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February 1, 2019

Garrett leaned on the bar, "We can't go back to the motel. The bank canceled your card," he said, staring into the last drops of a cheap local beer that tasted of some fruit or honey. Bad times was bad times.

"You destroyed my credit, too?" His buddy Max's stomach growled rather too loud. His eyes fixated on the empty bowl that once held a few pretzels. The bartender was cleaning in preparation for closing and not about to fill it again.

"It wasn't my fault they had no clue about you."

"I'm tired of living like this, grifting, lying, cheatingÉ" Max slid his glass toward the bartender who collected it and the empty bowl.

"Let's just flop on the beach," Garrett blurted out suddenly aware of his surroundings. The bartender looked directly at Max and slid a business card across the bar.

"What's that?" Max asked.

"A friend, Toby. He always called me a softy for hard-luck types. Phone him. Say 'Scout the Bartender' sent you. He'll fix you up." Max took the card, nodding.

Same as the day before and the one before that, Garrett and Max made their way out of the bar, across the road, and onto the beach. They plopped their drunken bodies onto the relatively softer sand and leaned against each other. Garrett fingered the business card and stared at the sky. He punched the number and when a male voice answered, merely said the bartender's name and hung up. After, he fell asleep against Max.

The sun woke them the next morning. Still drunk. Minds fogged from too much alcohol and too little food. Two men stood in front of them, one wearing a plaid wool shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. The other, a heavily muscled, black-clad bodybuilder stood next to him.

"Scout the bartender says you two need gainful employment. I have a deal if you're willing," the man said.

"No, we aren't. Homeless is merely a minor setback for a man like me." Garrett said, sarcastically.

"He's lying, we need something," Max said, and then asking the obvious; "Who're you?"

"My name's Toby, I run a traveling show, and I could use fresh meat like you two. It's a year of personal appearances as rubber dog-boys."

"We don't do sex," Garrett said.

"None involved. It's a freak show and you're the freak. Act like the stupidest dog you ever met and I'll give you a hundred grand. Do great at the job and the sky is the limit. Payment at the completion of the contract."

"You want us to act like dogs?" Garrett asked.


"Like good doggie with treats and regular food?" Max asked.

"Not me!" Garrett nearly punched him for even considering but Max didn't back down.

"Sounds like an honest day's work to me," he said.

"You can be rich beyond the dreams of avarice," Toby didn't want to have them thinking too hard about the physicality of the offer. He gestured to the man standing with him. "Zeus will be your handler for the duration of your contract."

"I was a Doberman for a year. It's easy, as long as you don't overthink it."

"You mean like fetching and chasing rabbits?" Garrett laughed. Stood up.

"It's honest money being a dog-boy," Toby said.

Weak, hungry, and still hungover, Max struggled to his feet.

"I had a dog as a kid, a big black Labrador. I miss my dog," he said fondly.

"Labradors are good. You can be a Labrador-like your best friend from childhood," Zeus made it sound great.

"I could?" Max said, happy. Garrett snarled.

"Sure you could, buddy boy, you can be his poodle with bows in your hair and enjoy licking his stinking feet at night." Garrett's sarcasm hurt, but Max didn't retaliate; instead, he slumped, sad and defeated.

"I'm twenty years old and I got nothing, no money, no job, no place to stay. I'm done being the scum of the earth," Max said. He stood on wobbly, hungover legs and collected his duffle bag. Garrett thought it all stupid but it hides him from the creditors, and if it paid off, he'd have a new start. The two men left with Toby.


An hour later, they sat in the kitchen of a travel-trailer being fed for the first time in two days while facing a sleeping area where rubber dog outfits and harnesses lay on display.

"We have to get around on our hands and knees?" Garrett griped with his mouth full.

"Dogs do walk on four legs last time I looked," Max said. He took a punch in the shoulder from Garrett.

"There's leather paws to protect your fingers. Kneepads shaped like paws and boots that'll keep your knees and feet safe. The mask will only let you bark like a dog. We aren't doing talking dog shows. No one will know who you are. We have ointments that bleaches out tattoos in minutes," Zeus the handler said.

"What about the tail and that piece that wraps around my junk? You going to let people fondle me in public? "

"The tail grows on you. Learn to wag it, and you'll feel more like a real dog. While it makes your balls and cock big, it's protective. Besides, we don't allow public touching or fondling," the muscleman answered.

"I guess I could live with a tail for money," Garrett muttered, staring at Max; "You really, really, really going to do this?" He asked sneering, preparing to mock Max's decision. When Max playfully nodded his approval like a dog, Garrett rolled his eyes and howled laughter at him. Max sighed, looking down to avoid Garrett's insult.

"Better than being beaten in jails."

"I never got beat in jail. You were simple-mindedly too dumb not to be beaten. Dumb like a dog," he added, poking at Max's head to make him juke. Max turned to Toby.

"What about rainy and cold weather?" he asked.

"We don't work winter locations because of the cold." Max had doubts. He wanted to be convinced. Toby continued to sell the gig: "All that rubber is really comfortable and flexible. You can eat and drink through it, too. Since you're a pretend dog, people expect you to lift your leg, and they sometimes offer treats and drinks for that behavior."

"A hundred thousand goes a long way. Isn't taking a crap awkward?" Garrett whined.

"People know you're not real dogs. They don't expect perfection," Zeus said.

Garrett and Max signed contracts for twelve months and left fingerprints in blood to seal the deal.

"When you leave this trailer, you'll be dog-boys," Toby said and left them with Zeus.

Max probed the mask inside and out. It closed with hidden drawstrings in the back and was designed to support the wearer's head and neck upwards and forwards facing. A large collar with a D-ring for attaching a leash was built convincingly into the back of the wearer's neck and hid the sealing flaps and ties. The mouth pushed forward into a snout that was more like a pug or a bulldog, a large-headed dog, maybe. It certainly wasn't a hounds' snout, narrow with a long tongue. The jowls were movable enough to drink and eat. Ears high in the head and pointed because of the stiffness of the leather used in the mask.

Garrett examined the glove-like hand-paws and knee pads. The hand-paws were large and extended almost to the elbows. It let the wearer knuckle-walk on closed fingers. Manipulating the pads of each paw might be possible, but finger work wouldn't be. Once on, the dog-boy would be unable to do anything with his fingers. The knee pads protected the knees from and back. They also bent the lower leg slightly to keep the shin bones from scraping the pavement. The boots would make their feet look like paws and might actually function like a dog's legs if the wearer bent his legs the right way.

The genital covering looked otherworldly as it lay on the sleeping platform. The baseball-sized rubber testicles would encase and protect their human testicles while the rubber doggy sheath would pull the dog-boy's penis upward and forward holding it tight against the man's stomach. The dog-boy's equipment would be huge in comparison to human genitals.

The tail itself started out thick, almost two inches in diameter and curved upward. It would wag convincingly when the wearer shook his rump. The tail protected the dog-boy from rear entry. It was something of a butt-plug with a flexible opening in the center. Max realized that he would be able to defecate through it with some muscle control and effort. Garrett didn't see that. Didn't care either.

"I think I'll start with my private parts," Garrett said in a mocking, sarcastic voice as he yanked his shirt off, threw it over a lamp, dropped his pants to the floor, and kicked his shoes and socks into a corner. Max turned away, undressed neatly, and without words fit his manhood into the rubber dog-like replica. Together, they showed off their enlarged dog-like endowments.

"It feels like I got a foot-long hard-on strapped against my tummy," Max said. Garrett scoffed at him.

"You never had a foot-long hard-on in your life. With that, you can play red rocket like a bad Peek-a-Poo or hump his leg," Garrett deliberately embarrassed Max.

"The rubber is flexible enough to feel through," Zeus said, trying to sidetrack Garrett's vulgarity. Angered, Max snapped.

"I don't want to play red rocket, ass-hat. You had me rummaging in the garbage to eat, remember?"

Zeus stopped their fuss. "I think you two should put the boots and kneepads on next."

"Yeah," Max agreed, happy to change the subject. He pulled on the paw-shaped shoes and the kneepads and walked around on his knees. These rubber dog-feet worked. Without a word, he picked up the paw-shaped gloves and wiggled his hands to get them inside. The rubber clung to his skin.

"Why you doing your hands before your mask?" Garrett asked, exploring his mask.

"When he puts on my mask and collar, I'll become Max the dog. I signed up to be a dog, and that's what I'm going to be, and I'll become a dog in my own way, and I'll stay a dog until the mask is removed," Max said, contemptuous. He didn't break deals. Garrett did, much to Max's shame. When Max pointed out Garrett's flaws, Garrett always became defensive, childish and blubbery. He made life miserable.

"But I wanted to watch you fit the mask to your head to see how it fits and how it shapes your head." He acted in a typically brattish and crybaby manner.

"What's stopping you from watching?"

"Nothing, I guess. I thought we were going to put the mask on before the front paws." Garrett sat back on his haunches like a dog unaware of his behaving like a dog. When neither Max or Zeus paid attention to him, he turned to away pissed-off to eating the remnants of their meal.

Max held his gloved hands, now paw shaped inside strong rubbery material, up to Zeus to seal them. It took a few minutes to do both rather elaborate seals. Max walked on all four paws for a moment to get comfortable.

"If I could bend my human feet like pawsÉ" Max's voice went to a whisper so Garrett couldn't hear. "Éthat would be realistic but I guess permanently shortening my legs to make them truely dog-like would not be in the contract."

Zeus the bodybuilder, nodded, oddly grinning like a boy with a new toy.

"The contract forbids permanent alterations, but once it's complete, nothing prevents it. I wanted to stay a dog-boy. I tried to permanent mods done to stay in the freak show. No one would do it. Instead, Toby has an alternate way to become a real dog. CRISPR tech and it will be ready in about a year. I'm going to do it."

Max's smiled getting all happy and adorable when he heard that news.

"Could we be brother dogs, first litter, sort of, maybe?" Max whispered, winking. He didn't wait for a yes. "Garrett is self-destructive. I can't live like that anymore. Tell them my doggie name is Max. Don't let anyone change it. Quickly, put on my tail and my mask before Garrett hears and interferes." He turned his backside.

"It's a deal, dog-Bro. Now, open wide." Zeus spread Max's butt-cheeks with both hands and plunged the internal portion of the tail into Max. He positioned it firmly between Max's legs. The tail spread Max's hips wide, and it rested against the base of his spine, the rubber pushing deep inside his rectum seeking support so it couldn't be wantonly yanked out or twisted. Max squirmed around on four paws until the tail settled into his body. He wiggled his rump, felt it wag, walked around a few more times before sitting on his haunches. The tail stopped him from leaning too far back or trying to straighten his legs into a human position. He would spend his year-long canine rigged into doggy positions like this.

"I feel bowlegged," Max said.

"Having a tail is the best part of being a dog-boy," Zeus chuckled, winking.

"As a kid, I always wanted a tail I could wag," Max said.

Garrett had finished eating. He didn't think much of Max's gushing joy at gaining a tail.

"Aw, you two are adorable, steroidal beast man and the fake doggie beast man," He said sarcastically, then finished slurping the last of the lunch drinks.

Zeus held the mask in front of Max's face.

"This is it. Mask time," he said. Max shook his head in anticipation like a good dog and pushed his face into the mask. He felt it cover his head and engage his jaw below the fake snout. His tongue touched rubber lips and new, sharp teeth. Fingers of rubber extended into the back of his mouth. His mouth didn't feel human, anymore. He tried to say something but couldn't. Zeus' hand pushed the back of his head forward while his other hand guided the snout against his nose so he could breathe through it. A complete change from being human.

Fingers moved the eyeholes to meet his human eyes and adjust his sight more sideward rather than forward. Max looked down his long dog-shaped nose, and a canine point of view replaced his human perceptions. Zeus pulled the mask over the back of his head, covering his human ears and positioning soft doggie ears on top of his head. The tugging wasn't finished. The mask pulled Max's human head back like he was looking upward to the sky. Standing on four legs now, his head had to face forward. His muscles objected at first, but as the Muscleman laced the ties at the back of the mask and formed the collar around his neck, Max felt the position become more natural. His mind was accepting his new body configuration. He felt Zeus' firm hands finish selfing the mask and adjusting it. Each adjustment made Max feel more dog-like, less human. Mentally luring him into the role. It wasn't a real dog's body, but it felt good and a change from the waste of life he'd led with Garrett.

Max padded over to a water dish to learn how to lap water and shake the drops from his snout. He sat on the bed and watched Zeus struggle with Garrett to get his dog-boy costume in place. Garrett was obnoxious and fussy about the same things that Max felt so relaxed and comfortable.

Their first time out into the freak show was less than an hour later, and Max appeared clownish, foolish, awkward. The next two shows were better. It was night and Max came back to the trailer and flopped onto the sleeping platform to spend the night. Garrett tried to get out of his costume and fussed Zeus for a few hours.

Max simply thought: "We're dogs and we sleep like dogs."

Over the next few weeks, Max worked out his dog-like movements and the muscle soreness. Garrett took much longer and battled the costume. He always seemed to be at odds with being a dog-boy. Max took to nuzzling against Zeus for treats much to the delight of the audience. He also slept against Zeus at night when he had the chance. The big muscleman treated him like the pet dog he was supposed to be. Max could, however, still write when a pen was stuck into his paw. That let them work out a fetch the ball act, a catch the frisbee act, and other dog-like behavior that pleased crowds. Zeus and Max were a match for each other and became stars of the current freak show.

Garrett wouldn't participate in that kind of behavior and remained the mere freak-show attraction of a man in a dog-boy suit. He fussed every night about the suit and took to refusing to play with doggie toys that the crowds wanted to see.


Before the final week in the contract, Zeus woke Max and held the sides of his doggie head so they could look directly into each other's eyes.

"Still want to become a real dog with me?"

Max wagged his tail.

"Not like a dog-boy but a real dog."

Max jumped in his best "happy dog" behavior and pawed Zeus.

"The laboratory has enough replicating DNA to change two men into labradors. You understand? We'll be dogs for the rest of our lives. No more human talk or worry, two black Labrador bros from the same litter. I wanted this all my life. Tomorrow we will become our dreams." Zeus hugged him like he would a real dog, and Max licked his face in approval.

They fell back to sleep. The following morning Zeus took Max from the freak show to the genetics laboratory. The replicating DNA only required one injection and the change would need a fortnight. When they returned, Zeus dressed into his familiar dog outfit. Toby took them to a country estate where they would live after their transformation.

When Toby returned to the freak show, He collected Garrett, led him away from the other dog-boys, and removed his dog suit. He offered no explanation other than Max wanted to stay in the freak show another year.

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