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November 2002

Monday, January 14, 2002

"Hey! Dexter, I've been chosen as the entertainment," Mikey said reading a letter from the Club.

"Really! What do they want you to do? Did they give you a choice of what to do?" Dexter asked as he pushed Mikey who was trying to read the letter.

"No, it says I'm to be prepared for a game of darts next Saturday." Mikey said with a little apprehension in his voice. He shrugged his big shoulders and set the letter aside. Mikey was six-foot, eight-inches and two hundred seventy-five pounds of solid muscle. Dexter was barely 5 foot tall and only 100 pounds of very lean and fat-free muscle. They met about 6 months ago.

"Darts! You're good enough to beat them all." Dexter lied. He didn't want Mikey to know the truth.

"I guess so. I don't see how this is going to entertain them. Darts?" Mikey said, a little puzzled by the entire affair. He loved Dexter's tight little ass and got to fucking him every morning and every night. It was Dexter who introduced him to the S&M scene and got him interested in joining the Club.

"Well, we'll find out on Friday!" Dexter said dropping his pants and shaking his cock in Mikey's face. Mikey grabbed Dexter and threw him over his shoulder.

"Don't ask for more than you can take, little man!" Mikey said as he bounded up the stairs with Dexter.

Friday, January 18, 2002, Early Evening

Mikey and Dexter arrived early and were greeted by the three men who operated the club. They were dressed in tight black leather from head to toe, even their faces were covered in black leather. No one ever remembered seeing their faces or hearing their voices. They directed Dexter and Mikey to an area behind the curtain.

One of the owners gave Mikey a clipboard with contest entry forms to sign. Cavalierly Mikey signed the forms without reading. Silently, the leathermen stripped Mikey of his clothes and made him lay on a large table with his hands and feet through leather loops.

"Hey guys! Where's the dart board?" Mikey asked as the three men tightened the leather restraints and stretched his body spreadeagle.

"Hey guys, I can't play darts like this. What's up?" Mikey asked as the masked men kept tightening the ropes and stretching him out farther and farther.

"Dexter, what's going on?" Mikey asked pulling against the ropes.

"You're the entertainment Mikey! You're the entertainment Mikey!" replied Dexter; "See you in a few minutes," and he left the back stage area. One of the leathermen took a large metal ring, clamped it around Mikey's forehead, and fastened it to the board that Mikey was lying on. The ring kept Mikey's head from moving.

"Now this isn't funny guys, what's going on?" Mikey asked and pulled against the bindings. The three men didn't answer, and pulled the ropes tighter, stretching Mikey's arms and legs even more. Mikey yelled, but one of the guys shoved a ball gag into his mouth and ended the noise.

"UM! Umm! Um! Uuummmm!" Mikey said as he felt a needle prick and the warm flush of Viagra filled his body. His cock rose to its ten-inches and lay against his stomach. One of the leathermen glued it to his stomach so it couldn't fall down and fitted a board behind his balls.

"UM! Umm! Um! Uuummmm!" Mikey tried to talk through the gag. He could hear the Emcee revving up the audience in the club. They were getting ready for the entertainment. It would take a few minutes for them to get to the main entertainment. The three men raised the platform Mikey was laying on and positioned it on the stage just behind the curtain and just in front of a projector that cast circles on Mikey's body. They put a pair of safety goggles over Mikey's eyes and then left him alone.

A light went on in Mikey's head; "I'm the entertainment!" was the thought that lit up his mind as he hung on the board, spreadeagle, helpless, waiting for the curtain to open.

Friday, January 18, 2002, Late Evening

The voice of the Emcee came over a loudspeaker as the curtain opened to reveal Mikey to the crowd: "And now, folks, here's our main entertainment, Mikey the Human Dartboard! Highest score wins the honor of picking the next Entertainment!"

Mikey blinked at the spotlight, it took him a little time to get used to it. He could see a large audience of guys dressed in leather and rubber. The metal band around his head kept him from seeing too much. Just down in front of him he could see Dexter preparing to throw darts. A thought ran through Mikey's mind: "I'm the target!"

"Dexter, you get the first ten darts!" the Emcee yelled into the microphone as the crowd cheered.

Mikey saw Dexter throw a dart that landed with a thud in his right palm effectively nailing his hand to the board. Mikey tried to scream but the gag prevented it. A second dart nailed his other hand. The third dart pierced the head of his cock and embedded itself in his stomach. The fourth and fifth darts smacked into his nipples. The sixth and seventh darts smacked his thighs and embedded themselves deep in the muscle of his quadriceps. Darts numbers eight and nine landed into his biceps and the tenth dart landed smack in his right testicle! Mikey almost passed out from the pain as the crowd roared its approval.

"That's a whopping 2000 point score. Who can do better?" the Emcee bellowed out at the audience. A line formed to throw darts at Mikey.

The next six guys just barely got all ten of their darts into Mikey's body. Even when they did hit him, the darts didn't sink in.

The next guy threw hard and accurate and landed his first dart into Mikey's left testicle nailing it to the board and sending waves of pain through Mikey's body. His second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth darts landed in the shaft of Mikey's cock, one above the other. His seventh dart sank into Mikey's navel and the eight and ninth darts landed in his nipples. Mikey felt the dart tip scrape the bones of his ribs. Through the goggles he watched as the guy unleash dart number nine and plunged it into the end of his nose. The crowd cheered its approval.

The contest continued with more men trying to increase the score but planting darts in various parts of Mikey's body. Mikey remembered the Emcee fussing about customer number 50, then number 75, and finally number 100. Mikey's body was a mass of dart holes and pain.

Saturday, January 19, 2002, About 2 am

When the contest ended the leathermen came to take him down. The three of them yanked the darts out one by one while listening to Mikey's moans. They covered Mikey's body in antiseptic and wrapped him in mummy-like bandages. Unable to move he just lay there and watched the leathermen as they unlaced the back of their masks and removed them. They all had the same curly black hair, the same chin, the same aquiline nose, and the mannerisms. Mikey guessed they were brothers. They all got a bottle of beer from the bar and sat down next to Mikey.

"Where's Dexter?" asked Mikey, his voice hoarse and gravely.

"He left," one of the Leatherman answered. His voice was deep and stern.

"He left?" Mikey said with some effort, his mouth swollen with dart punctures.

"Damn Right! He sold you to the club for the contest, then he bragged about it to all his other friends." the leatherman said dispassionately and drank more beer.

"Why?" Mikey asked, his voice foggy from the pain.

"He said he was tired of getting fucked morning and night by a slave with an IQ of 71! We thought he told you it was over and done with!" The other leathermen shook their heads in agreement and gestured to the speaker.

"By the way, I'm Ben!" the talkative leatherman added.

"The little bastard sold me out!" Mikey strained to pull his head up but quickly lay back down in pain. "Oh God! It hurts like hell. How many darts?"

"Exactly eleven hundred and thirty-seven." Ben answered authoritatively, "The real question, Dude, is 'can you leave the club under your own power?' and where will you go if you do?"

"Back to my place!" Mikey groaned trying to move. The white bandages completely covered his arms and legs making them stiff.

"I can't get up on my own, can you help me up and out to my car?" Mikey asked.

"No can do! The contract says you have to walk out of the club on your own!" Ben said and the other leathermen shook their heads in agreement and drank more beer.

"What about my belongings?" Mikey muttered hoping to find his cell phone and call someone.

"We put them in your car with the rest of your stuff from Dexter's apartment. It's parked outside," Ben said twirling a set of keys on his finger, "I got the keys. Where are you going to go?"

"I dunno! I dunno! Shove me in my car and let me sleep it off." Mikey moaned. One of the leathermen made funny motions with his hands.

"Can you walk out of the Club?" Ben asked. Mikey tried to stand up and walk away, but he couldn't.

"No, I need help." Mikey replied softly, sighing at the realization of what was happening. .

"If you can't walk out of the Club under your own power, then according to the contract you signed, you're our property. We own you," the Leatherman said.

"No! I didn't understand! I don't want to!" Mikey moaned and fell back on the table he was laying on..

"That's the way it goes! Dude!" Ben said as the three men began to wrap elastic bandages Mikey around Mikey's arms and legs so he couldn't move. Ben added:

"We're taking you with us. You belong to us!" he paused as the silent two lifted Mikey's shoulders so they could wrap his head. "By the way, I'm Ben and this is Spike and Rover." They covered his head completely leaving holes for him to breathe through. Then they picked him up and carried him out of the club. Mikey groaned in pain as they bent him around corners, through some doors and up three flights of stairs. He could hear the two Leathermen puffing when they set him on a flat, warm surface. They gave him injections of painkillers and antibiotics.

"You should sleep. Tomorrow we'll dress your puncture wounds. Don't worry, you belong to us and we'll take care of you." Ben said as he covered Mikey with a blanket and watched him fall asleep.

Saturday, January 19, 2002, Evening

Mikey woke up warm and feverish on a strange bed. His body hurt like hell from the puncture wounds and bruises he received the night before. He twisted and turned as the two silent Leathermen removed the bandages from his face and forced him to swallow food and water. They were tall, beefy guys with well-developed arms and chests accentuated by leather harnesses and jockstraps. Worn out from the exertions, Mikey fell asleep.

Hours later, Mikey woke feeling cold. The leathermen applied antibiotic-soaked bandages to his wounds. He watched the muscles ripple on their bodies as they worked.

"How bad is it?" Mikey asked as they finished his arms. The two men just looked at him and motioned that they couldn't talk. He sat up halfway and surveyed the mass of puncture wounds. Red gashes and puncture wounds covered his body. The darts had ripped out chunks of flesh where the skin was thin on his arms and legs. One nipple was completely destroyed, his navel was ripped apart, and both testicles were badly swollen. A gold rod ran the length of his cock.

"Who put the gold in my cock?" Mikey asked astonished at the jewelry and one of the leathermen, Spike, gave Mikey a thumb's up indicating approval of the gold. Mikey saw that the thumb and little finger on Spike's left hand were stubs. The leatherman slid his jock strap down to show off an identical gold implant in his cock.

"So we're a matched set, huh?" Mikey said lamely. Spike leaned over and kissed Mikey.

"Help me up, I have to pee." Mikey said as he felt pressure building on his bladder. Spike shook his head from side to side and pushed Mikey back. He leaned over and swallowed all of Mikey's cock while gently pushing on Mikey's stomach. It hurt too much to resist and Mikey drained his bladder into Spike's hungry mouth.

Spike and Rover again wrapped up Mikey just like a mummy and gave him more shots of painkillers and antibiotics to make him sleep and let him heal.

January 29, 2002

For over two weeks, Spike and Rover kept Mikey sedated, bandaged, and covered in ointment to prevent infection and speed healing. Mikey was awake when they moved him or changed the bandages. He had stopped trying to talk to Spike and Rover since they only gestured and never spoke.

One bright and sunny day, Mikey awoke naked. He was in a large loft. There were windows on three sides with views of other red brick buildings surrounding them. Bright yellow sunlight poured through the windows. The fourth side of the loft contained a kitchen, bathroom, hot tub, closets, and the entry foyer. The room had fourteen-foot high ceilings. A variety of S&M equipment was scattered around the floor along with free weights and exercise machines. Mikey lay on a platform that must have served his bed. One of the leathermen watched him from behind. He recognized him as Ben, the talkative leatherman.

Ben got up and came around the front of Mikey. He wore only a leather jock and his physique was ripped and buffed like a professional bodybuilder. Ben was smaller and slightly heavier than Spike or Rover.

"How long have I been here?" Mikey asked.

"Fifteen days. You're healing quite well. Spike and Rover wanted me to be here to talk to you when you woke up. They thought it time to answer your questions." Ben said.

"How much damage was there?" Mikey said as he sat up and stretched the stiffness out of his arms and legs. The bruises and swelling were gone, but his body was still covered with dark red scabs.

"Lots of damage, lots we had to fix and heal. The dart game took its toll." Ben replied.

"How much is lots?" Mikey asked. He felt a thick gold rod in his cock that held it at half-mast. Surgical stitches ran down the underside.

"Your cock was badly punctured. We did manage to save your cock and used implants to thicken it." Mikey grabbed Ben's balls, gave them a squeeze. Ben smiled and let Mikey fondle him.

"What else?" Mikey asked.

"You lost one testicle, and we had a doctor pull the surviving testicle up inside your body to protect it from any further damage." Ben answered.

"But I feel two balls in my sack. How did that happen?" Mikey asked.

"We replaced both testicles with implants. They're larger than your testicles and your ball sack is a little tight, but in time, it will stretch."

"What else happened to me?" Mikey asked.

"You lost both nipples, so your chest is smooth. Spike thinks you might look better with tattoos, but that will wait until you heal more. A number of darts punctured your navel, so we had to rebuild it. You lost the little finger on your right hand. The rest of the damage was punctures."

"I don't know what to say," Mikey was still in denial, "Thanks for saving my life. Thanks for healing me."

"Merely a matter of protecting our investment." Ben replied.

"I'd like to thank Spike and Rover personally, why aren't they here?" Mikey asked as he avoided the fact that he was their slave.

"They're at the market, you can talk to them when they get back," Ben paused, "They did a good job of putting you back together and healing all your wounds. Both of them, Spike more so than Rover." Ben moved close to Mikey, his body radiated warmth. Mikey fondled the gold rods that filled his cock.

"Spike has gold in his cock. Is he responsible for my implant?" Mikey blushed as Ben reached over and lifted Mikey's cock the glans. It was half-stiff and thicker than before the dart game.

"Yes he did! Spike likes you. He was the one who insisted that we get possession of your body after the dart game. We could have just left you alone, but Spike wanted to own you. " Ben ran his finger over the rings making Mikey's cock thicken even more; "That metal in your cock is more than just decoration. It's his way of claiming you."

"I don't know what to say," Mikey was still in denial, "Thanks again."

Ben nodded his acceptance.

"You three are brothers?" Mikey asked. Ben's musky smell excited Mikey's.

"Yes, we're brothers," Ben answered.

"If it's not to personal, why don't they talk?" Mikey asked a little embarrassed at Ben's fondling his balls.

"Well, when we were kids, we used to go bow hunting together. I was 12 years old at the time and Spike and Rover were 15 and 16 years old. I had a cold, so Rover and Spike went alone. They split up to increase their chances of bagging a deer. Spike stayed hidden in a blind waiting for a buck to pass in front of him and Rover went deeper into the woods tracking a big buck. Another hunter shot and missed a deer and hit Spike. The arrow went right through Spike's neck and pinned him to the tree behind him. Spike couldn't move without ripping his neck up and Rover never came back until late in the day" Ben paused to drink and continued:

"Rover managed to get the arrow out of the tree, but he had to take Spike to the hospital with it still in his neck. The surgeons removed the arrow and saved Spike's epiglottis, which is the muscle that closes your lungs when you swallow, but they couldn't save Spike's vocal cords. Spike can only bark like a dog. He can't talk. Rover blamed himself for Spike's injury. Weeks later when the police located the guy, he claimed he got excited and just fired blindly after the deer. He didn't even know he hit someone." Ben paused: "Rover blamed himself for the accident and decided that if Spike couldn't talk, neither would he and he just quit talking." Ben took another drink and encouraged Mikey to drink. It was a thick protein and milk drink.

Ben continued with the family history: "Three years after that, our parents were killed in a car accident and we promised each other that we would never separate. We bought this building, opened the Club, and made this our own S&M hangout. They used to woof at each other when we were having sex and I teased them about it, calling them Spike and Rover. The names stuck. I'm still Ben and the voice of our trio. Most people assume I'm the master, but that's not the case, I'm just the little brother." Mikey listened to Ben relate the amazing story.

"I've been at the club a dozen times and your faces were always covered. I wouldn't have guessed that you're brothers," Mikey said: "Were you guys always sexually involved."

"Yes. We started having sex with each other as small boys," Ben said as he stroked Mikey's cock.

"You keep that up, I'm not responsible for what happens," Mikey grinned at Ben.

"Not anymore, you're not. You belong to us as we decide what you do." Ben said and pumped Mikey's cock a few more times adding:

"You three guys are a trip! First you buy me, then you nearly kill me, and then you save me. I think you just wanted me for my body." Mikey sighed and pulled Ben tight against his body: "Your cock feels so good against mine!" Mikey answered and rotated his hips to match Ben's motion. They both came quickly. Ben licked the two loads of cum from Mikey's stomach.

"So I'm slave to three guys!" Mikey said as he pulled Ben against him: "I'm all yours, Ben."

"You got it Mikey. Now just be quiet and lay here." Ben said as he straddled Mikey in a sixty-nine position and started to suck Mikey's cock. Ben's body was warm and reassuring against his body. Mikey gulped down Ben's cock and stuck his tongue under the large foreskin. They both came a second time. Afterwards, Mikey fell soundly asleep and Ben cleaned all the remaining wounds, wrapped Mikey in clean bandages, and left him like a mummy.

April 2, 2002

Three months passed and Mikey's body healed. Mikey did whatever the three brothers asked and their lives seemed to settle into a routine.

Mikey, Spike, and Rover had just finished a set of bench presses at 350 pounds when Ben came back into the loft with several boxes. They stopped their exercise and went over to the table where Ben set the boxes.

"Boy, you guys are looking good, " Ben admired the sweat soaked muscles.

"Thanks!" Mikey replied. Spike and Rover flexed and posed extravagantly showing off their muscles. All three men wore only jock straps; there was no reason for more clothing while they were in the loft.

"Spike! Rover! The dentist finished your new dentures. Put them in and let's see what you look like." Ben said as he handed Spike and Rover each a small box. They quickly removed their human dentures and stuck the new ones into their mouths. The dentures forced their lips forward and reshaped their mouths like a dog's snout. Four canine incisors stuck out of their mouths and prevented the jaws from closing. If they weren't careful, their tongues would flop out. Metal implants in their jaws held the dentures in place.

"Looks like Spike and Rover got teeth," Ben said admiring the look of the dental work,

"What's in the other box, Ben? Did the dentist make a set for you?" Mikey asked.

"Well, yeah!" Ben blushed. His brothers congratulated him by smacking him on the back. Ben shrugged and moved away from them. "But I can't use them as long as I have to talk for all of us." He added.

"And you want to be like your brothers?" Mikey asked, pressing the point.

"Yeah! I don't wanna stay as Ben. I wanna become Rex to their Spike and Rover. It's a brother thing. I want us to be bulldogs together." Ben whined a little and tried to smile it away.

"You would give up your voice just to be like your brothers?" Mikey asked a second time.

"Sure I would. Being three bulldogs is our way of staying together. We don't have to talk to each other to have sex. We know our limits. I feel bad being left out. They have plans for other body modifications and I would like to be doing the same. A few months ago, Spike and Rover had their tongues lengthened by about 6 inches so they could pant like the dogs they are." Ben said. His brothers signed furiously. Ben just stood there and shook his head obviously disagreeing with whatever his brothers were signing to him.

"What do they want you to do?" Mikey asked a little puzzled.

"Now isn't the time for me to tell you," Ben said.

"Did you get teeth made like that," Mikey asked.

Sheepishly, Ben opened a box and replaced his regular dentures with a set of dog-like dentures. The effect was magnificent. The new teeth pulled his mouth outward and forward making him look like a dog.

"Ut I ant akk eh ease!" Ben tried to say (But, I can't talk with these.) His new teeth wouldn't let him. Spike and Rover laughed silently at his struggle. Rover grabbed Ben's arms behind him as Spike picked up a paring knife from the sink and held it at Ben's throat pantomiming removal of his vocal cords.

"Nnnnnn, Nnnn, ot Et!" Ben gargled (No, No, not yet) through his new teeth gently struggling away from the knife at his throat. "nnnnnnoo!" he hissed and grinned around the canine teeth. The three brothers went to the mirror and admired their new look. Mikey watched intently and felt his dick get hard. He removed his jock strap. He came up behind Spike and poked his hard-on between his legs and under Spike's balls.

"It's been awhile since I got off, guys," Mikey paused and let Spike turn around and kiss him. The long tongue lapped around his face. "I could use a little sex tonight." Mikey said and Spike shoved his long tongue down Mikey's throat. It was a strange kiss, sharp canine teeth forcing his mouth into a snout and a long tongue exploring the back of Mikey's throat. After a long minute, they broke and Spike nipped at Mickey's neck with his new sharp teeth. Mikey tensed at the sharpness of the canine teeth, but then relaxed and let Spike chew at his neck and shoulders. The danger excited him. Spike ground his rock hard cock into Mikey's stomach let the matching rings twist together. Rover buried his long hot tongue into Spike's ass forcing him to hump Mikey's crotch.

Ben tried to lick Mikey's biceps but his new teeth were too long. He chuckled and said: "Mmmmeye ong ain assss ong assss hissss!" (My tongue ain't as long as his).

"That's easy for you so say!" Mikey joked. Then Ben sank to his knees and started to chew on Mikey's finger. At first, it was a friendly gnawing, but slowly Ben chewed harder and harder at Mikey's fingertips with his new teeth.

"Those teeth are a sharp, Ben!" Mikey said as Ben chewed at Mikey's little finger on his left hand. Ben stopped gnawing on Mikey long enough to reply: "Oooo tasss ood!" (You taste good), and he went back to chewing Mikey's finger. Spike stopped chewing on Mikey's neck and shoulders and held his left hand in front of Mikey's face showing the stubs of his thumb and little finger with the three middle fingers curled tightly into the palm. Mikey looked at his hand and then at Spike with his tongue flopping over his the new canine teeth. One word came to mind: "Paw!" Mikey said out loud. Hearing the word, Ben gnawed harder on Mikey's little finger. It hurt, but Mikey wanted to please Ben and didn't stop him. Spike smiled through his canine teeth and humped his crotch against Mikey even harder than before.

In a few minutes, Mikey and Spike reached orgasm and white-hot jets of cum flew op against their stomachs. Mikey bear-hugged Spike hard against his body, lifting him off the ground and letting Rover get a straight shot to shove his cock up Spike's wet and drooling ass. He rabbit fucked Spike and quickly reached orgasm. The three men stood there, holding each other in the midst of their orgasms, panting and sweating at the exertions. Spike's hard cock rested against Mikey's chest. Slowly Mikey lowered Spike to where their cocks touched letting the pierced rings locked them together. The hot cum was acting like oil to their grinding bodies. Rover stood, retrieved a wire, and wrapped it tightly around the little finger Ben was still chewing on madly. Ben clamped the finger in his new molars and crushed it in his jaws. Bones cracked and splintered as the last two knuckles of Mikey's little finger came off in Ben's mouth. Mikey screamed in pain and tried to yank his arm away, but Rover and Spike held him tight. Ben wrapped a wire around the stump of the finger. The wire around Mikey's finger minimized the blood.

"SON OF A BITCH! THAT HURTS!" Mikey yelled still held tight by the three brothers. Ben moved quickly and covered what was left of Mikey's little finger with a topical painkiller. Mikey fussed for a few seconds as the pain receded and then let Ben and Rover stitch the skin of his little finger together. Ben, Spike, and Rover were very attentive to Mikey as he stared at his hand. The three brothers signed briefly to each other causing Ben to remove his new teeth and insert the human dentures in his mouth.

"We've had enough time to think about this, we're adopting you as a step brother." Ben said as Spike and Rover shook their heads in agreement. They all caressed Mikey's body.

"I thought I was your slave, after all, you bought me fair and square." Ben replied.

"We talked it over, Spike, Rover and myself. A slave is merely a thing; we want you as a person. We needed to know if you could take some of the pain we want to do. That's why I bit off your finger." Ben said softly as the three men watched Mikey intently. "Do you want to join us?"

"OK, I guess," Mikey gulped and added: "Just warn me before I lose any other parts of my anatomy!" He smiled and hugged the three brothers.

"Remember, there aren't any limits between us. We might even take another bite out of you, especially with these new teeth." Ben added. Mikey just smiled and nodded his acceptance.

"OK! No limits! I'll do what you what me to do and be what you want me to be!" Mickey said the words quickly so he couldn't change his mind, but secretly he wondered what he had got himself into.

April 2, 2002 - Night

Spike and Rover were in charge of the fun and games. Their leather outfits were nearly identical and covered them completely from head to toe. Leather masks completely covered their head and dark lenses covered their eyes making them seem like creatures from another world. Since the duo didnít talk, the masks were fitted with only small breathing holes. Ben's and Mikey wore leather harnesses. The first thing Spike and Rover did was to shove ball gags into Ben and Mikey's mouths so they couldn't talk.

They tied Ben on a vertical rack, shoved a large vibrating dildo up his ass, and then activated the motors on the rack to stretch his body using pulleys and ratchets. The rack had an automatic timing mechanism that turned electric motors and would stretched Ben's arms and legs farther and farther out. The longer he stayed there, the more the mechanism would stretch him. Spike and Rover set the motors to advance a sixteenth of an inch in four directions every thirty minutes. Mikey estimated that the device could pull a good foot in any direction before it reached its limit, which was well beyond what any human body could stretch and remain intact. Ben could watch what they were doing to Mikey while the mechanism stretched him.

Spike and Rover tied Mikey's arms tightly behind his back, wrapping the rope from just above his elbows to down below his wrists and over his hands. They fastened the end of the rope to a hoist in the ceiling and lifted Mikey off the floor leaving him supported only by his shoulders. Spike tied a rod between Mikey's ankles to hold his legs far apart and Rover attached weights to the Mikey's cock and balls. They spun Mickey around and hit him with cane sticks.

As Mikey spun, Spike stuck a finger up his ass and probed around. Mikey's rectum was hot and inviting. It twisted on Spikes finger. Spike lubed his arm and started finger fucking Mikey as he spun. First with one finger, then two and three fingers, then all four fingers, and finally his hand sunk into Mikey's spinning ass. He fisted Mikey and massaged his prostate until his cock dribbled cum. Mikey's body jerked as he came and his jism splattered the floor beneath his dangling body. Spike yanked his hand out of Ben's ass and cleaned it off. Spike got a stool and sat below Mikey so he could suck his cock as he spun him around. Spike's tongue tugged and pulled at the rings in Mikey's cock and he wouldn't stop sucking until he drove Mikey to another orgasm.

They took Mikey down, untied his arms, and removed the gag. Mikey gasped for air. He wanted to talk, but Spike gripped his throat so couldn't. Both men made it clear to Mikey that he shouldn't talk. Rover tied Mikey onto one of the weightlifting benches. He bent Mikey's arms and legs under the bench and left his head hanging off the top end. Then he opened the back flap of his outfit and lowered his ass onto Ben's face for a rim job. Ben stuck his tongue up Rover's ass as far as he could and lapped away. He could feel something inside of Rover trying to get out and he kept pushing it back in with his tongue. Rover's ass had a funky, burnt taste. The massage from Mikey's tongue only opened Rover's ass farther and farther. Hot, drooling spit and funky ass juices ran over Mikey's face as his tongue stretch the opening wider and wider. Finally Mikey just opened his mouth wide and swallowed as Rover dropped a soft load. He worked to keep from gagging as he sucked Rover's butt. Rover lifted his ass off Mikey's face, turned around, and used his stiff cock as a plunger, face-fucking Mikey until he came deep in his throat. Finished with his orgasm, he unleashed a stream of hot piss into Mikey's mouth to wash him out. Mikey lay there gagging and spluttering in the stream.

Spike's settled down on Mikey's cock and his hot tongue action drove Mikey to a second orgasm while he was still tied helpless on the bench. Spike sucked Mikey's cock deep in his mouth and kept the stimulation up as Mikey reached the end of his orgasm. He could hear Mikey whimper like a dog as the pleasure turned to agony. He continued sucking on the head of Mikey's cock for a long time letting Mikey's body jerk and twitch. When he was done, rover untied him from the bench and began dunking his head in the toilet bowl to clean him off. Mikey gasped at every opportunity trying not to drown in the water. Satisfied that he was clean, Rover dragged Mikey across the floor, gagged him, and clamped a stretcher bar to his ankles. He forced Mikey's legs far apart then attached the bar to a winch. It hoisted Mikey's his body into the air. He clamped a second stretcher bar to his arms, pulling them out and down and chaining him to the floor. Mikey hung spread-eagle and upside down. Mikey heard the motors whine and felt the chains pull tighter as his arms and legs were stretched out wide. This was a suspension rack similar to the one that they strapped Ben into earlier. It was Mikey's turn to watch. He saw Spike set the mechanism to advance a quarter inch every 15 minutes and gulped. That was a total of an inch and hour and he didn't know how his body could stretch that way.

Ben's body glistened with sweat from the exertion of trying to hold his body together. The rack had increased his length by one full inch in the two hours that Spike and Rover were working on Mikey. Ben's shoulders and hips ached from the pull. Spike and Rover removed him from the wall restraints, took the gag out of his mouth, and clamped his ankles together. They tied Ben's wrists together and pulled his arms over his knees so he was sitting in a squatting position with his knees tight against his chest. Spike placed a metal bar under Ben's knees and lifted attached the ends of the bar to a hoist that lifter Ben off the floor. Ben was suspended in a small tight package. His ass and genitals were exposed and defenseless as he hung from the bar. Spike took a hose and let a slow stream of water play over Ben's face. Ben coughed and gagged on the water as it ran down through his nose and into his mouth. Each time he opened his mouth to breathe, Spike filled it with water. When Spike determined that Mikey had enough, He stopped the water and Rover began to wrap Ben with plaster casting material. Spike stuck metal tubes into Ben's nose to let him breath and clamped a beak over his face. Then he clamped Ben's cock and balls in a metal ring that stretched them down and out from his body. He replaced the dildo in Ben's ass with another dildo that had bird's feather-like tail attached to it, then he helped his brother cover Ben with plaster casting cloth. When they were done Ben's looked like a giant white bird. Rover stuck whistles in the nose tubes. When Ben breathed, the whistles chirped like a bird.

Spike and Rover rested a few minutes and watched Mikey struggle as the motors advanced another quarter inch. They took Mikey down from the motorized rack and clamped his ankles and wrist together. Mikey realized that he was going to be made into another bird and join Ben on his perch. After they put his knees against his chest and tied his arms around them, they suspended him with a bar under his knees. Breathing tubes were shoved in his nose and a bird-like beak put on his face. He could only breathe through the chirping whistles in his nose. They covered his head with plaster casting material leaving him completely in the dark. The plaster cast was initially cold but warmed up as it cured. He felt his cock and balls being pulled down and stretchers attached to them, then he felt he dildo being shoved up his ass to hold the tailpiece. Spike and Rover quickly covered his body in plaster. Mikey felt the heat from the plaster and began to sweat. It was hot and there was no way to move. He could feel the layers of plaster being applied and finally he even that stopped. The heat from the curing warmed him and sweat filled in his plaster encasement. All he could do was wait until they broke the plaster and let him out.

The two mute brothers, Spike and Rover kissed passionately and began to remove their leather outfits. Once they were naked, they each began licking the other's sweaty bodies. Their pierced cocks were standing at full attention. The piercing holes held droplets of cum from earlier orgasms. The each started to lick each other clean. They fell asleep, each with his brother's cock in his mouth. Mikey and Ben would remain in the plaster bird casts for the night.

April 3, 2002

Spike and Rover left Ben and Mikey encased in plaster for nearly twenty-four hours before they cut the plaster away and let then out of their bondage.

Spike and Rover got up early and dressed in tight rubber shorts. Spike couldn't get the cast saw working and had to use a scissors-like nipper to free Mikey and Ben from the plaster encasing them. It took about three hours and lots of patience for Spike to get all the casting material off Mikey's body and remove the shackles. Rover took the same time extracting Ben from his bird casting. The four men crowded into a hot tub to clean up and soothe their bodies. The house was still and quiet. Neither Ben nor Mikey had had spoken since the night before. The water was warm and all four men fell asleep.

Mikey was the first to wake up. Without disturbing the other, he slowly left the hot tub, dried off, squeezed into a pair of rubber shorts, put on an apron, and started to cook breakfast. The smell of bacon, eggs and toast work the other men who dried themselves and came to eat. Mikey poured four glasses of beer, set them on the table, and indicated a toast.

"Last night was different!" Mikey said as he plated the food. Spike and Rover stuck their thumbs up into the air in approval.

"Does that mean you liked it?" Ben asked.

"Yes, I do. I had lots of time to think," Mikey paused and took a bite of food, "Dexter sold my body to you and when you could have let me die, you brought me here and healed me. I'm yours: body and soul. I'll do whatever you want."

Spike and Rover gave each other a high-five and signed long messages to Ben. Ben gleefully shook his head in agreement.

"Let see, lots to translate! First, you need to learn sign language. We will teach you. Two, they want you fitted into leather and rubber gear," Ben paused to take a drink, "Third, they want you to be our voice for a time, at least a year after I get my voice fixed. Fourth, they want you fitted for canine teeth. And fifth, the best news, once you learn sign language, they'll let me get the operation on my tongue and throat." Ben was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming more like his brothers.

"It's all OK with me." Mikey answered and Ben waved him off because he wasn't finished.

"Eventually, they want you to become dogmen like us." Ben blurted out the last statement not sure what Mikey would say.

"The three of you would take me in like that?" Ben said softly. He nodded his agreement.

The four men toasted each other and their new life.

The Days That Followed

Spike and Rover were relentless teachers. Mikey learned the basics of sign language in about a few days and then started working on the fine points. Each day he learned more and signed with greater precision. He wasn't allowed to talk. The forced communication was hard, but effective.

During the week, Ben took Mikey too a leather shop and had all sorts of strange and bizarre leather and rubber goods made. Mikey treated each clothing arrival from UPS as a cause for celebration as he tried the articles on his body. He now had a full leather suit complete with mask, a second suit made of neoprene, matching leather and rubber jock straps, a water sports mask, and a variety of whips and paddles.

Late that week, Mikey contacted his stepbrother, a lawyer, to arrange to sell his car and donate all his clothing charity. Ben, Spike, and Rover were unaware of this.

Mid April 2002, Early One Evening

Spike, Rover, and Ben struggled to eat steaks with their new canine teeth. They made an interesting sight as they learned how to chew with longer canine teeth forcing their jaws into snouts. Mikey enjoyed watching the three struggle trying to eat steaks.

They weren't expecting the doorbell when it rang. Mikey went to the computer monitor and recognized the person at the door.

"It's only my lawyer. He's cool about what's going on." Mikey was excited and forgot he was naked as he opened the door.

"Hey, Pasquale! How's the family? How's the shyster business?" Mikey hugged and lifted the small man off the ground. He was well dressed in a neat and very fashionable dark dray suit. Mikey was easily a foot and a half taller and a hundred pounds heavier than his friend was. His friend offered no resistance as Mikey wrapped his big arms around him, carried him into the loft, and closed the door.

"Everybody's suing everybody. Companies, businesses, people, cats, dogs, why I just had a rabbit sue over a pregnancy test!" The lawyer tried to gesture with his arms but Mikey held him tight. His high-pitched voice was loud and penetrating like Gilbert Gottfried. Mikey put his free hand on the back of the lawyer's head and kissed him passionately.

"Hey big boy! You knows I likes you, but I ain't that kinda boy! Yuns understand!" Pasquale muttered in a goofy accent, "Besides, I draw the line at kissing naked men in strange apartments. Mikey pulled the man on one hip and held him like a little boy.

"I see you go gold rings in your cock! Who's the lucky boy?" Pasquale asked as he fondled the gold rings in Mikey's cock.

Mikey blushed, his whole body turned a deep shade of red: "I forgot, we don't wear much in the way of clothes in here."

"Tell me!" Pasquale screamed in a voice that hit new levels of shrieking annoyance; "Does dat thing spray like a fountain when you pee? If it does, can I make a copy for my garden? I want to piss-off my UGLY and obnoxious next-door neighbor while I water my lawn!"

"Stick it all in your mouth and find out!" Mikey teased laughing heartily, "Now stop this silliness, do you have the papers I asked for?"

"Sure I do, but first introduce me to your friends. You rude man! Then tell me what happened? I was going to send General Custer and his cavalry out after you until I found you were staying here." The lawyer struggle to get Mikey to release his grip. Mikey dropped his friend and they laughed as he landed on his ass with a thump. The lawyer got up, went over to the dinner table where the three brothers sat staring at him, and stretched his hand out to meet the brothers. Spike, Rover and Ben tried to hide their teeth.

"The Brother's Karamazov, I presume! I'm Ubertino Pasquale D'Allesandro. Everyone calls me Pasquale for short." He yelled even louder and more abrasive than before. Mikey came up behind him and wrapped a big arm around Pasquale's shoulder forced him to sit down.

"Would you, please, not yell! This is Ben, Spike, and Rover." Mikey said and he held onto Pasquale as they shook hands. "Sit down and behave. Do you want something to eat?"

Spike and Rover tried to be inconspicuous, but they were each wearing their canine teeth. As they tried to eat, their lips shrank and their tongues lolled to show the gleaming incisors.

"OH! You don't have to make dinner for me." Pasquale said unconvincingly. Ben got up, signed to Mikey, put on an apron, and started to grill a steak. Pasquale let out another shriek and startled everyone.

"I grazed at the salad bar today with my third ex-wife, you know Bertha of the South Philadelphia Bertha's! By the way guys, is that overbite hereditary?" Pasquale said looking at the teeth. Mikey gripped Pasquale's shoulder and trying to give him a hint to quiet down. Pasquale climbed onto one of the chairs and grabbed Mikey's nuts.

"Do that again and I jump!" Pasquale screamed as Mikey stopped and doubled over in laughter while trying to protect his unit from Pasquale's grip. The wrestled with each other and in a few minutes composed themselves. Every time one of them started to talk, the other got the giggles.

Spike, Rover, and Ben sat there in stunned silence watching what had turned into a "floor show" in their own house. This was a side of Mikey they had not seen.

"I forgot just how calm and quiet you are!" Mikey said as he patted Pasquale's head. The two men burst out in silly laughter. Finally, Pasquale stopped giggling enough to talk in what passed for his normal tone of voice:

"I thought we LOST you that night. You disappeared after taking ALL those darts. We were afraid you crawled off and died, but fear not, my CRACK, intrepid investigators finally traced you here." Pasquale's voiced knifed the air. Mikey laughed at the emphasis on the word "crack."

"Your crack investigator can't find his cock in the shower! I've been here all the time." Mikey said.

"So I found out!" Pasquale yelled.

Mikey continued: "Dexter tricked me, Pasquale. He sold me to the club for the dart game. These guys nursed me back to health. I phoned you because I need you to get my stuff in order." Mikey said.

Ben finished cooking the steak and served it to Pasquale: "Thank you! It looks good!" Pasquale said in quiet and respectful tone. Then he smiled and bared his teeth pretending to growl at Ben. Not knowing whether to laugh or not, Ben sat down next to Spike and Rover. They regarded Pasquale with some caution. Pasquale turned his attention back to Mikey:

"So you're now in an S&M foursome and you need me to make it a legal marriage. Say no more, dude. The impossible is my specialty." Pasquale took a bite of the steak.

"Good! You are the best. I trust you," Mikey said as he poured a beer.

"You guys can go back to eating. I won't be offended by anything you do. I'm a lawyer! Remember! Nothing offends a lawyer!" Pasquale's eyes rolled skyward and he sighed for effect. He turned to Mikey and said: "Tough audience, Normally I have them on the floor by now."

"Well, Spike and Rover are mute and Ben can't talk with those teeth in his mouth. We use sign language to communicate," Mikey explained.

"I guess that your real names aren't Spike and Rover, but you play them on TV. The teeth match Spike and Rover really well. Does your dentist do barracudas? I have an associate who needs a new pair of teeth!" Again, Pasquale got no reaction. "What can I say! I'm dying here guys! Gimme a break!" There still was no reaction out of the brothers. Pasquale ate more of the steak and then abruptly said: "Thanks for saving my friend. I would be lost without him."

Ben and Spike signed a quick response and Mikey translated: "They say that you're very welcome and you're a cute little puppy dog."

"You gonna end up joining the Brothers Karamazov, Mikey?" Pasquale asked being as blunt as he could be.

"Does that shock you?" Mikey asked.

"No! I'm glad you found some nice, responsible guys to live with. I hated Dexter. He was a little rat bastard weasel." Pasquale swallowed another bit of steak.

"I'm sorry I worried you," Mikey said.

"No matter what happens, you have to invite me over now and then. You know lawyers have so few friends they need every friend they can get!" Pasquale joked. Again, no one laughed but Mikey.

"Thanks Pasquale! I knew you would understand," Mikey said and patted the lawyer's shoulder. Rover signed something to Mikey whose eyes went wide open in surprise. He asked if Pasquale wanted to be gang banged by them. Mikey stuttered a little as he tried to translate the very rude request:

"Rover wants to know if you..."

"Hold it! I saw that! I know what he said!" Pasquale's raucous voice echoed around the room. He was laughing at the request. Mikey looked puzzled:

"You know sign language?"

"Of course I do! I have clients who are deaf mutes and I sign very well." Pasquale said.

Mikey folded his arms and sat back: "OK! What did he say?" challenging Pasquale to translate the message.

"He says," Pasquale paused to drink the last of his beer, "Can the little man do standup comedy at the club? He's such a cute little puppy dog! Maybe we can butt-fuck him so hard that can hide the fire hydrants from the cops when we park illegally?"

"What?" Mikey asked laughing at the translation.

"And more! He says 'Does the little guy own a black leather dress?' and 'I got dibs on his dick if it's he wears more than three petticoats to the Grand Ballroom at the ASStoria!' The other brother over here said 'He's got a cute ass, but a big mouth! Can we plug it with our oversized cocks just to keep him quiet!'"

"Pasquale!" cried Mikey between gasps.

"Oh there's more! This one wants to know if I can talk while I suck cock!" Pasquale pointed to Spike with his usual flamboyance making up the conversation as he went along. "Tell him I only hum the 1812 overture on his cannon!"

Laughing, Mikey shook his head: "Spike wants you to do standup at the club?"

"Yes, HE did! BUT! Mikey! I can't do it! I just don't have a leather outfit to wear. My last girlfriend belong to PETA and she threw away everything I owned that came from cows, horses, pigs, groundhogs, and I won't perform in the nude! I have standards, you know!" Mikey laughed heartily at Pasquale's reaction. Pasquale shoved the last chunk of steak in his mouth.

Mickey caught his breath and said: "A lawyer with standards? How do you ever win a case!" The three brother's finally broke out laughing.

Pasquale did a long, slow take, and just said "Well!" in a huffy, exaggerated tone of voice.

Mikey laughed and then added: "That's not true. You've got that old black wet suit we bought in Antigua in the back of your closet. Just add black boots and a mask. You can stand on stage and scream insults to your heart's content." Mikey said as he tried to stop giggling.

"The wet suit is too tight. It makes my jock strap chafe!" Pasquale stopped and watched Spike try to sign surreptitiously.

"And one more thing, tell dog-boy over there that I won't look like a clown if I wear a plaid suit with a striped shirt and bowtie!" Pasquale shrieked in his own inimitable way. All four men laughed.

"Well, go regimental under the wet suit. I won't tell." Mikey said when he regained his composure. Pasquale finished his glass of beer and then said:

"Regimental! Regimental! Aye Laddy! I'll go regimental with you!" Pasquale answered in a fake Scottish accent. He suddenly got up and wnet to the door.

I got an appointment today! I'll get your legal affairs in order and come back in a few days. Maybe after that I find my rubber wet suit. I promise," he said as he pulled Mikey's head down and kissed him on the forehead. His voice got very serious:

"I'm glad you're OK," Pasquale said as he pulled himself away and went to the door; "Be good until I get back. OR, at least don't get caught!" With that, Pasquale left. The four men sat staring at each other in quiet, stunned silence. Ben was the first to get up. He went to the bathroom, changed his teeth, and came back into the room.

"He's awfully frenetic." Ben said struggling to get his voice to work right. Spike and Rover signed things to Ben.

"Pasquale has always been that way. He's really a sweet guy when you get to know him." Mikey smiled and blushed a little.

"Is he a good lawyer? Can we trust him?" Ben asked.

"Yes, we can trust him with anything. He's one of the best at what he does," Mikey reassured Ben, Spike, and Rover.

"How do you know him?" Rover signed.

"I grew up with Pasquale. He's like my little brother. My family adopted him when we were eight-years old after his parents died in a car crash."

"He's cute and adorable," Rover signed and Mikey's eyes lit up in understanding.

A Day Later

The doctor arrived early. Spike and Rover prepared an area for him to work. Ben was eager for the operation. He didn't want a general anesthesia. The Doctor explained that he couldn't use a local on a neck. Ben insisted that he do it without any painkiller.

Spike and Rover had Ben lay on a table that bent his head back and exposed his neck. A metal brace was screwed into Ben's head to keep him from moving and clips were fastened to the spikes in his mouth to hold his jaw in place. The Doctor inserted a tube into Ben's throat for him to breathe through. Then he cut Ben's throat open and exposed his vocal cords. A few quick cuts destroyed the vocal cords and kept the epiglottis intact. Then the Doctor released Ben's tongue to lengthen it by three inches. He stitched a support to hold Ben's tongue in place. Then closed the incision and removed the tube from Ben's throat. In a few days, he would return to check on the surgery. It would take two to three weeks for Ben to heal. After that, Ben would need to have his throat stretched periodically to keep it from closing.

Both Spike and Rover had been through this procedure so they knew what to do. The Doctor returned every two days to check up on the healing. Everything went without complications. The lengthening of Ben's tongue was very successful: his tongue was long enough to flop out between his canine teeth. They were very please and waited patiently for the doctor to give him permission to wear the teeth permanently. In a week, the pain of his throat surgery was gone. After two weeks, Ben was back eating anything he wanted.

At three weeks, the Doctor brought a stretcher to keep Ben's throat open. It narrowed as it healed. He inserted a tube into Ben's throat and inflated it until it stretched Ben's throat to the proper size. Ben was sore for a day, but the stretching helped. The Doctor gave Ben permission to have oral sex and to use his canine dentures.

During this time, Spike and Rover had the dentist mount their canine dentures permanently to the metal implants in their jaws. The dentures pushed their mouths out like a dog's snout and the canine incisors extended out between their lips. The new teeth made their faces look vaguely dog-like. Mikey like to watched them drool in their sleep. Blowjobs were dangerous propositions while Spike and Rover got used to their teeth.

A Friday in May 2002 - The Lawyer's Visit

The four men waited for Pasquale to show up. Mikey insisted that they all be present to sign papers. Today they were wearing gym shorts and muscle shirts. Shortly before noon, Pasquale arrived with an associate lawyer. Mikey let them in. It was a warm, sunny Friday and Pasquale was dressed in running shorts and canvas shoes, a sleeveless T-shirt, and gym bag. The associate, a nice looking young man in a plain gray suit, white shirt, conservative tie, carried a briefcase full of papers.

"Glad to see yuns dressed for my visit. I got all these papers for yuns to sign," Pasquale sat down and started to pass around the papers. Mikey signed them all quickly without reading them. Ben, Spike, and Rover took their time and read most of the documents. They signed them and the associate lawyer notarized them. All the time the associate stared at their teeth but didn't say a word. With all the documents were signed and packed into the associate's briefcase.

"I'm on vacation next week, so you can file the papers that need filed and put the folders on my desk," Pasquale told the young assistant as he showed him out the door. Then Pasquale turned his attention back to the brothers and Mikey.

"I just wanted to explain to you why all the paperwork. First, you're all men and we needed to establish your rights as legal guardians for each other. Second, I had to fix your contract for the Club. It was faulty; others might have used it against you and Mikey. I couldn't let that happen. Third, Mikey is worth about $50 million on his own, not to mention what he will inherit when his parents pass on. Mikey and you may say you own his body, but that's not legal and I had to protect everyone. So that's the long and short of it." Pasquale said as he tapped the table.

Ben, Rover, and Spike just stared at Mikey: "You never told us you were rich!" Spike signed.

"Just as you should never tell anyone about what I own. I learned long ago not to tell anyone I was rich. It's too dangerous! I think Dexter knew and was after my money, but he couldn't take being fucked every day morning and night," Mikey said softly.

Spike signed: "So that's why Dexter sold you?"

"Oh, yes! I was banging his ass every morning when we woke up and at night before we went to bed. I think he got tired out," Mikey said.

Pasquale got up and walked around the room looking at all the hardware.

"Hey Rover, show me how those teeth fit your mouth." Pasquale asked as he looked over the rack equipped with an electronic winch.

"Yeah! Look!" Ben signed. Mikey added: "They're stretching his lips."

Pasquale opened Rover's mouth and stuck his fingers inside. Rover let his hand wander up Pasquale shorts.

"OH! You sure you could handle me, Big Boy?" Pasquale said as Rover rubbed his crotch.

Rover just smiled and shook his head yes.

"What's in the gym bag?" Ben signed.

"My old wet suit. I wanted to show you guys how small it was." Pasquale opened the gym bag and pulled out a suit. It was black and shiny rubber with no markings. It looked small.

"Well!" Rover signed, "We'll help you put it on." Then he pulled Pasquale's jersey off.

"Hold on guys!" Pasquale yelled and then tried to sign but Mikey pinned his arms and lifted Pasquale off the floor while Spike and Rover removed his running shoes and socks.

"Too late Pasquale," Mikey said holding Pasquale high in the air. Spike and Rover yanked off Pasquale's running shorts and jock strap. Pasquale was short with a nice stocky build. He had a large, thick cock set over big balls. Ben spread talcum on his body as Spike and Rover started to squeeze his feet into the wet suit.

"It's not going to fit guys!" Pasquale said but the four men ignored him. They tugged, pulled, and yanked the suit over Pasquale's body. When they finally zipped up the back of the suit, Mikey asked:

"Done! How does it feel!" Mikey asked. Pasquale couldn't move without crushing his nuts.

"Bad, My equipment is too big. It's crushing my cock and balls." Pasquale said and Spike got a razor knife. He carefully cut a hole in the crotch of the wet suit and teased Pasquale's cock and balls out of the suit. Pasquale's cock sprung out to half erect. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"That's better, but I can't appear on stage with my dick hanging out. I have a law practice to maintain." Pasquale whined.

Ben went rummaging and came back with a rubber hood and cowl. He pulled it over Pasquale head and laced it tight against the back of Pasquale's head and neck. It only had an opening for the mouth, no holes for the eyes or nose.

"How about doing it in a mask?" Mikey asked as he held Pasquale up off the ground.

"I can't see dude! Take it off dude!" Pasquale sounded scared.

"Oh, you're OK. We won't hurt you much," Mikey said as he carried Pasquale over to the rack.

"But we need to stretch your suit so it fits better." Mikey said as Spike and Rover tied ropes around Pasquale's ankles and wrists and then attached the ends of the rope to the rack. Ben started the motor and stretched Pasquale's arms and legs tight in the frame.

"Hey! Stop! That hurts! OW!" Pasquale screamed as the machine pulled his body. Spike stopped the hoist but left the tension on ropes. Rover started to deep throat Pasquale's cock and balls. His teeth scraped against Pasquale's stomach. Pasquale moaned at the feeling. Rover tried to swallow Pasquale's entire package down his throat. Pasquale's body jerked and twisted as he reached orgasm. Rover kept on sucking until Pasquale was reduced to tears from the stress of constant stimulation. When he was finished, they teased Pasquale by stretching him just a little more. Then they released the ropes and undid the hood. Pasquale shook his head in relief Rover held him and removed the mask.

"You guys like that bondage stuff?" He asked. The all indicated yes.

"This is your initiation," signed Rover his tongue hanging out of his mouth and spit drooling down his chin.

"That wet suit is too small," Spike signed, "We should dip your body in rubber. No one will know who it's and you will still be able to see and speak."

"How do I get the rubber off without pulling out all the hair on my body?" asked Pasquale.

"What body hair?" Rover signed as he grabbed the smaller man again and held him tight. The four men removed the wet suit and hauled Pasquale over towards a shower.

"Hey! I like my hair. I want my hair. It keeps me warm at night!" Pasquale fussed as Ben and Spike held him while Rover got a ball gagged and stuffed it in Pasquale's mouth. It had a little tube sticking out so he could breathe through it. The little man struggled and squirmed, but he wasn't a match for even one of the brothers.

"Aw, Pasquale, you'll enjoy this," Mikey said as he poured a thick white depilatory over all of them. It had a chemical smell and stung a little as they rubbed it all over each other and Pasquale. Mikey started the shower and as the white stuff washed away, it took every bit of body hair on the four men. Rover held Pasquale tight making it clear to the little man who owned him for the night. Spike, Ben, and Mikey dried them off. Mikey grabbed Pasquale and kissed him over the ball gag.

"Remember to stand still while the rubber dries and spread your arms and legs so they don't stick to your body," Mikey said and Pasquale shook his head that he understood.

Rover lifted Pasquale up and let Spike insert a large round butt plug into his ass. He activated the computer-controlled vibrations Pasquale got erect from the stimulation. The vibrator was short, stubby, and filled Pasquale's rectum. Then Spike inserted a larger one into Rover's ass and turned it on. Mikey handed each of them nose tubes to breathe through.

Rover carried Pasquale over to a vat and climbed into it. Mikey used a hoist to lift a barrel of liquid rubber over the vat and let it pour into the two men. Rover and Pasquale spread the liquid rubber completely over each other leaving only the tube sticking out of their mouths and noses exposed so they could breathe. When done, they stepped out of the vat onto a platform. Two shiny, black rubber statues stood with their arms and legs spread wide as the rubber dried. The black rubber defined their muscles and made their cocks rise. Spike and Mikey used heat lamps to dry the rubber. Ben inserted a thin rubber catheter into both Rover and Pasquale's cocks and then sealed it to the rubber suit. He snaked the black tube down the inside of their legs and out the bottom of the platform. Then he shoved another tube into the mouthpiece to supply both men with water. He left that tube dangle. Later it would be connected to a water supply held over head. The rubber hardened and shrank as it dried. Their feet stuck fast to the platform they stood on. Slowly Rover and Pasquale turned into black rubber statues.

The three men stood there admiring the result. They could see the two men squirm slightly in their hardening polymeric casings. The vibrators in their asses were driving them to orgasm and they were helpless to stop it.

"The coating makes all their muscles stand out. Pasquale never thought he looked good," Mikey signed.

"The polymer shrinks and conforms to every curve of their bodies," Spike signed back to Mikey.

"How thick is the coating?" Mikey asked feeling a little childish by asking 20 questions.

"About 1/16th inch thick. Amazing what you can do with polymers, ain't it?" Spike signed. His faced glowed in a big smile.

"Do you think we should have told them that the coating would dry hard?" signed Mikey.

"Why spoil the fun?" Spike signed back as he saw Rover's hips shake slightly as his cock pulsed out an orgasm.

"How long will the batteries last?" signed Mikey not wanting Rover or Pasquale to hear the answer.

"Three to five days," signed Ben, "and the vibrations are programmed to reach orgasm once every half hour. They once kept one of those vibrators in me for a week. Eventually, the orgasm becomes everything. There's no other thought but orgasm."

"Whew!" Mikey whistled out loud. Then he signed: "We better hook them up to water before they dehydrate."

"Patience, patience! The rubber will dry rock hard in another half-an-hour or so. They'll be OK until we put them on display in the club." Spike signed. He watched Pasquale's body tense and his cock throb as an orgasm burned through his body. The movements were subtle and slight but unmistakable.

"We should get dressed for the club," Ben signed as he set a timer for 25 minutes. It would signal when the coating was completely hard and also the next orgasm for the two men in the statues.

The three men assembled a dazzling array of leather equipment to wear and took their time getting into it. Each outfit completely covered their identities. They remained unknown quantities to the patrons of their club.

"You know, Pasquale wanted to make it with all of us. I don't think he ever thought about being immobilized," Mikey signed to Ben and Spike. They shrugged their shoulders in response.

"He'll get his chance. He's taken a week off work and this will only last three days," Spike signed as he pulled a leather hood over his face and let Ben lace it up the back and padlock it closed. Only his eyes could be seen through the mask. It served to camouflage his god-like teeth.

Mikey put a bite plate between his teeth and pulled on his leather mask. It fit his head like a second skin. Thick bands wrapped around his neck and fastened in the back to hold it on. Spike pulled the straps tight and then locked them in place. He attached a funnel and tube affair to the mouthpiece of the mask and then wound it around the mask and clipped it to Mikey's head. At various times during the night Mikey would kneel before Spike or Ben and let them piss into the funnel as part of the show. The three men added leather harnesses and jock straps with heavy metal fasteners and locks. Little by little they covered themselves with thick black leather and stainless steel studs.

A quiet chime signaled that the polymeric material around Rover and Pasquale finished drying. Ben, Spike, and Mikey stopped and watched the two statues. First one, then the other statue trembled slightly as the two men reached their second orgasm.

"Two orgasms down and a hundred to go," Spike signed.

"Time to move them down to the club," added Ben.

The statues were warm to the touch because of the heat lamps. They moved them one-by-one down to the club floor and positioned them on a central platform. They plugged the thin catheter tubes into the floor drains and connected the mouthpiece to a liquid food supply. Spike checked the connections. This was Friday night and the party was going to start in an hour or so and go on non-stop until Sunday night. As he did this, he signed to Mikey:

"We can be the statues next month, if you want to," Spike signed to Mikey.

"Only if we can be frozen in a "69" position," signed Mikey in agreement.

And so reader, we leave our protagonists, some encased in leather and others encased in plastic. One day, I will return and free Rover and Pasquale from their plastic orgasmatrons and continue the adventures of Mikey and Spike with their golden cocks, but not today.

12,135 words more or less

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