ohhh! I'm frightened. Are you going to eat me," Slieve Culleton laughed. He pawed at Eno with ratty paws and what felt like shorter arms. Eno Ekundayo meowed and played the cat with him. Slieve Culleton leaned forward and realized that scampering on all fours would be possible in this outfit. Eno Ekundayo lead him down the hallway and out to the limousine.

It took a few minutes to arrive at the lab party. Eno Ekundayo unloaded Slieve Culleton and let a valet take the car. He pointed Slieve Culleton into a formal sculptured garden.

Part 3

Slieve Culleton removed his trench coat and scampered into the garden. Its mazelike interior twisted and turned many times before he stopped to see if Eno Ekundayo was following. No one was there but the hedges rustled in the warm, still air. Slieve Culleton stood up and tried to call to Eno Ekundayo, but he couldn't talk, he only squeaked loudly. He tried to pull the costume off but he couldn't find a seam. The edges of the costume at his eyes and mouth had sealed itself to his body. He wanted Eno Ekundayo to get him out of this costume. He could see a light farther into the garden and scurried towards it. He could see six figures standing around the light. All of them cats of various breeds and colors. One of them was Eno Ekundayo in his black cat costume. Slieve Culleton stopped up short and stared at the figures.

"Eno Ekundayo, your rat just found us. Is he ready to play?" a female voice said.

"Quite ready, my dear. A big, fat rat with big juicy balls for you to chase. You can be the first to chase him through our maze, my dear," Eno Ekundayo said. Slieve Culleton understood the words. They all were cats, big cats. Slieve Culleton realized why he was a rat. He ran and they ran after him. He ran and they chased.

They knew the maze of the garden and he didn't. The cats toyed with their rat well into the night.

Near morning, Tired and hungry, Slieve Culleton ran the wrong way down the maze and six cats jumped out on top of him. Eno Ekundayo sunk his claws into the rat's tail and held tight. His fellow cats made short work of the rat. Their sharp teeth and claws ripped into his body. Slieve Culleton struggled and fought, but there were too many cats. They filled the garden with the sound of ripping and tearing of fur, flesh and bone.

The cats made an early morning meal of the lab rat. Afterwards, they lay in the sun - fat, fed, and satisfied with the night's activities. Eno Ekundayo used a sharp claw to pry a piece of meat from between his teeth.

"Best party yet," they said and congratulated Eno Ekundayo for his excellent taste in lab rats and passed out some fine Cuban cigars.

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